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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on GL
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Marina agonizes as she eavesdrops on Cyrus and Harley's phone call. Harley asks him not to worry about Rick. Instead she insists they be more careful before Marina finds out about their affair. Their call ends and Cyrus reenters the hotel room where Marina awaits. Marina can't look at him as she tells him to get out. As Cyrus quizzically stares at her, she calms herself. She instructs him to get out of the hotel for a while and do something for himself before he becomes just as stir-crazy as she is. Cyrus decides there's someone he needs to speak with and he leaves.

Alone, Marina rages around the room. She throws a photo of Cyrus and herself on the floor and smashes it with one of her crushes. Dinah hears the noise and enters Marina's hotel room. Dinah wonders if Marina's mood has to do with Harley. Marina sobs, complaining that she has lost Cyrus to Harley. All she can do now is wait for Harley and Cyrus to own up to the truth. Dinah, who states she has no interest in which woman Cyrus winds up with, advises Marina that she can let Harley steal her man or she can play dirty to get him back. Dinah wants to help her, and in exchange for that help, Dinah asks Marina to encourage Mallet to reconcile with her. Marina is unsure about all the conniving, but Dinah thinks that men like it when women tell them what to want. She thinks that Marina has to make Cyrus understand that he wants to be with her.

Meanwhile, at the farmhouse, Cassie discovers Josh outside stacking wood. She wonders if he planned to come inside or alert her that he was there. Josh says that he thought about it. Cassie reminds him that it is still his house. Josh realizes that Cassie is still angry with him about the events at the baptism. He explains again that he wasn't intentionally backing Reva. Also he divulges that he's received several angry calls from congregants, and asks if that makes Cassie feel better. Cassie half smiles, saying she has no intention of apologizing to Alan or to the church for her actions. He says okay. Cassie snickers that the church has finally figured out that she isn't meant to be a minister's wife. Josh agrees that she isn't meant to be a minister's wife. She's meant to be his wife. Before he leaves to take care of something he asks, "Can we..." Cassie nods.

Josh leaves, but before Cassie can return inside, Alan approaches her porch. He confronts Cassie about what she did with the DNA results, threatening legal action. Harley walks up to the porch and tells Alan that going to court could be messy. Harley reminds him that the court will have to delve back into Tammy's death. Harley accuses Alan of trespassing. He drops the issue and heads back to the Spaulding mansion.

After Alan leaves, Cassie says she is relieved to have an ally in Harley; however, Harley doesn't exactly seem to approve of Cassie's decision to switch the DNA tests. Cassie retorts that she doesn't need Harley's judgment when she's stealing Marina's boyfriend. Just as Cassie decides to give Harley credit for not acting on her feelings for Cyrus yet, Harley reveals that she and Cyrus are sleeping together.

Harley explains to Cassie that Marina doesn't know about the affair, but Harley and Cyrus plan to control themselves until they can tell Marina the truth. Cassie points out that Harley's situation mirrors Cassie's romance with Josh. Cassie admits that many people in town believe that she stole her sister's husband. Harley insists that things with Cyrus are different than with Cassie and Josh. Cassie replies that Harley wishes that the circumstances were different, and she warns Harley that people will not see it the same way she sees it. Cassie admits she still worries about Reva and Josh. Harley doesn't think Josh will return to Reva. Cassie says to Harley that it's not easy to always wonder if one's partner will return to a past love. Harley and Cassie say goodnight. All the while, Will watches the ladies from behind the barn wall.

Meanwhile at the Bauer house, Beth and Rick argue about Bernadette's paternity. When Beth says she's unsure about the baby's name, an argument ensues about Alan and the DNA results. Rick insists that the tests don't matter. Beth believes they do matter-otherwise, Cassie never would have switched the tests and Rick wouldn't have lied about it. As they argue, Josh comes to the house for a visit. Beth asks Rick to leave so that she can talk to Josh alone. Rick agrees to wait on the porch.

Beth confides in Josh how devastated she is that Rick lied to her like this. She asks Josh for his advice on how a marriage can survive such a deception. Josh tells her that if he had the magic fix for a marriage, he would use it on his own marriage first. Beth confesses to Josh that she doesn't know what she wants. Josh says that everyone with marital problems wants the same things: To be with the person he or she first fell in love with and to have things as they were at the beginning. He asks her whether or not the baby was the only reason she chose to be with Rick. Frankly, Beth replies that she doesn't know any more.

While waiting outside on the porch, Rick grimaces when he sees Cyrus approach. Cyrus asks about Rick's family troubles and Rick huffs. Cyrus warns Rick to stop taking his troubles out on Harley or else Cyrus will start taking his troubles out on Rick. As Cyrus walks away, Rick reflects on Cyrus's threat.

While in hallway outside his room at the hotel, Cyrus answers a call from Harley. He explains to her that he spoke to Rick. Harley politely asks him not to fight her battles for her because doing so might cause Marina to find out about their relationship. She further explains that Cassie knows their secret. Cyrus asks if he can come over. Harley tells him no, but Cyrus insists. He says that he'll check on Marina and then come over. Unfortunately for Cyrus, he finds out that Marina has made other plans for him.

When Cyrus enters his room, he finds Marina relaxing on the sofa in lingerie. She says that she wants to give him something to come home to that he can't get anywhere else. Cyrus thinks he's the one who should be doing nice things for her while she's laid up. Marina says that her accident wasn't his fault and he has nothing to feel guilty about. He laughs nervously and says that he doesn't feel guilty. Marina says that she wants to pull out the calendar and plan some things. Cyrus opens the desk drawer to get matches to relight a candle and finds the smashed photo frame. Marina claims it broke by accident. As she snuggles up to Cyrus, Harley sits at home waiting. Harley checks her watch and blows out the candles that she lit earlier.

