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Monday, April 12, 2010

In Nick's office, Nick suggested that Jackie do something nice to for her husband, who'd agreed to play "beefcake" to his own chagrin. Nick and Jackie admitted how they'd both been wrong about each other's spouses. Jackie wondered if she should have given Owen a baby via surrogacy. Nick concluded that everyone should be grateful for what they had, because once one started "reaching in the pocket for more," something bad usually happened.

In Bridget's office, Owen analyzed the pregnancy test and asked Bridget what blue meant. She said it meant nothing, and he wondered about the plus sign. Devastated, Bridget replied that she was pregnant.

When Owen asked Bridget about when she'd slept with her husband, a frantic Bridget said she'd slept with Nick the same night that she'd slept with Owen-and the night before that, too. Owen figured that it was Nick's baby, but Bridget replied that it could be Owen's.

Owen didn't even realize that Bridget could carry a baby to term, but she said that Dr. Caspary had warned her not to try again after three miscarriages. Owen didn't want to consider that he could be a father. He'd reconciled that he could never have that, and he deeply loved his wife. Bridget said that she loved Nick more than anything.

Owen grabbed the bag with the test in it and said he'd dump it somewhere safe. He advised Bridget to see Dr. Caspary about whether or not Bridget could carry a baby. Bridget felt that the baby was a miracle no matter who the father was, and she couldn't terminate the pregnancy without even trying. She decided that she had to tell Nick about it. Owen supposed that if it actually were Nick's baby, she'd have everything that she ever wanted; however, she'd be a single mother if she revealed the betrayal. Owen begged her not to say anything yet, because it was too important to make the wrong move.

When Owen arrived at home later, he found Jackie preparing a special evening to show her gratitude to him for doing the "Cabana" shoot. Owen said that there were many things that he'd do for her, and he hugged her tightly.

Bridget arrived in her bedroom to see that Nick had draped an array of lingerie over the bed. Nick joked that they'd do something different; he'd let her actually wear the lingerie, so they could do research for the new line. Bridget said that she didn't feel very sexy, but kissing her neck, Nick decided that he'd be the judge. She pulled away, and Nick saw fear in her eyes. He said that he trusted her with the business and his life.

Upset, Bridget replied that she didn't know if he should. She claimed that he didn't know her, or what was happening inside her. Bridget said that he wouldn't want to keep her, and she'd probably lose him over it; however, she had to tell him what had happened.

Donna was pleasantly surprised to find Stephen in her living room. Stephen and Beth had cut their cruise vacation short, because it had been a little too much for Beth. Stephen had asked Beth to marry him on the cruise, but she wouldn't think of doing it without her daughters.

Donna shook off the tears from her difficult day and commenced to making wedding plans. She said she couldn't host it at her house, because Eric had asked Stephanie to move into the guesthouse. "What? What did she do-break both her legs?" an outraged Stephen asked.

Just then, Eric entered, surprised to see Stephen. Eric stated that if Donna had told him about her parents' arrival, they could have gone to his ceremony. Donna replied that she hadn't known about the ceremony, or her parents' arrival. Stephen noted that Donna had experienced a difficult day, and Eric said he was sorry that the ceremony had troubled her. Donna felt that Eric deserved the tribute, but she didn't understand why she'd been excluded from the event.

Beth entered from the den, and everyone smiled at her, though they were deeply affected by her unkempt appearance. Stephen blurted out that they'd stopped coloring Beth's hair. Beth touched her hair where the black roots starkly contrasted the red strands, and Eric remarked that she was still the wonderful girl that he'd met in school.

Beth wondered if the party had ended, and Donna assumed that Beth meant the tribute. Beth looked confused, and Stephen prompted Beth to show Donna a tattered scrap of lace that had family photos sewn onto it. Beth had sewn it together herself, and she kept it with her always. She said that she often got confused, but her family was always with her.

Beth returned to talking about the party, and she hoped that Eric would have her back to cater again. Donna gently explained that Beth was no longer a caterer. Eric smiled, and, realizing that Beth referred to a party that she'd catered at his house many years before, he told her that it had been wonderful. He said that after all that time, he'd never forgotten it. A tearful and frustrated Beth hugged Stephen, and Donna's face flooded with tears.

