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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on GH
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Monday, August 26, 2002

Zander was brought into Kelly's, half conscious. Alcazar's men tried to drown him but he was fished out of the river. Liz was looking after him. He doesn't remember anything, including who he is. One of Alcazar's men reported that Zander was still alive and was told to get rid of both Zander and Liz. He wasn't able to get a shot there and Liz took Zander to the hospital.

Skye had fallen asleep by Edward's bed and woke up to find the machine unplugged. She quickly left the room, missing Alan and Monica as they rushed into the room. Monica managed to get Edward stabilized and they questioned the nurse on duty. She said she was too involved in helping Edward to notice but thought the person had red hair. Alan said surely Skye couldn't have done it.
Liz brought Zander to the hospital to get his injury checked out. Tony asked if he was on anything, any drugs. Zander said if he was he didn't remember. Tony said he ran some tests and wanted to see Zander in a couple of days. Liz and Zander were sitting in the lounge area when a bullet whizzed by their heads. Zander figured they were still after him, whoever they were.

AJ had found Michael wandering around. AJ still tried to tell Michael that he was his father but Michael didn't believe him. They were talking when Jason showed up. AJ told Michael that his 'dad' did bad things. AJ told Jason to report to his boss and leave him and Michael to finish their conversation. Jason called Sonny to let him know he had found Michael and to say that AJ was with him. Sonny and Carly came down and Carly hugged Michael and told him not to run away like that again. Michael asked Sonny if he was bad. He was told Sonny did bad things. Sonny gave AJ a look.

Police Station:
Alexis got Lucky out of jail by blackmailing Scott with the skull of Teresa Carter. She knew he was involved somehow. Scott later heard Lucky talking to Luke. He had wiretapped his phone.

Lucky's apartment:
Lucky got home and Luke called but wouldn't say where he was or anything.

Skye was at the house when Jax came home. He told her she was supposed to be gone. She tried to make him understand that she loved him and she wanted out of the deal with Edward. She told him that she thought she had killed Edward. Jax called the hospital but was told Edward was stable. They talked but Jax still told Skye to leave. Taggert called Skye and wanted to come out and question her. She had packed but hid the bag.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly was frantically looking for Michael when Sonny got home. They talked and then realized that Michael might have heard a conversation that he had with Jason. He found the video camera and realized Michael had seen it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Lucky's Room at Kelly's

Luck, Nik and Alexis discuss Rick's death, and how Scott will be trying to pin it on Luke. Lucky says Luke sounded cautious on the phone. Lucky and Nik try to convince Alexis that Gia should be in on the problem, but Alexis maintains that the law of averages dictates the more people know, the more who can slip and tell, but she leaves the decision to them. Lucky says Luke sounded tense and noncommittal. Nik asks about their mother, Laura, and Lucky says Luke didn't mention her. Gia, Nik and Lucky reconfirm their conspiracy.


Taggert challenges the illegal wiretap Scott put on Lucky's phone. Scott justifies his actions, and Taggert asks, "did you hear the word illegal, right before the word wiretap?" pointing out that anything illegally obtained is useless in court. Scott maintains he'll do whatever it takes. Gia stops by to see her brother, Taggert. Taggert tells Gia she's done with the Lucky/Nik Rick Webber mess, and she tells him she'll do what she wants. He reminds her that aiding and abetting a murder is a felony, and that he's not going to keep bailing her out. Taggert forbids her to be a part of the Lucky/Nik plot. She cons him by hugging him, and telling him how wonderful it is that he cares about her. Alexis stops by to see Scott and questions how he became DA out of nowhere. She says the mayor told her that Scott was Rick's Webber's personal choice for DA, and she questions why Rick thought it would be advantageous to have a friend in law enforcement. Alexis says she feels Scott is trying to protect someone and Scott looks uneasy.

Undisclosed Barm

Luke tells a captive Laura that he thinks Lucky's line is tapped. Luke assures Laura he loves her and would never hurt her, and apologizes about the ropes and gag. He is concerned that, if she leaves the barn now, the police will pick her up. Laura bangs her head on the barn wall. Luke tells Laura they have enemies and they have to work together, as always. Laura looks disoriented. Luke removes the gag on the condition that Laura remains quiet, and Laura thanks him. She asks why she was roped and gagged. Luke tells her she kept trying to run away because of something that she can't remember. Luke reminds her that he loves her and is the father of their children. Laura experiences flashbacks of Rick's death, seeing Rick dead on the attic floor. Laura claims to understand that Luke is doing is for her own protection. Luke tries to help Laura remember, and she has another flashback of Rick approaching her with a syringe. But when Luke unties the ropes, she makes a dash to another part of the barn and locks the door behind her. She then calls Nik and begs him for help, saying Luke is holding her hostage.

