One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 5, 2010 on OLTL

Bo took a bullet meant for Rex. Oliver and Kyle went to court for custody of Sierra Rose. Langston admitted that while she loved Markko, she no longer wanted to be his girlfriend. Starr warned Langston not to move in with Ford. Destiny was cast as Langston in the school musical, and Danielle was cast as Starr. Bo proposed to Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 5, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, April 5, 2010

At Llanfair, Jessica asked Cristian about the project assigned for his class because she wanted to make sure she had it down. He informed her that the assignment was posted online, but she had no idea what "online" meant. She handed Cristian a laptop that her mother gave to Jessica before Viki left for London, and Cristian showed her how to navigate it. Natalie walked in and wondered what the two were doing. Jessica told her sister that Cristian had given her a ride home and was educating her about the world wide web. Natalie sarcastically asked if they were studying biology as Jessica once again accused her sister of stealing other people's boyfriends.

Cristian explained that he was just showing Jessica how to work the computer, but Natalie asked if Layla knew that he was at Llanfair. His silence indicated a "no." Natalie called the fact that Cristian and Jessica were spending time together inappropriate, to which Jessica replied that Natalie was only thinking about John McBain. Jessica accused Natalie of taking her frustration about John and Marty out on Jessica and Cristian. In order to stop the arguing, Cristian asked Jessica to get him a soda and she obliged. Natalie apologized to Cristian about snapping at them. Cristian asked if it was true that Natalie was hung up on John.

Natalie once again apologized for taking her frustration out on Cristian. She told him that she was dealing with drama with Rex and Roxy, but that she didn't want to talk about it. She then informed Cristian that John and Marty had decided to move in together. Cristian asked if it bothered her, to which Natalie initially said no, but then let her true feelings show. She said it would be selfish to not wish them well, but that Jessica was right, "I am so jealous."

Natalie explained that after Jared had died, John was always there for her, and that she tried to do the same thing for him. She updated Cristian on everything that happened when she and John were stuck on the mountain. She admitted that she couldn't stop wondering what would have happened if Marty had never gotten pregnant and also wondered if that thought was a terrible one to have. Cristian reassured her that the thought was normal. As Jessica listened in on the conversation, Natalie wondered if the same "what if" things happened with Cristian and Jessica.

Cristian told Natalie that Jessica's condition brought back a lot of memories, but that he had a girlfriend that he loved very much. An eavesdropping Jessica looked disappointed. Cristian updated Natalie on the argument he and Layla had about throwing away the old letter from him to Jessica. He articulated that the letter brought back good memories, so he shouldn't have to throw it out, to which Natalie related. As the two friends shared a hug, Jessica entered with Cristian's soda "just the way you like it!" Jessica then apologized to Natalie for being rude and not acting like a sister, and embraced her.

Jessica offered more soda to Cristian, but he had to leave. He reminded her that he would see her, "and the rest of the crew," bright and early to work on the sets for the musical. Natalie thanked him for the talk, and he left. She assured Jessica that Jessica would get over Cristian. Spitefully, Jessica told her surprised sister that, "just because you and John are through doesn't mean it's over for me and Cristian."

John opened the door of his room to Kelly. She apologized for barging in, but said that she couldn't reach Bo, and John was the best detective on the force. She wanted him to help her solve her mother's murder. Because John needed to pick Marty up from the hospital, he instructed Kelly to stop by the station the next day to talk. She agreed as John's phone rang. It was Marty, who told him that she was tired and that she was just going to go to sleep. John hung up the phone and agreed to talk to Kelly.

Kelly reminded John that, after Mitch started threatening Dorian's family, Kelly's mother died of an apparent heart attack, even though Melinda had no heart issues. She informed John about the mysterious, whispering caller who claimed that Kelly's mother was murdered, then quickly proceeded to hang up the phone. Kelly had assumed the murderer to be a follower of Mitch. However, she brought up the fact that Allison admitted to initially going after Cassie then realizing that Melinda would be an easier target. Allison planned the whole thing out, but arrived at Melinda's home to find that she was already dead. John was skeptical, but Kelly believed Allison.

Kelly mentioned that Todd had his team of private investigators working on the case. Kelly explained to a confused John that she had her old job at the Sun back, and that Todd was there when one of the calls came in. John let Kelly know that she couldn't trust Todd because he only helped people when there was something in it for him. John opted to be at the hospital when Marty woke up, so he implored Kelly to show up at the station the next day to talk more. In the meantime, he attached a device to Kelly's cell phone that could track where any calls were originating, and advised Kelly not to tell Todd if the mystery man called again.

At Rodi's, Rex and Bo asked Nora, Matthew, Destiny, and Dani if they had seen Schuyler and Gigi. The group hadn't, but wondered why the two men wanted to know. "Custody stuff," Bo replied as he pulled Nora aside to talk to her. When Nora left, the high schoolers started talking about the musical. The girls began to argue about whether or not Dani stole Destiny's audition song. As Dani admitted that she didn't want the part, anyway, Matthew, playing peacemaker, told the girls that they both had great auditions.

Rex and Bo briefly summarized the night's happenings to Nora, including the fact that Fish was Sierra's father. Nora felt sorry for Schuyler until Rex informed her that Schuyler ran off with Gigi and a gun; Rex called Schuyler a sore loser. Rex reiterated how he wasn't gone from his apartment for very long, and that Gigi never went anywhere without her phone. They ruled out a struggle and the possibility of Schuyler drugging Gigi. Rex reasoned that she would only go somewhere so quickly if there were something wrong with Shane or Sierra. Rex finally realized that Schuyler probably took Gigi up to Viki's cabin. As Rex and Bo dashed out of Rodi's, Nora begged them to call for backup.

Still at Statesville, Todd was on the phone, asking who had made the calls to Kelly. Téa entered and Todd told the person on the phone that he'd call back. He asked Téa where Dani was, to which she replied that Dani was with Matthew. Téa asked if Todd had seen Schuyler. Todd updated Téa on the recent happenings in the prison that had to do with her client, but had no idea what happened to Schuyler or Sierra. Téa asked a guard about what transpired with Allison, the baby, and Schuyler. He told her that Allison was in custody, the baby was safely with Officer Fish, and Schuyler was on the loose, "armed and dangerous." Téa blamed herself, lamenting her decision to not call the police when she should have.

Todd told Téa that he was going to take her to Dani because it would make her feel better. Téa accused Todd of using her to get near Dani, but went with him anyway. Before leaving, she handed the guard her business card and told him to call her with any news about Schuyler. When the pair arrived at Rodi's, Téa thanked Nora for looking after Dani. The kids, still talking about the musical, filled Todd in on his role as the villain in Langston's musical. Seeing Todd's cockiness in his claims that his actions were to protect Starr, Dani changed her mind. She declared that she did want to be a part of the musical, after all, because she knew how Starr felt and wanted the audience to feel it too.

