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Monday, February 18, 2008

Angie watched Jesse step off of the train. Tears ran down her face as she ran to him. Angie asked Jesse if she was dreaming. Jesse took her hand and assured her that it was not a dream. They embraced, but Jesse seemed distracted. Jesse looked around nervously as he told Angie that they had to leave quickly. Angie did not want to go anywhere, but Jesse was insistent that no one see them together. He brought Angie to the shack in the woods that they once lived in. Angie said that it felt like time stood still. Jesse began to inform Angie that he could not stay, but she refused to hear it. They reminisced about when they first fell in love. Angie recalled lying to her parents about her relationship with him. She then remembered the first night they spent together. Angie said their first time made her love Jesse even more. Jesse wondered if he pressured Angie into it by bringing her to a hotel room. Angie reassured him that the night was perfect. He affirmed that he always wanted to do right by her and still did. Jesse tried to tell Angie that he had to leave, but Angie stopped him again. Angie assumed that Jesse had bad news to share with her. Angie said that she did not care why he stayed away for twenty years. Angie stated that she just wanted to enjoy the fact that he was alive. Jesse began to cry. Angie begged him to allow them at least one happy night together.

Erica hosted the Go Red Fashion Show. Many Pine Valley residents modeled red dresses on the runway, including Colby, Corinna, Amanda, Babe, Annie, Emma, and Ava. Kendall and Greenlee also modeled red attire as they addressed the audience about their cause. They spoke of their desire to eliminate the number one killer of women, heart disease.

Backstage at the fashion show, Aidan asked Greenlee about Kendall's secret. Greenlee made Aidan promise not to tell anyone, especially Zach. He agreed, so Greenlee divulged that Kendall might be pregnant. Aidan looked shocked and immediately confronted Kendall about her possible pregnancy. Kendall was annoyed that Greenlee did not keep her secret. Aidan demanded to know the truth. Kendall claimed that she was not pregnant with Aidan's child. Then, Kendall stormed off and Zach approached Aidan. Zach bought Aidan a beer and stated that he was worried about Ryan. Aidan inquired if he worried about Ryan taking advantage of Kendall. Zach laughed and said that he worried because he might kill Ryan. Aidan looked nervous.

Greenlee and Ryan talked as Annie and Emma walked down the runway together. Ryan admitted that he was trying to make things work with Annie, but he still did not feel a connection with her. Ryan said that he felt a connection only to Greenlee and Kendall. He further stated that it appeared like Zach stole his life. Greenlee assured him that this was not true. She explained that Ryan gave up his life on his own accord. Then, Greenlee wondered why Ryan forgot the previous four years. Greenlee advised Ryan to find out why he chose to forget those years in particular. She also suggested that he stay away from Kendall and Zach until he found some answers.

JR and Adam arrived at the fashion show. Adam pleaded with JR not to donate his bone marrow to Richie. JR affirmed that he would be Richie's donor and walked away. Krystal then approached Adam. Krystal chastised him for planting a microphone in JR's ring. Adam retorted by lambasting her for sending JR to spy on him. Tad saw the quarrel and asked why they were arguing. Krystal did not want to tell him that Adam might know Kate's whereabouts, so she lied. Krystal pretended that Adam stole a picture of Jenny from her purse. Meanwhile, Babe saw JR in the audience and devised a plan to seduce him. She asked to wear the dress that Amanda was supposed to strut in, because it was sexier than hers. Amanda was annoyed, but she let Babe take the dress anyway. Babe walked down the runway and smiled at JR the whole time. JR followed Babe backstage and helped undo her dress. Babe suggested that they do something wild, like they did when they first met. JR was intrigued, so Babe proposed that they play a game of poker. If Babe won, she wanted JR to be Richie's donor. If JR won, she would give him anything he wanted. JR slyly smiled when he heard the terms.

