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There was an explosion at the masquerade ball, and Adam's burned corpse was found. Daisy and Ryder kidnapped Lauren. Lauren was shocked to see her doppelgänger, Sarah Smythe. Chance and Chloe made love. Patty lied that she was pregnant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 5, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, April 5, 2010

At the festive Policemen's Ball held at the Genoa City Athletic Club, masked benefactors in black tie, including most of the city's prominent residents, learned from Nikki that keynote speaker, Dr. Emily Abbott, was unavailable. Murphy recognized law enforcement members and event organizers, Owen Pomerantz, Heather Stevens, Rafe Torres, and Sid Meeks. Katherine recognized her kin, Detective Phillip Chancellor, IV. As celebrants applauded the commitment of all law enforcement members, District Attorney Pomerantz quietly informed Heather and Rafe to expect suspension notices. Victor announced that donations were ten percent below anticipated contributions.

Near a table adorned with a floral arrangement, Billy flirted with Victoria. Billy presented a rose to Victoria and suggested she clutch the petals close to her bosom until she found a suitor. Victoria plucked several petals and tucked them into her bosom before she and Billy took to the dance floor. Victor and Nikki saw Victoria dancing with a man, but Victor didn't recognize Billy disguised behind a mustached mask.

Victoria invited Billy upstairs, and he agreed to meet up with her after procuring a bottle of bubbly. While Billy waited for the bartender to fetch the champagne, Heather and Rafe complained that the article published in Restless Style had gotten them suspended and could lead to their disbarment. Billy apologized and said that they should blame Adam for making them look like fools.

In the powder room, Lauren dabbed a wet towel on her stained dress. A ball guest wearing a full-face mask and a hooded cape approached Lauren. Lauren initially assumed that the guest was one of her customers, Mrs. Dunleavy. Confused, Lauren asked, "Do I know you?" Through her mask, the mysterious guest replied, "No, but I know you." Just as the black-gloved woman was about to lift her alabaster mask, Phyllis wheeled herself into the powder room. The masked woman left without revealing her identity. Lauren told Phyllis that the odd woman gave her the creeps.

A masked Daisy berated Ryder after she saw him remove his mask and use his phone to send a text message. Ryder claimed that he'd been checking the time. Daisy declared that Mama Bear wouldn't approve of Ryder's sloppiness because she was already unsure about trusting him. Wearing matching hats and garish baby-doll-face masks, Daisy and Ryder watched Paul and Michael carry on an animated conversation nearby. Daisy remarked, "They know something."

Paul told Michael that the Sarah Smythe, the woman who bailed Daisy and Ryder out of jail, had been a passenger in Terrible Tom's car before his accident. Paul and Michael theorized that Smythe was using Daisy and Ryder to carry out an organized attack against Lauren. Paul warned that Lauren needed protection at all times. Michael agreed to amend Daisy and Ryder's bail agreement to include a restraining order. Paul agreed to keep an eye on Lauren. Daisy and Ryder, masked, hovered nearby. Michael instructed Lauren to ride home with Paul if he didn't return in a timely manner.

Jack summoned Victor and Nick and told them that at the hospital, Adam had attacked Emily, drugged her, stole cash from her wallet, then escaped. Adam showed up in Sharon's room at the club. Cradling Faith, Adam told Sharon that she could still run away with him. Sharon picked up the phone, but Adam pleaded with her to hang up. Adam claimed he wanted to take care of Sharon and Faith. Sharon demanded that Adam hand over her baby. Sharon took her infant from Adam and ordered him to leave. Adam said he'd confess everything in order to prove his sincerity.

Adam explained that Ashley's miscarriage was an accident, but he admitted he was guilty of covering it up to keep Victor in the dark. Adam disclosed that Dr. Taylor became part of the plan and later delivered Sharon's baby. Adam explained that he gave Sharon's baby to Ashley after she experienced hysterical labor pains. Sharon railed at Adam for making her believe that her baby had died and for stealing ashes and claiming they were her baby's remains. Adam insisted that he truly fell in love with Sharon and had attempted to tell her about her baby during their flight home from Lake Tahoe. Sharon lividly responded that a near-death confession meant nothing.

Adam pledged his love to Sharon and maintained that their marriage didn't have to end. Sharon thrust her wedding band at Adam as she pushed him toward the door. Sharon said, "I am through with you. You are dead to me. Leave!" Nick showed up, and Sharon said, "Thank God, you're here."

Sharon quickly explained to Nick that Adam had confessed to everything. Nick unfastened his coat and ordered Adam to accompany him downstairs and turn himself in. Adam collected his hat and mask, and said, "You sure you don't want to take me out back like you were going to do at the cabin to carry out your own form of justice? Too bad for you that's not going to happen." Before Nick could grab Adam, Adam opened the window and escaped. Nick told Sharon to go downstairs and summon help before he crawled out the window in pursuit of Adam.

Owen and Sid informed Victor, Nikki, Phyllis, and Nick that they'd issued an APB for Adam. Phyllis wondered aloud if they all had targets on their backs. Victor said that Adam would get far away if he were smart. Nick claimed that Adam wouldn't leave because of Sharon. Phyllis bristled at Nick's mention of Sharon. Nikki maintained that Adam's escape likely wasn't premeditated, therefore, he wouldn't have access to a mask and a tuxedo.

Later, Phyllis encouraged a nervous Nick to check on Faith and Sharon. Jack was surprised to see Phyllis sitting alone at a table when he returned with Patty, who wore a kitty mask. Phyllis said, "Emily, I heard what happened. You must have been very frightened." Patty, pretending to be Emily, thanked Phyllis for her concern. Jack offered to dance with Phyllis, but Patty snipped, "Sorry, he's taken," before she pulled Jack onto the dance floor. Jack, taken aback, advised his wife to take it easy after her harrowing ordeal. Patty rested her head on Jack's shoulder. Jack seemed uneasy. Victor approached and told Jack and Patty that no one could find Adam.

Tucker McCall requested a dance with Ashley, and Neil acted as if he didn't mind. Chloe and Chance danced to a slow song. Chloe quipped that their entwined rocking and swaying on the dance floor might likely be the closest they'd ever come to having sex. Soberly, Chance remarked that he'd been thinking about their relationship, and he invited Chloe to leave with him to talk about their situation.

Katherine, Murphy, Jack, and Jill later learned that Tucker had donated a huge sum of money to their cause. Jack glanced at the dance floor and saw Tucker dancing with Ashley. Jack excused himself and approached Neil, who explained that Tucker had lately become quite chummy with Ashley. Jill approached just as Jack theorized that Tucker's true objective was Jabot. Neil said that Tucker had better not use Ashley to get Jabot. Jill added, "Oh, take it from me; that's how he operates!"

Sharon rushed down the stairs with Faith in her carrier. Guests turned to hear Sharon shout, "Jack! Victor! Adam was here. He was just in the building." Jack, Patty, Phyllis, Sid, and Owen circled around Faith and Sharon, who agreed with Sid that Adam had exited down the fire escape. Phyllis was relieved to see Nick, who breathlessly explained that Adam got away. Patty excused herself and approached Adam, disguised behind his wide-brimmed hat and gold-and-black mask. Patty blasted Adam for using the same syringe to inject her and the guard. Adam said, "Remember that I know exactly who you are, Patty. If you rat me out, I'll rat you out so fast your crazy little head will spin."

Lauren, nervously waiting for Michael to return, sat at a table with Paul. Lauren wondered why Daisy, Ryder, and the mysterious Sarah Smythe were trying to hurt her. Paul explained that the plot might have something to do with Kevin because of Jana's disappearance and Smythe's connection to Tom. Lauren asked about Heather after she noticed Paul's daughter acting distressed. Paul left to check on Heather.

Lauren followed Daisy after she overheard the young woman say loudly to the mysterious masked woman in the hooded cape that some people didn't know when to leave well enough alone. Daisy removed her mask after Lauren followed her into the powder room. Daisy said, "Hello, Lauren." Ryder approached Lauren from behind and repeated the greeting. The masked woman strode in and stood behind Ryder. Lauren gasped fearfully.

