Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on DAYS

Sami and Nicole told Brandon that they would get Lucas drunk in order to get custody of Will. Stefano ordered Rolf to find a healthy pregnant woman whose due date was close to when Hope was due.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, June 26, 2000

Lucas comforted his worried mother and urged her to go to Victor and tell her side of the story before Philip did. Meanwhile, Victor and Philip were arguing until Victor angrily slapped his son and revealed that he knew that Philip had been fooling around with Kate. Philip insisted that he loved Kate and added that she needed a "real" man. He then assured Victor that Kate had been faithful to Victor, but Victor called his son a fool with an inflated ego. When Philip told his father that he needed a nurse, not a wife, Victor fired him and threatened to kill him if he ever touched Kate again.

At the video store, Eric stared in disbelief at the cover of the adult video featuring Nicole using the name "Misty Circle." Eric then rented "Locker Room Lolita," unaware that Nancy was there, searching for a video to watch with Chloe. Eric took the video to a shocked Roman and reminded him that he had been right about Nicole. Roman mentioned AIDS, and while Eric assured his father they were safe, he did promise to get checked out. Nicole was told her test results would be back in a week.

Belle convinced Chloe to accept Philip's date offer. Nancy was thrilled to hear about the date but was concerned when she found out who Chloe's date was.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

While Philip and Shawn played a game of one-on-one, Jan and Jason made fun of the fact that Philip was stuck taking Chloe to the dance. Philip tried to get out of the arrangement, but Shawn wouldn't allow it. They then suggested that Shawn invite Belle to the dance, since Philip wouldn't be asking her.

Upset, Philip threatened to tell Chloe about their deal if Shawn did go out with Belle. When Nancy failed to get Chloe excited about her date, Craig arrived and convinced her that he had noticed Philip eyeing her and added that he thought she was "quite a catch," just like her mother. Nancy then convinced Chloe to allow Nancy to take her shopping for a dress for the dance.

Belle talked with Mimi about going with her group of friends to the dance and learned that Mimi didn't have the money for a dress. Belle offered to help her put something together at her house, but Mimi quickly nixed the idea of going to her house, lying that her mother was ill. Belle did convince Mimi to agree to go to the dance.

Lexie was worried to find Hope back at the hospital. Dr. Bader informed Hope that the infant was stable and could go home with her. Meanwhile, Craig hoped to Dr. Bader that Lexie would be a full-time mom, since she had a baby.

Victor followed Kate and Nicholas to the Blue Note and was impressed when she insisted on being with Victor no matter what his medical condition. Later, though, Victor spotted Kate and Nicholas kissing.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Belle was relieved when Mimi used their secret handshake to assure her that Mimi had never used drugs and never would. Mimi finally confessed that her dad was out of work. Belle offered to buy Mimi a dress, and Mimi accepted.

When Chloe was frustrated in finding a black dress, Nancy suggested they take a few home for Craig to see. Running into Chloe and her mother, Philip talked about his plans to work that summer and his hopes to be a Broadway producer. While Nancy talked with Shawn and the others, Chloe offered Philip an excuse to back out of their date, but he wouldn't bite and announced that he would pick her up at eight. Nancy accused Shawn and his friends of having an ulterior motive and warned that she would make anyone pay for hurting her daughter. She also issued Philip a warning.

Victor interrupted Kate and Nicholas and told Kate she could continue with her affair, and he would see her back at the house. Kate ran off after advising Nicholas that she didn't love him. Nicole asked Dr. Bader to have her tested for HIV. Eric decided to investigate the production company that had made Nicole's pornographic video. After Nicole punched out Kate, Victor made Kate an offer. Nicholas handed Lucas a note for Kate, admitting what had happened earlier.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Victor announced to Kate that she could live in separate rooms until Philip moved out, but they would never be lovers. When she argued with him about the arrangement, he offered to let her lover move in with her. She insisted that she had been faithful to him all those years. When Philip interrupted, Victor announced that they had decided to live apart until they were married.

Philip threatened to cancel his date with Chloe if Shawn invited Belle, but Shawn reminded him what Nancy might do to him. Encouraged by Caroline, Shawn tried to invite Belle but ended up inviting both her and Mimi.

Austin convinced Nicole to talk about her tests, but she wouldn't reveal her biggest fear. When Rex spotted them talking, he finally remembered where he had seen Nicole before. Sami caught a glimpse of Brandon's backside as he showered and found that she couldn't get the image out of her mind. The two returned in disguise to the strip club, where Brandon convinced the owner to hire his lady friend.

Questioning the pornography producer, Eric learned that "Misty's" father had taken her in for the video and that she had only made one tape. He offered to buy the outtakes from the session but was told they were locked up.

Friday, June 30, 2000

Stefano taunted John with the idea that, at any time, Hope could remember they had made love on the submarine. He urged John to find and remove the computer chip if it was in Hope's head. Hope worried to Bo about her fear that their baby was rejecting her. When she asked what she might have done to Gina to cause that, Bo put her off and left for work. When John arrived, Hope rushed to his arms and embraced him.

Philip boasted to Jan and Jason that as soon as he took Chloe to the dance, he would dump her. Mimi dug up a box from the ground and put something in it to save. Dirty from the digging, Mimi was embarrassed when the kids noticed and made fun of her. Shawn was warned that Chloe was going to get what she deserved at the dance.

Belle complained to Marlena that Shawn hadn't asked her to the dance. Marlena was rocked when she received a special letter. A filthy Mimi arrived at Belle's place. Afraid that the kids might make fun of her, Chloe considered calling to cancel her date with Philip, but Craig interrupted.



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