One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on OLTL

Cristian disclosed that he planned to marry Jen. Hank and Rae were locked in the wine cellar at the Buchanan mansion. Bo and Gabrielle were officially a couple. Todd washed ashore. Carlotta was disturbed to hear that Keri would be a surrogate for her mother.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Max confronts Jen about sleeping with Al. Max accuses her of leading Al on. Jen denies this as Lindsay walks up puzzled as to what is going on between Max and Jen.

Rex runs into Jessica at the Student Union. Rex is curious to know if Seth is sick as he noticed Seth was off the schedule for a few days at work. Jessica tells Rex that Seth is not sick, but taking a trip for a few days. Rex asks where they will be going. Jessica is not going and isn't sure where Seth will be going, she thinks to visit family.

Asa arrives home to find Rae settling her lawsuits with his belongings. Asa wonders how much this is costing him. Asa clearly steamed with Rae, vows he is not getting mad about this, he is already even.

After continuing to plant seeds of doubt, Rex decides to leave. Seth walks up to Jessica and tells her there is something she should know about his trip. Rex doesn't leave and is in the phone booth calling the person who Seth is riding to Michigan with.

Cris came to see Natalie at Llanfair. Even though he loves Natalie, he is going to marry Jen. He hasn't told Jen yet, he wanted to tell Natalie first. Natalie knew this is the decision he would make. The most important person in this mess is the baby and the baby needs a mom and dad. Natalie is not sorry for loving Cristian and has no regrets. Cris does regret that they never got to make love. Natalie discovers Al outside the door, clearly eavesdropping. They slam the door in Al's face.

Jen explains that Max was just leaving. Max disputes this and Jen asks to speak with him in the hall alone. Jen cannot believe Al told his dad they slept together. Max blames it on Jen for messing with Al's head. Max tells Jen Al really loves her and not to mess with it. Max wants Jen to stay away from Al. Jen goes inside and tells Lindsay Max came over to tell her he was raising the rent. Lindsay doesn't buy this as she overheard the whole conversation. Lindsay automatically assumes that if Jen is sleeping with Al, she and Cristian have broken up. Jen denies that they have broken up. Lindsay questions why she would sleep with Al. Jen doesn't want to discuss it. Lindsay presses and Jen tells her everything. "I am pregnant with Al's baby and he doesn't have a clue."

Asa cannot believe the way Rae handled her lawsuits. Nigel asks Asa how his "trip" went. Rae questions Asa as to what he has been up to. Asa smugly replies he has taken care of anyone who could corraborate his "business dealings" and hands Rae annulment papers.

Lindsay is speechless. It is not okay for Jen to be living with this secret. Jen explains it wasn't a mistake and she did it on purpose. They hurt her and they have to pay. Lindsay apologizes, she should have been there for her. Jen asks her not to feel sorry for her, she found the perfect way to pay them all back. Lindsay, almost in tears, asks Jen if she realizes this is forever. Jen knows, and is very happy that everyone is getting what they deserve. Lindsay wonders if this is what Jen deserves.

Asa tells Rae that he wants to do this the easy way. Rae refuses to sign the papers, she has sworn affidavites and all the proof she needs to send him to jail. She questions how much Asa paid the people to not give her the information she already has. Asa swears she will not get away with this.

Natalie knows that Cris has made the right decision. As they say their goodbyes, Cris gives Natalie his St. Christopher medallion to watch over her. Al watches from outside.

Jessica and Seth continue to talk as Seth's ride to Michigan approaches them. Jessica finds out the truth and cannot believe Seth won't let up on Rex. A very satisfied Rex watches from the distance.

Lindsay tries to convince Jen this isn't the way you get over the man you love, she cannot do this. Jen would like to know what Lindsay can do about it. Cris walks in and asks, "What can't Jen do?"

Al bursts through the sliding glass doors. Nat wonders what he thinks he is doing. Al knows what is going on between Natalie and Cris. They love each other! Natn adamently refuses that she loves Cristian. Al is going to tell Jen, and Natalie grabs Al and lays a huge kiss on him.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Cristian walks in on Jen and Lindsay's conversation about Jen's paternity machinations. Jen is silent, so Lindsay starts to tell him about the baby Jen is carrying. Jen cuts her off before she can reveal anything with an excuse about interrupting her education. Lindsay is visibly upset by Cristian's misplaced gallantry to marry Jen and be a good father. But she goes along and presses that she doesn't want Jen to quit school and that she cannot accept their plans. Jen sends Cristian out for milk, and Lindsay continues to chastise her daughter for her lies, threatening to expose her for her own good. But Jen threatens to never speak to Lindsay again if she does so. They continue to disagree and Lindsay finally agrees not to say anything, explaining that it won't matter anyway. She agonizes that Al will determine on his own that the baby is his. Jen assures her mom that Al won't be a problem. Cristian returns with the milk. As Lindsay leaves, she stops outside their door and calls Sam with the message that she needs to speak to him right away.

