One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on OLTL

Keri learned that her baby was really hers and Antonio's. Mitch was arrested, though later released on bail. Natalie decided to move in with Cristian. Al bought drugs after Max gave him money to buy schoolbooks. Tension grew between Natalie and Carlotta.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, February 24, 2003

Starr wants her daddy back and blames her mother for him not being there. Meanwhile Todd is attempting to break into his father's crypt. As an ailing Victor Lord awaits the heart of his granddaughter, Viki and Jessica come face-to-face with him. Viki is in shock to see him alive.

Joey arrives at the Police Station looking for Bo for information on Jessica and Viki. Hank tells him to pray about the situation. Mitch is ordering the surgeons to rush with the procedure of removing Natalie's heart, but Natalie is resisting the anesthesia. Viki's voice, calling for her daughter Natalie, distracts the surgeons and Mitch, who rushes out to see what is going on. Victor Lord wants to know who is Natalie.

Asa is ranting about his wife's financial shenanigans and blames Roxy for alerting Rae about his latest scheme to get rid of her. Asa says that he hates Roxy, but as usual the butler knows all and tells Asa - that he doesn't really hate Roxy. Roxy arrives at the Palace bar with her son to contemplate a plan to make money, now that she is broke - again.

Viki pushes pass the surgical nurse and threatens the surgeons with a scalpel to get to Natalie. Victor realizes that Mitch tried to pass off Natalie as Jessica. After he realizes they are twins, he asks Viki to choose which daughter should die, because he needs the heart of a Lord. Mitch tries to get Victor to accept Natalie as the donor since she is already on the table and prepped (and he because he wants Jessica alive). Victor orders his henchmen to watch Mitch and insists that Viki choose.

The police, along with Commissioner Bo arrive before Viki can reply and surround Victor, Mitch and the surgeons. Mitch grabs Jessica and pulls out a gun... Antonio comes up behind Mitch, freeing Jessica and grappling with Mitch's gun. Antonio prevails and everyone is arrested. Natalie is taken to the hospital, along with an arrested Victor Lord.

When Jessica arrives at the Police station, Joey comforts her and she fills him in on Victor Lord's scheme. She tells Mitch she had to see him locked up, as he tells her he did it all for her. Viki goes to the hospital to comfort Natalie. She assures Natalie that she loves both her and Jessica and could have never had chosen between the two. Natalie, after witnessing the closeness between Jessica and Viki doesn't quite believe her, although she tells her mother she does.

Rex cons Wanda into giving him a job at the Palace as a bartender. Joey arrives at the hospital to support Viki. He receives a call on his cell phone and Viki sends a reluctant Joey away to take care of business. A nurse informs Viki that Victor chances of living are slim.

Mitch tries to convince Jessica that he is a victim of Victor Lord's power and that he wants a chance to be her father. She slaps him and Bo takes him away. She thanks Antonio for saving her life. Nora arrives and Bo fills her in on what happened.

Todd goes to the hospital to confront his father Victor Lord.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Roxy is plastered, straddling two barstools at The Palace, her feet in the air. She catcalls her son, who is looking debonair in his new bartender uniform. They huddle their scheming heads together and set their sights towards Asa and Rae squabbling over divorce particulars at a nearby table. Rex urges Roxy to consider going after Asa or she'll have to get a job! At first shocked, Roxy then toys with the idea of modeling. But her son gives her a polite reality check before leaving to help the room service staff.

Upstairs in a room at the Palace, Joey wakes up Flash, still loopy, as Renee looks on with disapproval. Joey tosses Flash, fully clothed, into a cold shower. He calls room service for black coffee and dry toast. Flash emerges from the bathroom in a towel. She gets dressed under the bed covers while she sasses Joey. In an effort to instill trust, Joey tells Flash the story of losing Kelly to his brother, Kevin. Flash is still a tightly closed book. She even tries seducing Joey to avoid talking about her life. Finally, Joey gets her to admit that she has a mother whose name she flippantly claims not to know. Rex delivers their coffee and then parks himself in a chair to make lewd comments. Joey grabs him by his new uniform and throws him out. But the fragile beginnings of intimacy have been broken and Flash runs away.

Loud enough for the whole bar to hear, Asa shouts, "You are killing me!" As he continues bickering with Rae, Asa grabs his left arm in sharp, sudden pain. Surrounded by Rae, Roxy, and Renee, Asa asks for his heart specialist to come and get him. He is taken away, leaving Renee to reprimand Rae for the stress she has inflicted on Asa's heart. After being called "Sigmund Fraud," Rae leaves ashamed and in tears. Managing to stable herself on one barstool, Roxy plots her next move with Rex advising her. Renee is frantic to join Asa at the hospital until she receives a phone call from him: Asa faked the angina to illicit sympathy from Rae. The heart specialist was an actor he hired. Renee laughs in support of his outlandish antic.

