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Monday, April 5, 2010

Anna was getting a massage when Stefano switched places with her masseuse. Anna realized it was Stefano and asked what he was doing there. Stefano said so many people in Salem wanted to find Anna, and it was unfortunate that the first person to find Anna was Stefano. Anna thought it was impossible for anyone to find her. Stefano reminded her that he was not just anybody. He said she could run, but she could never hide.

Anna tried to scream for help, and she tried to leave, but Stefano's henchman cornered her. Stefano told her that it was the end of the line for her. Anna said she didn't know what she did to anger Stefano. He told her that she convinced the governor to let Nicole go and that people, including Rafe, thought that Nicole forced Anna to help Nicole, because Nicole knew that Anna had kidnapped Sydney. Anna denied it and said she did it because she felt sorry for Nicole. Stefano got angry.

Stefano asked what it felt like to put Sydney's bloody dress in the river and to make Stefano think that his granddaughter died. Anna said that Stefano did it to himself when he lied to his own son. Stefano slapped Anna. He told her never to talk to him that way. Anna reminded him how he let Nicole pass off Sydney as hers and said nothing when Sami thought that Grace was hers when Grace died.

Anna felt it was only fitting that Stefano was on the receiving end of the things he did. Anna said that no matter what he did to her, he would never see his granddaughter again, because E.J. and Sami wouldn't let him get near Sydney. "Sydney was lost to you a long time before we ever took her from Nicole," Anna said. "We? Who are you working with, Anna. Tell me," Stefano said.

Stefano grabbed Anna and demanded to know whom she was working with. Anna said it was just some man that she hired, because she couldn't do it all alone. Stefano asked if she was admitting to stealing Sydney. At first, Anna wouldn't say she stole her, but then she gloated about taking Sydney for money and to get back at Stefano. Anna said there was no real harm done, because Sydney was back home where she belonged. "What is done is you," Stefano told Anna.

Anna asked what was going to happen to her, and he asked if she wanted details or if it was enough to know that she was going to die. Anna urged him not to kill her, the woman that Tony loved. Stefano didn't hesitate, and he ordered his henchman to grab Anna. Anna repeated that no matter what he did to her, he still wouldn't have Sydney in his life. Then she offered him something that would change everything, as long as he promised not to hurt her. "You give me my life, and I will give you Sydney," Anna said.

Stefano asked how Anna could put him back in Sydney's life. She said she would tell him everything about the previous few months, as long as he promised to let her go. Stefano promised Anna he would let her go. Anna said she didn't plan the kidnapping alone, and in fact, she didn't plan it at all. She said she was working for E.J.

Nicole dropped by the Java Café to see Chloe. Chloe wondered why Nicole wanted to return to Salem, given that E.J. and the DiMeras lived there. Nicole said she could handle him, because she had a bright future ahead of her in Salem. Chloe noticed everyone staring at Nicole, and Nicole figured it was because the news of her pardon was in the paper. Chloe asked what had happened for Nicole to receive a pardon.

Nicole said that someone must have pleaded her case to the governor. People were saying it was Anna, Chloe said, and she asked if Nicole had talked to Anna. Nicole asked why she would talk to Anna, and she said she had a feeling that no one would see Anna again. Nicole told Chloe that she ran into Sami and they "bonded." "That explains the face," Chloe said. Nicole said she had seen Sydney after going a few rounds with Rafe and E.J.

Nicole said she realized that Sydney was not her baby, but she would always love Sydney, and if someone hurt Sydney, they would have to deal with Nicole. Chloe was glad to hear that, but she wondered who Nicole's new life was about. Nicole wondered why there needed to be a who for her to stay in Salem. Chloe said it was because she knew Nicole, and she asked what Nicole's plan was.

Nicole said there was no plan. She asked how Chloe and Daniel were doing, and Chloe told her about Daniel's injury and that Daniel was being released from the hospital. Chloe was worried that Daniel was getting sucked into whatever was going on between Melanie and Carly because he was getting closer to Melanie.

Nicole surmised that Chloe was concerned about Daniel getting closer to Carly too. Chloe didn't know that, but she noticed that whenever Daniel got close to Carly, bad things happened to him. Nicole was confident that Chloe would get Carly out of Daniel's life for good. She joked about Chloe having leftover flesh-eating bacteria. Nicole reminded Chloe not to let a woman ruin things between Chloe and Daniel. After they said goodbye, Nicole told herself to take her own advice.

Daniel thanked Carly for his recovery. They bonded about how Melanie took care of Daniel too. He said his double vision had gone away hours before. He started to get up and felt dizzy. Carly realized that his double vision had returned. Carly urged Daniel to see a specialist about his vision, but he didn't want to undergo an operation. She suggested rehab, but he said he didn't have any cranial nerve damage.

Daniel just wanted to get back to work. She said he couldn't do surgery, and if he didn't do something right away, the impairment could be permanent. Carly urged him not to shut her out. Carly was surprised that Daniel didn't hate her. Chloe walked in and overheard Daniel telling Carly that he could never hate Carly. Chloe asked if Daniel was ready to go, and Carly urged Daniel to tell Chloe about him still having double vision.

Daniel downplayed it, but said he would see a specialist. He left the room to get his charts. Chloe asked Carly for the truth. Chloe said they needed to make sure that Daniel didn't do too much. Carly said that Daniel's injury might affect his career. Chloe knew that Daniel loved being a surgeon. Carly was frustrated because Daniel put other people first. She said that Daniel felt the accident was a good thing, because it brought her and Melanie closer together. Carly felt that was the silver lining. Carly got a page and had to leave. Chloe said she would make sure that Daniel put himself first.

Brady visited Melanie at Maggie's house. She congratulated him but then wondered why he wasn't on his honeymoon. She also noticed that he wasn't wearing his wedding ring and asked why. Brady said he and Arianna were still planning to get married, and he was thinking of getting married in Las Vegas and inviting Melanie and Philip. Melanie wanted to go, but she wanted to run the idea past Daniel first. She told Brady how Daniel had fallen and hit his head. Melanie said the double vision had cleared up.

Melanie realized how much she wanted Daniel to be a part of her life when she thought she had lost him. Brady asked how Melanie felt about Carly. Melanie was starting to think that Carly wasn't so bad. Melanie asked if he and Arianna were okay. He said they were and they would have been married if it weren't for the hurricane.