Erica was delighted to see Samuel in the audience, but Jack was not. Jack went backstage to warn Erica about Samuel. He advised her to avoid the politician completely. However, when Erica went back onstage, she introduced Samuel to the audience and thanked him for coming. Jack was irritated when he saw that Erica did not heed his advice. Then, during the finale of the fashion show, Kendall and Greenlee announced Erica as the final model. Erica glided down the runway in a red gown. She smiled and waved to the audience as confetti fell from the ceiling. Afterwards, she answered questions from the press. Meanwhile, Samuel made an ominous phone call in which he demanded, "Do it now!" Jack then received a phone call that gave him "a tip." Jack immediately found Erica and begged her to get off of the runway, but she would not leave. Just then, in front of everyone, Samuel declared that Erica was under arrest!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As the reporters snap photos of Erica being arrested, the Fusion girls try to distract them with an invitation to an after-party at ConFusion. Jackson follows Erica to the police station after she kisses Kendall good-bye. Ryan finds Kendall sitting alone and worried about her mother. Before he can approach her, Zach steps in front of him as though to shield Kendall. Ryan offers to help Kendall, but Zach says he should be more concerned about supporting Annie.

JR asks Babe if she will take him up on his offer to play poker. Annie tries to get the guests to go to ConFusion. Greenlee tells Aidan that the stress is not good for Kendall's baby. But Aidan claims Kendall told him she was not pregnant. Greenlee scolds Aidan for asking about the baby when it was supposed to be a secret. Kendall asks Greenlee to help get the guests to ConFusion. When Greenlee tries to ask about the baby, Kendall says they can discuss it later. All of the Fusion ladies head down to ConFusion with their husbands or boyfriends. Greenlee admits to Kendall she spilled the beans about the pregnancy. Greenlee urges Kendall to take the pregnancy test, but Kendall is positive she is not carrying a baby. Zach and Aidan bring over a round of drinks, but Kendall pushes the alcoholic away. Ryan tells Annie he wants to remember his life with her, but she doesn't believe him. In fact, Annie suggests Ryan is lying about his amnesia so he can go back to Kendall. Ryan finds Kendall to see how she is holding up. Kendall claims she is just worried about Erica. He grabs her hands and gloats about how beautiful their son, Spike, is. JR takes Babe home and gets out a deck of cards to play poker. If Babe wins, JR has to be Richie's donor. If JR wins, he can have anything he wants. Ryan comes home, but does not get a warm greeting from Annie. She packs his bags and tells him to get out. Kendall goes to the bathroom and takes the pregnancy test.

Jesse recalls Angie holding him as he lay bleeding from a gun wound. Angie begs Jesse to tell her what happened and where he has been for 20 years. Jesse says he remembers waking up in a room after being shot. He heard people asking him questions, and they would hit him each time he did not answer. He refuses to divulge any more information, but Angie wants more answers. She says he put her through torture by staying away. Jesse tells Angie he wants to be with her more than anything. Angie lifts up the back of Jesse's shirt and gasps when she sees his scars. Jesse pulls Angie toward him and they share a kiss. Jesse pulls away, worried that someone may be watching him. Jesse tries to leave, but Angie holds him back. She starts to kiss him and they make love.

