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Monday, September 4, 2006

Due to the holiday and CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, today's CBS Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Jill and Katherine talk about Billy enrolling at GCU's business school. Kay asks if Billy knows about her plans and Jill says it doesn't matter because it's a condition of him working at Jabot. Kay thinks he should handle it on his own. Kay gets a phone call and tells Jill she needs to know some things about what Billy has been doing. She tells her that he quit his volunteer work and moved to Miami. Gloria shows up and Jill tells her that she and Kay completely disagree with what Jack and Ashley did. Gloria thanks them for their support and tells Kay that she wants a raise and a promotion. Victor calls and tells her he wants to buy Jabot. She tells him that his interest just raised the value. They decide to make Gloria VP of Creative Affairs and Billy overhears. He comes in and explains his time in Miami. He says he wants to focus on his career and Jill tells him he'll be working in the mail room. He's shocked and needs to think about it. Billy comes back after talking to Jack and tells Jill and Kay that he'll take the job.

At the coffeehouse, Billy goes over Jabot reports and tells Kevin and Jana that he's going to work at Jabot. He tells Jana his business background is 'inheriting'. Jana and Billy flirt and he tells her about inheriting Jabot. He gets a call from Jill demanding that he come home, and he lies to Jana and tells her he's been called away for a 'meeting'.

Nikki and Phyllis talk about NVP when Jack walks up and barks orders at them. When he leaves, they make fun of him and Nikki says the spas were supposed to be about her and Victor working together and now she has too much Jack in her life. Victor walks into the break room and accuses two staffers of talking about him. He screams at them to get back to work and Jack overhears. He comes in and supports Victor for yelling at the staffers. He talks about their similarities and tells him that NVP should buy Jabot. Victor questions whether or not Kay would sell but Jack says she will recognize the great opportunity. Victor tells Nikki about Jack's proposal and she freaks out and tells him it's a horrible idea. She says its one more tool for Jack to use to take over the world. If it's such a good idea, why doesn't he buy it himself? Jack finds Sharon and she vents to him about Nick, saying she wants him to hurt just as much as she is. He tells her that her obligation is to get everything she can. Victor calls Kay and suggests buying Jabot; she declines. He relays the information to Jack and Nikki, and Nikki looks smug while Jack storms out. Victor and Jack talk in his office and Victor tells him that chasing his father's company and blaming Gloria for everything will destroy him. Billy calls Jack and tells him about the mail room gig and asks for advice. Jack meets him and tells him to take the job; they can work together to get the company back, Jack on the outside and Billy on the inside. Nikki apologizes to Victor and he lashes out at her, telling her never to question his judgment again.

Lauren cleans up Gloria's clothes and freaks out that she's so messy. Michael and Lauren are surprised that Gloria plans on going to work. Kevin comes home and tells Michael he's quitting his job at Jabot. Gloria comes home and tells Michael about her promotion. Michael tells her that she's just making herself a bigger target. Michael goes to the coffee house and tells Kevin not to quit because he needs to watch Gloria's back.

Phyllis walks into an office and complains about Jack to Nick. He tells her he and Sharon are signing divorce papers today and she apologizes for being selfish and lends her support. She tells him having reservations is okay, but he says he really wants the divorce to be finalized. At the ranch, Noah asks Sharon to not get the divorce. She tells him it's not his fault. She calls Nick and tells him she's going to be late. In the elevator at Newman, Sharon has a flashback to Noah's birth. Sharon comes in to the divorce meeting and Nick tells her the agreement is fine with him and he's already signed. She looks uneasy but says okay. The lawyers go through the settlement piece by piece and Nick says a resounding 'no problem' to each item. Sharon agrees to each one, until she gets to the house. She says she's changed her mind and she wants it. The lawyers leave and let them talk. She tells Nick she doesn't want to uproot Noah and he immediately agrees and lets her keep the house. She then tells him she's not satisfied with custody, and Nick tells her custody is settled and storms out. Phyllis comes in and Nick tells her about the custody. Phyllis thinks Sharon would never do that, she knows what a great dad he is. Nick tells the lawyers that she can have the house. Sharon tells them that she wants joint custody, something they already agreed on, spelled out in the settlement. Sharon leaves and Phyllis comes in. Nick tells her that it's over and they can move on with their lives.

Jack brings Sharon home and they kiss.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Daniel was surprised when Dru was nice to him at work. She told him that she thought everyone deserved a second chance. Later, Daniel ran into Phyllis, who told him that the baby she and Nick were expecting was a little girl. Daniel was excited at the idea of having a little sister. Phyllis was glad to hear that he and Lily were getting along better.

Jack's attempt to comfort Sharon after her meeting with Nick and their attorneys turned into a passionate kiss. Nick chose that moment to show up and saw them kissing. Instead of acting embarrassed or offering explanations, Jack and Sharon gave Nick a chilly reception. Nick returned some things to Noah but couldn't see him because Noah was away until that night. Jack and Nick left the house at the same time.

