One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on OLTL

Keri noticed tension between Liz and Antonio. Starr convinced her mother to sign an agreement regarding Todd. Al was suspicious of Jen's pregnancy. A DNA test revealed both Natalie and Jessica to be Viki's biological daughters.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, October 14, 2002

Starr leads Blair to the bushes where Todd is hiding. Blair is doubtful they will find anything, but Starr insists it is very important. Before Blair can see Todd hiding, Bo approaches them and tells Blair he needs to talk to her about Todd.

Natalie goes to the diner and invites Carlotta to Jen's bridal shower. In disbelief, Carlotta wonders what kind of cruel joke Natalie is playing. Through the window, someone is watching.

Antonio tries to tell Keri about sleeping with her mother. Keri thinks it is simple, he let some other woman comfort him and she doesn't want to know anything else. It was a one-night stand and he will never see her again.

Jessica tells Roxanne it was good of her to help Rex out with his school supplies. Roxanne laughs and says she isn't the worst mother all the time, she does try. Roxy asks Rex to tell Jessica what a good mother she is. Rex can't, he won't lie to Jessica anymore. An immense look of relief is on Roxy's face when Rex admits he was joking, but he does have to tell Jess about something. There was something for Seth to find out about him in Michigan.

An incredulous Viki doesn't understand what Seth is telling her. How could this have happened? If Jessica's not Roxy's daughter, who are her parents? Seth tells Viki Rex's aunt just told him Roxy wasn't Jessica's mother, no other details. Viki wonders where she can get the answers from. In a daze, she tells Rex to let himself out, she needs to do something.

Roxy begs Rex not to tell Jessica. Rex feeds Jess yet another lie, and tells her when he was in Michigan, he and some pals when out one night and broke some windows and caused some havoc on the town. Jess doesn't understand how Seth would have found this out. Rex admits through the police reports. He didn't want Jess to find out what a screw up he had been. He asks for her forgiveness. Jess forgives him as everyone has made mistakes. Jess excuses herself, she wants to go spend time with Viki. As soon as she leaves the table, Roxanne is all over Rex. Roxy snickers that Aunt Corrine wasn't any better of a mother than she. Rex wonders what she is talking about. Roxy says if Corrine let this happen, she wasn't a good mother. Rex admits it never happened, he was just gaining Jessica's trust. He can never let Jessica find out what his real story is.

Antonio tells Keri it was a one time thing, he loves Keri, even that night. Keri understands what happened, she thinks she is the one who didn't have enough faith. They express their love for one another. Antonio is on the verge of telling Keri about her mom when there is a knock on the door. At Keri's urging, Antonio answers the door to find Liz. Keri wonders what Liz is doing there. Liz covers by saying she looked up Antonio's address because she knew it would be the best place to find Keri. Keri decides to go to the diner and get take out for the three. After she leaves, Liz thanks Antonio for not telling Keri, she doesn't know what she would do if she lost two daughters.

Carlotta slams Natalie by saying showers are to be given by friends of the bride. She is very surprised to find out Jen was the one who asked Natalie to give the shower. Carlotta then accuses Natalie of trying to hang on to Cristian by pretending to be Jen's friend. Natalie exclaims she is not doing that, she is trying to stay out of both of their lives.

Viki goes to Roxanne's to confront her and find out the truth. Roxy is glad Viki got her "head shrunk", and is back to normal. Viki asks for the truth. She still does not understand how she could not recognize her own child. As she was having a lot of problems back then she can kind of understand, but how could Roxanne not tell the difference? Viki then starts asking Roxanne all kinds of questions regarding Jessica's birth. When Roxy can't answer them, Viki thinks it is because Roxy didn't give birth to Jessica.

Liz explains to Antonio how she lost her other daughter and why her relationship with Keri is so important to her. Antonio tells Liz that he told Keri he slept with another woman. Liz explodes, and after Antonio assures her he hasn't told Keri it was her yet, wonders how Keri took it. Antonio admits Keri doesn't want to know anymore about it. He has not changed his mind, he will tell Keri it was Liz. A frantic Liz accuses of Antonio of trying to ease his guilty conscious. She doesn't believe this will help Keri, it will only hurt everyone. Liz asks how will he feel if he destroys Keri. Antonio decides not to tell Keri.

