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Passions Recaps: The week of June 19, 2000 on PS
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Monday, June 19, 2000

Whitney is at the hospital sitting with Chad. She is dreaming about the kiss, and makes a comment about it as Miguel walks in. He immediately asks her if something is going on with her and Chad. She denies it. She does tell him that she believes that Simone is right about her being responsible for the accident. Miguel tries to tell her that it was an accident and is sure that Simone didn't mean what she said. She tells him that she is sure that when Chad wakes up, he might not be eager to see her. Miguel leaves to get some cafe latte' for whitney, and when he returns, they leave the room. Chad wakes up briefly and calls out for Whitney, but she isn't around.

Luis and Sheridan are both upset that the FBI wants Luis to be Sheridan's bodyguard. The agent tells them that it is a done deal. He said that they only way that they would allow Luis to be dismissed would be if he had assaulted or sexually harassed Sheridan. Julian shows up at the Book Cafe after talking with Alastair. He says that he will take care of the situation by calling in some favors. Sheridan is happy that he is going to take care of things. Julian tries to get Luis's assignment changed but he doesn't have any success. Sheridan and Luis will just have to put up with one another.

Theresa and Ethan run into each other at the movies. She tells him that she doesn't like to watch movies alone, but Ethan said that it doesn't bother him. He tells her that it is a movie about a rich guy and a poor girl, who want to be together, but face many obstacles from their families. As they are watching the movie, the guy breaks up with the girl because he said that he can't go against his family wishes. Theresa suddenly runs out of the theater crying. She is outside crying and saying that her life is over, when Ethan comes out and they look at each other and kiss.

Sam is on the boat. He thinks that Grace is already on board, so he starts sailing. When he goes back inside, he hears someone. When he turns around, it's Ivy instead of Grace. Sam is furious and said that he would turn the boat back around. He tells her that he loves Grace, and that it was over between them. He asks her if she had seen the compass. She has it in her hand and threatens to throw it from the porthole, unless he gives her one night of passion. He tells her that there is only one woman for him, and it's Grace. He told her that they may be on the boat together, but that he would not touch her. He gets angry when she throws the compass out the window. He tells her that she may have cost them their lives because a storm was coming. He said that she didn't care if she died as long as she was with him. Meanwhile at home, Grace realizes that it is later than she thought. She and Eve race to the docks and realize that Sam has already set sail. She doesn't understand why Sam would leave without her.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Ivy and Sam continue to argue after Ivy drops the compass overboard. Then Sam realizes that Ivy had to have done something to Grace to make her miss their sailing trip together. Sam grabs Ivy up and threatens to throw her overboard! He reminds her of the danger she has put them both in and tries to send an radio message in for help only to find the wires torn out and the fuses missing. Furious he ask Ivy what did she do with them. Ivy admitted to throwing them overboard and continues to beg for just one night of passion! Sam ties the boom down to hold the rudder in place to lead them back to the dock. Ivy desperately unties it and Sam is knocked out of the boat into the water, he crawls back in only to confront Ivy of her selfishness and reminds her that she will never have him, that his marriage, his vows, their children are bonds that hold them together forever! Ivy ask Sam what if we had a child together? As they are heading into shore Ivy says to herself because we do have a child, a son! I wonder if now is the time to tell him.

At the book Café, the F.B.I. agent informs Luis he has no choice in the matter and he is now on special assignment to protect Miss Crane. A frustrated Julian tells Sheridan he has tried all of his connections to no avail and believe me dear sister that Alistair and I want to keep you two apart more than anyone. Sheridan ask why. Julian explains we just want you to be happy! Hank shows up and asks Luis if he's sure he's over her. Luis reminds him that this is just a job and the sooner they close this case the better! Hank offers to take Sheridan home while Luis goes home to pack a bag.

Ethan kisses Teresa and then apologizes and ask him to forgive him. That he knew why she ran out of the movie, you were thinking of Chuck weren't you. Teresa stunned tells Ethan no apology needed. Ethan tells her that true love would find her and one day Chuck would realize what he's missing! Teresa goes home to write in her diary about the wonderful kiss she believes that fate has once again stepped in and that it is meant to be that one day she will be Mrs. Ethan Crane! Luis hears her talking about marriage and Teresa tells him she was just daydreaming. When Luis explains where he was going Teresa tells him maybe being together with Sheridan they'll get close again. Luis denies any feelings telling her it's just a job and one he can't wait to get over with!