Nick reminded Jack that this was a vulnerable time for Sharon. Jack thought Nick's concern was interesting since Nick had gotten involved with Phyllis when she was vulnerable after her breakup with Jack. Later, Nick told Phyllis what he'd seen. Although she was a little rattled at the idea of Jack and Sharon, she reminded Nick that Sharon had to move on sometime. But Nick said that Sharon was all over the map, first with Brad, then with Jack. His only concern was Noah and providing a stable environment for him. Phyllis said in that case, she had an idea.

Lily told Daniel that she wanted to go with him later when he registered for college. Then she admitted that she planned to enroll at GCU, too. Daniel was happy to hear her news. Later, when Lily told her mother, Dru was equally excited. Lily was concerned about what was going on between her parents. In a moment of anger, Dru blurted out that Neil and Carmen were having an affair. She then quickly took it back, telling Lily she was wrong and shouldn't have said that. But Lily wasn't convinced.

Carmen asked Neil to go somewhere with her. When they arrived at an empty space, Carmen told him that it had once been a bar. She thought he should consider making his dream of a jazz club come true. Neil said that was just something he thought about when he was at work at ten at night. Carmen thought he could do both things, and Neil seemed to be thinking about it. Later, when Neil and Carmen returned to work, they ran into Lily. Lily asked to speak to her father alone.

Lily asked Neil if he was having an affair with Carmen. Neil surmised that Lily was getting her information from Dru. He insisted to Lily that as a married man with a family, he wasn't cheating. Their conversation was interrupted by Daniel, who said he'd wait for Lily outside. Already annoyed by Dru's accusations, and now further disturbed by seeing his daughter with Daniel, Neil went looking for Dru. He told her that if she continued to use their children to deal with their marital problems, he would be gone for good.

Dru called Sharon and asked if they could do some shopping therapy. Sharon was more than happy to join her. Later, Sharon confessed to Dru that Jack had kissed her. Dru warned her that Jack wasn't exactly trustworthy. Sharon said Jack might be a womanizer, but she wasn't exactly involved with him. She just wanted to have a good time for a change. Later, Sharon was alone at home when Nick showed up again. With exasperation, she asked what he wanted this time. Nick said he'd made a decision that he needed to be closer to Noah. So he and Phyllis would be moving into the tack house at the ranch.

When Dru went back to work, first she was confronted by Carmen, who told her that if Dru continued to say slanderous things about her, she'd be talking to Carmen's attorneys next. Carmen had a professional reputation to protect. Later, Neil wanted to know why Dru was so dolled up. Dru gave him a smart answer, and Neil dragged her into an office. Dru said that if he'd given her a chance earlier, she'd have told him that she told Lily he was not having an affair with Carmen. But since he didn't seem to care about saving their relationship, maybe it was time for her to move on, too. She then walked out, leaving Neil curious about what she was up to.

Carmen saw Lily and Daniel and stopped to have a talk with Lily. She said that her only relationship with Neil was a business relationship. She would never come between Neil and Dru while they were working on their problems. They needed time to figure everything out. After Carmen left, Lily told Daniel that she wanted her parents to reconcile. She thought maybe she should give them some space and asked if it was okay with Daniel if she moved back in with him. Daniel was thrilled at the idea, and Lily told him that she loved him and wanted to be husband and wife again.

Ashley was stunned by Gloria's news that she was a newly appointed vice president. It was clear to both Gloria and Kevin that Ashley wanted nothing more than for both of them to go away. When Ashley talked to Jill later, Jill said she had full faith in Gloria. She and Katherine had based their decision on their business judgment because Gloria was an asset to the company.

Gloria saw an article in the newspaper about a man who'd come out of a coma after many years and was able to function normally. Devastated, she called Jack over Kevin's protests and told him to look at the paper. Jack found the article she was referring to and hung up on her. Later, Ashley came to Newman to tell Jack about Gloria's promotion. She thought Gloria's call to Jack was cruel and told him not to let it get to him. John's health situation had been completely different from the man's in the article. Jack had advised disconnecting John's life support because he thought it was for the best and he was honoring John's wishes.

Ashley went by the club to pick up food for herself and Abby. Gina told her how sorry she was about John's death and how much she would miss him. Ashley was grateful for Gina's kindness. As she was waiting for her food, Will Bardwell came in. He'd been out of town helping settle his uncle's estate. He'd been shocked by the news about John and felt guilty that he'd been part of putting John in prison. Ashley told Will that he wasn't the bad person in the situation. That was Gloria. The two of them then made a date to go together to the first NVP spa opening the following night.

Billy was frustrated by Jill's decision to start him out in the mailroom. Jill said that Brad had started in a similar position and now look where he was. Billy reminded her that Brad had married into money. Jill said they had two things in common then. Both of them would have started on the bottom rung of the ladder at Jabot, and both of them had gotten their money the old fashioned way: Brad married it and Billy inherited it.

