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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, August 26, 2002

Marshall remarks to the stage manager, "She may not know it, but today marks the end of Jessica Griffin's career." Bonnie overhears Marshall, and rushes to Kim trying to stop the upcoming program. Molly McKinnon introduces Jessica and Marshall on her "Meet the Candidates" program. At the commercial break, Bonnie urges Jessica to cancel the debate because, based on what she overheard, she believes that Marshall has some damaging information on Jessica that he will use to "steal the election." After the break, Marshall and Jessica exchange barbs about their respective trial records. At the next commercial break, Bonnie confronts Marshall and asks him not to do whatever he is planning to discredit Jessica. As they call the candidates back to the program, Marshall offers to keep from ruining Jessica if she will withdraw her candidacy right then. She refuses, and they are on the air. In his closing comments, Marshall Travers drops his bombshell: He says that Jessica used her influence with a government agency to benefit her daughter's boyfriend (Isaac), an owner of a local bar. He goes on to say that Jessica did everything she could to keep it a secret. Jessica explains that whatever she has done, she has done "in the spirit of fair play." Time runs out, and the program ends. Bonnie warns Travers that she will dig up any dirt she can on him in retaliation.

During the first commercial break, Molly joyfully embraces Mike. Mike tells her that he knows that Mollie and Carly sent him the fax warning him about Rosanna's trick. He tells Molly that he has to leave for a job in St. Tropez in a few days and asks her to go with him. She asks him to wait for her until after the program, and he agrees. On the next break, Molly asks Mike not to go to St. Tropez. Mike says that he needs the job and has to go, then Molly asks him why he came back at all. She asks him to find a way to stay in Oakdale. Mike tells Molly that he came back because he "wanted to see her, hold her, kiss her." After the program is over, Kim congratulates Molly, then Molly finds Mike in her dressing room. They kiss, and he tells her that if she keeps kissing him like that, he will find a way to stay in Oakdale.

As the aide wheels Katie toward the operating room, Simon rushes in, asking how she could make the decision of donating part of her liver to Margo without consulting him. They kiss, but Simon says that he feels that Katie doesn't trust him at all. Katie tells Simon that she was afraid that he would try to talk her out of the surgery. She tells Simon that the surgery will be his decision, that if he does not want her to go through with it, she will walk out with him, but next Katie explains to Simon that she feels that the opportunity to save her sister Margo was a gift from God and that she feels that she must do it. Simon tells Katie that he understands, in spite of wanting to keep her with him.

Aaron tells Lucy that they should not be together in the stables because of Craig's restraining order, but she insists that she must congratulate him on getting his G.E.D. Lucy tells him that Sierra is trying to get Craig to drop the restraining order, and they fantasize about their future when they will be free to see each other openly. Overhearing, Alison bursts in on them, in her innocent clothes she had borrowed for the counseling session, telling about Aaron being caught with Tom's trophy. Aaron explains to Lucy about breaking Tom's trophy and sticking the trophy in his jacket. Aaron tells Lucy that Holden has suggested that Aaron see a "shrink," and Lucy and Aaron decide that Craig would continue the restraining order if he knew anything about Aaron seeing a doctor. Of course this decision to keep this secret was made in front of the ever-trustworthy Alison.

Rosanna walks in on Craig hugging Sierra. Sierra explains that she was only comforting Craig about Margo's surgery. Rosanna and Sierra exchange insults, ending with Sierra saying, "if you are looking for a fight, you just might have found one." At Craig's prodding, Sierra tells Rosanna, in a very sarcastic manner, that she had lied about having sex with Craig. Rosanna has a hard time believing this, after seeing Craig and Sierra in an embrace. Rosanna offers to go to the hospital with Craig, but he declines. He tells Rosanna that he has agreed to drop the restraining order. Rosanna offers to devise a way to "end Aaron and Lucy's infatuation." Craig said that he would give her a standing ovation if she could pull it off. Alone in the hotel room, Rosanna dreams of Lucy's departure to Montega.

