One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on OLTL

Allison held Jessica at gunpoint. Jared and Allison struggled and went over a balcony. Jared managed to hang on, but Allison fell. Natalie was confused about her feelings for Jared. Ramsey ordered Gigi to remain in Llaview. Viki offered Gigi and Shane a place to live. Langston lied to Starr about a phone call.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, February 18, 2008

At Ultra Violet, Mary J. Blige continues to perform for Starr's Sweet Sixteen party. During the performance, Starr continues to express her thanks to Cole and Langston. Both are pleased that Starr is enjoying her party. Starr tells Cole she loves him and that she is having the best time of her life. Cole also declares his love for Starr. After blowing out the candles on her cake, Starr thanks her friends for coming and admits that all her wishes have came true. Cole and Langston find some time alone and discuss Starr. Both admit how they understand Starr's doubts about their relationship. They discuss how confusing their relationship has become recently. Cole feels they have become closer as a result of planning Starr's party, and their involvement in grief counseling. Cole and Langston admit their relationship has changed, but agree they are just friends. Cole admits to being in love with Starr and hates how he has pushed her away after losing his mother. Meanwhile, Starr is telling Markko how lucky she is to have a boyfriend like Cole.

On the terrace of the hotel, Jessica locates Allison, who holds her at gunpoint. Jessica pleads with Allison to spare her life, but Allison taunts Jessica and threatens to kill her. Allison tells Jessica she will never learn the secret, because Allison plans to take it to the grave. When Jessica asks why Allison wants to kill her, Allison states she wants to make the wretched people suffer-Jessica's family and the ones who never believed in Mitch Laurence. Allison becomes enraged, as she thinks about those who were against the cult. Continuing to hold Jessica at gunpoint, Allison tells Jessica if Mitch wanted Jessica dead, that's good enough for her. Trying to appeal to Allison's emotions, Jessica begs Allison not to hurt her, for Bree's sake. Jessica is horrified to learn, Allison has held Bree in her arms. Allison orders Jessica to beg for her life, on her hands and knees. Jessica complies.

At the Go Red Ball, everyone is stunned when Mayor Lowell introduces Ramsey as the new police commissioner. As Ramsey gives his speech, Rex asks Bo if this is actually happening. Bo reveals he has been fired as Llanview's police commissioner. Meanwhile, Ramsey tells the crowd that he is pleased to take over the reins, and enlightens everyone on the reason Bo is no longer the top cop. Ramsey cites Bo's inability to wrap up the many unsolved crimes that have struck the town. The new police commissioner promises the residents of Llanview, that the days of felons walking the streets unpunished is over.

As Ramsey wraps up his speech, Gigi nervously prepares to leave the ball, but is stopped by Viki. Viki questions why her friend is leaving in such a panic. Gigi tells Viki that she needs to pick Shane up right away. With a smirk on his face, Ramsey watches Gigi from across the room. Before Gigi can escape, Ramsey approaches and introduces himself to Viki, as Gigi looks on in horror. Viki notices Gigi's nervousness and offers her car and driver to Gigi. As Gigi attempts to leave, Ramsey excuses himself from Viki, and follows Gigi. A confused and curious, Viki looks on as Ramsey walks away. Ramsey stops Gigi and reminds her that whether or not she has a good night is completely up to her. Gigi tells Ramsey she plans to pick up Shane and leave Llanview forever; she promises not to cause him any problems. Ramsey is pleased by Gigi's news, but informs her that he is aware of Shane's whereabouts. Gigi is frightened by Ramsey's revelation.

Lindsay catches Nora riffling through the many secrets that have fallen on the floor. When Nora calls Lindsay a murderer, who likes to fake insanity, Lindsay becomes enraged and tells Nora she is feeling a bit insane. Nora asks Lindsay if she plans to kill her because Nora may uncover Lindsay's secret. Lindsay innocently replies, "What secret?" Both Lindsay and Nora search through the many papers, containing all of Llanview's secrets. When Nora shows interest in a particular secret, Lindsay quickly attempts to retrieve it. As the women struggle over the secret, the piece of paper flies clear across the room and lands on top of Nora, who has fallen to the floor. The secret reads, "Natalie. I made it all up. I'm not your uncle." The secret goes unnoticed. The women continue to argue and search frantically for the secret Lindsay submitted. Suddenly, Lindsay recovers her secret, which reads, "I faked insanity to get cleared of murder charges." Upon locating the secret, Lindsay gasps-alerting Nora that the secret has been found. As Nora and Lindsay struggle for control of the secret, Lindsay places the piece of paper in her mouth. To Nora's horror, Lindsay begins swallowing the secret.

