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Ryan confessed that he was jealous of Greenlee's relationship with Leo. Adam was furious when he found out about Liza and Tad's partnership. Charlotte drugged Alex. Aidan recalled something about Charlotte's past.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, June26, 2000

Just after hearing Ryan's stunning admission that he was jealous of her relationship with Leo, Greenlee met up with Leo to tell him that it was just a matter of time before she and Ryan were a couple. Leo wasn't the least bit interested in Greenlee's escapades. In fact, he found it irritating that Greenlee had used his kidnapping as a ploy to win over Ryan. Greenlee spotted Ryan in the far corner of the bar and quickly locked lips with Leo. The pair carried on for several minutes, pretending that they were unaware that Ryan was there.

Finally, Ryan cleared his throat to let them know that they were not alone. As soon as their lips parted, Leo tried to explain why he and Greenlee were kissing. Ryan quickly silenced him, saying that what Leo and Greenlee did was none of his business. He asked Greenlee to go to the loft and tend to any dream fulfillment requests that might arrive; he was headed to a meeting with a potential investor. Greenlee wanted to tag along with Ryan, but Ryan convinced her that she was the only one he trusted with handling customer service.

Greenlee melted from the warm praise and agreed to do anything Ryan asked of her. Before leaving, Ryan tossed in a shot at Leo, telling him to "grow a life" of his own. Greenlee chirped merrily and praised Leo's performance. Leo whispered that Ryan had returned, and the pair once again went back to kissing.

Giggling and smiling, Greenlee looked over her shoulder and soon learned that Ryan was nowhere in sight. Surprisingly, though, Greenlee wasn't upset. She scolded Leo jokingly about his shameless attempt to get a kiss. Then, still smiling, Greenlee headed off to the loft.

In the tower at Wildwind, Gillian sat alone and replaced Jake's ring with the one Ryan had given her. A short time later, Ryan arrived and called out to his Rapunzel. Gillian opened the door for her lover, and the two immediately fell into each other's arms. After they'd made love, Ryan again mused that it was Greenlee who had drawn them together. Ironically, she was also the one who'd kept them apart.

Gillian warned Ryan to watch out for Greenlee's "feminine wiles." She obviously feared that Ryan would be forced to show Greenlee that he cared for her. Ryan hid a smile and said that if worse came to worst he'd have to close his eyes while making love to Greenlee and pretend that she was Gillian. Gillian pursed her lips and bopped Ryan's naked chest. With a final kiss, Ryan headed back to the loft.

Adam was amused by the prospect of Tad being co-CEO of an internationally renowned company. Tad noted that he had successfully guided Orsini Vineyards to a profit. Arlene, who had been silently observing, chirped that Tad and Liza would have fun working together. "It's only a hop, skip, and a jump from the boardroom to the bedroom," she mused. Adam warned Liza that the board members would "jump ship" if Tad joined her.

Tad smiled and said that they had already received unanimous board approval for their joint partnership. Besides, he argued, there was no way they'd want Adam back after his institutionalization. Adam grew tired of arguing. He told Tad to enjoy his days atop Chandler Enterprises because his days were numbered -- in the single digits. Arlene warned Tad that she was going to hire someone to look over the books just in case he and Liza planned to cheat her and Adam out of what they rightfully deserved. Tad grumbled that Arlene was going to get everything she deserved soon enough.

After Arlene and Adam left, Liza gushed about how much she was looking forward to working with Tad. Tad held up his hand and informed Liza that he was not going to co-run Chandler Enterprises with her; he'd said what he'd said to "yank Adam's chain." Liza pleaded with Tad to reconsider. With Dixie working for David and the boys at camp, there would be nothing left for Tad to do.

Tad mulled over the idea for several minutes before shaking his head and turning down Liza's request. He was certain that Dixie would blow a fuse if he went back to work with Liza. Divorce court was not somewhere he wanted to be headed. Liza continued that Dixie would not want him to pass up a chance to own a chunk of Adam Chandler's vast fortune. She even went as far as to say that Tad wouldn't have to work much as her partner.