A few feet away, Nora checked her phone for an update from Bo. Nora enlightened Téa about how Schuyler had run off with Gigi and a gun, and Rex and Bo's mission to catch him. After Nora checked her phone once again, Téa excused herself to talk to Todd. As Todd and Téa discussed their daughter, Matthew wondered if his mother were okay. She replied that she was just nervous about Bo, but that it "comes with the territory."

Roxy, trying to get answers about her real son, let Allison know that Rex would never be the same after he was told the news about his parentage. Allison, surprised that Roxy actually told Rex, informed Roxy that her real son was alive. Roxy didn't believe her, but Allison insisted that it could be her last chance to tell the truth.

Allison claimed that she couldn't tell Mitch that the baby Roxy delivered to him all those years before wasn't his, so she lied about the baby's background. Because Allison's sister couldn't have children of her own, Allison gave Roxy's baby to her because she could give the baby a good life, unlike Roxy. She told Roxy not to complain since she had two kids of her own. Still, Roxy wanted to know where her real son was. Allison claimed he had just been at Statesville a minute before. Roxy inquired if he was in prison to which Allison replied, "Not yet, but you never know!"

Roxy again demanded to know who her son was, but Allison warned her that she wouldn't like the answer because Roxy couldn't stand the man. Roxy was surprised to learn that she actually knew him. Allison advised Roxy that she hated her son. Roxy asserted that she hated no one but Mitch and Allison. "Even the guy who stole Gigi from Rex?"

As Roxy made all the connections, she beat herself up for being so horrible to Schuyler. Allison counseled her that, just because he was family, it didn't mean Roxy's behavior towards Schuyler wasn't just. While Allison was being taken out, she said that it was lucky Mitch never knew about Schuyler, anyway, because he was a druggie, and Mitch saw druggies as weak.

At the cabin, Gigi insisted that she needed to see Sierra, so she was going to leave. Before she could, Schuyler pulled the stolen gun on her and told her that he wasn't going to let her leave. She wondered if Schuyler was going to shoot her, but he claimed that he could never hurt her. While waving the gun around, Schuyler professed that they belonged together and that they had a second chance. Schuyler tried to remind Gigi how they loved each other, but Gigi finally shouted that their relationship was a mistake and based on lies, most of them because of Stacy.

Gigi walked away from Schuyler as he kept trying to get her to make love to him. He attempted to jog her memory about how happy they had been together but Gigi refused to have any of it. Schuyler started to build a fire in order to help recreate the couple's first night together as Gigi begged to go home. Schuyler vowed that he would never force her into sex, but subsequently told her to take off her clothes to let him make love to her.

Rex, Bo, and their backup arrived in front of the cabin and saw the smoke coming from the chimney. Inside the cabin, Gigi wouldn't hear any of what Schuyler was saying. Schuyler claimed to have nothing left and held the gun to his head. Gigi screamed loud enough for Rex and Bo to hear. Rex busted through the door as Gigi was stopping Schuyler from shooting himself.

Rex started to beat Schuyler up. Bo pulled Rex off of Schuyler, who got up and grabbed the gun off the floor. Schuyler alleged that he had lost everything because of Rex. Gigi begged Schuyler to put the gun down so they could talk. Doing the opposite, Schuyler pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cristian returned to his apartment and was surprised to find that Layla was still awake. She admitted that she couldn't sleep without him. She also had something to show him and she presented him with the taped-up letter to Jessica that he had ripped up earlier. She apologized for being angry about the letter he had written to Jessica in high school, since it was so old. She had thought about it and realized that the letter was "sweet" as was the whole "young love" that Jessica and Cristian had shared. "What a great guy you were," she told Cristian, who just wanted to forget about the whole thing. In turn, he apologized for walking out on her after their spat over the letter.

The couple hugged and joked about how well they fought. Layla asked where Cristian had been all evening and he said he had eaten dinner at the diner. Having second thoughts, he admitted that he had been with Jessica. He explained that she had been stranded at the diner and he had taken her home. He had helped with her homework and spent some time with Natalie. Visibly annoyed again, Layla was unable to suppress her feelings. Cristian assured her that she had nothing to worry about. "Can you see why this bothers me?" Layla asked.

At Llanfair, Jessica sarcastically informed Natalie that just because Natalie and John were over didn't mean that Jessica and Cristian were. Taken aback, Natalie expressed her belief that she and Jessica were friends again. Jessica spat that Natalie stood a better chance with John than she did with her sister. Natalie could only wonder why Jessica was taking shots at her but Jessica emphatically advised Natalie to stay out of her business, especially where Cristian was concerned. Natalie advised Jessica that she only wanted to save her sister from heartache, but Jessica suggested that Natalie worry about her own broken heart.

Quickly, Natalie denied that her heart was broken but Jessica didn't believe it. She thought that she and Natalie were both in love with men who had complicated situations, but Natalie didn't see the similarity. Abruptly, Natalie warned Jessica that Cristian was in love with Layla and he wasn't about to leave her for Jessica. Natalie was sorry, but she noticed that subtlety wasn't working. Jessica looked as though she'd been slapped as Natalie continued to voice her opinion. Natalie thought that there were many men who would love to go out with Jessica, like Brody, so Jessica shouldn't be wasting her time.

Jessica was disgusted that people always mentioned Brody to her when she had no feelings towards him. She thought that Cristian had begun to remember what they had meant to each other. Natalie assured Jessica that he was remembering their past only. "Are we done?" Jessica wanted to know. She thought that Natalie was miserable and was trying to make Jessica feel the same way. When her phone began to ring, Jessica ignored it when she saw that it was Brody.

Greg assured Oliver and Kyle that Sierra was fine and in good health. He urged them to take her home from the hospital so that she could get some sleep. John, who was waiting around for Marty to wake up, was surprised to see the men with the baby and even more so when he learned that Oliver was Sierra's father. "Wow," John managed to say.

He congratulated Oliver and recalled the conversation he had with Oliver regarding fatherhood. John realized that Oliver had been referring to Sierra. Oliver was concerned that he didn't have any time to prepare for Sierra's arrival, but Kyle assured him that he would help. Kyle added that she only needed love, food, and clean diapers.

Nora anxiously awaited word from Bo as she remained at Rodi's. Matthew was sure that his dad would be fine. He also thought that Schuyler wasn't a bad person, so there was nothing to worry about. Destiny and Dani continued to argue over their possible roles in the high school musical. They attempted to include Matthew in their conversation, but he had already tuned them out as he continued to watch his mother leave messages for his father on the phone.