Sierra finds Lucy, Aaron, and Alison in the stable and tells them that Craig has agreed to drop the restraining order. Sierra also warns Lucy to beware if Rosanna, saying that Rosanna is not to be trusted. Alison sneaks out because that has given her an idea of a possible ally. Lucy tells Aaron that she needs to leave for the hospital for her sister Katie's surgery. The two of them notice that Alison has disappeared from the stable, and Lucy wonders what Alison might be planning do.

Simon tearfully kisses Katie as she is wheeled off to surgery. Craig arrives at the hospital, and Simon thanks him for telling him about Katie. Lucy arrives, and thanks Craig for dropping the restraining order. Craig is asking Lucy to move back in with him when Aaron arrives in the hall. Lucy warns him that if she moves back into the Lakeview, Craig will be seeing a lot of Aaron. Craig tells Lucy he will treat anyone fairly who is important to her. Craig apologizes to Aaron and Lucy agrees to move back in with him

Rosanna is going through Craig's papers on his desk , and just finished opening a folder when Alison returns Lucy's dress. Alison picks up the folder Rosanna had been snooping through. When Rosanna finds Alison looking at the folder, Alison tells Rosanna that if she ever needs anything, she would be happy to "pitch in." She hints that they might share an interest in a certain couple. Then Alison leaves, and Rosanna looks at the file and says, "This it is a start. I will miss you, Lucy... Well, perhaps I exaggerate."

