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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 25, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, April 25, 2011

At ConFusion, Emma was in a sullen mood because she wanted to go to the Chandler mansion for the annual treasure hunt. Greenlee offered to entertain Emma with their own private treasure hunt, but Emma insisted that Greenlee didn't know how to hide things as well as Annie did. Greenlee realized that she wasn't Emma's mother; however, she loved Emma. Greenlee advised Emma to straighten up because Emma was being a "brat." Emma refused to smile until she spotted Madison and Scott moments later.

Emma warmly greeted Madison and Scott and then began chatting about the treasure hunt at the Chandler mansion. Greenlee kept making excuses why they couldn't go, so Scott offered to make a call to see if it would be okay. Seconds later, Randi called to warn Greenlee that there was a crisis at Fusion that required Greenlee's attention. Greenlee promised to be there as soon as possible and then ordered Emma to gather her things. Emma complained about going to Fusion, just as Scott returned to assure Greenlee that Emma would be welcome at the treasure hunt.

Madison and Scott offered to take Emma to the Chandler mansion, but Greenlee snapped that Emma was her responsibility, not theirs. Madison decided to take Emma to fetch a container for Emma's ice cream, so Scott stayed behind with Greenlee. After Madison and Emma walked away, Scott queried if Greenlee were upset because of how Emma was with Madison. Greenlee explained that Emma was having a rough time, and that Madison wasn't helping matters. Scott sarcastically accused Greenlee of being all about helping others, and then mentioned the promotion.

Greenlee insisted that the promotion hadn't been her business, which confirmed Scott's suspicions that Greenlee had known about it. Seconds later, Madison returned to the table with a pouting Emma. Exasperated, Greenlee decided that Emma could go to the Chandler mansion; however, Scott would have to take Emma, since Madison was needed at Fusion. Madison realized that she didn't have a choice when Greenlee explained that they had a licensing issue with Madison's new ad campaign.

At Fusion, Greenlee blamed the crisis on Madison. Greenlee went to retrieve a file off of Madison's computer, but stopped short when the screen revealed a "Daddy's Memories Book" website with a picture of Madison's ultrasound. Greenlee immediately demanded an explanation, so Madison admitted that she had been trying to include Ryan in the baby's life. Greenlee suspected that there was be more to it, so she decided to set some ground rules. Greenlee resented Madison sending updates about doctor visits with "smiley emoticons," and playing "best pals" with Emma.

Madison insisted that Emma liked her, but Greenlee reminded Madison, "I'm her stepmother. You are nothing to her." Madison pointed out that she was carrying Emma's little sister, and, for a while, had dated Ryan. Greenlee argued that Madison had been nothing more than a rebound relationship, but stopped short of referring to the baby as a mistake. Madison knew exactly what Greenlee thought of the baby, so they continued to argue.

At the Chandler mansion, AJ admitted that he wished that Marissa lived with them. JR suggested that AJ remind Marissa of that when she arrived. Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Maya went to answer it. JR entered the foyer just as Maya opened the door to Marissa. Marissa announced that she had a surprise and then turned to invite Bianca, Miranda, and Gabby to enter. Marissa hoped that JR didn't mind the extra company, but he assured her that it was fine.

After Bianca and the girls joined AJ in the parlor, JR suggested that Bianca was there as a chaperone because Marissa didn't trust herself to be alone with JR. Marissa claimed that she had invited Bianca because Bianca had been having a difficult time with the divorce, and worrying about Erica. Marissa hoped that the treasure hunt would cheer Bianca up. A short time later, Scott and Emma arrived. JR tried to reassure Emma about Annie, but Emma revealed that Annie had warned her that JR had only pretended to care for them.

"Cute kid," JR remarked as he watched Emma join the other children in the parlor. Scott agreed and then added that Emma was also smart. JR ignored the insult to find out what Scott was doing there. Scott revealed that Marissa had invited them. JR noted that Scott and Marissa appeared to talk quite often.

Marissa checked to see how Bianca was doing, so Bianca confessed to being worried about Erica, Griffin, and the divorce. Marissa promised her friend that she was there to help if Bianca needed it. Bianca appreciated the support, but changed the subject to find out if Marissa and JR had plans to reconcile. Marissa decided to distract Bianca by dragging Bianca outside to hide everything for the treasure hunt. Nearby, AJ accused Annie of hurting his mother. Emma insisted that it wasn't true, but AJ argued that Annie was mean.

According to AJ, no one wanted to see Annie ever again. Meanwhile, JR and Scott talked on the other side of the room. JR suggested that it was a good thing that Scott liked children because Scott's new roommate would cry a lot. Scott assured JR that he couldn't wait for the baby to arrive. JR was curious why Scott didn't simply make an honest woman of Madison. JR wondered if Scott might be worried that Madison hoped to work things out with Ryan.

Scott accused JR of being the only person who hoped for a reunion, even though Marissa was unlikely to forget how JR had torn her life apart. JR argued that he and Marissa were in a good place, and vowed that it would stay that way. JR smiled as he confessed that he was rooting for Scott and Madison. Moments later, Marissa and Bianca returned to the parlor. Both ladies were smiling as Marissa reached over to gently pull some leaves from Bianca's hair. Bianca quickly fled when Scott walked up to teasingly inquire where they had been.

Maya stood in the doorway, watching the children prepare for the treasure hunt. Bianca beamed with pride when Maya confessed that Miranda and Gabby were cute. Moments later, Marissa announced that it was time to begin the treasure hunt. Marissa asked Maya to keep an eye on the children, as Marissa and Scott hovered near the doorway to watch the treasure hunt. Bianca decided to take the opportunity to thank JR for inviting them to stay for treasure hunt, and for giving Reese a job.

Bianca then turned the conversation to what JR's intentions were toward Marissa. JR freely admitted that he wanted to work things out with Marissa, but he realized that it wouldn't be easy. JR then confided that he had tickets to Adele's concert. Bianca knew that Marissa was a huge fan of the singer, so she was certain that Marissa would be excited. JR wasn't confident that Marissa would accept, so he asked for Bianca's help.

Nearby, Scott warned Marissa that JR was not happy about their friendship. Marissa assured Scott that she was over JR, so it didn't matter to her. Marissa then changed the subject to inquire about Madison. Scott explained that Madison had to work, so she hadn't been able to make it to the treasure hunt. Marissa imagined that Greenlee wasn't thrilled about the pregnancy. Scott confessed that he couldn't really blame Greenlee for feeling as she did. Marissa sensed that Scott cared deeply about Madison, so she offered him words of encouragement.

Scott and Marissa's attention was drawn to the door when Maya appeared with a teary-eyed Emma, who wanted to go home. After Scott and Emma left, JR revealed that he wanted to fix Bianca up with a woman, named Louise Parker, in the finance department. JR was unaware that Bianca stood behind him until he noticed Marissa look past his shoulder. JR turned to find Bianca smiling at him. JR assured Bianca that Louise was a wonderful person and then turned to Marissa for confirmation. Marissa agreed that Louise was great, but Marissa noticed that Bianca seemed nervous about going out on a date.