Melanie pointed out that it wasn't that long before that Arianna was worried because he had to hold Nicole's hand. Brady suddenly needed to leave. Melanie guessed that Nicole was back. Brady said no one needed to worry, because he would deal with Nicole.

Chloe told Melanie about Daniel's double vision returning. She said Daniel was acting like it was nothing. Daniel needed to start putting himself first, Chloe said. Melanie felt guilty that Daniel got hurt because she and Carly were fighting. Chloe said the only thing that Carly seemed to care about was that Daniel's accident brought Melanie and Carly closer together. Melanie said there was no silver lining, because Daniel might never be able to operate again. Melanie saw Carly and demanded to know what was wrong with Carly.

Carly wondered what happened, because she thought she and Melanie were getting along. "That was before you said it was a good thing Daniel got hurt, because it brought us closer together," Melanie said. Carly denied saying that. Melanie asked if she said something about a silver lining, and Carly said yes. When Carly tried to explain, Melanie said there was no silver lining or anything good about Daniel getting hurt.

Melanie said it happened because Carly wouldn't leave her alone. Carly turned to Chloe and asked what she said to Melanie. "Chloe didn't say anything to me. This isn't her fault. This is your fault, so just back off me and my father," Melanie said. Carly ran after Melanie. Daniel saw Chloe after being released, and he asked if something was wrong. There was nothing, Chloe said, because Chloe and Melanie planned to take care of Daniel. "In fact, we've already started," Chloe said.

Rafe stopped by the Brady Pub to see Arianna. She wondered what was wrong, but he said he was just waiting to hear from the police station and wanted to see how Arianna was doing. He asked why she was working when she should be opening wedding presents. Arianna said she was fine, but she asked how he and Sami were doing. Rafe said he thought that he and Sami were through.

Rafe didn't want to talk about him and Sami. He wanted to make sure that Arianna wasn't giving up hope for her and Brady. Arianna was surprised that Rafe actually liked one of her boyfriends. Rafe said he figured her taste would improve eventually. Rafe considered Brady to be a catch, and he encouraged Arianna to go before the justice of the peace and get married. He said he had seen Nicole, and he was concerned about her ruining Arianna's happiness.

Rafe had told Arianna that Nicole said she would take back what belonged to her. Arianna asked if Nicole knew anything about Anna and Sydney's kidnapping. Rafe said Nicole wasn't saying anything, but he had a good lead on someone he thought was working with Anna. He felt like Benny would be the ticket to finding Anna and getting justice for Sydney.

E.J. went to see Sami at her place, and he commented on her busted lip. He said he had seen Nicole, and Nicole looked worse than Sami did. E.J. asked for the details of the fight, but Sami said they should leave the details to his "wicked imagination." He asked if Sami talked to Rafe. She said they talked and realized they wouldn't get past it and it was over. E.J. was shocked to hear that Rafe let Sami go.

E.J. lent Sami his handkerchief to dry her tears. Sami wondered why E.J. felt sorry for her and Rafe not working out, because he used to be adamant that Sami shouldn't be with Rafe, and he didn't want Rafe around E.J.'s kids. E.J. said he had seen Sami and Rafe together. E.J. thought that Sami needed to give it some time, because Rafe would realize what an idiot he was. Sami was shocked by E.J.'s advice.

Sami asked what made E.J. think that Rafe would be able to forgive her. E.J. said he thought it was possible for Rafe to forgive her, because E.J. forgave Sami. Sami was surprised to hear that after all that she had done. E.J. said he and Sami were "in this together" and they understood each other. "You know what I did to you, and I know why you did what you did to me," E.J. said. Sami asked if E.J. thought that Rafe would eventually be able to understand things the way E.J. did. "You tell me," E.J. said.

Sami said that one of the things she liked about Rafe was that he wasn't like her. "Even if that means he can't forgive you?" E.J. asked. "If Sydney had been his, he would never have lied to me about it. It's not that he didn't try to move on, try to forgive me, try to let it all go. He did. He really did, but maybe we're just too different," Sami said. She said she thought that Rafe couldn't live with her because of who she was.

The good thing about Rafe not being able to let things go was that he would never give up until he found Anna and made her pay, Sami said. E.J. said he hoped so, but he didn't think that was going to happen. Sami asked why it wasn't going to happen. E.J. said that if Anna had gone so far underground that his people weren't able to find her, the police wouldn't be able to find her.

E.J. said he hoped the police would catch her, but the only thing that was important to him was that Sydney was back with them. He said he wanted to start living his life in the present, a present that included Sami. E.J. clarified that he wanted to focus on the good things in his life, which included Sami.

E.J. said he understood that their time had passed, but he also saw the damage that had been done by the war between the two of them. He said she would always be an important part of his life, because she was the mother of his children, and he wanted what was best for Sami, Sydney, Johnny, and E.J. He hoped that Sami could consider it a time for celebration.

Brady stopped by the Kiriakis mansion only to find Nicole waiting there to see him. She said she got his message and knew that he had something to say, but she had something to say too. Brady said they had nothing to discuss. Nicole wanted a job at Titan. Brady reminded her that Victor hated her. "Victor hates everybody," Nicole said.

Brady refused to hire Nicole, but he offered to give her some money or a loan. However, Nicole refused to accept a handout. She wanted to take charge of her life, but she wanted a reason to wake up in the morning. Brady said she wouldn't find that with him. Brady said he was marrying Arianna as soon as possible. Nicole wondered why Brady was in such a rush. He said it was because he loved Arianna and wanted to marry her. Nicole said it was one thing to marry Arianna when Nicole was out of the picture, but since Nicole was back to stay, it was "a whole other thing."

Nicole said she lost her way when she lied to E.J. about his baby, but she was seeing clearly, and Brady still felt something for Nicole. Nicole felt that Brady had a choice to make about his future, but he wasn't ready to make it. Brady said he couldn't stop Nicole from inventing her own reality, but she wouldn't invent his. Brady left the room to take a call, and when Nicole was about to leave, Arianna called.

Nicole overheard Henderson talking to Arianna and saying that she would be stopping by, so Nicole took off her coat and made herself a drink. When Arianna went to the mansion, Nicole opened the door while holding a drink in her hand and said, "Arianna, what a surprise."

Rafe went to the police station to question Benny. Abe said that Benny was no longer in custody, because he got a lawyer, was released, and then "dropped out of sight." Abe said the D.A.'s office changed its mind about prosecuting Benny, and Rafe suspected it was Anna's doing and that she slept with every elected official in the state. "Well maybe not everyone," Abe said, "but she does seem to be able to cover her tracks."

