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Monday, September 4, 2006

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

As Alexis waited with Sam to get prepped for surgery she asked her daughter that if she did not make it out, that for her peace of mind she needed to know that Sam would not get back with Jason. Sam tried to get Alexis understand how her relationship with Jason had changed her and allowed her to trust someone again. Alexis tried to get Sam to understand that if she did not make it, she wanted Sam to raise Molly and Kristina, and that for all of their safety she needed to stay away from Jason. Sam let her know that while she knows that she is not the daughter Alexis would have chosen, and that she would not have chosen Alexis as a mother, since they were stuck with each other, she would do what her mother asked of her and stay away from Jason and help raise Kristina and Molly. At that time, Sonny came into the room, and Alexis let her him know of the arrangements that had been made in case she did not make it out of surgery. At first Sonny let Alexis know that he was uncomfortable with Kristina living with Ric and Alexis, however, when Alexis persisted, he agreed with the arrangement with one condition-that she would fight to beat this disease. Alexis let him know that she had no intention of dying, but needed to make arrangements in case she did not make it. When Epiphany came to take Alexis in for surgery, Alexis wanted Sam and Sonny to let Ric know that she was ok.

When Carly was trying to explain to Lulu that she would have never gone through with an abortion, Lulu got frustrated with her. She had expected her cousin to understand what she was going through, and understand why she felt her only choice was to get an abortion. Carly tried to get through to Lulu that while she did not choose to go that route, it was Lulu's decision, and that she would not judge her. During the conversation Lulu got a call on her cell from someone at an area code that she did not recognize, and the call would drop. Before leaving, Lulu said that even though Carly had wanted her children, and that Bobbie hadn't regretted having her, Luke had regretted having Lulu, and she didn't want the child to feel the same.

At the pier, Lucky was telling Maxie that he felt that him and Liz were getting distant from each other, and that he was just going through the motions. Maxie let him know that she understood what he was going through, and Lucky said that she was the only person he could truly be open with. He let her know that he was looking to let Liz know how he felt, but that it just was not the right time with what Lulu was going through. Maxie let him know that she understood, would help him get the pills that he needed, and would not pressure him into talking to Liz.

As Sonny was about to leave the hospital, he ran into Ric, and questioned his whereabouts. Ric let Sonny know that it was Alexis's choice for him to stay away, and had he had any say in it, he would have been there to support his wife. Sonny let him know that even if he was not in the room, he should make his presence known to Alexis because she needed it. As he was leaving, he let Ric know that Alexis had asked him to let Kristina stay with him. Ric told Sonny that he would be a good father to her daughter, and Sonny said that he would believe it when he proved to be a good husband.

As Alexis was on the surgery table, she asked Patrick and Robin to let her daughters know that she loved them. Patrick tried to let her know that she would make it, and when she insisted that they humor her, Robin agreed to make sure that her daughters knew what she had said.

Jason came into his apartment, as Liz was coming down the stairs from the bedroom. When he asked what she was doing there, she let him know that she had come by because she thought she had left a necklace over there the night of the blackout. She apologized for invading his space, and Jason let her know that it was alright.

At the Quartermaines, Dillon once again approached Lulu that she should not have an abortion. Lulu begged him to leave her alone, however, he persisted, telling her that he knew that they would make good parents. Once again Lulu got another phone call from the mysterious area code, and Dillon continued to try to convince her not to have an abortion. He reminded her that there were be no concerns for money, and even though they would mistakes, they could still live their lives and be good parents. At the end, Lulu agreed to not have the abortion and go through with the pregnancy.

Back at the hospital, Jason came by to see Sam, and asked if he could wait with her. With regret, she let him know of the promise she made for her mother, and that she could no longer let him in her life. Jason let her know that he understood, but before he left, he let her know that he had made a mistake pushing her away and not allowing her to make decisions about her life.

Sonny came by Carly's and let her know of his concerns about Alexis and the surgery. He told her that he lied to Alexis about letting Kristina stay with Ric if anything happened to her. Carly let him know that while her and Alexis may have not gotten along, she did not want anything to happen to the mother of his daughter, and told him that she would help him anyway she could. At that time, Sonny asked Carly to help raise Kristina if Alexis did not make it.

Liz was working when Lucky came by before going to a NA meeting. He told her that he loved her, that he was trying to make amends for the mistakes that he made, and that he had taken advantage of Maxie when she had been vulnerable. After he left, Liz ran into Jason as he was leaving the hospital. She shared her frustrations of Lucky's unwillingness to go to rehab, and asked Jason if she should force him to go. Jason let her know that forcing someone into a decision they did not want to make would only lead to disaster, and that Liz should let Lucky take the course he has chosen.