Téa was at the bar nearby with Todd, and was hopeful that she would hear from Schuyler. Todd pointed out that Schuyler had a gun and was on the run. That didn't sit well with Téa nor with Roxy, who was within earshot of their conversation, and she announced that Schuyler was her son. Todd thought that Roxy should be cut off from further drinks and reminded her that Rex was her son. Roxy explained that she had heard the news from Allison and, as Téa heard the details, she believed that what Roxy said was the truth.

Téa explained that Schuyler had a gun, but she assured Roxy that Sierra was safe with Oliver. Roxy rushed from the bar as Téa remarked that she had no idea why Oliver was the one looking after Sierra. Todd called his paper and told them he had the perfect headline for the next day.

At the cabin, a grief-stricken Schuyler slowly dropped his arm as Bo instructed him to, then suddenly changed his mind and pointed the gun at Rex. Quickly, Bo jumped in front of Rex and took the bullet instead. The backup team rushed into the cabin as Bo slumped to the floor, unconscious. His phone continued to ring as Nora attempted to reach him again. Brody ordered Schuyler to drop the gun and then swiftly, he pushed Schuyler onto the floor and secured the handcuffs.

Rex and Gigi leaned over Bo and attempted to stop the heavy bleeding while they called his name. Finally, Bo managed to open his eyes for a moment as he muttered, "Balsom, you owe me one." Gigi answered Bo's phone as it began to ring again and gently told Nora that Bo had been shot. As the EMTs wheeled Bo out, Schuyler weakly called out his apologies. Brody punched Schuyler in the stomach to shut him up.

As Layla and Cristian began another heated argument, Oliver and Kyle arrived with the baby. Oliver urged the couple to keep it down, as he needed to get Sierra to bed. The argument was quickly forgotten as Layla began to fawn over the baby, and she and Cristian learned the details of Oliver's new fatherhood. Oliver admitted that he thought the lowest point of his life was when he slept with Stacy, but he had the baby. Layla announced that she would throw a baby shower for Sierra. She suggested that Oliver notify his parents, but the police officer wasn't too sure he wanted to. Just then, Roxy showed up.

She confessed that she had heard the news about the baby from Allison, which confused the others. They tried to figure it out and wondered how Allison would have known that Oliver was Sierra's father. When she heard that fact, Roxy turned and fled. Kyle followed after her and asked what was wrong. A tearful Roxy wouldn't speak to him except to say that she was happy for Oliver.

Back inside the apartment, Oliver, Kyle, Cris, and Layla discussed the pros and cons of calling Oliver's parents. Oliver felt that he had more important things to take care of, such as custody of Sierra. He clarified that Schuyler was still listed as the baby's father on the birth certificate, and there was a custody battle going on. Cristian wondered if Oliver was ready to fight Gigi for custody, but Oliver was uncertain of his next move. He assumed that Gigi didn't even know that Oliver had entered the picture. Layla offered to buy baby supplies, but she refused Cristian's offer to take her to the store. She claimed that she wasn't angry at him, but she was too focused on the baby and didn't have time for anything else.

As Gigi finished explaining the news about Bo to Nora, Nora grabbed Matthew, and hastily explained that Bo had been shot and they needed to get to the hospital. Todd and Téa overheard and Téa rushed out after them. Todd sauntered over to sit with Dani and Destiny, but they were annoyed at his casual attitude over Bo's predicament. The girls decided they wanted to go to the hospital, and Todd tried to stop them. Dani exclaimed that she didn't have to listen to him, though Todd reminded her that he was her father. Destiny told him off. "Back up from me, freak show, or we have a problem," she shouted.

Todd demanded the girls show respect, and Destiny suggested that he had to earn it. She threatened him when he put his hand on her arm, but he convinced them to stay put. His eyes wandered over to Roxy, and he asked for an exclusive from the mother of a murderer. "Your new son shot Bo Buchanan," he told her. She turned and ran out after he tried to bribe her with drinks. He had a new headline for his newspaper.

At the police station, Schuyler was cuffed to a chair. Obviously in shock, he mumbled that the gun had burned his hand and that he had never touched a gun before that time. He continued that he only needed a few more minutes with Gigi. Téa rushed in and pointed out that her client was injured. Sarcastically, Brody explained that Schuyler had shot Bo and in actuality, people had shown restraint with Schuyler. Téa asked for privacy to speak to Schuyler alone.

Unable to reach Jessica by phone, Brody asked a fellow officer to keep an eye on Schuyler while Brody notified Bo's family. Téa reassured Schuyler, who muttered that he was afraid Gigi would find out about his life being a lie. He didn't care about jail, and he no longer had a daughter, Schuyler told his attorney. Stacy had lied, too, he continued, and he saw the DNA test that proved that Oliver was Sierra's father. He was very close to getting Gigi back, he maintained. He was indeed his father's son, he said as he laughed. Téa offered to locate Schuyler's father but Schuyler had some shocking news. He told her that Mitch was his father and had raped his mother, Roxy.

Téa asked that a suicide watch be put in place for Schuyler. The cop in charge smirked and asked if they would plead insanity. Téa angrily advised him that he was responsible for protecting her client. She advised Schuyler that she would work on bail and have him put into a facility for some rest. She explained that he would probably be taken somewhere else, and he was to remain quiet. "I'm done," he uttered but promised to retain his silence. Téa thought he would be okay, but Schuyler wondered how that was possible. She reminded him that he had saved a baby's life, and she would make sure that no one forgot about it. She left to follow up on Schuyler's hearing.

Natalie warned Jessica that Cristian would only take so much from Jessica, and he didn't like being pushed. He would definitely push back. Jessica assured her sister that Natalie would not be the one she went to if there were a problem. She added that she didn't even remember Natalie. Brody interrupted the young women when he arrived and told them that Bo had been shot. The trio headed for the hospital.

Nora arrived at the hospital with Matthew and saw both Greg and John, but neither was aware of the shooting. Greg went off to check and just then Bo was wheeled in. Nora rushed to his side and touched him gently. As she saw blood on her hand, John put his arms around her as she broke down. Rex and Gigi arrived, and Rex informed John that Bo had taken a bullet for him. Rex suggested that Gigi visit with Sierra, and John mentioned that he had seen her with Oliver. Gigi thanked Rex for his help and headed to Oliver's place.

Greg worked over Bo, and suddenly Bo's vital signs began to fail. Greg ordered everyone from the room except for necessary personnel. Matthew confessed that while he had been paralyzed, he had wished for his parents to be hurt like him so they would understand. Nora promised her son that Bo's shooting was not Matthew's fault. Matthew agonized that he had spent a year being angry at his parents. Nora was sure that Bo wouldn't be going anywhere. She and Matthew wrapped their arms around each other.

Natalie arrived and saw John. He was there to comfort her again as he enveloped her into a big hug.