After Josh talks with Beth, he and RJ drive to the farmhouse. RJ jumps from the car and runs into his mother's arms. Cassie seems surprised that Josh didn't call before coming. Josh explains to Cassie that it's time that he and RJ return home. Sitting outside on the porch, Josh tells Cassie that living apart isn't working. They must live together and make decisions together or else they'll never put their family back on track. He pleads with her that they be honest with each other about everything. Cassie wants to trust their marriage. Josh asks her to commit to trusting him in deciding what happens with Will. Though it's difficult, she agrees.

Josh suggests they enrolled Will again in the special school. Josh knows it's going to mean some tough choices, but he asks her if they can do it together. Cassie kisses him and agrees. Josh brings his bags into the house. All the while, Will has been listening to them from behind the car.

Meanwhile, at the Spaulding mansion, Alan proudly fills Alexandra in on the developments in his life. Alex is shocked to learn that Alan has a new baby. Alan tells Alex about all the people who orchestrated the deception about the child's paternity. As Alan talks, Alex suspects that he desires revenge. She also notes that he thinks he'll win Beth back. Alan believes he will have Beth-it's just a matter of time.

Some time later, Alan is alone in the parlor when Beth brings the baby in to visit. He greets them, wondering where Rick is. Beth tells him they came alone in order to avoid bickering. Beth lets Alan hold the baby, but she explains that she has come to lay down the rules.

Alan cuddles the baby, promising Beth that their child will have the best of everything. Beth informs Alan that she is undecided about what direction to take. Alan says that he won't harp on Rick's actions. He feels that Beth knows what Rick has done. He tells her that the baby could have been in serious medical trouble over Rick's actions. Beth stops him when it seems as if he really is intending to harp on what Rick did. Alan wonders if he's breaking one of her new rules by talking about Rick or if he's just telling the truth. Beth gives Alan a weary gaze and Alan decides that there is one thing he wants to know. With a frown, he asks if the name "Bernadette" is set in stone. Beth concedes that it isn't.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jonathan enters his suite at the Beacon to find Lizzie watching Sarah sleep. Lizzie talks to him again about possibly getting married. Jonathan explains that he still isn't over Tammy. Lizzie reminds him that Tammy is dead, but they must keep living. Jonathan then recalls that Lizzie pulled away from their kiss the other night because of her feelings for Bill.

Lizzie insists that her fling with Bill is over and commits to providing a stable life for Sarah. The conversation turns and Lizzie shares her plans to take Sarah to visit Beth. Jonathan wants to come along. He worries that Alan might come after Sarah. Lizzie asks him to relax and trust her with the baby. She suggests he go see a movie while she and Sarah are out together.

Jonathan goes to Company. He sees Ava, who welcomes him back from the dead. While catching up on events, Ava discusses Bill. Jonathan senses that Bill and Ava have been intimately involved. Ava confirms it and says that Bill isn't a bad guy. She suggests Jonathan work at Lewis, hinting that Bill won't be spending much time there once he closes the deal he says he has to partner with Alan. Jonathan wonders what else Bill has been saying.

Meanwhile at the Spaulding mansion, Bill visits Alan in his parlor to remind him of their deal that Spaulding will do business with Lewis in exchange for the information that Bill gave Alan about Jonathan. Alan plans to follow through on his promise; however, he doesn't want Lizzie to find out about it because he plans on bringing Sarah back into the family.

Bill goes to the park by the lake. He runs into Lizzie as she pushes Sarah in a stroller. They argue about Bill using Jonathan and Sarah to finagle a business deal with Alan. Bill still insists he did it to protect Lizzie-while working with Alan, Bill plans to keep tabs on him. Bill thinks that's the best way to protect Lizzie and Sarah.

While Bill and Lizzie talk, Jonathan enters the park and watches them from a distance. Lizzie says she has to leave, but Bill coaxes her to stay. He slips her a kiss and Lizzie laughs, telling him not to kiss her in front of Sarah. Bill laughs and wheels Sarah toward the slides. Jonathan trots up and tells Bill to let go of his little girl.

Bill and Jonathan argue. Jonathan announces that Bill is doing business with Alan. Lizzie says that she is aware of this. Jonathan and Bill continue to bicker and they shove each other. Lizzie breaks them up, and Jonathan strides away, pushing Sarah's stroller. Lizzie rushes to catch up to him. Bill calls to Lizzie and then discovers Jonathan's cell phone on the ground. He pockets it and waves to Lizzie as she walks away with Jonathan and Sarah.

Jonathan and Lizzie head to another part of the park where they have coffee and talk about Bill. Jonathan seems determined to make Lizzie see what a user Bill really is. Lizzie asks if Jonathan is just bothered that she and Sarah like Bill. Jonathan decides that he's putting a stop to Lizzie and Sarah falling for Bill's ploys. Lizzie wonders how he "proposes" to do that. Jonathan asks Lizzie to marry him.

Lizzie wonders if Jonathan is proposing out of jealousy. He responds that perhaps something good can come of all the bad things that have happened. They concede that together they made a beautiful daughter. Jonathan further concludes that he and Lizzie are better together than apart. Lizzie says that they would really have to work on it this time. Jonathan wonders if Lizzie is agreeing to marry him. After conferring with Sarah, Lizzie accepts Jonathan's proposal.