Patrick wheeled Alexis back into her room after the surgery while Ric and Sam were waiting. He let them know that the surgery went as planned and that the oncologist would let them know about the results. When Alexis woke up she saw both her husband and daughter waiting for her. Sam gave them some privacy, were Ric let her know that while he has let her down in the past, he was not going to go anywhere, and that he believed that she was going to beat this. Alex let him know that while going into surgery she did not believe that she would wake up, but that now she believed she would beat this as well.

Patrick searched Robin out after the surgery at the pier. He asked her why she had left so quickly after the surgery, and Robin let him know that Alexis's desire to have them tell her daughters that she loved them brought out her desire to have children. She had suppressed this desire for a long time but at times felt the need to foster a relationship with a child like what she had with her mother. Patrick encouraged her to take the chance if that was what she wanted. He let her know that he had been wrong by calling her a coward, and that having been exposed to the possibility to living with HIV, made him realize how brave she actually was. He encouraged her to do whatever she desired to do, and that she would make a great mother.

Jason went back to his apartment when Sam knocked at the door. When he opened the door, she asked him if had asked to wait with her because he had realized that he had made a mistake.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Lulu tells Carly she is going to have her baby. She plans to have the baby even though she is sure that she and Dillon will be horrible parents. Carly wonders why she isn't having an abortion. Lulu says she can't fight the world to have an abortion that she isn't even sure she wants. She has no clue what she wants.

Luke is looking for alcohol at Sonny's place, winding up empty handed. Luke came back because Sonny said it was urgent. Sonny then drops the bomb: Lulu is pregnant. Luke is floored at the news, and wonders who told Sonny. Sonny tells him that Lulu told him and also tells him that Dillon is the father. Sonny says that Luke had to know, but Luke doesn't know what to do. Luke says he expected Lulu to get in trouble, but what she did was stupid and careless. Luke begins to think that Lulu got pregnant on purpose, but stops. Luke doesn't know how to help her, or what to do. Luke thanks Sonny for the heads-up and leaves.

Sam is at Jason's penthouse, and he reminds her of the promise she made to Alexis about staying away from him. She says she wants them to try again, and asks if he can do that knowing she slept with Ric. She wants to know if he is hanging around just because he feels sorry for her. Sam brings up sleeping with Ric, and Jason tries to walk away from her. She keeps pushing him to say what he really feels, because she knows he hates what she has done. Jason explodes, shouting Ric is his enemy, and her mother's husband. Jason asks how Sam could do that to herself and him. Sam did it to punish herself because he left her and everyone thought of her as trash so she just stopped thinking, stopped caring. The thing she remembers was waking up on the floor, realizing what she had done, and knowing Jason would hate her for it. She knew Jason loved her even before he said it because of the look of love her gave her, and she knows he won't look at her like that again. Jason says if that she had slept with anyone else he might have been able to accept it. He thought she knew he still loved her even though he was pushing her away. Sam reminds him of all the times she came to him, begging him to take her back. Jason knows he set everything in motion with her and Ric, but SHE slept with him. Jason tells her he wants to get past it, but he doesn't know how. Sam asks if Jason thinks she'll ever sleep with Ric again, and he responds no. She then asks if he'll ever sleep with Liz again. Sam tells him that even though she doesn't have any right to feel betrayed and broken-hearted, but she does. Jason tells her about seeing her and Ric together, and how he came home to drink and forget. He also tells her Liz had nowhere else to go, and that they didn't plan on sleeping together. They comforted each other. Sam tells him knowing that hurts worse than knowing they slept together. She asks him how he feels about Liz, and he replies she is a friend. Sam than asks how he feels about herself. Jason tells her about how he can't let go of things. He tells her about his love for Robin, and how something inside of him broke when she told A.J he was Michael's biological father. He talks of Carly and her betrayal. Sam suggests that maybe they should just give up, and remember all of their memories happily instead of destroying what they had. Sam will love him the rest of her life, no matter what. Jason says he doesn't trust himself to let go of the answer, but he needs to try. If he doesn't, he may lose her forever. Sam takes off her ring and offers it to him, but he doesn't want it. She tells him that Jason can put it back on her finger when they are ready to make those promises again. They embrace and hold each other tightly when Sonny interrupts them. Jason tells Sam he may have to leave, but he will call her when he returns.