As Beth stroked her lace by the fire, Stephen told Eric and Donna about Beth's disorientation on the cruise. Beth had disappeared twice from their cabin, and Stephen had found her dazed and confused on deck. She was terrified of water, because she'd forgotten how to swim. He said that she treasured her lace, because she kept forgetting the things that made her happy in life. Realizing that Stephen needed help, Eric insisted that Donna's parents stay at the mansion. Stephen expressed his gratitude and went to get their things from the car.

Donna was amazed that Eric would do that for her. He asked her what she thought that he'd meant when he'd told her every day and every night for years that he loved her. Donna sighed and hugged Eric.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In their apartment, Jackie and Owen were enjoying a romantic night together. Owen told Jackie that he never wanted to let her down. Jackie said that she had complete faith in Owen's love. Jackie told Owen he would never get rid of her no matter what. Owen and Jackie toasted their successful marriage. Jackie said that Owen was the finest, kindest person she had ever known.

Owen told Jackie that he would be her cabana boy or pool boy or whatever kind of boy she needed. Jackie explained that she truly appreciated Owen, especially since he had given up his dream of having a child of his own to be with Jackie.

At home, Bridget tried to tell Nick about what had been bothering her. Nick wondered if Bridget was sick, but she assured him she was okay. Bridget hugged Nick and assured him that she loved him. Nick reminded Bridget they could face anything together. After all, they had survived losing their baby. Nick told Bridget that he had everything he wanted as long as he had her and Jack. Nick lifted Bridget into his arms and carried her to bed.

A short time later, Nick and Bridget were still in bed together. Bridget apologized for not having been in the mood. Nick wondered if he had misread Bridget. Bridget told Nick that she loved him and Jack, but she couldn't find the words to explain what was troubling her. Nick told Bridget to take her time. Bridget finally told Nick that she was pregnant. Nick was stunned that Bridget had taken a pregnancy test and the results were positive.

Nick asked how Bridget could possibly be pregnant since they had been using protection. Bridget explained that she had missed some birth control pills. Realizing that any pregnancy for Bridget could be high-risk, Nick assured Bridget that they would do whatever they had to do to deal with her condition. When Bridget's phone rang, Nick urged her to answer it. Nick walked out of the room so she could speak privately. Bridget saw on her cell phone that it was Owen calling.

Over the phone, Owen told Bridget that she shouldn't tell Nick about their one-night-stand. Owen asked Bridget to meet him immediately, at the end of her walkway by the gate. Bridget agreed.

A short time later, Bridget found Owen waiting for her. Owen asked her what had happened with Nick. Bridget told Owen she had confessed to Nick that she was pregnant. Owen reminded Bridget it was possible that Nick, and not Owen, was the father of her child. Therefore, Owen pleaded with Bridget not to tell Nick about the one-night-stand between Bridget and Owen. Owen said that Bridget would regret telling Nick about Owen.

At the mansion, Stephen came downstairs and told Eric and Donna that Beth was resting. Eric and Donna asked what more they could do for Beth. Stephen was grateful that they had welcomed them into the house. Eric offered to do whatever was necessary to help with Beth's Alzheimer's disease. Stephen informed Eric that Stephanie's presence in the guesthouse was stressful to Donna. Stephen wanted Eric to ask Stephanie to leave.

Stephanie walked in the front door without knocking. Stephanie called out, asking Eric if the martinis were ready. When Stephanie looked up, she was surprised to see Stephen Logan was there. Stephanie said if she had known Stephen and Beth were in Los Angeles, she would have invited them to Eric's tribute. Stephen snorted and said that if Stephanie hadn't bothered to invite Donna to the tribute, he didn't know why Stephanie would invite Donna's parents.

Stephanie asked why Stephen and Beth weren't on the cruise. Stephen explained to Stephanie that he and Beth had left the cruise because of Beth's declining mental state. Alzheimer's disease was destroying Beth's mind and erasing all her memories. Stephen explained that they were staying at Donna and Eric's because it would have been too upsetting for Brooke and Ridge's children to see how Beth was deteriorating.

Beth came downstairs and entered the living room. Beth recognized Stephanie. Stephanie was surprised, but then Beth told Stephanie that she remembered Stephanie as being a troublemaker. Beth said she didn't like Stephanie at all. Stephen tried to calm Beth down, and told her not to get upset.