Rex tried to make light of the situation when he encountered Nora and Matthew. Bo would probably be annoyed that they were so upset, he proposed. He wanted to share some news of his own with Nora, but just then Greg invited Nora and Matthew back into the room. Bo had stabilized, and Greg was readying his patient for surgery. They needed to find out the extent of the damage from the bullet, he explained. Suddenly, Bo went into cardiac arrest and Greg called for the crash carts.

Oliver worried about Gigi's reaction to his new fatherhood status, and Kyle suggested that Oliver invite her over to talk. When there was a knock at the door, they were surprised to see Gigi standing there.

Roxy showed up at the police station and stood next to her son. "Schuyler?" she said to him tonelessly. He looked up at her wordlessly.

Destiny and Dani agreed that Todd had been right when he persuaded them to stay put, since they might have gotten in the way at the hospital. Destiny was sure she wouldn't know what to do if she didn't have her father. Dani glared at Todd sitting at the bar.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At Llanview Hospital, Rex waited anxiously outside Bo's exam room. As Jessica and Brody walked up, they asked for an update, but Rex had no news, other than the single thought on his mind: "Bo took a bullet for me."

Inside the exam room, Greg worked furiously to save Bo's life after Bo flatlined on the table. Nora and Matthew were desperate to know what was happening, but Greg ordered them to leave, and called for a crash cart.

Upstairs, Marty awoke in her room to find a nurse cleaning up. She asked if John had gone home, and the nurse explained that John was likely still on the premises, since the commissioner had been shot. Marty was shocked to hear that Bo had been hurt.

Back downstairs, John held Natalie close, and comforted her as she vented her fears for Bo. Natalie was horrified to see the medical team rush by with a crash cart, and hugged John closer, just in time for Marty to walk into the corridor and see the exes once again in each other's arms.

Natalie pulled away from John and apologized to Marty for overstepping, but Marty said it was all right; she understood Natalie was afraid for Bo, and offered her sympathies. As Natalie rushed over to Rex and the others, John told Marty she needed to get back upstairs. Marty insisted that Bo, Nora, and Matthew had to be their priority.

Natalie approached Rex for word on Bo, but Rex had none to offer. She asked where Gigi was, and he explained that she'd gone to see Sierra Rose.

Upstairs, Hannah entered Marty's room but found only the duty nurse. Hannah asked the nurse where Marty was, and said she'd been hoping to set up an appointment with the doctor. The nurse explained that Dr. Saybrooke had an office, but had been admitted for observation.

At Kyle and Oliver's apartment, the new parents faced an awkward moment as they greeted Gigi. Gigi told Oliver no explanations were necessary; she knew he was Sierra Rose's father. She explained she'd left Rex at the hospital to see the little girl, and Oliver was stunned to learn that Schuyler had shot Bo. He concluded that Schuyler had gone over the edge after losing both Gigi and Sierra in rapid succession. Oliver wanted to go to the hospital to see his boss, but Kyle said he'd call the hospital for news.

After Kyle checked in with the hospital, Gigi asked the guys if she could hold her niece. Cradling the baby in her arms, she said she'd missed Sierra terribly since Schuyler had taken custody, and asked Oliver how long he'd known he was the father. Oliver admitted that he'd suspected for some time, but had been forced to keep Stacy's secret due to her blackmailing Kyle. Gigi told them she'd have done anything to keep Sierra, and Kyle asked if that meant she intended to fight them for custody.

Gigi said that her main reason for filing suit had been to keep Sierra from Schuyler, but the little girl was still a part of her heart, no matter who her father was. Gigi's vague statement troubled Oliver, but the tension in the room broke as Gigi marveled at Sierra's resemblance to Oliver, and they shared a tender moment cooing over the baby.

At the police station, Roxy sat down beside Schuyler and confessed that she was his mother. "Yeah, I know," he said numbly, "and you already hate my guts." He asked her why she was there; hours before, she'd been Rex's mother, and had rightly hated Schuyler for destroying Rex, Gigi, and Shane's family by being a party to Stacy's lies. "So, please, hate me," Schuyler said. "Maybe I don't wanna," Roxy replied.

Schuyler told Roxy he didn't want to make her betray the family she truly cared for, and asked her to get out and forget he was her son. Roxy said they both had reasons to hate each other, especially him; she should've known that Rex wasn't the child she'd given birth to, because of the birthmark on Schuyler's face. As she touched the mark on his cheek, she told him that he'd grown up with a wonderful mother, but Leah was gone, and it was time for Roxy to be his mom again. Schuyler asked her how she could want to be his mother, given what he'd done, and the people he'd hurt. Roxy said that she was a drunk, and he was an addict; they were both losers, but they were stuck with each other.

Schuyler was horrified by his actions on Llantano Mountain, and didn't know how he'd live with himself. Roxy said what he'd done wasn't okay, but she understood it. "I lied to everyone I love to protect what I thought was mine," she mused. "Does that sound familiar to you?" She told Schuyler that they were all each other had. "And you are flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, and I'm yours," Roxy said softly. "So like it or not, good or bad, we're family. And I always stick by my family."

Schuyler was overcome as Roxy embraced him, but accepted her love. Roxy was pleased at the idea of getting a do-over as a parent, but the term had a darker connotation for Schuyler, who remembered how he'd almost forced Gigi to "do over" their relationship at gunpoint. He had no idea how he'd make up for what he'd done. A passing officer told Schuyler he'd be arraigned in the morning and would be transported to the cellblock, and Roxy said she'd stay with him. "He's my son," she explained, "and I'm his mother."

At Llanview University, Starr burst into Ford's office. She told him that he hadn't answered her calls, so she'd been obliged to pay a visit in order to deliver her message: "Stop seeing Langston." Ford laughed her demands off and told her his relationship with Langston was not her concern, but Starr said he'd made it her business by having sex at her apartment and making her lie to Cole, whose trust she valued. Ford doubted Starr and Cole told each other everything, and wasn't buying into Starr's rosy picture of the teens' life together.

Starr called Ford a pig who used and abused barely-legal girls as trophies, but Ford said she had no right to judge him; "You're just some little slut who got herself pregnant in high school!" Starr told him he had no concept of her relationship with Cole, and said that they'd conceived Hope out of love, whereas Ford was simply using Langston. Ford begged to differ; he claimed to respect Langston, and said he was treating her like an adult. Langston made her own decisions and wasn't a victim, any more than Starr had been when she'd gone after Schuyler Joplin.

Disgusted, Starr moved to leave, but Ford continued to mock her. He asked Starr why his affair with Langston threatened Starr so much, and suggested she was secretly afraid that her and Cole's high school romance was just as vulnerable as Langston and Markko's. When he needled her about Cole and Hannah, Starr fought back, and told him that Cole and Hannah were only friends. "You're as clueless as Markko," Ford scoffed. He reminded her that not everyone got love right on their first try, and asked her how she could be so sure that she and Cole were forever.