Ric runs into Liz and asks if she is feeling all right, seeing something is bothering her. Liz makes an excuse and slips away, carrying a white paper bag. Ric is approached by a doctor, informing him that he has the results of Alexis' biopsy.

Liz pulls out a pregnancy test at her apartment and heads to the bathroom. Lucky comes in and she quickly hides the test, not expecting him there. Liz is jumpy and Lucky notices. Lucky asks Liz if she talked to Lulu, and she tells him about the situation with Lulu and Edward earlier at the hospital. Lucky again accuses Liz of thinking he can't handle it. They snap at each other and he apologizes. Liz brings up rehab and Lucky storms out. She returns to the drawer and pulls out the pregnancy test.

Luke goes to Carly, looking for answers. Carly won't answer his questions, but Luke tells her he is only there for his daughter. Carly asks if he has even seen Lulu, but he says he'll see her when he knows what she needs. Carly tells him Lulu needs her father. She tells him about Lulu thinking of an abortion, and how Lulu felt un-wanted and abandoned by him and doesn't want her child to feel like that. Luke looks ashamed and Carly also tells him of the Quartermaines and Dillon wanting her to have the baby, and Carly thinks that Lulu is caving; she left her thinking of having the baby.

Ric enters Alexis' hospital room and they talk about the orchid she received from Jax and their lack of knowledge on how to take proper care of it. Ric then informs her that he talked to her doctor... and her cancer has spread. He wanted to her the bad news, but they will still meet with Dr. Trent later to discuss her options. Alexis already knows what he will say: Go on chemo and spend the rest of her days sick, or let the cancer take its course and spend the rest of her time with her daughters. Ric tells her to believe in the chemo will work and that she will live. He tells Alexis to relax while she's in the hospital, no need to make big decisions just yet. Sam knocks and comes in, while Ric leaves. Alexis tells Sam that the cancer has spread, and Sam firmly tells her they will fight. Alexis brings up Sam's promise about Jason and she tells her not to worry about it anymore.

Dillon finds Lulu in the Quartermaine living room, looking nauseous. He tells her about the research he did about morning sickness. Lulu and Dillon start to disagree when Edward appears and wants Lulu to give sole custody to Dillon. Edward tries to persuade Lulu into signing away her rights to her unborn baby to Dillon. Dillon is more than ready to take responsibility, but he wants to share the baby with her. Luke returns home and hugs Lulu. Luke becomes angry and both Edward and Dillon for pressuring her. Luke asks what Lulu wants, and she admits she may not even want the baby. Dillon tries to interrupt but Luke snaps at him to be quiet. Luke tells Lulu it is her choice, and then yells at Dillon and Edward to get out. Tearfully, Lulu tells her father that she is happy he is home. Luke pulls her into a hug and says me, too.

Jason pulls out a picture of him and Sam and gazes at it, and then places it in his back pocket before leaving the penthouse.

Liz stares at her pregnancy test, her mind flashing back to the night she and Jason spent together, and then she utters one word: Pregnant.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Jax surprises Carly and the boys by buying Carly a new convertible. Michael and Morgan love the car but Carly isn't too pleased by the gift. She accuses Jax of using her boys to get to her again. Jax tells her that he wasn't using the boys and thought she would love to drive a convertible. Carly reminds him that she doesn't like to drive and is terrible at it. Jax tells her he thought she loved a good challenge and would reconsider driving again. Carly tells the boys that Jax is going to take them back to the dealership to return the car and that they can act up and whine all they want since that is what Jax deserves. Carly leaves to head to the hotel. Michael tells Jax that he screwed up again and that he made Carly mad at him again. Jax shows up at the hotel and gets into another argument with Carly over hotel business. Carly is mad at him for trying to see the hotel in Albany that she bought just because he wanted to get her attention. Jax apologizes for what he did and wants the chance to make amends. Carly agrees to give him another chance to make it up to her but makes it clear that he is to stop playing games with her from now on and that there will be no sex between them until he proves to her that he is going to stick around for her and the kids this time. Jax agrees but doesn't think they can go too long without sex.

