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Monday, February 18, 2008

At the Salem Police Department, Abe and Roman told the Brady and Johnson families that the FAA lost radio contact with John's plane, and that it had disappeared from all radar tracking systems.

Max, who was in a distraught state, lashed out at Lexie and told her that the entire DiMera family was evil and probably responsible for the present situation. Max later apologized to Lexie for his actions. Max tried to cheer up Chelsea and Stephanie, assuring them that their parents and friends would be found alive and well.

Abe told the families that the FAA reported John's plane was presumed to have crashed.

John's plane crashed somewhere in a cold mountainous area. John was the first to regain consciousness. He walked around the crash site in a daze and did nothing to help the injured. He seemed cold and indifferent as he sized up the situation.

Belle, Shawn, and Claire survived the crash with only a few scrapes. Belle found a first aid kit and treated Chloe, Philip, and Marlena. Belle asked an unwilling John to watch Claire. John and Claire formed an unusual bond and John seemed to enjoy talking to his granddaughter. Shawn was able to revive Hope and Kayla, but Bo was barely alive and was unconscious. Shawn learned that his grandfather, Shawn Sr., gave up his oxygen supply and ultimately sacrificed his life in order to save his children.

Kayla treated Steve, who regained consciousness just as Kayla told him that she was pregnant. Kayla told Steve that he had a punctured lung and she was helpless to do much for him except to try to control the pain. Marlena guided a reluctant John to re-set her dislocated shoulder. Afterward, Marlena told John that she still loved him and was not about to give up on him anytime soon. Chloe helped Philip free his prosthetic leg from the wreckage. Philip joked about how lucky he was that his artificial leg was crushed as opposed to his good leg.

Hope told Shawn that Bo was very ill and needed more tests to determine the extent of his medical condition. Bo's condition worsened and he stopped breathing. Hope, Shawn, and Marlena administered CRP and resuscitated him with a defibrillator that Marlena found in the plane.

Kayla's baby appeared to be in danger as she started to experience sharp pains in her abdomen.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inside the fuselage of John's wrecked plane, Marlena was able to revive Bo using an automatic defibrillator from the plane. Hope and Shawn were very relieved to see Bo breathe again. A confused Bo asked about his Pop, and Hope had to tell him again that Shawn Sr. had given his life so the others could have the oxygen on the plane. Bo made his way up the aisle to where his father's body still sat, and removed the blanket that covered him. Sobbing, a devastated Bo buried his face in his late Pop's chest.

Outside, Kayla doubled over in pain while attending to Steve, who lay on a piece of wreckage with broken ribs and a punctured lung. Steve called out for help, and, nearby, Philip and Chloe heard his weak shouts. Chloe had just helped Philip free his prosthetic leg from under some debris, so she offered to go help them. Kayla asked Chloe to please find Marlena.

John held Claire in his lap in one of the seats from the plane that had been thrown into the snow. He told her to cover her ears, then fired a signal flare into the cold night sky. They were both enjoying its brilliant red glow when Belle came to retrieve Claire. Belle asked if there were anything they could use for shelter, and John said he hoped so, because it was going to be a long, cold night.

At the police station, Stephanie tried to convince everyone that they shouldn't assume John's plane had crashed just because it had lost radio contact and gone off radar. In Roman's office, Lexie was distraught that she and Abe might never see their friends again. Roman, hanging up the phone, told Lexie and Abe that the FAA didn't think they'd have much luck finding the plane until morning. Frustrated that he couldn't just go find his family himself, he angrily flung an item from his desk across the room. Lexie quietly left the office, and Abe tried to comfort his old partner by reminding him the Bradys-and John-were survivors. Roman admitted he was worried about John's presence with them.

Using a tree branch as a makeshift crutch, Philip hobbled over to Steve and Kayla and suggested they move inside the fuselage, where they would be warmer. Shawn and John helped carry Steve inside on a stretcher fashioned from a blanket. Marlena examined Steve and confirmed that his lung was collapsed, and gave him some pain medication.

