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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on GH
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Monday, October 14, 2002

Alexis arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion for a meeting with Edward but quickly discovers that Edward wants to give Alexis a thick file of dirt on Scott in exchange for access to the Quartermaine heir that Alexis is carrying. But Alexis turns Edward down.

Meanwhile, Scott catches Nickolas and Lucky in his office, dressed as plumbers and rifling through his desk. Nikolas and Lucky claim they are looking for evidence that would clear Luke, and deny that the break-in has anything to do with Alexis.

In her apartment, Courtney quickly locates the hidden camera planted by her stalker, but discovers that there are four more cameras!

At the Hospital, Jax struggles to get up after he has fallen to the floor in an attempt to determine for himself whether or not he is facing a lifetime of paralysis.

At the Penthouse, Carly looks on in disapproval as Sonny tries to find out what is wrong with Brenda - but Brenda just says that she is in a hurry to see Jax at the Hospital, and brushes Sonny off. After Brenda leaves, Sonny assures Carly that Brenda is NOT a threat to their marriage. But Carly tells Sonny that it is obvious that Brenda CRAVES attention from BOTH Sonny AND Jax at the same time!

When Brenda arrives at the Hospital, she insists on seeing Jax and discovers Jax on the floor.

Ned arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion and orders Edward to leave Alexis alone. As Ned and Edward argue, Scott calls Alexis to tell her that he caught Nikolas and Lucky in his office, rifling through things.

Jason arrives at Courtney's apartment and looks at her Inter Net expose'. Jason locates the other hidden cameras and removes them. When Courtney suggests that it is time to go to the police, Jason advises against involving the Port Charles Police Department - because they have a grudge against Sonny and would probably not take a threat toward Sonny's sister very seriously. Jason urges Courtney to move into Jason's Penthouse to be safe.

When Alexis arrives at Scott's office and Alexis and Scott begin arguing, Lucky suddenly slugs Scott. But, when Nikolas, Alexis and Lucky threaten to spill all they know about Therexsa Carter to the press when Nikolas and Lucky are arrested, Scott decides he will NOT press charges against the boys. Although Scott covers by claiming that he is foregoing pressing charges because the boys are Laura's sons and Lucky is Bobbie's nephew.

Back at the Penthouse, Sonny explains that he wants to give Brenda enough money for her to be able to get the best medical care and live close to a clinic specializing in Brenda's illness - for whatever time Brenda has left. Carly surprises Sonny when she urges Sonny to give the money to Brenda pronto and hurry Brenda out of town. There is no time like the present, Carly insists, as she encourages Sonny to give the money to Brenda that very night!

At the Hospital, orderlies get an unhappy Jax back to bed, then Brenda calls Skye, advising Jax's bride that Jax needs her right away. Bobbie stays to speak to Jax, and Bobbie informs Jax that it was not too long ago that doctors were telling Bobbie that Bobbie would never walk again - but Bobbie proved them wrong. Bobbie tells Jax that, if he genuinely wants to walk again, Jax needs to pay attention to the advice he is getting from his doctors AND to let the people who love him - BE with him!

When Skye arrives at the hospital, she finds Jax and Brenda in an intimate huddle. After Brenda leaves, Skye informs Jax AGAIN that Skye plans to be there for the long haul.

Monica finds Brenda in the Hospital corridor and demands that Brenda return to the Quartermaine Mansion with Monica.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Apartment, Courtney explains to Jason that, following the trouble at The Oasis Club, Courtney promised AJ that Courtney would go to AJ for help whenever she needed it - instead of to other people. And Courtney does NOT want to beg AJ to cut his court case short and return to Port Charles WITHOUT the victory AJ anticipated - BECAUSE Courtney feels responsible for AJ's financial reversals.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Edward accuses Ned of having given Brook Lynn AWAY to her mother. And now, Edward observes, it looks like Ned plans to give Alexis' baby to Alexis!

EDWARD: "The only thing missing from HER family tree is a Werewolf!'

As Ned and Edward argue, Alan interrupts. Later, Edward tells Alan that something is NOT right when Ned refers to Alexis' child as 'the baby.' Edward vows to find out WHAT is not adding up in Alexis' pregnancy.