As Roxy is searching for Allison, she is approached by Clint, who is looking for Nora. Nora attempts to prevent Lindsay from destroying the evidence. As Nora begins to perform the Heimlich on Lindsay, Clint enters the room and demands to know what is going on. As the women try to explain, Clint dismisses them both, and informs them that Bo has been fired as police commissioner. When Lindsay questions why, Nora informs Lindsay that she is the reason Bo has been relieved of his duties. Clint breaks up the argument and tells them both that Bo is in need of a support system. Feeling guilty, both Nora and Lindsay follow Clint to the ballroom to find Bo, leaving the many secrets scattered across the floor.

Natalie begs Jared to leave her alone. Jared tells Natalie he is in love with her. Natalie appears disgusted by Jared's revelation. As Jared attempts to explain himself, he tells Natalie he is willing to give it all up. Natalie questions what exactly Jared is willing to give up. Natalie tells Jared that she is sickened by his feelings for her. She cannot understand how he could be in love with his niece. When Natalie tells Jared there is no way they could ever be together, Jared asks, "What if there was a way?" Jared tells Natalie he is willing to give up being a Buchanan. He tells Natalie that she means more to him than anything. As Natalie attempts to reason with Jared, she receives a phone call from Nash. Jared begs her not to take the call because he has information to reveal that could change their lives. Natalie ignores Jared's request and takes Nash's call. Nash reveals that Jessica left for the ball quite some time ago to tell Bo about Allison. Natalie becomes frightened and believes Jessica may have encountered Allison at the ball. Natalie tells Jared that Jessica may be in danger. As Natalie leaves to find her sister, Jared offers to help. Jared tells Natalie to inform Bo that Allison may be on the premises, and says he is going to look for Jessica. Natalie asks him to be careful.

Charlie questions the actions of Dorian's date (Mayor Lowell) and mentions how disappointed everyone appears by the news of Bo losing his job. As Charlie speaks with Dorian, Rex and Adriana interrupt their conversation. When Rex interjects how great a guy Bo is, Adriana quickly adds that Bo has been like a father to Rex. Adriana realizes her statement may have offended Charlie, but Charlie admits to understanding-he says Bo acted as a father to Rex when he wasn't. Rex tells Charlie that it doesn't matter because Charlie is in his life now. Rex admits he had hoped to run into Charlie at the ball, and expresses how happy he is to see Charlie. As an uncomfortable Charlie looks on, Dorian tells Rex how fortunate he is to have a man of Charlie's caliber as his father. She tells Rex it must have been a shock to him, as it was to her. Charlie realizes Dorian's remarks are directed at him. Rex begins to tell Charlie what a terrible man Wally Balsom was; Rex says after believing a man like Wally was his father, there is nothing that Charlie could ever do that would compare to Wally's despicable deeds. Later, Viki remarks to Charlie how sad he appears over his failure to connect with his "other" son. Charlie admits it is hard to realize his son wants nothing to do with him, but he vows to start concentrating on what he does have finally-a young man who really wants to be his son.

As Dorian and Blair look on, Todd tells Mayor Lowell that he has made a huge mistake by appointing Ramsey as police commissioner. Todd tells the mayor that Ramsey was responsible for Marty's death, and attempted to murder an innocent woman and child. The mayor defends Ramsey's actions, and reminds Todd that he should be in prison, due to the many crimes he has committed. The mayor says Todd is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Llanview Police Department. After the mayor leaves, Ramsey approaches Todd and Blair and inquires about their conversation with the mayor. Ramsey suggests he has plans to make the Manning's lives miserable. Ramsey's threats appear to have no effect on Todd and Blair; they ridicule him and walk away.

Bo questions what Ramsey has done to coerce the mayor into appointing him police commissioner. Ramsey questions how Bo has been allowed to remain police commissioner for so many years and ruin the department. Bo tells Ramsey he doesn't trust him and promises to uncover what Ramsey is up to.

While looking for Allison, Roxy discovers the secrets that Nora and Lindsay have left behind. As Roxy looks through the secrets and manages to steal a few, Dorian enters the room and demands to know what Roxy is doing.