JR suggested that they all go on a double date to Adele's concert. Marissa's eyes lit up when he revealed that he had four tickets to the concert. Marissa quickly persuaded Bianca to consider the date. Marissa assured Bianca that if things didn't work out with Louise, Bianca would still have fun with Marissa and JR at the concert.

At Fusion, Greenlee and Madison were surprised when Scott arrived with Emma in tow. Emma immediately ran up to Madison and then wrapped her arms around Madison's waist as Scott explained that Emma had changed her mind about the treasure hunt. Emma confessed that she wanted to see her mother, but Greenlee and Ryan wouldn't permit it. Greenlee suggested a hot chocolate nightcap, but Emma wasn't interested as she continued to cling tightly to Madison. After Greenlee convinced Emma to leave, Madison warned Scott that they had seen the last of the kinder and gentler Greenlee. Madison explained that Greenlee was angry because Madison was having Ryan's baby, and she knew Greenlee's secret.

Scott worried that Madison might not be ready to deal with Greenlee. Madison wondered if Scott were suggesting that she back down, but Scott clarified that he thought that Madison should simply focus on what was important.

Ryan met with his private investigator at Krystal's restaurant. The P.I. revealed that he had credit card receipts and phone records to establish that Ricky had been in California at the time of Zach's plane crash. Ryan was stunned when the P.I. turned over a picture of the man who had stabbed Griffin. Ryan recognized the man in the picture as the National Transportation Safety Board agent who had ruled that Zach's plane crash had been an accident. Ryan decided to give the P.I. another assignment.

Kendall arrived home to find Ricky playing with Spike and Ian. Ricky explained that he had wanted to surprise her by staying in for a "family night" with the boys, and ordering a pizza. Kendall reminded Ricky that he should have called her before picking the boys up from Bianca's place because Kendall liked to know where her children were at all times. Ricky apologized, and promised that it wouldn't happen again. He then asked what she thought about their change in plans for the evening. Kendall confessed that she had been looking forward to the lobster rolls at ConFusion.

Ricky admitted that he had something important to discuss with her, so he wanted a more private setting. Kendall decided not to push it. She gathered the boys up, had them say goodnight to Ricky, and then took them to the bedroom. Moments later, Kendall's cell phone rang. Ricky didn't hesitate to answer it. Ryan was curious why Ricky had answered the phone, so Ricky explained that Kendall had taken the boys to the bedroom. Ryan revealed that he was on his way over to the house.

Ricky suggested that it wasn't a good time because Ricky and Kendall had plans, but Ryan ignored the advice. Kendall entered the living room moments later to see if anyone had called. Ricky admitted that Ryan had called and that he had sounded upset. Ricky suspected that it was because of Griffin's escape. Kendall feigned shock at learning that Griffin had managed to slip out of the hospital. Ricky explained that Griffin's escape was the reason that he had wanted to stay in with Kendall.

Ricky insisted that he intended to keep a watchful eye on Kendall in case Griffin surfaced. Kendall admitted that she still wanted to go to ConFusion, so she suggested that Ryan babysit the children. Ricky tried to object, but Ryan arrived under the guise of spending time with Spike. Ryan readily agreed to watch the boys when Kendall revealed that she had dinner plans with Ricky. Ricky hid his frustration behind a tight smile as Kendall led Ryan to the boys' bedroom.

In the hallway, Ryan made it clear that he didn't like the idea of Kendall going to dinner with Ricky. Kendall believed that it was the best way to keep Ricky from realizing that they were onto him. Ryan told Kendall about what the P.I. had uncovered. Kendall was more certain than ever that Zach had been murdered, so Ryan urged her to get the cops involved. Kendall refused to consider it because she needed to uncover the truth for herself.

Kendall reminded Ryan that he owed her for helping him during the investigation, when everyone had believed that David had been murdered. Ryan agreed to take the boys back to Wildwind, leave them with Bianca's nanny, and then meet Kendall at ConFusion. However, Ryan warned Kendall not to go "cowboy" on him. Later, Kendall invited Ricky to tell her what he had wanted to say to her at the house. Ricky smiled confidently as he confessed that she meant a lot to him, and that he cared deeply for her. Kendall admitted that she cared about Ricky too.

Ricky clarified that his feelings for her went beyond friendship, but he realized that she was still grieving for Zach. However, Ricky was hopeful that one day Kendall would grow to care for him in the same way that he cared about her. Ricky tried to reassure Kendall by claiming that he believed that Zach was smiling down on them, and giving Kendall and Ricky his blessing. Kendall fantasized about picking up a knife, pointing it at Ricky's throat, and accusing Ricky of murdering Zach. Ricky immediately sensed that she was distracted, so Kendall shook off the vivid daydream.

Ryan lurked nearby as Ricky proceeded to shower Kendall with compliments and then promised to wait for Kendall until she was ready to start a new life. Kendall decided to seize the opportunity to question Ricky about his life, but Ricky firmly stuck to his story that he had arrived in Pine Valley to do God's work. Kendall confessed that she wanted to know Ricky better, so Ricky promised her that one day, she would know everything. Later, Ricky and Kendall returned to Kendall's house. Ricky tried to kiss Kendall goodnight, but she pulled away at the last moment. Ricky assured her that he understood that she needed time to love and trust because of Griffin's lies.

After Ricky left, Kendall whispered, "You killed my husband." Meanwhile, Ryan continued to follow Ricky, who had returned to ConFusion for a drink. Ricky stared at the engagement ring that he intended to give to Kendall, while Emma and Greenlee approached Ryan. Ryan explained that he was working on something. Greenlee decided to call Emma's sitter to watch Emma, so that Greenlee could help Ryan. Emma didn't want to leave, but Ryan promised that he would read her some extra stories at bedtime later that evening. Greenlee announced that they were in luck because the sitter was just around the corner.

After Greenlee left to drop off Emma, Ryan called Kendall. Ryan instructed Kendall to lock the doors and windows because he was concerned that Ricky might try to harm her. Kendall assured Ryan that she was fine and then ended the call. Greenlee returned seconds later to find Ryan staring intently at Ricky. Ricky sensed eyes on him, so he turned around to find Ryan and Greenlee watching him.

Kendall was stunned when she entered her home to find Griffin waiting for her.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amanda greeted Jake at the hospital and suggested that he spend time with her that afternoon. He explained that he was in hot water because he had been absent when Griffin had escaped, and he suspected that Cara had been involved. Jake revealed to Amanda that Griffin had disappeared after the fire alarm had been pulled. Jake regretted that he hadn't been there, but Amanda pointed out that if he had been, he'd be in even more trouble because he also would have been involved. He urged her to go home. She left, and he left an urgent voicemail for Cara.