Billy went to Newman to complain to Jack about how things were going for him at Jabot. Jack told him to just play nice and keep an eye on Gloria and Kevin. Billy agreed that he was going to do everything possible to get the company back in the family's hands.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Lily tells Neil that she and Daniel have reconciled. Neil is not pleased but Lily tells him that they have a marriage and that Daniel made a mistake. Colleen is talking to J.T. She tells him that she has declared a major art history and it's because of her new-found grandmother. Nikki, Phyllis and Katherine are discussing the sale of Jabot. Katherine asks if it ever occurred to them that she may not wish to sell Jabot after all her grandson is an Abbott. She then tells them she will consider selling the company for $250 million.

Brad and Victor are talking and Brad assures Victor he is trustworthy. He tells Victor that he and Victoria are married and asks what more can he do to prove to Victor that his intentions are honorable. Victoria later assures Brad that she has not told Victor anything about Brad's past. Brad insists, however, that something is not right with Victor. Just then, we see Victor at the elevators in his office building and two women nearby talking and laughing. Suddenly, Victor rushes over and chastises them for talking about him then promptly throws them out of the building.

Jill is happy to see Will back in town. He tells her that he was out of town due to the death of his uncle. Meanwhile, Dru has a business meeting with a new man named Edward. The meeting goes so well that they decide to have dinner that night, to discuss things further.

Nick tells Noah that he and Phyllis are moving into the tack house. Noah doesn't seem too happy about it at first, but he seems to come around. Nick and Sharon discuss the future. Sharon tells Nick that she is alone for the first time in her adult life and that she envies Nick for having his future all planned out. They both agree that Noah will be their primary concern.

Phyllis and Nikki meet up with Victor. They tell him that Katherine is asking $250 million for Jabot. Victor says that is proof that Katherine does not wish to sell the company. Meanwhile, Billy urges Katherine not to sell Jabot he thinks it is a mistake.

Paul and J.T. brief Victoria and Brad on the situation regarding the kidnapping. Brad needs to be sure there are no loose ends. Paul tells him that, so far, there aren't any there has not been a missing persons report filed on the kidnapper, nor any police activity. Brad says there is still a possibility that there are others out there who may wish to harm his mother so they must be careful.

Neil takes Devon to an empty building and tells him he is considering buying it and turning it into a jazz club. Just then, his cell phone rings and it's Carmen. She tells Neil she left his tickets for the NVP event with his assistant. Devon, meanwhile, wonders what Dru will think of the jazz club. Dru, at the same time, is asking Edward to attend the NVP event with her.

Billy and Colleen are talking. He tells Colleen that he will be attending college in Genoa City with her and that he is now working at Jabot. She he tells him that, as soon as he gets the chance, he must rid the company of all of the Fishers who are working there. Gloria, meanwhile, can't wait to tell Jill that Will is escorting Ashley to the NVP event that evening. This upsets Jill enough that she leaves before having dinner with Will.

Sharon and Noah discuss redecorating their house. After Sharon goes upstairs, Noah takes several family photos and then tells Sharon he is going to the stable.

In Victor's office, Paul and J.T. are still briefing Brad and Victoria about the kidnapping aftermath. Just then, Victor comes in and yells at all of them to leave his office immediately.

Phyllis asks Nick if he has told Sharon about them moving to the tack house. He tells her that Sharon will not make trouble for her she and Nick both agree that Noah is their priority. He tells Phyllis that she should keep her apartment for awhile just in case they need a safe house. Noah arrives at the tack house and carefully arranges the family photos he has brought with him.

Dru tells Edward that, if he agrees to attend the NVP event with her, he will be going as her date. Carmen arrives at the empty building where Neil is. They discuss the possibility of a jazz club and Neil tells her he has decided to name it Indigo. She says she hasn't ever seen him so excited about something. He thanks her and tells her it is because of her. She says she has to leave she doesn't want to further anger Dru. Carmen admits that part of what Dru fears is true she is attracted to Neil and she finds herself wondering where things could go between them. He tells her he knows where he hopes it would if he were free, but he is not. He tells her he is committed to his marriage -- even if Dru wants to move on. He tells her he doesn't want to lead her on. She tells him she thinks the best thing is for him to concentrate on the new jazz club.

Nick and Phyllis enter the tack house. Phyllis remembers what things were like the last time she lived there back when Nick and his family hated her. They are both surprised to see photos of Nick and Sharon everywhere.

Nikki seems surprised that Victor threw Victoria out of his office. She tells Nikki how strange Victor has been acting and that he has been questioning everything she and Brad do. She asks Nikki to talk to him but Nikki tells her she doesn't think Brad needs her to fight his battles for him.

Victor is by himself and begins to hear voices people calling him. Just then, Brad walks in with a report. Victor lashes out at Brad and tells him he will not tolerate betrayal and that he is going to find out what Brad is hiding.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, today's CBS Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will resume on Monday, September 11th.

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