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Leo eventually welcomed his half-brother, Trey, with open arms. Brooke confessed to Edmund that Maria was still alive. Anna had David arrested. Edmund threatened David. Kendall found Maria and Maddie in Aidan's hotel room and called Jack to give him the news.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, August 26, 2002

At the hospital, a shocked Leo told his mother that Trey was nothing but a liar, but Nessa was unrelenting. She repeated that Trey was his brother and offered him the papers as proof. Desperate, Nessa asked Trey to tell Leo what he had just told her but he refused. Addressing Trey as "Ben", she explained to Leo what had happened all those years ago when her "youngest son" had been born. She told them that she hadn't been strong enough to convince Vanessa to keep her child but had been fortunate enough to will herself to steer Vanessa away from having an abortion. Leo became enraged and stated that Trey had stolen someone's identity and that it wouldn't put it past him to do it again. Nessa was unconvinced and offered Leo the papers again. Trey identified them as his birth certificate and the letter Jim Canyon had written to Vanessa and stated that the dates on both documents correlated. Leo threw them back and Nessa and maintained that Trey was lying but Nessa only told him to listen to his "brother." Suddenly, Leo began clapping and congratulated them on a job well done but declared that they couldn't fool him. Nessa assured him that nobody was lying and a frustrated Trey demanded that she stop trying to convince him. Leo hastily suggested that the police be involved but Trey maintained that after a childhood spent in twelve abusive foster homes, nothing could scare him. Leo replied that they all had bad childhoods and asked him to stop the "poor me" routine. Chuckling but angry, Trey explained that he had spent his whole life hating his mother and now that he had found her, he couldn't think of one good reason to join their family. "Well, I can think of ten million reasons," Leo replied. Trey stated that it wasn't about the money but Leo couldn't understand why he would impersonate a lawyer in order to approach Vanessa in the first place. Trey explained that he wouldn't have been able to have a conversation with Vanessa in her mental state but Leo wasn't buying his story. Trey couldn't admit that he didn't find the thought of having the ten million dollars appealing but maintained that Vanessa owed him for what she had done to him. He asked Leo why he was searching for the money and Leo replied that he only wanted to return it to the police and take Greenlee to Paris. Trey scoffed and stated that when it came to money, they were very much alike. He told Leo to "get in line" because Vanessa owed him "ten times more" than anything Leo thought he should get. Interrupting, Nessa told them they both deserved whatever Vanessa took from them and stated that she would give the money to them to be shared any way they preferred. "If I knew where it was!" she exclaimed. Leo suggested that she did know but Nessa maintained that she didn't. He refused to allow Trey to be alone with Nessa in case he "tortured" her for the money but Trey only scoffed at the idea. "Unless of course you want to have a big temper tantrum to your long-lost mother," Leo dryly stated. Nessa begged Leo to listen to his "brother" but a frustrated Trey threw up his hands and stormed out of the room.

In the chapel, Anna and David congratulated Edmund and Brooke on their marriage and wished them all the best. Edmund commented to David that there was "nothing like second chances" and David agreed. The pair left the chapel and, once in the hallway, Anna asked David what Edmund had been referencing to. David explained that he had only spoken with Edmund before the wedding to wish him luck but Anna was suspicious. David asked why it was hard to believe that he had wished luck to a husband-to-be on his wedding day and confided that their vows had reminded him of theirs. Anna chuckled and asked if that meant that the "honeymoon (wasn't) over yet" and hugged him. David suggested they leave the party and she meet him a little later on at the Valley Inn so he could prove it to her. She agreed and David left to pack. Maggie rushed in shortly after and asked Anna why she had seen David running towards the parking lot. Anna explained that they were going away and Maggie wondered if she had told him about her pregnancy. Anna whispered that she hadn't and, as Maggie took her hand, she hoped that everything would go well when he found out because "so much (was) at stake."