Tad still was not open to the idea of going to work at Chandler Enterprises. He thanked Liza for wanting him on board, but left the table without having struck up a deal. Liza immediately reached for her cell phone and placed a call to George, an employee of Chandler Enterprises. She asked that he draft a memo but instructed him to hold onto it until she gave the green light. The subject of the memo, she said, was to announce Tad Martin's decision to join her as co-CEO of Chandler Enterprises.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Arlene worried about how Tad and Liza were going to run Chandler Enterprises into the ground. Her ramblings failed to elicit any sort of concern from Adam, so Arlene took a decidedly different approach. She blasted Adam for giving up too easily. She said that Stuart would never tolerate him being a quitter. Adam lunged toward her and ordered her never to utter Stuart's name again. If she did, he said squeezing her arm tightly, she'd be out on the streets.

Arlene asked Adam to close his eyes and look ten years into the future. She asked that he imagine Tad and Liza making Chandler Enterprises into an even more prosperous business. Adam grudgingly obliged Arlene and closed his eyes. He listened as she painted a picture of Tad, Liza, and Junior all living happily together. It was unclear if Tad and Liza were a couple, but all three were happy nonetheless. Chandler Enterprises was no more; it had been renamed Colmart.

When the doorbell rang in Arlene's story, Junior scurried to the front door to see who'd dropped by. On the other side of the door, Adam smiled broadly. His usual threads, a suit and tie, had been replaced by a well-worn coat and oversized hat. The handkerchief tied to the end of a long stick completed his hobo attire.

In the story, Junior instructed the visitor to wander around to the servants' entrance and ask for some leftovers. Adam blinked his eyes several times and told Junior who he was -- Junior's father. Junior's neck snapped back, and he broke into hysterical laughter.

Back in the present, Adam looked devastated by Arlene's predictions. Adam shook loose the cobwebs and insisted that Arlene's dire predictions would never happen. He added that he no longer cared what happened to Chandler Enterprises. Adam stormed away, leaving Arlene behind to mull her next course of action. "You've sworn off business like I've sworn off booze," Arlene chortled to herself.

Charlotte realized that Alex was standing behind her and smoothly ended her phone call without tipping Alex off to the fact that she knew Alex was there. Alex immediately demanded to know who her mother was talking to and why she had felt a need to tear Alex away from the man that she loved. Charlotte smiled slightly and said that she'd been talking to Rose, Alex's aunt. As for trying to get Alex away from Edmund, Charlotte had a quick explanation. She assured Alex that she wasn't trying to get between the two of them. She was, however, trying to steal a few days to spend one-on-one time with her daughter.

Alex sat down next to her mother and commented that they really didn't know each other; she understood that her mother was delicately asking for some "catch up" time. Charlotte nodded and said that she had reached a point in her life where she could see more of her life behind her than ahead of her. Alex feared that her mother was ill, but Charlotte swore that she was fit as a fiddle -- just a little heartsick at knowing that bad things had happened to Alex while she had been a patient at Bryn Wydd.

Stella entered the room with Sam and Maddie by her side. Alex gushed over the two youngsters, but the kids were not at all taken with Charlotte. In fact, neither of them said hello to her nor responded when Alex asked them to give her mother a big hug. Charlotte stated that she had never been very good with children, a remark that Alex seemed to take to heart. Alex assured her mother that she'd done the best she could.

Charlotte again asked her daughter if they could take a few days away to go to a spa or salon. Alex worried that her workload at the Andrassy Foundation would grow even more if she took some time away -- plus, there was still the nagging issue of her lost memories. Charlotte tried to talk her daughter out of pursuing her adventures, but Alex wasn't about to stop. She did, however, concede that a week off from her investigation couldn't hurt. Charlotte smiled fiendishly when Alex finally agreed to go away with her.