"We're done," Starr spat, and turned to go. Ford taunted her and asked if she were afraid of becoming another notch on his belt. Losing her temper, Starr told him that Langston would eventually wise up and leave him, and he might have all the nubile coeds he wanted, but he'd never know true love. With that, she stormed out.

Back at the teens' apartment, Cole returned home to find Markko at the door, as he waited anxiously for Langston; she wasn't where she said she'd be, and Markko feared the worst. Cole told him to calm down, but Markko was convinced that Langston was hiding something, and Starr knew the truth. Cole told Markko that if Starr knew anything about Langston, she would've told him, as "we don't keep secrets." Markko said he'd tried everything to get Langston to open up, but he felt sure he was losing her. Cole urged him to relax, talk to Langston, and not act jealous and possessive.

Cole's words fell on deaf ears as Langston returned home, and Markko shot to his feet. "Where were you?" he demanded. Defensive, Langston kept her answers vague, and said she'd had enough of the third degree from her boyfriend. She laced into him for constantly suspecting the worst of her, and not trusting in their love.

Just then, Hannah called Cole from the hospital to ask him if his mother were all right. Cole was shocked to discover that Marty had been hospitalized; he rushed off to see her and left Langston and Markko alone.

Langston threw a heavy guilt trip on Markko by telling him she wished they had the kind of trust in their relationship that Starr and Cole possessed. Then, she trumped his suspicions about her whereabouts by showing him time-stamped phone pictures of her work on the school musical sets. Markko apologized again for jumping to conclusions, but Langston said she didn't want to talk about it. Markko begged her to tell him what was bothering her, as he feared they were slipping away from each other.

Langston reiterated that she couldn't handle another conversation about their relationship, so Markko made a counter-offer: A round of video games that they both enjoyed. Langston was touched by the offer and told him so, calling Markko "a really great guy."

As Markko left the room to retrieve the game, Langston got a call from Ford. Ford explained that Starr had visited his office to pester him about their affair, and asked Langston to head over. Langston said she couldn't as she was with Markko, but Ford suggested she invent an excuse. Langston said she couldn't, and didn't want to, then hung up. Undeterred, Ford promptly made another phone call to Karen, the pizza delivery girl he'd bedded several weeks before.

Back at Llanview Hospital, Nora and Matthew emerged from Bo's exam room to greet the crowd of concerned friends and family in the waiting area, with Rex at the head of the line. As the bereaved comforted each other, Matthew asked about Clint, and Natalie told him she'd make the call to give him the news. Nora asked Rex about the shooting, and the guilt-ridden young man was forced to explain how Bo had leaped in front of Rex to save Rex's life.

John and Marty continued bickering about her need for bedrest, with Marty determined to stay on-hand to support Nora and Matthew. They compromised, and Marty agreed to be taken to her room so long as John returned and watched over Bo. As she spoke, she failed to notice John's gaze lingering on Natalie across the corridor.

Natalie told Brody and Jessica that she'd gotten no answer when she called the mansion, but had left a message for Clint. The sisters struggled to lift Matthew's spirits, but he was most affected when Brody returned from the vending machine with a soda, just like the one Bo had been giving him quarters for at the police station since he was a kid. Jessica was noticeably touched by Brody's tenderness.

John and Marty said their goodbyes and wished Bo well as they headed back upstairs. Natalie watched with sorrow as John and Marty left, and was surprised to find a sympathetic Jessica at her side. "I'm sorry," Jessica whispered.

Upstairs, Cole arrived at Marty's room and found Hannah waiting. Upset, he asked where his mother was, but Hannah calmed him by examining Marty's chart. Glancing at the paper, she concluded that Marty had stepped out but was all right. Cole thanked Hannah for being there for him, and Hannah said it was the least she could do after all his kindness. She added how grateful she was that he hadn't told Starr about her overdose.

John and Marty returned to the room, and Marty assured her son she was fine, but was being kept for observation because her pregnancy had been deemed "high risk." Cole was concerned, but John said that all that meant was that Marty needed rest and relaxation. When all eyes turned to Hannah, Hannah introduced herself, and said she'd stopped by looking for Marty because she'd been hoping to see a therapist. Hannah and Cole were taken aback as the adults informed them that Bo had been shot in the line of duty.

After the teens left the room, Marty comforted the brooding John, and told him he couldn't blame himself for not being there when Bo was shot. John said he'd been exactly where he was supposed to be: at home, preparing for the mother of his child to move in with him. Touched, Marty snuggled up next to him in her hospital bed.

Outside Marty's room, Cole told Hannah he was glad she was seeking help, but he remained shaken by the news about Bo. Hannah gave him a hug, just in time for Starr to walk into the hallway and see the two together.

Starr greeted Cole and Hannah, who seethed as she watched the couple reunite. Hannah quickly said goodbye and walked out, while Starr and Cole compared notes. Cole told Starr he felt guilty about divulging Hannah's secret to her, but he knew he'd had to, as Starr was always honest with him. Starr kept mum, but her eyes were pained.

Downstairs, Greg was racing against time to save Bo's life, and used defibrillator pads to shock him back from the brink. Watching from behind the glass outside the exam room, Nora was hysterical, and fell into Rex's arms after he told her Bo was a hero. "That's just the kind of guy he is," she sobbed.

Greg emerged from the exam room, and told the crowd that Bo had stabilized, but was being prepped for surgery, and there were no guarantees.

Nora rushed into the room to see Bo and cradled him in her arms. She told him she wouldn't lose him after they'd found each other again, and Bo whispered for her not to worry. He asked her to let Matthew in. "I want to see him before I go," he croaked, and Nora was struck by the finality of his words.

Matthew and Rex entered the room, and Matthew struggled to keep his composure at his father's bedside. Bo told Matthew he'd be fine, but Matthew was still choked up. He said he'd thought up a whole speech, lots of things to say, but all he could manage to get out was, "I love you," and kissed Bo's cheek.

Rex approached Bo's bed, and was unable to find the words to thank Bo for what he'd done. Bo grabbed Rex's hand and pulled his surrogate son close to him. He whispered to Rex that if he'd to take the bullet once more, "I'd do it again."

A musical montage began as all across Llanview, various scenes played out. Langston and Markko enjoyed a video game together, while Hannah watched in despair as Starr and Cole left the hospital floor. Brody updated John on Bo's "touch and go" condition, and John ended the call and curled up with Marty on her hospital bed. As Bo was wheeled out and taken to the operating room, his friends and family watched helplessly. Jessica impulsively drew close to Brody, while a heartbroken Nora clutched Matthew and Rex to her chest.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rex perused the Sun's latest headline, "Curtains for the Commish?" as friends and family waited anxiously at the hospital for news on Bo's surgery. A worried Nora remained silent when Clint showed up, but she was quickly distracted when Greg arrived with an update. He announced that Bo had lost a lot of blood but would be okay if he made it through the next few hours by breathing on his own.