Victor, Nick, and Jack gathered around Sharon when they overheard her talking to Adam on her cell phone. Adam pleaded with Sharon to meet him, so he could turn himself in because he was scared and couldn't do it alone. Adam claimed that he or perhaps many people might get hurt if she didn't come. Adam claimed he was in the basement of the club. After Sharon ended the call, she revealed Adam's location. Victor, Nick, and Jack rushed down to the basement to search for Adam. Phyllis was wheeling along when she encountered a masked man she believed was Adam. Phyllis bolted from her wheelchair and attacked the stranger, but she apologized and sat back down, believing that she was mistaken.

Katherine and Murphy later thanked Tucker for his generous donation. Tucker mentioned the venomous article Jill published about him. Katherine insisted that she wasn't involved. Tucker seemed touched by Katherine's sincerity and congratulated Murphy and Katherine for their successful venture. Tucker warmly shook hands first with Murphy then with Katherine. Across the room, Jill, seated with Neil, bristled when she witnessed the friendly handshakes. Neil suggested that Katherine and Tucker had buried the hatchet. Jill responded, "Looks can be deceiving. If she trusts that man, then she's still the fool."

Together, Jack and Victor searched darkened areas of the basement, illuminating potential hiding places with a flashlight. Rafe, on his own, searched, as well. Heather searched the wine cellar for signs of Adam's presence. Paul, Ashley, and Patty each conducted solitary searches for Adam in the dungeon-like basement. Nick illuminated the utility area and discovered that the hissing gas main was leaking combustible gas. Nick shouted out and warned everybody to leave.

Murphy and Katherine were about to dance, but Katherine excused herself to visit the women's room. Just after Katherine walked away, Ashley emerged from the basement and announced that there was a dangerous gas leak. Victor, Rafe, and Heather helped escort guests out through the club's main entrance. Victor told Nikki that Nick was on his way up from the basement. Nikki asked about Victoria. Ashley asked about Sharon and Faith. Victor responded that he hadn't seen them. Michael waded through the swarm of exiting guests after he returned from filing restraining orders. Michael shouted repeatedly for Lauren.

Upstairs in her suite, Victoria donned Billy's top hat and asked Billy what had delayed him as he filled her flute with champagne. Victoria said that she was still a married woman after Billy asked if she was having second thoughts. "Only on paper," Billy responded, laughing after Victoria noted that he was sweating. Victoria sipped champagne and giggled as Billy collected the rose petals she'd earlier tucked into her bosom. Billy locked lips with Victoria as the couple fell onto the bed and smashed Billy's champagne glass with an audible clatter.

Back upstairs at the club, frightened guests continued to file out. Heather phoned for help. Entangled in the spokes of her wheelchair, the hem of Phyllis' ball gown hampered her escape. An explosion and resultant fireball filled one side of the ballroom. Patty turned and saw the flames rise to the ceiling. Against the shadow of the inferno, Phyllis yanked her dress repeatedly in an attempt to free herself.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe and Chance enjoyed time alone. Chloe's eyes moistened with tears as she recalled how Chance's sweet overture in the New York City cab made her feel unbelievably loved. Chance said he understood and accepted that Chloe wasn't ready for marriage. Chance added that his ideals didn't seem to work in reality.

Chance gently brushed back Chloe's hair and explained that he wasn't waiting for marriage to become intimate. Instead, Chance announced that he'd been waiting for her. Chloe cried that Chance's statement was the sweetest thing ever said to her, and she and Chance headed upstairs. In Chance's bedroom, amid a row of flickering votives, Chloe removed her necklace and sat atop Chance's lap on the bed. They kissed while Chloe unbuttoned Chance's shirt to reveal his brawny chest. Entwined, Chloe and Chance reclined on the bed.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin received a text message that read, "Jana's nearby. Remember the last phone call you received. Remember the music." Kevin stopped by the club and showed Michael and Paul the text message he'd received that mentioned the music. Kevin recalled that Jana had been right all along about Daisy and Ryder having a connection after Paul explained that a woman who knew Tom had bailed the duo out of jail. Paul suggested that Kevin search an abandoned amusement park near Twin Lakes after Kevin described hearing a calliope version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" when he last spoke to Jana on the phone. Michael warned Kevin of possible danger, but he rushed away to search for his missing wife.

Inside a boarded-up structure at the abandoned amusement park, Jana hacked away at the lock from the inside the wooden crate with her found flashlight. Kevin arrived and yelled for Jana repeatedly. Jana heard Kevin and screamed, "Kevin, I'm in here." Locked gates and welded bars stalled Kevin's attempts to rush to Jana's aid. Kevin slumped to the ground and cried, "I am so sorry." Jana continued to screech and yell for Kevin.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the aftermath of the explosion at the Athletic Club, Victor found a dazed Nikki and escorted her outside. Nikki asked Victor about Victoria and Nick's whereabouts, and what had happened to Adam.

Victoria and Billy were in the suite where they had made love, and wondered what had happened downstairs. Victoria thought that perhaps Genoa City had been hit by an earthquake, but Billy correctly assumed that there had been an explosion in the club. Victoria quickly dressed and began leaving the room alone. She told Billy that she didn't want anyone seeing them leaving the club together.

Outside the club, Ashley asked Neil if he had seen Sharon and Faith. Neil assured her that Faith would be fine. District Attorney Pomerantz told the police officers who had arrived that Adam was still at large, and was possibly armed. He ordered them to secure a perimeter around the club.

Inside the dining room, Nick found Phyllis on the floor. She told him that she had jumped out of her wheelchair and hid under a table. She said that her leg hurt, and wondered if Adam had been responsible for the explosion. Nick said that he wouldn't put it past Adam. Phyllis asked Nick where Sharon and the baby were. When she realized that Nick didn't know, she told him to go look for them. He helped her back into her wheelchair and asked a police officer to take Phyllis out of the club.

A terrified Patty, still disguised as Emily, sat on the floor in the dining room. She told herself that she had to keep it together, then began singing a song. A relieved Jack found her. After they assured each other that they were alright, Patty asked what had happened to Adam. Jack said that he hoped that Adam was trapped in the explosion. He told Patty that she was needed outside – that there were a lot of traumatized people who needed counseling. Jack helped her up and escorted her out.

Victoria reunited with Victor and Nikki outside the club. Victor explained that there had been a gas explosion that originated in the basement, and he suspected that Adam was behind the explosion. Nikki asked Victoria where she had been when the explosion had occurred, but Victoria was saved from answering when Phyllis joined them and told the Newmans that Nick was safe – that he had gone upstairs to try to find Sharon and Faith.

Billy joined Jack outside the club. Jack told his brother that Ashley was fine. Billy asked Jack where Jill was, but Jack didn't know. Jack was sure that Adam was behind the explosion. He asked where Billy had been, and Billy told him that he had been upstairs in a suite with some "belle of the ball."

Ashley joined her siblings and asked them if there had been any word on Sharon and Faith. She was frantic that Adam might have them. Victoria joined the Abbotts and told them that Nick was looking for Sharon and the baby. A panicked Ashley decided to look for Faith herself, against her brothers' objections. When she ran into the club, they followed her.

Inside the club, Victor found Heather, who was bleeding profusely from a wound on her arm. He explained that there had been a gas explosion, and that Adam hadn't been located yet. As Victor used his necktie to fashion a tourniquet for her arm, Heather joked that there had been a time when Victor would have probably let her bleed to death. Victor helped Heather stand, and took her outside.

Outside the club, Phyllis told Victoria that Adam had confronted Sharon in her suite. Nikki said that Adam had made a full confession to Sharon – that he had admitted to causing Ashley's miscarriage, blackmailing Dr. Taylor, and kidnapping Faith. The women wondered if Adam had actually thought that Sharon would forgive him. Phyllis said that no one had seen Adam since he had jumped from the window of Sharon's suite.

Phyllis called "Emily" over and asked her how Adam had escaped from the hospital – after all, Adam had been in handcuffs and under police guard. "Emily" lied and said that she wasn't sure – that Adam had somehow gotten out of the cuffs and had been waiting for her when she entered his room. Phyllis said that someone must have helped Adam escape – and whoever it had been deserved to be in a cell right next to Adam. Patty had a guilty look on her face.

