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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 7, 2002 on GL
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Monday, October 7, 2002

Phillip and Olivia turned a farewell hug into an entire makeout session. Phillip got a grip on himself and stopped. He told Olivia he would not sleep with his father's fiancée. Olivia asked Phillip to just say the word, and she would call off the engagement to Alan. Phillip said the word he had for her was "goodbye." After a crying spell in the sand, Olivia recovered herself and called a judge to marry her and Alan immediately.

Alan reminded Alexandra that her reign of Spaulding Enterprises was limited to just one week. She felt quite confident that she could accomplish quite a lot within that timeframe. Alex asked Alan if he was really up for living with Olivia and Phillip in the same household. Alan reminded her of the prenuptial agreement that Olivia had signed -- If she cheated on Alan, the marriage would end, and she would get no money, no stock, "no nothing." Alex wasn't sure that a piece of paper was going to keep Phillip and Olivia apart, which was too bad, really, because it seemed Alan truly did love Olivia -- as much as he "truly loves" anyone.

Alex threw over her shoulder as she was leaving that she had called a board meeting. Alan started making phone calls and told security at Spaulding Enterprises not to let Alex anywhere near his computer. Phillip arrived for a visit, and Alan told him about the board meeting. Phillip could not believe that Alan had given his Aunt Alex the power of attorney. Alan told Phillip that he'd done so because he could not trust Phillip because of what had happened between Olivia and him. Phillip was apologetic again for the "incident," and he was hurt that his father was unable to forgive him and unwilling to trust him with the company.

Harley and Blake awaited a phone call from a DMV contact who was supposed to deliver the identity of the mysterious Bruce -- the mark from Eden and Harley's blackmail job. Blake wanted to know what her next task was, but Harley said that while she appreciated Blake's help in the hotel, she no longer needed Blake's assistance. Of course, that didn't go over well with Blake.

Gus arrived, and Blake took off. While Harley and Gus were talking, Buzz stopped by with the news that Phillip and Beth were broken up. Harley could not imagine why Beth would move out of the mansion. Gus told her he might have an idea. Gus confessed to Harley that he had attempted to coerce Phillip into giving Zach back by saying he'd tell Beth why Alan had suffered his heart attack. Harley didn't have time to respond because Eden called and summoned her to Inferno for a little chat. She told Gus it was new info on an old case and took off.

When Harley met face to face with Eden, it was just more of the same old threats and snarking -- except that Gus had followed Harley and overheard what was going on. He could not believe Eden was working at Inferno and told her to quit right away and leave with them. She declined his offer of running her life.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

A distracted Marah had lunch at Company with her annoying new roommate. She excused herself from the table when Tony walked in. He'd heard about Reva and offered to use the Santos family connections to get a mellow judge on appeal. Marah turned him down. She asked Tony to take a walk. They headed for the beach. Marah asked Tony how bad prison was. Tony said Reva was no killer, but Marah disagreed.

Tony and Marah reminisced about Reva and Josh's wedding, remembering how happy everyone had seemed. Marah thought maybe it had all been a dream, but Tony thought that dreams could still come true. Marah disagreed; they had to move forward. Marah left. Tony, remembering Marah's determination to move forward, pulled out Eden's telephone number. Marah called Bill to inquire about moving in with him and Ben.

Reva tried to figure out what to pack for prison, but Josh stopped her. Cassie showed up at the house, angry that Reva had changed her plea. Reva said it had seemed like the right thing to do. Cassie asked if Reva was scared; Reva was terrified. Josh left them alone.

Cassie told Reva not to give up. Reva thought a trial would make things worse. Cassie didn't want Reva to go to prison but could not forgive or forget what she'd done. Reva said she would survive prison. She told Cassie that Richard would not want her to dwell on bitterness and loss. Cassie apologized for not being on Reva's grieving timetable.

Josh rushed outside. He believed Cassie was wallowing in self-pity. She couldn't blame everything wrong in her life on Reva. Cassie needed to consider what Richard had gone through. Cassie left. Josh apologized for yelling at Cassie, but Reva was grateful for his defense. At the Beacon, Cassie could not sleep because she remembered Richard telling her that they had to thank Reva for everything she'd done for them.