As Jessica begs for her life, Allison laughs and taunts Jessica about never learning the secret. Jared finds Allison holding Jessica at gunpoint. Allison demands to know how Jared is. Jared stands in front of Jessica, and tells Allison he will not allow her to hurt Jessica. Jessica informs Allison that Jared is her uncle. Allison appears amused and shows delight in the opportunity to kill two Buchanans. Meanwhile, Natalie finds Viki, Clint, and Bo. She informs everyone that Jessica came to the hotel to look for Allison. Bo tells Ramsey he needs to search the building for Allison Perkins and Jessica. Ramsey takes charge and orders hotel security to operate the hotel cameras. As Viki, Clint, Natalie, Bo, Nora, and Charlie look on, a security camera shows Allison holding Jared and Jessica at gunpoint. As Allison continues to threaten their lives, Jared grabs Allison and they struggle over the gun. As Jessica runs for cover, Jared and Allison take a frightful fall over the terrace.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things are crazy at the Go Red Ball as Bo is fired and replaced with Lee Ramsey, the box full of secrets is spilled out and combed through, and Jared and Allison tumble over the terrace after a struggle with Allison's gun. "What? I suppose this is my fault too?" Lindsay asks a glaring Nora, as everyone watches the horrible scene on a monitor. On the terrace, Jared manages to grab a gutter on the way down, as Allison clings to him and they hang far above the traffic below. Jess does her best to hold onto Jared but it's tough and she doesn't know what to do. Allison continues to taunt that Jessica will never know the secret she holds will never be known to Jessica now.

Dorian finds Roxy amidst all of the secrets spilled out on the floor. "Helping? In the cleanup?" Roxy stammers in answer to Dorian's questioning, as she stuffs secrets into her dress. She pleads with Dorian not to turn her in and promises that the secrets are safe with her. Dorian is pretty angry as the secrets were to be safeguarded until they could all be burned, but she decides to let the incident slide due to the upcoming nuptials of their children. Dorian sniffs at Roxy's suggestion to look at the secrets and orders her to leave immediately. With Roxy gone, though, Dorian can't help herself, and begins to read through some of the private thoughts of Llanview's citizens. Rex sulks over Bo losing his job and tries to figure out something to do to help him. Adriana suggests that he just be there for him, the same way that Bo always stood by Rex. She also reminds him that he has a father of his own now and proposes a toast to him. Rex admits to feeling nervous and awkward around him, much like a little kid.

Blair arrives home with Todd, still wondering why any sane person would appoint Ramsey to his new position. They find Jack asleep in their bed, with Sam, wide awake by his side. Todd finds a picture that Jack has made of his family, which brings a smile to Todd's face. Blair points out how accepting kids are and how they just love. Jack awakens at at the sound of their voices and tells his parents how much he loves his family. His parents whole-heartedly agree. Blair implores Todd to savor the moment as she can see his thoughts are elsewhere. He shares that he is just too concerned about Ramsey, he shares.

At Ultra Violet, Starr is still in disbelief over her surprise Sweet 16 party, and still feels foolish over her outburst. Markko assures her that Cole is crazy in love with her. Cole thanks Langston for all of her help. Langston says sShe's happy that Cole and Starr have each other since they both mean the world to her. Cole admits that he feels the same way about his friends.

Sarah and Cris share a kiss; she doesn't want to wait any longer but he doesn't want to rush into anything. She admits that she's nervous about falling in love but assures him that she wants to make love. They head to the bedroom.

Dorian is almost delirious in her reading of the secrets and can't help but chuckle and gasp as she reads them. Roxy, returning for her misplaced hairclip, catches her in the act. At first, Dorian denies reading them, but soon the women share the moment and some laughter. They're caught by a security guard who listens doubtfully to Roxy's explanation that someone else knocked it over and that she and Dr. Lord, the co-host of the event, were merely trying to clean it up. Dorian thanks the guard for being "so vigilant." He tells them he'll take over. Ramsey directs the search for Jess, Jared, and Allison, as security continues to try to to figure out what floor they are on. Nora emphasizes to Lindsay that it's not about her. At the terrace, the gutter breaks but Jared manages to grasp the ledge, as Allison continues to hold onto him. As they hear help coming thougharriving, Allison decides that she'd prefer death over any of the alternatives that await her, and she lets go, falling to the street below.

