One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 25, 2011 on OLTL
Niki tried to assure Joey and Natalie that she was Viki, but they had their suspicions, especially in court. Another alter, Jean, appeared, and Viki collapsed. Aubrey convinced the judge to allow Joey to have temporary custody of Ryder. John knew that Marty was hiding something. Eddie had forced Deanna to break up with James, but she hoped to reconcile with him. Gigi stole Shane's therapy session tape, and Natalie offered to listen.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 25, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Starr and Deanna arrived at James's apartment, and Starr announced that Deanna had been ready to return to James's place for hours. Deanna explained that while she had loved the lavishness of La Boulaie, she had felt strange and "out of place." Deanna preferred to stay with James until she had enough money to get back to Dayton. Starr proclaimed that she'd offered to lend Deanna money, but Deanna had refused. "What happens next?" Starr wondered. James revealed that he had received a loan from his brother, and he had the money that Deanna needed to return home, plus some additional money for food.

Deanna frowned. Starr saw Deanna's expression and asked if it still wasn't enough money. Deanna stressed that it wasn't about the money. She just wished that she didn't have to return to Dayton. James joked that everyone who arrived in Llanview wanted to stay, but Deanna had her life and friends back home. Starr was anxious to get going to the bus station, but Deanna requested that Starr give her some time alone with James. Deanna insisted that she wanted a "better goodbye" than the last time they'd parted, and Starr agreed.

James walked Starr to the door. He whispered that it wouldn't take long, because he wanted to be alone with Starr. They shared a kiss as Deanna looked on unhappily. Starr left, and James advised Deanna that they didn't have much time. He had checked the bus schedule.

Blair returned to Capricorn and found Tomas in a serious-looking discussion with Claude. The men didn't see her, and she remained mum. She heard Claude ask whether Tomas thought that Blair was setting Tomas up. "What's he doing here, Tomas?" Blair called out. Claude claimed that he'd been in the area and had stopped by to say hello. Blair replied that she'd heard Claude warn Tomas that Blair was setting Tomas up. Claude insisted that he felt responsible because Blair was suspicious of Tomas.

Tomas clarified that Claude had been the one to send Tomas to Llanview to look for Blair. Blair thought that she was the one to be afraid that Tomas might hurt her, but Claude hastily reassured her that Tomas would never hurt anyone. Claude wondered if Blair believed that Tomas was involved in Todd's shooting. Blair quickly pointed out that she was going out on a date with Tomas, so she couldn't be suspicious of him. Claude was glad to hear that he wouldn't have to worry, and he noted that he would head back to New York.

Blair left the men alone, and Claude advised Tomas to be careful of the Blair and Téa connection to Todd. After Claude left the club, Blair returned to Tomas. He hoped that she hadn't been offended. Blair assured him she was fine, and she thanked him for helping Jack out when her son was assaulted. She thought that Jack would consider Tomas to be a hero. Tomas wondered if Blair still wanted to keep their date, promising her that he'd understand if she cancelled to stay home with Jack.

Just then, Starr walked in. Blair advised Tomas that there were plenty of people at home to watch over Jack, and she'd see him later. Tomas left, and Starr was curious about her mother having a date with Tomas. Blair shrugged it off and stated that she merely wanted to get to know Tomas better. Blair asked about the girl who had spent the night at La Boulaie. Starr noted that the girl wasn't a problem and had already left town.

Rama found Cristian working at the club and told him that they'd been slandered on the Access Llanview television show. Everyone in Llanview was probably thinking they were an item. Rama was dressed in a very low-cut dress, and she flirted shamelessly with Cristian. He told her to ignore the news, but Rama was worried that her imprisoned husband might have heard about it. Cristian assured her that there was nothing to worry about, and she should probably forget about it.

Rama declared that she wanted Cristian to fix her one of his special "Delhi belly drinks for medicinal purposes," even though the bar wasn't open. Cristian was hesitant and advised her that he didn't think she should drink if she were pregnant. Rama wondered where he'd heard such news, and Cristian explained that he'd heard Vimal state that Rama was in a "delicate condition" when they'd been at the prison. Cristian had received clarification of the statement from a friend of his. Rama sighed. She'd told Vimal she was pregnant, but she wasn't.

Cristian made the drink and asked Rama why she'd lied to Vimal. She justified her action, stating that her husband had been despondent, and she'd just wanted to make him feel better. She assumed that Cristian considered her to be a terrible person. Cristian surprised her and explained that he understood that she had only been trying to give her husband some hope. He pointed out that Vimal would realize at some point that Rama wasn't pregnant. Rama admitted that she hadn't thought about it, but she appreciated Cristian's understanding.

Rama announced that she had to return to the Buchanan place to hang out with Nigel. They had become friends after watching the television gossip show together. Cristian offered to speak to Phyllis Rose and set the record straight regarding his relationship with Rama. Rama declined. She thought that it would look like they were hiding something. She sashayed out of the club.

At the hospital, Rex apologized to Shane for telling Jack about Shane's suicide attempt. Shane was upset, but they were interrupted when Brody showed up. Brody revealed that he wanted to speak to Rex about a complaint that Jack Manning had filed that accused Rex of hiring "muscle" to attack Jack. Brody was suspicious of the complaint, and he wanted to hear Rex's side of the story. "Manning had it coming," Shane muttered, but Brody didn't think whatever had happened had warranted what Rex was accused of doing. Shane gave his father the go-ahead to tell Brody about the bullying, especially because Shane had once thought Brody had been his father.

Rex filled Brody in on all of Jack's activities regarding the bullying, and Brody was horrified. He was sorry for all that had happened, and he wondered if things were okay. Shane admitted that he'd been doing better with his parents aware of everything, and Brody expressed sorrow that he hadn't been able to help. Shane decided to make a trip to the vending machine, but he assured Rex that it would be all right to tell Brody everything.

After hearing all of the details, Brody agreed that he understood why Rex had arranged for Jack to be assaulted. Rex insisted that he hadn't been the one to arrange it, but he had assumed that Clint had done it. Rex didn't have any proof though. Brody believed that it was definitely possible. Brody admitted that Jack had also accused Rex of assault, and Rex was irritated. After all that Jack had put Shane through, Rex had been forced to defend himself. He had approached Jack, Rex admitted, but Rex hadn't hurt Jack.

Brody had a statement for Rex to sign, and he assured Rex that Jack would have to "go public" and disclose all of the details if Jack wanted to pursue things. Brody didn't think that Jack would do that. Rex revealed that it would be a long time before Shane was better. He advised Brody that Liam was a lucky boy to have a father like Brody. Apologizing for the reason for his visit to Rex, Brody noted that Natalie was a great mom, and Liam kept them both busy so that he and Natalie didn't have time to think about what they'd both lost. Shane returned with Brody's favorite candy. "Hang in there, Shane. Sooner or later, bullies get what's coming to them," Brody advised the teen.

John visited Dr. Buhari's office. He told the doctor that he'd been concerned with Marty's strange behavior, and he had questions for the doctor. The doctor recalled her session with Marty, and how Marty had revealed that she had doctored Natalie's paternity test and broken up Natalie and John. The doctor was happy to see John, who explained that he believed that Marty had been released from St. Ann's too early, even though he had been the one to vouch for Marty. He thought she'd been "backsliding" recently.

The doctor admitted that she had some concerns after having a session with Marty, because Marty had spoken about John, Natalie, and the baby. John was flustered, and he demanded to know exactly what Marty had been saying. The doctor stated that John would be shocked.