Erica is escorted through the police station as the reporters hound her. Derek removes Erica's handcuffs as Jackson asks her not to say anything to Samuel. But as soon as Samuel comes by, Erica calls him a weasel who will be sorry he ever messed with her. As Erica gets her mug shot taken, Jackson tells Sam his case will never make it to court. Sam claims the evidence against Erica is overwhelming. Jackson thinks Sam isn't so confident with his evidence because he had Erica arrested on her own television show. If Sam were so sure he could put Erica behind bars, he would have arrested her in a more private forum. Erica tells Jackson that her idea could get Sam off her back. But Jackson wants Erica to keep quiet. Erica doesn't like that idea, and decides to fire Jackson. She apologizes to Sam for her outbursts earlier. Erica offers to use her influential powers to guarantee Sam a spot in the U.S. Senate. In return, Sam would have to drop the charges against her. When Erica asks if they have a deal, Sam shakes her hand as Jackson walks in the room. Samuel then charges Erica with attempted bribery of a government official.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Erica stood in a jail cell as she called out for the guard. The guard came over, but paid no attention to Erica. The guard put a scantily dressed woman in the cell with Erica. Erica demanded to see her lawyer, but the guard said nothing and walked away. Then, Jack arrived. Erica begged him to get her out of prison. Jack reminded Erica that she fired him. Erica stated that he was rehired. Jack divulged that he pulled a few strings and arranged a hearing for her. Jack warned Erica to be respectful in front of the judge. Jack told her that she was not allowed to speak in the courtroom. Erica protested this because she wanted to tell the judge her side of the story. Jack felt this was a bad idea and made Erica promise to keep her mouth shut. Erica and Jack then went to court. Samuel was already there. Judge Meyer soon entered and they began the hearing. The judge announced that she was in a bad mood after being called in so late for Erica's case. Jack apologized for the last minute proceedings. Judge Meyer asked what the charges were. Samuel stated that Erica was being charged with insider trading and attempting to bribe a public official. The judge asked Erica if she had anything to say. Jack looked at Erica sternly, so she said nothing. Jack spoke on her behalf. Jack explained that Erica was not a flight risk and asked for a moderate bail to be granted. Suddenly, Erica jumped out of her seat and began to verbally attack Samuel. She told the judge that the U.S. Attorney was staging her arrest to gain publicity for his political ambitions. Judge Meyer told Erica to sit down and be quiet. The judge asked Samuel if he had any objections to the request for bail. Samuel said that he had no objections, but he felt that the bail should be set according to Erica's financial status. Judge Meyer set her bail for one million dollars. Erica jumped up to express her disapproval, but Jack stopped her. Erica approached Samuel. He claimed that he was glad that Erica did not have to spend the night in prison. Erica affirmed that he made a powerful enemy by prosecuting her. Erica vowed that he would have heel marks on his head when she was done with him. Samuel told Erica not to take this so personally and walked out. Erica turned to Jack and stated that she did not want to face the press yet. Jack said that she would not have to because he arranged for her to spend the night in his home. Erica was grateful and went to sleep in Jack's bedroom while he slept in the guest room. Erica had a dream that Jack was the judge presiding over her case. Jack yelled out that she was guilty, but Samuel ran in and announced that he was dropping all of the charges. Samuel declared that he wanted Erica and kissed her. Erica smiled as she dreamed about the kiss.

JR and Babe sat down to play Texas Hold 'em Poker. They used Little Adam's toy blocks as chips for the first game. After Babe won the first round, JR suggested that they play with better collateral. JR said that the loser should remove an item of clothing. Babe agreed. JR inquired why Babe wanted to save Richie. Babe claimed that she did not want to see a man die. Babe asked JR what he wanted if he won. JR slyly grinned and stated that she would find out soon. They continued to play until they were both in their underwear. Babe was sure that she won the final game when she put her cards on the table, but JR had the better hand. JR then admitted that he was going to donate his bone marrow to Richie, regardless of the outcome of their poker game. JR explained that he did not want to see a man die either. Babe was very happy. They proceeded to make love all night. In the morning, Babe went to call Richie, but JR stopped her. JR said that Richie could wait to hear the good news. Then, JR took Babe to the couch and began kissing her.

Richie flirted with a nurse after he received his blood transfusion. Richie pretended that he left his wallet by the hospital's information desk. He begged the nurse to look for his wallet. The nurse explained that she was not allowed to leave him alone. Richie smiled seductively and promised not to tell anyone that she broke the rules. So, the nurse left and Richie immediately hacked into the hospital's computer. He pulled up his file and read that JR was his bone marrow match. Richie looked shocked. He returned to his hotel room and had a stiff drink. He called two men and told them that he had a job for them. The men came to the hotel and Richie showed them a picture of JR. He instructed them to kidnap JR, but to keep him alive because they had to go on a trip together. However, Richie informed them that they could kill JR after the trip.