Meanwhile, Bill enters Company and talks to Ava. She invites him back to her room, but Bill tells her that he's busy. Ava takes exception to the brush off, and Bill offers to call her later. Ava snidely says that her phone number has just become unlisted. Ava leaves and Bill whips out Jonathan's cell phone. Scrolling through the address book, he finds the name "Aubrey." Bill calls the telephone operator and traces Aubrey's area code to Tourmaline, CA.

Meanwhile, Natalia stops by Olivia's suite at the Beacon. She regrets causing Olivia to lose the heart that became available for transplant. To make up for it, Natalia offers to "give" Gus to Olivia. Natalia hopes that one day Gus will come back to her and then they can finally begin their life together. Olivia mocks Natalia's plan to loan Gus to her until she dies. Olivia plans live as long as she can. Even though Natalia agrees to leave Gus, she warns Olivia that this doesn't mean that Gus will choose Olivia.

After talking with Natalia, Olivia visits her cardiologist. During the appointment, Alan peeps into the room, telling the doctor that he's come for an appointment to check his heart. Alan wants to be healthy for his new baby. Olivia attempts to hide her face, but Alan recognizes her. Olivia pretends to be getting a referral for a friend of hers. The doctor gives them privacy to talk, and Alan asks Olivia if the name of her friend is "Olivia Spencer."

Olivia denies that she has a medical problem until Alan reads the transplant list and points out that her name is on it. He wonders why Olivia never told him. Olivia answers that she feared he would have taken Emma away. Alan thinks that's unfair. First, he would have found Olivia the best care possible-then he would have taken Emma. Olivia thanks him for his honesty. Alan notes that Olivia isn't high on the heart transplant list. She replies that things can change. She says that a lot of things have changed in her life recently. Alan says that Olivia usually talks this way when a man is somehow involved.

Olivia ignores Alan's comment and suggests that he call to get her on the top of the heart donor list. Alan says it doesn't work that way, but because of their history, he'll do anything in his power to help her. After all, he says, Olivia is Emma's mother and Emma is his grandchild, just like Sarah. Olivia insists that Emma will never be Alan's. Alan wonders who will care for Emma if Olivia dies. Olivia says that Gus will. She admits her desire to have Gus. Alan wants to talk more about this, but Olivia becomes agitated. She snaps at him, saying that she doesn't want to give up her child and she doesn't want to die before her time. Alan suggests that they talk when Olivia is calmer or comatose-whichever happens first.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Alan arranges his photos of Sarah, Emma, and his new daughter. He looks at the photos, talking to them as if they were real people, telling how much joy they have brought to his life. He stares at a photo of Phillip and says that Phillip was right. Money can't buy immortality, but the right family might make a man live forever.

Meanwhile, Natalia attempts to end her marriage with Gus, but he insists on reconciling their problems. Gus follows Natalia to a hotel where she has checked herself in. They argue about Natalia's decision to leave the marriage. Gus accuses of her of being jealous of Olivia. Gus demands to know how many times he has to tell Natalia that he wants her, not Olivia. Natalia breaks down and admits that her jealousy cost Olivia a heart.

Gus apologizes for his part in causing Natalia's jealousy. He says that the way he went about things gave Natalia reasons to be jealous. Natalia still blames herself for her actions. She thinks that she has taken Olivia's entire life away from her. She wants to give it back to Olivia, even if that means giving up Gus. Natalia urges Gus to go to Olivia. Instead, Gus kisses Natalia passionately and they wind up making love.

Later, Gus smokes in bed and plans their honeymoon. Holding Gus, Natalia explains that she gave Olivia her word that he would be there for her without Natalia's interference. Gus says that Natalia isn't obligated to Olivia. Natalia feels that they can't have a happy marriage if they know that Olivia's last days are miserable. Gus says that this is a strange request coming from his wife. Natalia says that she isn't sending Gus to Olivia for intimacy, but she wants him to make Olivia's last days easier. Natalia believes that once this is over, they can start their new life off right. They kiss again.

Gus leaves Natalia to visit Olivia at her hotel suite. He explains to her that Natalia and he are taking a break from their relationship. Olivia acts as if she's sorry to hear this. She then tells him how worried she is about Alan, who has just learned of her heart condition. Gus hugs her and assures her that Alan won't come anywhere near her or Emma.

Out in the hallway, Natalia rolls her service cart up to Olivia's door and pauses. Rafe approaches and says that he's concerned about his parents' marriage. She tells him that things are complicated, but they are handling it. Rafe says that Gus told him the same thing. He wants to know what it means. Without answering him, Natalia hustles him off to school. Natalia returns to her cart and obsessively cleans the hallway outside Olivia's room. Inside the room, Gus seems distracted as he holds Olivia.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tammy's voice narrates a montage of events that transpire as a result of the paternity switch. As Tammy reflects on choices and consequences, Will hands the newspaper to Cassie. The front page reads, "Minister and Wife Play God." Meanwhile, Jeffrey, Josh, and Reva watch a tabloid media show which airs a feature about, "The Paternity scandal that has it all: A billionaire, the man of God, [and] the sisters who led their men astray..."

The montage continues and shows Josh meeting with church leaders. Reva enters the sanctuary just in time to overhear their decision to suspend him. He accepts the decision. Tammy narrates that accepting and embracing are two different things. Meanwhile at Jeffrey's office, reporters hound him about being Cassie's long-time friend. At the farmhouse, Will spies on Cassie. She appears to be having a heated discussion with someone even though she stands alone on the porch. Tammy concludes her narrative and the montage, saying that, regardless of the reasons for the choices, the best one can do is hope they work out.