It is finally learned where the drama is happening and Eeveryone heads to the terrace on the 6th floor when they learn that's where the drama is happening. Charlie has already found them first and reaches for Jared, telling him that he refuses to lose him again. He urges him not to give up. Jess is about to go for help but everyone who has d been watching the scene on the monitor rushes out onto the terrace. Adriana and Rex get ready to continue their evening at home, but are stopped in their tracks by a disheveled Roxy, who makes up a crazy story as to whyabout her appearance looks the way it does. When they hear news of the incident on the terrace, Rex and Adriana leave her Roxy quickly and head for the action. Dorian learns of the existence of surveillance cameras in the front hallway- where the secrets box is, in particular. She sees the guard cleaning up and figures she'd better have a talk with someone.

Bo and Charlie manage to pull Jared up. He's also been shot and an ambulance is called. Jess announces that he saved her life. Nat is quickly by his side. Rex calls Charlie a hero. Jared has only suffered a flesh wound and he dismisses the medics. Jess feels responsible for all that has happened. Dorian meets Roxy again and they wonder where everyone is. The secrets are gone and "are all fired up, poof," Roxy exclaims. Dorian manages to secure the tapes of the area where the secrets box was and exchanges them with the guard, for some money. She doesn't think that anyone needs to see them riffling through the secrets.

An ecstatic Starr gets home from her party and assures her parents that she's sorry they missed it. She loves her family, she adds, and explains how she's not like other teens who might not choose to be with their own families. She feels crazy to have thought that Cole and Langston were cheating, though Todd of course, threatens Cole should he hurt his daughter. Starr gets her dad's hint to leave them but the mood quickly turns sour when Todd finds a bullet on the bed.

Nat and Jess learn that Allison is still alive, barely, an awning having broken her fall. Ramsey gives her an hour to live. He wonders if the sister could have had anything to do with Allison's breakout from St. Anne's, considering that they all have a history. Ramsey makes it known that he won't let any criminals go unpunished, like "uncle cop." Nora steps in to quiet him, advising him that the family's had enough to deal with. He in turn suggests that she won't be D.A. for very long. Dorian and Roxy, having gotten the scoop from Lindsay, rush in. Dorian lauds Viki for having landed a superhero who risked his life for someone he hardly knows. Viki is dismissive. Nat is thankful that Jared is all right and he reminds her that he was about to tell her something before all of theis excitement. He has decided to let everyone hear his announcement. "Here it comes," Dorian murmurs

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jared wants to make an announcement to those still present at the Go Red Ball. Nash flies into the room, shouting for Jessica. They hug and she assures him she's okay, thanks to Jared. Nash looks stunned. He thanks Jared; Jared says Nash would have done the same. Natalie asks what Jared wanted to announce. He says it's about Charlie. Jared says "This man... Charlie... is-" and then Dorian interrupts him at length. She babbles on about Charlie's heroics, and leads everyone in a round of applause for Jared and Charlie. Viki wonders what Dorian is up to. Dorian leads Jared away from the crowd, ostensibly to interview him for her Craze article. Viki asks if Charlie is all right, and he assures her he's fine. Rex is worried, too, that Charlie might have been hurt. Viki notices that Charlie is concerned about Jared. He walks over to Dorian and Jared. Dorian tells Charlie she's trying to talk sense into Jared about not telling the secret that he's Charlie's son. Dorian insists that if Jared tells the truth now, both he and Charlie will end up in jail.

Jessica notices Nash's hands are shaking. He's so afraid of losing her. They talk about how crazy Allison is. Jessica feels guilty for doubting Nash. Bo reminds her that their research hasn't turned up positive proof one way or another if Jared is a Buchanan.

Jessica wonders if they were all wrong about Jared. Meanwhile, Jared snaps at Dorian, wondering why she prevented him from speaking. She says she kept him from making the biggest mistake of his life. He says he didn't ask for her advice. He says he can't keep living the lie. Dorian tells him he can, and he will. The police need a statement from Jessica. She asks about Allison's condition. The officer tells her Allison won't make it through the night. Nash warns Natalie and Jessica not to tell the cops about their involvement in Allison's escape.

Clint thanks Jared for saving Jessica and Charlie for saving Jared. Clint says that Jared might be more of a Buchanan than they'd imagined. Jessica hugs Jared, thanking him again for saving her life. Jared thanks Charlie, and extends a hand to shake, surprising Charlie.

Viki is proud of Charlie and mentions how proud Rex is of him. Viki says Charlie's other son would be proud, too. Charlie replies that Rex needs him, whereas the other son doesn't, not now.