Out in the hallway, Marty found Natalie and Liam, and Natalie quickly warned Marty to stay away from her son. Natalie mentioned that Marty had tried to steal Liam in the past, but Marty assured Natalie that she was feeling better. "How much is the question," Natalie retorted. She wondered why Marty was still carrying around the results of the paternity test. Cristian had told Natalie about it, Natalie added. Marty started to say that she'd been carrying it around to remind herself of what she'd been capable of, but Natalie finished the sentence before Marty did. Natalie declared that she didn't believe Marty.

Marty affirmed that she'd gotten rid of the paper, and she didn't have to explain herself. Natalie was highly doubtful, and suddenly, she grabbed Marty's purse away from Marty. Natalie emptied the contents of the purse and found what she was looking for. Marty was still carrying around the results of Natalie's paternity test. Marty demanded that Natalie return it, but Natalie refused. She couldn't understand why Marty would want to keep it, because everything had already been exposed. Marty had won, and John would never return, Natalie added.

Marty again demanded that Natalie return the paper. Natalie was confused, and she thought that she must have been missing something. Natalie taunted Marty about the paper, and Marty insisted that she wanted it back in order to shred it in her office. Natalie argued that she would toss it out herself, and she began to rip up the test results. Marty began to laugh.

Gigi stood in Dr. Buhari's waiting room, after allowing John to see the doctor first. Gigi eyed Shane's session tape that was sitting on top of a pile on the receptionist's desk and explained that she needed Shane's backpack. The receptionist refused to disturb the doctor, but Gigi pleaded that her son's inhaler was in the backpack. The receptionist finally gave in, and as she knocked on the doctor's door, Gigi swiped the mislabeled tape that she believed was Shane's. Gigi told herself that she was scared and worried for Shane, so she was within her rights to take the tape.

The receptionist handed Gigi the backpack and stopped her from leaving. Gigi thought she'd been caught taking the tape, but the receptionist reminded Gigi that they had to make another appointment for Shane.

John and the doctor were annoyed when they were interrupted, but after the receptionist retrieved Shane's backpack, John was anxious to get back to the conversation. The doctor rethought her position, and she advised John that she had "overstepped." She couldn't share any specifics of her conversation with Marty, because that had been confidential. John exclaimed that Marty had threatened a friend of his, but the doctor was certain that Marty wouldn't harm anyone physically. John stated that Marty was "delusional," and she believed that she had a chance with John.

Marty had threatened to break Kelly and John up the way she had broken up John and Natalie, John stated. Marty hadn't broken them up, though, he explained to Dr. Buhari. He wanted the doctor to give him the information, because he refused to be manipulated by anyone again. The doctor refused, and John apologized for taking things personally. He felt like he'd lost everything, and he couldn't be hurt again. He also didn't want the people he cared about to be hurt. He had nothing to lose. The doctor urged him to follow his instincts as a detective if he had a bad feeling.

Dr. Buhari reiterated that Marty would not kidnap or physically harm anyone. The doctor was helping her patient to make progress, but she didn't want John to stop trying. She was certain that he'd learn the truth some day. An angry John stormed out of the doctor's office. He thought about the doctor's statement that Marty wouldn't physically cause harm to anyone. The doctor asked her receptionist for the tape of the session with Marty, but Dr. Buhari discovered that the tape was marked incorrectly. It appeared that the labels for Marty and Shane had been switched accidentally.

Brody found Marty and Natalie together, and he wondered what was going on. Natalie suggested that he "ask the crazy lady." Marty thought that the couple looked happy about their beautiful son. She left the couple alone. Brody offered to watch his son while Natalie visited with Clint. "You're getting really good at knowing what I need and when I need it," Natalie advised Brody.

John ran into Marty at the elevator. He asked her out to dinner, citing the fact that he'd decided to get out of his date with Kelly, because he preferred to be with Marty. A happy Marty got on the elevator and promised to see John later.

Gigi met up with Rex and Shane, and she handed Shane his backpack after she removed the stolen tape. Rex disclosed that he'd had a talk with Shane about trust. Shane advised his mother that he didn't want her to have the details of his conversation with the doctor. Gigi promised not to spy.

Deanna wanted James to know the truth about their breakup. James advised her that he didn't care, and he'd already moved on. Deanna disclosed that James's father had forced her to break up with James.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Capricorn, Starr told Blair that James's ex, "down-on-her-luck Deanna," had arrived in Llanview. When Blair noted that Deanna had dumped James, Starr claimed that Deanna would no longer be a problem, because she would soon be "done and gone Deanna." Blair suspected that James had told Deanna to take a hike, because he was already spoken for. However, Starr related that Deanna had sworn that she was not in town to get back together with James.

Starr admitted that she had felt insecure when she had first learned that James's ex was in town, especially when she had heard that Deanna was staying with James. Starr insisted that she trusted James, although she did not trust Deanna. Starr felt that she should not be paranoid, because she realized that Deanna had not had a place to live, and that she had held no money. But Starr then revealed that she had offered for Deanna to stay with her at La Boulaie.

Blair said that Starr should listen to her instincts, and that there were only two reasons why a woman would return to her ex: she was either desperate, or she wanted him back. Starr revealed that Deanna was leaving and would be out of her hair. Still, Starr questioned why Deanna had ripped James's heart out of his chest and had then stomped all over it. When Blair advised that Starr talk to James for the answers, Starr exclaimed that she would not make the insecure move of running to James. Starr decided to visit her father in the hospital, so that James and Deanna could say their goodbyes in peace.

At the Fords' apartment, when James insisted that he had moved on, Deanna declared that James needed to know that his dad had forced Deanna to dump James. When James demanded to know why she had not returned throughout the prior year, Deanna realized that James needed answers to his questions.

A year earlier, at Ford's Body Shop in Dayton, James remembered that Deanna had arrived and had given him a kiss. James had insisted that he would get out of his life at the body shop, and that he would take her with him, when he left. Eddie had strolled in and had called Deanna a Nubian princess in Jungle Fever. Eddie had also snapped a rag at them.

When James had threatened his dad, Eddie had punched him. Deanna had then threatened Eddie and had pointed out that James had stood up for himself. Eddie had warned Deanna that James belonged to him, and that he had found another way for Deanna to occupy her time.

After James asked Deanna if his dad had hurt her, Deanna explained that she had jerked away from Eddie. Then Eddie had claimed that he had found out something about Deanna's mother, who had given Deanna up as a baby. When he heard this, James realized that Deanna had needed to break up with him to get the information from his father.

Deanna exclaimed that Child Welfare had lost the file on her mom, but somehow Eddie had managed to get the information. Eddie had then convinced Deanna that her mother might be in trouble, and might need her, so Deanna had needed to find her. Eddie had reminded Deanna that there would be other boys, but that she only had one mother.

Deanna remembered that she had then dumped James and had blamed it on him. Deanna reflected that she had yelled that James had promised to leave his dad in the past but never had. Deanna had declared that she no longer loved James, and that she wanted more out of her life. When James had stormed out of the body shop, Eddie had cheered and laughed.

Eddie had handed Deanna his attorney's card and wished Deanna luck on finding the mother, who had never wanted her. Deanna had needed to return to the body shop, after Eddie's lawyer had expected Deanna to pay $20,000 for the information. When Deanna had screamed that Eddie had tricked her, Eddie yelled that James had robbed him. Eddie proclaimed, "Let me tell you this...when they do find him, there will not be enough left of him for you to love."