Cara woke up next to Tad, and he jokingly complained that she had snored. She became flustered when she realized she'd spent the night in his bed. Tad understood that she was worried about Griffin, and he assured her that Griffin could take care of himself. Cara wished she knew where her brother was, so she could help him. Tad reminded her that she'd pulled the fire alarm and drugged the guard. She was grateful that Tad had taken the rap for her, and Tad declared his intent to keep his promise to Griffin to protect Cara.

A frustrated Cara repeatedly tapped the bed, driving Tad crazy. He instructed her to take deep breaths and to get some sleep. He sang a goofy song that he claimed helped his daughters to fall asleep, and she jested that they went to sleep to make him stop singing. Tad's phone rang, and he answered it to Jake. Jake said that he had been trying to reach Cara.

Jake informed Tad that there was an emergency board meeting and that he needed Cara at the hospital immediately. Jake asked his brother to go downstairs to tell her, but Tad blurted that Cara was in bed with him. After an awkward pause, Jake repeated his request. After he hung up, Tad commented that he and Cara needed to do major damage control.

Tad and Cara arrived at the hospital, and Jake tried to rush Cara into the board meeting. Tad insisted upon telling his version of the truth, but Jake said the board knew that Griffin, Cara, and Tad were connected. Jake promised to do everything he could, but Cara remarked that she was fed up and stormed into the meeting.

Jake and Cara returned from the meeting, and Cara told Tad that the board members weren't big fans of the Castillo siblings, despite the fact that Griffin was innocent. Cara announced that she was out of a job. Tad wondered if Jake had stood up for her, but Jake said that Cara had resigned as soon as she had walked in. Cara excused herself to calm down, and Tad called Cara stubborn, impulsive, and selfless. Jake noted that Cara would need Tad's support more than ever, and Tad pledged to provide it.

At Krystal's, Tad commiserated with Cara. She said that she was still a doctor, and she swore to work hard to clear Griffin's name. Tad called Griffin lucky, but she said she was the lucky one, because Griffin had spent his whole life taking care of her. Tad ordered a round of drinks and suggested they play pinball, but she was obviously depressed. He encouraged her to look for work at another hospital, but she said that in the meantime, he had a housewife. She contemplated setting up a schedule to keep busy during the day, but she quickly realized just how much time she had to fill. She preferred intense chaos to leisure activity, and Tad suggested she perform volunteer work until she found another job.

Cara marveled that Tad had ordered all of her favorites, and he downplayed the gesture by saying they were his favorites, too. She realized he was fibbing because he despised hummus and soybeans, but she appreciated the effort. He suggested they take up cooking, and she laughed. Cara admitted it could help fill some time, but a few dinner parties wouldn't make up for the loss of her job. He said she needed a hobby, and he grabbed a newspaper off an empty table to do the crossword puzzle. She was surprised and admitted that she was addicted to crosswords, as well. They worked on the crossword together, and she thanked him for taking her mind off her troubles.

Tad and Cara shared food and enjoyed working on the crossword puzzle. Tad read the clue, "One who knows all, as in Orwell." "Big Brother," Cara forlornly answered. Her eyes filled with tears as she murmured that she missed Griffin.

Over dinner from the hospital cafeteria, Amanda sympathized with Griffin and Cara's situations. Jake said that Cara had made her choice and that she had to live with it. Amanda noted that Jake had been working on a letter to the hospital board regarding Cara. He remembered that he'd refilled Amanda's birth control prescription, and he handed her the pills. He left to return to work, and she covertly dumped the pills into the trash.

At ConFusion, Greenlee questioned Ryan's odd behavior, but he signaled for her to shush. Ricky turned around, and Ryan pulled Greenlee into a passionate kiss. She was happily surprised, but Ryan told her not to react to what he was about to tell her, and she agreed. Ryan informed her that Kendall had confirmed that Zach had been murdered, and the evidence pointed to Ricky. Greenlee couldn't help but stare at Ricky, who turned away.

Greenlee wondered why Ricky hadn't been arrested, and Ryan explained that there wasn't enough evidence. Greenlee worried that Kendall was in danger, but Ryan assured her that he planned to watch Ricky until they had enough proof to go to the police. Ryan stressed the importance of not letting Ricky find out what they knew. A livid Greenlee vowed to make Ricky suffer. Greenlee wanted to see Kendall, and as she and Ryan left, she shot Ricky a seething glance.

Griffin told Kendall that he hadn't been ready to leave town, because he didn't want to leave her alone to face the bastard who had set him up and had murdered Zach. To lighten the mood, Griffin asked Kendall to order a pizza, but she warned him how serious his situation was. She wished he was helping people in another country, but he said he wanted to honor his commitment to Zach regarding the expansion of the Miranda Center.

Kendall advised Griffin to get his priorities straight. He said that his priority was being a doctor, and he vowed to fight to prove Ricky's guilt. She reflected back upon everything Griffin had done for her, and she lamented that she had turned him in to the police. Griffin said she could pay him back by keeping herself safe. Kendall proclaimed that her battle with Ricky was beyond personal, and Griffin agreed. He recanted his prior declaration that he had regretted getting involved in her life, and she said she wouldn't regret saving his.

Griffin shared Kendall's fury when he learned that she had walked in on Ricky playing with Spike and Ian. She resolved to make Ricky admit what he'd done, but Griffin warned her that Ricky was a professional killer. Kendall was certain that Ricky wouldn't hurt her. She saw car lights flash outside, and told Griffin to take her car and leave. He worried it was Ricky, but she assured him that Ryan was keeping an eye on Ricky. Griffin departed, and Ryan and Greenlee arrived at the door. Greenlee hugged Kendall, and offered to help get justice for Kendall and Zach. Kendall realized that Ryan had updated Greenlee about Ricky.

Greenlee inquired whether Kendall had ever had weird feelings about Ricky. Kendall admitted that her misgivings had been recent, and she hadn't wanted to repeat the mistake she'd made with Griffin. Greenlee advised Kendall not to hold back her feelings, and she offered to be there unconditionally for her friend. Greenlee noticed Griffin's backpack on the couch and asked what it was. Kendall confessed that Griffin was still in Pine Valley, and she swore not to turn her back on him again.

Ricky met with his real estate agent, who had found Ricky a compound in the South Pacific. She asked when he planned to move, and he said as soon as he and his fiancée made it official. She said the location was beautiful, and he remarked that it wasn't as beautiful as his bride-to-be.

Greenlee returned to ConFusion and reported to Ryan that Ricky was still there. She declared her intent to keep Ricky from leaving. Ricky left a message for Kendall to say that he missed her and to suggest that he stop by to say goodnight. Ricky began to leave, but Greenlee called after him. She said she needed advice, and he attempted to push their conversation until the morning, but he became intrigued when she claimed there was a problem with Kendall.

