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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Will and Gwen arrive home and tell Alison, who is babysitting Hallie, that their custody hearing is not going well. They explain that they need to prove that Sofie was willing gave up Hallie and that they didn't force her into the adoption. Alison offers to testify, but Will and Gwen say they need someone who can tell the judge what Sofie was thinking during the time of the adoption and they believe Aaron may be that person. Gwen asks Alison if she can talk to Aaron about testifying and Alison agrees to try, but isn't sure that Aaron will testify against Sofie. After Alison leaves, Gwen breaks down in Will's arms at the prospect of losing Hallie.

Alison arrives at the Lakeview and finds Aaron. She asks him if he would be a witness for Will and Gwen. Aaron tells her he is unwilling to testify against Sofie out of loyalty. Alison returns to Will and Gwen's house and shares the bad news that Aaron doesn't want to be a witness. They are disappointed and head back to court with Bonnie, leaving Alison to wait for the sitter before she joins them at the courthouse.

At the Lakeview, Sofie receives a visit from her lawyer who is there to check and see if she is ready for the afternoon's testimony. He tells her that he is confident that she will have her baby back by that evening.

Carly makes lunch for Parker at the house and the two discuss his trouble with the police since he shot Sam. Jack arrives and tells them that the district attorney has decided to charge Parker as an adult in Sam's death. Carly is angry about the state's decision to overlook the fact that Parker shot Sam in her defense. Parker is frustrated that his parents can't seem to help him and storms upstairs.

Holden arrives at the farm and finds Lily cooking for the family. He remarks that Lily must be feeling better and is happy that she is back to her old self. Lily admits to Holden she is well and didn't know if his offer to stay at the farm ended once she had recuperated from her overdose. Holden asks Lily if she is happy at the farm and she says she is, but doesn't want to take advantage of his generosity. He tells her he wants to make a fresh start, but she reminds him that in the very recent past he was filing for divorce and furious with her. She wants to know if he is making a new beginning for the kids or if he really wants her back. As he thinks it over, Carly calls and tells Lily she needs to see her right away. Lily leaves, but asks Holden to think about what she said and tell her later how he really feels about their future together.

When Lily arrives at Carly's house, Carly meets her outside and says that she needs to borrow Lucinda's jet to get Parker out of Oakdale. Lily tells Carly she can't help her run away with Parker. Carly explains that she doesn't want to see her baby go to jail and asks Lily what she would do if it were Luke or Ethan facing prison. Carly's words persuade Lily to call and get the jet ready for take off.

Lily returns to the farm and sees Holden has prepared a romantic dinner for the two of them to share. She tells Holden she is distracted since learning from Carly that Parker would be charged as an adult. Holden wants to call Jack to talk, but Lily asks him not to call since they haven't told a lot of people yet. Holden senses that Lily isn't telling him the total truth and asks her what Carly really wanted to see her about. Lily tells Holden she has been sworn to secrecy, but Holden reminds her that her keeping secrets led to their earlier separation and if they want a future together it needs to be based in honesty. She decides to tell Holden the truth and explains that Carly wanted her mother's jet to take Parker out of Oakdale. Holden says that she can't help Carly that way and that she knows the only right thing to do is to have Parker stay and fight.

After talking to Lily, Carly goes inside and starts looking for passports. Jack finds Carly and tries to encourage her to believe everything with Parker will be fine if they work within the justice system. Carly doesn't believe Jack and once he is gone tells Parker to pack because they are leaving Oakdale. Parker tells Carly that Jack wants him to stay and fight, but Carly says she doesn't trust that he will stay out of jail. She convinces Parker it is best if they leave and the two get set to go. They arrive at the jet and Parker is concerned that they didn't get to say goodbye to anyone and that his siblings will be mad at him for being the reason Carly is leaving town again. Carly tells Parker they will find a way to come back to town. As the two decide on their destination, Jack arrives and tells Carly this is the worst thing she could do for Parker. The two begin to fight over whether or not Parker should go, but in the end Parker tells his parents he wants to stay. Everyone returns to Carly's home and Jack tells Parker he is proud of him for returning to Oakdale ready to fight the charges. Carly apologizes to Jack for her hasty reaction to Parker being charged as an adult. Jack tells Carly they will get through Parker's trial as a family.

Back at the farm, Lily explains that she knows she needed to tell Jack about Carly leaving town, but she doesn't know if Carly will ever forgive her. Holden explains it was the right thing to do and that he is proud of Lily for not taking the easy way out. Lily gets a call from her pilot saying that Carly and Parker aren't going and she and Holden are relieved that Jack got there in time. With that problem solved, Holden and Lily turn their attention back to their relationship. Holden tells Lily he wants to try again to make their marriage work. He invites Lily to move out to the farm with him and the kids and Lily happily accepts.