At the hospital, Phillip and Olivia tried to figure out where Alan was. Phillip realized that Olivia was going to marry Alan that night. Phillip was not happy about the wedding, but only because he was worried about Alan getting hurt by Olivia. He warned Olivia that being hurt by Phillip was not enough reason to get married. Olivia denied that Phillip had that much of an effect on her.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra caught Alan on the computer. He denied plotting against her. She warned him to keep their agreement confidential. Olivia and Phillip returned to the house. They found Alex and Alan in the study. Phillip was suspicious about Alex running the company. Olivia, hearing the news for the first time, was angry. Alex accused Phillip of becoming just like Alan because he needed to control everything and everyone. Phillip yelled at Alex to cancel the meeting because the stress would kill Alan. She refused.

Alan returned to the hospital with Alex. She asked if Olivia was really worth all the trouble. Alan was tired of ending up alone and had waited all his life for a woman like Olivia. Alex offered to throw Alan a spectacular wedding. Back at the mansion, Phillip noted that Olivia had failed to tell Alan about the surprise wedding. She told Phillip that she still intended to marry Alan. Phillip couldn't believe she would get married to a man who would lie, cheat, and steal to keep her. Olivia was happy that Alan would do anything to keep her, and she toasted to the Spaulding family.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

At the Beacon, Cassie was having a flashback to what Richard had told her about Reva. She remembered that Richard had said she should thank Reva. Tammy entered. She was working at Cedar's Hospital on a volunteer basis. She wanted to know what Richard would think about what happened to Reva. Cassie commented that he would probably protect Reva.

Cassie opened the box of papers from San been Cristobel, sent to her by Alonzo. When she counted the contents, she found one envelope was missing. She had a flashback of Edmund being in the room previously when she'd first received the box.

Reva interrupted Marah, who was having lunch with her roommate, Sunny, at Company. Sunny wished Reva good luck in prison and said she would probably get a law degree. She exited. Reva said she was a little direct. Marah was upset that she'd brought up the prison issue, but Marah didn't want to talk about Reva going to prison. Marah hoped that Ross could get her off, but Reva said that what she'd done had been illegal.

Marah wondered if she should have been more supportive and not agreed with Cassie. Marah said that Shayne and Josh supported Reva. Reva said one thing she had learned was to follow her heart. Marah said it before Reva had the chance. Reva told Marah that she didn't want her to live life afraid of loving. Reva told her to write to her and tell her everything. Reva suggested they go home, where they would feel better.

Outside, they ran into Ed and Cassie. Reva apologized to Cassie for the way he'd spoken to her during the hearing. Ed exited. Cassie said that Josh reminded her of Richard. Marah said she was cutting class that day so she could spend time with her mother before she went to prison.

As she sat down beside Ed in Company, Cassie wondered if Richard had wanted to die and wanted to spare her from the pain. Ed said maybe that was why he'd asked Reva to turn off the ventilator. Cassie told Ed that Richard had appeared to her in a dream and told her that Reva had been brave, and Cassie should thank Reva for her courage. Ed said Richard might be asking her to not let Reva go to prison.

A gentleman entered Inferno and wanted to meet Eden. Eden introduced herself, but he said the Eden he'd met had had a cast on her arm. The gentleman exited. Eden asked Carmen if she could help her. Carmen wanted to know if Tony should be aware of her other friends. Carmen said that Ripley would be very upset to hear that. Carmen informed her that she knew what she'd done.

Eden suggested she leave before Carmen fired her. But Carmen said she would ask Tony to give her a raise. Carmen said she liked her because she was different. Carmen said she never lied about the feelings for her family. Eden said she understood.

The gentleman entered. He told Eden they needed to take care of the blonde because she knew too much. He said he would handle it. Eden said she would find out who that person was. He exited.

As Harley opened the door to her home, Gus entered, and they began to kiss. He noticed all the food on the table. Harley said that when she couldn't sleep, she ate. She tried to explain that she couldn't sleep because of herself, and she had been keeping a secret from him. Gus wanted to know the secret so they could move on. Harley told him that she had been working undercover. Harley said there was this girl that scammed guys by meeting them at a hotel. She continued to explain that the girl drugged the men then blackmailed them. When Gus asked who the client was, Harley said it was her son, and the girl who was doing the scamming was Eden.

Harley said she was absolutely sure. She explained that she had been in Eden's apartment, and she'd pretended to be Eden. Gus wanted to know what she had to do for the assignment. She replied that she'd put on a pretty dress and meet the client at a hotel room. Harley admitted that she didn't have any proof. He was upset that she'd lied to him and gone behind his back to hurt his sister. Gus said it didn't feel like love.

Gus yelled at Harley because she'd lost his trust. Gus commented that she wanted him to put his own sister in prison. He said he'd promised he would take care of Eden always. Rick and Jude entered. As Harley was hugging Jude, Gus exited. Rick said he needed to leave to pick up Mel. Rick exited. When Harley answered her door, she met face to face with Eden.

