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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on GL
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Monday, August 26, 2002

Josh comes back to Springfield and makes the jail his first stop to see Reva, who gratefully embraces him. Josh assures Reva that he is completely on her side and will support her to the end, whatever comes their way. Reva is relieved and comforted. Josh goes to visit the judge, but just ends up in jail with Reva for having interrupted the judge's meal! Josh hopes Reva has enough bread and water for two. Josh promises his wife that when tomorrow comes, they will both be out of that cell for good.

Rick comes home from the hospital. When he asks where Danny is, Michelle feigns that he must be at a business meeting. When Rick tells Michelle that he and Mel are going to be staying on-site in a villa at the rehab center, Michelle is crestfallen. Danny is really at the Santos mansion speaking with Carmen about the dissolution of his marriage. Carmen is satisfied that her videotape trick worked in breaking up their marriage. She tries to give Danny the 'I feel your pain' speech'. But she quickly moves into telling Danny he should be happy he is finally free of Michelle. She reminds him that Michelle killed his older brother. And he says, yes, that's a good point. At least now that he is out of Michelle's life, maybe she and Robby will be safe. When Danny arrives back home, there is a tender moment with his wife and son - he tells them regardless of the logic of their parting, he still desperately loves his wife and son. Both are crying. Danny packs up and leaves.

Beth shows up where Bill is working on Olivia's get-away house to confront him about their marriage in Mexico. She tells him that regardless of what happened at that mission, they are NOT married. Beth claims that since she was still married to Edmund, the marriage to Bill was not legal. He points out that Beth, not Lorelei was married to Edmund. He married Lorelei. She asks him to tell her about the wedding and he does. Bill says he loved Lorelei and never wanted it to end. As he tells her about the night she left, she suddenly remembers a piece of that time. Beth sees herself/Lorelei placing the cigar band wedding ring on the pillow next to Bill, before she/Lorelei took off. Beth declares this means that the marriage meant nothing to Lorelei. Bill asks her if it all means nothing, why does she keep pursuing the past and tracking him down wherever he goes. She tells him it doesn't matter anymore, that these feelings she has for him will go away now that she knows exactly what happened when she was Lorelei. "Feelings" for him, Bill asks. And Beth is caught, having revealed her heart to him.

Phillip slams Lorelei's diary shut in outrage. Luckily, Olivia is waiting to comfort him. Phillip tells Olivia he wants to know how this diary got published. She suggests someone vicious ... like Edmund. She outright denies any involvement and tells Phillip "we can handle this." Phillip goes off in a huff to meet Beth's plane. He calls the pilot, only to find out that they changed flight plans and landed on Mystic Island. Phillip is confused, but determined to catch up with Beth, so he charters a seaplane. Olivia overhears and realizes that Phillip will be walking in on Bill and Beth. She tells Sam all she has to do now to have Phillip is just sit back and wait. As Bill and Beth fall into a passionate kiss, arms wrapped around each other lying on the floor, Phillip walks up to the door.

Rick visits Richard's grave. Rick thanks Richard for his life-saving gift. He talks about how Richard's legacy of generosity lives on in his loved ones. He tells him he will live the rest of his life to earn the gift of Richard's heart.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Shane shows up at the jail to pick up Josh and Reva, Billy posted their bail.

Marah tells Cassie that Josh is in jail for contempt of court after trying to get Reva out of jail. Cassie tells Marah she should go to her parents, but Marah refuses, she says Shane can handle it. They talk about how the family has become divided. Tony shows up at Cassie's room at the Beacon saying they have business to discuss before he sees Marah. Cassie tries to cover telling Marah that Tony is just helping her out with some things at the Beacon, but Marah doesn't believe her. She leaves so they can talk, but she listens at the door. Tony tells Cassie that her loan payments are way behind. He says if it were up to him and Danny, they'd give her all the time she needed, but they have investors who want their money now. He tells her they won't extend her any more time. She suggests that they could up the interest rate, but Tony tells her she only has 24 hours. He gives her his cell number and tells her to call him. Marah hears all this and hides when Tony leaves, then she follows him.

