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Passions Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on PS
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Monday, August 26, 2002

Tabitha tells the zombie about how much she hates the Bennett's for what they did to her over 300 years ago. She plans on destroying everyone in Harmony as she looks at her evil "love" triangles.

Grace and Sam return home. Grace is still upset about her fight with Kay. She calls Kay's words a knife in her heart. Grace then has a premonition of doom. She tells Sam that she knows something terrible is about to happen. Then Grace visualizes being hit by Tabitha's triangles.

Simone tells her father that she and Chad are "dating." TC wants everything out in the open and Chad is put on the spot. TC then gives Simone permission to date Chad. He then tells Whitney that she can't have a boyfriend. She can't hurt her tennis career and break her father's heart.

Antonio is lied to once again. He intends to spend the night with Sheridan but everyone insists he stay in the hospital. Beth tells her mother to stop scheming to keep her and Luis apart. Beth says that her mother only wants her as a slave but it won't work. Beth plans on getting Luis back and using the current situation to her advantage.

Ivy calls on David to once again break up Sam and Grace. David laughs in Ivy's face and tells her that all the tricks and scheming in the world could not keep them apart. He says that Sam and Grace are more in love than ever. David tells Ivy that Sam and Grace only have eyes for each other. Ivy insists that David could sweep Grace off her feet and make her fall in love with him.

Julian is curious as to what Ivy is up to. He thinks Ivy is having a secret tryst with Sam. He tries to catch them red handed.

Sam walks in the front door. Ivy is surprised to see him. He says he came to question Julian about his "death." Ivy asks Sam how Charity is doing and Sam tells her that Charity received a heart transplant and Timmy was the donor. Julian is genuinely upset to hear about Timmy's death. Ivy sees tears in his eyes. She is even further confused when he says he must go see how poor Tabitha is doing.

David calls on Grace.

Tabitha wants to kill Julian with her bare hands and smiles as he shows up on her doorstep.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Grace confides to David about her fears of the evil that has crept back into their lives. She also tells him about her fight with Kay. David, still pretending to be Grace's husband, tells her she can always depend on him and trust him. Grace looks at her wedding picture and visualizes Ivy's face in her place. She tells David that she is a hypocrite because she is "married" to David but living with Sam. Grace thinks that this could be the "evil" that is hurting everyone and that she needs to abide by the laws of the church. She tells David that maybe she and Sam should separate.

Sam questions Ivy about Theresa's complaint. He asks her point blank if she set up Theresa. Ivy acts outraged. She screams at Sam that she would never let anyone think her son killed Julian. Sam doubts her word and tells Ivy that she has been a Crane too long and she has adopted their way of doing things. Ivy tells him that if she has such a low opinion of her to get the hell out of her house. Ivy then panics when she realizes that she sent Sam away, back to Grace, with her voice screeching in his ears. She grabs a glass and shatters it. She then purposely cuts her hand and starts to cry for help. Sam rushes to help her as Ivy pretends the cut is nothing.

Tabitha's plans to kill Julian keep getting aborted. Tabitha gets Julian to stay a bit longer by treating him to a batch of Martimmies. They toast Timmy and share their memories. Tabitha says that she is the only one in Harmony who ever truly loved him. Julian confesses that he did love Timmy. He tells Tabby that he tried not to but he was drawn to him and enjoyed his company. He then remembers some of their misadventures. Tabitha seems touched. Something strange begins to happen after a few glasses of the martimmies. Julian and Tabitha begin to see each other in a whole new light. They toss their glasses into the fire place and kiss passionately. Tabitha then sweeps Julian up in her arms and carries him upstairs!

Sheridan and Luis go back to the cottage. They profess their love for one another over and over again. They make love in the living room. Antonio leaves the hospital and walks up to the cottage, planning on surprising his fiancée, Sheridan.

Eve seems confused when she hears the news that Chad wants to date Simone. She tells TC that she was sure Chad wanted to be with Whitney. Chad sneaks into Whitney's room and Simone sees him. She is sure he got the wrong room and was looking for her.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Tabitha and Julian get down and dirty. They do the deed in such wild outfits, even Rebecca would be shocked.

The zombie appears after Julian passes out and asks Tabitha just what in the hell she is doing. The zombie reminds Tabitha that Julian is her enemy and she should be killing him not playing push-push with him.