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Everyone rejoices in the news that Margo is stable and out of surgery, but Craig and Simon discover that Katie is having some trouble and has experienced some bleeding. Frustrated, Craig yells at Simon to be a more responsible husband, not take anymore adventures and not allow Katie take risks with her life. Craig steps back, apologizes and promises that he is going to try to do better for Katie, too. Bob announces that Katie is doing better and has joined Margo in recovery. Lucy and Aaron decide to alert Craig about what happened with Aaron and Tom so that he doesn't hear about it from anyone else, but they can't get up the courage to tell him. Adam overhears Chris talking about the surgery and gets offended at his excitement. Chris apologizes. Adam can't hide his jealousy and asks Abigail about her relationship with Chris. Abigail insists that they are just friends. Margo awakes in the recovery room and hears Katie singing in her head. She realizes her sister's voice beginning to fade and tries to gather her strength to alert someone that something is wrong with Katie. Hal informs Paul that Barbara has filed for custody of Will and asks for his help in convincing Barbara to let Will play with his friends and family. When she hears from Paul, she mistakenly assumes that he wants to start working for BRO again. At WOAK, Mike tells Molly how happy he is that they are going to be together and makes plans to take her on a date.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Lucy tells Craig about the incident in Tom's house with Aaron. Although he is irritated, Craig promises not to revive the restraining order. Craig confronts Jack about how he and Carly interfered in Lucy's life. He vows to make trouble for him and Carly if they don't mind their own business. Meanwhile, Margo wakes herself up and alerts John to Katie's condition moments before Katie's alarms sound. The staff gets to work on Katie and Simon overhears the commotion and runs to be by her side. Katie sees a white light and she starts to go near it, but hears Simon's voice pleading with her to return. Katie wakes up and Simon begs her not to leave him again. Emily and Susan devise a new strategy to deal with Alison and tell her that they are giving her what she wants her freedom. Alison is thrilled to learn that she can drop out of school and get a job. Paul corrects Barbara that he doesn't want to work for BRO; he wants to talk about Will. Paul tries to impress upon Barbara that Will needs to play with his friends, but Will quietly asks Paul not to hurt Barbara's feelings. Paul is concerned that Will is taking on too much responsibility. Isaac approaches Bonnie, wanting to support her with her problems with Marshall. Bonnie insists that she is going to try to dig up some dirt on Marshall. Marshall warns Jessica that he will go public with the case against her unless she drops out of the race. Isaac starts to suspect Brandy tipped Marshall off about his problem with the liquor license.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Bonnie and Isaac walk into Java Underground discussing who could be responsible for giving information to Marshall Travers about their problems with the liquor board. Isaac tells Bonnie that he suspects Brandy. Bonnie wants to fire her on the spot. Isaac tells her that they need evidence first before they fire her without proper cause. Bonnie doesn't like it, but she agrees. Brandy comes in and Isaac tells her to get to work. Brandy can tell that her bosses are not in a good mood. After Isaac leaves the room, Bonnie attacks Brandy and accuses her of working for Marshall. Brandy gets upset and denies Bonnie's accusations. As Isaac walks back in the room, Brandy tells Bonnie that she quits. Isaac rushes over and smoothes out the problem with Brandy and Bonnie. Isaac tells Brandy that he needs her at the club. When things are back to normal, Isaac sends Brandy to the back room. Bonnie sends daggers to Isaac with her eyes. Isaac reminds her that they need to keep Brandy close until they have some evidence. Bonnie reminds Isaac that she is his partner and she would appreciate it if he would tell her his plans instead of saying that he will take care of it. Bonnie tells Isaac that she is going to Marshall Travers and make him tell her whom his sources are. Isaac wishes her good luck and Bonnie prances out of the club. When Isaac leaves, Brandy comes back in and makes a call to Marshall. When Marshall answers his cell phone, Brandy tells him that they have a problem and Isaac and Bonnie are on to them. Marshall tells Brandy that he is busy and will call her back. She tells him not to call her at the club. Marshall hangs up on her without saying goodbye. Isaac walks through and sees Brady with a guilty look on her face. After he leaves, she calls Marshall back. Marshall answers and tells her to stop calling him. He informs her that if she has been found out, then she is on her own. She asks what will happen if Isaac fires her. Marshall tells her that she will need to look for two jobs because he will no longer be using her. He hangs up again. Brandy puts the phone down when she hears Isaac coming back. Isaac sends Brandy out to wait for the beer truck. After she is gone, Isaac picks up the phone and pushes the redial button. Marshall answers the phone and says, "T Marshall Travers here." Isaac doesn't say anything and then hangs up the phone. Isaac mutters to himself, "Gotcha!" Later, Brandy is serving drinks and Isaac watches her. When she walks by him, he tells her that she is very good at what she does. She says that she aims to please. Isaac tells her that she needs to choose her friends wisely. He comes out and asks her what she has told Marshall Travers. She denies telling him anything. Isaac yells at her and tells her that he can't take it when his friends lie to him. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her until she is ready to tell him the truth. He orders her out of the club. Brandy puts down her tray and leaves Java Underground.

Aaron and Lucy walk into Holden and Lily house and yell for Luke. Holden walks in and they tell him that they promised to give Luke some batting practice. Luke walks in and as they start out the door, Barbara and Will are standing there. Barbara explains that Will would like to play with some kids his age and she thought of Luke. Barbara asks if Luke would like to play with Will. Luke says that they would and he and Will and Lucy and Aaron go out to play ball. After the kids are gone, Lily walks in and sees Barbara there. Lily tells Barbara that she is not welcome on her property. Barbara explains that she brought Will by to play with Luke, but she will go and get him and they will leave. Lily tells her that Will can stay, but she is not welcome on her property. Lily tells her that in the future, Will can call and Holden will pick him up. Barbara tells her fine and she leaves. Lily sits on the couch and lets out a sigh. Holden asks where she went earlier and Lily tells him that she went to see the doctor. She tells Holden that she was having some pains and wanted to check things out. Holden gets concerned and Lily reassures him that it was just Braxton Hicks contractions. Holden asks if that was all the doctor had to say and she hesitates and then says, "You're not going to like it." She informs him that her doctor had said that she needs total bed rest. Holden, feeling concern, puts her feet up on the couch. He tells her that he will get his mother to help and then he can take care of the love of his life. The two kiss.