Natalie asks Jared what he was going to announce before. Jared apologizes, saying that he overstepped his bounds. He tells her firmly that he is her uncle and they both have to remember that. Clint calls out to Jared, asking if he needs a ride back to the house.

Lindsay tells Bo she's leaving tonight and moving in with R.J. Bo says "absolutely not" and tells her that the Mayor wanted him out, and Lindsay is not the reason Bo was fired. Bo reminds her that her living situation is due to a court order. Clint comes over and expresses his outrage that Bo was fired. Nora wonders why Lee was made Commissioner, of all people. Then she suggests that if Lindsay moves out, Bo can go back to the Mayor and negotiate to get his job back. Bo responds angrily. He's not going to beg to get his job back. Bo tells them all to butt out, then storms away.

Viki notes that Allison may die due to her injuries. Natalie is glad that Jared got there in time, before Allison could hurt Jessica.

Todd hides a rifle cartridge in his hand, then slips it into his pocket so Blair won't see. She asks him what's wrong. She reminds him they swore to tell each other everything. Todd gets irritated and snaps at her trying to get her to back off. Then they begin to snipe at each other in earnest. He tells her that she and the children are bothering him and he wants his freedom. He says he doesn't do happy, or responsible. Blair wonders if he's afraid he's going to fail. Todd insists that he just wants the freedom to do whatever he wants, without worrying about the consequences. Blair asks what exactly he wants to do. He wants to kill Lee. Blair tells him he's not capable of killing someone. Todd mentions that he's killed before, and Blair reminds him those instances were not premeditated murder. She tells him he has a family to consider. Todd says "that's the damn problem" because now, his hands are tied. Now, he has to set an example. Blair asks Todd if he's afraid of Lee. Todd is afraid of losing the people he cares about. He says Lee will not hesitate to take everything away from Todd. He says you can't step out of line with Lee, and Todd's the kind of guy who is always out of line.

Talia and Antonio are at his place. Talia wonders if Lee is going to be strict about the no-fraternization rules. Antonio is distracted about Bo being fired. He tells her he'd rather be distracted by her beauty. They kiss. Antonio announces that Jamie is still sleeping: she's a champion sleeper like her dad. Talia thinks it will be weird for Jamie to see her there in the middle of the night. Antonio wonders if she's looking for an excuse to leave. He wants her to stay. They kiss some more. They share a glass of champagne, followed by more kissing. Jamie calls from the next room, wanting her daddy to get her a glass of water. Antonio and Talia read a bedtime story to Jamie. Jamie runs to her room to get her floppy bunny, and Antonio apologizes to Talia for the interruption. She smiles and tells him there will be other nights; she's not going anywhere. Antonio and Talia share a cookie while Jamie sleeps between them on the couch.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cris and Sarah stir from an evening of lovemaking. "Good thing we came home early, huh?" Cris asks slyly. "Who needs a Ball when you have a bed?" is Sarah's response. He wants to know if things are good between them and Sarah assures him that she has no regrets. Feeling hunger pangs, Sarah promises Cris that Layla and Vincent aren't around and they head for the kitchen, naked. Suddenly, the front door opens and the pair hide in the kitchen as Layla and Vincent walk in. Layla talks Vincent out of going for some dessert in the fridge and they head for Layla's room. Thinking the coast clear, Sarah and Cris, wrapped in paper towels, head for Sarah's room. It doesn't work though-Vincent walks out of Layla's room and catches them sneaking by. He finds the whole thing rather amusing, but Layla is clearly annoyed, especially when she sees her 3-ply paper towels being used for clothing. Then she spots the mess: cake and ice cream all over the kitchen floor. She begins to clean it up but Vincent thinks they should leave it for the perpetrators. They were obviously humiliated, he believes.

