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Amanda admitted to Babe that she had fallen in love with Jonathan. Jonathan learned that Lily had an online friend. Sydney stole the spotlight at Colby's birthday party. Zach offered to go on the run with Dixie. Jamie told Julia that he was planning to drop out of medical school.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Babe saw the coffin that (a shirtless) Josh fashioned. Josh told her it was for him. He explained that he kept seeing his father buried and he needed to feel the hell he went through. Babe told him that Greg loved him as a son not an experiment. Josh said that maybe if he felt what his father felt, it may help him to feel again. Babe told Josh that this was crazy but he said he had to go through with this. With Babe watching, he opened the lid to the coffin and stepped inside. He lowered himself and asked Babe to put the lid on and nail it shut. Babe did as Josh asked placed the lid on the coffin. She then hammered in the nails and stayed close to the coffin as Josh began to have an anxiety attack. He hollered that he couldn't breathe and that he was suffocating. Babe furiously worked to open the coffin and as a very pained and emotional Josh emerged from the box, he admitted that he did love his father.

Derek told Tad that if he didn't testify, Jamie and J.R. would go to jail. J.R. told Derek that Zach was the one who buried Greg Madden. Derek didn't believe that Zach was the one who took the tape from his office. Jamie and J.R. both jumped in and confessed, but Tad said that he would testify that he did see Dixie and Zach with a body the night Greg disappeared.

Kendall asked Zach for the truth about Madden's death. Kendall wanted proof of his innocence, but Zach said that his word was enough. She said she was all out of blind faith and if he walked away from Dixie for good, she would quit asking questions. Zach declined her offer. Zach asked her if she wanted to call it quits so she could be with Ryan. She told Zach that Ryan had not influenced her in any way. Zach said she should trust him no matter what, but Kendall said he would not keep her on the sidelines again. Kendall got an I love you and Zach silence. Through her tears she yelled at him to go to his stupid little slut Dixie. Zach left.

In is office Zach stared at a photo of Kendall and Spike. Dixie appeared and he poured himself another drink. Dixie offered that they have had to make life altering decisions and that people on the outside may never understand, including Kendall. Zach poured another drink, but Dixie held his hand so he wouldn't drink it. Zach then turned and kissed Dixie, but suddenly ran out of his office.

Kendall went to see Tad and asked him if he really saw what he says he saw. Tad said that yes he did. As Kendall fell apart, Tad was there to hold her. Tad told her that she shouldn't be alone and that she didn't have to go, but she said that she did have to leave.

Jamie (also shirtless) was furiously working out when Julia came into his apartment. She asked what happened and he said that everything was going straight to hell. Jamie told Julia that the people he cared about were going down in flames and there was nothing he could do about it. He grabbed Julia and they went to bed.

J.R. tried to call Babe, but got no answer. He knew she was with Josh.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Ryan, Annie, and Jamal were discussing T in Ryan's office. Annie wondered why T did not take her bait and come back to town. Then, Livia walked in and realized Jamal was helping Annie. They went outside to talk. Livia was not happy Jamal was aiding a woman with a warrant out for her arrest. Jamal said he had to because the last woman he helped did not make it. He began to cry and Livia hugged him. Jamal left and Livia went back in to see Ryan and Annie. She told them that no other woman would testify against T because they wanted to pretend he did not exist. After Livia left, Annie admitted she was tempted to run again. Ryan said it was her decision. Annie then asked if Ryan would teach her how to use a gun. At first Ryan hesitated, but eventually he agreed. They went to a rifle range and as Annie shot her gun, she heard T's voice in her head.

Colby and Sydney were screaming and fighting over a dress in the living room as Krystal watched. JR was already agitated that he could not find Babe, so he got even angrier when he came home to see this fight. He told Colby to grow up and ripped the dress in half. He then went upstairs to spend time with Little Adam. As JR read to his son, Adam came in to see if JR was alright. Adam explained Babe came home to feed their son, but left soon after. When Adam was gone, JR continued to read, but it seemed like his mind was on Babe. Meanwhile downstairs, Colby and Sydney were still fighting over dresses. They were interrupted when Sean called Colby to discuss the party. Then, Sydney continued to blackmail Colby with the drinking incident; however, neither girl knew Krystal was listening. Krystal was not happy to hear Colby was drinking. Nevertheless, Krystal agreed not to cancel the party if the girls compromised. Krystal proposed the girls sign a contract stating they had to auction their dresses after the party and volunteer 100 hours to the Miranda Center. If they complied, the party was on and Krystal would buy each of them new dresses. Colby was not excited to volunteer with children, but she and Sydney still signed the contract. Just as the dress issue was resolved, Adam came in and asserted there would be no more quarreling. The girls peacefully agreed and went to bed. Adam was both shocked and pleased.