Joe and Tad approached the newlyweds and congratulated them. Tad extended his hand to Edmund as he wished him luck and Edmund happily shook it. He told Brooke that he had never seen her glowing like that before and Brooke stated that he could "blame it on (her) husband." Joe and Tad departed and, once alone, Edmund and Brooke embraced. They vowed to be happy for the rest of their lives and to never let anything pull them apart.

In the mausoleum, Maria rose to see Maddie and asked her why she thought she was her mother. "Because you are," Maddie replied, obviously confused. Crying, Maria showed her the picture and asked her if she knew what it was. "Mommy, stop fooling," Maddie stated. "That's you and that's me when I was a tiny baby." Confused, she told Maria that her father was wrong about her going to heaven and stated that she wasn't invisible, because she could see her. Teary, Maria replied that she was the one who looked like an angel. Maddie grasped Maria's hand and pulled her out to see her father. Maria pulled back and stated that she didn't even know her name. "Stop fooling, Mommy, I'm Maddie, silly," she declared, as she went off in search of Edmund. Alone, Maria clutched the picture and suddenly had a flashback from the night of the plane crash. "You really are mine," she cried, as she looked up and saw the tomb of Maria Santos Grey. Maria sat as she looked at her tomb and expressed her confusion. "I took you away from your children and then I come back and find my child here," she whispered. Suddenly, she heard someone at the door and quickly hid. She watched as Isabella walked in with flowers and whispered to Maria's tomb that she had to visit her on this day. As Isabella spoke, Maria remembered her conversation with David when he explained how she had run "Maria Grey" off the road and killed her in a jealous rage. Isabella suddenly exclaimed that she shouldn't have let her go off on "that plane that killed (her)" and a crying Maria became confused. Her mother explained that she was thankful for her sisters and her brother and described the "hollow part of (her) heart" that formed when her first-born was killed.

Alone in the chapel, the priest approached Brooke and congratulated them on their wedding. He told her that their love was evident through their vows and that they would help each other mend from the heartaches experienced in their pasts. Edmund walked in and the priest repeated the sentiment, telling them that nothing would ever ruin their love for each other.

Outside in the hallway, Tad assured his father that the words he had said to Brooke and Edmund were sincere but Joe was unconvinced. Tad ensured that he wouldn't interfere with their happiness and claimed that the fax he gave to Brooke on Maureen Gorman was the one thing that allowed the wedding to happen. "What do you know about her?" Anna asked, as she approached the pair. Curious, Tad wondered what she knew but all Anna would say was that she was involved in a police investigation. She confessed that she didn't know much about her and asked Tad to share any information with her. He declared that she was a hospital worker from Nevada who had been singled out as a match for Enzo Santos. Tad asked Anna for her information but Anna refused to divulge the police case and quickly hurried out of the chapel hall. Alone, Joe advised Tad to not breathe a word of this to Brooke or Edmund and Tad agreed that he wouldn't. However, he felt it was his duty to find out why a woman from the "middle of nowhere" was the subject of a police investigation in Pine Valley. Joe demanded that he mind his own business but Tad remained silent. Suddenly, he stated that he was going somewhere and, upon seeing Joe's worried look, he assured him that he was only going to the bathroom. He asked his father if he wanted to "stand guard" but Joe only shook his head and left.

At the Valley Inn, David left a message for Maria on her voicemail. He declared that getting out of town was the wisest choice for her and asked her to call him once she got in. David assured her that he would live up to his end of the bargain and that he would somehow arrange for her to see her daughter.

Anna arrived home as David was packing his bags. She explained that she had stopped to say goodbye to Maggie then had spoken with Tad. David asked why she wasted their time by speaking with Tad but Anna asked him if he hadn't said earlier that they had the rest of their lives. "If I have anything to do with it," he chuckled, but Anna remained silent. Suspicious, David asked him what was going on and remembered her speaking with Maggie about test results. Beaming, David asked his wife if she was pregnant.