Kendall and Ryan arrived at the cabin to look for Griffin. Griffin emerged from the shadows, and Kendall presented him with some supplies. Griffin explained to Ryan why he had to stay in town. Kendall told Ryan to go home to Emma. After Kendall promised to call if she needed anything, Ryan departed. Griffin opined that while Kendall was strong, she should avoid being alone with Ricky. Griffin felt that the corpse in his bed was enough evidence to consider Ricky dangerous. Kendall was confident that Ricky wouldn't hurt her because he was falling in love with her, and she intended to make him fall hard.

Griffin noted that Ricky had been following Kendall around like a sick puppy for months. Kendall recounted Ricky's rant about how a job had turned into something more and how he wanted to be with her. Griffin warned that using Ricky's feelings for her to get revenge was risky, but she said feelings sent logic out the window. She hoped that Ricky would open up to her and that getting evidence against him would be easy. She was determined to get justice for both Griffin and Zach. Griffin realized there was no way to talk her out of it. Griffin pulled a medication out of his bag, and he explained that it was an anesthetic agent that caused temporary paralysis. She asked what he intended to do with it.

Griffin said that he didn't like Kendall's plan, and she skeptically wondered if he intended to use the drug on her. He knew he couldn't stop her from going after Ricky, because the police were looking for him. He wanted her to use the drug if Ricky got out of control. Griffin used an orange to demonstrate to Kendall how to give an injection. She placed her hand over his to feel how it was done. He handed her the syringe and the orange to try, and they giggled at her first clumsy attempt.

Greenlee told Ricky that her relationship with Kendall had been strange. Greenlee claimed that when Kendall had lost Zach, Greenlee had lost Kendall. Greenlee observed that Ricky was the only one Kendall leaned on and that Kendall's trust in him had allowed her to start healing. Greenlee inquired about how he'd trained to become a minister. He wondered why she was so interested, and she said she found spirituality fascinating. He invited her to stop by his church.

Ryan joined them, and Greenlee left to use the ladies' room. Ricky asked if the cops were closer to finding Griffin, and Ryan said there hadn't been any word. Ricky expressed concern about Kendall, and he wanted to check on her. Ryan said he had just seen Kendall and fibbed that she had gone to bed. Ricky offered to help with the investigation.

Greenlee returned to the bar, and Ryan confirmed that Ricky had left. She asked what had happened with Griffin, and Ryan said Kendall had wanted some time alone with Griffin, but he was sure that everyone was safe. They agreed that it had been impossible for them to forget witnessing Zach's plane crash. Greenlee recalled how they'd blamed themselves for Zach's death and how Ricky had looked them in the eye while supposedly helping them with their grief.

Ryan commented that Ricky had mentioned seeing them in church later. Greenlee expressed doubt about Ricky's credentials, and Ryan realized that Greenlee suspected they weren't legally married. Greenlee was determined not to let Ricky ruin their lives, and she wanted to find out whether their marriage was valid. Ryan promised they'd look into it, but no matter what, he would always consider her his wife. They kissed.

Ricky looked at the ring and perused an article about Diana's death. He mused that Diana hadn't been "the one," but that Kendall was. He vowed to have the most amazing life ever and swore that Kendall would fall in love with him no matter what it took. Meanwhile, Griffin told Kendall to keep the syringe with her to protect herself. She swore she'd do whatever it took to make Ricky pay.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Bianca talked to Ron on the phone about the troubles with the Miranda Center. After the call, Jackson entered, and Bianca assured him that Erica was worth waiting for. Jackson said he could only bang his head against a brick wall so many times.

Later, Jackson found Krystal in the park, watching a humorous video on her phone. Jackson asked to see it, but she claimed she'd lost the connection feed. He said he'd thought about her offer to spend time together and talk, and he asked if she had the time do it right then. They went to Krystal's restaurant, where Jackson saw someone reading Erica's book. He sighed, realizing that he couldn't escape Erica. Krystal stated that there was always a way.

To Jackson's astonishment, Krystal quoted a part of Erica's book. Krystal said she hadn't had anything else to read while she'd been in Africa with Erica. Krystal called the trip enlightening. She'd learned that Erica could rough it with the best of them. Krystal said she didn't want Jackson to feel guilty about being with her, because she just wanted to keep him company. Jackson responded that he wasn't guilty in the least bit.

Penny, Krystal's employee, approached to express her sorrow for Jackson's failed wedding, and he thanked her. Penny left, and Krystal said she was sorry her employee had done that. Jackson said it was okay, but he grew frustrated with his inability to escape Erica. He figured dinner had been a bad idea, and he and Krystal agreed to do it another time.

Jackson went to the penthouse and recalled Erica's last call to him in which she had begged him to just let it go about the wedding. He opened his front door to find Krystal there with papers for him to sign. Jackson said he'd been about to leave to escape thoughts of Erica, but he decided that Erica wouldn't force him out of his home. "Or you, either," he said, closing the door.

In her hidden chamber, Erica yelled at her captor until her captor finally suggested that she distract herself with a book. Her captor slid a hardcover copy of Erica Kane: Having it All into the room and was honored when Erica sat down to autograph it. "Dear Captor, go to hell. Love and kisses, Erica Kane," she wrote and then threw the book at the two-way mirror.

Chuckling, her captor said Erica's feistiness brought the pages of her book to life. Erica decided that she was ready to eat, but insisted that she wouldn't dine on paper plates. She demanded real china and silver with her meal. "And I want to see your face," she asserted. The captor declined, saying that all the details for their face-to-face meeting hadn't been set yet.

Erica cited that her captor had been quite tenacious in keeping people from finding her. Her captor said Erica had convinced her family that everything was okay, and Jackson would be just fine, too. Erica demanded to know what that meant, but the captor became silent.

After a while, the captor slid in dinner on china with silverware. Erica immediately recognized the chicken Parmesan as a dish from Krystal's restaurant. "Only Krystal ruins it like this," she added. Noting that the food was still hot, Erica guessed that she was in Pine Valley.

Erica wondered what kind of man he was to hold her captive. "Who says I'm a man? You can do anything with audio these days," the captor replied. A shocked Erica quickly deduced that it was Krystal who'd locked Erica away to get to Jackson. Erica quipped that only Krystal would be stupid enough to feed Erica food from her own restaurant.

The intercom went silent. Erica took her fork and started picking the lock on the door. She successfully got the knob to turn, but when she opened the door, she said, "Oh, my God..."

At the Chandler mansion, May a apologized to JR for not using the service entrance to the house. JR said that had been his father's rule, but she could enter through any door. Colby saw Maya passing through the parlor and assumed it was Maya's first day at work. Maya, however, explained that she'd been there for a few weeks. Colby Insisted that she wasn't normally that clueless, and Maya rushed off to change for work.

Asher entered, and Colby asked him if she were a snob. She was surprised when he affirmed it. He cited her prestigious background, and she sniped that she was unlike Asher, who had to work for everything. He wondered why she was thinking about it, but she said to forget it.