Lily was on her computer with T. They discussed plans for meeting each other. Then, Sean came in and began to talk to Lily. Lily revealed she found a friend with similarities on the computer. They agreed it was wise to date people with common interests. Sean left and Lily got back on the computer. Lily told T she missed the old Jonathan, but not the new Jonathan. T asked if she ever had sex and she replied no. He said he had not either because his mom was too strict. He stated he was not going to tell his mom about their plans to meet. Lily said she would not tell her father either. So, they decided to meet the next day at Lily's tree house.

Jeff went to see Josh in his hotel room. Josh did not want to spend time with Jeff and tried to get him to leave, but Jeff looked inside and saw the coffin. Jeff was startled. Josh stated he had plans and left to go to ConFusion. Meanwhile, Babe was already in the bar with Amanda. Amanda apologized to Babe for helping JR at the police station. Babe was angry with Amanda, but did not stay mad long. Amanda then admitted to Babe she had feelings for Jonathan. She said it was his love for Lily that made him attractive. Amanda knew that even though she wanted him, she could not have him. Amanda asked for Babe's advice and Babe looked over at Josh. Babe said she did not have an answer. They both decided to be good listeners for each other, instead of giving out unwarranted advice. Then, Josh approached Babe and asked her to go over a marketing plan with him. Babe said she had to go home to her family. As she walked out, Jeff came in and expressed his worry over Josh and the coffin. Babe assured him that Josh was fine, but stated she had her own family to take care of. Josh saw them talking and looked upset. On the other side of the bar, Sean came in and told Jonathan about Lily's internet boyfriend. Jonathan thanked him. Jonathan then relayed this news to Amanda. Amanda comforted Jonathan and they hugged. Jonathan left looking very sad. Also, Jamie and Julia were at the bar. Jamie told Julia he wanted to give up on medicine and Pine Valley so he could travel the world. Jamie asserted he could not witness another loved one getting hurt in this town. Jamie then asked Julia to go with him. Julia stated she loved her job and wanted to stay. She also told Jamie that she enjoyed being with him, but if it had to end tomorrow, she was alright with that. Julia kissed Jamie and left.

Babe finally got home and went into her bedroom. JR was still awake. He was sitting in a chair and staring out the window. Babe kneeled down at his side and declared she loved him. They began to kiss passionately and then went to the bed to make love. Meanwhile, Josh was in his hotel room sitting alone in a dark corner.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Kendall shows up at the office looking less than glamorous and Josh immediately starts in on her. She attempts to fend him off, but he asks if her appearance is due to being up all night with her son - or if it's because she realized that she is married to a murderer. Kendall stays mum until she gets some coffee into her, and then she starts ragging on her reluctant brother about his affection for Babe. Ticked off, Josh tells her that she should be nicer, since Babe is the one that saved her. Kendall doesn't pick up on his vague references, so he spells out that he saw her kissing Zach on the roof of Fusion in a way that would blow Zach's alibi out of the water. He tells her to ease up on Babe before he rats the loving duo out to the cops. Kendall chuckles, and then informs Josh that he is way out of the loop - and that she is actually divorcing her husband.

As Zach plows stoically through some work, Di notes aloud that his murder charges don't seem to be hurting business. She asks what he plans to do, and seeming unconcerned, Zach blows her off with a veil of indifference. Aggravated, she asks him why he is still in Pine Valley if he doesn't have any plans. Zach summarily ignores her and continues working. They are soon interrupted by Del, and Zach tries to shoo him away by asserting that the casino isn't hiring. Disregarding his comment, Del asks his sister if she talked to Zach yet. Uncomfortable, Di slowly turns around and tells her boss that they are worried about Dixie and what will happen to her once Tad testifies. Del chimes in that they tried to stop the wheels currently turning but to no avail. Di begs Zach to do something that will spare Dixie from any additional pain. Slightly amused, Zach tells Di to take her brother downstairs and send any available security up to his office. Without protest, the siblings exit the office. Later, after his meeting with security is over, Di returns and tells Zach that while she thinks the best idea is to get Dixie out of the country, Dixie is afraid to leave because it might make Zach look guilty. She goes on to say that Dixie has pretty strong feelings for Zach, and asks if Dixie has a chance - or if he is still in love with his wife. Sighing heavily, Zach admits that how he feels about Kendall is irrelevant - as Kendall has decided that their marriage is over. Di confirms his complete and utter love for his wife over his objections, and then says that he needs to be clear with Dixie that she has no chance. He resists taking responsibility for Dixie's feelings, and Di asks why he feels the need to be so difficult. Zach tells her that he isn't obligated to explain himself, and she calls him a jerk. He notes that her observation is common knowledge, and that she shouldn't be surprised. He then abruptly sends her on an errand to take the cash they counted to the vault. Once she leaves, he retrieves two stacks of banded cash from his drawer and tucks it into his inside jacket pocket.