Aaron arrives at the farm to talk to Holden about whether or not he should testify against Sofie for Will and Gwen. He is conflicted about if he should break Sofie's confidence to help his friends keep their baby. Aaron believes that if Sofie loses the baby because of him she will never forgive him. Holden tells Aaron that the only person he should be concerned with right now is the baby, Hallie.

At the courthouse, the judge is ready to continue the case of baby Hallie's adoption. As he explains the difficulties of deciding the case, Aaron arrives and says he is there to testify. The judge asks Aaron to tell him what Sofie was thinking at the time of the adoption. Aaron begins by apologizing to Sofie and then explains that she originally wanted to abort the baby and then put the baby up for adoption at the urging of her ex-boyfriend Cole. Aaron goes on to explain that Will and Gwen backed out of the adoption when they learned that Sofie was being pressured by Cole and even offered to help her keep the baby if she wanted. He details Sofie's decision to give up Hallie and even goes on to say that she wasn't emotionally ready to have a child. He states that Will and Gwen were willing to be Hallie's parents from the beginning of her life, something it took Sofie months to decide. The judge adjourns to make his decision and Will and Gwen thank Aaron for coming to testify. He is obviously conflicted about what he has done and when he sees Sofie he tries to apologize, but she is furious and tells him she never wants to see him again. Will and Gwen return home to wait for news about the adoption. Sofie returns to the Lakeview and waits, but avoids all of Aaron's attempts to reach her. She asks God for another chance to raise Hallie.

Luke and Noah walk through town after classes and as they are talking a letter falls out of Noah's pocket. At first, Noah doesn't want to show Luke the note, but he eventually does and Luke is surprised to see it is a letter from Noah's father, Colonel Mayer. Noah tells Luke that he got the letter a while back, but did not open it because he doesn't care what his father has to say to him. Luke asks if he can read it to him and Noah agrees to listen to what his father wrote. They go to Java where Luke reads the letter in which the Colonel claims that killing Noah's mother and attacking Luke was to protect him. Noah tells Luke he wants nothing to do with this father, but Luke tries to convince Noah that dealing with his father may help him get over everything that happened. Noah is outraged that Luke would suggest he should talk to his father and storms out of Java. Luke catches up with Noah at the farm and apologizes for upsetting him. Luke explains that if Noah forgives his father, it will help him find peace; it's for Noah's benefit, not his father's.

The two make up and go out to do chores, leaving their backpacks on the farm porch. When they return, Noah finds his backpack open and the letter from his father gone. At first they think one of the Luke's sisters might be playing a practical joke, but when they check inside they learn the girls aren't home. Noah claims it was no big deal, but looks concerned.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bonnie met Brad at WOAK, where he announced on the air that an upcoming segment would feature a local attorney. Katie warned Brad not to promote shows he hadn't gotten approval for, and Bonnie reminded Brad that she hadn't agreed to do the show yet. Brad asked Bonnie how Will and Gwen's custody hearing was going, and Bonnie told him they were still waiting for the judge's decision. Bonnie asked Brad how Parker's case was going and offered to help if needed. Bonnie hugged Brad in sympathy for what his family was going through.

Margo arrived and saw Katie watching Brad and Bonnie. Margo asked Katie if she was jealous. Katie denied it at first but then admitted it did bother her to see Brad with Bonnie. Margo told Katie if Brad was what she wanted, she should go for it. Brad came and told Katie that he and Bonnie were going out. He asked Katie not to call or text him unless it was an emergency. Katie said she wouldn't think of it.

Henry appeared distracted at the diner. Gray Girard walked in, and when Henry tried to get rid of him, Vienna realized something was seriously wrong. Henry confessed that he had lost the diner in a poker game to Gray. Vienna was upset and told Henry he had to do something. Gray told Vienna that he had offered Henry a way to get the diner back. Vienna insisted on knowing what Gray's offer was, and Henry was forced to tell her that Gray had said he would let Henry keep the diner in exchange for one night with Vienna. Vienna looked distraught momentarily but then told Henry, "Why not?"

Henry was shocked and told Vienna that she couldn't exchange sex for the diner. Vienna pointed out that it was just sex, and if it allowed them to keep the diner and the life they had built together, it would be worth it. Gray approached them and asked what their answer was. Henry told him the answer was no and handed him the deed to the diner. Gray said Henry and Vienna had one week to vacate the premises. Gray left, and Vienna hit Henry, angry at him for declining the indecent proposal.