James apologized for what his father had done to Deanna and asked why she had never told him. Deanna feared that James would not understand due to what had happened with his mother. Deanna claimed that once she received the information from the attorney, she had intended to locate James, however, James had left by that time. Deanna had finally gotten the guts to search for James on MyFace, and she feared that she had ruined things for them. Deanna claimed that she still loved James, and that she had never stopped.

In the hospital, Aubrey insisted that Joey get some rest, but Joey refused. Joey explained that he needed to stay with his dad, because his mom was missing in action, Kevin and Cord were in London on Buchanan Enterprise business, and Natalie was with Liam. Joey realized that left Tess, and he did not want her to show up. Cutter looked on, as Aubrey claimed that she always wanted to be at Joey's side. Natalie arrived and hugged Joey, and they went in to see Clint.

Cutter sneered and jeered that it was good that Aubrey was there to comfort Joey "24/7." Aubrey stressed that she did not have time to fluff Cutter's ego, while Clint was in the hospital. Cutter then announced that Kelly had learned the truth about the two of them.

Aubrey believed that Kelly would have gone to Joey with the information, but Cutter revealed that Kelly had claimed to have a change of heart. When Cutter told Aubrey that Kelly would stay out of the way, he added, "To hear her tell it, we're gonna self-destruct, before we see one red cent." Kelly had believed that Aubrey's feelings for Joey would get in the way. Cutter then asked Aubrey to deny that she had feelings for Joey.

In Clint's room, Joey informed Natalie that Clint was stable, and that he would be receiving more tests. Natalie explained that Brody had taken the afternoon off to stay with Liam and then asked about Viki. When Joey indicated that he had not seen Viki, Natalie thought that maybe Viki was confronting Tess about the custody case.

Natalie stated that she had gone to the Fords' apartment because she had wanted to jump on Tess for leaking the photo to Access Llanview, but that Tess had not been there. Natalie had then returned home and had found Tess there. When Joey questioned if Tess had been with their mother, Natalie said, "Sort of."

Natalie explained that Tess had been roughing up their mom, so Viki had been channeling Niki Smith. Natalie had noticed that Viki was dressed as Niki, and that her mother had tried to talk to Tess as Niki. When Joey wondered if their mom had been pretending, they realized that neither had seen Viki since. Natalie insisted that Tess had been the one that had called Viki out on pretending to be Niki, and Joey feared that Tess had only wanted something from Niki -- Ryder.

Natalie hoped that Viki was still Viki, but Joey reminded her that Viki had just lost Charlie to Echo, Jessica to Tess, and was afraid of losing Ryder also. Natalie realized that if Viki were Niki, she would be at Ryder's custody hearing. Joey and Natalie ran out of Clint's room, and Joey told Aubrey that he needed to leave. Aubrey said that she would stay with Clint. As they rushed to the elevator, Joey prayed that they were wrong, and Natalie prayed that they were not too late.

When Cutter indicated that he and Aubrey should just cut their losses, Aubrey pointed out that Rama was a non-issue, that Cutter was dealing with Tess, and that Kelly would always be a threat, no matter what she claimed. Cutter wondered about Clint and declared that they could push Clint over the threshold of death's door. Cutter observed that Joey would receive his inheritance that much quicker, but Aubrey refused to let Cutter kill Clint. Cutter decided to do it himself, and to pin it on someone else.

In the courtroom, Tess slobbered over a red sports car in a magazine, while Ford claimed that his only concern was to get custody of Ryder. As Tess smiled, Ford wished that he felt as confident as Tess in her secret weapon. When Ford asked to know what the secret weapon was, Tess felt that what Ford did not know, he could not screw up. Tess insisted that Bobby just keep his mouth shut, and to let "her" do her job. Bobby realized that Tess's secret weapon was a lady, and Tess indicated that she would call her.

After Ford left the room to call his mom about Ryder, Tess left a message and reminded Niki that they had a deal, and that if Niki messed up, Tess would make sure that she would lose her freedom. Bobby returned to the courtroom and heard Tess speak to Niki. Tess insisted that she had left a message for Viki, but Ford did not believe her. Tess then admitted that the message was for Niki, who was back.

Tess explained that she had visited "the Vikster" at Llanfair, and that they had exchanged some heated words. Tess announced that Niki did not want Ryder and would testify to the judge that Ryder belonged with Tess and Ford. Tess insisted that Niki owed her and would "come through for" her, or that Tess would out Niki.

Even if Niki did not arrive, Tess recognized that a judge would not give Ryder to a woman who would not even show up for court. Ford declared that they needed Niki, just as Joey and Natalie walked into the courtroom. Joey demanded that Tess admit that Niki Smith was back.

In Echo's hotel room, Echo yelled for Charlie that she was back and carried in the take-out from the Swollen Sow. Niki ran out of the bathroom and asked if Echo had ever seen an alter before. Niki then grabbed the food out of the bag and declared, "All right, I'll spell it for you. You take the V and replace it with an N. Got it?" Echo realized that Viki was Niki Smith.

Echo asked why Niki was in her hotel room, and Niki indicated that she might be there for revenge. "What do you think, huh? You know, Echo, the only reason I exist is to protect Miss V from pain, and you caused her a lot of pain, didn't you?" When Echo picked up the phone to call Charlie, Niki informed her that the consequences would be consequential.

After Echo stated that she would take her chances, Niki said that there were a couple of reasons that Echo should keep quiet. Niki said that number one, Charlie would return to Viki, which would leave Echo all alone, and that number two was even worse. However, Echo refused to keep it from Charlie. Niki then held up and played the tape, which contained Echo's confession that she had known all along that Clint was Rex's father.

Niki revealed that Clint had taped Echo's confession, and Echo tried to grab the tape from Niki. Echo and Niki wrestled on the bed, and the tape flew onto the couch. Niki grabbed the tape from the couch cushions, as Echo lifted up a lamp to hit her. Charlie knocked on the door and called out Echo's name.

After Niki slipped into the closet, Echo let Charlie in and claimed that she had been spring cleaning. Echo requested that Charlie wash up for dinner. Once Charlie walked into the bathroom, Niki grabbed the food and ran out of the room. After Charlie returned to the room, Echo revealed that she had something that she needed to tell Charlie about his wife, as Niki listened at the door.

Echo indicated to Charlie that Viki had been there. "We had a big fight. She said horrible things to me, and then she made threats. She said that she was going to ruin my life." Charlie sadly said, "That doesn't sound like Viki at all," and Echo agreed that he was right. Charlie remarked, "But then I did hurt her pretty bad. Maybe she was just lashing out." Worried, Echo asked, "Charlie, am I going to lose you?" Charlie cried, "No, no, no, no, no. No, nothing is going to take me away from you. Nothing and no one." Charlie hugged Echo.

Niki turned away from the door and declared, "Don't be too sure, Chucky." When her cell phone rang, Niki shrieked, "Ahh, keep your pants on, Tess. I'm on my way." Niki held up her arms and cheered, "I got a date with freedom." Niki tossed the food in the trash, as she walked away.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Viki awakened and looked around. She saw lots of covered up furniture, long hallways and high metal fencing. She heard some laughter. "Oh no," she uttered over and over. She began to run through the hallways. "You have to let me out now," Viki demanded. She had thought she had Niki under control, and she wondered how Niki had gotten out. Viki began to shout that Niki owed Jessica "big time," and Viki had to show up at the custody hearing. Suddenly, Viki spotted Jean who was holding an array of keys. Viki was happy to see her "gatekeeper," and she urged Jean to open the gate. Viki explained the situation, and the fact that it was urgent.