Edmund blinked his eyes more than a few times upon seeing his brother. Dimitri closed the mausoleum door and slowly, but silently, walked towards Edmund. "Oh, my God," Edmund gasped. He slowly reached out his hand to touch Dimitri's face. "How?" Edmund asked in amazement.

Dimitri replied only that it wasn't a long story. Edmund jubilantly embraced Dimitri and welcomed him home. Dimitri, however, remained solemn and stone-faced. Edmund told Dimitri of the memorial service they'd thrown for Dimitri and how Edmund had cried over Dimitri's death. Dimitri announced that he hadn't taken his own life -- and that he'd never contemplate such a thing. However, the truth behind Dimitri's disappearance was almost too much for Edmund to comprehend.

"The people who abducted me [did so] on orders from Alex's mother, Charlotte Devane," Dimitri said icily. Edmund shook his head and argued that Dimitri had to be mistaken. Dimitri told Edmund most of the story behind his disappearance, including the destruction of Bryn Wydd and his near-death encounter over the Atlantic Ocean. Edmund then realized that he hadn't been dreaming when he'd thought he'd seen Dimitri at the Welsh sanatorium. Edmund wanted to call the police for help, but Dimitri told Edmund that no one could be trusted; there was no way to know exactly who was on Charlotte's payroll.

Edmund stated that Derek had been in on things since day one when Guy's body had disappeared. Dimitri was opposed to that idea as well. He stated that if they were to save Alex, they needed to act immediately. There was no time to take any chances, Dimitri stated firmly -- at least not if Edmund loved Alex like he said he did. Edmund was floored that Dimitri knew of his relationship with Alex. Edmund dropped his head in shame and guilt.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Junior and Jamie feverishly gathered their clothing and other belongings in anticipation of going off to camp. Junior teased Jamie because Jamie had hinted that he was going to miss Junior; they would not be going to the same camp. Dixie wandered into the room, and Tad tried to get the boys to talk her out of going to work. Neither of the boys was going to help him. In fact, Jamie and Junior were in full support of Dixie's decision to join the workforce.

Jamie commented that if his mother could do it, Dixie could do it too. Dixie motioned to her husband as she folded underwear. Tad grimaced when he realized that he'd have to iron nametags into a stack of the boys' clothing. The boys headed out of the room to do a final assessment of what they still needed to pack. While they were gone, Dixie lectured Tad for not wanting to split the duties of getting the kids ready for camp. The simple argument spiraled out of control, and other issues arose.

Tad told Dixie about the job offer Liza had made. Dixie fell silent. She looked down at the ironing board and offered no immediate response. It appeared that Tad enjoyed toying with her, as he rattled on about the benefits of the job. In just a few months, he said excitedly, he could earn enough money to pay for Junior and Jamie's entire college education. Finally, when it looked like Dixie was about to explode, Tad revealed that he had turned down Liza's offer.

It was evident that Dixie was relieved, but she knew in her heart that Tad wanted to accept the job. She asked Tad why he wanted to sit around the house; the kids were going to be at camp, and she had a job with the Andrassy Foundation. Of course, that was a touchy subject as far as Tad was concerned. Junior returned to the room as the bickering got louder and louder. He told them that he needed help finding his shin guards when they were done with their "discussion."

Tad and Dixie looked at each other with guilty expressions and headed off in separate directions to track down the missing sports equipment. Dixie eventually located it and she, and Tad regrouped in the living room. Both felt like heels for having started an argument over something so trivial. Dixie told Tad that she knew that he didn't approve of her working for David, so she offered to let him accept Liza's job offer. Tad shook his head and said that the situation was a "non-issue" because he had turned down the offer. The time arrived for Dixie to leave with Junior. Tad had taken the car to the shop earlier in the day and pleaded with Dixie to drive safely.