When Brenda arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion with Monica, everyone is on hand to greet her, including Lila and Reginald! After the rest of the Quartermaines retire for the night, Brenda goes out On the Terrace - and is surprised when Sonny suddenly shows up!

Meanwhile, Carly visits Scott and demands that he return the document she signed about Alexis and Sonny's one-night stand. Carly threatens that IF Scott does NOT return the document, Scott will end up losing Bobbie.

At the Hospital, Bobbie suggests that Skye contact contractors to make the Lake House wheel-chair accessible.

Later, Jax demands that Skye come clean with him about his prognosis - but Skye swears that she only knows what the doctors have told her - and she HAS told Jax everything the doctors have told her.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, Jason tells Courtney to vary her schedule in order to keep her stalker guessing. But Jason tells Courtney that she is only in danger if she is alone - and Jason does NOT plan to allow Courtney to be alone! Jason tells Courtney that he will be there to stop anyone from hurting her. Courtney confides in Jason that she should let AJ know what is going on, but she is afraid that AJ will drop his court case and rush home. At the same time, Courtney voices the hope that maybe she and Jason could catch the perpetrator BEFORE AJ returns to Port Charles. Jason assures Courtney that they CAN try.

Scott finally gives Carly her signed document back - plus copies he has made (Carly hopes!) - which Scott has hidden in law books.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Sonny offers Brenda the $2 million that he believes Pier 52 is worth to him. But Brenda wants to know if Sonny just wants Brenda to leave town.

Back at the hospital, Skye tries to convince Jax that he can do anything he decides to do. So Skye is stunned when Jax announces that he plans to divorce her!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Courtney's Apartment

Courtney is upset by the fact that someone set up 5 surveillance cameras in her apartment. Jason speculates that the stalker is wondering what happened to his equipment. Courtney has fixed up the sofa for Jason to crash, but Rosie jumps up and claims it. Courtney espouses Rosie's attributes. We see a shadow outside the apartment window, but neither Courtney nor Jason notice. Courtney tries to give Jason doggie treats so he can coax Rosie off the sofa. Rosie snuggles up to Jason putting her head in his lap. Courtney receives another crank call and puts Jason on the phone. They do a star 69 to trace the call, but no one answers the phone. The phone rings again and its AJ. She tells him the stalking is getting worse and he says he'll be on the next flight home, but Courtney tells him no. She says she has Rosie to protect her, and wants to know how much longer AJ will be gone. AJ says another week or so, and that the judge is in no hurry. Courtney comes out of the bedroom for a drink of water and asks Jason if it's OK to keep her bedroom door open so she'll feel more secure. Rosie is still on the sofa.

DA's Office

Carly retrieves the affidavits she signed about Sonny and Carly's affair from Scott. Scott wants something else from Carly, he doesn't want her to monkey around with his relationship with her mother. Carly questions if Scott is serious about Bobbie, and he says yes. He then offers her a campaign button. A messenger brings Scott an envelope that contains pictures of Alexis and Sonny together.

Jax's Hospital Room

Skye argues with Jax about the divorce he wants because he thinks he's paralyzed. Jax tells Skye nothing's forever. Skye says there is no way she's letting Jax divorce her. Jax doesn't want Skye tied to a crippled man and asks her to leave. Jax says if she won't leave he'll drag himself out of bed and throw her out, but he has no strength. He tells her to get the hell away from him. Skye is crushed and leaves in tears. Brenda shows up and Jax tells her "good night", and wants her to leave. He is sulking because of his paralysis. He tells Brenda he's already thrown Skye out. Brenda tells him nobody tells understand what he's going through better than she does. Brenda makes reference to her mother's disease and how Jax didn't want to leave her. She uses this to validate her four-year absence from PC. Brenda tells Jax that he's being selfish, but Jax claims it as his right. Brenda tells Jax that she was wrong by not letting her support her years ago, but that he needs to let Skye help him now.