Alone again, Edmund and Brooke embraced and vowed that they would love each other forever. Edmund whispered in his new wife's ear that nothing could happen that would ever make him stop loving her and the pair kissed. Suddenly, an excited Maddie ran in and exclaimed that "she (was) there!" An ashen Brooke looked on as Maddie explained that "it (had) finally happened" and that she had just been with her mother. Edmund knelt down and explained that it couldn't have been her mother because she had passed on and was invisible. Brooke looked horrified as Maddie grabbed Edmund's hand and urged him to go with her. Edmund assured her that she was overexcited and was imagining things but Maddie wouldn't let up. Finally, Brooke exclaimed to Edmund that he had to stop. Edmund whispered to Maddie to go join the party and assured her that they would talk about Maria later. Alone, Edmund apologized to Brooke for his daughter's overactive imagination and assured her that Maddie was excited about calling her "Mommy." Brooke suddenly became quiet and confided to Edmund that Maddie's imagination had nothing to do with what she saw. She explained to a confused Edmund that Maria was still alive.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Trey stormed back into his apartment throwing things around, upset at his family. Kendall entered the room, asking him if he was out of his mind, and he replied, "Yeah. What are you going to do about it?" Trey tried to kick her out, but Kendall refused to go. She told him she'll call the Bar Association on him if he tries to kick her out, and he responded by giving her the phone and saying, "Go ahead." Confused, Kendall accused him of bluffing. Trey said that he's already been "outed" once today. He took his glasses off and introduced himself as Ben Shepherd, long lost son of Vanessa Cortland. She accused him of putting her on, but he said he didn't care what anyone believed. He told her that his brother, Leo, is probably denying him to the press right now, and Kendall responded that she knows what that's like. Trey, however, told her that his childhood was far worse then hers. She asked him when he found out about Vanessa, because she found out about Erica when she was fourteen. He responded, "Isn't that about the age that Erica was when your father raped her?" Kendall recognized that he hates the world, just like she does. Trey settled down, as Kendall asked him about his father. He told her he didn't know who he is, and Kendall said that at least he knows that he wasn't a rapist. He apologized for his crack about Erica being raped. Kendall told him that her adoptive mother, Alice, always told her to tell the truth, but she was dishonest when she pretended Kendall came from her. She told him that her mother was trying to prevent her father's evil from rising in her. Trey tried to comfort her by telling her that she isn't evil simply because of her father. Kendall began ranting about her mother, Erica, and why Erica hates her. She understands why Erica can't look at her, because she always sees the face of Richard Fields. Trey told her that Erica's wrong for holding that against her. He called himself and idiot loser for laying this guilt on her. They exchanged kind-hearted insults for a few moments until their lips touched and they began to kiss. Kendall quickly broke away and said, "I can't do this." Trey agreed that it would have been a mistake, and they can't get involved as long as they're sharing the loft. Kendall shyly asked him if he still wanted her to move out, and he responded that she could stay.

Tad's contact, Burke, met him in a park with the information Tad was looking for. He told Tad that Maureen was mugged in Pine Valley, Aidan was taking care of her until she disappeared, and Anna has taken a keen interest in her. Tad was stunned, until Burke told him that David Hayward was seen in the airport with Maureen. Burke left Tad scratching his head, wondering what David Hayward has to do with Maureen.

David asked Anna again if she was pregnant, but she instead responded, "I know who Maureen Gorman is." David asked her what she means by that, and she told him that she knows that he knows about Maureen. She then gave David five minutes to tell her everything he knows about her. He played dumb and asked her how she could say that. She told him that she knows he called Maureen's cell phone, but he said it must have been a wrong number. She repeated that she knew he knew her, and everything they have together is riding on his answer. After pleading with her for a few minutes, David finally said that he did know her. She was a patient, however, and he can't discuss her. Anna told him that the excuse was a little too convenient. She then asked him what he was really doing in Wildwind, because she knows that his service didn't call him. She was interrupted by a knock at the door, and David went to answer it. It was Tad, and he pushed himself past David. Turning around to face him, Tad asked him what he has to do with Maureen Gorman. He told David and Anna about David being spotted with her at the airport, and David confessed that he was seeing her off. He told Tad she was a heart patient, until Tad reminded him that she couldn't have a heart condition and still be on the organ donor's list. David turned around in shock, realizing that Tad was right. Tad turned to Anna, and told her Brooke's suspicions that Maureen was Maria. He left, telling them that it might already be too late.