Clint thanked Natalie for getting hold of him. After he heard her explanation of the shooting, Clint noted that it all sounded just like Bo. "Damn fool," he added. He admitted that his phone had been turned off earlier because he and Kim had split up. He made it clear that Kim had "come clean" about cheating on him, so she definitely hadn't married him for the money. Natalie was sorry she had been so tough on her dad. At the moment, however, Clint was only concerned for his brother.

Roxy arrived and told Rex and Gigi that she had more news. The results of a DNA test proved that she wasn't Rex's mother. She described the chain of events that had occurred to allow her to end up with Rex when he was born. She alluded to the fact that her real son was alive but she didn't want to discuss it until some future time. Rex and Gigi pressed her and she finally admitted that Schuyler was her real son. The couple was shocked and more so when Roxy indicated that she needed to hasten to Schuyler's arraignment. Rex wanted to understand why, and she summed it up briefly. She was Schuyler's mother.

Rex was not happy to hear of Roxy's decision and reminded her of all that Schuyler had done to hurt people, plus, he added, she hated Schuyler. Roxy attempted to explain that it was about her and being someone's mother. She "blew it" with Rex and Natalie, and there was a chance for her to have a "do-over." She was all that Schuyler had.

Gigi advised Rex that she wanted to attend Sierra's custody hearing because the little girl was still her niece. Rex asked if she wanted to take the baby away from Oliver and Kyle, and Gigi admitted that it sounded bad when Rex put it that way. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Rex thanked her for being there for him.

Matthew and Nora headed to Bo's room to stay by his side. Nora spoke to her unconscious partner first and quietly pleaded with him to return. Matthew reminded his father of how Matthew had behaved when he had his own injury and the fact that he had never thanked Bo for all Bo had done. Matthew felt guilty that he had made Bo look like the culprit, and Matthew wanted the chance to make things up to him. Clint stood silently by the door and finally walked in slowly. He indicated that he was concerned about Matthew.

Matthew assured his uncle that Bo would love to hear Clint's voice, even if Clint was still angry at Bo. Clint moved to Bo's bedside and began to talk to his brother. He admitted that while he had threatened to shoot Bo recently, he couldn't begin to imagine a world without his brother. He acknowledged that Bo and Nora back together was "in the cards" and everyone should have realized it. He needed to get angry at someone and Bo was his target, since they would always have plenty of time to get over it. Clint thought there had been lots of time to be brothers.

Clint wanted his brother to know there was a "hole in the family" without Bo, and they all needed and loved him. Nora stood nearby, crying quietly. After Clint left the room, Nora stood next to Bo again and leaned over the bed to talk to him. She asked him if he had heard what Clint said. They could all be a family again, and Bo still had a brother.

Natalie comforted her father after he left Bo's room. Clint wanted another chance to make things right between them, he admitted to her. Rex was the next person to visit with Bo, and he told his father figure that it was supposed to have been Rex who was shot. He explained that Roxy wasn't his mother, but Schuyler's mother, and he had no idea if Mitch was still his own father or not. He wondered why he told Bo all of that but thought it was because Bo always knew what to say and how to make sense of it all. "I don't have a prayer of doing this without you. You saved my life," a tearful Rex told the unconscious police commissioner. He asked Bo to return to all of them.

Nora thanked Clint for visiting and saying what he did. Natalie and Rex remembered when they were children and alone because Roxy was always drunk. They grabbed hands and recited a prayer they used to say. Nora returned to Bo's room and told him that many people were lost without him. There was an abundance of love. Suddenly, Bo opened his eyes.

Téa arrived in court as Schuyler's handcuffs were removed. She advised the police officers that she was sure they had treated her client with the "utmost care and respect" during his incarceration. Schuyler wanted news of Bo, but Téa had nothing new to report. She hoped that Bo would make it so that Schuyler wouldn't face murder charges. Schuyler was worried about Gigi and Sierra and also wondered why Téa was helping him. Téa urged him to focus on himself and reminded him that everyone was entitled to a defense. He thought that Roxy might show up for support, but he had told her to forget he was her son, he rationalized to Téa.

He thought that there was no defense for what he did, so he wanted to know why they should even bother with anything. Téa informed him that she was planning on pleading temporary insanity so that he wouldn't go to jail-especially not for life if Bo died. She asked if Schuyler had known what he was doing and told him he was an addict who needed help. Téa assured Schuyler that there were people who cared about him like herself and Rachel. "Don't forget me," Roxy said as she turned up behind them. The judge read out the charges against Schuyler, and Téa pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The judge asked if Schuyler agreed with the plea. Roxy urged him to "go for it." Gigi walked in and startled Schuyler.

A livid Todd showed up at Starr's place and demanded that Langston rewrite the part about the jackass, based on him, in her musical. He wanted to comprehend if it were Langston's fantasy to show up on magazine covers and have her name in lights due to her musical. He had given lots of money to the school, and he vowed to shut her show down. He accused her of character assassination. "Go ahead Dad, make yourself look worse than you did back then," Starr stated as she stepped into the room. She challenged Todd and asked if anything that Langston had written was untrue. Todd suggested that while some of it was true, much of what happened had been based on provocation or had been accidental.

Starr proposed that Todd buy a ticket and sit in the first row so that he could see his mistakes and how difficult it had been for her to live through them. He stated that he had made his mistakes because he loved her, and Starr admitted that while she loved him, too, it didn't change what had happened. While things had all worked out, Starr thought he should want to see the past so that he could change the future and not make the same mistakes with Dani. Todd agreed that the show could go on and advised Langston that she could thank Starr for saving it. After he left, Langston advised Starr that it was appropriate for Starr to save the show, since Starr owed her after Starr had gone to talk to Ford behind her back.

Starr explained that Langston was her friend and she cared about her. Langston thought Starr's move was all "so high school," but Starr reminded her that they were in high school. Langston attempted to point out that it was similar to the way Starr had acted with Schuyler, but Starr quickly noted that she didn't have sex with him and Schuyler had known that Starr had acted young and crazy. Langston thought that Starr considered her clueless.

Starr felt that Langston made little sense when she spoke about Ford, and Langston snapped that Starr probably thought Langston was an idiot. Starr denied that and admitted that she really didn't know Ford. Starr placated Langston and agreed that Ford was probably exciting and had lots to offer, but she thought that Langston loved Markko and didn't want to lose him. While she wasn't judging, she thought that Langston was stuck. She also hated hiding things from Cole.

Starr revealed that Ford had called Starr a "teenage slut," and he told her that Cole was probably throwing himself at Hannah. He told her that he didn't think of Langston as a girl but as a woman, and he ordered Starr to stay out of his affairs. Starr confessed that she had asked Ford about his feelings for Langston, but he never answered her. Langston believed that most guys didn't like to advertise but she saw the way that Ford had looked at her, and it was different from the way he looked at Hannah.