Caroline arrived at the station, and said she hoped the Saint Christopher medal she'd given Shawn Sr. was protecting him. Max and Roman assured her he was probably protecting everyone else, and looking forward to telling them all about Colleen over a bowl of chowder and a pint. Meanwhile, Kate and Victor showed up, and Abe broke the news that John's plane had likely crashed. Maggie rushed in and told Caroline she'd tried unsuccessfully to reach Doug and Julie. Roman announced to the stunned group that NORAD had called off the search until morning. Victor asked Abe if everything possible was being done, or if they could get more planes and searchers. Abe advised him they were doing all they could.

In a tent with Philip, Chloe thanked God they'd found pop-up tents in the plane's survival kits. She worried she would never know what happened to Brady, but Philip promised her they would find him.

Belle found Shawn quietly weeping outside their tent. He apologized for crying when he should have been taking care of her and Claire, but she said it was refreshing to see a Brady man show some emotion. He said he missed his grandfather, and reminisced about the great St. Patrick's Day parties Shawn Sr. had thrown at the Brady Pub. Belle urged him to take comfort in his memories of the years they'd gotten to share. Shawn said he wanted to make sure Claire had happy memories as well, and that she knew she had two parents who loved each other. Claire wanted to stay the night with her Grandpa Bo, which Hope said might be good for him. Belle commended Hope for her strength, and Hope said Belle was a strong woman too, only she hadn't yet realized it.

John continued to wander in the woods near the wreckage, guzzling tiny bottles of booze. Marlena found him and said none of them should spend the night alone lest they get hypothermia. He offered to keep her warm, but she warned him she would be checking on the others throughout the night. She was surprised when he said he planned to get a good night's sleep after all they'd been through. He explained it had been a long day, and the next would likely be just as long. Claire ran up to kiss her "Pop-pop" good night. He asked her to call him John. "John? Okay. Goodnight, John," replied the unfazed tot, then she gave him and Marlena hugs before running off again. Marlena noted how good John was with his granddaughter. He shrugged, "She's a kid. What's not to like?"

Marlena checked on Bo, and told Hope to get some sleep. Hope whispered to her sleeping husband that she was going to hold him to the promise they'd made to grow old together. When Marlena stopped to look in on Steve, he asked her to check Kayla out too. Kayla explained she'd been cramping, but knew she just had to wait-and pray.

At Caroline's suggestion, the Bradys' family and friends gathered at the church to pray together. Victor remarked to Kate that though he found comfort in the church, he wasn't as devout as his mother had been. Kate worried what they would do if they lost Philip, and Victor took her hand in comfort. Several family members lit candles, and Caroline led the group in the Lord's Prayer. Afterward, everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts. Some lit candles, some prayed wordlessly, and some looked to the stained-glass image of Christ as if for guidance. Caroline silently prayed as she fingered her rosary beads, and Roman tried to comfort her.

Bo awoke with a start, and described a frightening dream he'd been having about his Pop disappearing while they were on a fishing trip. Hope agreed they would all miss him very much, and told Bo she was glad he'd finally admitted he was sick. He apologized for not telling her sooner, and she said not to ever do anything like that to try to protect her again. They promised to always be there for each other. As Bo drifted off to sleep, Hope tucked the blanket tighter around him and Claire.

Steve and Kayla snuggled together to keep warm. As if to reassure himself as much as Kayla, Steve said the rescuers would find them soon. They talked about how they looked forward to her pregnancy, and to Stephanie babysitting her new little brother or sister. Steve vowed that he would be there for this baby's childhood, especially since he had missed Stephanie's.

Chloe and Philip struggled to keep warm inside their tent. He suggested they take off their clothes to prevent hypothermia, and she somewhat reluctantly agreed, hoping aloud that it would actually work. Once Chloe was undressed, Philip wrapped a blanket around her and pulled her close, and they began to kiss.

Belle told Shawn she thought they deserved to be happy, and they should try again, and he said he thought so too. She said she wanted them to be a family again, and didn't want to end up alone like their Aunt Colleen. He agreed, then after a tender kiss that quickly became passionate, they began to make love.

