One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on OLTL

Rex and Dorian rescued Adriana, but there were casualties. Hugh received some news. Michael and Marcie decided to adopt Tommy. Nash was devastated when newly integrated Jessica made plans with Antonio. Kevin wanted Kelly to live with him. Natalie revealed her suspicions about Spencer.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Jessica's family and Antonio are relieved when Tess and Jessica are integrated with Jessica being the dominant personality. Unfortunately Nash does not share in their revelry knowing that he has lost Tess for good. Jessica thanks Nash for loving Tess and not trying to change her knowing that if it weren't for Nash's love Jessica could have ended up in a bad situation. She tries to comfort him by telling him that although Tess is gone, she can feel the love that Tess felt and still feels for Nash. Dr. Jamison gives Nash his business card and lets him know that if he needs to talk he can give him a call.

Blair gets jealous when she goes to visit Todd and Evangeline is there. Evangeline offers to leave but Todd asks her to stay while Blair fills them in on what happened when she told Spencer about her deception. Before Blair has a chance to say anything Todd lashes out at her about her affair with Spencer. Blair tells Todd that Spencer tried to deny everything including the evidence that was brought against him but she revealed to Spencer that she was the one who got the evidence against him. Evangeline becomes concerned that if Spencer gets out of jail that he could come after Blair due to her confession but Blair is not worried. Todd wants to know if Blair told Spencer that she is in love with him but guesses that she didn't since she is not able to say it to him. Blair informs Todd that she did tell Spencer that she loved Todd because she still does even though he's being a jerk to her. When Todd won't let up, Blair storms out. Before taking her leave, Evangeline comments how she can see now why Todd doesn't have a friend in the world.

Adriana becomes terrified when Bruce threatens to kill her. He tells her that with all that he has done, if he is caught by the police he will go to prison and he can't afford that. Adriana promises Bruce that Dorian will do exactly what he says but Bruce isn't so sure. He calls Dorian and tells her where to meet him but Dorian demands to hear Adriana's voice before she will deliver the money. Bruce puts Adriana on the phone and after confirming that she is all right, Dorian agrees to meet Bruce alone with the ransom money. Rex advises Dorian that he is going with her and they will come up with a plan to ensure Adriana's safety along the way.

Vince watches Cris spar and encourages him to really work that right hand (the injured one) since his right hook is his best blow. Cris gets a good workout not realizing that Vince has alterior motives in mind for his "prize" fighter. Blair finds Cris at the gym and interrupts his workout to inform him that she just caught Evangeline in Todd's arms. Cris tells Blair that she must have misinterpreted what happened and that Evangeline is just grateful for Todd's monetary support of her surgery. Blair feels that Todd paid for the surgery so that Evangeline could be indebted to him and now he is using her to make Blair jealous. Evangeline walks in as Blair leaves after giving Cris a little food for thought.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

When Evangeline learns that Blair has rushed to the gym to tell Cris lies, she is pretty annoyed, especially when Cris appears to take Blair's side. He's sure that Todd has his sights on Evangeline and he'd prefer that she not see him any longer, he implores her. Todd is using her friendship and loyalty in order to make Blair jealous and it looks to him like their own relationship no longer stands a chance; perhaps they are too different. Evangeline is insistent that she and Todd are only friends and is hurt that Cris doesn't trust her. She believes that she and Cris are from the same mold, both fighters and is sure that Todd won't get to her because she loves Cris and won't allow it. It's Todd that he doesn't trust, Cris responds. She agrees to end her friendship with Todd if he appears to want more than she's offering.

Blair visits Starr to tell her some news but Todd shows up behind her. It's not what you think, she tells him. Starr is going home tomorrow. He proceeds to divulge that Starr really has no memory lapse and has been scamming everyone all along. Blair has done the same, he tells his daughter, who is amazed to learn that Blair doesn't love Spencer. Blair is upset that she didn't know about Starr's memory even though she finds out that it's because Starr wanted things the way they were before. Blair and Todd argue about her not knowing and it goes into whether they really love each other. Todd indicates that they merely have great sex and thinks it best that they end it all. She reminds him that she expressed her true feelings earlier and doesn't think that she betrayed him. She just lost faith. Todd doesn't know if he can make up since Blair was totally with Spencer until Margaret showed up.