Rafe confronted the D.A. over his decision, and when the D.A. acted like he didn't care, Rafe tried to attack him. Abe pulled Rafe off the D.A., but Rafe threatened the D.A. and asked who was paying the D.A. off. Rafe vowed to find Anna and whoever was helping Anna and bring them to justice.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Much to Arianna's surprise, Nicole opened the front door of the Kiriakis mansion. Arianna walked past Nicole into the living room and suggested that she have another drink before Brady got home. Nicole explained that she had arrived to talk to Brady but their conversation was interrupted when he was called away. Shaking her head, Arianna said that she did not believe Nicole. As Arianna started to raise her voice, Brady entered the room and advised Arianna that Nicole was telling the truth.

"We were having a discussion, it's over now, and I didn't realize you were still here," Brady said to Nicole. Nicole explained that she was enjoying Victor's liquor. When Brady suggested that Nicole should leave, Nicole admitted that she was on her way out but that she wanted to take Brady up on his offer. Brady agreed curtly and attempted to usher Nicole out of the house. Curious, Arianna asked Brady to explain what the offer was about. Brady explained that he offered Nicole a loan in order to rebuild her life in Salem. With a smile on her face, Nicole left the mansion. Brady assured Arianna that he was only giving Nicole a loan. Arianna reminded Brady about all the fights they had about Nicole and asked why he did not talk to her first before offering the loan to Nicole.

Brady apologized for offering the money without consulting Arianna first. Arianna said that she understood why Brady helped Nicole but that he needed to think about Nicole like a stray dog: "feed her once and she never stops coming around." Brady assured Arianna that he was only going to help Nicole this one time. Switching gears, Arianna changed the subject to their upcoming wedding. Arianna told Brady that Melanie and Rafe advised her that she should elope immediately with Brady. Smiling, Brady walked over to the computer to look up flights for a trip. "I'm seriously thinking that we shouldn't do this," Arianna said cautiously.

As a surprise, Bo took Carly out on a date. Carly admitted that she liked spending the evening out with Bo, but she added that she was just as comfortable sitting at home in sweatpants. Bo complimented Carly on her beauty and agreed that he would be happy to spend the evening home with her in sweatpants. Carly admitted that the first time they dated, she was unsure about their future and that she often wondered what would have happened if they had stayed together. Smiling, Bo told Carly that he did not want to screw up their second chance.

While Bo danced with Carly, his cell phone began to ring. Bo grumbled about work, but then he realized the call was coming from his mother. When Bo asked Caroline why she was calling so late, he discovered there was news about his sister, Kimberly.

In Sami's apartment, E.J. informed Sami that "I want what's best for you." Sami thanked E.J. and hugged him tightly. As E.J. enveloped Sami in his arms, Will opened the front door and saw his mother hugging E.J. "What the hell?" Will said in confusion. Sami explained that they were celebrating the health and safety of their children. Sensing the tension, E.J. excused himself and took Sydney out for a walk. Once E.J. was gone, Will told Sami that he was angry that E.J. was around all the time and that Rafe was not. "Are you out to wreck your life all over again?" Will cried out.

Will questioned E.J.'s motives and noted that no one wanted to spend time with E.J. When Will rattled off a list of people that avoided E.J., he mentioned Nicole. Sami scoffed at the inclusion of Nicole, noting that she was "crazy" well before she met E.J. Rolling his eyes, Will disagreed and explained that he ran in to Nicole and she seemed sane. Worried, Sami asked Will whether he saw Nicole when he was with Sydney. "You didn't let her get anywhere near the baby, right?" Sami probed. Caught, Will admitted that he let Nicole say goodbye to Sydney.

Furious, Sami reminded Will that Nicole was "a monster." Will defended Nicole and told Sami that "when Sydney called her mama, she looked like she was about to cry. I felt bad for her." With a horrified look on her face, Sami quietly asked, "Sydney called Nicole mama?" "William Horton, that is the most irresponsible thing that you have done in your entire life!" Sami screamed. Will interrupted Sami's rant to explain that when Sydney called Nicole "Mama" that Nicole told Sydney that she was not her mother.

"I swear to God, sometimes you have the worst judgment on the planet!" Sami barked. Barely able to contain a smile, Will countered, "Me? I have bad judgment? Who hid the fact that she was pregnant?" Will noted that the kidnapping would not have happened if Sami had not lied in the first place. Will told Sami that he was worried that she was "back with" E.J. "Making sure you blow it with Rafe, just like you blew it with dad and every other guy you ever hooked up with!" Will added. Upset, Will cautioned Sami that Sydney would grow up like he did, wondering if each guy Sami dated would last. "You'll never change, Mom," Will finished.

Hurt, Sami reminded Will that while he was living in her house, he could not talk to her "that way." "This is Grandma Marlena's house, and it's a good thing she lets you live in it because you're so busy running around having all these dramas, you couldn't afford a cardboard box on the sidewalk," Will lectured harshly. "If you're so disgusted by me and my life then why do you even live here?" Sami asked. Will said that he did not want to watch Sami "hook up with E.J. DiMera again." With Sami taken aback, Will stormed out of the apartment.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie and Theo stopped by to visit Stefano, but instead they found Kate in the living room. Kate informed Lexie that Stefano was not at home but that he left a note for Lexie. Lexie started to leave, but Kate asked her to stay so that Kate could spend some time with Theo. Lexie reluctantly agreed, and Kate thanked her for staying. Kate added that she was worried about E.J.'s behavior. Lexie sent Theo to the kitchen and then sat down on the couch to talk to Kate about E.J.

Kate reminded Lexie that E.J. was having Stefano evicted from the house. "He is an exact clone of his father," Lexie said. While Kate begged Lexie to talk to E.J., he entered the mansion with Sydney in his arms. "Speak to me about what?" E.J. asked. Kate went to the kitchen to check on Theo while Lexie cooed over Sydney. "What did my ex-girlfriend want? Let me guess, she is wanting you to lay the groundwork so father can take back control of everything he believes is his?" E.J. said with a grin. Lexie said that Kate was concerned and that she wanted E.J. to forget about revenge against their father. Lexie urged E.J. to get away from the DiMera mansion and talk to Sami about his feelings.