Edmund asked Brooke what she was trying to say, and she told him that she believed Maureen Gorman is Maria. Edmund tried to explain about the fax Tad showed, but Brooke told him that it was a fake. She repeated that she saw the real Maureen Gorman, "very closely." She told him that she convinced herself that her mind was playing games with her. Now, however, she's 100% sure it was Maria. She told him that Maria didn't recognize her, and Edmund asked her how she could be sure it was her. Brooke told him that she will always remember Maria's eyes on the plane the night of the crash. She said that she believes Maddie when she said she saw her mommy, and she might be in the mausoleum. Stunned, Edmund turned around and sprinted out of the church. Brooke slowly followed him.

Edmund arrived in the mausoleum to find it empty. He told the security guard that Maria may still be on the grounds, and to seal off the perimeter. Security was confused, but they left to carry out his orders. Edmund, alone with Brooke, asked her how they got to this day. She tried to answer his questions, but she didn't understand what he was asking. He asked, "Who are you?", and she responded, "I'm your wife, and the woman who loves you." Edmund revisited Brooke's trips to Nevada, and he realized she had lied to him. He asked her, "Why? Why did you do that?" She told him that she was afraid of losing him again, and she confessed that she didn't want Maria to be alive. She went on to say that Maria has no memory, and if he was to look into her eyes, he wouldn't see any recognition, love, or warmth. It would be like losing her all over again. Edmund's phone rang He answered, and, after a moment, said, "You found her?" After hanging up, Edmund told Brooke that they may have spotted her in the orchard. Brooke decided to stay behind as Edmund left to find her. On his way out, Brooke told him again, how sorry she is. Later, Brooke was staring at Maria's name engraved in the wall of the mausoleum. Talking to herself, Brooke commented that Maria would have brought her back if their roles were reversed, because that's who she is. She said Edmund's confused now, but he'll be okay. She went on to say that he never stopped loving Maria, and this will be the day he never forgets, "the day his wife came home."

Outside David and Anna's room, Tad was on the phone to Maureen's former employer. He was told that she quit, and Tad asked him to find out when she quit. Tad was stunned when the other person told him that it isn't her on the file. Tad responded, "Well, if it isn't her, who the hell is it?"

Anna began piecing it together, and asked David, "Is that what you were doing in Wildwind?" David told her that he's said all he could. She went over his story again, including treating a healthy woman from Nevada, traipsing around Wildwind, and seeing her off at the airport. David screamed that he's not going to violate his patient's rights. They were interrupted by a knock at the door, and Tad screamed, "Let me in!" When he entered the room, he filled Anna in on his phone call to Nevada. He told her that the picture he was sent was a fake. Irate, David dove across the room to tackle Tad, as he screamed, "I'm sick of this!" Tad put a stop to it, however, as the fax machine started. He told them that the hospital administrator is faxing over Maureen's picture as they speak. Speechless, the three of them turned towards the fax machine. David tried to walk over to it, but Tad grabbed his arm and said, "All will be revealed." David and Tad began wrestling around the room as Anna's phone rang. It was Edmund informing her that Maria may be alive and asking her to put out an APB. Anna asked him if Maria has ever used an alias. Before he could answer, Tad and David stopped fighting as Tad pulled the fax out of the machine. He held it up and showed David and Anna the picture. They stared in shock as the face they saw was Maria's.