Marlena settled into her tent next to John, who at first pretended to be asleep. Later he rolled over and put his arm around her under the guise of keeping warm, but suddenly she sat up and gasped, "That isn't keeping warm!" She winced in pain from her shoulder injury. He asked to have a look at it, and watched with an odd smile as she began removing her clothes. He helped her unbutton her blouse, and she grabbed his face as if to stop him, but kissed him instead.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Steve and Kayla shivered under their blankets in the cold. Steve was restless, but he tried to comfort Kayla in spite of his pain. "I'm sorry about your Pop. He was a good man," whispered Steve. Kayla tried to hold back her tears, but Steve encouraged her to cry. They talked a little about Shawn Sr. and Kayla curled up next to Steve, crying into his shoulder. When Kayla winced with pain, a concerned Steve asked how she was feeling. Kayla told him she was fine and then changed the subject back to her father and Bo.

Over in John's tent, Marlena woke up to find John staring at her. "I thought that was a dream," she said smiling. "The landing or the kiss?" asked John. "Both," replied Marlena. The two bickered a bit about whether it was a crash or a rough landing before John finally asked her if she wanted to talk about the kiss they had. Marlena wondered whether he remembered kissing her previously, but John suggested they try again to jog his memory. In a sultry voice, Marlena purred, "I would do anything to get your memory back." With a grin spread across his face, John responded, "I think I'll take you up on that." Sliding her hand under his shirt and caressing his neck, Marlena simply leaned her forehead against John's before pulling away. Frustrated, John asked her if she had been serious about what she said. Speaking in a very serious tone, Marlena said that she would do anything to have the real John back. John continued to tease Marlena and try to coax her into another kiss. When John began to kiss her neck, Marlena started to give in. Later, Marlena asked John whether he remembered anything about her. "You are Doctor Marlena Evans Black. My wife. So take off your clothes and lie back down. We have to keep each other warm, right?" John teased with a smirk on his face. "You have to keep yourself warm," Marlena joked as she stood up and left to go check on her patients.

In Shawn and Belle's tent the two smiled as they discussed what happened the night before. The conversation then took a serious turn as Belle apologized for everything that happened with Philip, and she asked Shawn whether he could ever forgive her. Shawn admitted that he had been angry but that he loved her through all of that. Shawn then continued that they were meant to be a family with Claire and that he hoped they might have another child to add to the group. The two made love and afterward agreed that they were meant to be together. Softly speaking, Belle whispered to Shawn that she always had faith that they would make it. When Belle asked again whether Shawn could truly forgive her, a frisky Shawn joked, "If you keep doing what you did last night, we could work something out!"

Farther down the crash site, a slightly uncomfortable Chloe and Philip woke up next to one another naked. "You look pretty," Philip told her. When Philip asked her if it was weird to sleep next to him naked, she admitted that it wasn't so strange. The two then discussed how relieved they were that they did not let things go too far since she was still married. The two hesitated to get dressed and Philip joked that he was both too comfortable to move and too uncomfortable to do anything either. After joking about peeking at one another, they finally started to get dressed while the other one looked away. With the awkwardness of the situation looming in the tent, the two agreed that "what happens in Greenland stays in Greenland." Chloe thanked him for his strength and friendship through the ordeal, and Philip promised that the night would remain a secret and that they would find Brady together.

In the plane wreckage, a shivering Hope curled up next to an unconscious Bo and begged him to fight for his life and his family. Marlena stopped by to check on Bo right as Hope was starting to lose her composure. Seeing that Hope was reaching a breaking point, Marlena tried to comfort her by assuring her that Bo's lowered body temperature meant that the illness attacking his system would slow down as his circulation decreased. Marlena also assured Hope that help was on the way. Belle and Shawn joined the group, and Hope admitted to Shawn that Bo was not doing well. Marlena urged Hope to rest, but Hope refused to sleep or leave Bo.

Marlena walked out into the clearing with Belle and Shawn just as Steve and Kayla walked up. Worried about Steve walking around, Marlena started to lecture him about taking care of himself. Once she finished, she took Kayla aside to check her health. Kayla admitted to Marlena that she was still cramping and spotting and asked Marlena to keep the information to herself for now. Marlena and Kayla headed back to the group right as John walked up with a box of food he collected from around the crash site. Philip and Chloe walked into the clearing to join the group just as John offered to go shoot off another flare.