Aidan walked into the women's bathroom at ConFusion to see if Kendall took the pregnancy test. Kendall showed Aidan that the test was negative. They were both relieved. Kendall began to cry, so Aidan consoled her by caressing her cheek. Greenlee entered and saw this. Greenlee looked alarmed and asked if she was interrupting anything. Aidan said no and left. Greenlee demanded to know the real reason that Kendall was so upset. Kendall stated that she was not pregnant. She further explained that she was under a lot of stress, especially since Erica got arrested. Greenlee told her to focus on the positive aspects of her life. Kendall thanked Greenlee and they embraced. Meanwhile, Zach bought Aidan a drink at the bar. Zach toasted to "truth among men." Aidan asked him what this meant. Zach thanked Aidan for watching Kendall while he was missing. Zach affirmed that he trusted Aidan. He then asked if Aidan would be Kendall's bodyguard during her book tour. Aidan wondered why Kendall needed protection. Zach said that he worried about his wife due to Ryan's altered state of mind. Aidan was hesitant to take the job. Zach reaffirmed that he trusted Aidan with his wife. Aidan looked apprehensive, but accepted the job anyway.

Zach walked to the women's bathroom to find Kendall. As he reached the door, he heard Kendall asking Greenlee not to tell him about the pregnancy. Zach opened the bathroom door and asked Kendall if she was pregnant. Kendall looked horrified and wanted to go home. At home, Zach inquired why Kendall kept the possible pregnancy a secret. Kendall claimed that she did not want to get his hopes up. Zach was hurt by this. Zach reminded her that secrets never worked for them in the past. Kendall apologized. Then, they both agreed that they were not ready to have another baby. Zach felt better and suggested that they have make-up sex. Kendall indulged his wish. The next morning Zach informed Kendall that Aidan was going to be her bodyguard. Kendall looked dismayed.

Aidan carried Greenlee to bed. As Aidan took of his clothes, he announced that he was going to fulfill Greenlee's James Bond fantasy. Greenlee asked to see his "secret weapon" and they made love. The next morning, Greenlee called Kendall. She wished Kendall luck because Spike was going to have his cochlear implants turned on. Greenlee also reported that she had a passionate night with Aidan. She commented that something must have happened at the fashion show because Aidan was acting like he had the weight of the world lifted off of him. Kendall pretended to know nothing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tad looks for the files Jesse left behind even though Jesse asked him not to. Krystal says that it saddens her Jesse stayed away from Angie for so long. Frankie drops by to see if Angie is staying with Tad and Krystal because she never boarded her flight. Frankie feels that something is not right, even though Tad and Krystal tell him not to worry. Krystal suggests Frankie grab a bite to eat from their kitchen while she and Tad make a few phone calls. Tad and Krystal figure Angie and Frankie found each other, or they are in trouble. Frankie decides to leave and file a report at the police station. Tad finds an old map that leads him and Krystal to Jesse and Angie's location, which was one of their favorite places to spend time together.

Angie and Jesse talk about old times while they cuddle in bed. Jesse says he is risking their lives by being with her right now. Angie begs for him to explain what he means, but Jesse doesn't know where to start. Angie says she wants to know everything he has been through for the past 20 years. Jesse says he remembers getting shot and then everything is blank. He says he woke up in a dark room tied to a chair. The kidnappers said that it needed to appear Jesse had died. Jesse says they wanted information from him, but he could not provide the answers they needed. He said the kidnappers dug a hole for his grave, but he managed to untie the knots and overpower the other man. Jesse shot the other man and threw him in the grave. Jesse said that, to stay safe, he had to make the kidnappers believe he had died. Jesse fled all over the United States to stay hidden from the kidnappers. Angie says that she wants to go with Jesse, but he does not want to put her in danger. Tad and Krystal find Angie and Jesse, but Jesse is not happy to see them. Now, more peoples' lives are in danger, Jesse says. Tad hears a noise and opens the door to find Frankie. Angie rushes out and asks Jesse to come meet his son. Jesse steps out the door and says hello.