After Josh's meeting, he yanks off his white collar. Reva encourages him not to let a bunch of "stiffs" take away his dream to be a minister. Josh says that they didn't take it away; he threw it away. He supposes that he might be better off. He thanks for her coming and leaves.

Reva travels to Jeffrey's office seeking an escape from all the reporters. She expresses her outrage about what the church and the press have done to Josh. Reva worries about charges that Josh could face. Jeffrey mentions that Cassie has legal problems as well. Reva minimizes Cassie's problem, saying that Cassie has mitigating circumstances. The more Reva rants in Josh's defense, the more uncomfortable Jeffrey seems. He tells Reva, "By the way, there's a good chance I might lose my job over this, too. Thanks for asking."

Outside the farmhouse, Will listens as Cassie reenrolls him in the academy. Once her call ends, Will and Cassie sit together, and she encourages him about the school. Will promises he won't be crazy any more. Cassie asks him why he thinks he's crazy. Will tells her that he sees Tammy and she talks to him. Cassie is caught off guard by Will's revelation.

Later, Josh arrives outside the farmhouse and sees that Will and Cassie are about to play ball together instead of heading to the school. Josh directs Will to go shoot hoops so that he can speak to Cassie alone. While Will is gone, Josh asks Cassie about their agreement to send Will to the school. Cassie replies that she changed her mind because of what Will told her earlier. She explains that Will thinks he's being sent away because he is crazy for seeing and talking to Tammy. Cassie also sees and talks to Tammy, but she can't admit that to Will. Admitting it would mean that she is also crazy and needs to be sent away. Josh says that he doesn't understand how Cassie makes it through one day without Tammy; however, at some point, she must to stop allowing Tammy's death to dictate her choices.

Cassie replies Tammy's death makes her even more protective of Will and RJ. Because of her own childhood, Cassie wants to protect every child. Josh concludes that this is the reason she tampered with the DNA tests. Cassie agrees and reluctantly apologizes that it didn't work out.

Josh informs Cassie that, due to the paternity scandal, he has been suspended from the church. Cassie readily criticizes the narrow-minded church members for their harsh attitudes, but Josh doesn't allow her to blame them for the choices he made. Cassie defends his choice to stand by his wife. Josh says that it doesn't matter how she phrases it; he still helped perpetrate a fraud. Doing so has consequences. Cassie apologizes for Josh's suspension and the negative press, but complains that sending Will away doesn't fix it. Cassie argues for her ability to handle Will. Josh shouts that, if he believed Cassie could fix Will, he would step aside and let her. The truth is that she can't fix him. He wonders if she is at all concerned about RJ's safety.

Cassie dismisses Josh's question, saying that Will never meant to hurt RJ. Josh thinks that Will never means to hurt anyone, but when people fall, sometimes they don't get up. He asks Cassie if her conscience could handle it if Will hurt RJ. Josh assures her that the sooner Will gets help, the sooner they can all live together as a family. Cassie agrees that she wants her family together. She commits to doing this, but she wants to do it alone.

Will cries when he discovers that he's still going to the school. Cassie and Will get into the car and Will makes several promises to be better. Cassie explains to Will that the school can help him in ways that she can't.

On the road trip to the academy, they stop at a gas station. An attendant pumps Cassie's gas as she goes into the store to get Will some snacks. Will hops out of the car. He walks over to the attendant and flashes a wad of cash. Will asks the man if he wants to make about nine hundred dollars. The man looks at the cash and then at Will. d

Some time later, Cassie's car breaks down on the side of a road. Cassie searches for her cell phone, but it has disappeared. Will says he warned her not to send him to that school. Will further states that being lost in the woods is better than going there. Cassie starts to ask him if he did something to the car, but his innocent stare causes her to say, "Never mind." As Cassie contemplates what to do, Will asks her, "What if I don't want to go to this school? How would you make me?"

At that moment, an SUV pulls up, and Jeffrey rolls down its driver's side window. Cassie asks Jeffrey how he knew where they were. He says that he didn't. He just happened to take a different route home. They climb into Jeffrey's car and he drives them to the school. When they arrive, Cassie spends time assuring Will, and an administrator eventually tells her it's time to leave. Will screams for his mother, but in tears, Cassie leaves him with the school attendant.

In the car, Cassie cries, telling Jeffrey that she couldn't save Tammy and now she can't help Will. Cassie explains how she always hears Tammy's voice in her head, telling her that life is about choices. Cassie ponders which of her choices led her to this end, asking, "Was it when I switched the paternity test results? Was it falling in love with Josh? Was it back further? Sending Will to live with his father? Was it when I left you?"

Jeffrey believes that she can go all the way back to first grade but never find the one moment that changed it all. He says that every moment matters, even the present. He urges her not to look back but to live her life moving forward. Cassie replies that she doesn't know how to do that. Jeffrey claims that he does. As DA, he says that he has a "get out of jail free" card. Cassie wonders if that means she's free to go after Alan. He tells her not exactly.

Jeffrey drives Cassie to the Spaulding mansion and uses some of his skills to break in. They enter the parlor, and Cassie stares at the new crib. Cassie thinks of how Alan will convince Beth to return to him. He'll put the baby in the crib and he will turn the child into a Spaulding. Jeffrey grabs a couple of pokers from the fireplace and suggests to Cassie that they trash the place. Cassie laughs, but she decides that she can't let herself sink to Alan's level. She thanks Jeffrey for giving her the chance to choose. Seeming less burdened, Cassie says that she is making a choice to go home to her husband.