Hank drops off Sheridan and get a beep on his pager then offers to go out for cookie dough ice cream and would be right back. Ethan comes in and tells his Aunt about the kiss and explains what happen and that Teresa forgave him. Sheridan asks Ethan again if he was sure he wasn't in love with Teresa? Of course he denies it. Sheridan is so upset she tells Ethan about Luis being assigned to be her bodyguard and moving in. Ethan tells her he's glad because he likes Luis and knows that he would be an excellent bodyguard! Meanwhile Hank meets someone lurking in the shadows at the wharf and the man tells Hank that certain people are upset with him for not returning their phone calls.

At the pier, Grace and Eve stand waiting. Grace confides in Eve that she has a strong feeling of foreboding and there's a force out there trying to wreak her marriage! A nervous and guilt ridden Eve tells Grace that she has a very strong connection to Sam. Grace admits that she does and I even have premonitions unlike Charity's but very strong connections to Sam! She praises Eve and thanks her for being such a good friend and tells her how lucky she is to have her in her life. Just then Julian runs into Eve and finds out their waiting for Sam to come in. He phones Alistair he has located Sam Bennett to see to their problem! Grace sees lights coming in.

Luis rings the doorbell at Sheridan's cottage only to find Sheridan's sad and confused face.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

by NBC

Though her friends are dismayed by their first glimpse of the boat Reese hired for their prom, Kay is delighted to realize that the scow will be perfect for her perfidious plan. On the docks, Hank tries to shed someone from his past but pays a steep price when two goons beat him senseless. As Sam steers their boat towards shore, Ivy tries to summon up the courage to tell her former lover that they have a son. Meanwhile, Grace, Eve and Julian all wait anxiously for the boat to dock. Luis prepares to settle in at the cottage to stand guard over Sheridan around the clock. Tabitha and "Admiral" Timmy go to the prom boat to check out the site of their anticipated triumph. Panicked to recognize her husband standing on the pier, Ivy ducks into hiding. Startled to find his own childhood growth chart marked behind the closet door, Luis finally remembers that his family used to live in the cottage before the Cranes had them evicted. Though Sheridan apologizes for her father's past sins, Luis rededicates himself to proving that the Cranes were responsible for Martin's disappearance. Charity tells Miguel that evil will strike on prom night.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Eve warns Ivy she won't betray Grace again but her blackmailer calmly threatens to expose her whorish past to everyone in Harmony unless she plays ball. Sheridan has an erotic dream about Luis and begins moaning his name in her sleep. Awakening to find Luis peering down at her, a flustered Sheridan pretends she can't recall any details of her dream. Julian questions his wife after learning from the maid how Ivy returned from her trip with damp clothes. Embarrassed to find her son in the bedroom at the cottage, Pilar assumes that Luis and Sheridan have become lovers. Kay and Simone hurry to complete their term papers but encounter computer problems at the last minute. Luis sets his mother straight about his reason for moving into the cottage. Charity's expertise saves the day for Simone and Kay. At the hospital, Whitney admits to an excited Theresa how she and Chad shared a kiss. Ivy stonewalls when Ethan presses her for information about her mysterious first love. Alistair orders Julian to do anything necessary--including committing murder--to prevent Luis from learning their secret. Kay is horrified to find her uncle lying in a bloody heap on the pier. Sheridan gets an eyeful of Luis as he changes clothes in her living room.