GH Hospital Hallway

Skye encounters Alcazar walking down the hospital hall and she confronts him. She says the fact that he's walking at all is a travesty, and that he should be dead. She slaps him across the face. A security guard intervenes and Skye tells Alcazar that he's going to pay. Alcazar sends for Brenda. When she arrives, she wants to know what he wants. He says his story hasn't changed, he wants her. Alcazar tries to convince her to leave PC with her. He tells her she doesn't belong in PC and that she's an outsider looking in. He makes reference to the little time she has left, to which Brenda responds "go to hell." Skye is crying and Brenda approaches her. Brenda tells Skye she should go see Jax, but Skye tells her Jax wants a divorce. Brenda encourages Skye to stay with Jax no matter what. When asked if Brenda still loves Jax, Brenda responds not as much as Jax loves Skye. Skye goes back into Jax's room and finds him in pain. Jax reconfirms he doesn't want Skye's help. Skye says Jax can do whatever he wants, but she is staying. Ever-present Brenda is outside Jax's hospital room looking in.

Outside the Quartermaine's

Sonny tries to buy off Brenda for her to leave town. She is upset that he wants her out of town and she blames it on Carly. Sonny says Carly doesn't want Brenda around, but that's not why he's there. Sonny just wants to make sure she's taken care of. Brenda challenges him that he wanted to see her and that he's a big liar. Sonny says he loves Carly, and his marriage to Carly has nothing to do with Brenda, she has no effect on his marriage. Brenda claims she is staying in PC because Jax might be paralyzed, and until Jax asks her to leave.

Kelly's Restaurant

Bobbie finds Lucas at the restaurant goofing off instead of studying. Bobbie has received calls from his school that he failed a test and isn't handing in assignments. Georgie bails Lucas out by pretending to be tutoring him. Bobbie and Felicia sit down for a cup of coffee. Bobbie wonders why Lucas has become a handful all-of-the-sudden. Bobbie tells Felicia there's a possibility that Jax may be permanently paralyzed. Lucas and Georgie plan to cut school and Maxie overhears. Scott shows up and questions Scott's black eye (courtesy of Lucky) but blames it on an office accident. Scott wants to know where Roy is, but Felecia tells him he's already gone. Scott is livid that Roy isn't around since he's the star witness against Alcazar. He says Roy's deposition isn't enough, and neither is Felicia. Felicia tries to get Georgie to leave, but Georgie claims they're studying for a test. Maxie slips them some test notes to help them fake the studying. Scott asks Bobbie to wear his button. Bobbie asks that Scott show more consideration for her friends and family, and then she kisses Scott.

Sonny's Penthouse

Sonny returns. Carly tells Sonny that Michael missed his first week of school and that his teacher wants to see them both. Sonny observes that he's only in first grade, and he wouldn't be learning much anyway that he missed. He tells Carly Brenda turned down the money and that she's staying. Carly is not pleased. Sonny tells Carly that Brenda is hanging around because of Jax. Carly sympathizes with Skye and Brenda's interference. She makes reference to Brenda just waltzing into town to take away Skye's happiness. Carly tells Sonny that she'll fight anyone for Sonny, even Sonny himself. But, she offers to let him go if he wants something else. Sonny says he doesn't want to leave, and that the three weddings were deliberate. Sonny says he can't live without her. They banter about who wants sex more, and end up kissing. Sonny and Carly are basking in afterglow and telling each other how lucky they are. Carly is thankful that Sonny didn't end up like Jax, but Sonny drops the bombshell that he'd make her leave if he knew he couldn't have her again.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

When Jax confers with a specialist he has flown in from Europe, the doctor reluctantly informs Jax that, while there IS a possibility that Jax COULD recover use of his legs - it is not likely that that would actually happen. In any event, IF Jax COULD recover the use of his legs, it would be a long, arduous, uphill battle that will probably mean running the gamut of emotional reactions, including rage and despair. Jax concludes that he COULD be handing Skye a life sentence of feeling obligated to a husband who will NEVER be able to function independently.

Meanwhile, Liz stops by Courtney's apartment with Courtney's paycheck from Kelly's - and the new work schedule. But, as Liz invites Courtney to accompany her on a shopping spree, Jason suddenly emerges from the shower!