Nigel tells Asa that the invitation has been extended for Hank to come to the Buchanan mansion. Rae interrupts them and as Asa leaves, Nigel offers his advice to her for being the lady of the house, including a contribution to the community center auction. Rae translates his advice as a way to "buy" herself back into the graces of polite society, which appeals to her. Asa greets Hank at the door with the phony excuse of Hank's re-election. Nigel comes out and Asa asks Hank to wait for him in the living room, where he encounters Rae. She apologizes to him again for not telling him about her marriage to Asa sooner and in person. Rae even ponders that if Hank had been in town, she may not have even gone through with it. But she hopes they can be friends. Rae makes a veiled allusion to their continuing "in the same direction" as before. Listening outside the door, Asa is thrilled by the "fireworks" between them. He speculates it will be his ticket out of the marriage. Asa and Nigel interrupt them and Rae is a bit dazed as Nigel suggests donating a vintage wine for the auction. Meanwhile, Asa brings Hank to the wine cellar and asks Hank to help him pick out a bottle of brandy for Bo. Asa leaves and Nigel brings Rae to the wine cellar to choose the bottle of wine. He retreats and locks both Hank and Rae in the cellar as Asa smiles on the stairway.

Jessica confronts Seth about his lie to her and the fact that he is going to Michigan to "dig up dirt" on Rex instead of going to Pittsburgh. Seth defends himself by telling Jess that Roxanne is "in on it" and lied about the whereabouts of Seth's aunt. Rex comes upon their argument and the three of them bicker. Jess asks Rex to excuse them and as she runs from the university lobby, she tells Seth not to bother coming back to her if he goes through with his travel plans. She encounters Rex as she flees and Rex suggests that maybe Seth just isn't the right guy for her.

In the library at Llanfair, Al recovers from a sudden kiss by Natalie: her bold effort to convince him that "there is no [Natalie] and Cristian." Bo arrives to check on the house and his nieces. Al uses his interruption to get out of there. Bo comforts a suddenly sobbing Natalie, speculating that it's "guy trouble." They talk vaguely about unrequited love, and Bo advises her to accept circumstances and "let it go," in order to stay open for new love. But Natalie fears she has already found her one true love. Bo reassures her that her pain will go away, and he leaves. Natalie goes upstairs. A short while later, Seth bursts into the foyer calling for Jess. Natalie saunters down the stairs in sexy black dress, vamping it up.

Al arrives at the Mill House and has a talk with his dad, Max, about Jen. Max bluntly tells Al that Jen has said she wants Al to stay away from her. Al feels betrayed that Max spoke to Jen. They argue. Max characterizes Jen as "a disturbed young lady" and tells his son that he is confusing love with obsession. Al doesn't accept his father's advice and races out of the house. He lands at Jen & Cristian's doorstep and as Jen opens the door, he apologizes for telling his dad that they made love. Jen begs him to be quiet because Cristian, who overhears them, is home.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Unable to reach Troy, Lindsay pays Sam a visit to tell him about Jen's pregnancy. While Sam is shocked to hear the news, Lindsay also informs him that Cris doesn't even want to marry Jen and that Jen is not the same as she was before, thanks to all that she's been through; she doesn't even know her anymore. Lindsay decides not to divulge the truth to Sam, fearing she'll lose Jen's love but she does mention that she thinks Al would have made a better mate. She starts to blame Nora and goes over the past until Sam orders her to give it a rest and start looking towards the future. He inquires about Miami and Lindsay recalls that there's something she has to do.

Cris overhears Jen and Al talking about making love but when he asks about it, Jen only admits that they were talking about what happened last November. She tells Al that she and Cris are getting married because they love each other. Al is dumbfounded as Jen goes on about their love, stopping Cris every time he tries to mention the pregnancy. Jen asks to speak with Al alone, outside; she orders him to stay away from her forever. He's saddened and confused but agrees. Jen insists that there's nothing to connect them. When she returns, Cris wonders what she had to say to Al that she needed to be alone with him. She just told Al to quit stalking her, she says. And why did she stop him from mentioning the pregnancy, he wonders. Just then, Sam calls and Jen agrees to find time to meet with him. She also mentions that she wants the pregnancy to be a secret for now. When Cris calls her on the secret she states that she merely doesn't want to upset Al further as he'll be even worse than he usually is.