Bo tells Blair that Todd contacted Gabrielle trying to find out about the charges pending against him in Llanview. Blair thinks Todd is going to try to take the kids away from her. Bo wonders if she still wants to press charges against him. Blair wants Todd arrested immediately if he is seen in Llanview. Starr interupts and says there is something important she should tell them. Starr says she found a salamander, that must be what she heard before, not a man. Blair walks Bo to his car. Todd asks Starr why she didn't turn him in. Starr didn't want him to go to jail, but she won't leave with him either. Starr asks Todd if they will ever see him again. Todd admits he won't be seeing her or Jack anymore, he guesses this is goodbye. A tearful Starr cries she doesn't want this to be goodbye. Todd asks Starr to help him.

Jessica and Rex arrive at Llanfair and run into Seth. Jess doesn't want to hear anything Seth has to say. Rex has told her everything and she forgives him. Seth cannot believe she would forgive Rex just like that. Seth went to Michigan because he loves her. He believes Rex will hurt her and even though he knew he was risking her love, he had to find out the truth about Rex. Jessica tells him Rex already told her the truth and why wouldn't she forgive him, she forgave Seth. Seth asks, what about the other truth--the truth that Rex isn't your brother? A stunned Jessica doesn't know what to say, and Rex is speechless. Seth goes on to tell her that Roxanne is Rex's mother but not Jessica's.

Roxanne tells Viki that she did give birth to Jessica. A very angry Viki wonders how Roxy can just play with people's lives and not care about the repercussions. Viki then picks up the phone and demands Roxy either tells her the truth or she can tell the police. Roxy admits she didn't give birth to a girl, she stole her. Viki asks her what she is saying, she took a baby? Roxanne mutters that she didn't steal the baby. Viki demands to know who Jessica's real mother is.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Seth confronts Jessica with the news that Roxanne is not her mother, and therefore, Rex cannot be her brother. But Seth was unable to find out who her parents are. Rex disputes his allegations. Jessica calls her supposed aunt in Michigan who confirms Seth's story. As the boys continue to argue, Jessica kicks Seth out, telling him it's not a competition between them, it's her life falling apart. Rex suggests that maybe Roxy isn't his mother either, but says it's likely wishful thinking on his part. Jessica can't believe that all of this is happening to her again and runs upstairs. Rex calls his aunt and thanks her for "not giving him away."

At the Mill House, Viki voraciously interrogates Roxanne about Jessica's true parentage. Roxy claims she doesn't know who Jessica was stolen from because her "old man did it" and he is unavailable for comment as he currently resides in an urn. Roxy casually mentions that it was easy for her dead husband to get a baby from a hospital nursery because he was a doctor. Stunned, Viki flashes back to Jessica's birth and recalls her obstetrician was a Dr. Balsom. She can't believe she didn't connect his name to Roxy's last name and asks Roxy if he stole Jessica from her. Viki continues to try to paste together logistics to a clueless Roxy. She gives up their futile conversation and tells Roxy "it's no surprise" that Roxy could never be a mother to either one of them. After Viki leaves, Roxy walks around the room with her dead husband's urn mumbling, "It's all over now." Rex stops by, telling her that things are "not over" for him.

At home, Viki contemplates the statement that Niki made to Dr. Hannen in Switzerland: that Viki is "more of a mother than she knows." Viki realizes that while DNA tests were administered to Natalie, it never occurred to them to test Jessica. She picks up the baby photo album as Jessica enters the library.

Antonio agrees with Liz not tell Keri that the woman he met on the road and slept with was her. They decide to join Keri at the diner where she is picking up lunch for them. At the diner, Carlotta and her friend commend Antonio's rescue of the unknown woman on the road. Carlotta's friend describes the woman as young and beautiful. Keri's face drops as they discuss it. Noticing the change in her demeanor, Carlotta sits her down at a table as Liz and Antonio enter the diner. Keri dismisses her dizziness as morning sickness and Liz takes Keri upstairs to Antonio's to get a sweater. Keri tells her mom about Antonio's one-night stand, to which Liz must act surprised. Keri blames herself for giving Antonio his ring back. She also tells her that Carlotta's friend saw the woman. Liz is alarmed to learn that Carlotta's friend was in the diner at the same time they were. Liz suddenly decides she needs to get back to work in Chicago. Then she realizes she left her purse in the diner. Antonio enters as Keri goes to retrieve her mom's purse. Liz chastises Antonio for telling Keri any part of the story. Once again, Keri returns to find them arguing. Keri informs her mom that her grant was not renewed and therefore she should stay in Llanview for the birth of her baby—the baby Keri is carrying for her.