In the District Attorney's office, Scott confides to Taggert that Scott plans to drop a bombshell on Alexis during the debate - and prosecuting Alcazar for Kristina Cassadine's murder will just be gravy on top. When Bobbie arrives to accompany Scott to the debate, Scott promises Bobbie that he plans to stick to the facts like glue during the debate!

After Bobbie, Scott and Taggert leave the D.A.'s office, Nikolas and Lucky re-enter the office in another attempt to discover what dirt Scott plans to dump on Alexis during the debate. Nikolas eventually discovers a copy of Carly's signed affidavit, which confirms that Carly caught Sonny and Alexis in bed together. But, when Nikolas tries to call Alexis to warn her BEFORE she enters the debate, the debate officials refuse to put Nikolas's call through.

Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny is mildly amused when Carly informs him that she plans to attend the debate with Bobbie. While Carly claims that she just wants to support her mother and that Carly truly believes that Sonny will be better off with Scott as D.A. than he would be with Alexis as D.A., Sonny offers the opinion that it would be more likely that Carly just wants to have a front-row seat to watch Scott snipe at Alexis.

Skye arrives at the hospital to visit Jax and panics when she discovers that his room is empty. As Skye frantically searches for Jax, Jax has managed to make it to the Hospital rooftop in a wheelchair. When Skye hears a report of a wheelchair patient on the roof, Skye believes immediately that it is Jax and she races to the roof.

Back at Courtney's apartment, Courtney quickly explains to Liz that her stalker set up video cameras in her apartment and Jason is trying to help catch the stalker. However, Liz cooly turns down Courtney's offer to stay for coffee - and rushes off! After Liz leaves, Courtney urges Jason to go after Liz and tell her how he really feels - but Jason refuses.

When Skye finds Jax on the Hospital Roof, he tells her he just needed fresh air and Skye apologizes for immediately believing the worst.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Zander arrives and sees Alcazar. Alcazar warns Zander to stay out of his way and Luis observes that some people are just hard to kill. Alcazar describes pulling Brenda out of the water, then Zander survived after being beaten, drugged, hit over the head and thrown overboard to drown. And now Alcazar is about ready to survive being shot by Sonny Corinthos! Following Alcazar's warning, Zander hangs around until Taggert arrives. Zander informs Taggert, that, even though it will be making a powerful man angry at him and probably wipe out Zander's opportunity to begin a new life, Zander would be willing to testify that Zander had been on board Alcazar's yacht and knew Alcazar was plotting to murder Jax and Sonny - then, later - tried to murder Zander! Taggert eagerly invites Zander down to the Port Charles Police Department to give his statement!

Carly joins Bobbie as Alexis and Scott's debate gets under way - but Nikolas and Lucky are STILL en route to the debate site!

Meanwhile, back at Courtney's apartment, Courtney gets a call from her stalker. The stalker tells Courtney that he KNOWS Courtney has been entertaining a boyfriend while her husband is out of town - and the caller threatens to tell Courtney's husband about what has been going on in his absence! Jason traces the call to a building across the street.

Meanwhile, on the Hospital roof, in spite of Skye's pleas, Jax remains adamant that the best thing for Skye to do would be to leave Jax NOW!

As Benny and Sonny watch the televised debate from the Penthouse, Lucky and Nikolas arrive at the debate and let Ned know about Carly's signed affidavit. But, before Ned can warn Alexis, Scott blabs that the District Attorney knows for a fact that his worthy opponent is in bed with the mob - literally. Scott then goes on to suggest that Alexis' aid and comfort to her client included romps in the hay with him. Sonny angrily leaves the penthouse, headed to the debate.

Courtney and Jason investigate the stalker's apartment across from Courtney, where they discover a telescope set up to peep into Courtney's apartment, a shrine to Daisy, made up of all the publicity photos Coleman distributed as posters, a pink garter from one of Courtney's acts, and lit up like a Christmas tree with a dozen candles flickering.

Back at the Hospital, as orderlies help Jax back to bed, Jax insists that Skye leave. As Skye leaves the room, she runs into Taggert. Taggert gives Skye a letter addressed to Jax that Taggert's forensics team discovered when they swept Brenda's cottage for clues. Taggert believes it is a letter that Skye wrote to Jax. But, when Skye begins to read the letter, she is moved by the apparent depth of Brenda's feelings for Jax.