Greenlee looks over the tabloids filled with headlines about Erica's arrest. Babe asks Greenlee if they should call Kendall, but Greenlee says not to bother Kendall because Spike is getting his cochlear implants. Babe asks Greenlee if she thinks Erica is guilty, but Greenlee is not sure. Greenlee jokes that if Erica ended up behind bars for a little bit, the world would not be terribly awful. Babe leaves JR a message to tell him she is proud of him for helping Richie. Also, she says their poker game was a lot of fun. Aidan surprises Greenlee with a picnic lunch on the Fusion rooftop. Their picnic is interrupted when Babe tells Greenlee the police want to speak with her on the phone. Greenlee learns that the police want to question her and Zach about the bones they found in the bomb shelter.

As Kendall and Zach prepare to take Spike to the hospital, Ryan shows up at their front door. Ryan says he wanted to be present when the cochlear implant is turned on. He says he does not want to cause any trouble, just be there for his son. Kendall asks Ryan if Annie came with him. Ryan tells her that Annie kicked him out of the house. Zach suggests they check on Annie to make she sure is okay. Annie walks in and announces she is fine. The nanny brings Spike out and immediately Kendall, Zach, and Annie surround him. Zach puts Spike into Ryan's arms so Ryan can assure Spike the procedure will not hurt him. The doctor arrives and goes over the procedure with Kendall, Ryan, Annie, and Zach. Annie shows Ryan how to turn on the cochlear implant since he does not remember. Ryan turns the implant on and the nanny begins clapping to see if Spike can hear. Spike responds to the clapping and noise surrounding him as everyone rejoices. Annie tells Ryan that they need to figure out how to explain their separation to Emma soon. After Ryan and Annie leave, Zach and Kendall go to Fusion at Derek's request. Derek shows up at the building to inform everyone the person in the bomb shelter was murdered.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Frankie is stunned to see the father that he believed was dead standing in front of him. Jesse tells him that the reasons behind his absence are complicated but promises to explain them all. Angie encourages her son to go into the cabin with his father so that they can talk, while everyone else stays outside. He does as asked and once they are inside, he immediately acknowledges that the two of them seeing each other again is an amazing thing. He makes it clear that he wants to know how the man he worshipped his entire life could so easily abandon the family he claims to have loved the entire time he was gone. Jesse tells him that he didn't make the choice to stay away-he did so to keep them safe. Frankie tells him that although he can understand that now, the five-year-old that he left had to listen to his mother cry herself to sleep and wonder if he was somehow responsible. As Jesse watches his now-adult son tell him how both he and Angie never got over losing him, he can see how angry Frankie is that Jesse could have been with them, but wasn't. Jesse pledges again that he will reveal all the details but in this moment, he would rather hear about the things he missed in his son's life.

Frankie says that he tried his hand at an internship at the hospital but left because he felt like he needed to do more. In an effort to find what that was, he enlisted in the service. Ever since coming back, Frankie says that he has been drifting, unsure of where to go or what to do, and wishing as he had over the years that his father was there to advise him. Jesse says that even if he had been there while his son was growing up, he wouldn't have been able to tell him what direction to take in his life. Instead, Jesse says that throughout life, the best decisions are made and lived by, which is what happened when he lived on the run. He said it was all worth it to be with him now and be able to tell Frankie how much he loves him. Frankie then says that his father really needs to tell Angie everything that happened, but Jesse is more than hesitant, saying that the things that were done to him were akin to the violence Frankie saw overseas. They both agree that those kinds of things should never come close to Angie, and finally give in to a long-awaited hug.