Victor and Heather walked by the group as he led her to an ambulance. Nikki said she had been in phone contact with Paul, and that he was worried sick about Heather. Heather assured Nikki that she would call her father from the hospital. Victor and Nikki realized that they hadn't seen Nick, and Phyllis told them that he was looking for Sharon and Faith. Victor learned that Ashley had gone back in to the club to try to find Faith. He became concerned and wanted to go after her. Nikki tried to dissuade him by telling him that Billy and Jack were with Ashley, but Victor went inside anyway, with Nikki calling after him to be careful.

Nick entered Sharon's suite. Faith was in her bassinet, crying. He found Sharon unconscious on the floor. He began yelling for help. The Abbotts heard Nick's cries from the hallway and found their way through the rubble to Sharon's suite. Nick was holding Faith in his arms. The Abbotts saw the unconscious Sharon. Jack asked what had happened, and Nick told him that she must have hit her head. Ashley asked Nick to hand Faith over to her. Initially reluctant, Nick was convinced to give Ashley the child when Jack reminded him that the building might no longer be structurally sound. Jack and Nick theorized that Adam had caused the explosion. Jack said that he hoped that Adam rotted in hell.

Ashley, escorted by Billy, carried Faith outside. She told the anxious crowd that Sharon was unconscious. Ashley handed Faith over to the paramedics so that they could examine the child. Billy walked off and remembered inviting Victoria up to the suite. Victoria joined him and said that she was feeling awful. Billy wondered if she was referring to inhaling smoke. Victoria said that the smoke wasn't bothering her – she felt guilty that she and Billy had been making love while their families were being terrorized. She wondered what she would tell Victor when he asked where she had been when the explosion occurred. Billy said, "Who the hell cares?" When Billy said that he didn't feel guilty, Victoria walked off, leaving a confused Billy alone.

The paramedics wheeled Sharon out of the club on a gurney. She regained consciousness and asked where Faith was. Jack and Nick assured her that the baby was fine. After Sharon was placed in an ambulance, Nick walked up to Phyllis and told her that there was still no sign of Adam.

After receiving a clean bill of health, the paramedics gave Faith to Nick. He told Phyllis that he would have Nikki look after the baby, while he went to the hospital to check on Sharon. He suggested that Phyllis go to the hospital to be examined, but she insisted that she was fine. Looking concerned, Phyllis told Nick to go see Sharon – she would get a ride back to the ranch with Nikki. As Nick walked away, he promised to call Phyllis from the hospital.

Ashley and Neil approached Nick. Nick said that he was going to have Nikki babysit Faith, but Ashley asked if she could take the child home. She said that she knew that it was best not to confuse Faith, but thought that, in light of the traumatic experience that the baby had been through, Faith might be soothed if she were in familiar surroundings. Although reluctant, Nick acquiesced and handed the baby to Ashley. He told Ashley that he would pick Faith up after he was done visiting Sharon at the hospital.

After Nick left, Neil questioned Ashley as to whether her watching Faith was a good idea. Neil felt that Ashley had already gone through the pain of being separated from Faith once, and wondered if she was ready to go through the experience again. Ashley assured him that she could handle it. Neil wondered if Ashley really believed that.

Inside the club, Victor ran into DA Pomerantz, and lit into him for allowing Adam to escape custody. When Pomerantz assured Victor that there would be an investigation, Victor became angry and said that he wanted Adam behind bars. Michael, who was searching for Lauren, joined Victor. Pomerantz received a phone call informing him that a body had been found in the basement. Michael was frantic that it might be Lauren, but Pomerantz said that the body was that of a male. Pomerantz headed for the basement, followed by Victor. The DA told Victor that he couldn't go down there, but Victor insisted, saying that he wanted to see who his son had killed.

Murphy approached Nikki and told her that he couldn't find Katherine. He was concerned that she had been hurt in the explosion. Nikki tried to assure Murphy that Katherine was tough, and that she was probably fine.

"Emily" tried to console Murphy. Nikki and Jack overheard the conversation, and Jack said that he would go inside to try to find Katherine. The group was stunned when the DA and Victor walked out next to a gurney, on which lied a body bag. Pomerantz said that it was a male body – but it had been charred beyond recognition. He added that it might be Adam – and he knew that it would make "certain persons'" lives easier if it were. The Newmans were offended by Pomerantz's remark. As the body was loaded onto an ambulance, the group wondered where Katherine, Jill, and Lauren were. The men decided to split into teams and search the club again.

Jill and Katherine were unconscious in the club's ladies' room. Jill stirred and realized that she was lying right on top of Katherine. Jill tried to rouse her, but was initially unsuccessful. She took Katherine's pulse and realized that she was still alive. Katherine made a sound, and Jill was happy to see her waking up. She told Katherine that they were trapped in the bathroom. The door was jammed, and neither of them had their cell phone with them. Katherine mentioned that she and Jill had been trapped together many times – but that this was the first time they had been locked in a bathroom.

Katherine was shocked that, rather than calling for help, Jill was fixing her lipstick. She said that, in times of crisis, Jill could be counted on to be an "absolute bitch." Katherine began screaming, "Help! Save me from her!" Jill told Katherine to shut up, and the women began bickering. Katherine shouted that they were in the bathroom, and Jill added that they couldn't stand the sight of each other. Katherine wondered if they had died and gone to hell – and were doomed to spend eternity with each other, locked in a bathroom. Katherine and Jill were thrilled when Victor and Jack showed up and rescued them.

The group gathered outside applauded as Victor and Jack led Katherine and Jill out of the club. The two women were told that one person had been killed in the explosion, and that it might have been Adam. Katherine told Victor how sorry she was. Murphy and Katherine hugged. Nikki told the group that she had received a phone call from Paul. She said that Paul had learned from his contacts at the medical examiner's office that the body had no smoke in the lungs. Victoria said that meant that the person had been dead before the fire started.

At Genoa City Memorial, Nick told Sharon about the explosion. Sharon was concerned about Faith, but Nick, obviously reluctant to tell her that the baby was with Ashley, said that Faith was fine, and was with the doctors. Sharon asked Nick if they had caught Adam. Nick said that Victoria had called him to tell him that they had found a body in the club's basement – and that it might be Adam. When Sharon said, "Adam's dead?" Nick said that, after everything Adam had put them through, he hoped so.

Sharon asked Nick to get Faith. Nick admitted that their baby was with Ashley. Sharon wasn't thrilled to hear that – but Nick explained that Faith had been freaked out, and Ashley seemed to calm her down. Sharon was concerned that Faith would be confused. Nick said that he would go get the baby. Ashley and Neil entered the room and Ashley said to Nick, "You won't have to. She wants her mommy." Ashley handed Faith to Sharon, and she and Neil left. Nick followed Ashley out into the hallway.

Nick thanked Ashley for taking Faith to the hospital. Ashley, near tears, said that Faith needed her mother. When Nick returned to Sharon's room, Neil told Ashley that he was proud of her. Inside Sharon's room, Sharon asked Nick how Ashley was doing. Nick said that she was alright. Sharon and Nick agreed that Faith was perfect.

At the club, Michael continued to search for his wife. He called Paul and chided him for not staying with Lauren, but Paul explained that he had to take Gina to the hospital. Michael called Kevin. Kevin told Michael that he had been searching for Jana in the zoo area of the abandoned amusement park, but was giving up the search until the following day.

Michael told his brother about the explosion at the club, and that Lauren was missing. Michael suspected that Daisy and Ryder might have taken Lauren, but asked Kevin to go to the Baldwins' in case Lauren showed up there. Kevin agreed. Michael remembered getting ready for the ball earlier that evening. Lauren had said that she was happy that Daisy and Ryder were behind bars, but she had wondered who had been targeting her.

Kevin showed up at the club to tell Michael that Lauren wasn't at home. Michael feared that Lauren had been kidnapped by Daisy and Ryder. Kevin suggested that he and Michael look for clues inside the club.