Sonny suddenly arrives at the debate and Sonny insists that everything that Scott just said was a lie - that Alexis worked for Sonny but their relationship NEVER went beyond that.

Scott calmly announces that he has FACTS in black and white - a signed statement by a witness - Carly Corinthos!

At the stalker's shrine to Daisy, Jason suddenly suspects that the stalker WANTED to lure Courtney and Jason OUT of Courtney's apartment. Through the telescope, Jason sees a shadow in Courtney's apartment.

After reading Brenda's letter, Skye spots Brenda arriving at the Hospital. When Brenda asks about Jax, Brenda is surprised when Skye urges Brenda to go inside and see Jax. However, when Brenda sees Jax, Jax tells Brenda he needs HER help!

When Courtney and Jason arrive back at Courtney's apartment, Jason sees an open window and goes out into the alley, hoping to be able to pursue the stalker before he disappears again.

Courtney finds daisies strewn all over her bed and begins to pick them up - just as someone watches her from the closet!

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Jax asks Brenda to lie for him and tell Skye that they realized how much they still love each other and want to be together. Brenda is apprehensive about lying to Skye since she knows that she stayed away from Jax and hurt him the same way. He tells her about Skye's alcoholism and that she is strong enough to go on without him. Meanwhile, Skye is comforted by Alan who stops by to see her in the waiting area. He tells Skye that it is natural for Jax to push her away since he has never relied on anyone like this before and encourages her to hang in there and show her love and support to Jax who really needs her. Skye goes to see Jax and finds him talking to Brenda. Brenda tells her that she still loves Jax and he still loves her and that she knows that Jax is divorcing her now so they can be together now. Skye asks her to leave. Brenda leaves as asked. Skye tells Jax that his little scheme to get rid of her didn't work and that he will have to fight her in family court to divorce her since she isn't giving up on their marriage because of his paralysis. Jax realizes that he needs to convince Skye that it is over between them and that he wants Brenda back. Brenda is in the waiting area when Alcazar sees her. He tells her that he has been released from the hospital and is under police guard but that he will find a way for them to go away together. Brenda tells him that she has no intention of leaving Port Charles with him and that she hates him. He doesn't believe she has no feelings for him and insists they will be together again soon. She informs him he will be arrested soon enough. Taggert shows up and agrees with her and tells that because of Brenda's testimony and the other evidence they have against him he is now under arrest. Alcazar doesn't seem too upset by the arrest. Brenda returns to Jax's room. He tells her that Skye needs to be convinced that he is still in love with her in order for her to believe their marriage is over. He asks Brenda to kiss him when he hears Skye talking to an orderly outside his room. Brenda doesn't want to kiss him but he pleads with her that this is the right thing to do for Skye and everyone else. Brenda leans into him to kiss him when Skye walks into the room.

The political debate between Scott and Alexis heats up when Scott shows off the affidavit that Carly signed stating that Alexis had an affair with Sonny. Sonny looks at Carly to get her cooperation when he denies that he had any affair with Alexis. Carly announces to the press that she had no other alternative than to sign the affidavit since Scott threatened to report to Child Protective services and have her son taken away from her. Bobbie is stunned to hear this news and turns on Scott. She tells the press and everyone there that Carly tells her everything about her marriage to Sonny and never told her about any affair Sonny was having with Alexis and that they share everything. She tells Scott off and encourages everyone not to vote for him in the next election. Sonny threatens to sue Scott for slander and also warns Alexis not to use his name in connection to the mob or any of her other allegations or he will sue her as well. Alexis doesn't respond to that. She publicly accuses Scott of lying to her about not making this debate personal and sticking to the issues. Scott rebounds and insists the affidavit Carly signed was legitimate and that Alexis is avoiding the fact that she lied about her personal involvement with Sonny. After the debate is over, Bobbie refuses to listen to Scott's excuses about what he was doing. She warns him to watch out now that he has gone after members of her family because they will fight back against him now. While this is going on, Nikolas receives a call on his cell phone and he and Lucky leave the debate early and head to GH. When they get there they are greeted by Alan who tells them he received a phone call from the hospital in London where Laura was committed to and that her condition has worsened since someone broke into the hospital and tried to abduct her last evening. Lucky guesses it was his father and that he is only trying to help her. Alan tells him that what he did didn't help Laura, who is now in a catatonic state and that they will need to act as her legal guardians and the hospital needs to have permission to give her drugs to get her out of it. Nikolas talks to Lucky, who doesn't want her drugged if there is a chance she could recover on her own without them. They tell Alan to tell the hospital no drugs for their mother for now. Lucky goes off to think and runs into Liz who offers her support for him in this rough time. Lucky feels that his whole family has been destroyed and that he wonders what he could have done to prevent it.