Brooke entered the chapel talking on her cell phone. She told the security guard that she was going to be heading up to the house, and tell Edmund she'll see him later. After hanging up, she entered the church, remembering Edmund's comments about her honesty and integrity. She heard a noise behind her, and turned around to see Maddie. As Maddie entered the church, Brooke saw that she was holding the hand of Maria. Maria and Brooke faced each other in the center of the chapel.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Tad held up the fax that just came over and this time Maureen Gorman's picture was Maria Santos Grey. Anna recognized her as she was on the phone with Edmund. Edmund was telling her that Maria was going by the name of Maureen Gorman. Anna said she'd put out an APB for her immediately and hung up. Tad grilled David "For 5 years you don't tell Edmund his wife is alive?" and then punched David in the face. Anna wanted an explanation but said she didn't have time for David's stories, she was going to Wildwind. David tried to get her to listen to him but she just said she didn't want to hear it. Tad yelled "Do you know how many lives you've screwed up?." David claimed there were extenuating circumstances and that he did the right thing. Anna walked out the door and Tad followed.

In the chapel Brooke and Maureen/Maria stared at each other as Maddie said "See, she's not a ghost, she's an angel!." Maddie asked Brooke if she could see her mommy and Brooke said of course. She tried to get Maddie to go back to the house but she refused to leave, saying she was afraid her mommy would leave again. Maria promised she wouldn't go away. Brooke gave Maddie some paper and told her to sit in a pew and draw a picture while she talked to her mommy. Maddie asked Brooke if she would tell her daddy that she saw "Angel Mommy." Brooke said yes and Maria asked who she is to her. Brooke said "I was your friend." Brooke told Maria all about the plane crash and Maria flashed back and remembered telling Brooke to take Maddie. Brooke said the plane went over the edge of the cliff and they assumed Maria had died. Maria can't remember any of that and Brooke went on to say that she couldn't get Maria out, she was stuck in her plane seat and Edmund was knocked unconscious. Maria asked who Edmund was and Brooke said "Your husband, Maddie's father." Maria was very confused and asked "Did I live here?." She asked why Brooke came looking for her in Nevada. Brooke said she was looking for a donor match for a relative of Maria's and then realized she might actually be Maria. Brooke said she had to see if Maria had survived and Maria asked why "What had I done?." Brooke said she didn't want it to be Maria she found in Nevada and Maria asked "Once you found me, why did you leave me there?." Then she realized who it was that Brooke had married that day. "You married Maddie's father today, Edmund is your husband." Brooke said he was Maria's husband but Maria had a difficult time absorbing this. She asked unbelieving, "Are you saying I'm Maria Santos Grey? I didn't kill her?" Brooke asked why she thought that but Maria's cell phone began to ring. Brooke told Maria to answer her phone but Maria said she knew who it was and didn't want to talk to him.

Meanwhile inside the mansion Edmund called out for Maria. A maid showed up and Edmund asked if she'd seen his wife. She said no, she was in the chapel. Edmund said I mean Maria and the maid was quite confused. Edmund started to explain but just said "if you see my wife...." The maid interrupted and asked "Which one?." Edmund got a bit angry and said "This isn't funny!" and sent the maid away. Sammy came down the stairs and Edmund joined him. Sammy said he couldn't sleep and asked if his daddy ever dreamed about Mommy (Maria). Edmund said yes sometimes and then tried to get Sammy back upstairs to bed. Sammy said he heard Maddie say she saw their mommy and Edmund said if Sammy would go back to bed, he'd go look for her. Sammy agreed and went upstairs.

David called Maureen's cell phone and got very angry when she didn't answer. He reached under a desk and took out a hidden envelope. He emptied it on the bed and picked up a syringe, a drug and a gun. He placed all of the items in his medical bag and rushed out the door, only to find a policewoman standing guard. She told him he was being detained on orders from Chief Devane. David was livid and tried to convince the cop to let him out. She refused and David went back into the room. He threw a fit and yelled "Maureen, you've been trouble since I first found you.." He flashed back to 5 years ago, late at night on a beach. He was frantically burying something in the sand when he heard a noise. He looked around and found Maria barely alive. David said out loud to himself in the hotel room "I should've let her die and buried her too."