Privately, Stephanie spoke to Eric about having Beth and Stephen staying at the house. Stephanie felt that Eric was very kind to have asked them to stay, but Stephanie suggested that Beth needed professional help. Stephanie didn't think Beth belonged in the mansion.

Stephanie compared the situation with Beth to the time when Ann arrived from Chicago. Stephanie reminded Eric that when her mother was dying, Stephanie and Pam were too close to the situation to make rational decisions. Stephanie believed that Donna and the Logans were incapable of making the right decisions about Beth's care. When the phone rang, Eric left the room to take the call.

Donna entered and confronted Stephanie. Donna assured Stephanie that Eric would never turn Donna or her family away. Donna also said that she would never tell her mother that she was not welcome in Donna's home.

Stephanie said she understood how Donna felt, but Stephanie still felt that Beth needed to be cared for by professionals. Donna didn't trust Stephanie's advice. Donna suspected every word out of Stephanie's mouth because Donna realized that Stephanie wanted to take Eric away from Donna. Stephanie was sure that in time, Eric would tell Donna that what he really wanted was to have the Logans move out of the mansion.

Alone with Eric, Donna begged her husband not to listen to Stephanie's advice. Eric embraced his wife.

Meanwhile, at the guesthouse, Stephanie was surprised to find Stephen there. Stephen told Stephanie that she had to get off the property. Stephen explained that Beth wanted to speak with Stephanie, but he asked her to be gentle with Beth because of her mental state.

Determined to speak with Stephanie, Beth burst in through the front door. Stephanie watched in amazement as an irate Beth began to pack Stephanie's belongings. Beth told Stephanie to leave Beth's children alone. Beth said that Stephanie was a bitch who continually hurt her children and Beth was fed up. Stephanie was stunned by the way Beth was acting.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ridge and Brooke woke up in bed together. Brooke wanted to pretend they didn't have to go into work and were on an exotic island instead. Ridge said they could still make love all day without traveling to an island. Brooke finally admitted that she was concerned about the situation at Donna and Eric's house with Stephen and Beth staying there while Stephanie was living in the guesthouse.

Ridge sympathized with Brooke about her mother's plight. Brooke told Ridge that she was also concerned about Stephanie's impact on the situation. Ridge offered to go to the guesthouse and speak with Stephanie. Ridge assured Brooke that he would make sure Stephanie was sensitive to the Logan family's concern for Beth.

At the guesthouse, Stephanie told Pam about how Eric had invited Stephen and Beth to live at the main house. Stephanie felt it was a terrible mistake and Eric would realize it before long. Pam agreed with Stephanie that Beth and Stephen staying at the mansion was a big mistake, but Pam wondered if Donna's parents returning to Los Angeles at that time was part of a grander plan. Pam pointed out that Beth and Stephen's visit might be a plot by Donna to ruin Stephanie's chances to reconcile with Eric. Pam advised Stephanie to go to see Eric and fumigate the main house of all the Logans.

When Ridge walked into the guesthouse, he was surprised that Stephanie wasn't there. Pam explained that Stephanie had gone to the main house to urge the Logans to leave. Ridge defended the Logan family point of view. Pam told Ridge that she believed the Logans showing up out of the blue was a scheme cooked up by Donna to keep Eric from reconciling with Stephanie. Ridge was skeptical. He told Pam he was going to the main house.

At Eric and Donna's house, Katie told Eric how grateful she was that he and Donna had invited Stephen and Beth to stay in their home. Rick and Hope were there to visit Beth. When Katie asked about Beth's lace, Stephen explained that the lace was very important to Beth because it was a memory she could hold onto. Stephan said that Beth clung to the cloth.

Beth recognized Rick, but she had no memory of Hope. When Hope admired Beth's lace, Beth freaked out and pulled it away. Hope tried to remind Beth that they has spent time together when Hope visited Beth in Paris, but Beth had no memory of that time.

Katie was shocked to see how quickly her mother was deteriorating. Stephen believed that Beth might be all right for a while longer as long as she was surrounded by her children.