An obviously concerned Renee is grateful to see that Jared is fine and she calls him a "typical Buchanan man" for thinking that he was invincible. Matthew is in awe of his uncle who is now a hero. He and Shane are anxious to hear all of the details of the evening's events. Shane mentions that he knows two heroes now, Jared and Charlie, who is a "great guy." Jared praises Charlie also, and Matthew wants to know if they've become buddies. Nora, Clint, and Renee whisper about the news concerning Bo's firing and wonder how it'll affect Matthew. Bo himself doesn't even understand the turn of events, they point out. "He's paying for Lindsay's crimes," cites Nora. Nigel serves champagne and a sparkling drink for the boys. Renee toasts Jared, "...a Buchanan through and through." Jared thanks Renee, mentioning that she has always been there for him, from the beginning. She responds that she has never believed in letting others determine her feelings, and her instincts have proven to be correct. She thinks that Asa would have been very proud to call Jared his son. "Let's not get carried away," Jared tells her. Gigi is there, ready to leave Llanview, but she receives a call from Lee, asking for a meeting. She asks Shane to help her out by spending the night at the mansion. The boys get a kick out of watching the leaked security tape showing Jared on the terrace and replay it several times. They keep calling him a hero. Matthew points out that he's just like Bo. Nigel wonders if Jared hasn't had too much praise for one evening but Jared suggests that he's actually had too much pain, as he goes in search of some aspirin for his shoulder wound. Nigel confesses that he doesn't think that the real son, David Vickers, would have done the same thing by saving Jessica. Jared says that he only wants to be accepted, and Nigel responds by indicating that he actually believes him. Jared tells him he won't regret it.

Nora and Clint think that the mayor and his cronies are gloating about firing Bo. Clint believes that Lee threatened by Bo. He notes that his brother never went along with the politicos if he believed something different from them. He wishes that he had all of the information on people that Asa had-and something on Lee Ramsey as well. Jared looks longingly at Nat's framed picture. Nora and Clint mention that Jared has "become the perfect uncle" and the boys obviously adore Jared. Jared is flattered, but he enjoys the boys too. Nora compliments Jared, and Clint invites him to an important business meeting in the morning. Renee is just happy that Jared and Jess are safe.

Jess, Nash, and Nat arrive at the hospital and learn that Allison is not expected to make it through the night. Antonio, there on official business, walks in as Nash and Jess share a kiss. He clears his throat and tells Jess that he has questions for her. Jess manages to answer all of the questions without putting any suspicion on herself or Nat regarding Allison's escape from St. Anne's. She's forced to admit that she was a patient there and ran into Allison. She heard of Allison's escape and wanted to look for her, afraid that the woman would hurt her family because she worshipped Mitch Lawrence and hated Jess's family. She explains that Allison taunted her by stating that she had an important secret. She also talks about Jared saving her life, which confuses Antonio. He remembers that Jared was supposed to be a fraud. A police officer informs them that the only thing Allison had was a DVD and he brings it over, encased in plastic. The DVD is broken which greatly upsets Jess, who was looking forward to watching it. Nat heads to Allison's room and talks to the heavily sedated and unconscious woman. She wants to know why Allison tried to kill Jessica and calls her a "total whack job." She also thanks Allison, because without her she would have never known her wonderful family. She wants to know why Allison kept torturing Jess. Nat thinks about Jared too.

Jess heads into Allison's room and apologizes to Nat for dragging her into the mess. She's just happy that it's not Jess laying in the bed. Jess wants to know if Nat is okay and if things are difficult. "Nothing I can do about it," Nat responds. Nat heads out to sit with Nash, since Jess wants to stay and say something to Allison. She sits close to her and tells her, "I know you can hear me. You think you've won but you haven't. I know your secret." Jess proceeds to tell her that the secret is that Jess is the luckiest person in the whole world and that she cherishes it. Jess has a secret for Allison too. She tells her to go to hell. In the waiting room, Nash tells Nat that he can't believe that Jess managed to respond to all of Antonio's questions without divulging the truth about the escape.

Gigi reluctantly meets with Lee at the Palace bar. He tells her he likes her and that she's feisty. He also informs her that he would never hurt a child and that children are miracles who need protection. Gigi immediately assumes that he means for her to keep her mouth shut, because he's told her so many times before that she quite understands. She makes it known that she and Shane are leaving Llanview immediately, but he stuns her and asks her to stay. He points out that she's a single mother all alone and bad things could happen, so he wants to look after her. She reminds him that she's not alone, that she has Shane, and that she's been on her own for a long time. He thinks that they should get to know each other, though he knows much about her already. He spouts off facts, including the amount of money that she has in the bank. Gigi thinks she knows enough about him already, too, but as he pats her hand, he tells her that she has a lot to gain with him as a friend. She orders him to keep his hands to himself. She agrees to stay, but warns him that he'd better not try to hurt her son again. "I never have," he replies. Antonio is summoned to meet with the new police chief and finds it odd that they are meeting at the bar. Lee indicates that he has his own rules and he will get the bad guys. He adds that the bad guys are whoever he says they are. This doesn't sit well with Antonio.