E.J. admitted that he had not told Sami about his feelings for her, but that he decided he wanted a life with her. Lexie counseled E.J. to walk away and stop fighting with Stefano. Kate returned, agreed with Lexie, and noted that E.J. would not win a war against Stefano. Kate took E.J. aside, and he announced that he planned to win the war against Stefano. E.J. told Kate that if Stefano truly loved E.J., he would not have helped Nicole hide the truth about Sydney. "He destroyed whatever family I have," E.J. whispered.

When the doorbell rang, Kate rushed to answer it and was surprised to find Will standing on the front porch. Noting Will's jumpy demeanor, Kate asked him what was wrong. Will admitted that he had fought with Sami and that he had left her apartment "for good." Will complained about Lucas being in China so that he could not talk to him. When Will started to call Maggie, Kate urged Will to consider living with her at the DiMera mansion.

Nicole went over to the Brady Pub and was annoyed to find Kinsey was working. Excited, Kinsey rushed over to Nicole's table, took her picture, and explained that she was making a collage of all the people that entered the pub. Nicole gruffly urged Kinsey to leave her alone, and Kinsey headed to the back room. Curious, Nicole went over to the table with the picture collage on it and looked through the photos. Nicole picked up the photo of Brady and Arianna and muttered, "Yeah. That won't last."

At the spa, Anna told Stefano that E.J. planned the kidnapping. With a smirk of disbelief, Stefano refused to believe Anna's accusation. Anna noted that with the kidnapping, E.J. accomplished what he wanted: to make Stefano suffer. Still in denial, Stefano urged Anna to stop lying and tell him the truth. "He was killing three birds with one stone, if I may quote him," Anna quipped. Anna explained that she took care of Sydney, but E.J. was the one to plan the kidnapping. When Stefano urged his henchman to take care of Anna, she cried out that she had proof of E.J.'s involvement.

Anna took her cell phone from her purse and played an old voicemail message from E.J. during the kidnapping. With a grim look on his face, Stefano listened intently. "You see? E.J. was in charge and I was just doing what I was told," Anna said nervously. "The Anna I knew was not strong enough or capable enough," Stefano growled. "All you have done is hurt yourself," Stefano added. Stefano noted that Anna had not given him any information to secure her freedom. "Elvis has crossed the line and he will pay for it," Stefano said ominously.

Anna cautioned Stefano not to act rashly because he would lose his opportunity to put his family back together as well as create an opportunity for Sami to obtain full custody of Sydney and Johnny. "You will lose your children and your grandchildren," Anna said. Stefano thanked Anna for the leverage, and she advised Stefano to use the information to rebuild his family. Stefano agreed to let Anna go but ordered her to do something for him first. After finishing the task Stefano assigned her, Anna started to leave the resort. Stefano cautioned Anna to remember that he would find her no matter where she hid.

E.J. returned to Sami's apartment to find her wiping tears from her eyes as she sat on the couch. When E.J. urged Sami to talk to him, she stifled her tears. "It's Will. He left and I don't think he's coming back," Sami uttered before collapsing into E.J. arms. When Sami had calmed down, E.J. joked that Sami should expect a Brady teenager to act rebelliously. "He's going to be completely impetuous one minute and level-headed the next," E.J. added with a grin. Sami thanked E.J. for making her feel better and urged him to answer his cell phone when it started to ring. When E.J. answered the phone, he found Stefano was on the line and was asking to speak with him. E.J. curtly declined Stefano's invitation and hung up the phone.

Stewing, Stefano said, "Well he could have done the right thing, let his father back in his life, but he did not. Now, I have to make sure that he sees the error of his ways."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At the hospital, Lexie invited Hope and Ciara to join Abe, Lexie, and Theo for dinner soon, so the kids could play and the grownups could catch up. Daniel led in a paramedic transporting a mugging victim from the emergency room. Hope was startled to see that it was the district attorney, Charles Woods, who surprised her even further with his claim that Rafe Hernandez had mugged him.

Bo was having coffee with Carly at the Brady Pub before he had to leave for his flight to Los Angeles, where he was donating bone marrow to his sister, Kimberly. He was concerned for Carly's safety while he was gone, since he feared he was only thing keeping Vivian from killing Carly. Carly insisted that she wasn't worried about Vivian.

Bo went by the Kiriakis mansion to say goodbye to Ciara before he left, and she sat in his lap while he explained why he was going. "I love you lots and lots, and I'm going to miss you," Bo told his daughter. "I'll miss you too, and so will Mommy," Ciara replied. "Mommy loves you lots and lots. You love Mommy, too, don't you?" Bo assured her that he loved both of them.

On his way out, Bo ran into Victor, who hoped that some time away would give Bo a fresh perspective on things. Bo declared that his perspective would never change, then added, "Tell that lovely fiancée of yours to stay the hell away from Carly-or you know what will happen." Once he was outside, Bo left a message for Hope to call him back.

Daniel was experiencing double vision down on the docks when he ran into Carly, who said she'd just been looking for him. "I downloaded an article you might be interested in," she explained. "It's about non-invasive treatment plans for diplopia that have shown promise." Carly's phone rang, just as Bo arrived, so Carly stepped aside to take the call.

Bo informed Daniel that his sister had leukemia, so he was headed to L.A. to see her and donate bone marrow. Bo then reminded Daniel, "You did that surgery on me, and it's okay for me to donate, right?" Daniel assured him, "Oh, absolutely. Completely unrelated issues."

Daniel confessed that although Bo was doing a wonderful thing and improving his sister's odds for recovery, he knew they were both worried about protecting Carly in Bo's absence. Daniel didn't trust Victor to keep Vivian "in her cage," as he'd promised Bo. Bo somewhat sarcastically suggested that he would take Carly with him to California, but Daniel thought that Carly could stay with him and Chloe.

"Uh, do I have a say in that?" Carly asked incredulously as she hung up. "I'm not moving in with you and Chloe. That's crazy talk." She assured Daniel and Bo that she would be fine where she'd been staying. Daniel urged her to think about it, because it was important to both him and Melanie that Carly stayed safe.

After Daniel had gone, Bo pleaded with Carly to reconsider, and maintained that she should have someone to watch her back while he was gone. Carly tried to argue with him, but Bo kissed her to shut her up. "I'll miss you," Carly declared quietly. "While you're out there, I want you to take care of your sister, help your mother, and don't worry about me." Bo reminded her that he couldn't promise not to worry, and then asked her to walk him to his car, since he was late for his flight.