The brothers were unsuccessful in their attempt to find Lauren or any evidence of her whereabouts, and headed for Crimson Lights. Michael blamed himself for letting Lauren out of his sight. Kevin reminded Michael that he had taken out a restraining order against Daisy and Ryder. Michael said that a piece of paper wouldn't stop that diabolical pair from abducting Lauren.

Kevin urged Michael not to blame himself. He said that they needed to focus on where Lauren and Jana were – he thought that they had to be in the same place. Kevin said that his search of the abandoned amusement park had yielded no results. They wondered where else in town where one could hear calliope music. Michael mentioned that he and Lauren had purchased tickets for the circus, which was going to be in Genoa City the following month. Michael got choked up and wondered why Ryder and Daisy had taken Jana and Lauren.

Kevin wondered if they had all been targeted "from the beginning." He said that Ryder, his long-lost brother, had shown up during the Terroni mess. Michael mentioned that Ryder had been working for Deacon Sharpe, who, at the time, seemed to be the mastermind behind selling the fake Terroni. The brothers wondered where Sarah Smythe fit in – and if she had been the person who had killed Ray Elkins in the alley. Michael said that they were still missing some huge piece of information. Michael asked, "What the hell is this about? Where's Lauren? Where's Jana?"

Daisy and Ryder, still dressed in their ball costumes, shoved Lauren, who was blindfolded and bound, into a cage at the abandoned amusement park. They slammed the door, and Lauren tried to break free from the rope around her wrists.

Lauren was finally successful in removing the rope and the blindfold. She began screaming for help. She heard a woman's voice weakly crying for help. Lauren began banging on the bars of the cage and continued to yell for assistance.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chloe and Chance woke up in Chloe's bed at the Chancellor mansion. Obviously having made love the previous night, Chloe asked him if had been worth the wait, or was it, "Eh?" Chance said that Chloe had shown him what all the fuss about lovemaking was about. Chloe told him that she wasn't good at saying "lovey-dovey" things, but it was clear that she had a good time as well.

Chance said that they should get up and shower -- he joked that if they showered together, it would save water. Chloe said that they had grown as a couple, and that she was "awed by us." Chance agreed, and they headed to the bathroom.

Downstairs, Paul dropped Nina off -- he had picked her up at the airport. He told Nina that he was busy -- that the Genoa City Police Department was consulting with him about the previous night's explosion at the Athletic Club. Nina was concerned that Chance might have been at the club when the explosion occurred, but Paul assured her that Chance was okay, or else Nina would have heard something. He told Nina to go upstairs and check on her son, and he would catch up with her later. Paul said that he had some things that he wanted to discuss with Nina.

Chance and Chloe got out of the shower and began kissing in Chloe's bedroom. They weren't wearing anything except for towels, and didn't hear Nina as she called Chance's name. Nina went into Chloe's bedroom to see if she knew where Chance was, and was shocked when confronted by the sight of her nearly naked son and Chloe.

A few moments later, Chloe greeted Nina down in the living room and said that she was sorry that Nina had been worried about Chance. Nina couldn't believe that Chance and Chloe didn't know about the explosion at the club. Chloe said that they hadn't learned about the explosion until Nina told them. An irate Nina wanted to know if Chloe spoke for Chance. Chloe told Nina that she and Chance had left the ball early -- to talk.

Nina accused Chloe of making Chance turn his cell phone off. Chloe said that she didn't make Chance do anything -- that he was a grown man, whether or not Nina chose to believe that. Chance joined the women and said that he had to leave on police business. Nina seemed miffed that she didn't have a chance to speak with her son. After Chance left, Chloe wondered if Nina had wanted to lecture him about "the birds and the bees." Nina said that she wanted to explain vultures and piranhas. Chloe laughed and said how nice it was to have Nina back in Genoa City.

Later, Chloe talked to Delia about men -- she told her daughter that a nice boy, like Chance, was just as much fun as a bad boy, like Billy. Chance called and told Nina that he wasn't sure when he would be home -- he had been assigned to investigate the explosion at the Athletic Club. He told Chloe to give Delia hugs and kisses. Nina entered the room as Chloe was sending hugs and kisses back to Chance.

Chloe told Nina that Chance might be a while. The irritated Nina said that she hoped that Chloe was on the pill. Chloe covered Delia's ears and reminded Nina that there was a baby in the room. Nina wondered if Delia knew that Chloe had tricked two men into marrying her. Chloe countered by saying that she was no worse than Nina -- who had tricked a gay man into marrying her. Nina was stunned when Chloe told her that Chance had proposed to her.

Nina wondered if Chance and Chloe had set a date for their wedding. Chloe told Nina to relax, and said that she had turned down Chance's proposal. Nina was surprised that Chloe had rejected her son. Chloe wondered if Nina wished that she had accepted the proposal. Nina accused Chloe of playing games. Chloe said that she wasn't -- she just didn't want to make another mistake. The two women began bickering, and Chloe told Nina that, in the future, she should knock before entering Chloe's bedroom. Chloe said that if Nina walked in uninvited, she might not like what she saw.

At the Hellstroms', Victoria picked up the invitation to the masquerade ball, and reminisced about making love to Billy at the Athletic Club. She was interrupted when J.T. served her a cup of coffee. J.T. wondered if Victoria was stressed out about the explosion, which she had been too tired to discuss with him the previous night. He said that he had been crazy with worry thinking that something might have happened to Victoria. When Victoria asked why, he told her that even though things were a bit tense between them, he still cared about her, and Reed thought that the world revolved around her. Victoria said that she would always be there for their son -- that nothing would change that.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy played with Delia, and told her that the previous evening had really gotten out of hand. Mac entered the room and overheard Billy's remark. She said that events like the explosion really made one think about what mattered. Billy wondered how Jill and Katherine were doing. Mac told him that they were sleeping in. She said she imagined that the explosion was terrifying. Billy told her that a gas pipe in the basement had been intentionally cut. He said that he hadn't been close to the basement when the explosion occurred.

Billy went to his trailer and was on the phone with someone -- he told the person that they needed to completely rewrite their subpar Restless Style article. When he got off the phone, he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door to Victoria, who ordered him to shut the door immediately. Billy started making jokes about how much fun he had with her the previous night. Victoria said that discussion of their lovemaking was off-limits, and told him to forget that it had ever happened.

Victoria kept looking out the window of the trailer. Billy said that if she were afraid that she had been followed, he could hang sheets over the window -- or they could wear disguises, like they did at the ball. Victoria scolded Billy for joking -- she said that he had nothing to lose, but she could lose her son. Billy said that Adam was the big story -- that no one was going to bang down Billy's door and ask her if she had "good adulterous sex" the previous night.

Victoria told Billy that J.T. had been worried about her after the explosion -- and she was hoping that he would change his mind about trying to get full custody of Reed. She said that she couldn't take any risks. Billy assumed that meant that she wouldn't be seeing him again. He wondered if he had become Victoria's enemy. Victoria said that since her seeing Billy could cost her custody of Reed, he had indeed become the enemy.

Billy said that if Victoria wanted melodrama, she should remember that if the body that had been found in the Athletic Club basement turned out to be Adam, then the two of them would be murder suspects. Victoria said that they hadn't done anything to Adam -- that she and Billy were together for the entire evening. A light bulb went on over Victoria's head when she realized that she and Billy were each other's alibis. Billy said that he knew what Victoria's problem was -- she had decided that what they had done the previous evening was despicable -- even though, while they were making love, she had moaned that it was incredible. Victoria said that Billy was a bastard.

Victoria said that she wouldn't leave Billy's trailer until he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone that they were together the previous night. When Billy continued to make jokes, Victoria said that she had forgotten what a spoiled, selfish jerk Billy was. Billy said that Victoria was a "tightly wound-up princess." She told Billy to go to hell. As she turned to leave, Billy dangled her car keys over his head and asked her where she was going without them. Victoria approached Billy as he said that he knew that he was a jerk. The two of them began kissing.

At the Ashbys', Cane and Lily talked about the explosion. Cane asked if Neil had called, and Lily told him that he had checked in earlier that morning. She said that she had lied to Neil and told him that she was fine. Lily mentioned that Mac was on her way over. Cane wondered if that was bothering Lily. She said that Mac didn't know that Lily's cancer wasn't gone, and that Mac had to be told that day.