Friday, February 22, 2008

At Llanfair, Viki and Charlie enter the kitchen as Natalie reads the latest edition of the Sun. The front page contains a photograph of both Jared and Charlie with the heading, "Bastard Buchanan Hero At Benefit Ball." Charlie appears slightly bothered by his picture in the paper, but his attention is soon diverted when Rex and Adriana arrive in time for breakfast. A proud Rex has several newspapers and compliments for his dad. Both Adriana and Rex are surprised when Shane and Gigi enter the room. While Shane fawns over Charlie, the hero, Gigi is embarrassed to be seen by Rex and Adriana in her robe. Gigi attempts to excuse herself, but Viki insists Gigi join the breakfast celebration. Adriana appears uncomfortable by the presence of Shane and Gigi. As Shane continues to praise Charlie's heroic actions, Natalie's thoughts turn to Jared.

While everyone is amused by Shane's excitement, Adriana looks intently at the little boy. As Rex gives Shane a great deal of attention, a sullen Adriana looks on. When Natalie asks Gigi how long she plans to stay in town, Gigi's thoughts turn to Ramsey's "request" that she stay in Llanview. Adriana appears upset when Gigi responds that she is thinking of staying in Llanview. Viki is happy by the news and suggests that Gigi and Shane stay at Llanfair. An excited Shane begs his mother to accept the offer. Shane's excitement and zest for life remind Rex of himself as a child. Rex invites everyone to the loft for an Oscar party. After breakfast, everyone is sitting at the table and enjoying Shane's antics. Rex offers to help clear the table, but Viki reminds him that he is a guest. Rex insists on helping, and picks up Charlie's plate. Unnoticed, Rex removes Charlie's fork and places it in a plastic bag. Later, both Rex and Charlie express their happiness to be reunited as father and son.

While Rex and Shane continue to enjoy each other's company, Adriana and Gigi both appear irritated. When Shane mentions he has asthma, Rex reveals that he also suffered with asthma as a child. As Rex and Shane discuss their love for basketball, Adriana receives a call. Rex is engrossed in his conversation with Shane, and is oblivious to Adriana's call. Adriana answers the phone, and excitedly responds, "That's unbelievable." When Adriana approaches Rex to inform him of her great news, he doesn't hear her-he has just invited Shane to a basketball game. Adriana is speechless and disappointed. When Rex invites Adriana to join him and Shane at the basketball game, she lashes out at Rex for ignoring her. As Gigi listens nearby, Adriana accuses Rex of ingratiating himself with Shane. Rex is amazed by Adriana's reaction. Adriana tells Rex she received an exciting offer for the company. The opportunity would call for her to travel to Paris for two weeks or longer. Adriana asks Rex to go to Paris with her. Rex declines Adriana's offer; he reminds her that he just reunited with Charlie. Adriana tells Rex she will not go to Paris without him. Rex realizes Adriana has decided to turn down the offer because she doesn't trust him with Gigi.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nigel and Jared discuss the Sun's front page headline. While Nigel is concerned that the article may attract unwanted publicity, Jared wants to thank him for the kind words Nigel spoke the night before. Nigel commends Jared for saving Jessica's life, and states David Vickers would have never done such a thing. Jared is pleased when Nigel states he is no longer conflicted by allowing Jared to impersonate a Buchanan. However, Nigel leaves Jared with a warning-if Jared does anything to hurt the family, Nigel will expose him. Moments later, Clint, Nora, and Matthew join Jared. While Matthew sings Jared's praises, he notices the morning edition of the Sun. The headline at the bottom of the page catches Matthew's attention-"Buchanan Out As Police Commissioner." As a stunned Matthew questions his family about the news, Bo enters the room and informs his son of the development. Everyone takes the time to explain to Matthew that politics were involved in his father's firing. Matthew is upset by the news, but soon begins suggesting new career opportunities for Bo. Bo informs his son that police work is his life, and states he has no interest in any other career. When Jared attempts to ease Matthew's concerns with kind words about the Buchanan family, Clint and Bo both appear touched. Clint suggests Bo consider working at Buchanan Enterprises, and reminds his brother of Asa's wish for the entire family to be involved in the company. Bo is flattered but turns down his brother's job offer. After Bo leaves, Matthew begins to worry about his father. Nora and Clint comfort Matthew. Later, Clint receives a disturbing phone call. Clint tells Nora, "Asa's enemies have moved in for the kill."