Asher left, and Maya entered to clean. Maya offered to get out of Colby's way, but Colby convinced her to stay. Maya revealed that she followed Colby's vlog and felt that their emotions were in tune. Maya said that Colby was helping people, and Colby asked if she'd helped Maya. Without answering, May a rushed off to clean.

In the foyer, Marissa suggested that Asher tell JR that his ploys to get her back were futile. Asher had no comment, but Marissa agreed to go on the double date with JR, Bianca, and Louise because it'd be good for Bianca. JR claimed Bianca was his friend, too, and he wanted to help. Marissa left to find AJ, and JR said it was just a matter of time until he won her back. Asher said Marissa had seemed against it, but JR replied that it was just a part of her game.

Later, Asher returned to the foyer to find it crammed with packages from a delivery. Caleb entered to make sure the packages had arrived for Colby. Asher noted that Caleb had been avoiding the topic of St. Barts. "Nothing happened. Next subject," Caleb said. Asher warned that it would infuriate JR to see Cortlandt boxes in the foyer, but Caleb said the deal was that Colby used his products for free and then promoted them on her vlog. Asher pointed out that JR was Caleb's biggest competitor, but Caleb said he didn't give a "damn."

At ConFusion later, JR and Marissa arrived and separated when JR went to make a call near the bar. As Marissa sang Bianca's praises to Louise, a nervous Bianca entered and told JR that her whole day had gone badly. JR figured it was looking up because her hot date had arrived. Gazing at Marissa and Louise, Bianca said "she" was beautiful.

Over dinner, Bianca nursed her wine as JR and Marissa got to know Louise. JR stepped away to call home about AJ's cold medicine. Maya answered and expressed her worry about an older gentleman who'd left boxes at the house, despite Asher's warning not to. JR said he'd take care of it. An angry JR excused himself from dinner and took off for home.

Later, JR arrived home to find Colby thanking Caleb for the packages. JR asserted that it was Caleb's lame attempt to hurt JR. JR ordered Caleb to get his stuff out of there. Caleb assumed JR was threatened; however, JR said he just refused to let Caleb use a Chandler against him. Claiming that it was just business, Caleb noted that Colby was going places, and his company would be the beneficiary.

Caleb left, and JR asked Asher to help move the boxes. Asher said it was between Caleb and Colby. JR began to argue, but Asher yelled at JR to cut Caleb some slack, because Caleb was going through a lot.

Later, Colby sat down to vlog about Erica Kane, who Colby thought was a genius for walking out on the wedding. At Krystal's restaurant, Asher tuned in as Colby said that people were bashing Erica for it; however, Erica had been brave enough to be honest. Colby considered that Erica had decided to be on her own, and that wasn't a bad place to be.

Asher sent Colby a message under a screen name, and then encountered Caleb, who wanted to thank Asher for defending him to JR. Caleb thanked his son for encouraging him to go after Erica, even though Erica hadn't shown up to meet him at the airport as he'd requested. Citing that she hadn't married Jackson, either, Asher offered to help Caleb find and convince her that Caleb was the right choice. Caleb smiled, but said it was time to let go.

Back at ConFusion, Marissa impressed Louise by mentioning Bianca's work at the Miranda Center. Bianca, whose mind was somewhere else during the conversation, admitted that the center was having problems. Louise figured it had to do with Dr. Castillo. Louise had worked in public relations before, and she suggested doing media blitz to address the concerns. Marissa interjected that Bianca preferred to remain low-key. Bianca agreed and said that Marissa knew how Bianca operated. "I'm sure she does," Louise quipped.

Seeing JR return, Marissa stepped away from the table to talk to him about AJ. Louise noted that Marissa seemed nice. Bianca said Marissa was incredible. Louise had second thoughts about the date, and Bianca apologized for being unable to keep her mind off work. Louise asked if work was really what preoccupied Bianca. Looking at Marissa and JR talking across the room, Louise said she had the feeling that Bianca was interested in someone else.

When JR and Marissa returned to the table, Bianca said that Louise had taken off on an emergency. JR apologized for picking a flaky date, but Bianca said there hadn't been any chemistry between her and Louise. Bianca decided to forgo the concert they'd planned to attend later, and she awkwardly stepped back when Marissa tried to hug her goodnight. After Bianca left, Marissa wished the date had worked, and JR said there had to be somebody out there that was deserving of Bianca.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Erica successfully picked the lock on the door with her fork, only to face a steel wall behind the door. She approached the mirror and yelled at her captor to have the guts to look her in the eye. Erica thought to herself that she wouldn't let her captor dictate the terms of her captivity and vowed to find an advantage. She tried to open the panel where her food had been delivered, to no avail. She walked over to the window and pulled aside the curtain. Her captor asked what was going on.

The captor noted that Erica really had no clue about the captor's identity. Erica opined that her captor wasn't very smart. The captor called Erica impolite for attempting to leave without saying goodbye, especially since Erica had been treated like a guest. The captor expressed disappointment that Erica hadn't eaten her meal. Erica refused to eat until she was released. The captor warned that Erica could die if she didn't eat, but Erica countered that if she died, it would be on her own terms.

Erica asked if her captor's intention was to keep her from Jackson, but the captor changed the subject back to food. Erica again declined, but the captor intended to continue to deliver food until Erica found something she liked. The captor offered her a present. Erica said all she wanted was her cell phone, as she was sure the captor had been intercepting Jackson's calls. The captor chalked up Erica's attitude to the fact that she hadn't eaten.

The food tray was snatched back through the wall, and a boxed gift was left in its place. The captor said that since Erica had no interest in her own book, the captor had provided her instead with something the captor had made. Erica opened the box to find a scrapbook with Erica's name on it. Inside, there were photos from Erica's past, including a picture of Erica and Mona, magazine covers, and photos from Erica's weddings to Adam and Jackson.

Erica asked how long her captor had been obsessed with her, because the scrapbook had taken a lot of time to make. The captor called it a labor of love and wanted to hear Erica's take on every moment that had led her to that moment. Erica spat that she was being held captive by someone with a lot of issues and called her captor a pathetic excuse for a person. Erica vowed that her captor would never break her. The captor watched Erica's rant over and over again on a videotape.

Erica asserted that eventually she would be found and that her captor would end up in prison. She banged on the mirror and asked if anyone was there. The captor said that Erica was always being watched, but that Erica always wanted to be on camera. Erica was incredulous that her captor wanted to take a walk down memory lane to chat about Erica's past relationships. The captor clarified that the discussion was open to Erica's present ones, too.

Erica again assumed that Krystal was behind her kidnapping, and she pleaded to be let go for the sake of their daughters. The captor said the only one who mattered was Erica. Erica threw the scrapbook to the floor, and the captor angrily remarked how many hours it had taken to compile it. The voice said that Erica didn't know the captor at all that she had no idea what the captor had been through.