Sonny and Carly head back to the penthouse. Carly waits for Sonny to yell at her for keeping the fact that Scott blackmailed her from him. Sonny wants to know why she signed the affidavit and when she did it. Carly informs him that she signed the affidavit when Sonny left and shot Alcazar at Brenda's old cottage. Sonny accuses her of signing it to get revenge on him for him not telling her about Brenda. Carly tells him that she had no choice but to sign it and that she went to see Scott again and insisted on getting the copies of the affidavit from him. She asks Sonny why he went to the debate tonight. She guesses it was because he saw them on TV and wanted to come to Alexis' rescue. He tells her that he doesn't blame Alexis for hating him since her sister was killed in his warehouse and he did hurt her. Carly tells him that there is more he doesn't know about that she is keeping from him and it isn't her secret this time. Sonny insists she tell him what else she is keeping from him. Carly tells him she can't keep any more secrets from him and tells him that Ned isn't the father of Alexis' baby, he is. Sonny reacts in disbelief. Meanwhile, Edward gets the copy of the affidavit from Scott to use for his own benefit and agrees to vote for him. He confronts Ned later and figures out that Ned isn't the baby's father but Sonny is. Ned denies it.

Courtney cleans up the flowers on her bed that her stalker left for her. She takes the bedspread off to wash as well, unaware that her stalker is hiding in her bedroom closet. Jason comes back after leaving to go take a look outside her apartment for signs of the stalker. He tells her he didn't find him and suggests that she leave the apartment immediately. Courtney is reluctant to leave her place and hide out so Jason suggests she change her locks right away and gets a locksmith he trusts to come over and do it for her.

Friday, October 18, 2002

When Jax spots Skye in the Hospital corridor, watching as Brenda visits Jax, Jax asks Brenda to kiss him and then he 'confesses' to Brenda that he still has strong feelings for her, in a charade designed to convince Skye that Skye should bail from the marriage, rather than feel obligated to a lifetime commitment to a paralyzed man.

Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky walk over the Bridge and Liz tries to convince Lucky to keep his hope alive that Luke and Laura will not only survive, but will grow stronger through the current crisis. Lucky and Liz are surprised when Jason and Courtney run onto the bridge, chasing Rosie.

Back at the Debate site, Scott warns Alexis that the favor Sonny did in helping Alexis save face at the debate will be a favor Sonny will expect to be paid back once Alexis is District Attorney. Alexis assures Scott that Sonny will receive NO special favors from Alexis, once she is elected.

Elsewhere in the Hotel, Edward informs Ned that Edward has deduced that Sonny is the father of Alexis's baby.

At the Penthouse, Sonny has trouble believing Carly's statement that Sonny IS the father of Alexis's baby. But Carly finally tells Sonny that Alexis went so far as to ask Carly for Sonny's medical records.

Back on the Bridge, when Courtney perceives that she is getting a frosty reception from Liz, Courtney explains again that Courtney is being stalked and Jason is guarding her. But neither Jason NOR Liz seem interested in making amends to each other.

After Jason and Courtney leave, Lucky tells Liz that he believes Liz is lying to herself about how much she truly cares for Jason.