As Vienna tried to convince Henry to let her accept Gray's proposal, Brad and Bonnie walked into the diner. Vienna told Brad what was going on, including the proposal Gray had made. Bonnie said it didn't sound that different from how Vienna used to support herself in Europe. In response, Vienna dumped a bowl of oatmeal down the front of Bonnie's dress. Vienna told Bonnie she deserved that for what happened at the ball in Edinburgh. Bonnie asked if she meant the ball where Vienna stole her escort. Vienna responded that Bonnie was the escort and had been overpriced at that. They started to fight, but Brad separated them. Bonnie told Brad she had to change clothes, and she left. Henry and Vienna then asked Brad's opinion on the situation with the diner. Brad told Vienna that it's never "just sex," and he told Henry to stick to his guns and let the diner go rather than let Vienna accept the offer.

Vienna left and went to WOAK to discuss the situation with Katie. Katie asked if Brad knew about this and what he thought about it. Vienna told Katie that Brad was on Henry's side. As they talked, a package arrived for Vienna. Inside were a diamond necklace and a note that read, "Just one night, and you could have so much more. Gray." Vienna was excited to have diamonds in her hands again, and when Katie asked if she was going to return the necklace, Vienna said no.

Henry told Brad he had completely messed up by losing the diner in the poker game, but Brad said if anyone could work it out, it was Henry. Henry told Brad he was worried about how Vienna would feel if she were around someone like Gray again, someone with money and connections and all the things Vienna used to have before she met Henry. Brad assured Henry that Vienna preferred being poor with him to being the rich jetsetter she used to be.

Matt got a job at the Lakeview, primarily because Margo gave him a good recommendation. Casey was upset that Matt was playing Margo and Tom like that, but Matt said he was just trying to get back on his feet. Matt told Casey that if the whole situation was freaking Casey out, he'd leave and go to a halfway house. Casey told him not to do that but asked him to please lay off a bit with Tom and Margo. Matt thanked Casey for giving him a place to stay, and he hugged Casey. Alison walked up and said hello to them, wondering if they were always together these days. Matt said he was living at Casey's parents' home for the time being, and Casey said it was a temporary arrangement.

Matt left, and Alison told Casey how nice she thought it was that he was helping another friend. Casey asked Alison about the custody hearing, but she told him she didn't know the outcome yet. Alison asked Casey if she could buy him breakfast, but he declined, saying he had to work. Alison told him to call her sometime, and then she left. Alison ran into Matt in the lounge, and Matt asked her if she'd like to go out with him sometime. Alison was somewhat surprised, because she and Matt didn't know each other, but Matt said he was attracted to her, and since he was single, he didn't see a problem with asking her out. She told him to call her sometime. He asked for her phone number, but she told him to get it from Casey.

Casey walked up as Alison left, and he asked Matt what was going on. Matt told him he had asked Alison out. Casey and Matt went back to the Hugheses' house for lunch and found Margo there. Margo had brought lunch home for everyone. Matt excused himself to get his cell phone out of the car. While outside, he made a call to someone to let them know that everything was working out fine so far.

Sofie found Chris at Memorial Hospital and thanked him again for his testimony in her custody case. Chris suggested they go for a walk in the park together, and Sofie agreed. Chris took Sofie's arm just as Emily walked up and saw the two of them leaving together. Chris and Sofie went to the park, where Chris asked Sofie to tell him all about her life. Sofie claimed that it wasn't very interesting. She told him her parents died when she was very young and her grandmother raised her until her grandmother became ill and died, too. Sofie then went to live in a convent school. When she left there, she met Cole, which led to her pregnancy and to Cole's attempts to sell their unborn baby.

Sofie told Chris that Cole had literally been all she had in life, but she had never felt good about herself when she was with him. She said that after Hallie was born, she finally began to see herself as a person who deserved to be loved. Chris took Sofie's hand and told her everyone deserved to be loved. Because Sofie seemed to be cold, Chris told her he would buy her a hat or some gloves at a vendor's stand in the park. Sofie saw a baby's knitted cap there and picked it up and began crying. Chris hugged her as she cried. Sofie tried to calm herself down and asked the vendor in Spanish if she could have a tissue. The vendor asked Sofie in Spanish if Chris had made her cry, but Sofie assured her that Chris was nice and was helping her. The vendor was glad to hear it because she thought Chris was cute; Sofie agreed and thanked the vendor again. When Chris asked what they'd been talking about, Sofie told him they were discussing the weather.