Over breakfast, Dorian, Blair, Starr, and Langston discuss Starr's sweet sixteen party. Jack interrupts the discussion when he demands to learn his father's whereabouts. An upset Jack remarks that Todd is never around for breakfast anymore. Starr has other things on her mind. Starr wonders if it is too early to call Cole and thank him for planning her party. Starr becomes bothered when Dorian suggests she not appear desperate, and allows Cole time to call her. Starr grudgingly agrees. Jack asks Blair to call Todd and find out when he will be home.

When Nora informs Cole of Ramsey's appointment to police commissioner, Cole is obviously upset. As Nora reminds Cole of how proud his mother would be at the progress he has made, Cole begins to have memories of shooting Miles. Cole excuses himself and calls Langston.

At the Llanview police station, Ramsey is making adjustments to his new office. As Ramsey throws Bo's desk nameplate into the trash and demands that Bo's name be removed from his office door, Todd enters the office. Todd places the bullet he found in his bed the night before on Ramsey's desk and demands to know the message Ramsey intends. Ramsey replies, "A bullet like this could kill someone." Todd suggests Ramsey placed the bullet in his bedroom, and warns Ramsey to stay away from his family. Ramsey never denies the accusation, but reminds Todd that several people would love to kill Todd. As Todd continues to threaten Ramsey, he receives a call from Blair. Todd tells Blair he is on the way home and abruptly hangs up the phone. When Ramsey comments about Blair's phone call, Todd becomes upset. Ramsey warns Todd that he holds Todd's life in his hands. Ramsey states he has nothing to lose, but Todd does. Ramsey tells Todd to be a good little boy, or he will lose everything. Looking defeated, Todd leaves.

While she's with Starr, Langston receives an urgent call from Cole. Cole tells Langston to meet him at the church basement, and not to mention the call to Starr. Langston is uncomfortable with the request, but agrees. Starr asks Langston for advice about calling Cole. Starr is surprised by Langston's suggestion that she follows Dorian's advice-and let Cole call her first. Starr becomes upset and states there is nothing wrong with phoning Cole and thanking him for the surprise party. Langston suggests Starr does as she pleases, and rushes off to meet Cole. At the church, Cole tells Langston something has happened and he cannot discuss it with Starr because she will get upset. Cole tells Langston that she is the only one he can talk to. Meanwhile, Starr calls Cole, but gets no answer. Later, Starr admits to Dorian that she called Cole. When Dorian disapproves, Starr reveals that she is worried that something bad is going to happen. Blair overhears and tells her daughter the bad times are over. Starr mentions to Blair and Dorian how strange Todd has been acting lately. Seconds later, Starr's worries are put to rest when Todd returns home. Starr is elated to see her father, and gives him a loving hug. Starr expresses her concern about Ramsey being appointed police commissioner, and reminds Todd that Ramsey pointed a gun at her. Todd hugs his daughter, and states, "There are some things you never forget." Jack is happy to see his father and tells him Sam wants to play with him. Todd's demeanor suddenly changes and he goes upstairs to play with Jack and Sam. As Todd walks away, Blair and Starr look concerned.

Alone together, Charlie thanks Viki for the breakfast and the opportunity to spend time with Rex. As Viki and Charlie embrace, Natalie interrupts them. Seconds later, the doorbell rings and Natalie stands face to face with Jared. Jared tells Natalie he has come to see Charlie and thank him for saving his life. Natalie speaks coldly to Jared, and leaves for work. When Charlie finds Jared in the hall, Jared shows Charlie a copy of the Sun. Jared tells Charlie that if the story gets national attention, his secret may be exposed. Before Charlie can answer, Viki appears and questions Jared's presence. Jared tells Viki he came to thank Charlie. When Viki thanks Jared for saving Jessica's life, Jared replies, "I would do anything for family." After Jared leaves, Viki tells Charlie that he will forever have a connection with Jared. Viki tells Charlie how remarkable it is that he has found such a large extended family in Llanview. Charlie says he feels like a lucky man. Viki tells Charlie she hopes he will be happy at Llanfair for a very long time. The two embrace and share a loving kiss. As Charlie hugs Viki, he looks troubled.

As Ramsey attempts to remove a fallen officer's picture from a wall at the police station, he pauses when he hears Bo's voice. Bo warns Ramsey, "If you want that arm to stay in one piece, I wouldn't touch that."

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