Adam wakes his sleeping daughter up on her birthday morning by tickling her nose with a set of car keys. She falters at first, but when she sees the various decorations around her room, she quickly bounds out of bed. Adam calls in Winifred into the room to catch Colby's excitement about her new car and her plans leading up to the party on video. Adam asks what she wants to do first, and Colby insists that she try on her new dress. As if on cue, Krystal hauls in the new garment and orders her husband to vacate the room.

Lily talks with her new friend online to secure their plans to meet. She is briefly interrupted by Jack but is able to hide the screen before he can see anything. Jack leaves after a brief conversation, and Lily tells Asperger Boy that the sooner they meet at her tree, the better. She calls her father back to her room and tells him that she is planning to go shopping at the mall for a new dress. Jack tells her that he would be happy to take her, but she tries to gain access to the outside world alone by telling him that the store only sells women's clothing. Jack tells her that he isn't comfortable with her on her own just yet, and Lily asks if she will have to have him go with her everywhere from now on. Jack assures her that it is temporary, but for now - if her intent is to go alone, she'll need to stay home. Sadly, Lily grabs her earmuffs and leaves the room. After a while, she returns to her room and admires the dress that she purchased. Sean walks by and stops in to chat. She informs him that Jack wants to talk to him, and then tells him that she won't be let out of the house alone for a while. She asks him if he knows why her father would say such a thing. At a loss, Sean quickly excuses himself, leaving Lily to ponder the situation on her own. She returns to her computer and tells her online friend that she needs to bring her father. He tells her that he doesn't do well with strangers, and that he wishes that he could come up with another plan. She responds that she is excellent at that task, and that she would find a way to get out alone. A few moments later, she hears Sean making promises about good behavior to Jack. They stop near her doorway and Lily asks if she can go to the party. Jack agrees, and then appoints himself chaperone. Sean tells him that if he wants Lily to make friends, this is not the way to do it. Jack realizes the truth in his nephew's words, and tells Lily he would think about it some more. He excuses himself and steps in the hallway to call Aidan and determine the location of Lily's stalker.

Lily preps herself for her night out, including donning her sunglasses and earmuffs. Sean passes her open doorway decked out in white and she turns to find out his approval rating. He takes in her outfit, and then silently holds up his index finger as he backs out of the room, indicating that he needs to retrieve something. Jack returns to the room to tell Lily that she is cleared to go to the party with Sean. At the mention of his name, Sean reenters the room and tells Lily that while her earmuffs are cool, the earplugs he just purchased for her are much more discreet. Jack warns them not to have too much fun, which confuses his daughter. Sean tells her to ignore it and they get ready to go.

Babe and JR wake up in each other's arms and revel in the emotional high they feel. JR tells his wife that the only thing that can ruin his mood is Colby's Sweet 16 party. Babe groans initially, and then swears that not even his little sister's Spoiled Brat routine would get to her today. They kiss again but are soon interrupted by a piercing scream from that very sister. They run to her room to find out that her scream was in outrage over the dress that Krystal got for her. In typical teenage fashion, she insists that her whole life is ruined, and typical of everything in the Chandler house, offers were made to buy her something new to calm her down...except from Krystal. As her rival Sydney listens in from the hall, Krystal promises the teen that she can alter the dress to make her look wonderful. Colby immediately orders a plunging neckline and a slit practically to the waist. JR jumps in to find out if her true intentions are to look grown up - or like a showgirl.