Langston assured Starr that Langston and Markko would always have a connection and she loved him, but she hadn't told him the truth in a long while. He would never speak to her again if he knew how much she had lied to him. She admitted that she had treated him badly the night before when he had been suspicious of her. She believed that he knew something was wrong and he was trying to trap her.

Starr was appalled that Langston thought Markko would set a trap when he loved her. Langston wished Markko would be mean to her because she felt guiltier as time went on. Starr thought that Langston wasn't making sense, and she urged her girlfriend to end it immediately. Langston suddenly agreed that she would break up with "him" that day. "Thank God," Starr shouted out. She noted that Ford didn't deserve Langston anyway. Langston corrected Starr. She was planning on breaking up with Markko.

Elijah was busy cooking breakfast in his pajama bottoms at La Boulaie and thought that it was Blair who sneaked up behind him. It was Kelly in a nightgown and the pair introduced themselves to each other. "You must be Blair's new friend," Kelly said to him. As they tussled over the spatula and the burned eggs, Blair arrived and ordered Kelly to get her hands off of Elijah's spatula. Kelly wondered why Blair felt so threatened, and Blair's response was that Kelly was always after what Blair had or what Blair didn't want any longer. Elijah stood there helplessly and finally stopped the bickering.

He assured Blair that Kelly wasn't making a play for him and, besides, he only "had eyes" for Blair. She refused to let the issue drop and stated that Kelly had "man issues," and she always made a fool out of herself. Kelly chimed in and asked if Blair had ever heard the statement about the "pot and the kettle." Just then, there was a knock at the door and it was Todd, whose eyes lit up when he saw Kelly and Elijah in nightwear. "Threesome?" he inquired. He was there to see Kelly and an annoyed Blair suggested that Sun business be conducted at the office. Todd assured her he was there for personal reasons.

Blair and Todd started their usual bickering, but Elijah promptly pulled Blair aside and kissed her. Blair overheard that Todd was working on Kelly's case and she accused Todd of helping in order to obtain a "gory headline" for his newspaper. Todd quickly assured Blair that he was involved because Kelly had been upset, which caused Blair to frown. Todd disclosed that the two calls from the unknown party had been made from the home where Melinda had resided. Kelly wanted to call John immediately to tell him the news.

Todd had already helped Kelly and he was disturbed that she would turn to John. Kelly reminded him that it was John's job and the police should be aware of what was going on. Todd insisted that he would be able to get answers more quickly than John. Blair chimed in again and advised Kelly that John wasn't about to drop everything for Kelly, but Blair received another shock when Kelly mentioned Marty's pregnancy. Elijah looked at Blair's face and hoped that Blair wouldn't carry torches for all of the men from her previous relationships.

Blair stressed that she hated Marty more than anyone else, and she wished it were someone else. Elijah asked how she felt about Kelly. Blair looked at Elijah confusedly but told him that she had learned her lesson previously when Elijah had given her an ultimatum. She wouldn't repeat it. Elijah agreed that he was fine with history as long as that was what it remained. Blair teased him about his own history and jokingly threatened to delve into it. Kelly assured Todd that she wanted John on the case and there was nothing Todd could do about it.

Marty and John returned to John's rooms at the Angel Square Hotel and John enlightened Marty on his attempts to clean up for her. They were interrupted when John's phone rang, and after John was finished, he explained that it was regarding the death of Kelly's mother. He gave Marty the details and the fact he had just learned that the two calls Kelly had received had been made from within the facility where Melinda had lived. Todd had also had his own private investigators checking things out. Marty realized that John would have to fly to California for more information, but John indicated that he would not go. He clarified that he needed to stay where he was to keep an eye on Marty and their baby. Marty refused to hear of it.

John teased Marty for ordering him around so soon, but she counseled that it was his job to investigate for Kelly, he was the best at what he did, and he loved it. Marty wondered why Kelly would have gone to Todd for help in the investigation, and John figured maybe Todd had volunteered. Marty felt that it was more reason for John to take over so that Kelly wouldn't be involved with Todd too deeply. John made Marty promise to call him if there were any problems that arose while he was gone. Marty advised him not to worry and teased that she could begin to redecorate while John was gone.

Kelly wanted to know what Todd's issue was with John, and Todd grimaced that he didn't know where to start. He wanted Kelly to cancel John's involvement as there wasn't room for both of them. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Todd was aggravated when he opened it and saw John standing there.

Friday, April 9, 2010

In the Llanview School Cafeteria, as Hannah looked on, Cole congratulated Markko after Markko declared that he and Langston had "worked things out." Markko credited this to a "little honest communication," and right before Markko left, he handed Cole a cupcake.

Hannah sat in the chair next to Cole and asked about Marty. Cole explained that his mother needed to take it easy due to her high-risk pregnancy, so she had moved in with her boyfriend. However, Cole asserted that Marty could find the time for Hannah if Hannah still needed it. Hannah insisted that she still wanted to talk to Marty, because she was sure that Cole's mother would be just as great as Cole.

In Starr's apartment, after Starr stressed to Langston that she should work things out with Markko, Langston exclaimed that she had tried. Langston proclaimed, "He's either planning out my life or looking at me with those puppy dog eyes and I just...I can't take it anymore." Langston felt that Markko should be with someone who appreciated him, not with someone who had cheated on him. Langston insisted that she had to end it with Markko. Stunned, Starr could not believe that Langston would really break up with Markko. Langston admitted that Markko was "the best" and then related that she did not want to be his girlfriend anymore. But Langston regretted having to break his heart, especially since Langston knew she would have to tell Markko about Ford.

When Starr heard that Markko was on his way home, and as she got up to leave, Starr asked if Langston would move back to Aunt Dorian's since it would be unfair to kick Markko out of the apartment. When Langston said that she could not move back to Dorian's, Starr cried out that Langston could not possibly be thinking of moving in with Ford. Langston pointed out that moving in with Ford was an option, and she only wished that Markko had been "the one."

Starr left as Markko arrived. Markko immediately kissed Langston. Markko asked Langston to pick out a film for them to watch, but Langston revealed that she needed to talk to Markko.

Starr arrived in the cafeteria and informed Hannah that Starr needed to talk to her boyfriend. After Hannah walked off, Starr informed Cole that Langston was breaking up with Markko.

In the La Boulaie kitchen, as Eli left to get ready for court and Blair left to get away from Todd, John declared to Kelly that he had a lead on her mother's case. When John explained that he got the lead after speaking to California authorities, Todd conveyed that he had his own lead. After John told Todd to leave it to the professionals, Todd remarked, "The last time this professional was in charge, he got cozy with Natalie, Jessica got shot, and some stripper fell through some ice." Kelly insisted that John was better equipped and was much less likely to get himself arrested. When Todd pointed out that John was not well liked among the legal circles, Kelly yelled, "And you are?"