Lily told Cane that things had changed for Mac -- Lily could no longer pretend that chemotherapy was the cure for her cancer. Cane was still hopeful that Lily would beat her disease. Lily said that the cancer was growing inside her -- just like their babies were growing inside of Mac. Cane suggested that they make a video diary for the twins so that they would one day know how excited he and Lily had been about their impending arrival. Lily wondered if Cane was suggesting the video so that the twins would be able to see what their mother looked like before she went to heaven.

Mac stopped by the Ashbys' and realized that something was wrong. Cane explained that there was a reason that he had been allowed to remain in the United States. Lily explained -- her cancer wasn't gone, and, according to her PET scan, it was growing aggressively. They told Mac that Cane hadn't been deported because of Lily's illness. The Ashbys apologized for taking so long to break the news to Mac, and said that they wouldn't blame her if she were angry. Mac told them that she only had good thoughts and prayers. Lily thanked Mac for her understanding -- and for carrying her babies.

After Mac left, Cane set up the video camera, and he and Lily discussed how well Mac seemed to have taken the news about Lily's cancer. Cane sat next to Lily and they began "speaking" to the twins. They explained that they were maturing in "Auntie Mac's belly," because Mommy was sick. The Ashbys "told" the twins how much they loved them. Cane stopped the camera, and told Lily that one day they would be a family.

A sobbing Mac stopped by to visit J.T. She updated him on what was going on with Cane and Lily. Mac said that it was possible that both Cane and Lily might be gone when the babies were born. She told J.T. that she knew that the babies she carried weren't hers, but she still felt a primal urge to protect them. She said that the babies might not have parents to raise them -- and she didn't know what to do.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin reread the mysterious text message, "Remember the music," that he had received after Jana disappeared. Michael showed up and told Kevin that he had no luck locating Lauren. He said that everyone was busy investigating Adam and the explosion, but no one seemed interested in finding Lauren. Michael agreed with Kevin that Daisy and Ryder were behind Lauren's disappearance. Kevin mentioned that Sarah Smythe -- who had known Kevin's father, Tom, was probably also involved. Michael wondered what Daisy, Ryder, and Sarah might do to Lauren.

Michael wondered if Kevin believed that he deserved to lose Lauren, because Michael hadn't believed Kevin when Kevin had insisted that Jana had met with foul play. Kevin said that he was wondering if the text message was part of some sort of mind game, and whether the whole situation was related to "Terrible Tom." He told Michael that freaks -- not karma -- were making them suffer. Michael said that all he knew was that he and Paul hadn't been able to protect Lauren the previous evening.

Paul met with Michael on the Crimson Lights patio and told him that there hadn't been any word on whether the body found in the Athletic Club's basement was Adam. An angry Michael said that he didn't want to discuss Adam -- he wanted to discuss Sarah Smythe, Ryder, and Daisy -- and that finding Lauren was the only thing that mattered.

Chance met with Paul and Michael on the patio, while Kevin lurked in the background. Michael told Chance that he wanted an APB put out on his wife. Michael became irate when Chance said that he had to follow protocol before issuing an APB. He told Chance that Lauren was with the same sociopaths who had abducted Jana.

Chance asked Michael if Lauren had been acting unpredictably recently. Michael said that she had -- because she had been drugged by Daisy and Ryder -- the pair that Chance had arrested and Chance's co-workers had just released. He wondered why Chance wasn't looking into Daisy and Ryder. Michael blew a fuse when Chance suggested that perhaps Lauren had wandered off, suffering from aftereffects of the drugs.

Chance's phone rang and he said that he had to take the call -- it was regarding Adam. Michael said that unlike Jana and Lauren, no one wanted to see Adam again. Chance promised Michael that he would do what he could, but urged Michael to remain calm.

After Chance left, Kevin served Michael a sandwich. Michael said that he wasn't hungry, but Kevin said that they needed to keep their strength up if they were going to find Lauren and Jana. Michael wondered why Kevin was being so nice to him -- Michael had tried to convince Kevin that Jana had run off with another man. Kevin said that the important thing was to find their wives.

From her cage in the abandoned amusement park, Lauren yelled out to the person whose weak cries for help she had heard the previous night. Lauren was stunned when Jana shouted, "Lauren, is that you?" Jana screamed that she had thought that she heard Kevin's voice the previous night, and wondered if she was losing her mind. Lauren assured Jana that it was really her.

Lauren told Jana that Kevin thought that Jana had left him. Jana said that she knew, and explained to Lauren that Daisy and Ryder had taken her captive. Jana said that she had almost managed to escape, and, when Daisy and Ryder recaptured her, they had locked her in a wooden crate. Jana said that Daisy and Ryder had been trying to break up the Baldwins' marriage. Jana thought that she heard Daisy and Ryder approaching, and told Lauren that she could no longer talk.

Lauren convinced Jana that no one was around. Jana explained that she had been "putting the pieces together" about Daisy and Ryder, and they had made her tell Kevin that she didn't love him. Jana said that she needed Kevin to know that she did love him. Lauren explained that she and Michael had figured out what Daisy and Ryder had been doing, and had them arrested, although they had been bailed out. Lauren wondered if Jana knew who would have possibly bailed them out. Jana said that it was worse than Lauren could possibly imagine.

Daisy arrived and began screaming at Jana; she threatened to put Kevin in the wooden crate. Jana began screaming. Lauren yelled, "Jana! What have you done to her?" Lauren blamed herself for Jana's talking, and promised that she would play by Daisy's rules, if only Daisy would tell her that Jana was okay.

Daisy showed up outside Lauren's cell and assured her that Jana was fine. Lauren said that she would find out what Jana had been trying to tell her. Daisy said there was no need for that -- she would tell Lauren everything. Daisy revealed to Lauren that she and Ryder were twins, and that Tom Fisher was their father. Daisy said that everything led back to her mother. Daisy said, "You totally know who she is -- think of your worst nightmare." Lauren turned pale and said, "Oh, my God. Sheila."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lauren, still imprisoned in a cage at the abandoned amusement park, continued her conversation with Daisy. Daisy told the stunned Lauren that she and Ryder were twins, that "Terrible Tom" Fisher was their father, and Sheila Carter was their mother. Lauren insisted that Daisy and Ryder couldn't be twins, since Ryder was in his 20s and Daisy was still a high school teenager. Daisy said that because of her "good genes," she had been able to pass herself off as much younger than she really was.

Daisy explained that, because Sheila had been so busy with her vendetta against Lauren, she had given the job of raising her and Ryder to someone else. Daisy said that if it hadn't been for Lauren, she and Ryder would have had a real mother. Daisy told Lauren that Lauren was going to suffer because she had deprived Daisy and Ryder of their biological mother.

Daisy said that she and Ryder had grown up hating Lauren, "the bitch." She told Lauren that the twins' plan had been in the works for months. Lauren said that she knew that Daisy and Ryder had been responsible for the pictures of Lauren kissing Paul, and for tainting the wallpaper glue in Lauren's office with a toxic chemical, but she wondered what else Daisy and Ryder had been responsible for. The women played a guessing game -- Lauren would mention an incident and Daisy would indicate if she and Ryder had been involved.

Lauren learned that Daisy and Ryder had been responsible for Eden going to Paris, and for sending Lauren the rats. Daisy indicated that she and her brother had framed Daniel for the murder of Ray Elkins. Daisy told Lauren that Ryder and Kevin were really half-brothers, but that Ryder had made up the stories about being abused by Tom -- she reminded Lauren that Tom and Sheila hadn't raised Ryder.

Daisy told Lauren that she couldn't possibly understand what it was like not to be raised by her own mother. Lauren said that she did understand -- she told Daisy what a horrible mother Joanna had been. Lauren said that she understood Daisy's anger. Lauren told Daisy not to allow hatred to consume her -- that she was too strong a person for that.