At Cedar's Hospital, Rick said he had a hearing the next day to get Mel reinstated. Ed entered. Cassie told him that Tammy was there, doing community service. Rick wanted to go check on Tammy.

Cassie told Ed that the Beacon was open and doing great. Ed said she would get to a place and that she would find peace and happiness. Cassie told Ed that Reva was pleading guilty. They decided to get a cup of coffee at Company.

At the Lewis house, Marah said she should move back home. Marah explained that Ben and Bill had asked her to move in with them at Blake and Ross's old place. They began to throw leaves at each other. Finally, Reva told Marah that she'd won. Marah began crying. Reva held her in her arms.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Bill was talking sexy to Beth on the phone, and they were both in Company. He said he and Ben were moving in the house, and he would stay behind to meet Beth.

Marina took Gus two cups of cappuccino and asked if he was okay. Marina asked Ben if he needed any help. She heard Ben ask Marah if she was ready to move into the house. Ben asked Marina to leave so he could talk to Marah. Ben told Marah about rules. Jokingly, he wanted her to try to contain herself and commented that they were strictly friends. Marina interrupted and wanted to know what he needed done next.

Michelle entered and told Bill that she'd gotten the final separation papers that day. Bill reminded her how she'd coped after losing her mother. He commented that maybe there was time to work things out.

Marina entered and wanted to talk to Michelle. She wanted to know what Michelle thought about her moving into the house with Ben, Bill, and Marah. Michelle said she didn't want to be with older guys.

At Inferno, Tony told Danny that since he had returned to the club, the profits had doubled. Tony thought that Danny was looking at a contract but found out it was separation papers. Danny told Tony that after that day, Cassie would be making a payment. Cassie entered. She told Danny about the money and that Olivia had taken everything. She said Olivia had used the money for the bar in the hotel. Danny said he couldn't help her because his money was tied up in the club. Danny said he wouldn't let anyone hurt her or the kids. He said he would find a way to cover for her.

Edmund entered and said, "Don't." Cassie told Edmund that it was a private conversation. Edmund told her to turn to him if she needed help. Cassie said she needed a loan. She asked what he'd taken out of the papers. She knew there had been seven envelopes, and one was missing. He said it was a letter from his mother. Cassie wanted to see the letter.

Edmund tried to convince Cassie that the wrongful death lawsuit was the only way to go, but Cassie said she would never be a part of it and asked him to drop it. Edmund said he couldn't. Tony entered. He told Cassie to keep him posted. Cassie exited. Danny told Edmund that the wrong brother had died. Danny told Edmund to get out and stay away from Cassie.

Outside of Inferno, Tony saw Eden making a phone call. She said she hadn't clocked in yet. He said that Millennium was going to be busy because they were having a fraternity party.

At the Beacon Hotel, Cassie found out that the money she'd received from Alex Spaulding was gone. She was told that Olivia had spent the money for upgrades.

When Cassie returned to her room, she found a black rose. She immediately called Danny and told him that R.J.'s teddy bear was slashed. He told her to sit tight at the Beacon, and he would get in touch with her. Danny said they could go after him because he didn't have anything to lose.

Eden entered Harley's house. She told Harley that she didn't like her much. Harley said she was a lying artist, and it had cost her Zach. Eden said she hadn't started the war between her and Phillip. Eden told her to stop talking to her boss and Tony Santos. Harley said that she wasn't above perjury. Eden accused her of being insecure, and that was why Harley did all the crazy things that an insecure woman would do.

Eden told Harley that she had been jealous of her from the beginning. Harley said she was a cop, and she dealt with the facts and believed what she saw with her own eyes. Eden commented on the dress that Harley had on the couch. Eden wanted to know if she was seeing someone besides Gus. Harley said that Gus was probably mad because of what he'd gone through because of the murder. Eden said they were close, especially after their dad had gotten shot. Eden said Harley was like all the other women, that she was "here today and gone tomorrow."

Gus entered and wanted to know what was going on. Gus said they'd grown up together, and people had always tried to get between them. Gus said he always walked in on them in a situation. He told Eden to leave, but she said that someone had broken into her place in Chicago and stolen her clothes. Eden left.

Harley told Gus that he'd made it very clear where he stood. She told him to go after her and sell her out. Gus closed the door and said he wouldn't sell her out. He told Harley that she was his life, and he was on her side. They kissed.

Harley answered the phone and heard Ripley. He wanted to know if she had a red dress. He told her to put in on and meet him at Millennium. When she got off the phone, she told Gus about the assignment. Gus said he was going with her to see for himself how the operation worked.