Friday, June 23, 2000

After learning that Ethan was waiting for her in his bedroom, Theresa goes on up, hoping that this is when Ethan will tell her that he loves her. She walks in the door, and she and Ethan share a long glance. Ethan asks what she wants and she says, "You, Ethan, I want you." Ethan is taken a back, and asks her what she means, but she covers up by asking for work. He compliments her perfume and she tells him it is the fragrance of the magic plant from Bermuda. Theresa bought it to intrigue the man she loves. Obviously, Ethan still believes that Theresa is in love with Chuck. Theresa moves closer to him, but Pilar walks in. She tells Theresa that Mrs. Crane needs her to finish up with the wedding invitations. After Theresa leaves the room, she and Pilar get into a heated discussion about Ethan. Theresa says he is confused about his feelings, but that he does love her. Pilar states that Theresa must stay away from him. If Ethan doesn't marry Gwen, the Cranes will destroy Theresa, then Luis would get involved and it would be World War III. But Theresa refuses and tells her mother it is out of her hands. Ethan calls Gwen and tells her it isn't right for her not to be there. But Gwen can't hear what Ethan is saying, because the phone gets scratchy. Ethan wants her home, but he has no idea just how close she is! Theresa has a plan to help Ethan realize his feelings and forget Gwen! Theresa slips into Gwen's wedding dress, and she stands in Ethan's room. Ethan walks in, thinking it's Gwen, he kisses her shoulders and tells her that he wants her! Theresa is loving it, but little does she know that Gwen just walked through the front door!

Sheridan and Luis make a trip to the hospital, to visit a very badly beaten Hank. Sheridan thinks it is her fault because she wanted the ice cream. In the hospital room, Hank thinks back to the fight. He tells Sam and Luis that it was just a mugging, but neither of them are so sure. Hank tells them both that the details are fuzzy, but Sam wants to hear the story again.

Hank asks Sheridan to get him some food. Her bodyguard does not follow, but someone else does. Hank asks Sam not to mention his past in front of Sheridan because he is trying to impress her. Luis, worried about how long Sheridan has been gone, goes out into the hall, where he sees a suspicious man approaching Sheridan from behind. Luis attacks the guy, and throws him against the wall, demanding to know what he is doing. Turns out, that he is a friend of Sheridan's, Warren, from the Country Club. Warren tells Sheridan she has a protective boyfriend, but she and Luis both deny they have anything together. Sheridan and Luis fight about how uptight Luis is. Luis tells Sheridan that it is for her on safety.

While Sheridan is telling Hank about the hall incident, Agent Freeman opens the door and wants to see Sam and Luis. Once the three were in the hall, Agent Freeman informs them that Roger and Pierre are on the move and will do anything to get to Sheridan. Luis assures him that he will be alert 24/7. Back at the cottage, Sheridan and Luis fight once again because she wanted to do some shopping and he made her go home. Sheridan says she will go stir crazy if she is cooped up in the house with Luis, so she decides to sun bath. While she is changing into her suit, Luis checks out the patio. He hears a 'thump,' but thinks that he is just being paranoid. He goes back in, Sheridan comes out of her bedroom in her bikini. Luis looks at her, then she goes outside. Luis remains inside, until he hears a GUNSHOT!

Chad wakes up! Whitney is sitting at his bedside. He looks at Whitney and tells her that he heard what she said. But before they can get into the details, Chad has a few visitors: Charity, Miguel, Kay, and Simone. Miguel hands Chad the Harmony Herald, where his heroic acts are on the front page. Simone snaps at Whitney, saying the incident is her fault, but Chad disagrees. Jessica tells everyone that Chad needs his rest. After making everyone leave, Chad asks Jessica for a favor. Jessica catches Whitney before she leaves, and asks her to help out with a patient, by walking them around the hospital. Whitney agrees, and goes to the room, Room 327. It just so happens that Chad Harris is the needy patient. Whitney helps him up, and he tells her how strong she is. They share long glances. While walking around, Chad asks Whitney to finish what she started, but Whitney tells him that he was hallucinating. Chad insists that she did say he got to her. Whitney admits that she was overcome with emotions, but nothing more. Chad tells her that is the first step.

Tabitha and Timmy go to the Prom Boat. Tabitha has to make sure that Kay's "CARRIE" plan will work. Timmy tells Tabitha that he wants to dance with Charity and tell her about Kay's plan. Tabitha tells him that either Charity gets hurt or they do! Tabitha is going around the boat, drawing symbols to fill Charity with anger and revenge, so she will finally come to the dark side. Suddenly, they hear Kay and Simone coming, so she and Timmy hide.

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