Meanwhile, Josh goes for a jog in the park but can't escape the reporters. As an interviewer disguised as a jogger chases Josh down to get his story, Reva pulls up in her car and rescues him. Reva and Josh retreat to Company. Over beers, they make light of the recent media circus that their lives have become.

As they crack jokes and finally relax, a man at another table, who is sitting with his brother, calls Josh a hypocrite. Reva asks Josh to ignore the man and his brother. Josh says that he is still a church leader and he can't ignore a member of his flock. In talking to the hostile men, Josh learns that he apparently gave a sermon that caused each of the of the men's wives to leave them-for each other.

Reva defends Josh and says that this isn't his fault, but the men believe that all of Josh's talk about "be true to who you are" caused their wives to become lesbians. One of the men hopes that Josh loses everything for what he's done-especially his wife. Josh takes exception and demands that the guy stand up. Reva warns Josh, but Josh insists-until he sees that the man's height towers two feet over him. "First off," Josh tells the man. "You're a lot bigger standing than you were sitting." Josh decides to commit to his choice to challenge the man and he shoves him.

Reva comes between them, reminding Josh that, if he fights, then he will lose his chance to return to the ministry. The man that almost fought with Josh mentions Tammy, saying that luckily her death prevented her from seeing how her mother turned out. Reva becomes enraged and shoves a serving tray into the man's stomach. She hits him over the head with it and stomps his brother's toe. Josh and Reva rush out of Company, asking the server to bill the Church.

Back at Cross Creek with Reva, Josh rehearses a statement he's written to the church. In the middle of reciting, he notices that Reva is distracted. She shares with Josh that she's remembering a time when they were in Cross Creek together and he was making plans for the veterans memorial. She says that was when she planned to tell him about the cancer but she didn't. Josh tells her that she made a choice. Reva agrees, saying that the choice changed things. Looking at their names carved into the mantel, she says, "For always."

Reva encourages Josh that he'll survive this mess once people see him the way that she does. Josh feels that Reva might be prejudiced. Reva reminds him that he married her sister, so she could have sided with his critics. He wonders why she didn't. He notices that it might snow outside. Reva urges him to get home before it's dark. Josh thoughtfully says, "Home." Reva tells him that his home isn't Cross Creek any more. He wonders, then, why he always ends up there.

Reva crosses her arms, telling him that Cassie needs him-especially because this is the day she had to send Will away. Josh says that Will is only part of the problem. Reva replies that Josh can't solve his problems at Cross Creek anymore. Reva says that she needs to go see Jeffrey and Josh needs to work out things with Cassie. As they hug. Cassie watches them from the window.

Reva mentions heading to Jeffrey's office and Josh asks to come along to get Jeffrey's legal opinion on the issues he faces. They leave through the rear of the house. Cassie takes the spare key from the mailbox and lets herself into Cross Creek.

At Jeffrey's office, Josh and Reva find Jeffrey asleep with his head on his desk. Josh decides not to wake him. He thanks Reva for hitting that guy with the tray and bids her goodnight. As Josh exits, he turns and sees Reva bend over Jeffrey to kiss him. He walks home to the farm, but Cassie isn't there. He calls her on her cell phone and leaves her a lonely sounding message, saying that he needs his wife right now.

At Cross Creek, Cassie paces around, talking to Reva as if she were there. She says that Reva doesn't get to send her husband away, blame Cassie for it, and then snap her fingers to get him back. Looking at a framed picture of Reva and Jonathan, Cassie spitefully says, "Your son is alive. My daughter is dead. Your son gets to come back to you. My son, I had to send away. Don't you have enough?" Cassie slings the picture across the room. Just then, the door opens. Thinking that it's Reva, Cassie dares her to say anything. She looks down and discovers Will staring up at her. He announces that he ran away.

Cassie asks how Will even knew she would be at Cross Creek. He ignores her question, asking if she's mad at Aunt Reva. Cassie admits to being a little mad. Fed up it seems, Will shakes his head, sighing, "She causes problems." He screams that he's mad at Reva, too, and he starts ransacking Reva's living room. Cassie commands Will to get hold of himself, but he continues his rampage. The camera freezes. Tammy's voice narrates, "Sometimes you make a bad choice, and you just don't care."

Finally Cassie gains control of Will and sits him down on the sofa. He screams that he needs to protect her. Cassie tells him that protecting her is not his job. Will snarls as he asks where Josh is. Cassie says that she doesn't know. Will replies, "Well, I'm here. You don't need anybody else."

Cassie pulls the tortured child into her arms, promising that she will make everything better for everyone. She holds him and stares at the damage to Reva's living room.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lizzie and Jonathan go to the church to visit Josh and find him packing his things. They ask Josh to marry them as soon as possible. Josh seems surprised by their request. The two list plenty of reasons for them to get married, most of which involve Sarah. Josh comments about an unmentioned reason: love. Lizzie and Jonathan frown at Josh's idealism.

Josh admits that he has no right to tell anyone what to do with their damn lives or how to live them. Lizzie giggles that Josh cursed in church. Jonathan comments that getting fired from the ministry might be the best thing that's happened to Josh. Josh agrees to perform the marriage ceremony but warns them that a child cannot hold a marriage together.

Meanwhile, Bill Lewis hires a detective to learn more about Aubrey. The investigator says that he needs more information to get started. Bill travels to Cross Creek to talk to Reva. As Reva warns Bill about harassing Jonathan, she inadvertently reveals Aubrey Cross's full name. After Reva slams the door on him, Bill calls his detective to relay the information. Later, Bill uses the internet to learn more about Aubrey Cross. He discovers an article about a Tourmaline sheriff named Cross, who was missing and then found dead.