Sam sits by Alexis while she sleeps. She goes out in the hallway to call Jason to leave him a message about Alexis' prognosis. Alexis has a dream where she relives what happened when she found Ric and Sam having sex at the cottage but this time she confronts them about what they did and they ignore her and continue to make love as if she wasn't there. Alexis wakes up from the dream and can hear Sam talking outside her hospital room. She calls to her and asks her who she was talking to. Sam lies and tells her she was just calling the office to let them know she wasn't coming in today to work. Alexis tells her not to put her life on hold or miss work because she is sitting around watching her all day. Meanwhile, Ric is on his way to see Alexis with a vase of flowers in his hand. Lorenzo sees him and stops him in the hallway. He tells Ric he has a proposition for him concerning his new job as interim D.A. Anna follows Lorenzo and listens in on their conversation from around the corner. Lorenzo asks Ric to help him bring down Sonny and Jason. Ric tells him he isn't interested in helping him. Lorenzo tries to appeal to Ric by bringing up the fact that he could help him bring down Jason, his enemy. Ric turns him down still and heads to Alexis' room. When Ric enters her room Alexis is talking to Sam about how she is happy she doesn't have to attend the mayor's boring cocktail party at his home. Ric has a cup of coffee for Alexis but she tells him she can't have coffee because of doctor's orders. She tells Ric that she needs him to go to the party and put up appearances that she is doing well enough that he didn't need to be by her bedside 24 hours a day so that the mayor would feel confident that she could do her job if she got better. Alexis asks Ric to bring Sam to the party and asks Sam to show up as well to assure the mayor that she wasn't on her deathbed. Sam doesn't want to go to the party and tells Alexis that she wouldn't give a good impression since she has terrible party skills. Ric sees how insistent Alexis is being about it and agrees to escort Sam to the party. Sam reluctantly agrees to attend the party with Ric. Sam and Ric meet up at the docks. Ric tells her he covered for her at the office. Sam thanks him but doesn't want to attend the party with him but she will for Alexis. She makes it clear to Ric that she will not be having any more one-night stands with him in the future and that she hates him. Ric reminds her that she agreed that they would try to get along for Alexis' sake. Sam tells him she agreed to go to the party with him to please Alexis but that is as far as it goes. Ric is about to say something in response but changes his mind and leaves the docks. Alexis gets a visit from Lainey. She tells Lainey about the party and how she asked Ric and Sam to attend the Mayor's party together. Lainey can't believe Alexis hasn't confronted Ric and Sam about knowing of their one-night stand. Alexis tells her that she isn't going to say anything and needs the two of them to raise her children in case she doesn't survive the cancer. She tells Lainey about how her own mother never made provisions for her in case she died and that when she did die, Alexis was forced to live and be raised by the woman who slit her mother's throat and she will not let that happen to her own girls. Lainey thinks that Alexis is holding too much pain inside her and that won't help in her recovery. Alexis admits that she is upset and disgusted by what Ric and Sam did but feels that she is partly responsible for what happened by how she neglected Ric and made Sam feel horrible about herself. Lainey tells her that it wasn't her fault and that Ric and Sam are responsible for their own actions and choices. Alexis still doesn't want to confront them with what she knows.

Liz calls the hospital and talks to Dr. Lee. She tells her she took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive but wants to have an official test done at the hospital to make sure. Dr. Kelly sets up an appointment with her later that day. Lucky comes home early and unexpectedly. Liz is surprised to see him and seems jumpy around him. Lucky doesn't act like he overheard her conversation and asks her who was on the phone. Liz lies and tells him she was called into work. Lucky tells her he changed shifts and that he was hoping they could spend time alone together. He touches her arm and Liz brushes him and backs away. Lucky tells her that he thought that everything was better between them and asks her why she doesn't want him to touch her. Liz tells him that she isn't ready to be touched by him intimately since she can still remember catching him with Maxie in their bed not long ago and needs more time. Lucky tells her he is trying hard to stay off the pills and is going to NA meetings. Liz tells him that she should be listening to the doctors who say that he should be in rehab. Lucky tells her he is doing fine without being in rehab. Liz takes off for the hospital. She does some work and sees Sam heading for the elevators. She approaches Sam and asks her how Alexis is doing. Sam tells her that the news isn't good and that the cancer spread. Liz asks Sam if she knows how she can reach Jason. Sam asks her what it is about. Liz tells her it is a private matter between friends and nothing else. Sam still wants to know. Liz tells Sam that Jason is just a friend and she has no intention of sleeping with him again after Sam asks her if she regrets sleeping with Jason like she regrets sleeping with Ric. Sam tells her that it is officially over between Jason and her and that she made a promise to Alexis that she would stay away from Jason. Sam lies and tells her she doesn't know where Jason is and how to contact him. Liz has an exam later and Dr. Lee confirms that she is pregnant. Liz surprises Dr. Lee when she tells her that she doesn't know who the father is and that she needs to order a paternity test. Meanwhile, Maxie shows up at Lucky's apartment and brings him some more pills. She tells him that she found an apartment for them to live in together after he leaves Liz. Lucky tells her he can't leave Liz right now until he deals with Lulu's situation first. He lies to her and tells her that he will leave Liz as soon as the family issues are dealt with. Maxie believes him.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Sonny and Sam discuss breaking their promises to Alexis should she not recover from the cancer. Sonny asks Sam how far they are willing to go to keep her wishes.

