General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on GH

Tony had concerns about Bobbie's relationship with Roy. Stefan was pleased that his plan was working. Chloe confided to Jax about her dreams. Emily and Juan got into an argument, so Emily left the rave with another guy.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on GH
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Monday, June 26, 2000

Sonny forgave Carly for slapping him, and she expressed to him her fear that she was losing her mind. Sonny promised Carly that he would help her get past her pain, and the two eventually made love. Back in Port Charles, Roy and Bobbie anticipated an intimate evening together until Tony and Lucas caught them in a compromising position.

After her confrontation with Helena, an emotional Laura wound up at Jake's, where Mac once again bailed her out of trouble. Chloe had a disturbing dream about Laura and Stefan, and Ned realized the garden from Chloe's dream was actually at Wyndemere. Chloe paid a visit to Wyndemere, but a suspicious Helena caught her. Stefan devised a plan to foil Helena, while Laura made a pass at Mac.

Hannah was angered when A.J. compromised a case she was investigating, but he later charmed her into forgiving him.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Tony and Lucas walked into the brownstone and in on Bobbie and Roy frolicking. Tony explained that Lucas had forgotten his homework. Lucas wanted to know who Roy was and asked if he had been there before when Mommy had almost married Jerry. Bobbie said yes to Lucas that Roy had been at the almost-wedding and that they were playing around. Tony told Lucas to go upstairs and look for his homework and told Bobbie he wanted to talk to her alone. Roy left, and Tony told Bobbie that he wanted to make sure Bobbie's relationship with Roy was healthy for Lucas to be around.

Bobbie said Tony should have called, and he agreed, but he also pointed out that it was not the first time it had happened. Lucas shouted down that he couldn't find his book, and Bobbie went up to help. Roy returned to the room, and Tony said they should talk. Tony said he knew that Roy was the love of Bobbie's life, but given Roy's past record, Tony thought they should continue their affair away from Lucas and that house.

Roy told Tony that it wasn't his call to make. It was Bobbie's call, and Roy was following her lead. He told Tony to take it up with Bobbie. Lucas and Bobbie returned downstairs, and Tony told her he would call her in the morning before he dropped Lucas off. Tony and Lucas left.

Roy and Bobbie continued to go over the whole scene. He wondered if he was the kind of influence Bobbie needed on her son or in her life. Bobbie told him the only thing that really mattered was that he loved her and she loved him. They kissed passionately.

Taggert and A.J. were outside Kelly's, and Taggert wanted to get some things straight. Taggert told A.J. that he had seen the damage A.J. did, and he wouldn't stand for it with Hannah. Hannah was a fixer, Taggert explained, and A.J. was a screw up. Taggert said he would save Hannah from A.J.

A.J. taunted Taggert and told Taggert that Hannah needed saving from him. Taggert said he couldn't believe A.J. thought Hannah needed saving from him. A.J. explained to Taggert that he knew Taggert was only interested in Hannah because she was Sonny's ex.

Taggert asserted that what A.J. said wasn't true and that if he found one tear on Hannah, he would give A.J. what he thought he had been looking for his whole life: a beating. Taggert continued to tell A.J. that the one near miss he'd had with his wreck had let Taggert know A.J. was dangerous. He said it would happen again, and he didn't want Hannah hurt. Taggert said that if A.J. cared for Hannah, he would leave her alone. A.J. said he didn't want to leave her alone and that if she wanted to save A.J., he might just let her; A.J. walked off.

Taggert told someone it was safe to emerge, and Hannah walked out from the side of Kelly's. Taggert told Hannah that her eavesdropping needed work. He wanted to know why she just didn't let A.J.'s family handle his situation. Hannah told him that family wasn't the cure-all. He said in his experience, people like her who were fixers were usually avoiding something in their own lives that needed tending to.

Hannah said she was not a fixer, and if she were, there was no explanation for why she had not tried to fix him. He said he didn't need fixing, and they laughed. He kissed her, and a beeper went off. It was Taggert's, and it was work. He left.