Phillip walks in on Beth and Bill Lewis. Beth doesn't know how to explain why she's there, so she shows Phillip the marriage certificate. Phillip wants to talk to her alone, so they go outside. Beth tells Phillip that she married Bill while she was Lorelei but her memories are still vague. She tells him that neither Bill nor the Priest would give her any answers, and she was about to give up until she ran across the marriage certificate. Then she had to find out more, which is why she's there to see Bill. Phillip expects her to come home with him now but she tells him she's not ready. He gets angry and they argue about things from their past. He tells her he's tired of all this and can't live with it any longer. She tells Phillip to stop trying to run her life. Phillip hands her a copy of the published diary and says it will give her something to do when she's tired of Bill. He storms off. She's shocked to see the diary and calls after him, but he leaves.

Josh is concerned that Marah isn't there to support Reva when they get to the house. He tells Shane that he's got to go out and to let Reva know he'll be back in about an hour.

Holly brings Reva a tabloid newspaper that has a smear article about Reva turning off Richard's life support. Holly tells her it's just tabloid news, not network news and most people will understand, but as she leaves, she tells Reva they are going to put her show on hiatus for a few weeks. Reva begins receiving threatening phone calls.

Cassie sits alone in her room trying to figure out what she's going to do and praying for a miracle. She calls an estate broker to see if he might be interested in items from an estate and tells them that her husband just died, she says she has some very valuable items they might be interested in, as she looks at her wedding ring. Josh shows up and finds her crying and gives her a hug. He wants to talk to her about Reva. Cassie tells Josh that she didn't initiate the charges against Reva, Edmund did, and that she couldn't stop the DA even if she wanted to. Josh tells her that even if she can't forgive Reva right now, she could help her, but she tells him she wants Reva to hurt like she does. Josh tells her that Reva understands what Cassie is going through, but Cassie says that ironically, the only person who really understands is Edmund. Cassie says she wants Reva to hurt like she is and asks Josh how he would feel if it had been Reva on the life support, wouldn't he want to say goodbye? They talk about Marah and their concern for her and all that she's been through and Josh notices a bill from Lewis construction on the floor. He tears it up even as Cassie is telling him not to, he says it is business between the two of them, it has nothing to do with Reva, and that Cassie should accept the help of her family.

Marah shows up at the yacht where Tony is and asks him how he could go after her aunt after she just lost her husband. He explains that she borrowed money from them and Marah says he should call the debt off. Tony tells her it's not his money and she reminds him of when he said if she needed help, she could always come to him, that he should get his contacts to call off the debt. Tony tells her it's funny how she was so afraid to be around him, until she wanted something from him.... Just as the yacht pulls away from the dock!

Beth is wondering how Lorelei's diary got published and even asks Bill if he did it. He tells her no, but he's enjoying what is written in it. Beth tells Bill she knows they have a lot to talk about, but all she can think about is the diary. She says she has to go find Phillip and explain. She begins to get a splitting headache and says that's how Loreli came out, she's afraid that Loreli is coming back.

Marah tells Tony to turn the boat around, but he refuses, he tells her she's stuck there until has finished his business. She asks how long that will be and he tells her several hours. She has no intention of staying on the boat with him that long and says she'll swim to shore if he won't turn the boat around. She runs out and Tony runs after her. They return, both soaked and he tells her to admit she couldn't have made it, and she admits it. Suddenly there's a loud noise and the boat runs into something. Tony calls the captain and then tells Marah that they will have to stay on the boat over night.

Cassie looks at her mountain of bills wondering what she's going to do. She thinks about what Josh about letting her family help her. She calls Reva, but is unable to say anything and hangs up. Reva thinks it's another prank call when Josh walks in and asks what's going on. She tells him about the calls and the newspaper article and he says they'll change the phone number. Just then, the phone rings and it is another threat. Josh pulls the phone cord out of the wall.