"No Victoria, I can't do that," Jean replied. Viki complained that Niki was laughing at them, and Viki was aware that it was her own fault. She didn't want her children to suffer because of her. Jean agreed with Viki, but she disclosed that it wasn't that she wouldn't let Viki out, she was unable to. She didn't have the key because Viki had given it to Niki.

Joey and Natalie confronted Tess and Ford in the courtroom. "Niki Smith is back," Joey declared, and he knew that Tess was lying when she denied it. Tess explained that Viki had only been pretending to be Niki in order to try to get Jessica to emerge. Joey stated that he was well aware of the fact that Niki and Tess were in cahoots to fix the custody case. Tess continued to deny everything, but Joey and Natalie both pointed out that Viki hadn't shown up for the hearing, and she would never have missed it. Tess was certain that Viki would be there. Angrily, Joey grabbed Tess's arm, but Ford stepped in. "Get your hands off my wife," he yelled.

Joey reminded Ford that Tess wasn't a wife or even a real person. He pointed out that Ford's marriage was a sham, all for the sake of obtaining Ryder's trust fund. Ford retorted that the only reason Aubrey had married Joey was because he was a Buchanan. He recalled all of the "rich jackasses" that Aubrey had thrown herself at during the Venice Film Festival, until she'd finally settled on Joey. The men began to scuffle, and the women began to argue.

Niki popped into the ladies' room in the courthouse in order to change into more appropriate clothing for her appearance as Viki. She looked at the outfit, nabbed from Viki's closet, in dismay. She thought that it proved that Viki still hated herself. Niki was annoyed that she had agreed to show up in court, and she was only doing Tess a favor. Niki planned on leaving for Las Vegas or Monte Carlo afterwards. Maybe even Atlantic City, Niki added as she looked at herself in a mirror. "Okay. Showtime," she sang out as she finished dressing.

Niki walked into the courtroom in the midst of the altercation. She called out for the "children" to stop in her best Viki voice, and asked what was going on. "Is it really you?" Natalie asked Niki. No matter what Niki said, Joey and Natalie refused to believe that it was Viki, and they did their best to challenge her. Niki (as Viki) insisted that she'd been totally integrated, and their disbelief was ridiculous. "We don't believe you," Joey declared. He looked at his mother and began to call out to Viki. He told her they were there, and that everything would be okay. Niki didn't waiver from her assertion.

Finally, Niki walked away and made a face at Tess, as if she were gagging. "This is your secret weapon?" Ford asked his wife as he watched the scene resignedly. Just then the lawyer showed up and announced that a new judge had been put on the case due to a family emergency that the original judge had encountered. He ordered Tess and Ford to keep things simple and loving. Niki suggested that Joey and Natalie leave to stay with Clint, because she was worried about him. Natalie wondered where Viki's attorney Nora could be, and Niki advised her that Nora had been removed due to a conflict.

Natalie offered to phone Téa, but Niki quickly stated that she'd spoken to Téa also and Téa was spending time with Todd. She didn't need a lawyer anyway, Niki announced. The judge would only be there to hand down a decision. The judge arrived and advised that court that she was familiar with the case. She asked for Nora's whereabouts. Niki proclaimed that Nora had a previous engagement, but Niki would be representing herself. The judge asked for Mr. Banks next, and Niki declared him "indisposed." The judge was confused, because she'd expected Charlie to be present.

Niki laughed. Charlie had shown his "true colors," she advised the judge. "Charlie Banks is a lousy cheater, and I am lucky to finally be rid of him," Niki added. Niki ordered the judge to stop calling her Mrs. Banks and then announced that she was removing herself from the custody suit, because she was unable to take care of her grandchild. The kid belonged with his parents, Niki concluded. Tess leaned over and whispered in Ford's ear. "Told you not to worry," Tess said. The judge was shocked.

Jean looked at the courtroom proceedings in a mirror and pronounced that while Viki's kids were suspicious, Niki still had control. Jean was unable to summon Niki back. Viki insisted that she would never have let Niki out in the first place, but Jean assured Viki that she had. Viki had been in a weakened state due to all of her misfortune and family issues. Even one of the problems would have been enough to push Viki over the edge, but there had been too many for Viki to handle, Jean continued. Viki was aware that her family needed her, and she hadn't chosen to hide. "And yet you did," Jean said.

Viki looked up at the tall metal enclosure surrounding her. "There's got to be a way out of here," she said. "You can't walk away from the truth. And you won't find a way out that way," Jean replied. "Watch me. Niki Smith will not help Tess get that baby. Never!" Viki stated emphatically. "You chose to hide," Jean explained. Jean understood why, but court was in session, and it could be too late for Viki to help.

Viki begged Jean to make Niki stop, because it would be awful for Tess to retain custody of Ryder. Viki wanted Jean to do something. Jean repeated that she didn't have a key, as Viki continued to search for a way out. Viki had an idea to get to Joey and Natalie, and she called out to them in the mirror as she looked at the court proceedings. Viki yelled that it wasn't her in the courtroom.

Joey and Natalie knew for certain that it wasn't Viki they were observing. Tess and Ford's attorney wanted the hearing adjourned. The judge questioned Niki again just to make certain that she'd heard correctly. Joey stood up. "It's not my mother," he advised the judge. He and Natalie did their best to explain that they had been watching another of his mother's personalities, because Viki had suffered from dissociative identity disorder, as did Jessica. Viki had been under stress. Niki declared that it wasn't true, and Tess stated that her brother and sister were both jealous, because Viki liked Jessica the best.

Joey continued that Niki and Tess were only involved in Ryder's custody case in order to gain access to the infant's trust fund. The judge looked at Niki. "Who are you?" the judge asked. "You got me judge. I'm Niki Smith," Niki responded. Niki added that she hated kids, was a lousy mother and wanted a drink. Niki thought that the judge would be "nuts" to give her the kid. Niki continued that Viki wasn't a good choice for custody either, and she pointed to her children and recited their problems.

Niki noted that Joey was around 12 years old and had already been married three times, Tess was a "looney tunes" and Natalie was Miss Hot to Trot. Niki expounded on Natalie's situation. "What a bunch," Niki commented. Suddenly, Niki heard the sound of jangling keys, and she began to feel faint.

Viki hoped that she had saved the day. Jean agreed that Niki had been "outted," but the bad news was that Viki was still trapped. Viki decided that it was time to take charge. She ordered Jean to take action, if it were indeed Viki's choice to make.

Tess couldn't believe it. It appeared that Viki might be returning. Niki shrugged it off and advised everyone that she was okay. Suddenly, she looked around. Zoning in on the judge's glasses, Niki picked them up and put them on. "Not her," Tess complained. "Rest assured Niki Smith has left the building," Jean pronounced. She wanted Niki's statements to be disregarded. The lawyer reminded everyone that Viki had given up the custody case, and she wondered who the new personality was.

Jean explained that the baby would be safe with her, even though she didn't care for children either. Joey acknowledged that his mother was still not there. Jean continued to explain all of the things that she could provide for a child, but the judge didn't hear the most important item of all. She asked Jean about love, and if Jean would be able to provide it. Jean was certain that she'd be able to find the information in a book.