Laura and Mac were at Jake's, and Laura was hitting on Mac. She told him that she wasn't looking for love; she just wanted to be held. Mac hugged her, and they almost kissed, but Mac pulled away. Laura apologized, and Mac told her she was beautiful but that if they were to let anything happen, it would just further complicate their lives. She agreed. She told Mac how she'd had everything with Luke, and she was sure he'd had it with Felicia, but it just seemed to have not been enough.

Mac told Laura he wouldn't take the blame for his failed marriage, and Laura said that she wouldn't discount her marriage as a mistake. Mac wanted to know if she could forgive Luke if he was a murderer. Laura pleaded Luke's case and said there were reasons for all his behaviors. Mac told Laura she needed to face the truth.

Laura told Mac that his jealousy was clouding his judgment, and he should take himself off the case. He reminded Laura that Luke didn't even have an alibi. Mac told Laura that she deserved better, and she said so did he. He offered to walk Laura to her car, and they left Jake's together.

Emily and Liz were sharing a shake at Kelly's, and Emily was pouring her heart out to Liz about Juan's fans. The girls were always after him, and Allison Barrington was flirting with him every time Emily turned around. Emily was worried about the party that Allison had invited him to and said she had to go just to keep an eye on him.

Liz reminded Emily that Juan hadn't given her a reason not to trust him. Emily agreed that Juan hadn't given her a reason to doubt him, but she was worried that Juan was ready for the next step, and she was unsure. She further explained that other girls might be ready. She was afraid that if she didn't do it soon, she would miss her chance.

Liz said that she knew how that was, since she had missed her chance with Lucky. Liz told Emily that maybe, had she been with Lucky before he left, some connection might have helped them find their way back quicker. Lucky walked in and wanted to know what was up. Emily and Liz looked busted, and Emily excused herself.

Emily told Liz that on her way out, maybe she should ask Lucky his opinion on the matter they had been discussing previously. Liz and Lucky laughed nervously. They shared a shake, and Lucky started to open up. He told her that when he had been away, he would have killed for a shake. He also told her that he hadn't been able to let on to the guards what and who really mattered to him.

Liz said it was time to close up, and Lucky asked if he could help. She accepted and asked him to turn the lights off. Lucky switched them off and smiled. Liz and Lucky continued to clean up Kelly's, and he continued to bug her about what the two girls had been talking about. She said there was no way she would tell him.

Lucky went to the jukebox and played his and Liz's song. She told Lucky how she had played it and imagined that he was there, dancing with her the way they had before. He asked her if she wanted to dance, and she said yes. They seemed very happy, and Lucky had her in a tight hug as they danced.

Stefan was talking to one of his henchmen and said that he needed to point Helena in another direction, or she might suspect he wasn't really dead. The henchman asked if he had to go back to Port Charles. Stefan said that he would initiate it from there. Stefan made a call and impersonated Helena's lawyer. He told the person on the other end that his client wanted to know what was going on with the investigation into his client's beloved son's death.

Later, Stefan was in bed with a blonde woman and told her that if his plan was working then Mac should be at Helena's. She wanted to know if all his problems would be over if his plan worked. He told her they would not, and he kissed her passionately.

Helena and Chloe were on the bench in the garden at Wyndemere. Chloe told Helena she knew Stefan had been poisoned. Helena was curious how Chloe knew. Chloe said that Alexis had told her and that they had a clue. Helena told Chloe she should be furious with Luke for killing her son, but he was such a charmer. Helena said that she was sure that Luke had charmed Chloe, too, the way he charmed everyone else.

Helena continued to mess with Chloe's head and told her how much they had in common. They were both blonde and beautiful and had an incredible sense of style -- not to mention they were well traveled. Helena also said that they could eventually have one man in common, Jax. Chloe said she had to leave before she was sick and exited the garden quickly. She left Helena with only her twisted smile.