Stephanie walked into the main house unannounced. Stephanie said that she was glad to see that Stephen, Donna, and Katie were there because she wanted to speak with them about Beth's condition. Rick interrupted Stephanie's tirade about how Beth and Stephen should leave the house immediately to ask Stephanie to back off the Logan family during this difficult time. Stephanie insisted that she was only thinking of what was best for Beth.

Brooke showed up at the house and heard Stephanie declare that Beth didn't belong in the main house because it was too difficult on Eric. Eric explained that he could not turn the Logan family out of the house when they needed his help.

Ridge arrived from the guesthouse and Brooke updated him about his mother's stance against the Logan family. Stephanie fervently declared that Donna was pressuring Eric into keeping her parents at the house. Stehanie went on to say that all the Logans were takers and this latest action was proof of their selfishness.

Beth was enraged by Stephanie's words. Beth lashed out at Stephanie. Katie and Donna calmed their mother down as best they could. Stephanie turned to Ridge and claimed that the Logan situation was insane and in the long run, Donna would hurt Eric.

Donna confronted Stephanie about her harsh attitude towards the Logan family. Stephanie defended her point of view by saying if Beth stayed in the main house, it would not help her condition. Donna asked Stephanie to please leave so that the Logan family could have a peaceful time with Beth while she was aware of them. As Ridge lead Stephanie out of the house, Beth's children and grandchildren surrounded her. Beth smiled happily.

Later, Eric comforted Donna as she was in tears about her mother slipping away because of the Alzheimer's disease. Eric said that he wished he could do more for Beth. Donna asked Eric if he would ask Stephanie to leave the guesthouse because she was a negative influence.

Back at the guesthouse, Ridge and Stephanie talked over the situation regarding Beth. Stephanie was unapologetic. She firmly believed that what was happening in Eric's home was a Logan convention.

Pam interjected that she still believed that Donna was taking advantage of Eric's kindness. Stephanie was worried about Eric's well-being. Pam believed that if the Logans had not shown up when they did, Stephanie and Eric would be reunited.

Stephanie complained to Pam about how the Logan girls always used sex to get their way. Stephanie griped that Eric wasn't blameless because he allowed the Logan girls to seduce him in the past.

Back at the main house, Eric and Ridge discussed the difficult situation, with Ridge pointing out to Eric that he was caught in the middle between Donna and Stephanie. Eric sympathized with Donna's feelings about her mother, but Eric confessed to Ridge that he didn't want to hurt Stephanie by asking her to leave.

Donna knocked on the door to the guesthouse. Stephanie was surprised to see Donna there. Donna tried to explain how difficult it was for the Logans to watch their mother deteriorate before their eyes.

Stephanie said she understood, but she didn't think Beth belonged at the Forrester mansion. Donna tried to appeal to Stephanie on a family level. Stephanie contended that the mansion was still Stephanie's home.

Donna disagreed with Stephanie. Donna asked Stephanie to move out immediately. Stephanie insisted that it was the Logans that needed to get out of the house and Donna should also get out of Eric's life. Donna was stunned by Stephanie's suggestion.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In bed, Taylor awakened to hear Whip counting the ways that he loved her. He claimed that he'd gotten up to 2,000 before she'd interrupted him. He offered to recite all the ways; however, he preferred to sum them up by using just one of them.

Whip and Taylor made love again and again, and afterward, he teased her with honeymoon destination options. Taylor wondered how things were going at Eric's house after Beth and Stephen had moved in. Whip assumed that Stephanie was really upset to have the entire Logan family to contend with. Taylor said that it was a recipe for disaster.

In the guesthouse, Donna asked why Stephanie insisted upon agitating the situation, and Stephanie countered by asking why Donna wanted to subject her mother to it. Donna urged Stephanie to leave, but Stephanie insisted that Donna do the right thing for Eric and for her family by picking up her things and leaving the house.

Donna asked Stephanie to put aside her Logan battle and do something good for a dying woman. Stephanie countered that Beth wasn't actually dying as Stephanie's mother had been. Stephanie suggested that Beth be committed to a facility that would give her great care and keep her from wandering away. Donna claimed that they'd get Beth the care, but it couldn't happen with Stephanie around.