Lauren said that she thought that Daisy was a good person, despite what she had done. She reminded Daisy that Daisy had only heard Sheila's version of what had happened between Lauren and Sheila years earlier. Lauren said that Kevin needed Jana -- and that Lauren needed both of her sons -- Scotty and Fen. Daisy became angry and said that she didn't want to hear about Scotty -- she said that Scotty was the reason that Sheila was never there for her and Ryder. Lauren said that Sheila had been obsessed with Scotty and his father. She told Daisy that Sheila was mentally ill -- and that, although Daisy was angry, she was definitely sane. She begged Daisy not to be like Sheila.

Lauren begged Daisy to let her and Jana go, and said that she and Jana were Sheila's victims, just as much as Ryder and Daisy were. Daisy seemed confused and accused Lauren of messing with her head. When Lauren said that Sheila was gone, Daisy responded, "Sheila's not gone. She's still with me. In fact, she's with me all the time."

Lauren didn't understand what Daisy meant, and said that she had shot Sheila to protect Fen. Lauren said that she was sorry that Daisy and Ryder had led "crappy" lives, but that she would never apologize for protecting her child. Daisy said that she was seeing the Lauren that she had heard about -- shrill, insulting, and borderline hysterical.

Lauren said that Daisy and Ryder had gotten what they wanted -- she was in a cage and Jana was in a wooden crate. She told Daisy that Daisy and Ryder could have killed her and Jana, so that obviously wasn't their plan. Lauren wondered what their "end game" was. Daisy said that what happened to Lauren and Jana wasn't her or Ryder's call. Lauren wondered whose call it was -- was it Sarah Smythe's, the woman who had bailed the twins out? Daisy walked off as Lauren yelled for her not to leave.

After Daisy was gone, Jana shouted from the crate to tell Lauren that she had managed to spit out her gag. Jana said that she was confused -- if Sheila was dead, then Jana wondered who was behind all of this. Lauren said that she wasn't sure -- and she was no longer sure that Sheila was dead.

At the Newman ranch, Victor looked into a small brown paper bag, then threw it in the trash. He asked Bonnie, the maid, to make sure that she emptied the trash. Bonnie took the garbage can away. Ashley showed up. She told Victor that she couldn't stop thinking about the man whose body had been found in the basement of the Athletic Club. Ashley said that Jack had told her that the man had died before the explosion at the club. She wondered if the body was Adam. Victor said that the man's death was being investigated as a murder. Ashley asked Victor what else he knew. Victor wondered what Ashley was implying.

Victor said that he didn't know anything more than Ashley did. He told Ashley if the body that he had seen was indeed Adam, Adam had deserved what he had gotten. Ashley was stunned to hear that Victor had seen the corpse, which had been burned beyond recognition. Ashley said that she hoped it was Adam who had died -- and that he was rotting in hell. Victor agreed.

Ashley said that if Adam had been murdered, she hoped he had suffered a painful death. She wondered why she had ever trusted Adam, and why she was talking to Victor about it. Looking at Victor suspiciously, Ashley said that she knew what people were capable of when pushed beyond their limit.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, still disguised as Emily, was startled when Jack walked up behind her. Jack told Patty that Adam wasn't ever going to return. The doorbell rang and Jack answered it. Chance entered, and said that he needed to question "Emily" about Adam's escape from the hospital. As Chance questioned Patty about what had happened the night that Adam got away, Patty lied about the events. She told Chance that Adam had overpowered her and injected her with the sedative that she had planned to give Adam.

Chance continued to pepper Patty with questions, and she became increasingly rattled. She remembered what had actually happened that evening -- she had been Adam's accomplice in his successful escape. Patty lied and told Chance that she had told him everything that she remembered about that evening. When Chance asked what type of sedative she had planned to inject Adam with, Patty became frantic and said, "I told you! I don't remember!" Chance and Jack were surprised by Patty's reaction.

Patty calmed down a bit and told Chance that she would tell him if she remembered anything else. When Chance left the room to take a phone call, Patty told Jack to get rid of him. Jack said that Chance was just interested in finding Adam. Patty said that Chance would never find Adam. Jack wondered how Patty knew that. She said that Adam was smart, and she was sure that he wouldn't be found. Chance returned and said that he had to go to pick up some lab results, and that he would reschedule his interview with "Emily."

After Chance left, Jack told Patty that he needed to check on Phyllis. Patty was clearly not happy to hear this. She kissed Jack passionately. After Jack left, Patty stared at Emily's portrait and said, "I suppose you think that's funny -- Jack's off to tend to the ex-wife who tried to take him before." Patty swore that would not happen again. She followed Jack out of the house.

At the tack house, an unhappy-looking Phyllis lay on the couch. Nick picked up Faith from her bassinet and asked her how she had liked her first night in her Daddy's house. Nick promised the baby that he was always going to keep her safe.

Later, Nick asked Phyllis if she wanted to hold and feed Faith. Phyllis reminded Nick that Sharon's "expert" had said that, for the time being, Faith shouldn't be allowed to bond with any woman except for Sharon. Nick sat down and started bottle-feeding the baby. Summer joined them. Phyllis rolled her eyes in disgust as Nick asked Summer if she were going to enjoy having a baby around. Nick promised that Summer would be able to take care of Faith and love her.

On his way upstairs, Nick asked Phyllis to make sure that she put the tuxedo that he had worn to the ball with the rest of the dry cleaning. Phyllis assured Nick that she would. When Nick was out of earshot, Faith began to cry. Phyllis called for Nick, but he couldn't hear her. Phyllis finally picked Faith up and held her. She said, "I know exactly how you feel."

After Nick left, Ashley stopped by to visit Phyllis and Faith. Phyllis told Ashley that she had forgotten to apologize for the pain that she had caused Ashley by digging into Adam's secrets. Ashley said that, as much as it had hurt giving up Faith, she thought that Phyllis had done the right thing. Ashley wondered if it was difficult for Phyllis to have Sharon and Nick's baby in her home. Phyllis said, "When I think of the hell that Adam put all of us through, I could..." Ashley finished the sentence, saying, "Kill him?" Phyllis asked Ashley if she thought that it was Adam's body that had been found in the Athletic Club's basement. Ashley said that, if it was, his killer deserved a medal.

In her bed at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sharon dreamed that a bloodied Adam was standing over her. She awoke with a start, and was relieved when she realized that the doctor was with her in the room. The doctor asked Sharon if she wanted some medication to help her sleep. Sharon said that she didn't -- she fell asleep fine, but she was plagued by nightmares. The doctor assured her that no one but him had been in her room. The doctor told Sharon that he was discharging her -- she could go home. Sharon said that she wasn't sure where "home" was anymore.

After the doctor left, Nick showed up. Sharon told him that she was ready to be discharged, but felt idiotic for having trusted Adam after her friends, including Nick, had warned her about him. Sharon said that everyone had been telling her that Adam was gone -- but she worried that he wasn't. As Victor entered the room, Nick told her that Adam would never hurt her again.

Nick was surprised to learn that Sharon had called Victor to pick her up. Sharon still insisted that, despite Victor's kind invitation, she couldn't stay at the ranch -- it reminded her too much of Adam. Nick said that Sharon and Faith shouldn't be by themselves. Sharon said that, if Adam were alive, she was sure that he would stalk her and Faith, especially after what she had done to him.

Victor wondered what Sharon had done to Adam. Sharon reminded Victor that she had lured him to the Abbott cabin. Nick told her not to waste time feeling sorry for Adam. Nick and Victor told Sharon that they would take care of her. Sharon hugged Victor and told him that she had changed her mind -- she would stay at the ranch with him and Nikki. The doctor returned and asked Nick and Victor to step out for a moment while he went over Sharon's discharge instructions. In the hallway, Victor told Nick that he had a feeling that having Sharon so close to the tack house might put a strain on Nick and Phyllis' marriage. Nick said that Phyllis would understand, and that they had bigger problems than where Sharon was going to live.

Nick, Victor, and Sharon returned to the Newman ranch. Ashley was in the living room. Chance showed up to speak with Sharon. He told her that he had some bad news for her -- that the body found in the basement had been positively identified as Adam. The group was speechless.

Jack went to the tack house to visit Phyllis. Jack stared at Faith's bassinet and commented that it was ironic that the proof that Nick had cheated on Phyllis was sleeping peacefully right next to Phyllis. Phyllis, not exactly cheered up by Jack's remark, asked him to open a window to let some fresh air in. Phyllis said that she wondered when Jack and Emily would begin a family.