A.J. went to Jake's to try to get more information from the bartender, Phil, for Hannah's case. He offered Phil money, but Phil wasn't interested. Jake approached and told A.J. not to bother her people. A.J. said he would pay, and he would even bet Jake $300 that the next person who walked through the door was a cop. He said that if he won, he got to ask Phil a couple of questions. Just then, Dara walked in, and A.J. declared a victory.

When Dara approached, A.J. told Dara to tell Jake what she did. Dara told Jake she was an assistant district attorney. A.J. said that was an officer of the court, and Jake took the money. After Jake left, Dara wanted to know what A.J. had called her down for. He said he wanted her to help him break up Hannah and Taggert. Dara said A.J. was on his own and left in a huff.

On Helena's yacht, Mac arrived to update Helena on Stefan's case. He told her he wouldn't tell her how sorry he was because he knew how Helena felt about Stefan. Helena wanted to know why Mac thought Luke had killed Stefan at that time. Mac said it was because Stefan had threatened Lucky. Helena asked if that was true, and Mac said he didn't think so, but he did think Luke had done it, and he did think he had the right man.

Mac left. Andreas walked in, and Helena told him that Stefan was dead and that Mac was setting up Luke. A very jealous police commissioner, she added, was doing her work. She wanted Andreas to run a bath for two because she felt like celebrating. She retired, and Andreas retrieved a CD from a desk and slipped it into his pocket.

At Jax's penthouse, Ned and Alexis were waiting for Chloe. She walked in and asked immediately what scenario was worse: her dreams being real or Helena thinking they had everything in common. Ned and Alexis were completely dismayed that Chloe had gone there alone. She said she couldn't get the vision out of her head. She told them that Helena had said they had "so many things" in common, especially Jax.

Chloe wanted to know if Ned and Alexis thought Jax was in any danger. She asked if she should call and alert him. Ned told Chloe that he thought she shouldn't bother Jax in case he was making progress with the drug company. Alexis agreed. Ned told Chloe that if her dreams were true, then he thought she was the one in danger, not Jax.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Edward was excited because he was planning a family dinner party, and he expected everyone to attend. Emily had other plans for Friday and looked very perplexed as she thought about how to get out of the family dinner. Emily thought up a plan and used Liz as an alibi. Emily told her grandparents that she had promised Liz she would spend the night at her house to help her deal with rejection from Lucky. Lila quickly aided Emily with Edward, and Emily made a quick exit. Both Edward and Lila knew that Emily wanted to be with Juan on Friday night.

Lucky made a brief appearance at Luke's. Lucky entered Luke's office and proceeded right to his safe. Lucky wanted to obtain his fake passport, which stated that he was 21. Roy interrupted Lucky's maneuver and asked if Lucky was going on a trip or running away. Lucky replied that he was not running away but trying to stay as far away from his parents as possible.

Again Lucky went on about the lies his parents had told. Roy tried to offset that by mentioning what good friends he was with Luke and Laura and how he had known them since running the college disco with Luke. Lucky was surprised by that but wondered if Roy knew about the rape. Even though Lucky raised the topic of the rape, Roy tried to play it cool and not jump off the handle. Roy did not know about the rape, but he did still plug in good mentions and offered to give Lucky a job while his dad was away.

Mike was gambling again. He sat at Kelly's counter, talking to Tammy about his gambling and how he wanted to show her the best time because she deserved it. Tammy informed Mike that she wanted him to stop gambling. She did not want to be the reason why he gambled. Mike continued on his gambling high and promised to take Tammy out later. Mike then headed over to Luke's Place to talk to Roy.

Mike was trying to convince Roy to open up the back room for poker games, like Luke had done when he and Sonny had been partners. Mike enticed Roy by mentioning how much money the back room could make. Roy told Mike he would consider it, but he would have to get back to Mike. Roy then asked Claude to tell him about the former poker games in the back room.