John and Shawn rooted around the wreckage looking for flares when suddenly they heard the sounds of a helicopter flying off to the west. They scrambled to find the flares and luckily, found them in time to shoot one off into the air while the helicopter was still hovering nearby. Back at the clearing the group happily hopped up and down, waving at the helicopter flying overhead. Nearby, a tearful but smiling Hope held onto Bo, who still lay in the wreckage unconscious.

Back in Salem, at police headquarters, Roman worked to find any new information on the crash. A restless Victor and Caroline walked in to talk to Roman about the search, and Roman begged Victor to wait and let search and rescue do their job first. Roman informed them that the plane dropped quickly before it crashed, but he also told them that the plane did not veer off course toward the nearby airstrip in Greenland. While Roman continued to scrounge up details on the crash site, Victor and Caroline stepped outside to talk. They talked about how strong Bo was and joked about how Bo was likely going to save everyone single-handedly. As the two began to discuss Shawn Sr., Victor let Caroline know how pleased he was with how Shawn Sr. raised Bo. "He raised him well. I'm gonna tell him that as soon as he gets back," Victor laughed. As Kate walked in, Abe pulled everyone into his office to give them the update. Roman informed the group that the crash site was found and that someone at the site set off a flare. Relieved, Kate immediately left to call Chelsea.

Over at the church, Chelsea blamed herself for what had happened because she felt like people around her tended to die. Nick tried to comfort her by telling her that there was nothing Chelsea had done and that Chelsea certainly should not assume that anyone was dead this time. Max and Stephanie joined Chelsea and Nick in the pews of the church to pray for the recovery of the plane. Stephanie said she felt helpless, and Chelsea agreed, saying that she regretted causing so much trouble for her father. Max reminded them that he had been a huge troublemaker as a child and that it did not prevent his father from loving him. Max then reminded them that not only did their parents know that they loved them, but that their parents would use that love to help them survive the ordeal. With Chelsea and Stephanie calmed a bit, Chelsea's cell phone startled them when it rang. On the phone was Kate who informed Chelsea that the crash site had been found and that someone shot off a flare there. Ecstatic, Chelsea hung up the phone and told Max, Stephanie, and Nick that the plane had been found and that "they're alive!"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Every one anxiously awaited the arrival of their loved ones. Shawn, Belle and Claire were the first to arrive. Everybody was relieved to see them. Claire went with a nurse to get a snack. Just then, two bodies arrived covered by white sheets. Fear appeared on the faces of everyone. They were relieved to learn it was the pilots. Caroline was relieved to see that nobody was seriously injured. Shawn attempted to speak with his grandmother, Caroline. However, he was interrupted by a new arrival. Marlena arrived and Sami was overjoyed to see her mother. Marlena told Caroline that she was so sorry. Caroline did not understand what she meant. Each time somebody tried to tell Caroline about (Grandpa) Shawn, other people arrived to interrupt. Just then, Bo arrived on a stretcher. Caroline thought this was why people were trying to comfort her. She was very concerned about her son. Bo, Kayla and Steve were all taken to be examined. Caroline was anxious to see her husband. As she was beginning to realize what all of the apologies were about, another body covered with a white sheet arrived. Caroline was in a state of shock. She could not believe it was her husband. Shawn told her grandmother that his grandfather died a hero. He explained how (Grandpa) Shawn refused to take oxygen. Everybody was visibly shaken by the death and proud of (Grandpa) Shawn's heroics. Caroline wanted to see her husband. Roman tried to discourage his mother from looking under the sheet, but she insisted. The sheet was removed and Caroline said goodbye to her husband. John, at Marlena's urging, told Caroline that he wished (Grandpa) Shawn had been his father. These words meant a great deal to Caroline. Maggie comforted Caroline and took her friend back to the pub.

Shawn and Belle were examined and decided to go home. They signed out of the hospital and expressed their love for each other. Then, they left the hospital.