In the mausoleum, Edmund felt a need to explain how he and Alex had fallen in love. "We never intended... you were dead," Edmund said, fumbling for his words. Dimitri informed his brother that he had observed Edmund and Alex at the chapel. Dimitri struggled to fight back the tears. Edmund wanted to take Dimitri to talk to Alex, but Dimitri put the kibosh on that idea. Instead, Dimitri asked that Edmund do everything in his power to keep Alex away from Charlotte until they could formulate a plan.

Charlotte cooed as she talked about heading off to a salon where "all the celebrities go." To make the trip even more enticing, Charlotte offered to pay for everything. She also complained that it looked like Alex hadn't picked out a new frock since her wedding day. Alex cocked her head to one side and announced that something had to be wrong. Charlotte puckered her lips and admitted to being a "penny pincher" during Alex's childhood, but she said that she'd felt the need to watch the finances because she'd been the only "breadwinner."

A pale-faced Edmund straggled into the room and whispered that he'd just seen a ghost. Alex raced to his side to make sure that he was okay. Alex put her vacation plans on hold because of Edmund's condition, but Charlotte pleaded with Alex to reconsider after Edmund assured them that he was going to be okay. Alex hesitantly agreed, but her vacation was shelved again -- at least temporarily -- when Edmund remembered that the hospital had called for Alex earlier in the day. Alex nodded and headed off to check in with the hospital.

Once they were alone, Charlotte praised Edmund for wanting to make sure that Alex was protected. She chuckled slightly and assured Edmund that she posed no danger whatsoever to her daughter. Alex returned and said that the hospital had no messages for her. She had hoped that her lover and mother had had some time to get to know each other better. A chill swept through the room as Edmund stated that he and Charlotte had opposing ideas of what was best for Alex.

Eugenia breezed into the room and was immediately introduced to Charlotte. Eugenia was pleased to meet Charlotte, but excited over a rose that had bloomed in the rose garden. Edmund smiled broadly and asked Eugenia to show the flower to Charlotte. Charlotte looked less than thrilled, but she agreed to go off with the duchess.

Edmund and Alex curled up on the sofa, and Edmund asked Alex if she could postpone her vacation. He claimed that he really needed her right then. Alex sensed that Edmund's visit to the mausoleum had upset him and agreed to remain in Pine Valley.

Charlotte and Eugenia returned from their walk, a walk that Charlotte had cut short. Alex informed her mother of her decision to stay in town. Charlotte took it well, but asked that her daughter escort her to her bedroom. Edmund's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He announced that he'd remembered why the hospital had called. Karen, the young patient who Alex had helped deal with abuse in her family, had been readmitted to the hospital. Alex's face dropped, and she quickly raced out of the room. Charlotte fired an icy glare at Edmund but agreed to rejoin Eugenia in the rose garden -- and maybe have a glass or two of sherry.

In the mausoleum, Dimitri wept openly as he looked at the nameplate on his crypt. He then turned his attention to Maria's vault and prayed for her guidance and support. Edmund returned and proudly told Dimitri that Alex was out of danger -- at least for the moment. Dimitri prepared to spend the night in the crypt, but Edmund insisted that he spend the night at the main house. Dimitri spoke out against the idea, saying that no one could know that he was still alive.

At the Valley Inn, over martinis, Opal and Marian discussed the sťance they'd had with Frederick. Opal reminded Marian that the words uttered during the session had been Cindy's and not Frederick's. If Cindy had said that Stuart was not with her, Opal asked Marian to consider the possibility that Stuart wasn't really dead. After all, there was no chance that Stuart had gone to anyplace other than heaven.

"Folks come back from the grave more often than we realize," Opal stated calmly. Marian burst into tears and ordered Opal not to give her false hope. Opal took the woman's hand and attempted to comfort her. "I'll do the hoping for both of us," she said with a slight smile. If Frederick was right, Opal said confidently, it would be only a matter of time before Stuart tried to contact Marian.