While Starr and Suzanne are taken care of at Troy's clinic after a softball incident, a sleazy attorney also stops by and claims that his client is about to put the clinic out of business due to sloppy treatment by Dr. Ben Davidson. The former patient Mr. Jenkins maintains that his arm was poorly set by the doctor, which in turn has left him in severe pain. Nora happens to be nearby and hears the conversation. She leaves to do some checking of her own while the attorney announces that they will settle out of court for an exorbitant fee. Starr speaks in Troy's defense and begins to swing her bat at the man who defends himself with his briefcase. Troy stops her, sweetly telling her that he'll be ok and has it all under control. Nora strolls up and looks at the injunction that Ned, the attorney, is holding. She can have it dismissed, she tells him, as it's only preliminary and doubts that it even has any merit. Nora detects a scam and advises the man that Ben was in a coma on the 28th when it is purported that the incident occurred. Ned quickly asserts that the date is probably just a typo and continues to urge Nora to settle immediately. She suddenly agrees and then whispers to Troy to watch her. She tosses her briefcase to Mr. Jenkins who catches it, though complaining that he's in pain. Troy will sue for fraud instead, Nora advises the men. The two argue on their way out over their plan gone awry.

Renee can only stare when Gabrielle enters the Palace Restaurant on Bo's arm. He wants a front table to make a statement, he states, as Asa comes in shouting and calling his son names and saying awful things about Gabby and Bo's relationship. Renee tries to stop him to no avail. Asa thinks the relationship reflects poorly on the family while Bo insists that it is not about Asa. Gabby has more class than certain family members, Bo continues. Furthermore, he would never take any kind of marriage advice from Asa. What about the current one? The men continue to argue about Gabby until Asa gives up and sits down to dinner with Nigel (who apologizes to his employer for accidentally letting on to Renee that Rae is blackmailing Asa). Nigel is more concerned over Hank and Rae being locked in the wine cellar possibly without any oxygen. Asa doesn't get served and though Renee apologizes for their slow service, tongue in cheek, the men leave. At the other table, Bo mentions to Gabby that he saw Al visiting with Natalie who appeared to be making moves on him. It could be good for Al to help him get over his obsession with Jen, Gabby thinks. She's also impressed with Bo for telling Asa his true feelings.

Natalie dresses up to look for guys while Seth tries to stop her. She wants to know why Seth would even care when he dumped her previously. If she finds a loser then Jess will have reason to badmouth her, she declares. When Seth reaches out to stop her, her pocketbook drops spilling out on the floor where Seth spies the St. Christopher medallion that belonged to Cris. A visibly upset Natalie demands he give it back when Seth picks it up. She told Cris to marry Jen, she admits. Seth is astonished and confused over this and the fact that Natalie loves Cris. She loses all of the time, she laments. He takes her upstairs, comforting her as Rex arrives home and listens in. Seth gets her to bed, promising to check on her in the morning as Rex continues to follow and listen. By the time he opens the bedroom door, Seth has fallen asleep alongside Nat. He'll stop Seth from learning the truth about Jessica, he swears.

As Al walks alone thinking about Jen, he encounters his mother out for a saunter with Bo. She sees that he's crying and he tells her that he doesn't understand anything. She thinks it's because of seeing Natalie on the rebound but he clears that misunderstanding up quickly. It's just that everything you have disappears, he grieves.

At the Palace, Lindsay watches Nora and Troy at a nearby table. When they toast the future she can't help but walk up to them and mention that they should wonder about their future.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Nigel is listening at the cellar door and says he hears "moaning". Asa is so excited, but of course the moaning is Hank trying to get the door open as he and Rae are still stuck in the wine cellar.

Blair lets Sam in her house as he has brought some papers for her. She senses he is upset and tells him he is going to stay until he tells her. He tells her he does need to talk to someone and he would like it to be her.

R.J. is sitting at the bar drinking and Max comes in asking what the problem is. R.J. replies "Elizabeth Coleman Reynolds is my problem, she is the first girl I ever loved."

Liz arrives at the hotel room to find Keri waiting for her. Keri is puzzled by what her mom had said about the pregnancy and asks her if she still wants the baby and Liz says, "I did...."

Antonio and his mom are talking at the diner and he has told his mom about Keri and her pregnancy. He tells her the baby belongs to Keri's mom and her late stepfather and that since Liz can't carry the baby because of her health, Keri is. Carlotta is very upset saying what kind of mother would ask her daughter to do that.