Erica said she wasn't afraid of her captor, because she had gained strength from the obstacles she'd overcome. When the captor didn't respond, Erica banged on the door and examined the window for any method of escape. She thought to herself that she couldn't get out, but perhaps she could entice her captor in.

At his penthouse, Jackson told Krystal that he hated that memories of Erica were everywhere. He resolved not to be forced out of his home, and he didn't want Krystal to be, either. They shared an intense look, and he started to lean in to kiss Krystal, but he pulled away at the last second. Jackson said neither of them needed to apologize, but Krystal didn't want him to do something he'd regret. He implored her not to leave, but she disagreed, and she departed.

Jackson watched a DVD with an interview of Erica, who opened herself up to any questions. The interviewer asked about her opinion of marriage. She admitted she was the marrying kind, but not the "being married" type.

Kendall arrived to see a half-dressed Griffin and handed him some candy from Spike's Easter basket, as well as some food and clothes. Griffin balked at the thought of wearing Zach's garments, but Kendall clarified that they were Ryan's. Griffin advised Kendall to keep her distance from Ricky, but she thought getting close to Ricky was the only way to uncover the truth. Griffin needed to convince everyone that he was out of the country, and he asked for Kendall's help to say goodbye to Cara.

Kendall agreed to go along with Griffin's plan to keep Cara safe. Kendall said that what he'd told her to say had sounded like his last words to his sister. She recalled how Ricky had stolen the last page of Zach's letter, which had contained Zach's last words, and she knew how precious those words could be. Griffin asked if she would see Ricky that day, and she commented that Ricky usually didn't go for long without calling her. She promised to update Griffin before she saw Ricky.

While doing some online research at Krystal's, Cara informed Tad that the gossip was that Griffin was being protected by a drug cartel in Mexico. Tad assured her that Griffin was alive and offered to throw a parade upon his return. Cara lamented that the press had made Griffin look like a murderer, but she was touched by Tad's genuine support. She wished she knew her brother was okay.

Cara started to leave to visit Kendall, but Tad thought it was a bad idea. Cara complained that she'd left Kendall messages but hadn't heard back. Tad warned that the cops were watching Cara. He reminded her that getting Griffin out of the hospital had already cost Cara her job. They spotted a man across the room and recognized him as an Immigration agent. Cara insisted upon talking to him, and she stalked off.

In the park, Cara turned to confront an officer who she believed had been following her, but she was surprised to find Tad behind her. He informed her that the officer was watching them. She wondered how Tad had caught up with her, and he reminded her that he'd been running three miles every day. He suggested that they stage that they were making up from a fight. They hugged and agreed that they should make it look real, but Kendall interrupted.

Cara scolded Kendall for not returning her calls, but Kendall said she had a message from Griffin and that she had waited to pass it along to avoid suspicion. Kendall claimed that Griffin had gone to aid doctors on the Afghan border. Cara was aware of the dangerous location, but Tad noted that the police wouldn't find Griffin there. Kendall said that Griffin would be unreachable for the next few months, but he would be doing what he loved -- helping people.

Kendall said that Griffin had called his sister "Caracita" and that he had wanted Cara to know that he loved her and was sorry for messing things up for her and Tad. Kendall handed Cara a pouch, and she walked away. Cara admitted that the words had sounded like Griffin's. A teary Cara opened the pouch and pulled out a bottle cap. She revealed that after her dad had left, she had pretended that she was playing on the side of the road every afternoon while she waited for her father to return. Griffin had pretended to be collecting bottles and cans while he had watched over Cara.

Both she and Griffin had known what the other had really been doing, but they had never talked about it. She had taken an interest in collecting bottle caps, and Griffin had helped her. She murmured a phrase in Spanish, and Tad translated it to be, "No deposit, no return." She said the phrase had appeared on the bottles, but her dad hadn't left anything to make them believe that he would return. She realized that Griffin had sent her the bottle cap as a deposit.

Cara said that Griffin had acknowledged that he wanted a family, and Tad pointed out that Griffin wasn't the only one. Cara wanted to take a walk alone, but said she wouldn't worry because she was sure that Griffin was going to be back. Later, Kathy ran up to Cara and asked what "Caracita" meant, and Cara explained it meant "little one," but that it could also be used as a term of endearment. As Jenny arrived and sat on Cara's lap, she called the girls "Kathycita" and "Jennycita." Tad gazed at his family affectionately.

Cara told the girls to go play, and Tad apologized, because Cara had wanted to be alone. Tad explained that as soon as he'd gotten home, the girls had wanted to see Cara, and he couldn't say no. He knew how worried she was and how she missed Griffin. Tad offered that until Griffin returned, she could share his family. They clasped hands, and she warmly called him "Tadita."

Bianca arrived to see Kendall, who revealed that she had left her sons at Wildwind because she was in a dangerous situation and didn't want her boys around it. Bianca became nervous, and Kendall informed her that Zach had been murdered. Bianca was stunned when Kendall admitted that she suspected Ricky was involved. Kendall explained that Ricky had been working with the casino partners and had been trying to get closer to Kendall to cover his tracks.

Bianca expressed guilt that she'd been the one to introduce Ricky to Kendall. Kendall said that the sickest part was that Ricky was falling in love with her. Bianca gasped in shock and noted that he was a minister, but Kendall wasn't so sure. Kendall wanted to get closer to him to prove what he had done. Bianca tried to talk her out of it, but Kendall was determined to avenge Zach's death. Bianca agreed not to get in the way, as long as Kendall allowed her to help.

Bianca asked what Kendall planned to do. Kendall said that while she was disgusted to be around Ricky, she wanted him to slip up and admit something she could use. Bianca said that Ricky had taken Zach away from all of them, and that they were in it together. Kendall knew exactly what Bianca could do to help.

Kendall returned to the cabin and told Griffin that Cara was tougher than she looked. Kendall asked what the bottle cap had meant, and Griffin said there would be time for the story once they had taken care of Ricky. Griffin wanted to ensure Kendall was ready. He grabbed her arm and said he needed her to show that she knew how to defend herself.

Kendall asserted that she could handle Ricky and that she had the syringe, but Griffin recalled that she hadn't done so well when she had attempted to inject an orange. She was confident she'd be fine, but he wanted to show her a few moves. Griffin grabbed Kendall and started spewing about everything that Ricky had done. She became extremely emotional and screamed for him to let her go, and he held her in his arms.

Kendall pulled away and said she understood Griffin's point. Griffin advised that she hit Ricky in vulnerable spots if she needed to defend herself. She vowed to keep herself together until she got proof. Her cell phone rang, and she answered it and told Ricky that she had just been thinking about him. Ricky asked to see her, and she said there was nothing she'd like more.

At ConFusion, Ricky spoke to an unseen party on the phone. He said Griffin had gone underground, but he wanted Griffin found to ensure he didn't interfere with Ricky's big plans. Ricky worked on his computer as Bianca arrived. She ran off when she spotted him, and she instead approached Jackson, who had just placed the rings from the botched wedding on the table.

