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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on GL
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Monday, June 26, 2000

Though Beth did her best to convince him not to reveal her secret, Jim finally told Susan the truth about Beth's new baby. Outraged, Susan angrily blasted Beth for hurting her father. Harley was outraged when Phillip confronted her in the garage and wouldn't hand her car keys to her until she talked with him about reconciling. Harley angrily pointed out all she had done for him and Beth and the pain and deceit she had received in return.

Claire was outraged when Rick guessed that she was capable of hurting Zach based on what Ed told him about how she had once hurt Michelle. Shedding tears, Claire moaned that Michelle had cried for months and added to the stress she had already been facing, driving her to the point where she almost smothered her own baby. Later, when she threatened to tell Michelle, Claire arranged for Abigail to receive a job offer in Washington, DC.

Michelle announced to Danny that she had changed her mind and wanted Claire in her life. Jesse was pleased when he was selected as a finalist in an art competition. Confronted outside his room by an upset Reva, Noah was forced to reveal to Reva that Richard had pressed him to stop dating her. Though she didn't believe him, the two suddenly kissed passionately, driven into one another's arms.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Reva and Noah removed their clothes and made love for the first time. Afterwards, Reva answered the phone, but the caller hung up without talking. When Michelle overheard Abigail talking about Claire's past, she demanded some answers. Rick stepped in and quickly took his wife home, saving Claire and her secret. Michelle then announced to Claire that she would like to forget about the past and get to know her.

Meanwhile, Rick convinced Abigail to keep Claire's secret for Michelle's sake. Abigail confronted Claire again and warned her about hurting Michelle. Thinking that her marriage was over, Harley decided to return to the police force. Still upset after telling Susan the truth, Jim confronted Phillip in the parking garage and finally punched him out because of all the pain Phillip and Beth had caused his family. A bloodied Phillip urged Jim to save his marriage.

Susan continued to berate Beth for her lies and boasted that Jim would never have even looked at her if her mother had not died. She warned that she would never forgive her and laughed when Beth mentioned her hope that Jim still loved her. Later, Susan helped comfort her father.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Danny and Michelle reminded a nervous Drew that if she and Jesse did go to New York to do the mural in Times Square, it would only be for a year. Just then, the call arrived from the Big Apple, and Jesse was hired. Michelle and Danny agreed to run Millennium while they were gone. Susan struggled with her dance exercise, bothered by thoughts of her confrontation with Beth. Max helped her deal with her anguish until he leaked that he was moving to New York with Drew and Jesse.

Beth was relieved when she learned that Lizzie's transplant had been successful. Finding Edmund entertaining Lizzie, Beth confided that Jim had left her. Though he was encouraged by the news, she ruined his hopes for a special relationship by urging him to accept Richard's offer to move back to San Cristobel. Hurt, Edmund walked out but ominously warned Beth that Phillip might try to claim his son, since everyone knew the truth.

Rick was elated when Abigail finally revealed that she didn't want to end up like Claire and be miserable. She realized that she would like to have a baby.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Still glowing after telling Rick that she wanted to start a family, Abigail turned down the job offer from the Washington hearing group. Hearing that his offer had been turned down, Claire pleaded with Joe Morgan to approach Abigail and convince her to accept the job. While Claire's friend talked fast to convince her to consider the exciting job in Washington, Claire kept Rick distracted. Thrilled to be considered for such an important job, Abigail was torn about what to do and what to tell Rick.

Caught spending time in the hospital nursery with Beth's baby, Jim admitted to Harley that while he still loved Beth, he didn't think he could forgive her for sleeping with Phillip and then lying to him. Vicky pushed Phillip to claim his son as his own, but he was not interested. Lillian was next, with a request to leave Beth with her baby for the time being. He was affected when he finally got a chance to hold his infant. David was concerned when Vicky refused to stay out of Phillip's problems.

Upset to hear that Drew and Max were moving to New York with Jesse, Susan tried to convince him to change his mind by seducing him. Her plan was foiled when a shocked Harley interrupted and stopped them.

Friday, June 30, 2000

In front of Rick, Noah gave Phillip the good news that he could take Lizzie home that day. Rick confided to Phillip that Abigail wanted to start a family. Shocked to find her daughter making out with an apologetic Max, Harley tried to lecture Susan but found her incredibly sarcastic about what had happened. She claimed that the best thing she could hope for in a relationship was finding a guy and having sex.

Harley tried to convince her that there was such a thing as honesty in a loving relationship and urged her not to give up on it, especially at such a young age. However, she did admit that she wouldn't trade the pain she had felt in order to have a daughter. Back at home, Edmund publicly announced his crimes against Cassie and Richard, and the people of San Cristobel forgave Cassie.

Later, Cassie accepted Jenny's offer to spy on Edmund for her, unaware that Jenny and Edmund were already romantically a coo-some twosome. Seeing Josh react to the note Noah had sent Reva about the night before, Billy asked Josh why he was so bothered by Noah dating Reva. Later, Josh intercepted a call from Noah's daughter.

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