At the Lakeview, Alison walks in and sees Rosanna on the phone. When she looks closer, she can see that Rosanna is looking at a police file on Aaron. She can hear Rosanna talking to a Tonya Cole and making plans to pick her up at the airport. After Rosanna hangs up the phone, Alison sits at her table and makes herself comfortable. Alison tells Rosanna that she is looking for a job and was thinking that she could be Rosanna's assistant. Rosanna informs her that she is not looking for an assistant and if she were, she would hire someone with an MBA. Alison says that an MBA could not help her break up Lucy and Aaron. Rosanna informs her that she is not trying to break up Lucy and Aaron. She tells Alison that Lucy's father has lifted the restraining order and he is going to give them a chance. Alison says that will only last about a week. Rosanna says that is to be seen and she wishes Alison good luck on her job search. Rosanna walks away and Alison takes a napkin and writes down "Tonya Cole." Alison wonders who Tonya Cole is. As she is waiting for the manager of the restaurant to decide if they will hire her, Lucy and Aaron walk in. Lucy tells her that they are there to get some sandwiches to take back to the country club for Aaron so he can get back to work. When they leave, the manager walks up and gives Alison the bad news. He tells her that she is too young and has no experience. Alison tells him that is ok. She adds that she doesn't want to spend her time serving blue haired ladies shrimp cocktails. As she turns to leave, she says that she is going to work at the country club.

Sierra visits Craig in his suite. They reminisce about their children. Then they discuss Lucy and Aaron and Rosanna. As they are talking about Bryant, Sierra suggests that Craig treat Aaron like he would expect a father to treat their son. Craig is not happy, but gives in to Sierra and says that he will tolerate Aaron. Lucy and Aaron walk into the suite and Sierra tells her daughter that she can see Aaron as long as they obey the rules. Sierra informs her daughter that she is returning to Montega today. Lucy tells her mother that she will miss her. Aaron shakes Sierra's hand and tells her that he appreciates everything that she has done. Lucy and Aaron leave. As Sierra is leaving, Rosanna walks in and Sierra tells Rosanna to stay away from her daughter or she will make her life very unpleasant. After Sierra is gone, Rosanna tells Craig that she has made a phone call and by the end of the evening, Lucy will want to be as far away from Aaron as she can get. Then the snake kisses the spider.

Paul stops over to see Hal and get all the information that he can about his mother. He tells Hal that his mother is holding Will hostage and that she is making Will feel like it is his job to take care of her. Hal tells Paul that Marshall Travers showed up when Barbara was in jail and she got a note from Stenbeck. The note said to expect a surprise and then Travers showed up. The two surmise that Travers is working for James. Paul tells Hal that he will go and talk to Travers. He thinks he can get something out of him. Paul tells Hal that he wonders if the people of Oakdale have thought that this is the man that gave a woman, whom he declared incompetent, custody of her child. As Paul starts to leave, Hal gives Paul a warning that Travers could be still working for James. Paul says that he hopes he is so he can take James down.

Bonnie walks into the Lakeview and asks for Marshall Travers. The manager tells her that he just left. Paul stops Bonnie and asks if she is looking for Mr. Travers. Bonnie says that she is and when she finds him, she is going to ring his neck. Paul says, "You and me both." Bonnie and Paul sit at a table and discuss Marshall Travers. Paul asks Bonnie if he can go and talk to Marshall first. Bonnie asks if it is because he is a man. Paul says that Mr. Travers has no reason to believe that he is on to him. Bonnie says that that makes sense. She tells Paul to make sure that he shares any information that he gets with her. Paul reassures her that he is with her. Bonnie leaves and as Paul rises to leave, Barbara walks in.

Friday, August 30, 2002

by Andy

Carly and Molly meet up at Java and chat about Mike. Carly pressures Molly to grow her relationship with Mike. Carly asks Molly to be her maid of honor at her wedding, on one condition: Molly has to be happy with Mike, or she's out of the wedding. Molly says she hopes he'll get a job at the hospital. The memory of Jake fills Molly's thoughts. She thinks it feels strange being a part of another wedding so soon after Jake being murdered.

