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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, September 2, 2002

In Jennifer's office, Jack and Jennifer make arrangements to have Jack's story on the shooting to be on the cover of The Spectator. Jack lets it slip that he has a hot date with Billie. Jen hastily tells Jack that he'll have to cancel his date as she needs him to work late at the paper. When he asks if it's because she's jealous, Jen says she was just joking with him. Jennifer tells Jack that she has no problem with him dating. Once Jack leaves, Jen admits that it does bother her. A while later, Lucas surprises Jennifer at the office. He brings her a gift from their father and says that seeing him has made him(Lucas)want to become closer to the Horton side of the family. Lucas invites Jennifer to Africa with him next time, but she refuses saying she's too busy. Lucas asks Jennifer if she's angry with their father;before she can answer a phone call interrupts. After Lucas has gone Jennifer tosses the gift in the trash and decides to call it a day. She and Harold head off to the Cheatin' Heart.

Billie and Jack meet at the Cheatin' Heart. He surprises Billie with a single white rose. They hold hands and discuss their last meeting at the same spot several years ago. The two hit the dance floor and have a good time. Jennifer shows up with Harold and spots Jack and Billie dancing. She is upset by this and runs off with Harold in pursuit...

Victor makes arrangements for Nicole to have bodyguards 24/7. Kate comes up to him and voices her concern for Nicole. Victor dismisses her words as lies. Kate tries to convince him she is sincere, but he refuses to listen and walks off. Roman overhears all of this and asks Kate if she's trying to win Victor back. Kate denies Roman's allegations and gets annoyed with him. When Roman brings up their kiss she tells him that she is not attracted to him either. Roman says that Kate is not his fantasy woman either. After some verbal sparring they kiss again! Kate pulls away and they quickly begin arguing again. A phone call puts a stop to it. Roman sees that the call was from Stefano's lawyer and he demands to know if Stefano is threatening Kate from beyond the grave. Kate does not respond and leaves hastily...

Sami is thrilled that the "love of her life" is on his way. She is ecstatic when Will arrives at the hospital. Brandon is relived to see that it is Will who is there and not Austin. Sami and Lucas immediately clash over Will as well as their opposing parenting styles. Lucas manages to guess that Sami managed to cause even more trouble over a man while he and Will were gone over the summer. When Lucas sees Victor he thanks him for helping Lucas to get shared custody. Victor then fills in Lucas about Nicole's condition and the wedding plans. After Victor leaves, Lucas blames Sami for Nicole's condition. Sami gets defensive and they argue again. Brandon arrives and they stop. When Sami tells Will he has to go to school in the morning the boy throws a fit. Sami is shocked by her son's attitude. Brandon steps in and smoothes things over. Once it is decided that Will is going to spend the night with his father he and Lucas leave. After they are gone Sami runs off crying. Brandon follows and tries to coax the truth about everything from her. He tells her he loves her and she responds with the same. She says she will tell him everything...

Tuesday,     SEPTEMBERT 3, 2002

As the spaceship takes off, Shawn reacts as he sees a U.S. flag attached to it; Agent Spector appears and thanks Belle and Shawn for leading them to the twins. Meanwhile, Marlena fears for the twins' safety and argues with John that they aren't dangerous. John gets a call from Spector, and he and Marlena head up to the hilltop. Marlena apologizes as she tries to calm Belle and Shawn down. Belle insists Spector tell them what he's done with the twins, but he keeps mum. Belle becomes outraged when she realizes John thinks the twins are a threat and that he was involved in their capture. He tells Spector that the twins had a key identical to the one he stole from Tony, causing them to believe that they've found the other key. While Marlena worries about the fate of the twins, Cassie and Rex lie strapped down in a very sterile looking area...

Lexie moves back into the DiMera Mansion, much to Celeste's chagrin. As they settle, Tony orders Bart to find out what John and Marlena are up to. Later, Lexie opens up to Tony about her sadness and loneliness, and Tony admits that he also feels alone because of all the time he lost in his coma. They reaffirm their plan to prove the goodness in the new house of DiMera. Meanwhile, Abe comforts Fay, who is keeping vigil at the hospital. Although she's wishful of a future with Abe, her selflessness tries to offer him hope for some kind of reconciliation with Lexie. Celeste pages Abe and tells him that Lexie has moved back into the mansion, convincing him that his wife is gone for good. Bart returns with no sign of John or Marlena, but Tony is confident that he'll find a way to deal with John...

Sami is as honest as she's ever been with Brandon, confessing that she lied to him when she said she didn't want to be with him. He recalls his conversation with Nicole, when she said Victor had the goods on Sami; he assumes Victor had something to do with her behavior, but she denies, telling Brandon she can take care of everything. Brandon accepts this, but decides to talk to Nicole when she wakes up so he can ride to Sami's rescue...