Bill goes down to Company where he finds Lizzie. He starts to tell her about the sheriff when Lizzie announces her engagement to Jonathan. Bill can't believe it. Lizzie tells him that Jonathan, Sarah, and she are a family. Further, she boasts that Jonathan is a great father. Bill wonders if the man Jonathan murdered would agree. Bill reveals that Aubrey's father, the sheriff, was missing and found dead. He suspects that the death is linked to Jonathan's abrupt exit from Tourmaline. Angry, Lizzie warns Bill that if breathes a word of this to Jonathan or causes Jonathan to leave town, she will take action. Bill mockingly asks what she's going to do. Frustrated, Lizzie says, "I don't know, but it will be bad-just as soon as I think of it."

Jonathan arrives at Company and Bill calls him the "runaway groom." Jonathan sarcastically wonders why Bill isn't congratulating him. Bill drops hints about how Jonathan's relationships all end tragically. Lizzie glares at Bill as Jonathan wonders what Bill means. Bill merely tells Jonathan not to ruin Lizzie's life and then he leaves.

Later, Lizzie returns from the bathroom to find Jonathan at a booth. A little black box sits on the table. Lizzie picks it up and discovers an engagement ring inside. Seemingly nervous, Jonathan wonders what's wrong with it and if it's good enough. Lizzie says the ring is fine. She asks him to put it on her finger. Staring at the ring, she says that he has good taste. Jonathan jokes that Lizzie likes Cubic Zirconia, but then he assures her that it's real. They cuddle in the booth together as Bill watches them through the window.

Meanwhile, when "Bernadette" catches a cold, Beth takes her to Rick at the hospital. Rick concludes that "Bernie" is just congested. Apologetically, Beth says that the baby isn't a Bauer anymore and might not keep the family name. Rick expresses how hard is it to let go of the dreams he had for the child. Beth says she plans to visit Lizzie and invites Rick to join her.

Beth and Rick look for Lizzie at her bar, but she isn't there. They run into their lawyer, Mel, as she awaits a client. Mel informs them that Alan's lawyers are already petitioning to place his name on the birth certificate. Rick and Beth ask Mel what they can do. Mel thinks that there isn't very much, in light of the fact that Rick lied about the DNA results. When Beth goes to feed the baby, Mel frankly tells Rick that he needs to just cut his losses.

Mel leaves and Beth returns with a determined look in her eyes. She explains to Rick that no judge will dictate what happens to her child. She thinks that, to make Rick look better in court, they must blame everything on Cassie. Uncertain, Rick reminds Beth that Josh told him the truth, but he chose to keep it a secret. Beth instructs Rick to tell the judge that Josh threatened him. Rick doesn't want to lie, but Beth retorts that he had no problem lying to her about it for months. Rick knows that he did the wrong thing, but it wasn't easy. He says he couldn't sleep some nights. Beth asks, "Well, then this won't be that hard, now will it?"

Meanwhile Reva and Jeffrey return to Cross Creek to discover Will and Cassie in their vandalized living room. Reva asks them what happened, and Will apologizes to his aunt. He says that sometimes he just gets mad. Cassie asks to speak to the adults alone. Once Will leaves the room, she takes the blame for the mess in the house. Reva and Jeffrey assess the damage while Cassie claims that she became angry when she saw Reva and Josh there together earlier. She says she was destroying the room when Will came in.

Jeffrey recalls how he and Cassie had just left Will at the school, which is twenty miles away. He wonders how Will even got there. Cassie explains that he must have paid someone to drive him. Reva becomes distraught when she discovers all that has been destroyed. Cassie offers to replace the items, but Reva tells her that she can't replace them. They are one-of-a-kind family heirlooms gifted to her by Josh and the children. Reva wonders if Will did this because he thinks Reva is a threat to his family. Cassie screams that it wasn't Will. She insists that she broke the items. Jeffrey says that he doesn't believe Cassie did this to her own sister's home. He adds that everyone knows what Will has done-and it's time to put it to a stop to it.

Jeffrey calls the police to come pick up Will. He explains to Cassie that the court may charge Will as a juvenile. Cassie accuses Jeffrey and Reva of conspiring against Will. If they want someone arrested, then she demands that she be arrested and that they stop picking on Will. Jeffrey tells Cassie that the child is out of control, but that Cassie refuses to see it. Reva wonders what would have happened had she been there alone. Cassie is appalled that Reva implies that Will could hurt her. The police car drives up and Cassie takes the child out to meet them. She says she will call Josh to come down to the station-unless Jeffrey and Reva have turned him against her, too.

Josh meets Cassie down at the police station. She tells him that Will is in trouble because of her actions. She explains how she took Will to the academy, but somehow, he found her at Reva's lashing out. Cassie blames her actions on the stressful events of the baptism. Josh thinks that this could be the best thing for Will. Perhaps the police can get him the help that he needs. Cassie shakes her head. She says she needs Josh to help her get Will out of there.

Josh isn't convinced that Will should be let out. He tries to reason with her, but Cassie strides out of the room to see what's taking so long with Will's interrogation. In the main room at the station, Cassie runs into Jonathan as he is on his way to the courthouse for his marriage license. He breaks the news to her that he's marrying Lizzie.

Cassie seems taken aback by the news. Jonathan assures her that what he has with Lizzie doesn't compare to what he had with Tammy, but he and Lizzie do have a child. He wants to give her a stable life. Jonathan thinks Cassie can understand that. She agrees, recalling actions she took when she fought to get Tammy out of foster care. Jonathan asks if Tammy always knew that Cassie loved her. Cassie nods. Jonathan smiles and they part ways.