Tad sat in the car as Anna drove them to Wildwind. Tad yacked on and on about how he never believed Brooke in Nevada. Anna told him to be quiet because she had a headache. Tad was silent for about 2 seconds then started on about Edmund's search for Maria after the plane crash. Anna told him to can it but Tad asked "How many times were you and David at Wildwind? It's like a shrine to Maria, her picture's everywhere. How did David keep his mouth shut?" Anna swerved off the road and ran out of the car to throw up. When she returned Tad offered to drive since she was obviously so upset but Anna refused. Tad started in on her about how he knew David was no good and that she should've too. Anna told him to "stop the I told you so dance" but Tad continued the argument. He asked how she could be with a man who lies to her and thinks he can get away with it. Anna looked pensive. Tad insisted that he drive and Anna told him the discussion was over but Tad wouldn't shut up. He asked how many laws her husband had broken and Anna tried to defend David, saying that maybe Maria made her own choices. Tad said Anna was trying to look for a way to forgive David and asked "What kind of self destructive cruise are you on?." She said there was nothing wrong with trying to find the truth. Tad said she looked so confident on the outside, why would a woman like her want to stay with a man like David. Anna angrily replied "Because I'm pregnant!"

David took out a syringe and needle and remembered back 5 years ago. Maria was lying in a hospital bed badly injured. Daivd was talking into his recorder and made note of all her injuries and vital signs. He said that all signs indicated that the patient was mortaly ill. Maria tried to talk and said "Edmund", then "Maddie." David went back to his recorder and said she was a candidate for "X-17" or death was imminent. Back in the present David returned to the door and told the policewoman that she should have a chair to sit on. She refused it and Daivd insisted. He turned to pick up a large chair from his room then pretended to hurt his back. The cop came in to help him and David injected her with a drug that immediately knocked her out. David grabbed his medical bag and ran out of the room.

Maria asked Brooke if Maddie is like Edmund and Brooke said yes, she has his smile but her mother's eyes. Brooke told her that Edmund has kept her memory alive for the children. Maria asked if he was a good man and asked Brooke if she loved him very much. When Brooke said yes, Maria then asked if she loved Maddie too. Brooke again said yes. Maria said "So my being alive is your worst nightmare." She asked how much Edmund knows about her. Brooke said he knows that she found Maria and didn't tell him. Maria said she hears Edmund's name but it evokes nothing for her. Brooke said she didn't wish Maria dead and that Edmund never stopped loving her. Maria wondered what Edmund will want from her. Brooke said that what the two of them shared was a once in a lifetime relationship but Maria said she didn't know what to believe. Maria said she had heard "Maria's mother, my mother" in the mausoleum and she too had said Maria died in a plane crash. Maria said shethought she was lost before but now she was completely lost. Brooke told her that she had a life with a husband and children before and said she would help her. Maria said she would wait in the chapel while Brooke found Edmund. Brooke said Maddie should be in bed but Maria said her daughter was staying with her. Brooke said ok and left to find Edmund. Maddie came over to Maria and said "Mommy Angel, where did Mommy Brooke go?."

Edmund was on the phone with security who told him no one had seen Maria. When he hung up he recalled the plane crash and Maria sitting behind him saying she loved him. Brooke walked in and told him Maria was in the chapel waiting for him with Maddie. Brooke told him that Maria doesn't remember much, that to her Maria Santos is just a name. Edmund left and Brooke followed him. They walked into the chapel and Edmund looked around, a little confused.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Greenlee comes home exhausted from a day searching at the Hall of Records. She didn't make any progress in her search for information on Trey. As soon as Greenlee sees the look on Leo's face, she senses something happened during his visit to Vanessa. She asks Leo what was Vanessa's reaction when Leo told her that Trey was an imposter. Leo shrugs off the question and tries to avoid the subject. Greenlee really wants to question him, but tells Leo that if he doesn't want to tell her, she's sure he has a good reason. She'll wait until he's ready. Leo holds Greenlee close as they remember their honeymoon trip to New York City and the time they spent together at Central Park.