Lindsay and Jen meet at the Palace bar to plan Jen's wedding to Cristian. They bicker because Lindsay had told Nora about Jen's pregnancy. Nora happens to be around the corner at another table and hears Lindsay say that people always get what they deserve. Nora accuses her of still harboring a revenge motive against her and Troy. Nora brings up the painting named "Joanna" and Lindsay explains that revenge is a common theme in art. Jen can't take anymore and leaves. Lindsay reveals that she'll be happy when Nora is gone and wonders aloud how Nora "made it out of that river so fast." Nora accuses her of being the one that hit her with a car into the river. Nora claims to have caught a glimpse of the driver and she believes it was Lindsay. They continue to argue until Lindsay volunteers a truce. Nora suggests the best way to do that is for Lindsay to "stay the hell away" from her and Troy. She walks out.

At his loft, Troy greets a woman named Linda at the door. She shows him her artwork, and Troy says he is more interested in her abstract work. Linda says she's moved away from that style. When Troy explains that he has her painting entitled "Joanna," Linda divulges that she didn't name the painting. At first Troy is alarmed. Then she tells him a friend named Joanna who was dumped at the altar by her boyfriend named it five years ago. Troy, having derived the information he was seeking, dismisses her with an excuse that he must return to the clinic. He retrieves the damaged painting and calls his sister with the news that he now believes the name of the painting was all a coincidence. Nora comes to the door and instantly notices the painting has been punched and ripped. She asks Troy why he did it. He said it was depressing and he wanted to make sure he never changed his mind about hanging it in the clinic. They agree to simply keep Lindsay out of their lives.

Back at the Palace bar, the artist, Linda arrives to inform Lindsay that Troy fell for the story she put her up to telling him about the painting. Lindsay is delighted.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Todd and Starr make a plan and though she chases him away to put it into action, he sneaks into the house to listen in secret. Inside the house, Sam presents Blair with a bouquet of flowers as she promises not to mention Todd again. As they plan an evening together, Starr interrupts them with her request for her present for Jack's birthday. She wants a legal paper drawn up and signed by Blair that states she won't have Todd put into jail. With this odd request, Blair becomes concerned that Starr has heard from her father. She admits that she has but covers up by stating that it was through Fred, her magic frog. She could just hear Todd's voice, she says innocently. The kids at school are taunting her and if her father is a jail-bird it will be worse, she explains. That's why she wants a signed paper to show them. Sam is leery, not trusting Todd at all, but Blair feels that he's already being punished by not seeing his children. Plus, she doesn't want Starr made fun of by the other kids. She agrees to do it and signs the paper once Sam draws it up. He also notarizes it. Starr is ecstatic and announces that she can't wait to show her daddy, once again covering with the magic frog story. Blair walks Sam to the door and turns back to the study. She is startled to see Todd sitting there, awaiting her return.

Though Keri tries to convince Liz to stay in Llanview, the woman is full of excuses and her future son-in-law agrees that she should go. Keri asks to be alone with her mother and Antonio agrees to visit the diner. Once he's gone, Keri insists on knowing the truth but Liz continues to give false reasons for not wanting to stay. Suddenly, Keri realizes that it must be that her mom has a problem with Antonio's one-night stand. Keri knows that Liz hates what happened though Liz swears she's not judging him.

While at the diner, Max learns details of Keri's pregnancy from R.J. who voices his displeasure. Max laments being married to Roxy though he admits that she gave some good advice about Al. Carlotta greets Cris and shows him the invitation to Jen's shower that she received from Natalie. When she begins to badmouth Nat, Cris quiets her and orders her to stay away from his secret love. He informs her that it was Jen who requested that Nat put together the party. Due to the lovely engagement party that she gave, R.J. sweetly asks Carlotta to help out with the wedding as well. She's a bit short with him in return. Antonio advises Carlotta that Liz will be headed back to Chicago. R.J. overhears and appears happy though Max doesn't believe it for a minute.

As Natalie sits crying quietly in the park, someone spies on her. She calls out to the person but is surprised to see Bo instead. He asks about her relationship with Al but she updates him to the fact that she has a "complicated and unavailable" love instead. Bo starts to reassure her but is interrupted by a call. He'll listen to her anytime she needs someone, he offers. Nat replies that with Viki back she's looking forward to her mother's help. After Bo leaves, Cris arrives to apologize for his mother's behavior towards her. Nat insists that she doesn't want him for her hero anymore, her mother is back and she can talk with her. She really wants to give the shower because Jen doesn't know her true feelings. She only wants everyone to believe she's ok and maybe then she'll believe it herself. Once Nat leaves, Cris bends to pick up one of the dropped invitations. He tosses it back on the ground where an unseen person retrieves it.