The Docks

AJ tells Michael, in Jason's presence, that Sonny is a killer who makes people die. Michael turns to Sonny and asks if what AJ said was true. Sonny promises to tell Michael the truth, but not here and now. Carly and Michael leave. Sonny confronts AJ with being responsible for Michael's pain and confusion, and asks him if he has any idea what he can do to AJ with only Jason as a witness. AJ challenges Sonny to blow him away and explain it to Michael. Sonny tells AJ he hurt a little boy for spite and AJ should die, but that there are more ways than one to kill a man. He promises to open AJ's eyes for him. Sonny leaves, and AJ asks Jason what Sonny meant; Jason tells him he'll find out soon enough. Jason chastises AJ for accosting Michael. AJ defends his actions not to protect Michael from the truth. AJ says that, at age 6, it's time for Michael to know who and what Sonny is. Jason tells AJ that he is Michael's biological father only, after a one-night drunken stand with Carly, and he has no rights to Michael. Jason tells AJ that tonight AJ proved that he is not Michael's father. AJ is upset and leaves. Sonny returns to the docks, and Jason tells him everything AJ said to Michael. He says he didn't fight with AJ in front of Michael, but reassured Michael that Sonny and Carly love him. Sonny relays that he keeps his business away from Michael to protect him, and that AJ was just messing with Michael's head. Sonny confirms with Jason that Courtney is working at the Oasis tonight, and tells Jason that AJ is going for a little ride.

Sonny's Penthouse

Carly stresses to Michael that the world is dangerous and no place for a little boy to wander about alone. Michael asks Carly if his daddy does kill people. Carly tells Michael that Sonny has a dangerous job, like a policeman. Sonny appears and says he's going to tell Michael the truth. Sonny asks why Michael was on the pier, and Michael says he was afraid Sonny would hurt somebody. Sonny admits he's done some things that he's not proud of that have sometimes hurt some people, and that he's not perfect. He says the only way to be perfect is to love someone, and he promises to love Michael until the day he dies. Sonny affirms that Michael will never be a part of his business that Michael can choose what kind of life he wants. Sonny swears that AJ is going to pay. Carly agrees that she wants AJ hurt, bad.

Kelly's Restaurant

Lucky thanks Alexis for helping. She tells him that something has come up. She says she doesn't think Scott Baldwin killed Theresa Carter, she thinks Scott is protecting whoever did, and she keeps coming up with the same person - Lucky's mother. Alexis says that, when you think about it, it makes sense that Rick pushed so hard for Scott to be DA so Scott would be in a position to protect Laura. Alexis says that, since Scott is so unscrupulous, it wouldn't be beneath him to abuse the powers of his office. Lucky notices someone he's seen before, and thinks someone is following him.

The Oasis

Jason enters the Oasis first to warn Courtney what is about to happen, but she is uncooperative and refuses to go home. Sonny and AJ arrive at the Oasis after Sonny picks him up outside Kelly's. Sonny tells AJ that he wants AJ to see what he's done to his wife, the wife AJ loves so much, and shoves AJ in the door. Courtney is dancing on stage, scantily clad and stripping with much enthusiasm to the cheers of a crowd of attentive men. AJ is devastated and stares in disbelief.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

