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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Sami and E.J. are locked in a passionate embrace, about to make love, when she suddenly pulls back, convinced she heard a noise in the hallway. A shirtless E.J. marches to the door and throws it open only to find Austin and Lucas. E.J. quickly explains away his state of undress while Sami hides his shirt and the note.

Later, Lucas confronts E.J. saying he doesn't trust him. E.J. thinks it sounds like Lucas is jealous of his relationship with Sami. Meanwhile, Austin tells Carrie he wants to get back together. In counterpoint, Sami tells E.J. she has no idea how she's going to be able to give in to the mysterious blackmailer's demands and give up custody of Will.

Carrie visits Marlena at the hospital and finally admits she's still in love with Austin. Marlena encourages her daughter to be with the man she loves. Later, the mysterious gloved figure delivers a letter for Marlena from the New Jersey Commissioner of Health and Human Affairs. They're offering Marlena a job to start a women's empowerment group. At first she's hesitant, but she later accepts the position leaving us to wonder if it's some sort of trap.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Sami is distraught after receiving a threatening note warning her to give up custody of Will. E.J. insists they call the police, but Sami refuses. It's too risky. Marlena arrives, and Sami covers with regards to the note. Marlena explains that she's going away for a few months to start a state network of women's empowerment groups in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, we see the NJ state commissioner talking about Marlena on the phone with the gloved figure. When Marlena leaves, she thinks she sees a suspicious figure outside Sami's door. E.J. would go to investigate, but Sami's phone rings. A familiar computerized voice has a message for Sami: "It's school time; does she know where her son is?" Frantic Sami worries that Will is in danger. She calls school, and finds out will never showed up for homeroom!

On the rooftop, Austin tries to convince Carrie that they belong together. Carrie reminds him that she can't have children. She knows it's always been Austin's dream to have a child of his own. Austin says his only dream is to be with her. Later, Carrie finally agrees to a future with Austin and they begin to make love.

Lucas and Billie catch up at the Brady Pub. Lucas truly believes Austin will convince Sami that they belong together. Steve joins them and we see the on-going chemistry between Billie and Steve. Later, John shows up with news of Officer Eve's murder. Kate tries to cover her distressed reaction, but when she immediately takes off, John gets suspicious. He calls Roman to tell him what just transpired.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Sami reluctantly tells Lucas that Will is missing. They soon come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to inform the police. A panicked Sami calls her father and fills him in. Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie finally admit they belong together. They plan to tell Sami and Lucas, but Will's disappearance puts their plan on hold.

Bo, Steve, John and Tek investigate Eve's murder. Meanwhile, Kate breaks into Eve's apartment in search of evidence that might incriminate her. Roman catches her holding a disk. He questions Kate and she admits she paid Eve to substitute the disk, but denies having anything to do with the woman's death. Roman arrests Kate, but when he takes her back to the station he finds the disk isn't evidence at all; it's a home movie. Roman is forced to let Kate go. Bo is dismayed that he still doesn't have proof to show Hope he didn't switch evidence.

Bo is upset when he finds Patrick and Hope together for her ultrasound. The two bond as they see a "picture" of the new life they've created. At the same time, Marlena tells John about her new job in New Jersey. He's happy for her, and the couple is hopeful that in the long-run this will help bring them together.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Bo learns Chelsea's fingerprints are the only ones on Claire's paternity report. That means she's the one who is most likely responsible for tampering with the report and perhaps switching the embryos. Meanwhile, E.J., Kate and Philip hold a press conference introducing Salem Grand Prix drivers Max and Stephanie. But the spotlight soon lands on Chelsea, who is hauled off by Bo.

Abe mends fences with Lexie in hopes of finding out if she's the person behind the threat to the Brady family. Lexie is ready to move things along with Abe, but he suggests they take things slow and start with dinner.

Jennifer is by Jack's side as they wait to learn if he is in remission. Frankie shows up, and after learning from Lexie the test results will be delayed, he offers to take Jennifer to Max's press conference at Chez Rouge. Jennifer declines and an upset Frankie leaves. Later, Jack and Jennifer receive a tip from a mysterious "deep throat" about Eve Michaels' murder. Jack follows the lead and just as he is about to retrieve some vital information, he realizes Jennifer has followed him.

Friday, September 8, 2006

While helping Shawn recuperate, Mimi seductively feeds him chicken soup. Shawn is feeling well enough to make love with his wife. But before they do, Belle interrupts. Claire can't sleep. Mimi is unsettled as Shawn tells Claire a touching bedtime story. Later, Shawn gets a call from Philip with the news that Chelsea planted the bogus hospital file in Shawn's room. Not wanting to alarm Belle and Mimi, Shawn makes up an excuse and leaves for the police station. Mimi and Belle get into an argument, and Belle later agrees to give Shawn and Mimi space.

Bo hauls Chelsea into police station for questioning. Frankie shows up, as her lawyer, and Chelsea swears she's innocent. She did plant the hospital file near Shawn's bedside, but she didn't alter the file in any way. Meanwhile, Philip is on fire to nail Chelsea for falsifying hospital records and for switching the embryos. Max defends Chelsea. When Shawn arrives, he lashes out at Chelsea. Protective Max finally punches Shawn. Bo, Frankie and Philip have to break up a fistfight. Chelsea tries to proclaim her innocence, but no one believes her. Bo tells Max that Chelsea's prints were found on the DNA report. Max finally has had it with Chelsea. Every time he believes in her, something else happens to make him lose faith. Chelsea is beside herself, as Max walks out on her. Philip, meantime, plans to file civil charges against Chelsea.

Jack and Jennifer return to their old office at the newspaper. Jack is on fire to identify the photo of a handgun that may have been the murder weapon in the cop killer case. When their search seems to dead end, Jack gets an idea. He brings Jennifer to a pawn shop where they meet Sal, a colorful ex-con who was once a cell-mate with Jack's biological father at San Quentin. As Sal runs a make on the gun, Jack and Jennifer have a fantasy of being bantering reporters a'la His Girl Friday. Later, Sal gives them a list of people who own the type of gun used in the murder. Jack and Jennifer have pronounced reactions when they see a familiar name on the list. Jack predicts everyone will be shocked to find out who the killer is!

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