Bianca recounted to Jackson that when she and Reese had stopped talking, it had left room for misinterpretations, which in turn had led to their breakup. Jackson said he'd love to have a conversation with Erica, but it was out of his hands, and he appreciated Bianca's support. He commented that the rings felt heavy, and she counseled him to carry them as long as he had to.

Jackson arrived at Krystal's restaurant and wanted to talk about what had happened earlier. She said that she had to put some distance between them. He asked what she meant, and she resigned from her job. He refused to accept her decision.

Bianca approached Ricky, who said he was anticipating Kendall's arrival. Bianca said she wanted to talk to him about Kendall, because Kendall and Ricky had been spending a lot of time together. Bianca asked if their relationship had evolved into more, and Ricky admitted he'd confessed his feelings to Kendall, but he wanted to respect Zach's memory. Bianca said that she didn't want to see Kendall get hurt again, and she insinuated that Kendall and Zach's marriage hadn't been perfect.

Ricky said he'd hold Bianca's words in confidence, because they both wanted what was best for Kendall. Bianca claimed that some people were totally different in private than in public, and that Zach and Kendall had covered their problems for their boys' sake. Ricky began to ask about Kendall's true feelings for Zach, but Bianca cut him off and pointedly declared that she wanted to help Kendall get what she wanted.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Erica tried to get the attention of her captor when she banged on the two-way mirror. When the voice responded, Erica realized it was a recording. Erica wondered where her captor had gone. Erica pondered what her captor wanted from her.

Erica also wondered what her next move should be, since she needed the captor to think she was wasting away from lack of food. Erica sought comfort by looking at the book her captor had made for her. After she lingered a few moments on the picture of her with Mona, Erica flipped to a picture of the surviving Kane women. Erica made a solemn vow that she would make it back to her daughters.

The captor returned and was pleased to find Erica looking at the pictures. The captor asked how the pictures made her feel. A note of panic crept into Erica's voice, and she insisted that her family needed to know she was safe. The captor promised to email Bianca and Kendall if Erica stopped fighting. Erica agreed and asked what her captor wanted her to do. The captor asked Erica to detail the best day of her life.

Erica's captor delivered a printout of the email that was sent to Bianca and Kendall. Erica was upset at its brevity, but the captor encouraged Erica to be happy about her privileges. Erica was glad that she would hear back from her daughters. The captor reminded Erica that she would only see the responses if she talked about the best day of her life. Erica resisted, and her captor warned Erica against fighting, as Erica was so close to getting what she wanted.

Erica said that the only thing she wanted was to get out of her prison. Her captor said that Erica would never be released if she didn't cooperate. Erica acquiesced and looked over the photo book again. The captor realized Erica was trying to figure out if her captor was in the pictures. Erica repeated her belief that her captor was Krystal.

Erica pointed out the prominence of Jack in the photo book and said that Krystal had always wanted him. Erica added that Jack would never give up on Erica. Erica thought that Krystal had to believe that if Erica were prevented from returning to her life, Jack would turn to Krystal for comfort. The captor again told Erica that Krystal was not behind Erica's abduction. The captor said that Krystal couldn't hold a candle to Erica.

Erica started her storytelling with her marriage to Jeff Martin, and how she'd thought that was the best way to get out of her mother's house. Erica soon realized that being Jeff's wife left her feeling trapped in their home. The captor noted that Erica had become a model at that point. Erica reveled in the memory of how free she had felt with that first taste of fame. Erica admitted that her career had taken off but her marriage had not.

After Erica and Jeff divorced, Erica had become involved with Phil Brent. Erica said that Phil had wanted her home all the time. Erica had believed it was because Phil was still in love with Tara. Eventually, Erica had let Phil go as well. After that marriage, Erica had met and fallen in love with Tom Cudahy. According to Erica, Tom was a lovely man but had wanted to settle down with a family, while Erica had wanted fortune and fame.

Erica said that the second time she'd married Adam Chandler, it had been blackmail, but the first time had been out of sheer ambition. Erica had just written Raising Kane, and Adam had been planning to make a movie out of it. The captor had known that her first marriage to Adam wouldn't last because Erica had been in love with Mike Roy.

Erica flipped the page to Travis Montgomery, Bianca's father. Erica thought back on him fondly as the captor mentioned Travis' brother, Jackson. Before Erica could talk about Jack, the captor pointed out Erica's marriage to Dimitri Marick. Erica said that Dimitri, and indeed all of the men in her life, would always hold a special place in her heart. Her captor asked if the divorces still caused her pain.

Erica said that she had believed in all of her relationships when she got married. Her captor asked if she still believed in her relationship with Jack, even though it hadn't worked out the first time. Erica was insistent that her marriage to Jack would work, and then cut herself off. Her captor knew that Erica felt she needed to get back to Jack before it was too late to salvage what she and Jack had.

Her captor admitted to understanding how Erica felt. This flipped a switch in Erica. Erica suddenly remembered that she was talking about her life under duress. She told her captor that the show was over and that she needed to get out. Her captor tried again to ply her with food, but Erica remained strong in her resolve not to eat. Her captor said that Erica couldn't survive much longer without food, but Erica was determined. The captor fell silent, so Erica went back to the book. Erica found a picture of her with Jack and begged for Jack to keep looking for her.

Jack refused to let Krystal quit, but Krystal said that it wasn't Jack's decision. Krystal said that she'd made a fool of herself when she showed interest in Jack. Jack said that they'd both succumbed to the same pitfall, and that they were even. Jack wanted to discuss things further, and Krystal said that if they were going to talk, they needed to be honest with each other. Jack agreed, and rudely said he would go first.

Jack told Krystal how much he liked her as a person and how much he enjoyed having Krystal in his life. Krystal said that she couldn't act the way Jack wanted. When Jack asked why, Krystal said that she was incapable of making Erica stay away from Jack for good. Krystal said that Erica would eventually return to Pine Valley, and marry Jack. Krystal said that she didn't want to do anything that would ruin their friendship.

Jack didn't feel that Krystal quitting was the best solution, but Krystal was certain there was no other way. Jack said that Krystal was the best legal assistant he'd ever had, but Krystal was certain Jack could find other help. Krystal asked that Jack not make things harder than they had to be, and walked off to get some air.

When Krystal returned to the restaurant, she found Jack on the phone with a judge and his work spread out at a table. Just from listening to Jack's side of the conversation, Krystal was easily able to ascertain what paperwork Jack needed. Jack was pleased that despite Krystal's insistence that they part ways, she was able to see for herself how well they worked together.

After Jack ended the call, he immediately began to sing Krystal's praises. Krystal lauded Jack's virtues as well. Krystal admitted that she didn't want to leave Jack. Jack was hesitant, given Krystal's concerns about their friendship crossing the line. Krystal ignored Jack's questions and asked if he was willing to give her a second chance. Without hesitation, Jack welcomed Krystal back to her old job.