Somewhere near Las Vegas, Judd's memories of his wife were stirred up by Esther's floor mopping. He fondly recalled how sweet his wife had been and how he wished he'd known his time with her was going to be cut short. Seemingly out of nowhere, Stuart announced that he knew exactly what Judd was feeling. The diner owner thought that Stuart might have regained some of his lost memory, but Stuart said that was not the case. He simply said that he'd heard Judd's story often enough to feel the pain that Judd was going through.

Marilyn looked from behind the counter at Stuart's canvas. The simple sketch that he'd created so many days before had turned into an elaborate painting. Marilyn realized that the subject of the painting, a blonde-haired woman on the Queen of Hearts' body, looked nothing like Esther. So, Marilyn felt compelled to ask Stuart if he knew the woman in the painting.

Judd and Esther were curious and wandered over to check out the easel. Esther gasped upon seeing the painting; she knew that it was a portrait of Marian. Esther blew up and asked Stuart why he hadn't painted her picture. Stuart tried to explain that he didn't know why he'd painted the unknown woman.

Sobbing, Esther stormed into the kitchen. Judd told Stuart that he would go and talk to Esther. In the kitchen, Esther told Judd that she knew why Stuart had painted the other woman -- it was because she wasn't really Stuart's wife. Judd silenced her, saying that she shouldn't be so hard on herself. Esther panicked when she'd made her confession, but luckily for her, Judd thought that she was exaggerating a point. Judd chalked up Stuart's behavior to the bump on the head he'd gotten. "Maybe long ago" Stuart loved her, Esther said sobbing, "Not now. He changed, but I have never stopped loving him."

Back out in the restaurant area, Marilyn continued to poke around Stuart's mind for the identity of his subject. She figured that Stuart had to have known the woman. Perhaps it was his schoolteacher or maybe even a past lover. Stuart listened carefully to every one of Marilyn's words. He was won over by her interest in his lost memories. Stuart tried to deny that he had ever loved the woman he'd painted, but when he was instructed to look at his painting, the love in Stuart's eyes was apparent.

Marilyn thought that one of the diner's former patrons, a television host, might be able to help him out. She searched high and low for the man's business card. When she found it and read the name on the card, Stuart's face lit up. "Tad Martin?" Stuart said, repeating the name Marilyn had mentioned.

Marilyn nodded her head and explained that Tad was the former host of The Cutting Edge, a talk show filmed in Pine Valley. All the names seemed to jog portions of Stuart's memory, but nothing gelled. Marilyn smiled broadly and suggested that Stuart call Tad. Maybe they knew each other or, at the very least, maybe Tad could feature Stuart on one of his shows.

Back at home, Tad walked Jamie outside and gave his son a goodbye hug. Jamie rolled his eyes and sighed that all of his friends were watching. Tad told his son that he loved him and watched him walk down the driveway. Tad returned inside and closed the door behind him. A few seconds later, the phone started to ring. Tad picked up the received and chirped, "Hello, Tad Martin speaking." On the other end of the line, Stuart took a short, nervous breath.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Marilyn convinced Stuart to call Tad, but a panicked Esther hung up the phone before any contact could be made. Marilyn suspected that Esther was determined to prevent Stuart from recovering his memory. Marilyn decided to help Stuart dig for his past on the World Wide Web.

Teasing Tad about being demoted to the role of househusband, Liza coaxed her old friend to sign on at Chandler Enterprises. Tad finally agreed to become Liza's partner after she threatened to resign and turn the company back over to Adam.

Elliot dropped by the Tempo office and was perturbed to find Brooke sharing a laugh with Jackson. Brooke was puzzled when Elliot balked at being photographed for a story about the shelter.

Charlotte criticized her daughter for clinging to Edmund instead of acting like the independent woman she'd been raised to be. Charlotte slyly suggested to Alex that she was simply using Edmund as a poor substitute for her late husband.