John announced that he had interviews scheduled with the staff at the institution, and that he was flying out immediately. Kelly demanded to go with John, and John simply stated, "I work alone." Kelly informed John that if she could not go with him, she would go on her own and would "no doubt make silly mistakes with my ignorant questions and bad timing." When Todd reminded Kelly whom she worked for, John told Kelly she could go with him.

As Blair watched, and as Kelly was leaving with suitcase in hand, Todd remarked that all of the California flights were booked. Knowing that Todd was the one who booked all of the flights, Kelly announced that Kevin would loan her the Buchanan Enterprises jet if only to "tick you off royally." Kelly maintained that she was taking Todd's jet and said goodbye to Blair as Kelly walked out the door. Laughing, Blair observed, "Well, it looks like you just met your match."

In the courtroom, after Schuyler rejected the temporary insanity plea Téa had offered, and claimed that he wanted to plead guilty, Roxy begged the judge not to listen to him, and Téa asked to confer with her client. As Schuyler looked at Gigi, he stated, "I've done some pretty unforgivable things. I denied my own daughter, I put her life on the line because I was trying to impress somebody to make her love me. And yeah, I lost myself a little bit." Schuyler added, "But I knew what I was doing, Your Honor. I just thought it would be worth the risk. And uh, yeah, I was wrong. I deserve to be punished."

The judge explained that by accepting the guilty plea, there would be no trial, only a sentence that would amount to a considerable prison term. The judge asked if Schuyler understood the consequences, and Schuyler stated that he did. The judge accepted the plea "guilty as charged" and announced that Schuyler would be remanded. When Téa begged for Schuyler to remain free until the sentencing due to Schuyler's cooperation, Schuyler requested to be sent to Statesville immediately and reminded Téa that Bo was in the hospital because of him. As the guard escorted Schuyler out of the courtroom, Schuyler told Gigi that she would make a great mother for Sierra Rose.

In the courthouse lobby, after Fish had expressed that he could never get custody of Sierra Rose, Kyle insisted that Fish tell that to Sierra Rose as Kyle handed Fish the baby. Fish realized that he could never say that to Sierra Rose. Kyle knew that Fish was scared, and Kyle admitted that he did not even know what to do for Sierra Rose's breakfast. Fish commented that they would just need to get formula from the grocery store, and Kyle exclaimed that Fish was a natural. Kyle offered that Fish could feed Sierra Rose, that Kyle could dress her, but that their immediate concern was getting her home.

As the guards escorted Schuyler into the courthouse lobby with Roxy following, Schuyler saw Sierra Rose with Fish and asked if he could tell her goodbye. Schuyler vowed that he would make it up to Sierra Rose one day and hoped that she would forgive him. Kyle informed Roxy that she would be Sierra Rose's grandma and hugged her.

In the courtroom, while Gigi and Rex exchanged encouraging looks, and while Kyle and Fish gazed at Sierra Rose, the judge declared that the proceeding was to establish custody of Sierra Rose Morasco.

At the hospital, elated, Nora informed Matthew, Rex, Natalie, Jessica, and Clint that Bo had opened his eyes. Greg explained that Bo was awake and stable, but that he was still weak due to the loss of blood. When Clint asked if Bo would pull through, Greg said, "Barring any unforeseen complications, I expect Bo to make a full recovery." The family exchanged hugs, and Matthew asked to see his dad.

When Matthew entered Bo's room, Bo greeted him with a "Hi, son." Matthew reflected that seeing Bo in the hospital bed reminded Matthew of when Matthew was in the hospital. Bo agreed that it had been scary, but Matthew claimed that Bo's being in the hospital was worse. Bo indicated that he was glad that Clint was there for Matthew; however, Matthew insisted that Matthew was there for Nora - to keep her calm. Bo laughed and groaned, stating, "It's okay. It only hurts when I laugh." Matthew replied, "Dad, I'm really glad you're okay."

In the school hall, Dani and Destiny debated over who would act as the candy striper, and who would be the long-lost cousin, when they went to the hospital to get information about Bo from Matthew. They both agreed to just have Matthew paged at the front desk. Dani apologized to Destiny about their battles over the play and insisted that their friendship was more important than the play.

Matthew called Dani and told her that Bo was going to be fine. Dani and Destiny hugged. Mr. G approached the girls and delivered the news that Destiny was to be Langston in the play and that Dani was to be Starr. Destiny was sure that the audition was rigged because Langston was "only the second banana," and that a real actress was needed to play Starr.

Matthew arrived at the school and announced that his dad had insisted that Matthew return to school. Matthew then asked the girls, "What did I miss?" Once Destiny and Dani updated Matthew, Dani reviewed the cast list and revealed that Matthew had been cast as Markko.

In Bo's room, with Natalie also visiting, Rex stressed that if Bo had died, Rex would be lost, so the next time, Rex would be the one to get shot, and Bo could feel like the idiot. Bo replied, "How about next time, nobody gets shot, and we all go out for a beer." When Rex stated that he did not want to see Bo in that hospital bed again, Bo insisted that it was because Rex loved him. Rex quietly stated, "Not at the moment," as he took Bo's hand.

Rex and Natalie left as Clint entered the room. Clint told Bo that Clint realized that it was just the two of them left - Bo and Clint - and that they needed to fix things. Clint asked Bo to heal up and stated that he would be waiting for him. Nora entered Bo's room.

Rex told Natalie that he wanted to check on Gigi. Natalie suggested that he check on Roxy also.

After Kyle and Fish went into the courtroom for the custody hearing, Roxy promised to escort Schuyler for as far as the guards would allow, and as they were leaving, they ran into Rex. Schuyler acknowledged to Rex that Schuyler had never stood a chance with Gigi. The guards escorted Schuyler out of the courthouse with Roxy following.

As Jessica was on the phone, Brody informed Natalie that he was leaving the hospital and explained about the H-O-R-S-E basketball game that Brody had won for the prize of a date with Jessica. When Natalie questioned about why the date of the date had not yet been set, Brody admitted that he was waiting for Jessica to look at him, just once, the way that she used to. Natalie exclaimed, "Then stop waiting for a miracle to happen and just make one happen. Take her out and make her remember you." Brody stated that he did not want to push her. However, Brody walked up to Jessica and announced that he was collecting on their date.

John asked Natalie about Bo, and Natalie told John that she would watch over Bo while John was gone. Natalie warned John to be careful since she knew that he would be out of town for a few days.

In Bo's room, Nora decreed, "Finally...I mean I am all for family togetherness, but that was ridiculous. Did you see how many people were out there? They all came around because they love you." Bo interrupted her with "Nora..." and Nora responded, "What?" Bo said, "Will you marry me?"

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