AJ is stunned to see Courtney stripping at the club. Jason makes it clear to Coleman that Courtney's stripping days are over. Sonny feels guilt over the pain he caused Courtney. Sonny and Carly show AJ that he's responsible for Courtney's predicament. AJ sets fire to The Oasis. Nikolas fears Luke is holding Laura against her will. Lucky opens Nikolas' eyes to the fact that Laura might not be acting in her right mind. Scott convinces Taggert to issue an APB for Luke. Laura's grip on reality slips further away when Luke informs her of Rick's death. Jax explains to Ned and Alexis that he and Sonny have a mutual enemy. Alexis supports Ned when he suggests that Jax let the unknown enemy destroy Sonny.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Luke realizes that he has a tough road ahead of him when Laura wakes up the next morning and acts like everything is going to be ok and they can return to Port Charles. Luke tells her that they have to leave town for awhile until things die down in Port Charles. Luke tries to get Laura to remember what happened that night after Laura tells Luke that she needs to contact Rick since he is going to give her away at their wedding. Luke tells her that Rick won't be there because he is dead. Laura doesn't believe him and thinks he is making it up. Luke forces her to remember what happened and tells her what happened 20 years ago up in the attic with Theresa Carter. Laura starts to remember everything and realizes that she was the one who accidentally killed Theresa Carter and not Rick. She also remembers Rick following her after she went to the attic recently after she saw Lulu spill punch on her dress and it triggered what happened. She thought Rick did it and when he came to her with the needle she didn't believe it when he told her that he wasn't the one who killed Theresa. Laura is devastated when she realizes she killed Rick when he wasn't trying to harm her. Luke consoled her and told her she killed both Theresa and Rick in self-defense and that it was an accident that could have been prevented if Rick and Scott had told her the truth and not tried to hide it anymore. Laura listens to Luke and agrees that they need to hide out longer and asks her to stay in the room while he goes and checks on something. Laura tells Luke that she wants them to get married in their home with just close friends and family and not have a big wedding. Luke agrees with her that they will do that once things are cleared up and they can return to Port Charles. Luke leaves her in the other room and goes to call Nikolas on his cell phone. Meanwhile Nikolas and Lucky argue about what is going on with Luke and Laura. Lucky refuses to believe that Luke is keeping Laura hostage and that it is possible he is only trying to protect her because she actually killed Rick. Nikolas gets a call on his cell phone from Scott asking him to meet him on the docks later. Nikolas agrees to it and doesn't tell Lucky or Gia what is going on. Luke calls Nikolas on his cell-phone and warns him not to talk on Lucky's phone since it is probably being tapped. He tells Nikolas where they are hiding out and asks him to tell Lucky to meet them there. Nikolas asks to speak to Laura on the phone. Luke tells him to let it go and just tell Lucky what to do. Scott shows up on the docks so Nikolas pretends he is talking to someone casually on the phone. Scott asks him who was on the phone. Nikolas' look gives him away. Scott plays the tape of the phone conversation between Nikolas, Lucky, and Luke from yesterday. He asks Nikolas to cooperate since he doesn't really know if Laura is safe or not with Luke. Luke goes back to the room to check on Laura and finds her missing from the barn. He starts to panic. Later, Scott shows up at the barn with the police and see know sign of Luke and Laura. Scott finds part of a white veil on the barn floor.

Jason stays at Courtney and AJ's apartment in case AJ shows up and possibly hurts Courtney. Courtney goes out to run some errands. AJ returns to the apartment and waits for Courtney with Jason watching him. AJ tells Jason to leave them alone and go back and tell Sonny that his plan of revenge worked. Jason refuses to leave him alone with Courtney right now and that he'll make sure Courtney is off the hook with Coleman from now on and won't have to strip anymore. Courtney returns home. Jason leaves when he sees she isn't in any real danger from AJ Courtney tries to explain why she worked as a stripper. AJ takes her words the wrong way and thinks she is really just like the rest of his family. He accuses her of trying to clean up his messes like his family has done his whole life because they perceive him as weaker than them. AJ tells her that he thought she was different and really loved and respected him. Courtney tells him she loves him and didn't want him to go to jail. AJ tells her that she should have let him go to prison because then he would have probably straightened his life up better than what she tried to do for him. AJ storms off. Meanwhile, Jason finds Coleman outside his club. He hands him a paper bag filled with money to start over again in exchange for not pressing charges or causing trouble for AJ or Courtney again. Coleman questions Jason's motives but excepts the money. AJ shows up to accept responsibility for the fire but Coleman acts like he doesn't know him and leaves. AJ realizes Jason paid him off because of Courtney. He tells him he came to take the blame but Jason ruined it again by doing Sonny's work and not allowing him to fix things for his own wife. Sonny gets a call from one of his people that the club has been burned down. Sonny figures AJ did it since that seems to be his m.o. to get revenge. Carly tries to reassure him that Courtney will come to her senses once she figures out what a loser AJ is and if he ends up going to prison for arson, Courtney will not stand by him long and will reach out to her family again. Sonny tells her that she can't be so sure that will happen since Courtney claims she loves AJ unconditionally and she will never give up on him. Carly goes to see Courtney, who reluctantly confides in Carly about her fears for A.J after he left. She is afraid he'll go out and get drunk and get hurt because of her.