Cassie pauses in thought before returning to the room where Josh awaits. She asks him to pick RJ up from soccer practice. Josh wonders if he should stay until Will is processed, but Cassie says that RJ needs them, too. She has changed her mind and Josh is right. Perhaps this is the best thing for Will, and she just has to keep reminding herself of that.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva sadly picks through the broken items, explaining to Jeffrey what each thing meant to her. The memories all seem to revolve around Josh and their children. When Jeffrey offers to repair the items, Reva says, "Maybe it's time to let this all go."

Jeffrey asks Reva if she's sure she wants to throw it all away. Reva says that her memories are enough. Reva admits how insensitive she was earlier when she focused on how unfair things were for Josh. She asks for Jeffrey's forgiveness. He agrees that she was a jerk, but he kisses her, saying that she can make it up to him when he returns from checking on Will at the station. Reva becomes sentimental as she realizes what kind of man she has in Jeffrey. She tearfully tells him that, with everything going on in her life right now, any other man probably would have left her. She's amazed that he stays. She would hate for him to slip away from her. Jeffrey tells her to stop talking, and he kisses her.

After Jeffrey has gone to the station, Josh arrives at Cross Creek. He says he knows what happened and helps Reva clean. Josh finds broken pieces of past memories and they reminisce over them. Josh wonders whether Reva could talk to Cassie for him. Reva tells him that she can't help him with Cassie anymore. Josh wonders if it's because Cassie pushed her. Reva replies that's only part of it. She asks him to guess who was there helping her pick up the pieces in the living room. Josh says Jeffrey. Nodding, Reva explains that her relationship with Jeffrey is good. She wants it to stay that way. When they came home and found Cassie in the disheveled room with Will, Reva became painfully aware that she needed to stay out of Josh and Cassie's issues. She tells Josh that, when it comes to Cassie, he's on his own.

Meanwhile at the station, Jeffrey explains to Cassie that, as DA, he will have to press charges against Will. Cassie hugs Jeffrey, saying that this is all her fault. Jeffrey consoles her. Cassie asks Jeffrey if he remembers earlier that day when she was trying to find the moment everything went wrong in her life. She tells Jeffrey that she knows what the moment was. It was the very day that she and Jeffrey broke up.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Cassie is in Jeffrey's office telling him how much she regrets how badly things ended between them and asks if he can forgive her. Jeffrey tells Cassie that they cannot rewrite history and she has Josh. Cassie states that she needs Jeffrey in her life more than ever. Cassie points out that Josh is not the right man. Josh sees things in black and white while she needs someone with shades of gray-like Jeffrey. She needs him to help her sort it out and make it right. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he knows what she is doing and why she is doing it. It has to do with the court order to place Will in juvenile detention. Cassie insists that the boy belongs with his mother. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he does want to help her and takes her to the police station. Jeffrey tells her that Will is going to juvenile detention, which is a walk in the park compared to where he could end up later as an adult. Jeffrey argues that Will is a kid with serious problems and she needs to face up to that. Cassie asks Jeffrey to let her see Will, arguing that if Will feels abandoned, things will get worse. Jeffrey agrees and Cassie goes to the facility to see Will. Cassie tells Will that he needs to stay there until he "gets the job done." She states that he needs to convince everyone that he is a good boy. Cassie tells her son that although everyone feels angry at times, they need to control their actions.

At this point a guard named Chad Brooks enters and recognizes Cassie from his days of working security at the Beacon. Chad says that he is the guard in charge of this wing. Cassie recognizes him and tells him how happy she is that he is the one who is in charge. After they chat, Chad promises to look in on Will for Cassie. Cassie asks Chad for something else-a proper goodbye to her son. Cassie asks Chad to bend the rules for a boy who only was trying to protect his mom. He is charmed and agrees to help.

Harley is entering Company with Frank, Buzz, and Jude's entire basketball team for a pizza party. Frank tells Harley that she missed a good game but she states that she saw the best part. Buzz comments on how happy Harley seems and commends her for helping to take care of Marina. Just then, Josh walks in and, after congratulating RJ on a great pass, he and Harley chat about Bernadette's baptism and Josh's suspension. Harley points out that if the church does not accept him then it cannot be much of a church. They discuss all the things that Josh can still do outside of the church and Josh brings up confession. He jokingly asks Harley if she has anything to confess, which rattles her. Later, she blurts out that she is in love with Cyrus. Josh tells her that she apparently needs to get something off her chest and asks if she and Cyrus have done anything. Harley confirms it and admits that she and Cyrus have feelings for each other but are waiting for Marina to fully recover, which could take weeks. Josh tells Harley that it does not make a difference if she tells Marina the truth now or weeks from now. Marina is still going to get hurt. Harley says that she wants to minimize that pain but Josh does not see how that can happen. He asks Harley if what she feels is worth losing Marina or Frank's respect for. Harley sheepishly says she is hoping Frank would be grateful for taking Cyrus away from his daughter. Josh says Frank will be grateful after he murders Cyrus for breaking his daughter's heart. Josh tells Harley that keeping the truth from Marina is not a good idea.