Outside, Tad and Krystal apologize to a pacing Angie for not being able to tell her that Jesse was alive, and say that they are happy that she has her family again. Angie understands that they had to abide by Jesse's wishes, and is just glad that the one wish she'd had all these years-her son and her husband together again in the same room-came true. She then tells them that Jesse said he stayed away to protect them from whoever is after him. Tad admits that he wasn't able to get the real story out of him, and Angie says that she thinks it might have something to do with her. Angie then resumes pacing and Krystal can't help but note that the love that Angie and Jesse share is the stuff that movies are made of. Tad claims to not know much about it, but Krystal thinks he knew that kind of love when he was with Dixie. He tells her that there are all kinds of love, and that even the greatest has its share of tragedies. Krystal acknowledges that and says that the best news is that the Hubbards are on their way back to a happy ending. Tad drags his wife on to his lap then and tells her that they are doing the very same thing.

Jesse mentions leaving town again to his son, and Frankie explodes, saying that there is no way he can leave his family again. Jesse fires back that he will continue to do whatever he feels he needs to in order to keep his family safe, but Frankie needlessly reminds him that as a full-grown man, he is now able to fight side-by-side with his father to put the people trailing him away. Just then, Angie, Tad, and Krystal come inside and back Frankie up, saying that he has a lot of people behind him. Angie then emerges as the sole voice of reason and tells her husband that 20 years of running is more than enough. Jesse tells her that going back to the way he had been living is the only choice that he has, and she tells him that his choice is no longer an option. She says that she will not allow him to make her suffer the way she did when she watched him die, and that if he walks away from them again, the disappointment will be a much greater pain. She demands that he decide immediately what he is going to do, and although the fear of something bad happening to Angie or Frankie is almost overwhelming, he decides to stay.

Across town at the hospital, a security guard shows a faceless man some footage of Jesse in the hall, and confirms that not only is his family back in town, but that his wife was offered a full-time position. The mystery man lays down a wad of money and notes that they finally have Jesse where they want him.

While waiting for Derek to arrive at Fusion, Greenlee and Zach express interest in what new information has been uncovered while Aidan and Kendall express their desire to leave the past behind them. A few moments later, Derek walks in and tells them that the skeleton from the bomb shelter is actually someone that they all know. He tells them that the bones were those of John "Remy" Remington, a man that Angie had dated after Jesse died, a man who escaped death because Jesse took the bullet meant for Remy. Everyone thought that Remy had left town, and now Derek is looking into how he mysteriously disappeared and wound up in the bomb shelter. Aidan wants to know why Derek is bothering to dredge up the past, and the police chief tells him that not only is it his duty, but Zach personally asked him to look into it. Zach pipes up and says that finding out what happened will allow him a measure of closure. Greenlee asks if they were able to determine how Remy died, and the chief tells them that he was shot and buried next to the bomb shelter. Zach thinks it sounds like a mob-style execution, and Derek says that because of their discovery, the Pine Valley PD will be launching a full-scale investigation.

The group breaks up when Derek leaves, and after discussing Remy for a few more moments with Kendall, Greenlee opts to switch tacks and ask her best friend how everything went with Spike. Kendall tells her that, while Spike can't hear everything, he can hear more than enough to live a full and active life just like Jason, the little boy who appeared on New Beginnings. Greenlee also asks if Zach was okay with the non-pregnancy, and Kendall confirms that as well. Greenlee notes that she can finally believe that the four of them will be okay. Just then, Zach and Aidan come back into the room and Zach wants to steal Greenlee. When they go off to the lounge, Kendall realizes that the uncomfortable feeling she has when she is around Aidan will never get any better. They move to their separate corners and Kendall calls out their behavior as ridiculous. She knows that they can't change what happened, and now that they have dodged the baby bullet, she thinks they should get back to being the friends they once were, and Aidan agrees. She says that Zach hired Aidan to go on the book tour because he trusts the PI, and she thinks they should prove Zach correct. Aidan thinks they can make it work, and Kendall says that they have to. After a brief reprieve, Kendall tells Aidan that if he wants to stay with Greenlee instead of going on the book tour, she can talk to Zach. Aidan wonders if Kendall's motive is really Greenlee, or if she was lying about being comfortable with him. She swears that she is fine, and wonders if Greenlee will be when she finds out.