Reva asks Josh if he went to see Cassie, he says yes and that Cassie isn't ready to let go of her anger, she's very stubborn, just like Reva.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

On the Santos yacht

Marah told Tony that she needed to get off of the boat. Tony said that some girl decided to jump overboard and the captain stopped the engine. Tony explained that one of the props hit a rock and they were stuck. Tony said it was a business trip and they really couldn't call anyone. Once again, Tony apologized for attacking her because of Romeo. He suggested that she try on some of Carmen's clothes since she was wet. Tony exits to give her some privacy. Tony had to laugh when he saw Marah dressed in Carmen's clothes. Tony brought Marah a bowl of soup and wished he had some better food for her to eat. Marah talked to Tony about the money that Cassie owed, and she was worried that something was going to happen to Cassie. Marah wanted Tony to know that sometimes she didn't know why she did such stupid things. Tony sat down beside of her and without thinking put his hand on her knee. Tony apologized. Marah said that people could change. Tony decided that since it was late they needed to get some sleep. He said he would sleep on the couch and she could sleep on the bed.

At Company

Marina saw an outfit in a magazine and told Frank it would look great on him. But he said he wouldn't wear it. He wanted to know if her therapist knew about this makeover she was doing on him. He admitted he was teasing. Frank told her that her mother called to check on her. But Marah wasn't optimistic.

Lizzie reminded Marina that Ben was at the other table. Marina asked Ben if he wanted a refill on his water. He gave her the work schedule for the following week. Marina couldn't understand why Ben wouldn't have fun with her, but yet would stop what he was doing when he saw Marah. Ben asked her what she was doing after work. He said there was a mixer thing going on at the country club, so she agreed to go. She returned to the table with Tammy and Lizzie and told them. Buzz and Frank wondered why Marina was so happy. Marina showed them her work schedule. She told Frank and Buzz she was going to get some things for school from Shayne. Marina exits.

Outside of Company

Carmen and Ed were talking about Michelle and Danny's marriage. Ed told her that this was because of her. But she said if the shoe were on the other foot he would be the one screaming for justice. Carmen exits.

At the Beacon Hotel

Cassie was pacing the floor. She remembered when Richard gave her an engagement ring. She answered the door to find the estate broker she called. She told him she had some jewelry to sell. He told Cassie when he looked at a necklace and commented they were used to handling more important pieces, such as her ring. After looking at the ring, he said he would give her $20,000. But Cassie said she needed a lot more money than that. She said for him to write her a check for $25,000 and the ring was his. He agreed and wrote the check.

At Inferno

Carmen told Danny to go home, but Danny wanted to know where home was. Carmen exits to go for a walk. Ed enters. He ordered a scotch and told Danny that the house seemed empty since he left. He wanted Danny to know he was returning a favor and really didn't want a scotch. But he said he wasn't a prisoner in the jungle. He moved out because it was the best thing for Michelle and Robbie. He reminded Ed that he was ready to kill Edmund in order to protect his family. Ed explained what happened when he was a captive in Africa. He was trying to say that people could change depending on their environment. He suggested that Danny give himself enough time to find out. Danny said he was doing what was best for Michelle, but Ed reminded him that he was a husband and a father. Danny admitted that it was too late. He wanted Michelle to have a life without fear.

Cassie enters. Ed exits. She told Danny that Tony paid her a visit. She gave Danny the check for $25,000. Danny told her to cash the check and bring the cash to him the next day. Danny wanted to know what happened to her engagement ring. She told Danny that she would get the next payment by the end of the week. Danny offered to buy her a drink before she left. Cassie said she was shocked she was having a drink with Danny. Danny asked her what it was like for her and the kids to be at the Beacon. Cassie said it was the last place she saw Richard alive, so it helped to be there. Danny suggested that she sell the place and then pay off her debt. Cassie said she would be willing to sell the farm. Danny said he would think about it. He told her if she had a problem with the next payment to give him a call. Cassie exits.

At the Lewis house

Marina enters. She told Shayne that she told her dad that she was coming by to get some notes. She told him that Ben asked her out, but he thought she was making a big thing. He told her that there wasn't a big thing at the country club. Shayne thought that Ben wanted to get her alone. Shayne asked her to leave.