Viki was thrilled. Niki had appeared in Jean's place. Niki was angry though. She'd been having fun, and she demanded that Jean return. Viki announced that Jean was gone, because it was her turn to clean up the mess that Niki had created. Niki laughed. She thought that Viki could say goodbye to Ryder. Viki continued to search for a way out, and she asked Niki for the key. Niki replied that she didn't have possession of it, and she had "busted out on my own." Viki insisted that she had indeed given the key to Niki, but it was time to switch places.

Niki refused and advised Viki that she'd be out again after Jean messed up anyway. Niki only wanted to have a good time. Viki declared that Niki couldn't steal the rest of Viki's life, but Niki taunted her. "Catch me if you can," Niki chanted as she ran away from Viki.

Jean continued to recite technical information and statistics to the court as if she were reading an encyclopedia. "Our mother needs help," Natalie declared as she watched and listened. Joey thought that they should attempt to get Viki to the hospital, and he spoke up. Suddenly everyone was yelling and talking at once. Out of the blue, Jean fell to the ground. She was unconscious. Joey and Natalie made an attempt to rouse Jean, and they called out mom, Jean and Niki to no avail. Jean had a weak pulse, but she was breathing. Joey yelled that they needed a doctor.

Viki continued to chase Niki around the furniture and through the hallways. Suddenly, she fainted. Jean returned and blamed the mishap on Niki. "What did I do?" Niki asked. The two women blamed each other for killing Viki. Niki explained that Viki had "freaked out" over the key, and they had argued. Niki thought that Jean had sounded like a robot in the courtroom. Jean believed that Niki should have never emerged, but Niki reminded her that Niki was the one who had the key. It was only because Tess had provoked Viki, Jean pointed out.

Niki noted that she would have never refused a chance to show herself. While Niki had the key, she wasn't the only one, Jean revealed. Niki started to fumble with the lock, but Jean stopped her. Their "hostess" was lying unconscious, and if Niki left, she would find herself in the same condition. "Without her we are nothing," Jean proclaimed.

The judge ordered the bailiff to summon an ambulance, and she called for a recess. Ford asked Tess if the situation was something that had happened in the past, and Tess replied, "How should I know?" She dragged him out of the courtroom so that they could have a chat, and they ended up in the ladies' room. Ford was alarmed over the situation, as Tess declared that Jean had "short circuited." "We were so close," Ford lamented. "There's no way the judge is gonna give that three ring circus custody of Ryder," Tess pointed out. She assured Ford that they had won the case.

The couple was excited, and they wrapped their arms around each other. Awkwardly, Tess pulled away. She reapplied her lipstick, and Ford reached for his handkerchief to blot it for her. He hesitated and handed Tess the handkerchief instead. Their moment was over.

As Niki and Jean stood over her, Viki finally opened her eyes. She'd had a "weak moment," Viki assured her alters. She'd had a loss of a marriage, Tess had returned, Clint had done some awful things and Natalie was floundering. She was human and she'd faltered. Despite all that had happened previously, with her mother dying too soon and her father's betrayal, Viki had only grown stronger, even though she shared some aspects of her other personalities. "I have survived and I will continue to survive. And I will walk through Hellfire if my children need me," Viki said to the two women.

Viki called out to her children that she would return, and no one else would take her place. She was better than Niki and Jean, and she was a "whole person" who deserved to be with her loved ones. She had no more time to hide. "I have only my one life and I intend to keep living it. Now," Viki concluded. Niki began to scream. "It's for the best Nicole. Everything is now as it should be," Jean said calmly.

Inside the courtroom, Natalie and Joey continued to try to wake up their mother. They promised to stand by her, and they stated that Jessica needed her too. Viki wasn't alone, they loved her and they didn't want her to leave. As the emergency medical team rushed in, Viki suddenly opened her eyes. "Hello darling," she said to Natalie. "Mom, is it really you?" Joey asked. Viki assured her children that she was indeed Viki.

As the episode concluded, a collage of Erika Slezak through her 40 years on the soap was displayed.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the carriage house, Rex confided to Gigi that Jack had complained to the cops that he had been beaten, and that Rex had been the one to hire the thugs. Gigi laughed bitterly. She couldn't believe that Jack would file a report after what he'd done to Shane. She thought that she would have to thank Clint when he was feeling better, for arranging the assault on Jack. She only hoped that Rex wouldn't get into trouble for something that he didn't do. Rex explained that Brody had assumed that Clint was behind it when Brody had stopped to see Rex at the hospital.

Rex revealed that he was having a recurring nightmare about Shane falling off of the roof, and he would always do anything to protect his son. He was fine if everyone thought it was Clint who had hired the muggers, but Rex had actually hired them, Rex admitted. They had been procured only to scare Jack, not beat him up. Rex was sorry for keeping it from Gigi, but he had been feeling angry and helpless. Gigi admitted that she had done something even worse. She had walked off with the tape of Shane's session with Dr. Buhari. She held up the tape for Rex to see.

Gigi explained that she hadn't meant to do it, but she'd returned to the doctor's office to pick up Shane's backpack, and the tape had been sitting on the receptionist's desk. It had Shane's name on it. "I kind of took it," Gigi said. She admitted that she'd been wrong, but she was too upset about her son trying to kill himself. She was worried that he might still be considering it, and she had a need and concern to hear what Shane had said to the doctor. She began to name all of the ways that there were for Shane to commit suicide, and she grew panicked.

Gigi continued to rage about the doctor, and the fact that they didn't know her. Gigi didn't want to make another mistake. She didn't want to ignore Shane when there might be a way for her to help her son. Gigi barely breathed as she ranted on and on. Suddenly, she stopped. They had agreed not to betray their son's trust, so she would return the tape, she said. Rex agreed that they had to respect their son's privacy, however, their snooping was related to suicide. Gigi and Rex began to reconsider. Maybe they should listen to the tape after all, they thought.

Aubrey walked into Clint's hospital room and found Cutter holding a pillow in the air by the head of the bed and over an unconscious Clint. "What are you doing?" she called out, assuming the worst. Cutter advised her that he had planned to place it under Clint's head, and he reminded her that he was a thief, not a killer. He accused her of still "playing house" with Joey, and Cutter believed that she wanted to make that situation permanent. Cutter thought it would be okay, but he wanted her to tell him if that was what she had decided. Aubrey denied that was the case, and she reminded him that they'd put in a lot of work on their latest scam.

Dorian stepped off of the hospital elevator and was greeted by a nurse who called Dorian a hero. The nurse pointed out how quickly Dorian had acted in obtaining an ambulance for Clint. Dorian headed to Clint's room and found Aubrey and Cutter together. Dorian wondered why Aubrey wasn't with her husband, and Aubrey explained that Joey was in court for the custody hearing. Dorian thought that Aubrey should have been with the man she loved. "Oh, you are," Dorian added sarcastically. She continued to berate Aubrey and Cutter, calling them "cheap con-artists" who were "trying to bleed Joey dry."

Cutter assumed that Dorian had been talking to Kelly, but he agreed that Aubrey should be in court. He walked her out. "Don't ruin this for us," Aubrey advised him. He was surprised to hear that she was worried, after her recent lack of enthusiasm for their project. Aubrey stated that she was always concerned about it. "Prove it," he hissed. He returned to Clint's room and threatened Dorian. He knew she wouldn't tell anyone about what she knew, because he had something that she wanted.

Cutter leaned over to kiss her, but Dorian pulled away hastily. He reminded her that she'd enjoyed it in the past, but Dorian advised him that she had only used him in order to get over David, who had been kidnapped. She pointed to Clint and named him as the perpetrator. Dorian added that she and David were married, and she was very happy. She made sure to lean over and yell it into Clint's ear, as she held up her hand to show her wedding band.