Rex happily tells Roxanne that there's one thing that Viki won't learn about him and that's the fact that he's known the whole story all along. Aunt Corrine promised not to tell on him and besides he knows things about her. He thinks that Roxy will probably be safe from prison though he himself needs to be free to help her out so no one must know his involvement, he tells her. He suggests that maybe she'll want to leave town but Roxy thinks that maybe Luna can help her out. She fumbles with the tape and finally gets it to work. Luna wants Max to find a woman with a good heart to make him happy, she states. This woman will do one good thing and Max will know. Roxy becomes anxious that Max will learn what she's done and turns to run out, running into Max on the other side of the door. She tells him she's done something.

Jess finds Viki looking at a baby album and begins to cry that once again she doesn't know who she is. They can't figure out the Balsoms or why her real parents haven't looked for her. Jess doesn't want Viki to pursue anything. Bo arrives and speaks with Viki in private. She informs him that she wants a confidential DNA test. Viki fills Bo in on the most recent developments and the cryptic message she's learned: "that she's more of a mother than she knows." She wants both girls tested with hair she's obtained from both and wants Bo to supervise the entire test. Bo agrees and Nat returns home in time to hear Viki say that she may be Jess' biological mother after all.

R.J. and Antonio arrive together to Antonio's place and hear the two women shouting inside. Keri is suspicious that Liz is hiding something.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Blair walks into the family room, seeing Todd sitting on the couch. She starts stammering "I thought I would never see you again." Todd replies, "I hate to be the one to break the bad new to you Blair, I'm back." Blair states the obvious, "I can see your back." Todd is getting irritated because she isn't being as welcoming as he had imagined. He comments on how surprised he is the she doesn't have anything to say to him. Blair lets him know she does have something to say "Go to Hell!" She informs him that the divorce is final and wants to know what it is exactly he wants. They go round and round about how Todd manipulated Starr and got Blair to sign the papers dropping all charges against him. He tells her where he has been, and she retorts "The last I knew you were trying to kidnap my children in Hawaii." He tells her that all that kept him going was getting back to Jack and Starr. She yells at him, telling him that she doesn't believe him because he doesn't have a heart. Blair admits to Todd that she wants a normal life. Todd comments that there is no such thing and even if there was, it never worked for either of them. She disagrees. Blair starts screaming at him "You know, your little girl didn't tell one single lie the whole time you were gone, Todd! And what have you been back 5 minutes? Five minutes, and she's lying and she's doing all your dirty work! Well I'm not going to have it!" He calmly tells her that he won't leave until he sees Jack. She reminds him that she still has a restraining order against him. As he attempts to walk up the steps, she grabs the phone and calls Bo. He snatches from her hand and hangs it up. Todd lets her know that there is no need to bother her commissioner friend, he is leaving. Still yelling, she tells him that she won't fall for anymore of his schemes. She orders him not to try to see Jack or Starr, then slams the door. Walking away, Todd says "The hell I won't."

Max comes home and is greeted by Roxanne telling him that she has been keeping something from him. Max, getting impatient, tells her to spit it out. In her head, she says the truth about Jessica not being her real daughter. He snaps her out of a trance and she blurts out "I saw Luna!" He starts hollering at her, "There is no way you could understand who she was!" She stops him and hands him one of the tapes, explaining what they are about and how she found them. She pulls out all of the tapes from the trunk and admits that the advice she gave him about Al was actually from Luna. She excuses herself to go put "Wally" away and leaves him to watch the tapes alone. He presses play and begins watching. Luna begins talking about how he will find another person to love and that eyes are the windows to the soul. Roxanne stops eavesdropping and goes upstairs. Through the course of the tapes, Luna tells Max that she will always love him. He starts crying. Max is still watching the tape when Roxanne quietly comes in and starts putting things that are on the table into a bag, picks up the candlesticks and walks out the door. Once outside, she puts everything down and calls Rex. She leaves him a message on his machine, saying that she is skipping out of town before she gets arrested for baby snatching and impersonating a mother. Max opens the door and asks her where she is going. She replies that she is just putting some things in the garage. He tells her that he wants to thank her for giving him the tapes. Roxanne tells him that "She was a real nice lady." Max lets her know that he has to leave, but he wants to have dinner with her when he gets back. Roxanne watches him go with a big smile on her face.