Jess and Antonio agree to celebrate. She assures him that she will never leave again. They make a stop at Capricorn first so that Antonio can take care of something. Nash is there, pouring out his woes to Claudia, assuming that the happy couple will not show up. He expects to be pushed out of his baby's life and has lost everything. He does know that he and Jessica share no feelings whatsoever for each other. Spotting Jess and Antonio, he staggers away. Claudia makes a wise remark to Jessica about Humpty Dumpty being fixed up. When Jess heads over to speak with Nash, Antonio threatens to fire Claudia, accusing her of being jealous and orders her to stay away from Jess. He's decided to propose marriage again. She apologizes but was really unsure of what to say. Jess promises that the baby is ok but is taken aback when Nash declines her invitation to visit. He thinks he should exit his daughter's life, just stay away so that his daughter won't be confused. The baby will be clear on everything, swears Jess. And don't forget, Tess will always be her mother.

Rex and Dorian race to meet Bruce as Adriana pleads with the kidnapper to lose the gun. He makes a play for her, insisting that if she won't come along with him, he'll have to get what he wants before he leaves. Adriana manages to break her ties and clunk Bruce over the head but he recaptures her as Dorian appears, followed by Rex (Dorian tells Bruce that Rex must have followed her). Guns are pointed but Bruce gets Rex to drop his as Adriana runs into his arms; Dorian aims a gun. There's talk of Dorian calling for the money but Rex suddenly kicks the gun out of Dorian's hand and jumps Bruce. They fall to the ground, wrestling and a shot rings out.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

John, Bo and the boys in blue got to work poking around Spencer's office and found a mysterious lockbox. Meanwhile, Natalie found Clint pining for Dorian at Capricorn. Paige popped over to watch Bo and John rifling through Spencer's things and cheered their efforts, telling Bo how to find a key to Spencer's box. Paige and Bo decided to meet up at Capricorn later (of course). Clint talked to Natalie about Dorian's unpredictability and how much he liked it. "Whatever floats your boat," Natalie said. She urged him to spill and he did, about failing his kids. John and Bo used an administrative key to unlock Spencer's secret. "Well, well, well," John drawled as they spied the mysterious contents then and gave the box to the CSU guys. At Capricorn, Natalie buoyed up Clint's doubts about his parenting skills. "You're not God, just a Buchanan," she chuckled, and, "you're a great dad." She reminisced about, a bit bitchy...when she first hit Llanview and thanked Clint for not failing her. (Aw!) John soon showed up to hang with Natalie and he smiled (yes, he smiled!), finally close to finding peace. The lab called with a break and they jetted.

Spencer cooled his heels in jail and David dropped by to take "cheap shots" and a snazzy picture with his camera phone. "You look overweight and anemic at the same time," he sniped. Spencer wasn't havin' it, though. "I am an innocent man!" he postured. The one-liners flew fast and furiously as David and Spencer discussed their mother not being around and Spencer's vendetta against the Buchanans. "Drop it before they find out," David advised. "Let it go." Spencer refused to share the root of his anger and then Paige showed up to gloat. David and Paige tag-teamed Spencer. Snark ensued. Paige lorded her secret over Spencer. "Are you feeling angry, helpless, impotent?" she taunted. "You are on your own," Dave told Spencer before walking away. Later, at Capricorn, Paige celebrated sticking it to Spence. "Cut him off cold turkey," she prescribed an worried David. Speaking of turkey, Spencer talked to himself, assuring David he'd be just fine. Paige kept up her happy dance with Bo but he wondered if she'd ever really be free of Spencer since they shared a son.

Michael and Marcie, meanwhile, were told by Janice that they were about to lose Tommy. At the Arizona clinic, Kelly and Kevin awaited news about losing Kelly's baby. The doctor told them that the baby was doing well and they were discharging Kelly. Yay! But Kelly wasn't exactly ready to go home. Janice told Marcie and Michael that she's looking to permanently place Tommy with another family. Oh, no! Alone, Michael and Marcie reeled from the news. Kevin wondered why Kelly wasn't packing to come home. "I have to do what's best for my child!" she said, and she didn't want her baby to feel unwanted. Speaking of babies, Michael assured Marcie they would be able to keep Tommy if they told Janice they wanted to adopt the boy. Giddy Marcie hugged him and they told Janice their decision. They then happily cuddled Tommy. Not so cuddly were Kelly and Kevin. Kevin told Kelly he was working on his Duke issues but Kelly said she'd risked too much. "I have to go on without you."