Lindsay interrupts Troy and Nora at the Palace; as she is toying with them, she tells Nora that the details of her trip might be of interest to her. Nora tells Lindsay she is not interested in what she has to say. Lindsay is still playing with them and saying she isn't moving now because she found out something big, really big and wild horses couldn't make her move out of Llanview now.

Blair gives Sam a drink and asks him about the details of Jen being pregnant. Sam isn't sure that this is what Jen really wants because he heard it from Lindsay and not Jen. He feels something just isn't right about it. Blair asks if Cris and Jen are going to get married and he replies that he really doesn't know but that he blames himself for not being a good parent. Blair reassures him that he was a wonderful father and to basically knock it off. She tells him what a kind and generous man he is and has always been to her. He tells her as he hugs her that she has managed to make him feel better and they almost kiss.

Max and R.J. are still discussing Liz and R.J. says it was so weird to see her and that she still looks the same as when he first met her. "I was nuts about her, he replies, but she stole my daughter from me and I don't know if I can ever forgive her".

Liz is telling Keri that she does want the baby as much as she ever did, but she was worried about her and that it was going to be a large burden for her. Liz says that her and Steve had always wanted their own baby and that Keri and Antonio are just starting out and she is worried about that. Keri says Antonio is great about it and that when the baby is born that Antonio can be a kind of father figure. Liz freaks out and spills her water as Keri says that Antonio even said he wishes it were his baby.

Antonio is trying to make his mother understand what a wonderful thing Keri is doing for her mother. Carlotta says, "She slept with R.J. Gannon, how good can she be?" Antonio tells her that he hasn't met Keri's mother yet, which of course also freaks out Carlotta, "Your fiancé is carrying her mother's baby and you haven't even met her yet?"

Asa and Nigel are still listening at the door, "Gretel has the hots for Hank so it will happen, keep listening", Asa tells Nigel. Rae suggests to Hank they open a bottle of wine, relax and catch up until Nigel comes back with the key. "Why not" says Hank as Rae picks out a bottle. Hank removes his jacket and they open the wine, their hands touch.

Blair pulls away and tells Sam he should go now and is very nervous over what is happening between them. Blair says it is late so he should go, but Sam knows she is pushing him away and he knows what she is doing because he feels the same way. "You care about me Blair, it is like what we had before and it is happening again". She tries to convince him he is wrong, asking him to leave. She tells him they are friends and she doesn't want to ruin it. Sam tells her his friendship for her is strong enough that if it doesn't work they can return to being friends. He tells her she needs affection and love and so does he and she tells him he is too good for her.

Nora asks Lindsay what she needs to tell them, she replies, "It is so personal but it may become very public very soon so maybe it should be laid on the table and the chips fall where they may". Nora and Troy are getting agitated and tell her to just spit it out. Lindsay says "Here in front of everyone? Ok Troy, but don't say I didn't warn you".

Rae and Hank toast their glasses and look into each other's eyes. Rae asks if he hates her for marrying Asa and he says, "I don't hate you, I am just disappointed". He tells her that if he had not held back his feelings maybe this wouldn't have happened. She asks why he held back and he tells her because of her and John Sykes he didn't feel right, but now he has lost his chance. They almost kiss, but Hank says, "No, I can't do this, you are married". They argue about who almost kissed who. Hank accuses her of doing something and not taking responsible for it, she throws the bottle of wine at him and then another one. Asa tells Nigel to open the door.

Keri is still worried about her mom and wants them to go to the diner so she can finally meet Antonio. Liz is still making excuses and says she is getting another headache again. Keri says "Ok, you can meet him tomorrow at the engagement party". Liz hugs her and says "I almost lost you once when I kept the truth about R.J. from you and I won't make that mistake again, I lied to you". Keri says, "All the lies are in the past and everything is going to be fine, I am going to have your beautiful, healthy baby." Liz says, "Keri, I really do love you and just don't want you to get hurt again."

Carlotta and Antonio are still arguing and she doesn't understand why he hasn't met Keri's mother yet. Antonio tells her when the time is right he will meet her. He says "Ok, I am going to go to the Palace hotel and go to her door and knock on it and meet her, does that make you happy"? Carlotta says, "Yes, go now and meet her".