Gabi found Rafe at the Java Café, and presented her brother with a parking ticket she'd gotten while waiting for him the night before. Rafe apologized for not meeting her like he'd promised, but wouldn't divulge what he'd been doing instead. Gabi guessed that her brother's foul mood was because he wasn't where he wanted to be: with Sami Brady. Rafe didn't want to discuss it.

Hope called Rafe and asked him to meet her at the police station. As Rafe was hanging up, Will arrived, and surprised Rafe with the news that he'd had a fight with his mom and moved out of the townhouse. Rafe wanted to know what the fight had been about, and Will replied, "A lot of things: lies, E.J., you."

After Rafe left for the station, Will asked Gabi if she'd seen Chad that morning, and mentioned Chad's father. Chad walked in and overheard. "What about my dad?" he asked cheerfully. As they chatted, Will was surprised that Chad seemed in such good spirits. When Chad said that he hadn't been online yet, or heard about his dad, Will told him, "It was on the news: he got beat up last night, and now he's in the hospital." A freaked-out Chad immediately rushed out.

Once the doctors had bandaged Woods's head, and he was settled into a room, Hope noted that if Woods been attacked from behind, he could not have seen his attacker. The D.A. admitted that he hadn't, but he'd heard the man's voice. Woods then told Hope that when he had allowed bail on a suspect earlier, Agent Hernandez had gone "ballistic." Woods smugly urged Hope to talk to the mayor if she didn't believe him.

Abe arrived at the hospital to check on the district attorney; Abe felt that, as the mayor, he should be visible after such a high-profile mugging. Hope returned from the D.A.'s room and asked Abe about the altercation between Woods and Hernandez at the police station. Abe informed her that Rafe had "just snapped" after Woods had set bail for a kidnapping suspect.

An anxious Chad cautiously entered his father's hospital room. As Chad was breathing a sigh of relief that his dad would be all right, Chad's mom arrived. She hugged her son and kissed her husband, who told the two of them about whom he suspected in his mugging, and the motive. Chad didn't buy it, because he knew Rafe through Rafe's sister. Woods made a disparaging remark about his son's taste in women, but Mrs. Peterson-Woods intervened. She agreed that Agent Hernandez had to pay for what he'd done.

Outside the D.A.'s room, Chad asked why his dad always called people "trash." Mrs. Peterson-Woods explained that her husband only wanted to protect Chad from people who weren't worthy of him. That further irked Chad, but his mom insisted that she would respect anyone with whom he got involved, because she only wanted him to be happy.

Mrs. Peterson-Woods asked if Chad was dating the girl he'd mentioned. An annoyed Chad replied that he'd screwed things up with Gabi by trying to get back together with Mia. Mrs. Peterson-Woods alluded to her son's prior drug use, but he irritably reminded her that he was making good grades. Mrs. Peterson-Woods hugged Chad and assured him that she would always fight to do what was right for him.

When Abe visited D.A. Woods's room later, Mrs. Peterson-Woods demanded that Agent Hernandez not be shown any preferential treatment. Abe promised her and the D.A. that he would speak to Commander Brady about it, since the commissioner was headed out of town. Woods pointed out, "Don't forget, Abe-you witnessed the other assault." Mrs. Peterson-Woods confidently added, "Justice will be served in this case, Mr. Mayor. Rafe Hernandez is going down."

When Rafe met Hope at the police station, she asked where he'd been during the time that D.A. Woods had been beaten and robbed the previous night. Hope added, "He's saying it was you." Rafe scoffed, but Hope hoped that Rafe had an airtight alibi. Rafe admitted that he and Woods had argued when Woods had released Benny Gorman-but Rafe didn't have an alibi for the time in question.

Rafe implied that if he had done it, Woods would be dead. Hope pointed out that the case against Rafe would be tough enough without him going on record saying he wanted to see Woods dead. She told Rafe to stick around for more questioning.

At the townhouse, Sami was pleasantly surprised to find that E.J. had prepared a tray of breakfast for her. She admitted that she hadn't slept well because Will had moved out the previous day, although E.J. was optimistic that Sami's son would return home soon.

Stefano called E.J. just then, and summoned him to the DiMera mansion to discuss a settlement regarding the DiMera assets. E.J. assumed that Stefano had decided to move out, and Stefano played along, so E.J. agreed to meet with his father.

Kate was worried about where she and Stefano-and Will, who was moving in soon-would live if Stefano conceded to E.J. Stefano reassured her that they were not going anywhere. Kate wondered what Stefano was planning for E.J. "Exactly what he deserves," Stefano replied.

When E.J. hung up, he laughed triumphantly. "I've won-I've finally won!" he exulted to Sami. She wasn't convinced that Stefano would give up so easily, but E.J. guessed that it was because he'd threatened to take Johnny and move away, so that Stefano could never see his grandson again.

Sami was worried that E.J. would get "sucked back in" to several more rounds with his father, but E.J. maintained that getting the house back would allow them to get on with their lives. Sami was glad if that turned out to be true, and declared that she was proud of E.J.

After E.J. had left to meet his father, Kate dropped Will off at the townhouse so that he could pick up his belongings. She then left so Sami and Will could talk. Will told his mom that they had nothing to talk about, but Sami declared pleadingly, "I can see it in your eyes, Will: you don't really want to leave." Will admitted, "I'm just confused right now." Sami understood, and asked him to stay there one more night before he made up his mind, so they could try to work things out.

Abe called Sami just then, and she implored Will to stay while she took the call, and Will seemed to agree. While Sami was on the phone in the bedroom, Will spotted the breakfast tray. "Breakfast with E.J. Fantastic," he muttered, disgusted. "Same old, same old." He pulled his jacket back on and left.

When an empty-handed Will ran into Kate in the hallway, she assumed that he had decided to stay with his mom. He quickly informed her that wasn't the case, and added that he would pick up his things later. With a concerned expression, Kate followed him out.

Sami was disappointed when she returned and saw that Will had left. Abe informed her that Rafe was being questioned about the attack on D.A. Woods, and added reluctantly, "I have to admit it doesn't look good."

Stefano sat at the chessboard while he waited for E.J. "Nothing is over until the end game is played," Stefano mused aloud. "And your end game is coming, Elvis-ready or not."

E.J. arrived and immediately whipped the paperwork out of his briefcase for Stefano to sign. Stefano instead invited E.J. to play one final game of chess, and followed the invitation with vague allegations about E.J.'s "duplicity and mendacity." Calmly feigning ignorance, E.J. sat at the chess table across from his father and handed Stefano the papers to sign.