Outside Java, Paul spotted Meg and waited around a corner so he could "accidentally" run into her. Meg saw through Paul's trick and told him she was done with him. Paul tried to convince Meg that he needed her at Worldwide. He told Meg he wanted to help her get her life back on track, but Meg replied that she didn't need any help with that. Meg pointedly told Paul it was over between them, and she left. Outside, someone watched as Paul went into Java.

Emily arrived at Java, and someone outside watched as she went in and joined Paul. Paul told Emily that he wanted to have the Intruder newspaper back under the Worldwide umbrella. He told Emily he would even expand her budget. Emily wanted to know what was in it for Paul, but he said it was just good business. Paul asked Emily why she was acting so irritable, and she told him it was because of Chris. Paul told Emily she'd do better than Chris next time, and Emily replied that Paul was not the person who should be offering relationship advice, since he'd also been dumped. Paul told Emily their situations were different, because Meg still loved him and would come back to him one day.

Meg went home to the farm, where she found a single rose and a note that read, "I will always be with you." Meg grabbed the rose and went back to Java, where she threw it in front of Paul and asked him, "What part of 'no' did you not understand?" Paul told Meg he hadn't sent her the rose, but Meg didn't believe him and warned him that if he kept this up, she would indeed end up hating him. Meg left, and Emily laughed at Paul. Paul told Emily he didn't send Meg the rose, and Emily said that meant Meg had a secret admirer. Paul was not amused, and he left.

Emily walked out of Java and spotted Chris and Sofie in the courtyard at Old Town . Chris told Sofie he had to get back to work, and then he told her goodbye in Spanish. Sofie was embarrassed to find out Chris spoke Spanish. Chris told Sofie he was glad she thought he was cute, and then he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek before leaving.

Meg returned to the farm, where she found another red rose and another note. This one read, "I knew you'd think it was from Paul." Meanwhile, Paul returned to his office at Worldwide, where he found Craig sitting behind Paul's desk, waiting for him.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As Carly sleeps at home, she dreams back to the night Sam tried to rape her. In the nightmare, she sees Parker firing the gun at Sam once. She wakes up and immediately goes to Jack to tell him that she figured out that Parker only fired one shot at Sam so he isn't the one who killed Sam. Jack is suspicious of Carly's sudden memory of that night, but agrees to go to Metro to try to find evidence to exonerate Parker of Sam's murder. Jack and Carly return to Metro and begin to look around for any evidence that someone else fired the second shot. Carly is visibly upset upon entering Metro and seeing the site of her attack. She pulls herself together and tells Jack that they need to reenact the night of her attack so they can figure out what really happened. Jack is reluctant to traumatize Carly, but she wants to go through with it so she can try to remember everything. Carly goes over the events that led up to the attack and as she and Jack sit on the bench where Sam attacked her, Jack pulls away and says he can't imagine what Sam did to her. Jack reveals that he feels guilty about not listening to Parker's earlier warnings about Sam. Carly says they can't look back, and they have to recreate the attack so she can remember. The two return to the booth where the attack took place and as they walk through the assault, Carly recalls seeing Parker only fire one shot, which means he didn't kill Sam. Jack remarks that Carly's memory isn't enough to clear Parker, but if they find the person who fired the second shot, then Parker will be okay. The two try to figure out who might have killed Sam, as Kit walks in and tells Carly and Jack she has returned to get her share of Metro. Kit demands that Carly pay her right away or put the club up for sale. Carly tries to explain that there is no way to sell the property quickly, but Kit is unrelenting and insists on getting her money immediately. Jack wants to know why Kit is so anxious to get her money and leave town. Kit says she wants nothing more to do with Oakdale and will be leaving soon, and Carly will need to get her the money as quickly as possible. When Kit leaves, Jack suspects that something isn't right because Kit didn't take Cowboy Jack, Sam's dummy, a reminder of the so-called love of her life. Jack believes that Kit may have suspected Sam wanted a romantic relationship with Carly and might have been the one that fired the second shot that killed Sam.

Jack and Carly return to the police station and find the coroner's report that shows that Sam was killed by a second shot to the heart. A police officer walks in and hands Jack a report that he says will prove where Kit was that night. They are hopeful they can prove that Kit returned to Oakdale from Chicago and shot Sam after seeing him attack Carly. Then, the two return to Metro to look for clues that Kit was there the night of Sam's murder. Jack holds up Sam's puppet and tells Carly he will do anything to get Kit to admit she shot Sam.