Victor and Kate was glad their son was alright, though on crutches. He told them his prosthetic leg was injured, but other than that he was alright. Victor was not happy to see Chloe with his son. Victor questioned Chloe about his grandson's disappearance. Chloe said she did not know anything more than she had already told him. Victor did not believe her. He said that none of his acquaintances, on either sides of the law, could offer no news on Brandy's whereabouts. He informed Chloe that whatever happened to Brady would happen to those responsible. Chloe said she had nothing to do with Brady's disappearance and she left the room, and Phillip followed. Victor was worried Chloe had set her sights on Phillip. Kate said Chloe wanted what she always wanted....Victor's money. After Phillip was examined, Kate was ready to take him home. Phillip wanted Chloe to come with him. Chloe initially refused, but changed her mind. Kate did not look happy about this.

Kayla told her doctor that she was spotting and was afraid she would lose the baby. Kayla was examined and kept for observation. Steve was in the next cubicle and overheard Kayla's conversation with the doctor. Stefanie arrived to see her father. Steve told Stefanie that Kayla was pregnant. She was extremely excited. But mostly she was just relieved that her parents were fine. Steve's doctor told him that he and his wife would be staying overnight. Steve wanted to share a room with his wife, or at least an adjoining room.

Hope comforted Bo. Chelsea arrived by Bo's bedside. She was concerned about her father. Bo told her that the doctors did not know what was going on. Bo and Hope made light of the situation, but Chelsea did not believe they were sincere. Just then Victor arrived to see his biological son. Victor expressed sympathy at the death of Shawn. Bo told Victor that Shawn was a great father. Victor agreed. Victor offered the best possible medical care for Bo, if the doctors in Salem were unable to diagnose and cure his condition.

John decided to go to the DiMera mansion. Sami could not believe John wanted to go back there. John said a right to live there. Sami did not know what he meant by that. Marlena said she would explain later.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A robe-clad Anna lounged on the sofa in her hotel suite, a mudpack on her face and a mask over her eyes, until a knock at the door disrupted her reverie. She opened the door to find Tony, who was startled by the sight of her in the "beauty mask." Once he recovered, he ordered her to get dressed and come with him immediately. "It's a matter of life and death," he insisted. Grumbling, she admitted him so he could explain. Tony reminded her that he, Lexie, and E.J. had decided not to pursue further medical treatment for a comatose Stefano, and had instead opted to have him institutionalized. He continued that Marlena had summoned him to the mansion, and he feared that might mean Stefano had recovered. He said if he had to face his father's wrath, he'd prefer to have the woman he loved by his side. Anna sarcastically thanked him for trying to use her as a "human shield," and asked him to leave. He finally admitted he was looking for an excuse to spend time with her because he missed her. He kissed her hands and said he knew she was upset with him, but asked if she could put that aside and accompany him. With a girlish smile, she reluctantly agreed.

Riding in E.J.'s car, Sami complained that E.J. was driving too fast. E.J. wondered aloud why Marlena and John had summoned them to the mansion, and jokingly called his wife a nag. Sami scoffed and said she was glad he felt that way, since that meant he'd be as glad as she was to get their marriage annulled. She said she still couldn't believe her family had been in a plane crash, and that her grandfather was gone. E.J. said at least Stefano couldn't have been behind it, though he hoped Marlena's phone call meant Stefano was recovering. Sami said John would never move into the mansion if Stefano were there, but E.J. said John might if he were still under Stefano's control. Panicked at that realization, Sami ordered E.J. to drive faster.

As they returned to the main living area of the DiMera mansion from exploring its many rooms, John told Marlena he hadn't known it was so huge. Marlena shuddered and said the place gave her the creeps. As he admired Stefano's expensive possessions, John speculated about how much all of it was worth. Marlena cautioned him that the DiMera empire had been built with blood money. He accused her of being a downer. She was incredulous that he was behaving like a DiMera, and urged him to embrace his Brady heritage instead. He said, "I've had my fill of Irish pubs and warm beer. Right now I'd like to explore the finer things in life." Marlena said she was surprised he cared so much about money, since he'd been wealthy for so long and had never really cared about it before. He told her times had changed.