Ed rushes to the chapel to find Maria and Maddie gone. Brooke tells Edmund everything that went on between her and Maria. She says she told Maria the truth about her past. When Brooke asks if there is anything she can do, Edmund becomes angry. He reminds her of the vows she had just taken with him at the altar and says Brooke was his touchstone for all things good and honorable. Tad and Anna arrive. Anna claims that David is the one responsible for Maria's disappearance. Edmund becomes overwhelmed with all the information being presented to him. He doesn't want to hear from Anna, and certainly not from Tad. He seems to only want to blame Brooke. Edmund is furious that Brooke knew that Maria was alive and yet chose to keep that fact from him. He wants to know what kind of a woman would keep a mother from her children.

Brooke has no defense. She admits she made all the wrong choices, but didn't care what the final cost would be. She only wanted a second chance to find happiness with Edmund. Edmund asks Brooke why she deserved a second chance, but he and the children didn't. Knowing his friend couldn't take much more, Tad takes Brooke by the elbow and tells her it's time for her to leave. Next Tad turns to Edmund and tells him to go find Maria.

Maria takes Maddie to the park where her daughter asks which mommy is her "real" mommy. The only answer Maria can come up with is that more mommies mean more love. Aidan appears and Maria has to decide whether or not she will trust him. When she hears police sirens approaching, Maria is afraid Aidan has called the police, but he assures her that he has not. She realizes that the police are on their way to Wildwind. Maria tells Aidan about Brooke and some of the story she was told at the chapel. She asks Aidan to help her. Aidan considers what he should do, then takes Maria and Maddie to his motel room.

David pounds on the door at the Chandler mansion. When Liza answers, David tells her she needs to hide his serum or they will both end up in jail. Liza wants to part of his scheme. David calls her his partner. He reminds Liza that she funded his experiments through Chandler Enterprises and adds that she knew exactly what he was doing in those experiments. When Liza denies this, David pulls out a notarized document proving his point. Even though the document has been faked, David tells Liza that if she pushes the issue, the publicity alone will bring down her company. When Liza asks what he wants from her, David tells her he wants protection in the form of the best lawyers Chandler Enterprises can buy. Liza agrees, but says cooperation will cost him. When David threatens her again, Liza reminds him that she lives with Adam Chandler. To her, David is "as scary as soggy cereal." When David opens the door to leave, Anna is waiting there with handcuffs. She tells David he is under arrest.

Friday, August 30, 2002

At their condo, Greenlee and Leo talked about Trey's weird behavior and that Vanessa told him Trey is his brother. Greenlee didn't believe it is true. Vanessa has lied in the past. Leo said he is convinced that Trey is his brother. Greenlee thought maybe Mia would have some information about Trey.

At Chandler Mansion, Trey rang the front door bell and Mia answered the door. She wasn't pleased to see him. Trey wanted a favor. He wanted her to go to Leo and tell him he is a good person. A boy scout. When Mia refused, Trey reminded her of how she dumped her son and left him to strangers. He claimed she didn't love her son. Mia argued she loves William very much. Trey threatened to tell Dr. Hubbard he has a son. Mia called his bluff and handed him a cell phone. " Call him", she demanded. "I don't want to live in fear any longer. Let the truth come out." Trey backed down. He picked up the argument about giving away her son. It happened to William the same as it did for me. Mia was surprised to hear Trey's confession he was adopted and told him she was sad for him that he was given up. Unknown to Mia, Trey had a slight smile on his face. He then told Mia Vanessa is his biological mother. Mia agreed to talk to Leo. She called Leo on her cell phone and told him she wanted to talk with him. "Come on over," replied. Leo.

Mia entered the condo and told Leo and Greenlee she thought Trey was a good person. She knew he had used someone else's name and conned a lot of people. She agreed he made mistakes but so has everyone. Trey had helped her adopt her baby. Leo asked when did she become a great fan of Trey's. "What happened?" he asked. Mia realizing she couldn't convince Leo any further, left. She met Trey in the hallway outside of Leo's and Greenlee's condo. She told him she did all she could to convince Leo and now it was his turn.