Meanwhile, in the mausoleum, Dimitri warned Edmund that cluing Alex in about the fact that she wasn't truly a widow would only put her life in danger. Overruling his brother's objections, Dimitri ordered Edmund to keep mum about his miraculous "resurrection." Dimitri confided in Edmund about how his health was once again deteriorating.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

At SOS, Ryan and Gillian surreptitiously exchanged a few quiet words by the jukebox until Greenlee arrived and took Ryan to the dance floor as Gillian watched. Tad walked in, and he and Gillian sat together. He told her he realized she had to be lonely without Jake and raised his glass in a toast to Jake and his safe return. He told Gillian about his new post as co-CEO of Chandler Enterprises, and she congratulated him.

Although Gillian was closely watching Ryan and Greenlee, she and Tad both noticed the coolness between Adrian and Tina and decided that true love needed a little shove. In an effort to do some matchmaking, Tad talked to Adrian while Gillian talked to Tina. Returning to their table, they compared notes and found that Adrian and Tina both cared about the other, but were afraid of being hurt. However, when Tina had a free moment, Adrian took her onto the floor for a slow dance.

Tad had noticed the way Gillian was looking at Ryan. "He still gets to you, doesn't he?" he asked Gillian. Gillian denied her feelings for Ryan and told Tad she had to get home to check on Eugenia.

At Brooke's office, Jack was still mulling over where he had seen Elliott before. Even when Brooke tried to question him, he kept changing the subject to Evan and an essay he had written. Brooke found the press announcement about Tad's new post on her computer and filled Elliott in about why Dixie might not be happy about it. She explained that Tad and Liza had a history together.

Brooke and Jack's conversation turned to parenting, and Elliott gave the information that his father had been very strict, which had made him rebel. Later, he told Brooke, he hadn't liked who he had become, so he had made some changes. Brooke had to leave, and Elliott was about to when Jack returned. "I remember where I saw you," he said, adding, "in Statesville prison." Elliott told Jack he had been a chaplain there for a short stint, and they shook hands on it. But as Jack left, he looked very skeptical about Elliot's explanation.

At the Wildwind mausoleum, Alex was beside Dimitri's plaque, telling him that she would always love him but that she had really fallen in love with Edmund, despite her mother's doubts. "I feel so close to you," she whispered, as Dimitri listened just outside the door. Edmund appeared silently behind him, and they quietly walked away.

Edmund pleaded with Dimitri to let him tell Alex the truth, but Dimitri frantically begged Edmund to keep Charlotte away from Alex. "As long as Charlotte is a threat -- I don't exist!" he told a saddened and confused Edmund. He forced Edmund to promise to keep his secret and to keep Alex safe. "I promise," said Edmund, just as Alex stepped outside. Edmund told her he was promising himself to keep her safe, and they returned to the main house.

In the main house, Edmund and Alex found an anxious Charlotte pacing around Alex's bedroom, wondering where Alex was. Edmund managed to sidetrack Charlotte's plan for a mother-daughter slumber party. Alex sensed that something was wrong between her mother and Edmund, and Edmund confessed that Charlotte was upset by his probing into Alex's past and felt he was being overprotective.

Charlotte, very put out by her plans being thwarted, was at the mausoleum, talking on her cell phone. "I need to see you right away," she barked. "We need to act now -- or risk losing everything!" she said. A few minutes later, Quinn showed up and reported that he was compiling a dossier on Adrian Sword. Charlotte told him she would decide what to do about Adrian after she saw the completed dossier. Meanwhile, getting Alex alone was a problem, she told her henchman. "Alex has Edmund glued to her side," she complained, and she added that Edmund was getting suspicious. "But lovers are easy to manipulate," she murmured.

In Alex's bedroom, as things heated up between Alex and Edmund, he pulled away. Alex was surprised then her glance fell on a picture of Dimitri. "What is it?" she asked, probing, "Is something wrong? Is it to do with Dimitri?" Edmund replied, "Yeah, it's about my brother."