Stefano cryptically continued that the two of them had underestimated Anna. E.J. irritably reminded his father that Anna had duped all of them, and thrust the papers at Stefano again. Ignoring him, Stefano recalled how the news of Sydney's supposed death had devastated him, and wondered, "What kind of monster could trick people into believing such a terrible thing?"

Stefano repeated his invitation for E.J. to play chess one last time. Conceding, E.J. slammed his knight down, removed Stefano's pawn, and haughtily declared, "Check." Stefano took the knight with his queen, and slowly intoned, "Mate." A furious E.J. swept the pieces to the floor, and demanded, "What a fool I was. You had no intention of signing these papers, did you?"

Stefano asserted, "I don't have to, you understand? Because you have lost more than a game, Elvis." E.J. angrily maintained that the battle wasn't over. "You're right!" Stefano bellowed as he shoved a chess piece into E.J.'s hand, and then growled heatedly, "You took Sydney! I know all about it, Elvis! You had Sydney all along!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carly and Daniel argued about Daniel's insistence that Carly move in with him and Chloe while Bo was away. Chloe overheard Daniel and asked who he was talking to. Before Chloe could get anything out of Daniel, Melanie and Philip arrived. Chloe had invited them over for brunch, to Daniel's delight. After brunch was finished, Daniel expressed his appreciation of Chloe having Melanie over and for having Chloe joking with Melanie.

Daniel received a phone call and decided to assist in a surgery of one of his patients. Chloe offered to drive Daniel, but Melanie wanted to do it, instead, and sit in on the surgery. Chloe warned Daniel not to overdo it. Philip had a dilemma on his hands, that he was trying to find a new reporter for Titan TV. Then he offered the job to Chloe, but she turned it down, because she wanted to be Daniel's wife and felt it was a full-time job.

Chloe's cell phone alarm went off telling her to remind Daniel to take his medication, but Daniel hadn't taken the pills with him. Philip offered to take the pills to Daniel, because he wanted to pick Melanie up from the hospital. When Philip and Chloe went to the hospital, they saw Melanie, Daniel, and Carly bonding, and Daniel's hand was on Carly and Melanie's knees.

Maggie showed up at the hospital and overheard Carly talking to Bo. Maggie could tell that something was wrong with Carly. Carly explained that Bo was in L.A. to donate his bone marrow to his sister. Maggie asked her to tell Bo that she was praying for him. Carly said Bo was worried about Vivian trying to get to Carly while he was gone and wanted Carly to stay with Daniel.

Carly went over the medical file of Daniel's patient, because she was going to operate while Melanie observed. Carly successfully performed the surgery, and she, Melanie, and Daniel bonded afterwards. Carly realized that it was harder than Daniel thought it would be watching someone else do his job for him.

Sami barged into the police station and demanded to see Rafe. Abe tried to calm Sami down by saying that Hope was just trying to get to the truth. Sami said that Rafe would never attack a "weasel" like DA Woods. Abe said he saw Rafe attack the DA.

Sami understood why Rafe had gotten angry at the D.A., because the D.A. had let Benny go, instead of charging him with kidnapping Sydney. Abe agreed with Sami's perspective, but he said that just saying that Rafe wouldn't do something like assaulting the D.A. wasn't enough to prove he didn't do it. Abe reviewed the D.A.'s statement and worried that Rafe needed a "rock-solid alibi."

When Sami returned from taking a phone call, she saw the file on the D.A. on the table and read it. Abe caught her, but she said that she could prove that the D.A. was lying.

Rafe insisted to Hope that he didn't attack the "slimeball" D.A. Hope questioned Rafe on where he was the night before. Rafe said he didn't have an alibi, because he was alone. He was hesitant to tell her exactly where he was. Rafe said he had taken a walk to clear his mind. Rafe couldn't help but continue to bash the D.A. Hope warned him to stop saying those things.

Sami told Abe and Hope that she was Rafe's alibi. After hearing Sami's timeline of her time with Rafe, Abe said it sounded as if she had read the D.A.'s statement. Hope needed to corroborate Sami's story, and she led Sami into the room with Rafe. Hope asked Rafe what she and Rafe were doing the night before. He said he didn't know what Sami was doing the night before, and he didn't see her, because they were on a break.

Rafe asked Hope to give him time alone with Sami. After Hope left the room, Rafe said he wouldn't allow Sami to lie for him. Sami knew that Rafe didn't commit the crime. He said since he didn't do it, he wouldn't allow her to lie for him. She assumed that he just didn't want her to help him. Rafe said it was about more than that. He repeated that he didn't want to let Sami lie for him. She said she was just trying to protect him.

Sami couldn't believe that Rafe was mad at her for trying to help him. She said she loved him, and he said he loved her, but that love wasn't enough. Sami didn't want to believe that there was no hope, and he didn't want to believe it either. He said that unfortunately people didn't change. She didn't want him to change, because she loved him the way he was. He said it wasn't about love -- it was about all the other things. Sami asked if Rafe didn't see any hope for them. He didn't see how they could get past it all.

Gabi defended Rafe against Chad's accusation that Rafe assaulted Chad's father, the district attorney. Chad picked up chili from the Brady Pub and gave it to his father who was in the hospital. Abe called the D.A. and threatened the D.A.'s job if he pushed Abe to prosecute Rafe. Chad asked if his father was sure that Rafe beat him up. Chad's father yelled at Chad for taking Gabi's word over his.

Chad's mother took Chad out of the room to give her husband time to rest. She said Chad should have known better not to question his father, because his father thought he was infallible. Chad was angry at his father for his insults, and he thought that he maybe he should go back to boarding school. Chad's mother tried to downplay her husband's actions. Gabi showed up, and Chad introduced her to his mother.

Stefano confronted E.J. about Anna's claim that E.J. had Sydney kidnapped with Anna's help. E.J. asked how many people Stefano had told. Stefano was surprised that E.J. didn't seem remorseful about what he had done. E.J. reminded Stefano that Stefano wasn't remorseful when he helped hide the truth about Sydney being Sami's daughter from E.J.

E.J. assumed that Stefano didn't tell anyone about what he had found. Stefano threatened to tell Rafe and Sami about what he learned. "I could hang you without lifting a finger," Stefano said. E.J. said Stefano wouldn't tell anyone, because Stefano wouldn't want to look like "a complete idiot." E.J. said that even if Stefano went public with what he knew, Sami wouldn't let Stefano see Sydney or Johnny. Stefano was determined to make E.J. pay for what he did.