Alcazar is surprised when one of his men inform him that a helicopter is trying to land on the roof of the yacht. Alcazar instructs him to lock "the mystery woman" downstairs in her room and have the nurse watch her while deals with his unexpected visitor. The visitor happens to be Jax. Jax asks Alcazar what he wants with him and his family. Alcazar offers him a deal regarding his family's business with the oil map and their possible financial problems. Alcazar offers him back what he lost for his family business if Jax agrees to leave town with his family and fiancée. Jax informs him he is no longer engaged and that he will have to turn down his offer since he has no intention in leaving town. The "mystery woman" manages to get away from her room and overhear the conversation. One of his men interrupts him for a private chat and informs him that "she" has gotten out of her room and they don't know where she is. Alcazar instructs him to find her and lock her up in her room. She listens in on the conversation but is grabbed by one of the men and hauled away against her will. Her ankle bracelet falls off onto the deck floor. Later, as Jax is leaving the boat, he sees the anklet on the deck and asks him who it belongs to. Alcazar is dismayed to see evidence of "her" presence on the yacht.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Laura shows up in the attic wandering through looking at everything like she's there for the first time in years. She suddenly looks down at the floor and starts remembering. She grabs her head then hears Rick's voice. She begins hallucinating that Rick and Teresa are there dressed for the wedding. She tells him she had a nightmare but she doesn't want to say it out loud. She retreats to being a little girl. She thinks she's getting married and everything is going to be perfect then the visions go away. Later, Laura is dressed in her wedding gown looking in the mirror and she looks beautiful but when she turns around to see Luke arrive, she is all in shambles and her gown in old and torn. She asks if he sees Rick there. Luke tears up knowing Laura is losing her mind. Laura pretends that Rick is walking her to Luke and pretends to kiss Rick's cheek. Luke starts their vows. Laura cries through her vows and tells Luke how much she loves him. She asks where Rick and Teresa went and then flashes back to see them dead on the floor and starts crying hysterically. She thinks they are there now but Luke tries to reassure her that it's just the two of them. She remembers Rick trying to give her a shot. She remembers killing her father. Luke tries to get her to focus on them not Rick. She calms down and hugs him. Laura asks Luke to save her then Scott and Mac walk in the door and tell them it's over.

Jason and AJ argue outside the burned down Oasis. AJ goes on about his broken life and torn marriage. Jason says he hasn't changed and still wrecks everything in his life and now he's doing it to Courtney.
Jason tells him to be a man just once and turn himself in for torching the club and let Courtney go so she can have a real life.

Carly tries talking to Courtney. Since they are family she wants to get through to her about AJ and Sonny. Courtney thinks he loves her because he gave up everything for her. She reminisces about their relationship and Carly asks how many boyfriends she's had. Not many so Carly gives her advice then leaves. AJ arrives home and they talk. He tells her he loves her but he can't keep doing this to her and he's leaving her tonight. He packs his bags but she won't let him leave until she tells him how she feels. She wants another chance.
He asks why she still loves him. She begs him to stay with her and they kiss. He makes her promise that if there is any trouble, she has to come to him, no one else. AJ pulls away and Courtney thinks it's because of her.

Sonny confronts Jax and thinks he's working with Alcazar. He fills him in on Alcazar's dealings and asks what Jax' plan is. Jax tells him to give it a rest and help him take Alcazar down. He tells him that he's after his family's wealth. Jax tells Sonny of Alcazar's threat and asks if they are going to work together. Sonny passes on the offer. Jax arrives home and Alexis shows up. She says Skye is in a lot of trouble. He gives his approval for her to take Skye's case.

Nikolas meets Gia at Kelly's and she asks what he's done. Nikolas says he followed his instincts then Lucky arrives. Nikolas says he thinks Scott is sincere and cares about Laura. He thinks that Luke has gone off and that their mom could be in danger. Scott arrives and shakes up Nikolas telling him he tipped off Luke and now he's dragged Laura off. Lucky tells him he's shifting focus to Luke and off himself for the murder. Mac calls him after spotting Luke's car and he leaves. Lucky argues with Nikolas and he's mad that Nikolas tried to screw over Luke. He knows that Laura could have lost all grip on reality when the memories came flooding back from the past.

Carly comes home to find Sonny and tells him that she went to see Courtney and she's ok. Sonny thinks AJ is going to be arrested and Jason arrives. Jason tells Sonny that AJ isn't going to jail ever. He says he made the charge go away. He rambles off all the bad things AJ's done and asks if that's the person he gave peace of mind and sent him back to Courtney. He wanted him gone. Jason said Courtney wanted him to save AJ. Sonny is furious and asks if Jason was asleep, on crack, in a trance, what. Jason said he had to make a quick decision. Sonny says he went against him and help his enemy. He says he's helping his sister. Sonny says his job is to follow his orders and this isn't the first time he disobeyed. If he can't or won't do the job like he used to then leave.

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