Liz stopped by the hospital to see her grandmother. They were actually on good terms. Liz was keeping her grandmother up to date on her ongoing saga with Lucky. Audrey spoke about her relationship with Steve and how there had been times when she had been lonely while married and living under the same roof. Audrey said that love always drew them together. Real love could survive almost anything. She advised Liz to believe in the love, even though she couldn't feel the love exist or the closeness. Liz said she was thrilled that her grandmother was in her life.

Emily arrived at Kelly's to advise Juan that she could go to the rave party on Friday. Emily proceeded to ask Liz to cover for her on Friday night. Liz agreed, and Emily went happily on her way. Liz was not sure about the rave party in an abandoned house, so she called Nikolas to ask if they could go to the party, as well, to keep an eye out for Emily. Nikolas agreed but did ask why Liz had not asked Lucky first.

Liz informed Nikolas that she and Lucky were making good progress, and she did not want to hinder anything by asking him to the party. She was afraid Lucky would take it as a pass. Nikolas looked as if he were wishing that Liz cared about him as more than a friend. Later, Lucky entered Kelly's, and Nikolas extended an invitation to his brother. For Emily, Lucky agreed to accompany them to the rave.

Sonny returned home with a surprise for Carly. Carly looked lost; she had just put Michael down for his nap. At first she thought the gift was for Michael, but she perked up when Sonny informed her that he had thought of her when he'd seen it. Carly quickly grabbed the gift and opened it. It was a beautiful spaghetti strap white, full-length dress decorated with blue and silver, and it was shimmery. Sonny invited Carly to the casino to show off her new dress, but she declined and said she was not ready to be out in public yet. She was afraid that she might go off again. Sonny said not to worry; they would have a good time.

Carly conceded to Sonny and left to get ready. Sonny closed the casino for Carly. They were the only two at the roulette table. Sonny was definitely on a mission to cheer her. He worked hard the entire evening to teach a very valuable lesson: "trust your own instincts because you make your own luck." He continued to compliment Carly and boost her spirit and self-esteem.

When Sonny and Carly returned home, she told him that she had learned a lesson and asked if he knew what TGIC stood for. Sonny said no, but guessed it was thank God for Carly. Carly said it was about what he had pounded into her head all evening: trust, guts, instincts, and confidence. She thanked him for the evening and said that she would never forget. Sonny said, "You're welcome." She told him to kiss her then they continued on one passionate kiss after another.

Monica confided in Bobbie that she thought she might be pregnant. Bobbie suggested that Monica take a pregnancy test right away. Monica was quite thrilled with the idea of being pregnant rather than in menopause. Monica indicated that a new baby would give her and Alan a new chance to be better parents.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Jax and Chloe's happy reunion was overshadowed by the fact that Jax was able to get his hands on the experimental drug. Later, Tony played up the drug's potential importance, so Jax decided to go against Chloe's wishes and meet with Helena. Roy admitted to Laura that Lucky had told him that Luke had raped her, and an angry Laura later accused Helena of poisoning Lucky against his parents.

Laura vowed to convince Mac that Helena had killed Stefan. Bobbie visited Roy in the hopes of working out the problems in their relationship. Lucky got some insight into the way that he had been treating Liz. Meanwhile, Emily angered Juan when she once again backed away from having sex. Monica's happy demeanor led Alan to accuse her of having an affair.

Friday, June 30, 2000

At the rave, Emily and Juan got into a fight after Alison started flirting with Juan. An angry Juan and Lucky had a heated exchange about Juan's treatment of Emily. Later, Juan kissed Alison, and Emily retaliated by flirting with an older stranger. Emily left the rave with her new companion, and a concerned Lucky attempted to follow them.

Chloe asked Alexis to help her persuade Jax not to deal with Helena, but Jax was confident he could handle her. Meanwhile, Stefan remained satisfied that Helena still believed he was dead. Helena placed Jax in a difficult position after she offered him the drug that Chloe so desperately needed in exchange for one night of passion. Carly and Sonny continued to connect, but their contentment was cut short when Sonny learned that they needed to return to Port Charles.

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