Paul finds Craig sitting at his desk at World Wide and tells Craig to get out of his office. Craig refuses to leave without first telling Paul that he knows Paul was behind "the plan" with Lucinda and Emily to send him on a wild goose chase after his son and daughter. Craig tells Paul he no longer wants World Wide, but there are things in Oakdale he is after. Paul figures that Craig must have returned to Oakdale to try to win Meg back, and warns Craig to stay away from her. Craig laughs off Paul's warning and advises Paul to watch his back. He tells Paul that bringing Johnny and Lucy into the fight was unfair and that Paul will pay for tricking him into looking for his children. Craig leaves Paul to think about his threats.

After his run-in with Craig, Paul finds Lucinda at the Lakeview and lets her know that Craig has returned to town. Lucinda tells Paul she already knew, but she has been dealing with Craig for a long time and knows how to take care of him. Paul explains that Craig is acting more volatile than usual and that they are most likely his next targets. Lucinda doesn't take Paul's warning seriously, so he decides to make sure Meg is protected and goes to find her.

As Lucinda is finishing her coffee at the Lakeview she sees Bob and Kim coming in for a meal. She congratulates Bob on his recovery from his recent stroke, brought on by Evan poisoning him, and tells him how great he looks. Bob remarks that he is anxious to return to the hospital as chief of staff. Lucinda, who brought Evan to town, looks sad, but when Bob and Susan see her emotion, she dismisses it as relief for Bob's healthy return. Lucinda wishes Bob well and leaves him and Kim to enjoy their meal.

As Kim and Bob sit at the Lakeview, Kim remarks that she has enjoyed Bob's time at home and is sad that he will be returning to his busy job at Memorial. Kim reminds Bob that his work is very daunting and she fears the stress may make him sick again. She encourages him to allow Chris to help him. Bob explains that Chris may not want to stay on at Memorial, but Kim tells Bob to keep Chris on as long as possible. The two toast Bob's recovery.

At the Snyder farm, Meg finds another rose and figures out that the roses must have been coming from Craig all along. Holden arrives home and sees Meg with the rose. He asks her what is going on and Meg explains that Craig must be behind the flowers, but she doesn't understand what he wants. Holden tells his sister he will confront Craig and bring this all to an end, but Meg tells him not to bother. Holden tells his sister he is going to the police to put a stop to all of this before someone gets hurt. Meg tries to stop her brother, but Holden refuses to stand by and wait for Craig to hurt Meg again.

After his confrontation with Paul, Craig heads down to the police station to report Lucinda for conspiring with Evan Walsh. Margo laughs off Craig's accusations and asks him if he has any proof. Craig tells his sister that finding proof is her job, but he knows that Evan and Lucinda were somehow involved in Memo 21. Just as Craig is explaining his theory, Holden bursts into the police station and demands that Margo arrests her brother. Margo asks Holden why she should arrest Craig and Holden explains that Craig is stalking Meg. Margo asks her brother to leave Meg alone, but Craig says he would never hurt Meg and refuses to stop seeing her. Holden tells Margo to make sure Craig doesn't go near Meg or he will go to a judge and make sure it stops. After Holden leaves, Craig urges his sister to pursue a case against Lucinda, but Margo explains she can't pull charges out of thin air. When Margo refuses to look into his complaint, Craig tells her he will seek his own justice and tells his sister goodbye.

Soon after Holden leaves the farm, Meg gets a visit from Paul. She tells him she wants nothing more to do with him, but Paul explains he is there to warn her about Craig. Paul details his latest run-in with Craig to Meg and tells her that he is worried Craig is going to come after her. Paul sees the rose and knows that Craig is stalking Meg. He warns her again, but all Meg can think is that Paul must have done something to set Craig off on his latest vendetta. Paul admits that he and Lucinda had planned to get Craig out of town, and Paul and Meg argue over Paul's intentions. Meg screams at Paul that they are over, just as Craig arrives. Meg tells Craig to leave her alone, but he says he is only there to wish her well and say goodbye. Before leaving, he tells Meg to have a good life and adds that she should do it without Paul. Meg tells Paul he should take a cue from Craig and leave her alone as well. Paul leaves still believing he may have a future with Meg.

Holden returns to the farm and tells Meg that he got a restraining order against Craig. He tells her that Craig won't be harassing her anymore. Meg admits she is relieved he got the restraining order, but is worried it won't stop Craig this time.

At Memorial, Lucinda receives a visit from Margo, who wants to know if Lucinda had any contact with Evan before he came to town. Lucinda lies and says she had nothing to do with Evan. She asks Margo if Craig is pressuring her into thinking that Lucinda was involved with Evan. Margo admits that Craig has sparked her suspicions and explains that she has to follow every lead in an investigation. Lucinda tells her to look all she wants, but that she will find no connection between her and Evan.