Rex and Bruce rassled at the rest stop and the gun went off. Bruce ended up with no pulse and Rex ended up in Adriana's arms. Cue passionate necking (and Dorian glaring). "I'm fine," Rex mumbled as they cuddled. Adriana was getting her anti-Dorian tirade on when Rex gasped, "You're bleeding!" Silly rabbits, it's not Adriana's Rex. The less-than-savvy lad collapsed. A fading Rex did the deathbed whisper thing: "I love you." Adriana called frantically for her mom. Dr. Cramer instructed Adriana in CPR and, together, they got Rex started up again. "I never want to see you again," Adriana bitterly announced to Dorian once Rex was safe with the EMTs.

Friday, September 8, 2006

At the lab, John and Natalie learned that Spencer's mystery stash held a horrible malaria-esque virus that could cause sterility. Oh, no! Natalie remembered Kevin getting some "weird warm weather virus." Could Spencer have given it to him? John and Natalie puzzled over Spencer's myriad machinations against the Buchanans. Hmm. Later, Hugh was having a nice chat with his dad on the phone as John dropped by to talk strategy for Spencer's arraignment. They concocted a Super Secret Plan and then John went to go wrangle Todd and Spencer.

In Arizona, Kelly was determined to head for California. Kevin could learn to live with the Duke stuff, but "I can't learn to live without you!" Michael and Marcie fed Tommy and generally beamed about having their new son home. Kevin made a passionate pitch to Kelly and then the phone rang: It was Natalie. Back in Llanview, Daddy McBain assured Mommy McBain that Tommy had no memory of his tumultuous life so far. "He's exactly where he needs to be: with us." Kevin reeled after hearing about Spencer's virus and promptly told Kelly...which totally changed her mind about going to Llanview. At the end of the episode, Marcie and Michael got some quiet parental lovin' on and Kelly and Kevin headed home to confront Spencer. "I'm going to make him pay," Kelly promised.

It was still snarking, er, visiting hours for jailed Spencer. Hugh promised him, "I'm going to put you away for the rest of your life," and Spence dubbed him an "ineffectual gnat." Then, it was Todd's turn. Snark about Blair and her bedroom behavior ensued (yeah, they're both winners, aren't they?). This crass locker room talk went on until Todd snapped and grabbed a guard's gun. "Keep talking," Todd taunted. "You can't shoot me!" Spencer cried. "You'll never find out what happened to your son." Todd demanded his kid's whereabouts, still threatening death. But John stopped him by drawing his own gun. (Boys will be boys, apparently.) Spencer barked that he wanted Todd arrested and John and the guard invoked a little "see no evil, hear no evil."

Rex was rushed into the hospital as a tearful Adriana looked on. But her agony turned to rage as Dorian arrived. "He told me everything, Mom," Adriana said of Bruce. "You set Rex up." The doctor interrupted their argument with a Rex update. Adriana went to go be a hand-holder (still feeling mighty vengeful) while Bo assured Dorian he'd discover who was behind this and she quickly pointed the finger at Bruce. Bo was wise to the truth, but went to visit Rex while Adriana finished hashing things out with her mom. Paige was visibly affected and watched Bo tell Rex, "I'm still proud of you, kid," and "I couldn't have asked for more from my own son." She thanked them for opening her eyes and took off. Outside, Adriana pleaded, "Tell me the truth." Dorian 'fessed up to the whole gig, saying, "It's just that things got out of control." Adriana, understandably, flipped. And when Bo emerged, she asked him to arrest "that woman."

At the end of the episode, John shooed Todd away and leveled his own threats at Spencer about his father's murder. "Maybe you'd understand, if you had a son yourself," John growled. Paige dropped by to see Hugh and she interrupted his rambling with a big ol' bombshell about Spencer: "He's your father." And "I know this because I'm your mother." At the hospital, Adriana's mother was jail-bound as Bo placed Dorian under arrest.

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