At the Lakeview, Paul catches his mother near the bar. Barbara says, "You look like you're ready for a fight." Paul says he's looking for Barbara's lawyer. Paul wants to talk to him about his involvement with James. Babs doesn't know what he's talking about. She says she wasn't going to toss Marshall to the curb, especially since he had a fantastic reputation as a trial lawyer. Barbara says she doesn't interact with her ex-husband any longer, especially when, "the last time I saw your father, I plunged a knife into his stomach." Marshall walks in and gives Barbara the bad news that Hal filed a counter-claim for custody of Will. Marshall looks at Paul and dismisses him, "I'll understand if you have to run along Mr. Ryan." Paul says he has to have a word with him later. Just a little later, they all sit down and Paul asks Marshall why he decided to stay in Smalltown, Illinois, after the case was finished. "I know you're here for a reason. Tell me, or it'll save me the trouble of killing you to find out." Marshall barks back and Paul backs down. Paul demands answers, but Marshall won't budge. It finally comes to Paul...Marshall is running for DA so that when the People vs. James Stenbeck finally comes to trial, James will have the DA in his back pocket. Marshall looks caught.

At the country club, Aaron and Lucy celebrate that Lucy's father lifted the restraining order. Alison comes in and wonders if the two of them will vouch for her when she applies for a job at the club. Since Alison is dropping out of high school, she is looking for full-time work. Aaron and Lucy both scoff at her. She begs them to try to help her get a job. Aaron breaks down and says he'll talk to his manager. He quickly comes back and tells Alison she has a one-day job. If everything works out, then she can try for a second day. Alison grabs a drink tray and quickly drops it on the floor. They all help to clean up the glass.

Rosanna tells Craig that she will break Lucy and Aaron up without any help from Craig. Craig is happy about that, but Rosanna cautions, "Are you willing to see your daughter badly hurt? Because that's exactly what's going to happen." Once Rosanna tells him that Lucy will only hurt temporarily and that she would run straight to her father for comfort, Craig is open to the idea. "I like it! Then I'm a happy man." Rosanna says, "That's exactly what I want." Craig leaves to check on his sisters at the hospital. Rosanna gets a call from someone from Seattle and tells her to meet at Al's Diner.

Mike meets up with Dr. Hughes at the Lakeview to discuss construction possibilities at Memorial Hospital. Mike asks him when he thinks they'll break ground on the new burn unit, but Dr. Hughes can't give him an answer. They raised a lot of funding for the project, but not enough to start work. Dr. Hughes gets back to the hospital, and Craig meets up with Mike in the lounge on his way out. Craig is surprised to see Mike back in town. Mike says Rosanna already knew about it, "but I guess she didn't tell you."

Rosanna meets Tanya at Al's and pressures her to go through with her promise, or Rosanna will "put her on the next bus back home." Tanya is the woman Aaron defended against her abusive husband, but was arrested in the process. Tanya struggles with Rosanna's demands, but agrees to go through with her plan. Rosanna says, "Think of it like lancing a boil. It's not pleasant, but it has to be done." She plops down an envelope full of cash on the table and tells Tanya that she'll get the other half when the job is completed.

Mike meets up with Molly and Carly at Java. He tells them the hospital is a no go, but he's sure he'll find something to do in Oakdale. Carly gets an idea about how everything can work out.

Craig summons Rosanna to his suite. He asks her why she didn't tell him about Mike being back in town. Rosanna says she's just been so busy she forgot to mention it. She assures Craig that her feelings for Mike are over. Craig tells her that he can't trust her until she follows through with her plan to break up Lucy and Aaron.

Aaron and Lucy are engaged in a kiss when Tanya walks up behind them and smiles. She makes a play for Aaron's love, saying that he promised her he would come back for her, and that they would always be together. Lucy sits by with her jaw on the floor.



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