Unseen by Phyllis and Jack, Patty crouched outside the window that Jack had opened and listened to their conversation. Jack said that Emily had become angry and combative. Phyllis said that she seemed overly possessive of Jack. He said that he was having doubts -- he wondered if he had rushed into marrying Emily too quickly. Patty remembered watching Phyllis and Jack make love on the very couch where they were having their conversation.

Phyllis suggested that perhaps Jack should end the marriage and cut his losses. Outside, Segundo, Victor's dog, began barking at Patty. Patty, thinking that the dog was Zapato, whispered, "I killed you." Patty picked up a stick. Inside, Jack said that he heard a dog barking, but he thought that he had also heard someone speaking.

Phyllis told Jack that Segundo usually only barked when he was cornered. Jack opened the front door and called the dog over. Segundo showed up with a stick in his mouth. Phyllis guessed that the dog had seen a rodent. They continued their conversation about Jack's marriage. Jack said that he didn't want to give up on his marriage at the first sign of trouble. Phyllis said that everyone was on their best behavior during the first six months of a relationship. Jack worried what he would do if the woman that he had dreamt of spending the rest of his life with didn't exist.

After Jack left, Phyllis picked up Nick's tuxedo and put it in a bag with the rest of the dry cleaning. She was shocked to find dried blood on the jacket.

A hysterical Patty returned to the Abbott mansion and again wondered how Zapato could still be alive -- she told herself that she had killed him when the dog had killed Mr. Kitty. She said that Phyllis would be her next victim if she didn't shut up about Jack leaving her. She said, "Damn her, the bitch. I took care of Colleen, Emily, and Adam -- but that tramp won't stop."

Patty calmed herself down and told herself that she couldn't hurt any more people. She said that was the "old" Patty. She said, "I'm Emily -- how would Emily get her husband back?"

Jack returned home and told "Emily" that they needed to talk. Patty said that she agreed. She admitted that she had been acting strange -- and she knew why she hadn't been herself. She told a stunned Jack that she was pregnant.

Friday, April 9, 2010

At the Newman ranch, Victor, Nick, Ashley, and Sharon listened intently as Chance delivered the news that the body found in the basement of the Athletic Club was Adam. Victor wondered how they were able to make a positive identification so quickly, since the body had been burned beyond recognition. Chance explained that the police department had Adam's DNA on file from when Adam had served time in prison, and that two labs had confirmed that the body's DNA matched Adam's.

Chance told the group that because Adam's death was being treated as a homicide, the medical examiner wouldn't be able to release his body for a while. Nick wondered where they should bury Adam. Chance produced a search warrant for the entire Newman ranch. Victor wondered what they were looking for. Chance replied, "Adam's murderer, of course."

Victor assembled the household staff in the kitchen, and an officer headed there to question them. Another officer went upstairs to carry out the search. Chance said that he needed the clothing that Victor and Nikki had worn to the ball, and asked everyone to stay downstairs while the search was in progress. Nick and Sharon decided they needed some fresh air, and went outside. Ashley asked Victor how long he was going to keep his feelings bottled up -- she said that although Victor hated Adam, Adam was still his son.

Abby returned to the house and wondered why the police were there. Victor told her that the body at the Athletic Club was Adam. Abby didn't seem disturbed by the news. When she began heading upstairs to her room, Ashley told her that she needed to remain downstairs until the search was completed.

Abby was upset when she learned that the police would probably look through her room. She wondered why bad things kept happening to her family, and stormed out of the house. Ashley told Victor that she was going to Jack's to give him a heads-up about the police investigation. She wondered who Victor suspected had killed Adam. Victor said that, thanks to Jill's article about Adam's mock trial on the Restless Style website, they were probably all suspects.

An officer found the brown paper bag that Victor had thrown in the trash earlier, and he showed it to Chance. Chance looked inside the bag and told the officer to hold the contents of the bag as evidence.

At the tack house, Phyllis held the jacket that Nick had worn to the ball. She wondered to herself why there was a large bloodstain on the sleeve. The doorbell rang -- it was Eddie, the dry cleaner -- there for his weekly pickup. Phyllis yelled for Eddie to hold on for a minute, then rolled the jacket up into a ball. She told Eddie that he could enter, and handed a bag of dirty clothing to him. She asked Eddie to have the clothes cleaned as quickly as possible.

Outside the front door of the Newman main house, Sharon told Nick that her husband was dead, but she didn't feel anything, and wondered if that seemed callous. Nick told her that, in light of what Adam had done, it didn't. Sharon explained that she was at a low point in her life when she had fallen in love with Adam, and that he had seemed so supportive. Nick assured Sharon that she would eventually fall in love with the right man. Sharon said that the most important thing was that Faith was all right. She told Nick how terrified she had been when she saw Adam holding Faith in her Athletic Club suite. Sharon thought that perhaps Adam's death was a blessing -- they would never again have to worry about him hurting Faith.

Sharon and Nick decided to go to the tack house to pick up Faith. Phyllis called Nick and said that she had to speak with him. Nick told Phyllis that the body had been positively identified as Adam, and that the police were searching the ranch. He said they the officers would probably show up at the tack house with their search warrant. Victor joined Nick and Sharon and told Nick that he needed to speak with him immediately.

Sharon said that she could pick up Faith. Phyllis, still on the phone, told Nick that it was vitally important that she speak with him. Nick said that he understood, and that he would be home soon. When Sharon left to pick up Faith, Victor told Nick that if anything incriminating were found, he would protect Nick.

Inside the house, Chance told Victor and Nick that they were finished with the search. When the officers left, Nick wondered if they had found anything. Victor said that if they had, he would deal with it. Nick said, "We will deal with it." Victor reminded Nick that there was no love lost between the district attorney's office and the Newman family. He said that this was a high-profile case, and the Newmans were a high-profile family. Victor told Nick that, whatever happened, he should keep everything close to the vest, and that he should do what Victor said.

Nick said that he didn't think that lying to the police was the proper way to handle the situation. Victor reminded Nick to think of Phyllis, Noah, Summer, and Faith. He told Nick to go to the tack house and be with his family. Before Nick left, he told Victor to call if he heard anything.

After Nick was gone, District Attorney Pomerantz showed up at the ranch. He told Victor that he had some questions, and some evidence that needed explaining. He said that an officer had found a very expensive watch in a brown paper bag in the trash. Pomerantz wondered why the watch had been thrown away -- he said that all the watch needed was a new crystal -- and the blood wiped off.

Pomerantz correctly guessed that, because of the value of the watch, it belonged to Victor, and not to any of the staff. The district attorney said that the lab would be able to identify the prints and the blood on the watch. Victor said that he had broken the watch at the ball -- and that the blood on the watch belonged to Adam. Pomerantz was stunned.

Sharon showed up at the tack house to pick up Faith. Phyllis said that she needed Sharon's help. She showed Sharon the bloodstained jacket that Nick had worn to the ball. Phyllis said that Nick hadn't mentioned the stain, and that he hadn't been injured in the explosion. Sharon realized that Phyllis was trying to tell her that it wasn't Nick's blood. Phyllis said that she had no idea what had happened in the club's basement -- but she knew how much Nick despised Adam -- and that he had a motive to kill him. Phyllis said that the police couldn't see the jacket -- she had to protect Nick. Sharon agreed to help Phyllis dispose of the jacket.

Chance and several officers knocked at the tack house door. Receiving no response, Chance said that if Phyllis didn't open the door, then the police would open it themselves. Phyllis opened the door and explained that she was a little slow because of her wheelchair, and that Sharon had been busy with Faith. Chance showed Phyllis the search warrant, and she invited him to look around. Sharon smiled, and said that she was leaving with Faith. She wheeled the baby out in her carriage.

Sharon wheeled Faith to a dumpster, pulled Nick's jacket out of the carriage, and threw it in.