At the beach

Marina enters. She wanted to know if she looked ok to go the country club. Ben admitted that he got the dates mixed up and came up with another plan. He brought a blanket and a cooler. He asked her if she was scared. She suggested that he walk her down the beach and she will show him how scared she was. As they were looking up at the stars, Ben kissed Marina. Marina pushed Ben down and kissed him passionately. Marina stopped him to say that just because she is into it, doesn't mean she isn't shy. She told him to take his shirt off first. He did and then told her it was her turn. But she had a shirt underneath, so she told him it was his turn.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

In Texas

Beth began to read the publication of the diary. Bill enters. Crying, she explained to Bill that it was terrible. They agreed that seeing it in print made Beth realize how bad she was as Lorelei. She read aloud from the book about the relationship between Lorelei and Bill. Bill tried to rub Beth's shoulders, but she told him no. Bill admitted that he would take Lorelei back. He commented how much sex they had. Bill said he could tell that she never felt safe. He got the feeling that she never got to be a kid when she was growing up and that was why the fun-loving Lorelei came out. Bill gave Beth the pages that were missing from the diary. Bill exits. Beth began to read the pages.

Beth joined Bill outside. As she sat beside of him, she wished that everything were ok. She wanted to know if what she read was true. He told her every word was true. Therefore, she figured the rest of the diary was true too. Beth was concerned about how her family and Phillip would react. He told her he accepted her for who she was. He began to kiss her forehead and eventually kissed her on the lips. But she said she had too much on her mind. Ben reminded her they are married. Beth said she had to return to Springfield, but then realized the sea planes were gone.

At the Spaulding mansion

During dinner, Alan commented to Olivia that it had been a long time since they had been alone. He wanted to know where Phillip went, and Olivia said she assumed he went back to retrieve Beth. Alan commented that he didn't know what happened with Phillip and Beth. He wanted to know why she wasn't wearing the earrings that he found on her dresser. She said she meant to wear them to dinner, but took them off to take a shower. She goes to Alan and gets the earrings and puts them on. When Alan asked Olivia what was wrong, she said that she was stressed out because of the Beacon. Olivia said she was going to leave and go to work.

Ms. Parker (Monica) and Alan were talking on the terrace. He told her to activate the monitoring device. He explained that he thought Olivia was having an affair with his son. Monica returned to give Alan a transcription of what she had heard. Alan began to listen to the tape.

At the beach

Ben asked marina if she was sure she wanted him to keep going. He untied his pants and took off his belt. He then told her it was her turn. He kissed Marina after telling her how beautiful she was. She slowly began to unzip her skirt. When she got the skirt off, she asked if he was satisfied. She took her blouse off too. She asked him to shut up long enough to take off his pants. He stood up and took them off. He began to kiss her. Then they heard laughing. Lizzie and Tammy entered. Marina said she set it up. As Ben was getting dressed he told them that Marina couldn't please a real man. Marina said it was about what kind of underwear she was wearing. Marina collected her bet from Tammy and Lizzie. Ben said he did like her. She wanted to know why he treated her like trash especially when Marah was around.

Ben told her if she didn't want to be treated like a slut, don't act like one. She admitted that she wanted to make him feel like he made her feel. She told him to never take her for granted. She said the next time he asked her out; she wanted him to treat her better. But he replied that there probably wouldn't be a next time. Ben exits. Olivia enters. Olivia picked up some money on the beach, and told Marina to never let go of the money. Olivia said she heard the end of the conversation with Ben. Olivia agreed that Marina probably didn't put Ben in his place. Olivia wanted her to work hard to keep from getting her feelings hurt. Marina wanted to know if she could call Olivia if she needed to talk.