Marina called Harley and wanted to know if she could borrow some of her clothes. Harley said okay. Harley hung the red dress in the closet. Harley and Gus exited. Marina entered. She found the red dress in the closet.

At the Marler house, Michelle was helping Ben and Bill move in. Ben and Bill were deciding which bedroom to take. Marah entered. Michelle said they were going to give Marah the master bedroom. Marina entered. She gave them a life-size picture of herself for a house-warming gift.

Michelle did a cheer, and Marina joined in. Beth entered. She commented on the present from Marina. Beth commented on how nice the place looked. Ben said the party was almost over because of the party at Millennium. Marina wanted to know when they were leaving. Ben said it was adults only. Taking her house-warming gift, Marina exited.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Tony and Danny discussed who'd sent the warning to Cassie. Eden interrupted them, but Tony sent her upstairs. Tony had hired Eden so he could keep their enemies close. Danny was skeptical, but Tony assured him she would eventually tip her hand. Eden returned and was formally introduced to Danny. Danny left the room then returned to find Tony and Eden kissing. He told her to get back to work. Tony said he could handle it.

Eden met with her associate Chris, who prepared to meet his "mark"-- Harley. Eden reminded him she would be wearing a red dress.

Harley told Rick that she and Gus were working that night on getting her son home. Rick was concerned that Harley was doing something dangerous. She went upstairs. Rick asked Gus if there was something he wanted to talk about. Gus asked if Michelle had ever let him down. Rick said when she'd first started dating Danny, he'd wanted to strangle her. Gus was concerned that Eden liked trouble. Harley returned, and Rick left. Harley couldn't find the red dress she was wearing to Millennium. She thought Marina had to have borrowed it. Gus said there was no reason to worry, since Marina wasn't going to Millennium.

Lizzie and Tammy helped Marina get ready to crash the Millennium party. Marina put on a red dress she'd gotten from Harley's closet. Lizzie gave Marina the name of someone who could make a fake ID. Later, at Company, Lizzie and Tammy discussed Beth. Tammy had seen Beth at the Marlers', so Lizzie assumed Beth would sue for custody of her and James. She thought Beth didn't even think about them anymore and wanted to continue living at the Spaulding mansion. Tammy urged Lizzie to tell them that she didn't want to move in with her mother. Lizzie left to confront Beth at the Marlers'.

At Ben and Bill's, Marah, Michelle, Remy, and Ben got ready to go to Ben's frat party at Millennium. Ben couldn't convince Bill to go along; Bill and Beth were busy playing foosball. As the group left, Bill pulled Michelle aside and asked why she was wearing her wedding ring. Michelle said the marriage was over; she'd received separation papers that day, and she took off the ring. She left, and Bill and Beth made love.

At the diner, Buzz and Frank discussed Marina's grades. Frank reported that parent/teacher conferences had gone very well. Frank was confused because Marina's teachers had been whispering and asking about Eleni. Buzz said Frank was clueless; they probably wanted to date Frank. Frank noted that Marina had gone to the movies. Frank inquired about Holly, but Buzz said he was not seeing her.

Meanwhile, at Millennium, Ben explained speed dating. The men would line up opposite the women. The men and women would talk for three minutes, then they would rotate partners. Before the game began, Ben spotted Marina and told her she looked amazing, but he was concerned that she'd gotten past the bouncer. Chris interrupted and bought Marina a drink.

Danny headed upstairs to check in on the party, and he saw Michelle. The two were surprised to see each other. Danny noticed she'd removed her ring. Michelle said it was over. Danny hadn't expected her to pursue speed dating, but Michelle said she had to start somewhere. Danny took a walk and ended up at the Bauer home, where he ran into Rick. Rick said to call anytime he wanted to hear news about Robbie.

Danny started to walk away then asked Rick for a little info. Rick told him Robbie had tried to grab a tree branch. They said goodbye, and Danny removed his wedding ring.

Back at Millennium, Marah approached Tony and told him she was living with Remy, Bill, and Ben. Tony told her to have fun. In her trials of speed dating, Michelle spent three minutes with a Spaulding butler, a guy who couldn't attend the Bauer barbeque because he was vegetarian and a man who hated children. Marah was similarly unsuccessful. She headed toward the wine room, where she saw Eden and Tony making out.

Marah and Michelle agreed that they'd bombed at speed dating, and they left. Gus and Harley entered the club. Marina saw them, and she had Chris show her the back door. She refused his offer of a ride, but he grabbed her.

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