Keri is arguing with Liz, "You definitely are hiding something and it has to do with Antonio!" Just then, Antonio opens the door with R.J. behind him. R.J. reminds him that they are all family, except for him and they don't want him to start out in the family with secrets do they? He looks at Liz. Keri and Liz tell him that their discussion doesn't concern him. Liz tries to leave and R.J. stops her. They start arguing about their past relationship. He tries to make amends with all of them and says that he wants to pay for the wedding, not Antonio and Keri. Liz agrees with him then leaves, with Keri following soon after. R.J. stays with Antonio and asks him why Liz doesn't like him. Tonio tells him that he doesn't know why Liz feels that way. Now R.J. wants to know if the dislike is mutual. They start arguing, Cristian comes in and asks if everything is okay. R.J. apologizes for starting an argument, then promises not to cause any more problems. He leaves. Cris wants to know what is wrong with his brother. Antonio tells him that his one-night stand was his fiancé's mother! They talk about that night. Cris tells him that he is right not wanting Keri to know and that he is on his side. Tonio asks Cris to leave, so he can be alone. Cris leaves after Antonio tells him that Liz is going back to Chicago. At Liz's hotel room, Keri is begging her to stay with her through the pregnancy. Liz admits that she feels guilty every time she sees Antonio. She starts berating herself for letting Keri go through with the pregnancy and says that she doesn't want to come between them. Keri assures her that there is "No valid reason on earth for you to leave Llanview right now." Keri comes home and excitedly tells Antonio that her mother is staying through the entire pregnancy! He responds "that's great" very half heartedly. R.J. arrives at Liz's hotel room, and asks if there is anything she wants to talk about. She tells him that she is going to stay in town. He says that they will probably be seeing more of each other. Liz responds "I guess so" and closes the door in his face.

Jen is in the hospital going to check in for her appointment with Dr. Conklin. The woman is flabbergasted and starts going on about how beautiful Jen is. She thanks her, and sits down to wait. She calls Gabrielle wanting to follow up on their talk. She confirms that Al will not interfere, Jen replies that she hopes not, because she would hate to tell the police what he did. Jen hangs up and turns her head, seeing Cristian standing there. She wants to know why he is there and gets really jumpy when he tells her that he called the doctor to ask questions. When he says to her that he wants to go into the appointment with her, she tells him "No, you can't" She starts making excuses that Dr. Conklin is late and Cris has classes so he shouldn't stay. She promises that he can go to the sonogram. He agrees to leave only after reminding her to ask the due date. After he leaves, she runs back into the office and demands to see a calendar.

Al comes into the diner just as Gabrielle is getting off the phone with Jen. Al greets her with "Well, I'm here. What's the big emergency?" Gabrielle hands him an envelope and tells him, that is his ticket out of town. She has arranged for him to spend some time in North Carolina with Frank and Leslie. He accuses her of wanting him out of town until after Cristian and Jen's wedding. She agrees, saying that she's not the only one. He gets upset saying that he wants to see them as much as they want to see him. She reminds him that where Jen is concerned, he has a way of letting his emotions take control of him. He assures her that nothing like the fire will happen again. Gabrielle informs him that Jen is threatening to go to Bo and tell him that Al set the fire if Al goes anywhere near her. Al turns to her and asks if she is trying to protect him or her relationship with Bo? Gabrielle assures him that she would sacrifice her relationship with Bo for him in a heartbeat, but she can't protect him from jail. He asks what he should do. She tells him to take the ticket and go visit his little brother and sister. He almost lets it slip that he and Jen slept together and stops saying instead that they were friends. Gabrielle tells him she is glad that he didn't end up with her because "There's just something not quite right about that girl." Al doesn't understand why she is so adamant on him leaving town. After some more persuasive talking, Gabrielle finally gets him to agree to go to North Carolina. He gets up to leave and overhears Carlotta on the phone.

Dr. Conklin comes out to let Jen know she will be right with her, but in the meantime she wants to know the father's blood type. Jen calls Carlotta and asks, hoping that Cris and Al have the same blood type. Carlotta answers O positive. She begins rambling to Jen about how good of a grandmother she is going to be, and even though they didn't do things the traditional way of marriage first and baby second, things will work out. Al overhears this and runs into the counter. Carlotta scolds him then covers when Jen begs her not to let him know it is her on the phone. They hang up and Al doesn't believe Carlotta when she says she was talking to Keri. Carlotta excuses herself and leaves him standing there. Gabrielle comes up, reminding him to call her as soon as he gets to North Carolina. He agrees and as soon as his mother leaves, he picks up the phone Carlotta was on and presses *69, hearing Jen's cell phone message.