Trey knocked on the door. This time Greenlee answered it. Leo held out his hand and shook Trey's. Leo then put his arm around Trey and hugged him. Greenlee looked on stunned.

At Wildwind, Edmund entered the stables looking for Maddie and calling her name. He then called Maria's name. He remembered back when he and Maria kissed in the nearby straw and declared to himself he will not lose Maria again and left the stables to search for her.

David was put into a jail cell much to his objections. He and Anna argued about the lies he told her. She declared her marriage to him is the biggest lie of all. David is stunned by her declaration. He questioned why she would say such a thing. Anna told him she can't forgive him for taking two children's mother away from them and for keeping Maria away from Edmund. Anna asked him if he realized the pain he caused. David didn't seem to understand exactly what Anna was talking about. Anna wanted to know why he kept Maria hidden away. She declared she was going to find out the reason. She also demanded to know why he was at Liza's home. The police officer had told her Liza told them David was there on Chandler Enterprise business but Anna was not convinced. She realized David was holding something over Liza's head and she would find out what it was.

Realizing that Anna was slipping away from him, David proclaimed his love for her and deep down he knows she still loves him. Anna angrily replied that he could rot in jail before he could touch her again. I hate you for ruing my life and the life of my...... She suddenly stopped as the DA, Jackson Montgomery, came into the cellblock. When Anna and the DA left, David trashed his cell, throwing the mattress on the floor. He turned his back to the cell bars and was suddenly grabbed from behind. Edmund had an arm lock around David's neck.

Edmund demanded to know where was Maddie. David convinced him he didn't know. David swore he didn't know who Maria was when he found her five years ago. Edmund was stunned David had known Maria was alive for five years. How many times have you been to Wildwind and saw her picture he demanded. David explained he couldn't bring Maria back. It was up to Maria to return on her own. David warned Edmund that Maria isn't the same person he remembers her to be. Edmund retorted back to David that he will regret that he kept Maria from him. You will some day know what it is like to lose the woman you love he warned David. Edmund then left the jail. David slumped to the floor, tears in his eyes as he remembered Anna telling him she wanted nothing to do with him ever again. On his knees, he grabbed the cell bars and shouted Anna's name.

In the police chief's office, Anna talked to Jackson admitting she finally got her feelings together and realized David should have been in jail a long time ago for all the evil he has done. She vowed David will be locked up for good for cheating Edmund from finding Maria and keeping two children away from their mother.

Maria woke up from her sleep with Maddie next to her in Aidan's room. He brought her a blanket but Maria, still sleepy, thought he was going to take Maddie and shouted out to him he can't take Maddie from her. Aidan stepped back and explained he was giving her a blanket and said he would never take Maddie. Maria thought out loud that she should have left Pine Valley when she could. Aidan asked if she could really take Maddie's mother away from her again. Maria wondered what was in it for him to help her. He mentioned he had been in trouble once himself. Aidan convinced Maria that running away with her daughter is the worst thing she could do. He told her of the police bulletin on the TV. They were looking for her. He told Maria to stay in Pine Valley. Maddie woke up and asked Maria if she could go home now to daddy. Sammy would be worried about her. Maria asked who Sammy is. My brother replied Maddie. Maria then asked if she was Sammy's mommy too. Yes said Maddie. Maria was shocked. How could she not remember her two children? She became frantic and Aidan calmed her down and suggested he take them to Wildwind. Maria agreed.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door. Kendall demanded to be let in. Aidan opened the door and then blocked Kendall from entering the room. Kendall questioned him about his mysterious visitor which he denied. She continued to badger Aidan trying to find out if Maria, the missing woman, was there. She barged into the room and discovered no one was there. Aidan threw her out and closed the door. He watched from the window to make sure Kendall had left. Maria and Maddie came out from hiding in the bathroom. He left to get the car to take them to Wildwind. Kendall came out from her hiding place behind the bushes. She peeked in the window and saw Maria and Maddie. Quickly she called Jackson on her cell phone and told him "I have information on Maria Santos Grey. I found her."



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