"Don't you try any of your male stripper pole tricks on me. Don't you dare," Dorian yelled at Cutter. She decided that she'd better make her way to the courthouse, but Cutter barred her way to the door. "Dorian!" Clint yelled, stopping both Dorian and Cutter in their tracks. "Clint, you're awake," Dorian said sweetly. "Looks like it," Clint growled.

"Well, thank heaven. We were all so worried about you," Dorian continued. She ordered Cutter to look for a doctor, and she walked over to Clint's bed. Clint reminded Dorian that she'd left him on the floor to die, while Dorian disagreed. She'd helped him to survive, and she'd been called a hero. "You tried to murder me Dorian," Clint said.

Dorian thought that Clint was a little confused, but Clint recalled that she'd refused to help him until she had the proof that Echo had known all along that Clint was Rex's father. Dorian revealed that she'd given the recording to Viki, who had probably played it for Charlie already, and Charlie would be breaking things off with Echo. "We did a wonderful thing," Dorian said. Clint was adamant that Dorian almost killed him.

Out in the hallway, Cutter stopped a nurse to inquire about Clint's condition. The nurse mentioned what a hero Dorian had been, because Dorian had found Clint and acquired him help.

Cutter headed back to Clint's room, but he stopped short at the door. He overheard Dorian and Clint arguing. Dorian told Clint to "stop whining," but Clint reiterated that Dorian had "withheld treatment." Clint declared that he planned to get back at Dorian for leaving him to die. "Gotcha," Cutter muttered.

The doctor arrived to check on Clint, and Dorian found Cutter waiting out in the hallway. She had nothing to say to him, but preferred to talk to Joey, Dorian declared. Cutter thought otherwise. "Then I tell the world how you withheld medical treatment from Clint Buchanan long enough to kill him," Cutter threatened. He wanted her to allow him and Aubrey to live happily ever after.

Sitting in court, a tired and drawn-looking Viki recalled that she'd had an argument with Tess that had resulted in Niki's appearance. Viki hoped that she hadn't ruined the custody hearing. Natalie had presumed that Tess had been the one to blame, but Viki quickly absolved Tess from guilt. Viki explained that she had lost control, and it had been Viki's own responsibility. Viki should have realized that her other family members would have been there for her, to help her through some tough times. The judge was summoned, and she arrived instantly, ready to deliver her ruling. The judge turned down Joey's request that he be able to take his mother home.

The judge announced that her decision was in the best interest of Ryder, and while she originally had believed that Viki would be the best custodian, she was concerned after the display that had been witnessed in the courtroom. The judge was denying Viki's appeal. Tess let out a whoop, and she and Ford hugged each other enthusiastically. Tess pulled away quickly, just as she had done during the couple's previous display of affection. Natalie quietly tried to reassure Viki, who blamed herself for the result. Aubrey sneaked in and took a seat beside Joey.

Tess laughed and suggested that Viki call the attorney to arrange visitation. An excited Ford wanted to call his mother, and the couple prepared to leave the courtroom. The judge called out to stop them. They would not be receiving custody of Ryder either, the judge announced. She had concerns about Tess, who suffered from the same illness as her mother. "I'm not sick," Ford called out. He clarified that he was the child's father. The judge expressed her opinion that Ford and Tess's marriage was a fraud in order to collect Ryder's trust fund, and it was not a stable marriage.

The judge had reached her decision. Ryder's care was to be turned over to the Commonwealth. "No," Viki shouted. She begged the judge to reconsider. Natalie stood and offered to take the baby, but Tess shouted that not only did Natalie live at home with Viki, but she'd had a baby with Jessica's fiancé. The judge immediately advised Natalie that she could not be considered as long as Viki were around. Suddenly, Aubrey jumped up. "What about us?" she asked. She and Joey were newlyweds, but they were happily married.

Joey confirmed Aubrey's comment, but Tess recalled the scene in the steam room when she'd witnessed the kiss between Aubrey and Cutter. "What is she talking about?" Tess questioned. Ford ordered Tess to speak up if there might be something that she wanted to share. Aubrey ordered Tess to stop making up lies, because Tess would not get near Ryder's trust fund. Aubrey thought that Tess should "face reality" and "make the most of it." Aubrey and Joey would be taking care of Ryder if the judge agreed.

The judge thought briefly and then awarded custody of Ryder to Joey and Aubrey. Natalie and Viki were ecstatic. "It was a lucky day when you joined the family," Viki happily informed Aubrey. Nearby, Ford spoke quietly to Tess. He was aware that Tess knew something, and she could have stopped things. He demanded that she tell him what she knew. "Nothing," Tess murmured. "This marriage is over," Ford roared as he stormed out. Tess called to him and quickly followed him out.

Joey thought it would be great practice for when he had his own children, and Aubrey advised Viki and Natalie that she would probably be calling them for advice often.

John arrived home and found Kelly there. Unfortunately, he scared her when he walked in, and she dropped eggs all over the floor. She admitted that she'd swiped a key, and she'd planned on getting an early start on their dinner. John had some bad news, and he disclosed that he'd have to cancel their evening together. He had decided to meet Marty for dinner instead. Kelly wondered if John were really using Kelly to hurt Natalie, or if he intended to get back together with Marty after all. John shook his head. He had spoken to the doctor about Marty. "There's something not right about Marty and I need to find out what it is before she hurts somebody," John replied.

The couple began to clean up the eggs from the floor, as John continued. The doctor hadn't said anything specific, but he had been able to tell that something was wrong. He had learned that Marty was still focused on Natalie and the baby, and the doctor had also suggested that he follow his instincts if he continued to be concerned. John believed that the doctor had been urging him to continue his investigation, so he wanted to talk to Marty when "her guard is down." Kelly joked that Marty would talk when she was lost in John's "baby blues." John laughed.

Kelly admitted that she understood, and she'd used her own "powers of attraction to extract information." She just didn't want to hear from Marty that Marty and John were getting back together. John replied that it would never happen, and Kelly announced that she would never get back together with Joey. The couple shared a kiss, and John promised to make it up to Kelly later in the evening.

Kelly admitted that she was also confused about Marty claiming to have broken up Natalie and John, and Marty had been referring to the DNA test. John wondered why Marty had never shown it to him, and Kelly assumed that Marty had been waiting for "maximum impact." John noted how much different things would have been if he had heard about the test sooner. Kelly decided to head to the court to see what was happening with the custody hearing. Before she left, she mentioned the papers that she and Blair had found hidden in Todd's office desk. She handed them to John and explained that she'd unsuccessfully tried to decode the unusual language. John agreed to check it out, and they kissed again.

As Marty lit some candles to set the mood for her dinner with John, someone knocked on her door. She thought that John was early, but she was surprised to see Dr. Buhari instead. "I know what you did," the doctor said accusingly. Dr. Buhari walked into the house and advised Marty that she was aware that Marty had stolen the tape of her session with the doctor. Marty exploded as she imagined that the confidential tape was floating around somewhere in the hospital, and someone might hear it. She accused the doctor of being careless, and Marty thought that perhaps the receptionist should be fired. Marty insisted she had not taken the tape.