Back at the Hospital, when Skye leaves the hallway, Brenda tells Jax that he is no longer the man she once loved because the REAL Jax could NOT be that cruel to anyone - but especially to someone he said he loved. Jax objects to Brenda's assessment of his character and Jax reminds Brenda that he probably will never walk again. However, as Brenda and Jax argue about Jax's plan to spare Skye by pretending that he does NOT love her, Brenda notices that Jax's foot twitched. Brenda tells Jax that he just moved his foot, but Jax is not sure he can believe her.

Back at Courtney's apartment, Courtney tries to convince Jason that he should go tell Liz how he truly feels.

Back at the Bridge, Liz tries to explain to Lucky that she could NEVER accept Jason's violent, crime-ridden lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Ned tries to convince Edward that Ned really IS the father of Alexis's baby - but Edward only becomes more convinced that the baby is Sonny's baby.

At the Penthouse, Carly tells Sonny that she did NOT tell Sonny that Sonny was the father of Alexis's baby because Carly believed it was ALEXIS' place to tell Sonny. Carly reminds Sonny that Robin messed up her life when Robin told AJ that AJ was the father of little Michael.

As Sonny and Carly argue, Alexis suddenly arrives, but it is only to inform Sonny and Carly that, while she IS grateful that they both lied to protect her good name, Alexis will NOT be able to return the favor to Sonny. AND the D.A.'s office WILL prosecute Sonny if Alexis is elected as District Attorney and Sonny breaks the law.

Back at the Bridge, Liz explains to Lucky that a major drawback to a relationship with Jason is the way that Jason does NOT confide in her.

Lucky observes: "Well, mobsters aren't really known for confiding in people!'

Liz then points out that Jason does NOT need to be guarding Courtney personally - since Sonny has PLENTY of guards. Liz tells Lucky that Jason left Liz with a guard at HER door while she was being threatened by Alcazar's men - and Liz was safe there. Liz believes there is some kind of reason WHY Jason would prefer to be doing a job PERSONALLY that could have just as easily been done by one of Sonny's men.

Back at the Hospital, as Skye makes plans to meet John and Jane Jacks, she overhears a nurse call a doctor because Jax has moved his foot.

Dr. Caldwell arrives at Jax's room and tells him that the movement of that foot IS a good sign. Skye watches as Brenda finally leaves Jax's room.

When John and Jane arrive, they are thrilled to hear Jax's good news. But John is surprised when Jax tells them that it was BRENDA who was with him when he moved his foot!

Skye catches Brenda before Brenda can leave the Hospital and Skye lets Brenda know that she saw through Jax's charade. Skye accuses Brenda of WANTING to be with Jax. Then Brenda tearfully admits the truth - that she still does love Jax.

Back at Courtney's apartment, Jason gives Courtney a loaded gun and tells her how to use it, in case Courtney's stalker ever breaks through all the new locks that he installed for Courtney. As Courtney puts the gun away, Jason and Courtney suddenly hear someone rattling at the door.

Back at the Penthouse, Alexis tells Sonny that she plans to dismantle his criminal empire, if she is elected District Attorney. Alexis is interrupted by an urgent call from Ned. But, before Alexis leaves, Sonny warns Alexis that he will NEVER let her take anything that belongs to Sonny!

While Lucky and Liz share coffee at Kelly's, a messenger suddenly delivers a package to Lucky. Lucky shows Liz that it is a copy of Luke's will.

Courtney and Jason are surprised when the rattling at the door turns out to be AJ who, of course, does NOT have a key to fit the new locks Jason had installed. AJ is happy to see Courtney, but shocked when he sees Jason standing in the living room.

Back at the Hospital, Jax confesses to his parents that he loves Skye. He is happy to know that Brenda is alive - but Jax truly loves Skye!

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Brenda reminds Skye that Brenda, after all, has a rather short life expectancy and that she would never knowingly let Jax become entangled in the kind of uphill battle Brenda KNOWS will be coming up for her. But, when Brenda tries to leave, Skye stops her.

As Sonny and Carly argue about Alexis, Edward arrives at the Penthouse.

At the same time, Ned and Alexis meet at the Hotel and Ned informs Alexis that Edward has figured out the truth about the baby! While Ned assures Alexis that he lied to Edward, Alexis suddenly doubles over in pain and Ned runs to get help!

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