At the hospital, Lexie stopped by Kayla's room to check on her friend and patient. Kayla confessed that, because of her father's death and Bo's illness, she wasn't doing so well emotionally. Lexie tried to calm her by reminding her that the cramping and spotting had stopped, which meant she and the baby were fine. Kayla reluctantly agreed, but said she wished Steve were there, adding that he had been a real hero on the plane. Lexie expressed her condolences about Shawn Sr., and Kayla returned the sentiment. She said she knew it couldn't be easy for Lexie to know Stefano was in a coma. A relieved Lexie thanked her for understanding. Kayla congratulated her new boss on being named the hospital's new chief of staff. Lexie thanked her, then rushed off.

Across the hall, Roman visited Steve, only to find him out of bed and gazing out the window. He got Steve back into bed, and said he needed to ask him about the plane crash. Steve said someone had sabotaged the plane. Roman asked if what had happened could have been a glitch, but Steve said the wires in the control panel were fried as if from a small explosive. He also reminded Roman that the pilots had been drugged. Roman wondered who was behind it-since it couldn't have been Stefano-and if the target could have been one of the passengers. He continued that the person who did it had to be crazy enough to want to kill everyone else on the plane too. Steve suddenly remembered the woman he'd seen from the plane's window before takeoff, but he kept this from Roman.

Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, the mystery woman asked for Steve Johnson's room number.

As Roman was leaving so Steve could get some sleep, Steve told him that Shawn Sr. had been a real hero on the plane, and said Roman would have been proud of him. Roman thanked him and said that meant a lot. As soon as Roman had gone, a visibly upset Steve exclaimed, "I'm the one she wanted!" and flung his vase of flowers across the room. As he cried out in pain from his broken ribs, Nurse Maxine rushed in to see what was going on. Steve became more agitated and tried to get up, but she urged him to relax and stay in bed. In the hallway, the mystery woman spied on them through the open door until another nurse came along and closed it. Steve continued to struggle with Nurse Maxine until she finally told him she could either tell Kayla how uncooperative he was being, or she could give him a sedative. Steve finally consented to the shot, though his pleas for "just half" were ignored. After admonishing him to stay in bed, Maxine returned to the nurses' station. She marveled to the other nurse on duty that the Johnsons had survived the plane crash, and he informed her that Dr. Johnson was pregnant. They discussed it excitedly as the mystery woman eavesdropped.

Later, the mystery woman told the male nurse that she'd really meant to ask for Mr. Johnson's wife's room number earlier. He pointed it out to her, but before she could enter Nurse Maxine stopped her, telling her firmly that visiting hours were over.

Steve was fighting to stay awake when the nurse dropped off a note that had been left for him at the nurses' station. On it was scrawled, "That bitch will never have your baby!" A frightened Steve gasped, "Oh my God, she's here?" He desperately tried to get out of bed, but in his drugged state, he only made it to the foot of the bed before collapsing. Kayla came in and was alarmed to find him on the floor. As she helped him back into bed, she told him she'd sneaked out of her room to visit him, and asked if he'd been trying to do the same. She added that the nurse had told her he'd been so agitated he had to be sedated. She asked if it was because he was worried about the baby. Struggling to stay awake, Steve said, "Baby, I gotta tell you something," but dozed off before he could finish. Wishing him sweet dreams, Kayla kissed him and left.

Tony, Anna, Sami, and E.J. arrived together at the mansion to find the door unlocked and opera music blaring inside. As they entered the living room and saw a man in the wing chair by the fireplace, his figure mostly hidden, Sami and Anna panicked and started for the door. Tony tried to calm them while E.J. approached the man, saying, "Father?" Just then, Marlena returned and turned off the music, and John rose from the chair with the file he'd been reading. Sami spoke for the stunned group when she said, "John? For a second, we thought you were Stefano." When E.J. asked Marlena why she'd called them all there, she got right to the point. She related an abbreviated account of how they'd met Colleen in Ireland, and how Colleen had told them she'd faked her death, and discovered she was pregnant with Santo's son after she'd fled from Ireland. Tony asked what had happened to the child, and John spoke up: "I'm the bastard love child of Santo and Colleen."