While talking to Beth about her idea to have Rick testify that he was coerced into keeping the altered paternity test a secret, Rick suddenly remembers that he missed Jude's ball game and rushes to Company. There, he speaks with Josh about the paternity switch situation. Rick tells Josh that he is in danger of losing his wife and his baby because of Cassie. Josh points out that it is not fair to pin the whole blame on Cassie. He reminds Rick that Rick himself decided to keep quiet in order to keep his hold on Beth. Rick says that he still intends to do that. Rick tells Josh that he is not going to let go of that little girl or his wife. Rick tells him that the only reason he kept quiet was because Josh threatened him. Josh is shocked and tells Rick that he knows that is not what happened.

Cyrus and Marina are at the doctor's office. Cyrus asks the doctor about pushing up Marina's surgery date. The doctor says that he is leery about rushing things unless there is a reason. Both Cyrus and Marina state that there is no reason so the doctor tells them to wait a few more weeks. As they are in the office, Cyrus's phone rings. Both see that the caller is Harley. The pair then goes to Company and sees Harley. Harley asks what the doctor said about Marina's surgery. After telling her the doctor said in a couple of weeks, Marina mentions that she does not know what she would do without Cyrus. Later, Marina promises to pay Harley back one day for everything she has done. Marina talks about how Harley has given Marina a newfound strength. Marina talks about how happy she is with Cyrus and comments that Harley is never going to find a true love like Gus again. Marina states how envious she used to be that Harley had found true love with Gus but now Marina has it with Cyrus. Marina tells Harley that Cyrus is her Gus. Placing her hand on Harley's, Marina notes that Harley knows how much Cyrus means to her. Later, Harley goes in the back to get the cake and Cyrus meets her. Harley warns him that Marina is watching and they will give themselves away.

Doris arrives at Company hoping to have a working dinner with Buzz. Buzz is not interested and offers Doris a soda. Privately, Lillian warns Doris to not even think about it. Lillian tells Doris that she can almost forgive her for going after Alan and ruining Beth's life. However, she warns Doris not to do anything to hurt Buzz or she will have to answer to Lillian. Doris asks what happened to the "Nice Little Ray of Sunshine Nurse Lillian Raines." Lillian states that she found a good man and intends to keep him. Doris does not seem very intimidated and when Buzz approaches she says that she is going to stay at the party. Later, when Frank and the other guys are talking about how Springfield needs a new recreation center, Doris tells them that Buzz has plans for that. Buzz privately tells Doris that she could have told him that.

Josh goes outside to call Cassie and runs into Jeffrey. When Josh asks how it went with Will and Cassie. Jeffrey warns Josh that Cassie is in a fragile place right now and is a little out of control. Jeffrey suggests that Josh keep an eye on her. Later, Jeffrey goes to the bar where Beth is. Jeffrey asks Beth how everything is at the Spaulding mansion; and whether Alan has fixed up her room. Beth states that she has not decided what she is going to do yet. Beth tells Jeffrey that her baby is her number one priority. When Jeffrey mentions that he had to throw Cassie's son in the slammer, Beth tells him not to worry-Will's mother will be joining him soon. Jeffrey tries to defend Cassie by saying that the law will recognize that Cassie was out of her mind with grief and trying to protect the baby. Beth argues that what Cassie did was deliberate and calculated. Jeffrey tries to talk Beth out of pressing charges but she is determined. Before leaving, Beth states that she used to think no one, not even Cassie, could buy Jeffrey. She adds that apparently she was wrong.

Jeffrey visits Will. Jeffrey assures the boy that he is not his enemy. Sitting on the floor in front of Will, Jeffrey tells the boy that even though his mother loves him, she is letting him get away with murder-literally. As for Josh, he does not know how to deal with Will. Jeffrey speaks about how he has locked up tougher kids than Will. Jeffrey tells Will that he is not going to hurt anyone any more. He says that Will is going to learn to live with disappointment. Jeffrey states that there are kids there a lot scarier than Will so unless he wants them as playmates for a very long time he will get his act together. Will wonders out loud what it would have been like if Jeffrey had fallen from the church loft.

Still at Company, Josh is talking to RJ about how hard it was for Cassie to send Will away. Suddenly a very chipper Cassie arrives. She tells Josh that everything went very well. Cassie notes that Will had a very good attitude and wants to come out a new boy. Cassie states that she is very optimistic. Suddenly, she gets up, making as if she has to use the powder room. In reality, Cassie is placing a call to Chad, arranging to take Will out of detention the following morning. Chad informs her that he will sign Will out and Cassie can have him for the whole morning. He says that everything will be fine as long as she brings him back.

Rick is with Harley when Cassie walks in. Rick tenses up at the sight of Cassie and asks Harley if she has ever wanted something so bad and then someone takes it from you. Rick talks about how he needs Beth and the baby in his life. Harley comments that she understands, but Jude and James still need him. Rick pointedly tells Harley that she is right. Sometimes you have to put your needs on the backburner. Rick thanks Harley for her great insight and walks away. Meanwhile, Marina and Cyrus see Harley putting on her coat. Harley tells them that she bought novelty trophies for the team and they are in her car. Cyrus offers to help but Harley turns him down and goes to her car. Marina tells Cyrus to help her anyway. At her car, Harley realizes that she forgot the trophies. Suddenly, Cyrus comes up behind Harley and starts kissing her. Harley tries to tell him that they agreed to wait until after Marina's surgery but he points out that could be weeks away. Harley asks if he is ready to tell Marina now and face the consequences. Cyrus keeps kissing her and leads her to the backseat of the car for some lovemaking.

Inside, Marina asks Buzz, Frank, and Rick to check on Harley. Marina states that Harley seemed nervous when she went out to the car and she is worried that something happened. When the men leave, Marina says to herself "Three guys who love you, Harley. I wonder for how long?"

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