Nick returned to the tack house. Phyllis told him that Chance was upstairs and that Summer was still at her friend's house. She told Nick that he didn't need to worry about anything. Chance descended the stairs with a large envelope and told Nick that he would need the shoes and the clothing that Nick had worn to the ball. Phyllis said that Nick's shoes were by the door, but that the clothing had already been picked up by the dry cleaner. Chance was suspicious as to why Phyllis had rushed to have Nick's clothes dry cleaned. Phyllis said that she hadn't been in a rush -- that Eddie the dry cleaner had made his pickup at the normal scheduled time.

Chance hoped that he could intercept the dry cleaner before Nick's clothes were cleaned. Phyllis handed Chance the receipt for the cleaning. Before Chance left, Nick said he hoped that the police would find Adam's killer. After Chance and the officers were gone, Phyllis told Nick that the police wouldn't find his jacket.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was still stunned by the news that "Emily" was pregnant. Patty, who was still disguised as Emily, said that it was wonderful that there was going to be a new life amid all the recent chaos. Jack remained silent, and Patty asked him to say something. Jack asked her if she had seen a doctor. "Emily" replied that she was a doctor, and showed Jack the positive result from a home pregnancy test.

Jack wasn't expressing the joy that Patty had hoped for, and she began to get upset. She said that she thought that Jack would be "over the moon." Jack said that he was preoccupied with Adam, Ashley, and the explosion at the Athletic Club. Patty said that she didn't mean to sound insensitive, and that she was sorry that Ashley had lost Faith, but that she and Jack needed to be happy. Jack said that he needed to "wrap his head around this." A disappointed Patty warned him not to take too long.

Jack told Patty that he had always looked forward to having children, but that he had done such a poor job of raising Keemo and Kyle. Patty said that Jack would be a wonderful father. Jack said that "Emily" would be a wonderful mother -- and that her pregnancy was great news. Jack hugged Patty, but he looked like he didn't actually believe what he had just said.

Jack served Patty a glass of milk and gave her a foot massage. Patty said that she had been disappointed with Jack's initial reaction to her pregnancy -- she had been hoping for an "extraordinary moment." She told Jack that she would give him everything he wanted -- a family and the peace of a real home. She reminded Jack that it had been her idea to have Kyle visit Jack. She promised never to hurt him -- like Diane had.

Ashley showed up at the mansion and told Jack and Patty that the body had been positively identified as Adam. She warned Jack that the police would probably be searching both the Abbott mansion and her house. Jack said that Jill's Restless Style article had made them all suspects. Ashley wondered if Heather and Rafe's homes would be searched. Patty said that Adam was a psychopath -- with a lot of enemies.

Ashley said that Adam had gotten what he deserved. Patty served them coffee, and surprised them when she said that she didn't want to discuss Adam and death. District Attorney Pomerantz and an officer arrived with a search warrant. As the officer began his search, Pomerantz said that he wanted to speak with Jack privately. Jack said that the D.A. could speak freely in front of Ashley and "Emily." Pomerantz showed Jack a plastic bag containing a handkerchief, monogrammed with the initials, "JA." Jack said that he had several of those handkerchiefs, and that the one he wore to the ball was upstairs in his jacket pocket. Pomerantz stunned the threesome when he said that the handkerchief in the bag had been found by the medical examiner, stuffed down Adam's throat.

Jack handed over all of the clothing that he had worn to the ball -- minus the handkerchief, which seemed to be missing. "Emily" insisted that her husband wasn't a murderer. Pomerantz said that the handkerchief didn't get into Adam's mouth by magic. Jack said that perhaps he had dropped the handkerchief at the club -- that anyone could have placed it in Adam's throat. Ashley, growing irritated, wondered if Pomerantz thought that Jack would be stupid enough to shove a monogrammed handkerchief down Adam's throat. Jack asked the D.A. if he were there to arrest Jack. Pomerantz said that he wasn't -- but that Jack was a "person of interest," and shouldn't leave Genoa City.

After Pomerantz and the officer left, Jack tried to convince Ashley to spend the night at the mansion. She said that she would be fine at home -- that with Adam dead, she felt more peaceful. Ashley left. Patty finished a phone conversation with Jack's attorney. She told Jack that the attorney was going to call the D.A.'s office and advise them that they couldn't approach Jack unless the attorney was present. Jack thanked her for making the call. Patty said that she wasn't going to allow anything happen to the father of her child.

At the abandoned amusement park, Lauren yelled for Jana, but didn't receive a response. Ryder approached her and said that Jana had been moved so that the women couldn't talk to each other. Ryder entered Lauren's cage to give her a blanket and some food. Lauren begged Ryder to release her -- she said that Michael was probably frantic, and that Fen would be wondering where his mother was.

Ryder said that he shouldn't be talking to Lauren. Lauren wondered if Sheila were making Ryder keep her imprisoned. She asked him if Sheila were still alive. Lauren said that Ryder might be related to Tom and Sheila, but he was also related to some wonderful people, like Kevin, who was sick with worry about Jana. She asked Ryder to think about what he was doing to Kevin. Ryder didn't respond.

Lauren admitted that she had been hard on Ryder, but that she had just been trying to protect her family. She reminded him that Kevin had rented him a room, and that Jana had given him food and money -- the Fishers cared about him. She begged him to let Jana go free -- that the situation had nothing to do with her. Ryder said that he had tried, but that the person "pulling the strings" hadn't allowed it. He told Lauren that the person who was telling him what to do didn't have Lauren's best interests at heart. Lauren wondered what Ryder had to gain by keeping her imprisoned.

Lauren told Ryder not to allow Daisy and his mother take him down. Ryder said that there was no turning back. Lauren assured him that if he let her go, Kevin and Michael would forgive him. She said that Ryder had been brainwashed into a misguided vendetta, and asked him to think about the wonderful family he could be a part of. When Ryder said that Lauren's family wasn't perfect, she admitted that he was right -- but told him that they didn't poison or kidnap people.

Lauren said that Sheila's schemes had always failed. She told Ryder that good always triumphed over evil. Daisy walked over and said that Lauren probably believed in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. She told Ryder, "You've fed the animal in her cage -- let's go." Ryder and Lauren walked off.

Not far from where Lauren was being held, Abby was on her cell phone, holding a bottle of wine, and trying to convince a friend to join her. Her friend was unable to meet up with Abby. When she hung up the phone, Ryder walked up to her.

Abby offered Ryder wine. He took the bottle and threw it away, reminding the disappointed Abby that she was underage. She told Ryder that her brother had been killed the previous night. Ryder said that he was sorry, but Abby told him not to be -- that Adam had been a freak, and had done horrible things to her family. When Abby said that she had the most screwed-up family, Ryder responded, "Wanna bet? You haven't met mine."

Abby said that she thought that Kevin was nice. Ryder agreed. He said that he was glad that he had run into Abby, and that perhaps they could meet again. He suggested that the amusement park could be their secret meeting place, but he made her promise not to tell anyone that she had seen him there.

Daisy eavesdropped as Ryder and Abby arranged to meet at the amusement park the following day. Abby said that she really liked talking with Ryder -- that all her friends ever talked about was shopping and boys. Before Abby left, she told Ryder that she would see him the following day, and promised that she wouldn't mention seeing him there. Ryder gently kissed Abby, and she left.

Daisy came out of hiding and told Ryder that he was being stupid. Daisy said that Abby could blow it for them. Ryder said that Abby wouldn't -- and that she could possibly help them. Daisy said that Abby had better not be more trouble than she was worth.

With a bobby pin, Lauren tried to pick her cage's lock. She stopped when she heard something. She called out for Ryder or Daisy, but didn't receive a response. She yelled, "Sheila? Show your face -- I'm not afraid of you."

Lauren kept yelling -- she wondered how Sheila could still be alive, since Lauren had seen Sheila die. She reminded herself that she had seen Sheila die before. Lauren said that she instinctively knew that it had been Sheila behind the rats, the headaches, and the drugs, even though everyone had told her that it couldn't have been Sheila.

Lauren screamed out, "Why are you using your kids? Why are you turning them into monsters like you? Show your face, Sheila." Lauren heard someone approaching her cell. She stood face-to-face with a woman who was wearing a veil over her face. Lauren was horrified when the woman pulled back the veil. The woman looked exactly like Lauren.

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