In the lounge, Zach apologizes for taking the steps to find out who was in the shelter. He tells her that it really is in their past and he should have left it there. Greenlee, however, doesn't think she has moved past the experience at all. They agree that they both got a new friend out of it and because of that, Greenlee wants to know if the situation with Ryan is really getting to Zach. Zach says it is, and that he wants to help but doesn't know how, so instead he is protecting his wife. He then tells her about hiring Aidan as Kendall's bodyguard on the tour and that throws Greenlee off. She tells him that she doesn't want to feel like she has to share her man with anyone, so Zach offers to find someone else. She protests, saying that it is fine to go with the original plan, but then asks why Zach isn't going. He tells her about a financial meeting he has set up to go over the casinos and notes that if he pulls out now, Kendall will worry.

Zach and Greenlee rejoin the group and Zach announces that he told Greenlee about the bodyguard job. Aidan pipes up and says that he has chosen to stay in Pine Valley with Greenlee, but Greenlee says that she is perfectly fine with him going. Kendall suggests that instead, Greenlee join her on tour but that idea is rejected when Greenlee tells her they can't both be away from Fusion. She then says that if having Aidan watch over Kendall will help Zach rest easier, she is all for it.

JR drops by to visit Babe before heading over to the hospital, bringing lunch with him. She thinks that it's his latest in a list of excuses to drop by, and tells him that he won't need them anymore if he follows through with the donation for Richie. JR confirms that he isn't backing out; rather, he is warming up to the idea of being able to save another man's life. Letting his ego somewhat possess him, JR leans over and lays a deep kiss on his wife, stoking the fires they have been feeding for the past 24 hours. They decide to give in once more, and end up making love on the living room floor by the fire. Later, Babe thanks him again for being so wonderful, and starts to make note of all of the wonderful things he has been doing as of late. JR considers aloud what Richie's reaction will be when he finds out who his donor is. JR does wonder why Babe gives Richie the time of day and she confesses that although there was some chemistry with Richie when they first met, it turned to pity when she realized that Richie lied about who he was and why he was in town. She then says that while she no longer feels anything romantic, she still considers Richie a friend. This worries JR because he doesn't think that Richie's feelings have changed. Babe tries to soothe his concerns by telling him that Richie no longer has a chance. At that moment, JR feels the need to be completely honest and tells Babe that he loves her and he wants them to be a family again. He kisses her several times before walking out the door, certain that she loves him in return. He tells her that he will call her l

ater and then allows her to go back inside. In Richie's room at the Pine Cone Motel, he confirms that he wants his hired thugs to kidnap JR, saying that he would get JR's bone marrow even if he had to kill the young mogul to do so.

As JR starts to walk away, one of Richie's hired hands gets in contact with his partner and says to be on the lookout because JR is on the move. A short time later, JR enters a stairwell from an underground garage and, once he is out of earshot, the thug that first spotted him gets in touch with his partner once again and updates JR's location.

Richie shows up in Babe's doorway, much to her delight. She pulls him inside and after he apologizes for not returning any of her calls, she tells him what he already knows-that JR is a bone marrow match. Richie thinks that it's great that someone was found but notes that JR would never agree to help him. Babe begs to differ, telling him with delight that JR had already agreed to just that and is on his way to the hospital. He is stunned, and Babe has to coax him into celebrating the moment and starting to dream again. Richie immediately tries to amp up the romance, saying that his biggest delight is the idea of a new lease on life with Babe by his side. Babe is at a loss for words, but is saved by an incoming phone call, so Richie offers to take his leave. When he gets outside, he notes to himself that he will not only get a new life but also the girl, while JR gets nothing but the short end of the stick.

The door to the stairwell opens, and Richie's hired thugs emerge with an unconscious JR and put him in the back of their van. They take off and reach the mock medical set-up quickly, then hold JR still as the doctor injects a strong sedative into his arm.

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