At the Beacon Hotel

As Cassie was looking out the window, Reva enters. Cassie told her she didn't want her there. Reva said she brought her a few things she left at the house. Reva told her that this had to stop because they are sisters and they need to find a way to work this through. Cassie said she didn't want to have this discussion. Reva told her she brought her mail, which included a letter from the bank. Screaming, Cassie told Reva that it was a legal matter and the courts will decide. Even though Reva told her that she couldn't live her life without her, Cassie said they had been apart before. Cassie told her to leave, but Reva said she wouldn't leave. Reva wanted to work it out.

Cassie said that she couldn't depend on her anymore. Reva reiterated that Richard wanted her to do what she did. Cassie wanted her to admit that she was wrong. Reva said what she did wasn't wrong. Reva told her if she needed anything to call. Reva exits and ran into Olivia. Olivia told Cassie that she was on her side. Cassie replied that her sister is worth a hundred of her. She told her that Cassie and her kids needed to get out of the hotel. She reminded Cassie that she owed her $75,000. Olivia exits.

At the Lewis house

Reva enters. Shayne had put candles on the table with chocolate. Reva hugged Shayne and thanked him. Reva looked at a picture of her and Cassie as she is turning out the lights.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Marah wakes up on the Santos yacht. While she is dressing, a boat crewman comes in looking for Tony. He drops his wrench and both he and Marah bend to pick it up at the same time - Tony walks in, sees this - and thinks the crewman is trying to take advantage of Marah. He yells at the guy to "Get off her" and proceeds to rough him up. Marah is trying to convey to Tony that nothing happened, the guy didn't do anything wrong. But Tony is too involved in his fury to hear her. Tony grabs the wrench from the guy and start strangling him. Marah becomes hysterical and physically grabs Tony off the guy. Tony finally hears what she is saying and lets the guy go. Afterwards, Marah tries to get Tony to see how crazy his actions are. Tony says "this is it", "this is who I am, who I've always been." Marah says she is finally realizing that. She cries that she wants to go home, please take the yacht back to the harbor. Tony says he'll take her back home as soon as he can. After departing, Marah goes to the beach to recover her thoughts and emotions. She calls Ray and asks him to come down to talk with her. She wants to know why Tony is so full of rage. Ray tries to explain that it is the life they have lived inside their family that creates the anger and breeds the capacity for violence. Back on the yacht, Tony throws some things around and keeps asking "why", "why", "why." He slumps to the floor in frustration and emotional agony.

Harley is snooping in Eden's apartment in Chicago and finds a secret panel, which hides a lot of fancy, racy clothing. Gus calls on Harley's cell phone and she lies and says she is staying with her Aunt Tina and resting as her doctor ordered. (A train goes by and Gus hears it over the phone.) Then there's a knock on Eden's door and Harley answers it, pretending to be Eden, since the man at the door has obviously never met Eden before. Harley invites the man in for a drink. She takes receipt of a large envelope. The man reminds her about 'the money'. Harley says, "of course, she knows the routine." After the man leaves she opens the envelope. As she's about to go through the contents - Gus shows up at the door. After being chastised for lying, Harley asks Gus if he knows what his sister does for a living. He says no he doesn't, but that doesn't matter because he found Eden and already took her to Phillip. Harley is glad Eden has been found, but doesn't believe that Phillip bought her story quite so easily. That's not the Phillip she knows. Harley shows Gus her appreciation for having found Eden and getting her to confess to Phillip. When Harley calls Phillip to ask when she can pick up Zach, Phillip tells her he wants to involve an arbitrator.

Phillip asks Ross to check out Eden thoroughly before he considers turning Zach back over to Harley. Phillip goes to Company where he runs into Eden. They sit down together and talk. Phillip lets Eden know that should her story about the night on the roof bear out to be the truth, she could end up in a lot of legal trouble. Eden protests that all this information was supposed to just stay between them, in order to help Harley get her son back home. Phillip says yes, that's the idea. But in reality if a judge were to find out, couldn't she be tried and held responsible for her actions? Eden tells Phillip she doesn't take kindly to threats. Phillip claims he just wants her to be aware of all of the consequences that might come from confessing to manslaughter. As Phillip is leaving, Eden thanks him.

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