The doctor suggested that it was mislabeled, and she was confident that they would locate it. They would make sure to check all the files. She was more concerned with what Marty had done with the paternity test, especially because Mary was also a psychiatrist, Marty had a responsibility to not deceive people. Marty laughed and said that she felt better after confessing to the doctor. Her only goal had been to get out of St. Ann's and obtain outpatient care, and she'd succeeded, Marty added. Dr. Buhari accused Marty of manipulating the system, and Marty laughed. "Isn't therapy wonderful?" Marty exclaimed.

While Dr. Buhari would keep Marty's secret as a professional, she emphasized that she was not only a doctor, but a person. Marty was wrong to keep the news a secret, and the doctor felt that John had to be told that he was Liam's father. She promised that she would help Marty in any possible way that she could. Marty rejected the doctor's plea, but Dr. Buhari wasn't through. She wondered how Marty would live with what she'd done, but Marty mentioned her own patients had confided in her. Marty had lived with their secrets too.

The doctor agreed that it happened, but Marty was a doctor, and that was different, Dr. Buhari pointed out. Marty couldn't behave the same way. Dr. Buhari wanted Marty to do the right thing. Marty agreed that she was doing the right thing; she was having dinner with John. The doctor reminded Marty that John had broken things off long before, and in the meantime, Marty had hidden his letter from Natalie, as well as lied more than once. The doctor thought it would be difficult for Marty to keep her secret, but Marty chuckled and said that she'd be by to see the doctor every week to confide in her instead.

Dr. Buhari was still insistent that she couldn't allow Marty to continue as she was, but Marty threatened that the doctor would have to keep her mouth shut, or Marty would see to it that Dr. Buhari lost her career among other things. The doctor was convinced that perhaps that would have to happen. Marty couldn't believe that the doctor would be willing to lose her license to keep Marty away from a man who loved her. She would have to sue the doctor. The doctor noted that it would only be a civil suit, and she refused to give up. "And you are obviously not going to tell," Marty said. She would see the doctor at her next session.

Marty wanted the doctor to leave. Dr. Buhari promised that someone would discover the secret at some point. Marty wondered who would tell. There were only two people who knew Marty's secret, and they were Marty and Dr. Buhari. Marty emphasized that not a word was to be said to John McBain. Suddenly, John was standing at the open door.

Kelly arrived at the court as things were winding down. She ran into Natalie, who wondered why Kelly wasn't out with John. Kelly stated that he'd had other plans, and she inquired about the hearing. "Joey and Aubrey have custody," Natalie informed her.

Gigi and Rex sat on the couch, and Gigi slipped the tape into the cassette player.

Clint asked the doctor, "How bad is it?"

Friday, April 29, 2011

As Todd remained unconscious in his hospital bed, Téa leaned over him and chanted a prayer in Spanish. "Mom, isn't that the prayer to St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless cases?" Dani inquired as she walked into the room. Téa admitted that it was, but she was willing to try anything in order to get her husband to awaken. Dani advised her mother that it hadn't been her own idea to turn the syringe over to the police. "What syringe?" Téa asked. "Nothing," Dani replied. Téa had been unaware of the entire incident, and she pressed her reluctant daughter for details.

Dani quickly explained that she and Nate had found a syringe on the floor next to Todd's bed after Tomas had left. The nurse had noted that it was unlike any that were used in the hospital, and a worried Shaun had wanted it turned over to the police. Nate had believed that someone like Uncle Tomas who had been allowed into the room had dropped it. John was investigating, Dani concluded. She was annoyed that Nate had suspected Tomas of dropping it, because Tomas had been standing over Todd's bed when Dani and Nate had arrived. Dani was certain that her uncle wouldn't have had a reason to hurt Todd. She wondered whether her mother agreed.

Téa revealed that John had also been curious about Tomas, and Téa had snooped in Tomas' things. She hadn't found anything of interest, and Tomas had declared that he hadn't shot Todd. Téa believed her brother, and she didn't think he was behind Todd's shooting. Dani admitted that she was angry at Nate, but Téa urged her to set things right. Nate had been trying to protect Todd, Téa speculated. Téa confided that she'd overheard Todd on the phone several times, and it had seemed obvious that someone had been trying to pressure him. Téa didn't know anything else, but she was certain that the person on the phone had been the one who had shot Todd.

Dani was upset, and wondered if her mother had checked on Todd's calls. Téa divulged that she had, but the records had only stated that the calls were from a "restricted number." Todd had refused to tell her anything, so they would have to just keep on protecting him. Téa planned on asking Todd about who wanted him dead when he awakened. Dani pointed out that Todd had been unconscious for a long time. "Do you think he's still going to wake up?" Dani asked her mother.

Nate was out in the hallway, but Shaun barred him from entering Todd's room. Nate was sad. He realized that Dani didn't want to see him after the syringe incident, and Nate regretted having told anyone about it. He was worried that he might have gotten Dani's uncle in trouble. Shaun assured him that they were right in taking the action that they had, and he thought that Tomas was "up to no good" and possibly dangerous. Nate admitted that while he hadn't seen anything, he couldn't let anything bad happen to Todd. Nate wondered how he could make things right with Dani.

Shaun knocked on Todd's door and told Dani that Nate was out in the hallway, waiting to talk if she wanted to. Téa insisted that Dani go. Shaun left, and Dani reminded her mother of the question Dani had asked. "Your father is going to wake up," Téa promised.

Starr found her mother at Capricorn, and both women admired the other's dress. Starr exclaimed that she was celebrating the fact that James's girlfriend was finally heading back to where she belonged. Blair was dressed for her date with Tomas, and she was hopeful that Tomas would tell her whatever she wanted to know. Starr left for James's apartment. Blair muttered that she was especially curious to find out if Tomas had been the one to shoot Todd.

A hesitant Tomas arrived at the club. He had noticed a sign that read closed for a private party, so he wasn't certain that he should be there. "That's right. You're my private party," Blair replied. She'd wanted them to be alone for the night, and not even any of her employees were around. Tomas was surprised. He'd been pretty certain that Blair would have wanted to be in a public place with lots of people around to protect her, he stated. "Protect me? From what?" Blair asked. "Me," Tomas answered.

Blair was curious as to why she needed protection from Tomas, but Tomas announced that he didn't want to play games. She had accused him of shooting Todd, Tomas stated. He was aware that she still believed that he had committed the crime, but he hadn't, and she wouldn't find out the real identity of the shooter by the end of the evening. Blair wondered if Tomas were worried that she'd hurt him. She'd heard Claude accuse her of such a plan.

Tomas wasn't concerned, but he made it known that if Blair had planned a "fact-finding mission," then he was ready to end the date right away. Blair mentioned that John had warned her to stay away from Tomas, and John had been right about Eli. Tomas stated that he just wanted to see what happened between the two of them, because he thought they'd be good together. As he poured drinks, Blair agreed that she was willing to take a chance.

Tomas noted that their relationship was based on his sister and Blair's ex-husband. He wondered what Blair had been like before her marriage. "I was a gold digger," Blair disclosed. She'd married a much older man who she was hoping would die. "I'm sure you had your reason," Tomas said. Blair explained that she'd been in foster homes, because her mother had been mentally ill. She'd only wanted to take care of her mother, Blair added. Tomas thought Blair had been justified, and he thought that sometimes it was okay to do bad things for the right reasons. He had done the same thing.

Tomas revealed how he'd left his family to tour the world as a concert musician. His father had died, and he could have been a better brother, but he'd been "wrapped up" in his own life. He was back with his sister, though, and he was getting his family and life back too. He was also with Blair, and he had a confession, Tomas announced. He had dreamed of meeting Blair after he'd painted Blair's portrait. He had never really thought he would meet her, but the more he got to know her, the more he wanted to be with her. Blair admitted that she felt the same.