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Bo, Jack and Jennifer gather to talk about their attempts to bust the DiMera clan and determine they each have come to nothing, but a dead end in their mission. Jack asks Jennifer to end her plan of dating Colin. At the time, she says she will, but later breaks her promise and calls Colin after seeing Jack and Billie out on a date. Jennifer tries to keep her cool about the Jack-Billie situation and even attempts to accept it. That is until Billie interrupts the meeting between her, Bo, and Jack. Jennifer then erupts. Bo also lets loose on Billie. Billie lashes back at Bo by reminding him that they both shared feelings for each other in the past.

Colin receives an engraved silver bullet, left to him from Stefano. He immediately knows what to do with it. But, what he doesn't know is that Bo is close to him . Meanwhile, Roman tries to get information on the DiMeras from Kate. He sees a check in Kate's hand from Mr. Grant, the attorney over Stefano's will. Kate then stuffs a note in her pocket from Stefano that thanks her for her continued discretion.

Philip pays off the sheriff for arresting Brady. Chloe is asleep at the time, but when she wakes is worried about Brady. The motel clerk brings a letter to Chloe from Brady, explaining his absence. Philip suggests that he and Chloe continue their initial plans to travel to New York, but Chloe won't go anywhere without Brady. While Chloe is in the shower, Philip pays the clerk for delivering the forged note.

Sami searches for Colin at University Hospital. While on the hunt, she runs into Lucas, who undoubtedly is keeping a close eye on her. Sami finally finds Colin. He is asleep in his office and mumbling, so Sami decides to take advantage of the moment. She pretends to be Nicole to get him to admit to his relationship with her. However, Colin wakes up, but pretends to still be asleep, giving Sami no information. She leaves and runs into Lucas again who accuses her of being responsible for Nicole's tragedy. Brandon hears this and makes Lucas lay off of her. Sami goes up to the rooftop with Brandon and he gives her a bracelet. They share a heated kiss. Meanwhile, Lucas is spying on them.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Mickey has Abe's divorce papers ready. Abe wants to sign them right away to get it over with. Lexie is at the police station for a meeting with her parole officer when Mickey shows up. Mickey says he wants to help her and takes Lexie into Abe's office with him. Mickey tells Abe that he needs to think about it longer and talk with Lexie more before ending the marriage. Lexie notices that Abe took his wedding ring off. Abe calls Mickey back into the office to sign the divorce papers.

Jennifer overhears Colin on the phone with Tony but doesn't learn anything new. Colin and Jennifer shoot the breeze over coffee and then Jennifer starts asking about Tony DiMera's condition. Colin wants to know why she wants to know about Tony. Jennifer says she really doesn't want to know about Tony but she would like to know more about Colin. Jennifer starts giving Colin a back massage. Colin goes to kiss Jennifer but is stopped by his beeper going off. Jennifer finds Abby and Mrs. Horton in the hospital lobby. Mrs. Horton gives Jennifer the letter from the cookie contest to open and Mrs. Horton's cookies won! Mrs. Horton decides to donate all the winnings from the cookie contest to cancer research in Chloe's name.

Colin and Tony meet in the hospital to talk about John and the blue key. Tony tells Colin he has to help him get the key back by getting close to Marlena to find out what John knows. Then Abe shows up at the hospital to get the bullet that shot Nicole from Colin.

John and Marlena argue over what happened to Cassie and Rex. Then John grills Belle over what she knows about the blue key, but she is angry and storms out to meet Shawn. Belle and Shawn try to figure out where the government took Cassie and Rex, while back at the penthouse, John and Marlena are still arguing about the connection between Stefano and the twins. Agent Russell shows up to tell John what they have found out about the twins so far and that they couldn't find the blue key that Rex had. Agent Russell leaves and then comes back a few minutes later with a tracking device to help them find the other blue key.

Shawn tells Belle that he got them into the same college dorm. Belle and Mimi decide to switch purses but the blue key that Rex slipped inside goes unnoticed. Then Belle spills both purses off the table and again the key goes unnoticed only it gets put into Mimi's purse.

Friday, September 6, 2002

During a close moment with Brandon on the roof, Sami spots Lucas spying and confronts him, blasting him for his snooping. He later learns from Victor that Sami has been ordered to stay away from Brandon and decides to use this to force Sami to sign a joint custody agreement. When Nicole suddenly grabs his hand, Victor informs Colin and Brandon. Colin determines that her grabbing action is just an involuntary muscle movement. Tony confronts a frantic Sami and forces her to agree to take the blue key from John with his promise to end the threat from Nicole. Admitting to John and Marlena that the twins haven't been cooperating, Spector asks Marlena for advice. Marlena insists on seeing them and the two are eventually taken to the basement of the hospital where the twins are being held. Rex and Cassie quickly grab Marlena and cry for help. She offers to hypnotize them and demands that she be placed in charge of the them. Colin eyes Spector and remembers that he was a government agent. Test results come back and reveal that Cassie and Rex are humans whose DNA has been genetically altered. Kate turns on the charm for Roman in hopes of getting back the note from Stefano. When she finally grabs it from him, he warns her about trying to escape from the past. As she's reminded of a warning Rolf made to her years ago concerning Stefano, Kate remains mum and runs off.

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