Tabitha realizes that the zombie is right and begins to strangle the unconscious Julian. She then stops and sees a message from Timmy printed on the ceiling of her bedroom. He tells Tabby to be good so she can be with him in heaven. Tabitha says she doesn't know if she is capable of being good because she has been evil for so many centuries. Timmy sends his love and signs off.

Ivy tries to play up to Sam. Theresa is watching. She tells Ivy that they are exactly alike in the fact that they both want their men back from other women. Theresa then tells Ivy that she may have a chance with Sam if Theresa decides not to become Grace's ally.

Antonio almost catches Luis and Sheridan in the act. He loses his sight temporarily. It then returns once he is relaxed, inside of the cottage. He decides to spend the night. Sheridan tells him she will not sleep with him until he is better.

Grace tells Sam that they must not commit adultery and moves him out of her bedroom. This delights both David and Ivy.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Eve and Pilar are relieved to find Antonio at Sheridan's cottage. They are upset to hear that Antonio went temporarily blind and Eve insists that he go back to the hospital. She tells Antonio that she needs to run more tests. At the hospital, she gets the results and tells the nurse she can't put off telling Antonio any longer. Eve then lies to everyone and says that Antonio is just fine. After hearing that Luis prepares to tell Antonio the truth. He plans on telling his brother that Sheridan was engaged to him before her amnesia and is still planning to marry him even now.

Julian wakes up in Tabitha's bed all smiles. He tells Tabby that she had tricks up her sleeve that even he did not know about and he was sure he had seen everything. Julian leaves Tabitha by telling her once again how sorry he is that Timmy is gone. He then makes the mistake of opening the basement door. Julian gets blasted by the fire and smoke. Tabitha then gives him the bum's rush out of the house by way of her front door.

The zombie appears and questions Tabitha as to why she did not kill Julian when she had the chance. Tabitha cannot honestly answer that. Then they both hear strange knocking. Tabitha says it is coming from the attic. She opens a small door that she tells the zombie is a door from the future. Out walk four ugly babies. Tabitha laughs. She sees babies and pain in the future. She seems to know who three of the babies belong to but not the fourth. The zombie smiles. She says she knows who the fourth baby belongs to but won't tell Tabby.

Theresa has a new plan to get Ethan back. When Julian returns home Theresa drops a bomb on him. She reminds him and everyone else that she is the true Mrs. Julian Crane. When Julian makes an advance toward Theresa, she slugs him. Julian orders her out of the house. Theresa only laughs and says she is going nowhere. In fact she orders Julian to give her a job of position and authority at Crane Industries. Julian says no woman ever held an important position at Crane industries. Ivy, Rebecca and Gwen are appalled. Ethan stands there and admires Theresa's spirit. Privately, Alistair is watching the scene and is cheering Theresa on.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Eve lies to Antonio when she tells him that he is just fine. She then interrupts Luis' confession. Eve takes Luis, Pilar and Sheridan to her office. She tells the trio the horrible truth. Antonio is dying.

Theresa demands that Julian give her a job at Crane Industries. She then has her personal shopper deliver a king's ransom in jewels and clothes for her and her son. Julian faints dead away when he sees the bill. Gwen knows that this is just another ploy to win Ethan back. Ethan smiles and seems genuinely impressed by Theresa's spirit. He is proud of the fact that she wants a job and is willing to work, unlike the rest of the Crane women.

Rebecca tells Ivy that she is waiting for an important call that will put an end to Theresa's tyranny. Rebecca's call come through and she is pleased with the news she received. She says to herself that Theresa better enjoy the Crane money now because soon she will be out on her ear.

Kay overhears that Miguel is in the house and is going to take a shower in the upstairs bathroom. She conveniently waits for Miguel to walk in on her. Grace walks in on the scene and is mad at Kay. Grace orders Kay to get dressed and to meet her for a little talk downstairs. In the meantime David and John arrive. When John hears Kay going after Grace he tells his "Sis" to calm down. Kay informs him not to call her Sis and to butt out. She then hears that Grace sent John a fancy hot breakfast. Kay tells John that all Grace ever gets her for breakfast is cold cereal.

David tries to defend Grace but Kay tells him it is none of his business except for the fact that since her mother is married to him that makes Kay a bastard. When Grace hears this she grabs Kay's wrist. Kay retaliates by slapping her mother across the face.

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