Lindsay tells Troy and Nora that Jen is pregnant and they say, "That is the shocking news?" Lindsay sidesteps their questions and tries to make Nora feel bad by saying Nora gave Jen lots of advice when she was in prison. She tells Troy that everyone has "to lie in the bed that they make, huh Troy?" She is saying they should all let bygones be bygones and there should be no revenge. Lindsay says, "Really what could I possibly do to break you two up anyway, I can't think of a thing, can you Troy"? "Can you think of anything I could do Troy to break up you and Nora?" Nora goes to answer the phone and Troy tells Lindsay to leave, she tells him she has a piece of art to give him from Africa. "Isn't that where your clinic was Troy"? He says "No thank you I no longer collect African art as I have moved on". She replies, "Well isn't that interesting as I know how much Africa meant to you", looking very pleased with herself.

Asa is losing it with Rae about breaking the expensive wine bottles, as Hank leaves very upset. Asa sees that his plan didn't work. "Damn you Gretel, I just have to get you out of my life even if it kills me, which it may".

Blair tells Sam he is too good for her, she is not a good person, she deserves men like Max or Todd. Sam says "Well I am just going to have to prove you wrong" and leaves.

Nora comes back and hugs Troy, asking if Lindsay said anymore. Troy tells her that Lindsay doesn't exist in his world and she is going to be more busy running Jen's life for the next 9 months and they should just concentrate on themselves. Lindsay watches from across the room saying "You kids enjoy your happiness for now because I am getting ready to take it all away".

Keri is at the diner and Carlotta mentions the baby, Keri senses that she doesn't approve. She tries to explain why she is carrying her mother's baby and that she can hardly wait for Antonio to meet her mom as Carlotta tells her that Antonio is on his way to the hotel to meet her mother as they speak. Liz is on the phone making airline reservations to go back to Chicago for the next morning as Antonio knocks on the door.

Friday, October 4, 2002

Sam arrives at Blair's doorstep and tells her that he said he would come back. He walks in and tells Blair that he has feelings for her and that he knows she feels the same way. Blair keeps denying it, so Sam pulls her close and tells her to admit that she has no feelings while looking straight into his eyes. Blair tries, but the words do not come out, and Sam kisses her. Sam then walks out telling her he will be back again for their date and Blair is left standing there breathless.

Antonio and Keri show up at Liz's room at The Palace to find that she already checked out. Confused as to why Liz left, Antonio calls Renee at the front desk and Renee says that Liz is standing right in front of her. While in the lobby, Liz finds herself at Keri's and Antonio's engagement party and runs into Nora. Liz questions Nora about Antonio and seems skeptical of him. Nora wonders why Liz feels this way about Antonio when she hasn't even met him yet.

Keri and Antonio walk downstairs to meet up with Liz, but Carlotta stops Antonio and asks him to talk to Cristian for just a few minutes. Antonio agrees although he says he needs to meet Liz. Antonio tells Cristian that he doesn't have to marry Jen and that he can still be a good father. Cristian sits at the bar devastated by what is going on because he is still in love with Natalie.

At the clinic, Troy has a patient waiting for him. He opens the door to find Lindsay in the room. Lindsay begins to question Troy as to why he left Africa, his love, to come to Llanview. Troy keeps stating that he came to Llanview because of Colin's death and he stayed because he fell in love with Nora. Lindsay again questions Troy, but then decides she had enough for one day and leaves. Troy is troubled over her questions.

Emily comes to the clinic and tells Troy the good news that his clinic won a large grant. She then tells Troy that there will be a celebration for him and that everyone will be attending. Lindsay, who is hiding behind a corner wall, hears this and vows to get revenge on Troy and Nora and now knows the exact place to do it.

Rex walks into Natalie's room to find her and Seth asleep on the bed. He quickly shuts the door when Jessica walks out of her room and tells Jessica that she should wake Natalie up for school. Seth and Natalie wake up and Natalie fixes Seth's pants as Jessica opens the door and catches them. Jessica automatically assumes that Seth and Natalie slept together and doesn't want to hear their stories. Jessica doesn't trust Seth and breaks up with him. Outside the room Rex is smiling because he got what he wanted – Jessica and Seth to break up. Seth tells Rex that he will uncover his secret and reveal the truth to Jessica when he finds out what it is.

Back at The Palace, Natalie sits at the bar holding the necklace Cristian gave her and she begins to cry. Cristian walks in and is surprised to see her sitting there.

Keri and Renee are engaged in a discussion about the party, and Nora tells Liz that she must go. Liz finds this the perfect time to escape and as she turns around to leave she comes face to face with Antonio.

At the hospital a nurse tells the doctor that a man has been found washed up on the shore and that he has no identity. The man in question is Todd.

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