Lucinda returns to the Lakeview and finds Craig ready to leave town. She remarks that she is happy to see him go. She tells Craig she won't ever admit it, but wants to know how he knew that she and Evan had prior contact. Craig says that he didn't actually know until that moment, but he figured out she was the only one who could pull off bringing Evan to town. Lucinda tells Craig not to cross her or she may have to try to get away with murder. Craig ominously admits that he has gotten away with murder in the past and hopes he can pull it off again. Lucinda asks Craig who his target is this time and he tells her she will know soon enough. Craig heads off to the airport.

As Paul starts his car there is a violent explosion.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

At Memorial Hospital, Barbara questions Chris about Paul's condition after the explosion and fire in his car. Barbara learns Paul is suffering from severe second-degree burns and Chris has sent for a specialist from Chicago. Margo tells Barbara that she is investigating the explosion as an attempted homicide, and Barbara angrily tells Margo to arrest Craig. Margo remembers an implied threat that Craig made against Paul the day before, and she puts out an APB on her brother.

Paul awakens and asks his mother to call Meg. Meg arrives and Barbara confronts her. She tells Meg to go into Paul's room because he is asking for her. Meg complies, but Paul becomes agitated when he sees her and begins to go into cardiac arrest. Chris sends him to an OR and Barbara banishes Meg. Barbara also sees Chris and Sofie Duran in a deep conversation.

Jack can find no evidence that Kit was in Oakdale the day Sam was shot. He suggests to Carly that perhaps Sam's dummy, Cowboy Jack, can help. They set up a plan to trap Kit, but it requires that she not leave town immediately. Parker is sure his parents are up to something, but they are not willing to let him in on the plan. The Snyder kids leave for school over Parker's protests that his classmates are acting weird around him.

Craig is flying to the Cayman Islands, sipping champagne. He looks pleased with himself and gives Margo a call to see if Paul was actually killed in the explosion. He is disappointed to learn that Paul most likely will survive. He tells Margo that he feels completely justified in what he did and that even if she searches, she will never find him.

At the Oakdale Police station, Jack learns that Paul is injured. He shares with Margo his and Carly's theory that Parker only fired one shot and that it was a second shot that finished Sam. He is convinced that Kit is the second shooter and he needs Margo's help to keep Kit in town long enough for him to find the evidence he needs. Margo agrees to his plan.

Emily is also at Memorial and spots Chris and Sofie having their earnest conversation. Chris gets paged and Emily zeroes in on Sofie. She introduces herself and warns Sofie not to hurt or use Chris. Sofie tells Emily that her relationship with Chris is none of Emily's business.

A nurse tells Barbara that her radiation treatments are scheduled to begin the following day, but Barbara cannot face that with Paul in such critical condition. Barbara leaves just before Meg returns to Paul's room with a bouquet of flowers. She attempts to talk to Paul, but he is unresponsive. After she leaves, he awakens and pushes his help button, which brings Chris. Paul asks him if Meg had been there and Chris does not know, but Paul spies the bouquet Meg left.

Sofie slips into Paul's room and he asks who she is. He inquires if she saw Meg there earlier, and Sofie tells him yes. Paul doesn't want to be alone and asks Sofie to stay with him. Emily peeks in Paul's door and sees Sofie sitting with him, and that disturbs her.

At the Lakeview, Dallas and Jack play "good cop/bad cop" on Kit. Jack pretends to rescue Kit from being held by the Oakdale PD and lets her go free on condition that she stay overnight in Oakdale. Kit is broke and has no money for a hotel room. Carly arranges to "bump into" Kit and offers her a bed for the night at her house. Kit is suspicious but she accepts.

Emily and Susan have a meal together and Emily tells her mother she has decided to sell the Intruder to Paul. Susan thinks that is a terrible idea and urges her to keep the paper. She reminds Emily that the Intruder is her legacy from Dusty and her only means of support.

Jack picks up the kids at school and they stop for a snack. Jack tells Parker that he wants him to stay at the Snyder farm overnight, away from Carly's house. Parker knows something is going on and that his folks must be desperate. Jack takes him and the other kids to the farm and waits to hear from Carly. At home, Carly offers Kit a homemade burger and she mixes medication into the ground beef. Kit eats heartily and suddenly becomes very sleepy. She decides to take a nap, and Carly quickly sends a message to Jack. When he arrives, they get out Cowboy Jack and begin the next part of their scheme.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Holden and Lily found themselves virtually alone at the farm after Ethan went down for his nap. They went upstairs to their bedroom and began to make love, but Lily stopped Holden. When Holden asked what was wrong, Lily said she was thinking of other things, and Holden correctly guessed that she was thinking about Dusty. Lily apologized but said that if their marriage was going to work, she and Holden needed to be honest with one another. Lily told Holden the reason she went to Dusty in the first place was because Holden had been shutting her out and blaming her for what had happened to Luke. When Lily had seen Holden growing close to Bonnie, she had sought comfort with Dusty. Holden asked what Lily thought they needed to do to put their marriage back on track, and Lily told him they needed to move forward without forgetting the past.