Alexis receives a very brief visit from Kristina and Molly. Kristina provides her mom with cards that they created for her and shower her with plenty of affection before they must leave. Once they are gone, Alexis informs Ric that she wants Sam and him to find common ground for the girls.

Alexis informs Sam that her girls are fortunate enough to have her. Sam tells Alexis that she would do anything for her sisters. Alexis comments on the awkwardness that she has noticed between herself and Ric. She suggests that Sam really try to give him a chance as it would be much easier on the girls.

Lainey arrives to visit with Alexis and to find out how she is doing. Alexis informs her that she can only think about the girls and the betrayal from Ric and Sam. Lainey suggests that Alexis think of the repercussions of a new level of intimacy should she push for Ric and Sam to get closer. Alexis confides that she wants to know if Ric will try to sleep with Sam again.

Ric walks the nanny and the girls to the elevator. Ric cuddles with Molly and tells her that she will always be first in his heart. He continues to discuss with her the challenges of being the younger sibling and how she should not let it affect her. Ric tells her that he is tired of following Sonny's and Alexis's rules and he is about to take charge of his plan.

Ric asks Sam to be ready for 7 o'clock for the party. He tells her that he wishes to create a united front with her on Alexis's behalf. Sam voices her disgust over his idea. Ric asks Sam if her constant commenting on the possibility of them together is a warning or an invitation.

Allan, Dillon and Edward voice their concerns of Lulu's whereabouts for the night. Luke enters the Quartermaine's living room and informs them that she had been with him. Luke expresses his disappointment in Dillon regarding his behavior. Dillon tells Luke that he wants Lulu to take time to think about what she is going to do. Luke informs Dillon that he will be given a choice when he is able to carry a child. Allan and Edward offer to pay Luke off in order to avoid Lulu having an abortion. Luke tells the gentlemen that should they refuse to cooperate with him, he will inform the media of the faulty condoms.

Lulu tells her father that she is unable to see herself as a mother, but she does not wish to sign the baby over to the Quartermaine's. Luke says that she is capable of making the right decision as she will need to live with it the rest of her life. Lulu informs him that she does not want to have a baby that is not wanted like he did, and walks off.

Luke asks Dillon what the hell he was thinking when it came to his daughter. Dillon tells Luke that nothing else matters except for the pregnancy and him wanting to be a father. Dillon begs Luke to help change Lulu's mind about keeping the baby.

Lulu apologizes to her father for walking out on him. She tells him that Dillon is only interested in proving that he is a better father than his own. She continues to say that she refuses to have a child grown up and know that they were never wanted. Lulu asks her Luke if Laura would want her to have this child. Luke informs her that Laura would want her to make her own decision and not care what others thought. Luke tells his daughter that should she decide to keep the baby, he will be a better grandfather than he was a father. He also says that should she decide to terminate the pregnancy, he will be by her side.

Liz arrives at Wyndemere and informs Nik that she requires his assistance with Lucky. She tells him that she thinks Lucky will require professional help with his drug addiction because she is not sure she can handle it anymore. When Nik tries to find out the change of heart, Liz informs him that she is pregnant. Nik promises that he will try to talk Lucky into rehab.

Liz arrives at Sonny's and informs him that she is looking for Jason. Sonny tells her that he is away on business at the moment, but that Jason would be willing to assist her when he gets back. Sonny informs Liz that he knows they value each other's friendship, but she should keep in mind that he is in love with Sam.

Colleen tells Spencer that she believes Nik is falling for her after asking her for a picnic. Helena overhears the discussion and informs her that her position is to keep her grandson safe and advocate to Nik on her behalf. Colleen pulls a knife from the picnic basket and demands that Helena back away from the child. Nik steps between them and informs Colleen that things are alright and begins to deal with Helena himself.

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