Stephanie contended that Donna was forcing Eric to do something that he didn't want to do, and Stephanie accused Donna of using Beth's illness to keep Eric in the marriage. Stephanie declared that she was there for the long haul, so Donna needed to take her family and leave. Emphasizing that she was looking out for everyone, Stephanie insisted that Eric deserved to have his house and his life back, and Beth deserved to be in an excellent care facility.

In Beth's room, Brooke looked on as Stephen soothed his frantic wife by assuring her that Stephanie would leave. Beth stared blankly at Stephen and clutched her lace. Donna entered, and Brooke said that Beth had calmed down. Donna stated that she couldn't get through to Stephanie. Though Eric had been supportive of his wife, Donna worried that Eric only pitied her. Donna feared that his feelings for her had changed, but he wouldn't admit it. Donna wasn't sure that she could take losing her husband on top of everything else. The sisters hugged.

When Donna knelt beside Beth's bed, Beth called Donna "Brooke." Quickly, though, Beth realized that it was Donna. Donna smiled hopefully, but Beth's expression went blank. When Donna got scared, Stephen held her and whispered that they had to be strong.

Later, Donna took Beth for a walk by the pool, and they talked about the flowers. Beth freaked out when she saw the water, and a startled Donna said that things would be okay. Donna gently led her frightened mother from the pool.

In the living room with Eric, Ridge ended a call about his impending trip to Forrester International. He remarked upon how close Eric and Stephanie had become. Ridge knew that Donna was pressuring Eric to remove Stephanie from the house; however, Ridge felt that it was Eric and Stephanie's time, and Eric shouldn't let anyone keep them apart. Eric said that he cared deeply for Stephanie; however, his wife, Donna, was going through something. Ridge wondered how Stephanie was supposed to feel about it. Eric realized that he wasn't being fair to either woman, but he planned to change that immediately.

Eric left, and when Brooke entered, Ridge asked if she'd be okay while he was in Europe. A worried Brooke asked him to return quickly. She was terrified that something would happen to her mother. Ridge held his wife and said he loved her.

Eric went to the guesthouse to tell Stephanie that the situation was untenable. He realized that someone had to change it, and he was the only one who could do it. She assumed that Donna had gone crying to him, but he said he hadn't seen Donna. Stephanie agreed that the situation had to change, and she worried about the strain that it had put on him. He said that it wasn't just a strain on him, but also on Stephanie.

Eric stammered as he tried to tell Stephanie that he'd been hoping for something when she'd moved in, but he didn't know what it was. He said that he always wanted her close to him. Stephanie stated that she'd always known that day would arrive, and they hugged.

Stephanie assumed that Eric and she were getting back together, but Eric said she was getting ahead of herself. He told her that he really did want them to be close, and they always would be. They'd always run the company side by side and share grandchildren, but that was all that it could be. Given all that was going on, Eric hated to have to ask Stephanie to leave; however, he needed her to move in with Pam.

A shocked Stephanie couldn't believe that Eric was letting Donna and her family take over. Eric said that he wasn't saying that it was over-just that she had to leave. He stated that Donna was his wife, and she was losing her mother. He couldn't walk away from Donna. "I won't walk away from her," he vowed. Stephanie stared bitterly at Eric.

Friday, April 16, 2010

At the beach house, Bill consoled Katie about her deteriorating mother. Bill realized that it could be much worse, but Beth had her loved ones beside her. Katie replied that it was worse, because, "She's in that house with Stephanie." Beth had watched Stephanie war with the Logan girls for years, and Katie didn't want Beth fighting to her dying breath to protect them.

Katie conveyed how hard it was dealing with a disease that made Beth incoherent and erratic. Katie shared that Beth had become obsessive-compulsive over a piece of lace with their pictures on it, and, "God help you if you try to touch it." Katie sneered that they couldn't keep Beth calm with Stephanie around. Bill suggested that they focus on Beth, not Stephanie.

Bill got on the phone with Jean Paul to instruct him to cater Beth's meals from Spencer Publications' executive dining room. Katie checked with an in-home hospice, but Bill had a better idea. He decided that Beth should move into their guest room. Awed by the offer, Katie said she'd love to take care of her mother, and she profusely thanked him. Bill said that he'd never known what it meant to be in a family until he'd married Katie.