A short time later, Babe and JR are dressed and ready to head out for the day. Before they can, Colby has another major crisis over her entrance into her party. As JR, Babe and Krystal look on in amazement, Colby manages to convince her father (who has already paid for a boat) that she needs 4 shirtless men to carry her in. Sheepish, Adam asks his wife if she can make the call to see if she can get the four chosen men to take the job. Not being able to take anymore, Babe excuses herself and Krystal goes to make a call. Infuriated, JR rages over how little care Colby gives to how much money is being spent. She blows him off, reassumes her sweet demeanor and leaves the room. Once gone, JR berates his father for indulging so many of Colby's whims. Adam clearly tells him that he should understand wanting to give your child the world - and notes that now that she is out of Liza's clutches, he wants to spoil his youngest child. He fairly begs JR to share in the fantasy - if only for one night.

As Winifred plays videographer, Colby and Sydney run around the house and submit to beauty treatments in preparation for their party. During a break, Colby returns to her room and closes the door. She hears a knock, and after several guesses at the password, she grants JR admission. He tries to apologize again for attacking her, but she still doesn't believe him. She tells him that she realizes he thinks her party is stupid, but it isn't stupid to her. Finally admitting the real reason she is so wrapped up in this, she admits that she had been jealous of the girls she grew up with because they all had their fathers around. Not knowing that Adam was listening outside the door, she notes that now that she has hers, she wants everyone to know how proud she is to be a Chandler.

Colby videotapes herself, proclaiming that she will be mind-blowing at her party. Krystal interrupts Colby's ego stroking to ask if she'd seen Sydney. Colby notes that she could care less about her co-host, just as they hear a piercing scream from down the hall. Sydney stomps in, distraught over the state of her hair. Colby finds the situation highly amusing, but Sydney decides that she shouldn't go to the party. Effusively apologetic, Winifred tries to convince her niece that things are not that bad, but Colby agrees with Sydney's summation, saying that the party should return to the way it should have been: all about her.

Babe arrives at Fusion, effectively ruining Kendall's day. As she stalks off, Josh approaches Babe and asks her about her encounter with Jeff at the club the night before. She tells Josh that his biological father was no trouble - just a little freaked out over the coffin he saw in Josh's room. Understanding, Josh admits that he dismantled the coffin once he returned to his room. Babe attempts to confirm that the experience helped him, and Josh agrees - saying that he had been sitting on some negative energy for a long time. Under Kendall's watchful eye, he thanks Babe for helping him feel somewhat freer from the demons that had been haunting him. He excuses himself, and Kendall takes the opportunity to ask Babe the details about why she would ask Josh to help her out with Zach's cover. Babe lets her in on the fact that even though Josh may be rude to her face, he appreciates the fact that he has sisters. She says that she knows that Kendall would never have forgiven Josh if he had gone to the police, so Babe encouraged him not to - so that there would still be a chance that they could connect someday as siblings. Kendall then asks why Babe has such a hold on Josh, and what is going on between them, but before Babe can answer, Josh reappears and asks if anyone is available to work late. Babe bows out, citing her family commitment, and leaves the office. Alone again, Kendall asks Josh if the offer to stay late was for everyone or just for Babe. Josh points out that he works for Fusion, so the offer was open to everyone, and that if she needed something, all she had to do was ask. She asks for a straight answer to a burning question: what's the truth about his relationship with Babe, and why are they always looking out for each other? He is amazed that she can't seem to grasp the concept of friends, and she tells him that she can't even begin to wrap her mind around a friendship with Babe.

Adam calls Colby downstairs and presents her with some diamond jewelry to wear for the party. After thanking her father profusely, he tells her that after the party, it will go into a safe deposit box until she is 25. Understanding, she runs off gleefully. She passes Sydney in the hall, who overheard and is saddened at all of Colby's good fortune. Colby takes a moment to gloat, and then flees upstairs. Babe walks in the front door in time to see a teary-eyed Sydney run off. She follows the gloomy teenager, and takes over doing her hair. They relate on the topic of being a small town Cinderella trying to fit into a rich girl's world. Sydney sulks over the fact that her part of the party won't be anywhere near what Colby has. Babe begs to differ, saying that what she needs is a surprise, and she thinks that she can find that on her cell phone.

Later that evening, Adam, Krystal, Winifred, Babe and JR wait impatiently for the guests of honor to grace them with their presence. As they figure out how everyone will get to the club, the girls descend to the foyer in all of their glory.

Kendall returns home, and finds Zach cradling her son.