Jen asks Dr. Conklin to lie to Cristian by saying that she is further along than she actually is. The doctor refuses, replying "If that man wants to marry you, it doesn't matter whether your 2 weeks pregnant or 8 months." Jen agrees and leaves.

Cristian comes back to the hospital to pick Jen up and when told she isn't there, he wants to know where she is!

Jen is home and Al comes barging in. He tells her that she needs to stop lying! Al says, "You want me out of town because you're pregnant!"

Friday, October 18, 2002

Al tells Jen that he thinks that she wants him out of her life because she is pregnant. Jen says that is a crazy idea and that if he doesn't leave she will call the police and tell them about the fire he set at her house. Al tells her that she shouldn't be talking to the father of her baby like that. Jen tells Al that he is crazier than she thought and that he is stalking her. Al demands Jen to tell him the truth about who the father of her baby is. Jen persists in telling Al that she isn't pregnant.

Al tells Jen that he heard Carlotta talking on the phone about pregnancy to someone. When Al asked Carlotta who she was talking to, she said Keri, but Al pressed *69 and it led him to Jen's voicemail. Jen admits that she is pregnant, but that it is Cristian's baby and that she was already pregnant when she made love to Al. Al tells Jen that he will find out who the real father is by asking her doctor.

Cris asks the receptionist at the hospital if Jen left. Jen's doctor comes out and tells him that she already had her appointment. Cris asks her one thing – when is the baby due? The doctor tells Cris that she can't discuss Jen's status because of doctor – patient confidentiality. While Cris asks the receptionist when Jen's next appointment is, he sees Al and Jen running into the office asking for the doctor. Cris asks what's going on.

Jen tells Cris that Al is harassing her. Al finds Jen's file on the desk and picks it up. Jen grabs it away and says that Al can't see it. Cris then asks if he could see it. Cris looks at it really quick and confirms that Jen is pregnant, but then Al asks when the due date is.

Lindsay comes to Troy's apartment and says she has something to tell him about Joanna. Troy asks her what she is talking about and she says the painting, what else would she be talking about. Lindsay asks Troy where the painting and walks in to see the damaged painting in Troy's apartment. Troy tells Lindsay that he smashed her painting because he doesn't want anything from her.

Sam asks Nora if there is something on her mind and she replies that she thinks Lindsay is the one who drove her off the bridge. Nora says she doesn't know what to do. Sam then tells her that he told Lindsay to stay away from Nora and Troy. Nora says that Lindsay will never let go. Nora tells Sam that she didn't tell Troy about Lindsay and the bridge because Troy gets very upset and angry.

Meanwhile, Troy goes to meet Nora at the Country Club where she is sitting with Matthew and Sam. Lindsay shows up as well with a woman in braids and glasses and tells her that she knows that to do. The woman goes up to Nora, Sam, Troy, Matthew, and Emily and tells them that she is doing a survey on how many times someone has been married. When it's Troy's turn, he hesitates, but then says never and Lindsay walks up to him and calls him a liar. Lindsay says that she and Troy both know it's true that he was married before.

Bo brings the hair samples to get tested and wants the most foolproof tests done. When he gets the results, he says this can't be possible and asks to get another kind of test done to be absolutely positive. The second test results come back and Bo said that he is going to tell the family about them.

Jessica looks at a picture of herself, Viki, and Natalie. She rips herself out of the picture while saying that she belongs to no one. Downstairs, Viki asks Natalie what's wrong and Natalie asks her when was she going to tell her that Jessica is her real daughter, not her. Natalie admits that she overheard Viki and Bo talking. Viki tells her that both Jessica and Natalie might her daughters. Viki tells Natalie that Roxanne is not Jessica's mother and that Dr. Balsom stole Jessica. Jessica walks downstairs while Viki and Natalie are talking, and asks Viki if she might really be her birth mother. Viki says that it is a possibility.

Jessica starts yelling that maybe Natalie tampered with her own DNA tests and knew that Roxanne wasn't Jessica's mother all along. Natalie says that she is telling the truth and didn't know about any of this. Viki tells Natalie that she believes her and that she loves her. Viki tells Natalie and Jessica that she is having DNA tests done on all three of them again. Bo walks in and says the he has the results. Both Natalie and Jessica are Viki's daughters.

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