Stefano accused E.J. of being "deliberately cruel." E.J. said he didn't have anything to do with it. E.J. said the authorities would think Stefano was delusional. E.J. pressured Stefano to sign a paper relinquishing Stefano's right to the mansion. Stefano pretended to give in, but then he called E.J.'s bluff and said he had proof. Stefano showed E.J. a video of Anna confessing to Sydney's kidnapping and detailing E.J.'s role in it.

E.J. stammered and said that having a video of Anna didn't prove anything. Stefano said she could back up everything she said and had insurance. Stefano was planning to talk to Rafe and Sami. E.J. couldn't believe that Stefano would do that to his own son. Stefano asked if E.J. was scared, and E.J. said no. Stefano said that the video was all the proof that Sami and Rafe needed, and they would spend the rest of their lives trying to get E.J. locked up. He said that E.J. could kiss Sydney and Johnny goodbye.

Stefano said the only thing E.J. could do to stop Stefano was something that E.J. hadn't done in a long time -- tell the truth. E.J. admitted to the kidnapping, and Stefano said that E.J. would regret it.

Hope went by Maggie's house, and Maggie broke the news to Hope about Kimberly having cancer. Hope realized that Bo had left several messages for Hope about it, but she didn't understand why she would have erased Bo's messages. Maggie was sure that Bo would get in touch with Hope before he left for Los Angeles. Hope asked if Bo called Maggie looking for Hope.

Maggie said no, and Hope asked how Maggie knew about Bo's sister. Maggie said she had run into Carly at the hospital. Hope wasn't surprised. Maggie reminded Hope that Hope and Bo shared a child, so Hope couldn't just shut Bo out of her life. Hope agreed that she needed to get along with Bo for Ciara's sake.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nathan ran into Stephanie at the Cheatin' Heart, where she was shooting pool, and he was surprised to learn that she was on a date. He was dismayed when he recognized Stephanie's date, Aaron, whom she introduced as a supply sales rep. Nathan pointedly asked how Aaron's shoulder was feeling, and Aaron left quickly, but promised to call Stephanie soon about the concert they were planning to attend.

Stephanie angrily confronted Nathan. Nathan explained that Aaron had been in the emergency room several times with feigned injuries, but Aaron never wanted x-rays-only prescriptions for pain medication. Nathan was sorry if he'd handled the situation badly, but he was concerned for Stephanie. Stephanie apologized for jumping down his throat, and asserted that Nathan would eventually get over Melanie, just like Stephanie had gotten over Philip.

Nathan assured Stephanie, "I wouldn't have put on the brakes so fast if I didn't think that you were really special." Stephanie maintained that she wasn't as fragile as he thought. Nathan then informed Stephanie that he had good seats for the concert to which Aaron had invited her. "Since I just saved you from this hophead sales rep, maybe you would like to go with me?" Nathan asked. Stephanie replied that she would love to, and pulled him in for a kiss.

Chloe and Philip arrived at the hospital in time to witness a moment of family bonding between Melanie, Carly, and Daniel. While Melanie gushed to Philip about how "cool" the surgery had been, Chloe expressed her surprise to Daniel that Carly had performed the surgery. Carly thanked Chloe for allowing Daniel to save the day. Chloe firmly ordered Daniel to accompany her to his office, so he could take his medication and check his blood pressure before they went to the Brady Pub for coffee.

After Daniel and Chloe had left, Vivian arrived and taunted Carly, but Carly handily retorted with barbs of her own. Vivian suspected Carly felt vulnerable without Bo around for protection. Daniel returned and strongly suggested that Vivian back off, or he would "call the men in the white suits and order that long-overdue psych evaluation."

Vivian threatened to tell Victor what Daniel had done. Daniel wasn't afraid of his godfather, and vowed to press charges if Vivian ever bothered another member of his family while they were on duty. Carly urged Daniel to get back to Chloe, who had returned in time to witness Daniel's heated words.

As Chloe and Daniel walked off, Vivian began making derogatory remarks about Carly again, but Carly decisively ordered her to shut up. "I don't need Bo or Daniel to take care of me," Carly declared, then added with a sardonic smile, "I mean, hell, I took care of Lawrence, didn't I?" Carly cut off a furious Vivian again by excitedly contemplating the outcome were Carly to inject Vivian with an air bubble-after which everyone would assume that Vivian had merely had a stroke.

In a waiting area, Melanie and Philip discussed the situation with Chloe and Carly. Melanie understood why Chloe might have felt threatened because of what she'd witnessed. Melanie joked that the gorgeous, talented Chloe had no reason to feel insecure, and Philip somewhat irritably asked her to cut Chloe some slack. Melanie reassured Philip, "Of course. Philip, I don't have a problem with Chloe; Chloe's got a problem with Carly."

Melanie and Philip returned to the nurses' station in time to hear Carly firmly demanding, "It's time to go, Vivian. Now!" Philip grabbed Vivian by the arm and told her to go home-or to hell-and stop provoking Carly. "I know, you're going to tell my father on me," he added sarcastically. "Everyone takes her side," Vivian huffed peevishly before storming off.

Carly's nerve impressed Melanie, who then asked if Carly would put in a good word for Melanie if Melanie decided to rejoin the nursing program. An elated Carly declared as she hugged Melanie, "It's the best news I've heard in a long time!"

At the Brady Pub, Daniel explained to Chloe that Bo wanted Carly to stay with them for protection-but they would figure something else out, like moving temporarily into Bo's house, if Chloe wasn't comfortable with the idea. Trying to cover her reluctance, Chloe agreed that Carly could stay with them.

Sensing her lack of enthusiasm, Daniel reassured Chloe that he loved her, and she shouldn't feel threatened by Carly's presence. He added that Vivian would be less likely to try something if she knew people were watching out for Carly. Daniel's pager went off, and he had to return to the hospital.

While Chloe was waiting for Daniel to return, Father Matt arrived, so Chloe invited the priest to join her for coffee. Father Matt reminded Chloe that she and Daniel still needed to finish their pre-marital counseling, lest they have to postpone their wedding date. When Chloe didn't respond, Father Matt asked if something were bothering her. Chloe filled him in about the situation with Carly-and added that she felt terrible for being a little resentful.

Eyes twinkling, Father Matt remarked, "Most women would be thrilled to have the mother of their fiancé's daughter as a houseguest." The priest concluded with a chuckle, "You've got some clueless dude there, Chloe." Chloe insisted that Daniel was a wonderful man who would do anything for his daughter, but, "I just don't think he sees that Carly is a manipulative bitch!" Father Matt made Chloe promise that she would have an honest talk with Daniel.