At Java, a young woman wearing a traditional Islamic headscarf watched Noah from across the room. She stood to approach him, but Luke came in and sat down with Noah, so the young lady sat back down at the coffee bar. Luke asked Noah if he had ever found his father's letter, and Noah told him he had not. They discussed their hectic school schedule, and then Luke realized he had left a book at school. Luke went to retrieve the book, and the young lady again looked as though she wanted to speak to Noah. Noah asked if he could help her, but she apologized and said no. However, when Noah left Java, the young woman followed him.

Luke met Noah back at the farm and told Noah they were alone except for Luke's parents, who were upstairs. Before they could enjoy their privacy, there was a knock at the door; it was the young lady from Java. She introduced herself as Ameera and said she was from Iraq. When Noah asked how Ameera knew his name, she told him she had known his father. Ameera told Luke and Noah that Noah's father had been in love with her mother in Iraq and had been "like a father" to her. Colonel Mayer had protected Ameera and her mother when their family had turned against them because of Ameera's involvement with an American soldier. Even after Colonel Mayer left Iraq, Ameera said he had sent money to help support them, but that stopped one day. After they stopped receiving the money, Ameera and her mother had survived for a few weeks, but then Ameera's mother became ill and died. Ameera told Noah she was in fear for her life because of her mother's involvement with Noah's father, so she came to America.

Noah asked why he should believe Ameera's story. Ameera took out a photograph of herself with Noah's father and showed it to Noah. Luke and Noah went outside to discuss the situation, and they agreed that they believed Ameera's story. Noah told Luke he didn't know what to do, but he didn't feel that he could send Ameera out to live on the streets. Luke told Noah he would ask his parents if Ameera could stay at the farm with them.

Luke went upstairs and told his parents that they had a problem. Downstairs, Ameera thanked Noah for what he was doing. Noah asked what her name meant, and Ameera said it meant "princess." She then asked Noah who Luke was. Luke came back down, and Noah introduced Luke to Ameera as his "special friend," holding Luke's hand as he said it.

At the Lakeview, a bellhop brought a note to Vienna and Henry's suite. Vienna read the note, which was from Gray, inviting her to join him downstairs for drinks. When Henry came out, Vienna told him it was the maid who had knocked on the door. Henry told Vienna he was going to the diner to clear up a few things before Gray took over. He asked if Vienna wanted to go with him, but she told him she thought she might take a nap.

Henry left, and Vienna went downstairs and found Gray in the lounge. She told him she would have to decline his invitation for drinks. Gray asked Vienna what she saw in Henry. Vienna gave Gray a long list of reasons why she loved Henry. Gray told Vienna he could tell that Henry was a great guy. However, Gray said he himself was also a great guy, as well as a rich man who had more money than he could spend by himself. Vienna told Gray she wasn't a materialistic person.

Brad ran into Katie in Old Town , where he had just bought a new dress for Bonnie, to make up for the one Vienna ruined at the diner. When Brad told Katie he had bought the dress for Bonnie, Katie got the wrong impression and appeared upset. Brad tried to explain it to her, but Katie didn't want to hear any of it and left.

Brad followed Katie to WOAK, where he again tried to explain to her what had happened to Bonnie's dress. Katie told him she didn't care, but Brad told Katie she was obviously very jealous. Katie told Brad he needed to stop thinking that and move on with his life, but Brad pointed out that every time he tried to do that, Katie somehow got in his way. Brad asked Katie to give him a direct answer to his question of whether they had a chance together; Katie replied, "We don't." Brad asked if Katie would be upset if he went out with Bonnie, and Katie replied that she wouldn't. Brad then called Bonnie and arranged to meet her for a drink at the Lakeview, as Katie pretended not to care.

When Brad and Bonnie sat down for drinks at the Lakeview, Brad noticed Vienna sitting with Gray. Brad wanted to call Henry to tell him, but Bonnie told Brad it wasn't their business. Brad then gave Bonnie the gift he'd bought for her. Bonnie was thrilled with the dress Brad had picked out and thanked him by giving him a kiss.