The others were floored, and finished each other's sentences as they all realized that meant John was both a Brady and a DiMera. Tony declared it also meant he and John weren't half-brothers. Marlena continued that apparently neither Stefano nor Santo knew about this, because after learning Colleen was alive, Stefano would never have sent John to kill her had he known he'd be reuniting mother and child. Just as Sami was expressing disbelief that John was Stefano's half-brother, Lexie entered, and was just as shocked as the others had been by the news. Anna quickly, and somewhat gleefully, related the tale to Lexie, who marveled that after all the years they'd been friends, John was actually her uncle. John grew impatient with the family tree reconstruction, and asked if anyone had Stefano's lawyer's number. When E.J. asked why, John replied that, as Santo's other son, he was entitled to his share of the DiMera estate. Sami couldn't believe he wanted anything to do with it, but John argued that he deserved compensation for everything Stefano had done to him. He poured a drink, and, with a self-satisfied smile, asked Lexie and E.J. to toast with their uncle to celebrate.

Tony pulled E.J., Lexie, and Marlena into the foyer to confer privately. E.J. asked why John would want anything to do with the DiMeras, and Marlena explained that John had been doing a lot of things that would previously have been out of character. She said she'd seen glimpses of the old John in Ireland after Colleen died, but otherwise he was a stranger.

In the living room, Sami admonished John for upsetting Marlena, but he shrugged it off, saying he'd buy her some jewelry or a car to appease her. Sami tried to explain that Marlena loved him for who he was, not for his wealth, and asked why he didn't want to be the man everyone had loved and admired again. He said unless she could flip a switch on him, he didn't want to hear about that man anymore. Besides, he said, he liked who he was now. When an opportunistic Anna flirted with the new, more materialistic John, Sami stomped on her foot. Anna hobbled over to a chair and took off her shoe. John followed, offering to help, and began to sensually massage Anna's bare foot as she giggled with pleasure. Just then, the others returned, and Tony demanded to know what was going on.

After everyone had left, Marlena announced she was going home, and asked if John would join her. She was stunned when he replied that he was staying at the mansion. He said it would be a shame for such a magnificent home to go to waste-and she could stay there too if she wanted. She declined, saying she wasn't comfortable there, then purred in John's ear that she wasn't giving up on him. "Good to know," he replied tersely. She kissed him on the temple and, with a backwards glance from the doorway, left for home. John looked up as she departed, and he appeared simultaneously impressed and confused.

As Tony and Anna returned to her suite, they bickered over what had happened with John. When Anna accused him of being jealous, Tony chided her for "flirting with Marlena's brain-damaged husband." She retorted, "For the record, he was flirting with me." Tony grabbed her and said of course John had been flirting with her, because she was "a magnificent and enchanting creature." He began kissing her passionately and asked if he could spend the night. She demurred, because, she said, the next day was the first day of her new job. Taken aback, he asked, "Since when do you work?" She reminded him of an interview she'd had, and reproached him for never taking her seriously. He asked what she'd be doing. As she poured a drink, she replied she was an executive at an advertising agency, and would be working for his competition. "As of now, you and I are officially rivals," she said smugly as she handed him the drink. He said she should have come to him if she'd wanted a job, and she argued that he didn't respect her or treat her as an equal. They bickered some more, and she finally asked him to leave. He told her she didn't have to do anything to prove herself to him, because he loved her. She countered that she wanted his love and his respect. When he realized she truly didn't believe he respected her, he resignedly left.

Back in E.J.'s car, Sami and E.J. disagreed over whether it was good or bad that John was both a DiMera and a Brady. She confided that she was worried about her mom, and that Marlena's blind love for John might ultimately destroy her. E.J. asked if she thought John was really a danger to Marlena. She said she hoped not, adding that John clearly didn't care how upsetting and painful it was for Marlena to be married to him. When E.J. tried to compare their situations, she shut him down, and said, "We're just going to get the annulment, okay? I don't want to talk about it anymore." With a teasing smile, he replied, "Yes, dear."

Alone in his new accommodations, John walked around admiring the expensive décor and bric-a-brac. He paused to toast Stefano's portrait. "Well, big brother, looks like I'm getting what I deserve. And looks like you're finally getting what you deserve."

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Y&R star Christel Khalil expecting second child
Y&R cast is "Walking on Sunshine" in fun new viral video
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