As smoke poured from the oven and set off the smoke alarms, Deanna ran around James's apartment, trying to clear the air. A half-clothed James ran out from the bedroom, opened the oven and removed the ruined food. Deanna was sorry for burning their dinner, but James advised her that he had dinner plans with Starr. Deanna was astonished. She hadn't finished her conversation with James. "Now that you know your father forced me to break up with you, doesn't that change things for us?" Deanna asked.

James wanted to finish getting ready for his date with Starr, and he informed Deanna that he didn't have time for a discussion. He only knew that he couldn't understand why Deanna hadn't confided in him at the time that his father had made a deal with her instead of just breaking up. Deanna just knew that she had wanted to get the information on her long-lost mother that Eddie had promised to give to her. She wanted James to forgive her, and the pair embraced. That was what Starr saw when she arrived.

"Excuse me," Starr called out from the doorway. The couple pulled apart, and James was flustered. He assured Starr that things weren't what they looked like. Starr asked about the smell in the apartment, and Deanna acknowledged that she'd burnt their dinner. Starr noted that she felt like she was in the Twilight Zone, because she and James had previous plans for dinner, and Deanna was still there. Deanna defended her presence, and she advised Starr that she'd had to tell James the real reason she had broken up with him. She'd taken his father's offer to help find her long-lost mother, and the breakup was the stipulation.

Starr understood that Eddie would have wanted to keep his "cash cow" at home with him. Deanna added that the lawyer's fee was twenty thousand dollars, so she'd been unable to pursue the lead that Eddie had given her. Deanna thought that Starr could never understand how life had been without a mother or a family, and that was something that Deanna had always wanted. Starr agreed that she was lucky to have a family of her own. Deanna just wanted James to know the truth. Starr recognized that Deanna had also probably assumed that James would get back together with Deanna, and Deanna acknowledged that was true.

Deanna was glad that James was happy, and she hadn't meant the things she'd said to him. Starr thought it would be a good idea for her and James to drop Deanna off at the bus station on the way out for their date. James made it known that Deanna had already missed the bus, but Starr was certain that the buses ran all night. Deanna didn't want any parts of riding on the bus all night, because she found it "creepy." Starr offered to look at the schedule. Deanna didn't want Starr to be put out, but Starr assured her that she didn't mind. "I've decided to stay in Llanview," Deanna announced.

Gigi and Rex sat on the sofa at the carriage house, and Gigi slipped the cassette tape of Shane's therapy session into the cassette recorder. She and Rex were still not certain that they should listen to it, but they didn't have a chance anyway, because there was a knock at the front door. It was Natalie and Liam, and Natalie noticed that she had obviously interrupted something. "We were just...," Rex began. "Hanging," Gigi finished his sentence. "Are you sure? You both seem..," Natalie replied. Rex cut Natalie short, and Natalie asked if they were able to watch Liam.

Natalie rattled off the reasons as to why other family members weren't around, and she noted that she had some work to do on a syringe. She told them that Viki wasn't feeling well, and she divulged that Joey and Aubrey had received custody of Ryder. Natalie admitted that she had rubbed the custody into Kelly's face, but Rex responded that it was between Natalie and Kelly. He thought that maybe Natalie could "take the high road." Natalie thought that she might "keep sticking it to Kelly" until Kelly stopped seeing John. Rex was sorry; he knew that it would take a long time for Natalie to get over John.

Everyone appeared to be ill at ease, and again, Natalie noted that Rex and Gigi had appeared to be in the middle of something. It was obvious to her that they were lying about it. Suddenly, Rex blurted out that Gigi had taken a tape from Shane's therapy session. Gigi was perturbed, but hesitantly, Rex pointed out that Natalie was family. He awkwardly proceeded to tell Natalie what had been happening with Shane, and Natalie was horrified. Rex explained why they had been so eager to listen to the tape. They wanted to be able to identify where Shane stood and how they could help him.

Natalie smiled. She thought that Rex and Gigi were great parents, and that was the reason she had named them as Liam's godparents. She believed that any parent would have stolen the tape to find out what was on it. Gigi clarified that they were betraying Shane's privacy, but Natalie thought they should do what they thought was right. Rex wasn't certain he'd even be able to help his son, but Natalie assured them that she would have done the same.

Suddenly, Natalie had an idea. She was aware that Rex and Gigi wanted answers, and Natalie wasn't in such a rush to get to work after all. She offered to listen to the tape for them, so that they wouldn't be the "bad guys." Shane wouldn't know, Natalie would do the dirty work, and if she heard anything that she thought that they needed to know, she would tell them. If she heard nothing urgent, she would say nothing. She was aware of a parent's need to do anything to protect their child, especially because she was a parent too. Gigi handed Natalie the tape, and Rex and Gigi headed for the door.

Marty ushered Dr. Buhari to the front door and reminded her that they were the only two who were familiar with Marty's secret. "Remember, not one word to John McBain," Marty said as she opened the door. "What don't you want Dr. Buhari to tell me?" John asked. He was standing on the other side of the door. He was curious as to why the doctor was there. "Do the right thing, Marty. Tell Lieutenant McBain the truth," the doctor urged. Marty admitted that she'd hoped not to, but she confessed that it was about her last therapy session with Dr. Buhari.

Marty explained that the doctor had accused Marty of stealing a tape, but it was the doctor who hadn't been able to run her office correctly. Marty stated that she would never have taken the tape, especially since she was getting better. "Is that what happened doc?" John asked. He found it curious that the doctor had gone such a distance to visit Marty about a missing tape. "That's what Marty says," the doctor answered. Marty pulled the doctor outside and ordered her to stop interfering. Marty was close to getting John back. The doctor noted that John was a smart man, and he'd find out the truth on his own.

Marty returned to John. She mentioned that she'd known all along that Kelly had been a rebound for him after Natalie. She just couldn't understand how Natalie had lied for so long. Natalie must have recognized that John would break up with her after learning the truth about the baby, Marty pondered. John asked why Marty had been taking the credit for breaking up John and Natalie, if that were all true. Marty realized that John must have heard that from Kelly, and she was perturbed. First her doctor had misplaced the tape, and then she was misrepresented to John, Marty declared.

Kelly had been wrong, Marty insisted, as John looked at her skeptically. Marty had said that she could have broken up John and Natalie, not that she had done it. John thought there was more to it, and he didn't want any secrets, because Natalie had kept secrets. "Is there anything you want to tell me?" he asked. Marty agreed that she had something to tell him, but first he would have to be aware of what she'd done. Before she could tell him anything, there was something she needed to find out, Marty said. She leaned over and began to kiss John.

Nate wondered how Dani had looked when Shaun had seen her. "I did what I could," Shaun told the teen. Just then, Dani emerged from her dad's hospital room. She and Nate apologized to each other, and Dani promised that she wasn't angry any longer. They kissed and told each other, "I love you." Dani assured Nate that nothing would get between them. She also revealed that her mother had believed that Todd had something on his mind prior to the shooting. Téa was certain that Todd had known who was after him.

Inside Todd's room, Téa leaned over her husband and massaged his ear lobes like he enjoyed. She began to cry that she'd lied to Dani her entire life, and she was still lying to her. "It's hard to keep hoping, Todd," she sobbed. She cried harder, and the tears rolled down her face. Suddenly, Todd stirred. "Geez. Enough with the water works already," he said. An ecstatic Téa began to kiss her husband.

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