Caleb spotted Asher in ConFusion and asked what his son was doing. As Asher tapped on his laptop keys, he admitted that he was still looking for Erica. Asher thought that Caleb would be pleased, but he was wrong. Caleb felt that Erica had made her choice, but Asher wanted to know what Caleb would say in a video message.

Caleb started to tell his son what he'd say but felt ridiculous. Asher thought what Caleb had said was perfect. Caleb was alarmed that Asher had recorded his words; Caleb wanted to delete the file. He told Asher that his feelings for Erica were not a game. Asher suggested that Caleb step out of his comfort zone. Caleb said he would do what he wanted in his own time.

Asher was distracted when he saw a new email message from Erica. Caleb asked how Asher knew there was new email. Asher confessed that he'd hacked into Kendall and Bianca's email accounts. Caleb lectured about how what Asher had done was illegal. Asher said that he wanted to help, and that attempt superseded right and wrong. Asher got angry when Caleb wouldn't back down from his point of view. Asher suggested that Caleb go back to the mountain so that he wouldn't have to deal with anything or anyone.

Ricky asked via phone where Kendall was, as he'd stopped by her place earlier, and found that she wasn't home. Kendall said that she'd been running a bunch of errands and could use a break. Ricky wanted to surprise her, but Kendall nixed the idea so that she could be certain to have backup. Kendall told Ricky that she wanted to meet in the park and ended the call before he could protest.

Kendall immediately saw the look of worry on Griffin's face. She assured him the park was a safe place for her to meet Ricky. Griffin said that he would follow her, but Kendall tried to discourage him. Kendall said that Griffin might get caught. Griffin said that he was willing to take the risk. Kendall was grateful, and took off with Griffin right behind.

As soon as she got to the park, Kendall called Bianca. Bianca told her sister that she'd shared everything with Ricky that Kendall had asked her to impart. Kendall was sure that after getting that information, Ricky would believe that Kendall's marriage had not been as solid as people believed it was. Kendall said that perhaps that information was the push that Ricky needed to open up.

Caleb tracked Bianca down at ConFusion, and told her that Asher had hacked into her email. Bianca thought Asher had done so on his father's behalf so that Caleb could woo Erica. Caleb assured Bianca that his main concern was as Erica's business partner. Caleb relayed Asher's idea about sending a video plea, asking Erica to return home. Bianca realized that she could modify that idea and use it with Erica's loved ones.

Caleb caught up with Asher in the park. Asher said that he didn't need another lecture. Caleb promised that he just wanted to have a conversation. Caleb said that he knew Asher meant well. The men offered apologies for their respective offenses, and then Caleb said he could use Asher's help from time to time. Asher said he wouldn't spy on JR, so when Caleb promised not to request such things, Asher agreed.

Kendall spotted Ricky as he approached and quickly ended her call. She walked over and told Ricky that she was grateful that he had called. While Griffin watched, unnoticed, from a nearby wooded area, Ricky told Kendall that he was glad to finally have some alone time with her. After Kendall got comfortable, Ricky asked if she was okay with spending time out in the open with him. Ricky was worried how Kendall would take it if people started to talk. Ricky added that he wanted to be respectful of Zach's memory.

Kendall said that she'd never known Ricky to be anything but respectful, and expressed her gratitude. Ricky took Kendall's positive response as a signal to push forward. Ricky recalled how much Kendall had shared with him as she worked through her grief over Zach's death. Ricky asked if there was something that Kendall hadn't told him. After Kendall lauded Ricky for being so perceptive, Kendall confessed that she'd done something she wasn't certain Ricky could forgive her for.

Ricky assured Kendall that she was safe with him. Kendall said that despite what everyone believed, she hadn't been in love with Zach when he died. Ricky asked how long Kendall had felt that way. Kendall wasn't specific, but said that Zach had allowed Kendall and the boys to return to Pine Valley months before Zach did because he hadn't wanted to be with her. Ricky said that he wished Kendall had told him that information sooner.

Kendall claimed that she would have if she had known she could trust Ricky so completely. Her claim was the last piece that Ricky needed to hear. As Griffin continued to watch from the shadows, Ricky leaned in and kissed Kendall. When Kendall didn't pull away, Ricky deepened the kiss slightly. Kendall kissed him back, but balled her fist in anger behind Ricky's head.

When they broke apart, Ricky asked if sharing the secret she'd been carrying around made Kendall feel better. Kendall said that she always felt better when she was with Ricky. Moments after Ricky claimed he was the lucky one, a cell phone rang and startled them. Griffin quickly switched the phone off, but Ricky hopped to his feet. Kendall asked where Ricky was going. Ricky was certain someone was watching them.

Ricky went to investigate but couldn't find the culprit. Kendall said it didn't matter because they had shared something special. Ricky agreed and told Kendall he wanted to be with her. Kendall said she felt the same, but added that the talk of her marriage had put a damper on the mood for her. Ricky pleaded with her for a moment, but Kendall asked him to be patient. Kendall kissed him lightly, and that convinced Ricky that he could wait a little longer.

Kendall raced back to Griffin's hideout and blasted him for getting too close to Ricky. Griffin said that he'd known that Ricky wouldn't find him but claimed that Kendall had lost control. Kendall said she had done what she felt was necessary to mess with Ricky's head. Griffin said it looked like Ricky had the upper hand. Kendall was outraged because Griffin failed to realize what Kendall had gone through to get that close to Zach's killer.

Kendall started to explain her methods for getting to Ricky. Griffin thought that Kendall was taking the wrong path. Kendall said that it was ripping her heart out to tell the man who had probably killed Zach that she'd stopped loving her husband. Kendall said it felt like she was spitting on Zach's memory. Kendall added that although it was painful, she was willing to do whatever was necessary to make sure that Ricky paid for what he did. Kendall told Griffin never to question her again, and ordered Griffin to stay out of her way.

Bianca found Jack at Krystal's restaurant. Bianca said that she had an idea of a way to reach out to Erica. Jack wondered how Bianca knew Erica was monitoring her email. Bianca revealed that Erica had sent a short note to her and Kendall that morning. Jack was stung at the realization that he'd been left out. Bianca said that the note meant Erica might be up for a return communication, and suggested a video.

Bianca showed Jack and Krystal a video of Miranda, with Gabi, Spike, and Ian. Miranda told Erica that she was missed by all of the grandchildren and that they wanted her to return home. Jack thought the video was great, and Bianca said that she would get Kendall and Opal to record something as well. Jack wasn't sure he should participate, but Bianca convinced him otherwise.

Bianca started recording, and Jack spoke from his heart. Jack said that he was having a hard time understanding why Erica would disappear when they were at the genesis of their future. Jack said that he was trying to work through his feelings so that when Erica returned, there would be no anger or blame. Jack confirmed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Erica, but said that he wouldn't put his life on hold. At the same moment, Erica stared at the picture of her with Jack in the album.

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