Friday, September 8, 2006

As Zach holds Spike, he tells him the story of Beauty and the Beast. Kendall walks in and asks Zach why he is there. Zach tells Kendall he did not bury Greg, but Kendall says Tad claims otherwise. Zach thinks Tad is being vengeful, but Kendall refuses to believe her husband over Tad. Zach walks out and Kendall takes off her wedding rings.

Dixie goes to Zach's office, where his employees are preparing to get Dixie out of town. Zach goes back to his office, where he finds Dixie, who is upset Zach tries to hijack her out of town. Zach claims he just needs to keep her safe, but Dixie refuses to leave. Dixie says that she can't leave town because of her family.

Jamie tells Tad he is leaving town because he does not want to see Dixie go to jail or JR hurt again. When Jamie asks Tad if he saw Dixie and Zach with Greg's body, Tad says yes, but understands if his son wants to leave. Jamie tells Tad that he does not want to leave his family, but isn't sure what else to do. Tad and Jamie try to clear their minds by going to grab some dinner. After the meal, they come back home and Jamie decides not to leave town because of Tad. While Tad is sleeping, Zach pays him a visit.

Lily and Sean go to the party, but the doors aren't open yet. Lily looks at her phone and sees a message from Terry saying he is at the tree waiting for her. When Sean asks who the text message is from, Lily distracts him by yelling she is being followed. Ryan's security guards tell Lily she is there for her protection and have been instructed to follow her until she goes home. Sean tells the guards to give Lily some space so they walk away. Sean tries to make Lily feel better by explaining only cool people, like celebrities, get security guards. Lily texts Terry she is on her way.

The Chandler's arrive at the yacht club, but are shocked when the party is not set up. Colby throws a fit as the management explains that the truck bringing the party supplies is broken down and the wrong ice sculpture was brought. When Colby asks about her Hunk Squad, Krystal explains it was too expensive. Colby tells Sydney that if she wants to have her life so bad, now is the perfect chance because everything is going wrong. Finally, the party is set up and Colby hugs her father. Babe walks to over Sydney, who is sulking in the corner. Once the party gets started, Sean and Lily go inside. Sydney makes her grand entrance, compliments of Babe, and the crowd chants her name. As Colby prepares to be brought in by the hunky men, the crowd ignores her and listens to the guest singer Jordan Pruitt that introduced Sydney. After the performance, Babe thanks her and Sydney rushes over to Sean. Colby refuses to go to the stage after being embarrassed by Sydney. She tells everyone to leave her alone and begins crying. Sydney comes over and tries to comfort Colby. Sean agrees to help Lily get rid of the guards so she can meet her online friend, but says she must be back soon so they can go home together. The security guards demand to know where Lily is from Sean, but their interrogation is interrupted by Colby and Sydney insulting each other at the top of their lungs. Krystal tells Colby she is embarrassing herself by acting like an immature child every time she does not get her way. Colby says she just wants to matter and make friends. Colby gets a text message of lyrics from one of Jesse McCartney's songs and rushes to her father's side. Moments later, Jesse steps onto the stage and sings one of his songs. Lily goes to the tree, where she finds a hooded man in the woods, claiming to be her online friend.

Jonathan goes to see Ryan to check on Terry. Ryan tells him Terry has not made any moves toward Lily or his daughter, but Jonathan is worried Terry will get around Ryan's security. Jonathan admits that he still loves Lily and it's killing him he can't protect her right now. Ryan reminds his brother that the only way to catch Terry is try to lure him, which is why they are keeping a close eye on Lily. Jonathan agrees to back off and let his brother handle Terry. As Jonathan leaves, Ryan picks up Jonathan's coat and finds passports to Ireland so he can take of Terry himself. Ryan tears up the passport, thinking Jonathan wants to kill Terry. Jonathan tells his brother he was not going to kill Terry, but needs to handle the problem himself. Ryan reminds Jonathan that he has been given a second chance in life, but Jonathan doesn't think he has much of a life without Lily. Jonathan agrees not to go after Terry, as long as Ryan promises to keep Lily safe.

Ryan goes to check on Kendall, who refuses to take sides in the war between her and Zach. Kendall explains to Ryan that she thinks Tad is telling the truth about Greg's murder, but does not know what to do. When Ryan starts to leave, Kendall asks him to stay and have a drink. Ryan gets a call from his guards saying Lily is missing so he rushes out to find her.

Jonathan goes to ConFusion to work, but Amanda can see the pain he is in. Jonathan has a hard time focusing on his work without Lily around. Amanda touches Jonathan's arm and gives him a kiss.

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