Friday, June 30, 2000

Adam was sprawled on the couch, watching an infomercial, when Arlene entered the room in a long red negligee. She ordered Winifred to leave for the night then asked Adam if he'd heard the news. Adam asked what news she was referring to. Arlene turned on the TV and changed the channel to the news, where Liza's announcement that Tad would be helping her run Chandler Enterprises was being reported. Adam was furious, although he tried to pretend he didn't care about the company.

Arlene pushed Adam a little more, suggesting that since Tad and Liza were working so closely together, they were most likely sleeping together, too. The idea made Adam furious. He said Liza couldn't be with Tad because she still loved Adam. Arlene invited Adam to take his frustrations out on her, which he did. He grabbed her and kissed her, and they ended up on the couch, taking each other's clothes off.

At SOS, Tina and Adrian were enjoying a dance and apologizing for the miscommunication between them. Across the room, Ryan was desperately trying to think up reasons not to go home with Greenlee as she pressed him to sleep with her again. He was greatly relieved when Adrian asked him for a favor. Adrian and Tina wanted to leave, and they needed someone to close up SOS. Since Ryan had previously worked there, Adrian asked if he would be willing to do it. Ryan gladly agreed, much to Greenlee's dismay.

Greenlee was helping out by delivering drinks when she stopped by the table where Leo was sitting. She told him that she still wanted him to help her make Ryan jealous, but Leo didn't want to go along with her plan. He was sick of the people he cared about using him. She eventually talked him into helping her, and he asked what his mission was, should he choose to accept it.

Liza and Tad were also at SOS, going over the information about Chandler Enterprises for their meeting the next morning. Tad had been trying to get in touch with Dixie to tell her about the job and hoped he could find her before she heard about it from someone else. He was also feeling a bit down about himself, like he really hadn't accomplished much in his life, certainly not like Joe had. Liza told him that it was his chance, then, and he should go after it if it was what he really wanted to do.

Adrian and Tina arrived at her place, and he was surprised to see what a mess it was. "I'm working on getting organized," she assured him. They had a glass of wine and were kissing when Adrian's beeper went off. At first he ignored it, but it continued to beep. He saw that someone had dialed in an emergency code and immediately called the number back. It was Edmund on the other end, insisting that Adrian go to see him immediately -- it was a matter of life and death. Adrian reluctantly left, promising Tina they would try again sometime soon.

At Wildwind, Alex was confused when Edmund pulled away from her. She saw him glance at a picture of Dimitri and asked if that was the problem. Edmund admitted it was, even though he didn't tell her that Dimitri was alive. She understood, or at least thought she did, and asked him to just lie down with her until she fell asleep. He did, unaware that Charlotte was lurking outside. After Alex was asleep, Edmund quietly got up and left the room, setting the alarm on the keypad right outside her door.

Edmund went down to the mausoleum, where Dimitri was still lurking. Edmund told Dimitri how difficult it was for him, lying to Alex, and once again tried to convince Dimitri to tell Alex the truth. Dimitri refused and said their main concern had to be Charlotte. She had one of her henchman in town already, and there might be more. Edmund suggested calling Adrian in on it and wouldn't take no for an answer. He called Adrian and demanded that he go over right away.

Adrian arrived and was shocked to see that Dimitri was still alive. They filled him in on what had been going on. Once he thought about it, Adrian remembered hearing about Charlotte Devane before. She was very high up in Interpol and the British Intelligence, but she also had her own organization. In fact, she had tried to recruit Adrian some years before, but he had refused to join. Adrian told them the situation was very serious -- they would be lucky if they managed to escape with their lives.

In the meantime, Alex awoke and found Charlotte trying to open her door. Charlotte explained it away by saying that she had heard Alex having a bad dream and had gone to check on her. Charlotte agreed to stay and tuck Alex in and apologized to her for not having been around much when Alex had been growing up. Charlotte promised Alex they would be much closer from then on. However, when Alex fell asleep, Charlotte took out a syringe and gave Alex an injection.

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