As Father Matt was leaving, Vivian walked in and overheard Chloe muttering, "Yeah, right. What am I going to say? 'Hey, Daniel, you know Carly? I hate her stupid guts.'" Vivian's eyes lit up with devious glee. "Well, welcome to the club, Chloe," Vivian declared quietly.

As Melanie and Philip returned to Maggie's house, he was on the phone with a producer at Titan. When he hung up, Philip suggested that Melanie should be the new roving reporter for Titan TV. Although she was flattered, Melanie declined, citing her return to the nursing program-plus, she hoped that working at the hospital would help her get closer to her parents. Philip understood.

On the docks, Madeline Peterson-Woods tried to mend fences with Gabi, while Chad listened. Madeline commended Gabi for her loyalty to Rafe, and urged Gabi not to blame Chad for anything D.A. Woods said or did. Gabi was impressed that Chad had challenged his father, and Chad noted that he'd decided he agreed with her that Rafe would never have done what he was accused of doing.

Over coffee at the Java Café, Kate told Will that she wanted him to make the decision entirely on his own about whether to move out of his mom's, because she didn't want him to regret it later. Will confessed that the only reason he might reconsider was that when his mom found out that he was moving into the DiMera mansion, she might refuse to let him see Sydney. Kate conceded that Sami was a good mother, and so Sami would not likely keep Will from seeing any of his siblings. Kate also hoped Will would soon work things out with his mom.

"This is so weird," Will noted with a wry chuckle. "I end up moving in with the DiMeras because E.J. moved in with us." He asked if Kate knew what E.J. was up to. Kate had no idea, except that E.J. and Stefano had locked horns. Will stated that he'd hoped things would return to normal when they got Sydney back. Instead, he added with a frown, "It still feels like there's something really wrong."

As Will was telling Kate that he would see her at the mansion later, Chad, Gabi, and Madeline arrived. Madeline promised Gabi, "I will do everything I can to expedite your brother's release." Gabi was grateful.

On his way out, Will inquired about Chad's dad. Chad replied that his dad was doing okay, but the police were still holding Rafe. Will exclaimed, "They've got to let Rafe go! He wouldn't do anything like that." Madeline remarked, "That seems to be the general consensus." Madeline sat at a table while Chad and Gabi went to order coffees. Chad wondered why his mom was going to help Rafe. Meanwhile, Kate spotted Madeline across the restaurant, and Madeline returned her gaze with an icy stare.

After they had all chatted for a while, Gabi had to go to work, but thanked Mrs. Woods again for helping with Rafe. After Gabi had gone, Madeline graciously declared that although Gabi was lovely, she was too young for Chad.

As Kate was leaving, Chad greeted her politely. Madeline hoped that Chad would keep his distance from Will, because Chad didn't need any further dealings with the DiMeras. Chad assured her that he and Will were merely acquaintances.

At the police station, Sami confided to Roman that her life was falling apart again, and it was all her fault. She explained that she'd blown up at Will for allowing Nicole to say goodbye to Sydney, plus Will was mad at her because E.J. was still staying with Sami, so Will was moving out of the townhouse. Sami added that Rafe was furious with her, as well, for lying to Hope in an attempt to give him an alibi.

Roman shared Sami's opinion about her life, but asserted that E.J.-and not Sami-was the root of all her problems. Sami argued that E.J. had gotten Sydney back, and besides, E.J. had changed. Roman reminded Sami that E.J. had served her with custody papers at Grace's funeral. "He's a DiMera," Roman asserted. "They don't change."

Sami insisted that E.J. was the only one who really understood how Sami had felt through the kidnapping, and he seemed to be the only one who accepted her for who she really was. "In other words, he's got you just where he wants you," concluded Roman. As Sami pulled out her coat, she remarked petulantly, "Well, Dad, I really appreciate the faith you've shown in me."

Roman gently reassured his daughter that he understood why she might have felt close to E.J., but she should never forget what E.J. had done. Sami asserted that E.J. had forgiven her for lying to him. "That's another thing DiMeras never do," Roman maintained. Sami stated, "I have to do what I think is best for my kids, Dad. And that means having a good, honest relationship with their father-even if it drives you crazy." She left the police station.

Sami then returned to the townhouse, where Will was just leaving with several bags of his belongings. She apologized for overreacting earlier, but insisted that E.J. was only staying with them temporarily. Will divulged that instead of moving in with his dad and Nathan, he was moving in with Grandma Kate. Sami declared furiously, "There is no way you are staying at that house!" Feigning indifference, Will headed out the door anyway.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. admitted to Stefano that he had kidnapped Sydney. Stefano mused that Anna's videotaped confession might not be enough evidence against Elvis for the police to arrest him, but it was certainly enough for Samantha to keep E.J. from seeing his children. E.J. declared that he would prevent Stefano from giving the DVD to the authorities "by any means necessary."

The two men exchanged vague threats, with E.J. concluding that he would kill Stefano to keep the DVD from getting out. The threat disappointed and dismayed Stefano, but did not seem to really worry him. Hurt and angry, E.J. pointed out, "You would take my child away from me because I had the gall to pay you back for what you did to me? And now you're going to give my child to a woman you hate?"

Stefano became emotional as he argued that a man who could torture his family by faking his own child's death did not deserve to have children. "Don't you dare," E.J. interjected, adding, "You are no longer my father." Stefano maintained that he had always tried to do what was best for the family, insisting, "I have to do this, Elvis. I have to." As E.J. calmly picked up a dagger-shaped letter opener from the desk, he stated quietly, "And I have to stop you."

Marco, the DiMera henchman, entered just then and asked Stefano if there were a problem, but Stefano waved him away. After Marco left, Stefano and E.J. faced off, glowering at each other. E.J.'s eyes filled with tears as he fidgeted with the letter opener, and finally he flung it across the room. E.J. sank heavily into a chair, and both men cried quietly as Stefano put a hand on his son's shoulder. "No matter what happens, I will always love you," Stefano declared.

Just as E.J. had begun to regain his composure, a livid Sami burst into the room. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she demanded. E.J. quickly stood and turned his back, furtively wiping away tears as he moved to the window. Sami looked at him in disbelief, then leveled an accusing gaze at Stefano, who met her eyes with a steely glare.

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