"So you've chosen Donna over me. Well, I guess I should be used to that," Stephanie muttered while in the guesthouse, where Eric had just asked her to move out. She claimed that the Logans had taken advantage of his generosity. When she supposed that she had, too, Eric replied that none of them had. Stephanie said she loved how he saw the good in people, and he replied that loved how she defended her family. "But it's not enough," she realized.

Eric wondered what kind of man he'd be to turn his back on Beth's plight. Stephanie insisted that Beth needed constant supervision and care that she couldn't get it at mansion. Stephanie felt that the Logans were being selfish to not acknowledge that, and she was enraged that she had to move out because of their selfishness.

Stephanie reasoned that she was a strong woman—but she wasn't that strong. It had deeply hurt her when Eric had kicked her out of the company, but she'd pulled herself together over at Jackie M. She'd taken a chance by returning to Forrester Creations. She'd decided to respect his marriage, but then he'd kissed her and said that he loved her. "If your future is with this woman, then you've got to tell me that right now," Stephanie insisted.

Eric said that he didn't know, and Stephanie huffed, rolling her eyes. Though he didn't know what the future held, he thanked God for having her back at the company. "I love you," he uttered, but he realized that it might be best for them both if he didn't. Stephanie said he was still the same boy who wanted his cake and to eat it, too. "I'm gonna leave tonight," she declared.

In the Forrester living room, Beth told Stephen that she'd just eaten on the cruise, but then she realized that the cruise had ended. He went to the kitchen, and Brooke and Donna tried to assure Beth that she needn't worry about Stephanie. Stephen brought Beth food, but she was too obsessed with Stephanie to eat. Donna assured her mother that Eric would handle it, but Beth argued that Eric was too weak to fight. "But, me—I—I can. I can..." Beth uttered.

As Beth stroked her lace, Brooke, Donna, and Stephen deliberated about how to keep Beth and Stephanie apart. Donna contended that it was hard to do when Stephanie always just barged through the front door. Brooke offered to let Beth live at Brooke's, but Stephen said Beth wouldn't leave Donna's house.

In Beth's mind, she obsessed over protecting her daughters from Stephanie. Beth decided to go to the bathroom. Donna offered to go with her, but Beth insisted that she'd be fine alone.

Eric returned to the house to say that he'd asked Stephanie to leave. Donna enthusiastically thanked him, and he asked the Logans to lay off Stephanie, because it wasn't easy for her, either. Stephen asserted that Stephanie had brought it upon herself. Eric began defending Stephanie, but Donna asked the men to drop it. Brooke noticed that Beth hadn't returned from the bathroom, and Stephen suggested that Brooke check on her mother.

As Stephanie packed at the guesthouse, Beth arrived to order Stephanie to get out. Stephanie wondered if Stephen knew where Beth was, but a raging Beth didn't answer. Stephanie tried to calm Beth down, but when it didn't work, Stephanie grabbed the phone to call Stephen. Beth snatched it away, but she became disoriented. Taking Beth's hand, Stephanie gently led Beth to the door and said they'd walk back to the house.

Beth said not to touch her, and she wandered out of the guesthouse on her own. Stephanie looked out the door at the disoriented woman. With a frustrated sigh, Stephanie pursued Beth to the pool deck, where Stephanie implored Beth to let Stephanie escort Beth back to the house. Beth seethed that Stephanie had been a bitter young woman, and she'd become a bitter old one. Shaking her lace at Stephanie, Beth exclaimed that Stephanie wouldn't win that time. A fed up Stephanie yanked the lace away and threw it in the pool.

Beth gasped, and Stephanie seemed to rue what she'd just done. As the lace floated in the water, Stephanie wordlessly walked away. Beth sank down to the pool's edge to get the lace. It floated deeper in the water, and while grasping for it, Beth fell into the pool. Beth had forgotten how to swim, and she flailed helplessly in the water.

Later, Brooke went to the guesthouse to look for Beth. Stephanie argued that her disappearance was just the reason that Beth shouldn't be living among them. Ignoring what Stephanie said, Brooke asked where her mother was. Stephanie replied that Beth was at the pool.

Back at the pool, Donna looked around for Beth. Spotting the lace in the water, Donna shrieked and cried out in horror.

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