Katie went to the diner and spoke to Henry. She could tell Henry was feeling bad and asked if he was having trouble with Vienna. Henry said it wasn't about Vienna but rather about the fact that he and Vienna were losing the diner, which had been their safe haven together. Katie assured Henry that he would find something else and that the most important thing was that he and Vienna still had each other.

At the Lakeview, Brad noticed that Vienna and Gray were drinking champagne, and Brad told Bonnie he had to do something. Brad called Henry and warned him that Gray was making a move on Vienna. Henry told Brad he'd be right there. Brad didn't want to wait for Henry to arrive. He told Bonnie he was going to put a stop to whatever was going on with Vienna and Gray, but Bonnie stopped Brad and told him she would handle it herself.

Bonnie approached Vienna's table and remarked that every city needed a "Eurotrash wannabe jet-set bimbo." Gray asked Vienna if he should get rid of Bonnie for her, but Vienna said she could do it herself. Bonnie said she'd like to see Vienna try. Vienna remarked that it seemed that Bonnie was still "stealing men from better women," and Bonnie replied that Vienna was obviously "still a messy drunk." Bonnie then knocked Vienna's drink onto her lap, and Vienna jumped up and attacked Bonnie. As Gray and Brad tried to separate the two women, Henry came in, pulled Gray off of Vienna, and punched him, knocking him down.

Gray told Henry that everything had been perfectly innocent. Vienna told Henry she could explain everything, but Henry said, "Not here!" and led Vienna out of the room. Henry and Vienna returned to their suite, where Vienna assured Henry that she'd been telling Gray how much she loved Henry. Henry was angry that Vienna embarrassed him like that. To calm Henry down, Vienna began to kiss him, and Henry gave in to her strategy.

Later, with Henry asleep beside her, Vienna got up out of bed to answer her cell phone. It was Gray, who called from the diner to tell Vienna that although he didn't know why the diner seemed to matter to her, it obviously did. Because Gray didn't care for the diner either way, he told Vienna he was giving it back to her. Vienna replied, "That's very sweet of you, Gray, but I don't think it's going to work for us. But thanks anyway." Vienna hung up, and Gray looked puzzled.

At Carly's house, Jack and Carly finalized the details of their plan to get Kit to confess to having killed Sam. They had turned off the circuit breakers in the house to keep it dark, and Carly had a camera ready to film Kit. Jack had Cowboy Jack, the dummy, ready to "perform" for Kit. Carly ducked out of sight, and Kit came downstairs. Kit was startled to hear Cowboy Jack accusing her of having taken Sam away from him. Jack propped Cowboy Jack up where Kit could see him. Jack then had Cowboy Jack say, "You know what you did to Sam. Admit it!" Kit, distressed, said that Sam was going to ditch her in order to be with Carly; Cowboy Jack said that must have made Kit mad. Kit admitted that it had indeed made her mad, but just as she seemed about to confess to having shot Sam, Jack's cell phone rang. Kit became suspicious and started towards Cowboy Jack, thinking Carly might be doing this to her. Carly, however, chose that moment to walk up behind Kit and ask her why she was talking to herself.

Kit was shocked to see Carly behind her. Carly suggested that perhaps Kit had been sleepwalking, and she offered to make Kit some tea. They went into the kitchen together, while Jack snuck out with Cowboy Jack. Jack looked at his phone and saw that it was Katie who had called. He went to WOAK and asked Katie why she'd called. Katie told him she was just wondering how Parker was doing. Jack told Katie that Parker would have been doing better if Katie hadn't called. Jack then explained that he had been trying to get Kit to confess to having been involved in Sam's death, but Katie's call put a stop to that. Katie apologized and asked what she could do to help; Jack said he and Carly had it under control. When Jack suggested that he and Katie might get together later, Katie told him to go back to Carly and Parker.

Carly convinced Kit that she'd had a bad dream. Kit said the whole thing had creeped her out, and she wanted to leave Oakdale as soon as possible. When Jack returned to Carly's place later, Kit had gone back to bed. Carly told Jack that Kit planned to leave town in the morning, and she worried about what that might mean for Parker's case. Jack told Carly that Parker's life depended on them, and they weren't going to let him down.

Katie went to the Lakeview to have a drink. She saw Brad and Bonnie doing shots at the bar and laughing together. Katie decided to say hello to them, and Brad invited her to join them, but Katie begged off, saying she was tired. Katie told them to have fun, and Bonnie said they would. Brad then called out a "goodnight" to Katie; Katie turned and told Brad goodnight, and they exchanged a poignant look.



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