Joey leaves Flash's hotel room and encounters Renee again. She is now busy with yet another problem: a nearby room has been robbed. Around the corner, Flash is counting a big wad of cash.

Cristian has fallen asleep at Natalie's hospital bedside, their hands still clasped together. Viki peeks in on them and then greets Jessica in the hallway. They discuss Victor Lord's rapidly deteriorating condition in the room directly across from Natalie. Jessica goes to see Natalie as Viki tries to prepare herself to enter her father's room. But she can't do it and retreats without even opening the door.

Jessica, Cristian, and Natalie discuss the previous day's horror. Cristian is shocked to learn about the "Sophie's Choice" that Grandpa Victor tried to impose on Viki. After Jessica leaves, Natalie reveals to Cristian that she knows her mother would've chosen Jess. She feels her bond with her mother is inferior to the relationship Viki has with Jessica. She has decided not to return to Llanfair and, at Cristian's beckoning, agrees to move in with him.

Viki prays in the hospital chapel. She implores God to reveal the reason her father is back from the dead. In her prayers, she admits, "I'm terrified." She fears she will try to kill her father again. She confesses that she is overwhelmed with anger and prays for strength. Jessica joins her and reassures her mother that her other personalities will not splinter off again.

"So what happened? Hell doesn't want you either?" Inside Victor's room, Todd is standing before the father he never met. After introducing himself and confronting daddy for abusing his sister, Todd snarls, "I hate your guts." But after saying he would've named Todd his Jr., Victor challenges, "You can't hate me. You are me." Todd is immune to his manipulations and rebuffs his biological father for abandoning him when he was a baby. But Victor is insistent that Todd, as a Lord, fix a terrible mistake he made. Reaching with a shaky arm towards Todd's chest, he implores, "The future is in your hands. Don't let Mitch Laurence take your legacy." Pressing a ring from his frail hand into Todd's palm, he begs his son, "Stop him! Stop him!" Todd recoils from his touch and purges himself from the hospital room. In the hallway he is met by Viki. Diffusing the intensity the situation, he jokes that he "didn't kill the guy" and continues with sarcastic plans for a family get-together to go fishing. Viki tries to get him to be serious. Despite Todd's assurance that there's no need for her to see him, Viki summons her courage to do so once again. She enters the room and circles its perimeter like a predatory lioness before pulling up a seat to her father's bedside.

Mitch's lawyer visits him in his jail cell. He sends her to obtain "a document containing the signature of Victor Lord" that he believes is still in Jason's Landing. Later, Todd drops in on Mitch, who is lounging on his lower bunk. Todd demands to know what Victor was talking about, but Mitch is evasive. Todd is removed from the jail in a huff.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Viki confronts Victor, wanting him to admit all the horrible things he did to her. Viki is appalled when Victor claims he did nothing wrong and that all he ever did was love her. Victor explains to Viki that he needs a heart from a true Lord and doesn't see anything wrong in sacrificing Viki's daughter in order to keep himself alive. Viki returns to Llanfair and sets fire to the trunk containing Victor's belongings.

Todd visits a jailed Mitch demanding to know about Mitch's deal with Victor. A smug Mitch, however, reveals nothing. Todd learns that Evangeline in representing Mitch. Todd later breaks into Evangeline's office and is shocked by a document he finds there. Jessica encounters Natalie as she is packing her things to leave Llanfair. Jessica is hurt by Natalie's decision and insists she is making a mistake by running away from her family.

Liz is shocked when Keri tells her she (Keri) and Antonio are the baby's biological parents. Keri insists to Liz that she is never going to tell Antonio the truth and that she is taking the baby and going somewhere where Antonio will never be able to find them. Liz begs Keri to tell Antonio the truth. Antonio arrives and vows that Keri and Liz won't keep him away from his daughter.

Carlotta agrees to let Cristian and Natalie move in with her until they find a place of their own. Al sleeps though an important exam but doesn't tell Max or Gabrielle. Rex offers Al the name of a drug dealer who can supply him with "study aids."

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Viki, Jessica, Bo, Cristian and Natalie gather for Mitch's arraignment and are horrified when he is released on bail. Nora feels guilty for not failing to keep Mitch behind bars. Everyone is astonished that Mitch was able to get his hands on his substantial amount of bail. Bo is determined to get to uncover Mitch's secret.

Meanwhile, Todd reads the document he found in Evangeline's office and discovers what Mitch and Victor are up to. Todd later tells Viki that Victor made a new will in which he leaves everything to Mitch. Victor fights to stay alive until he can finish what he is struggling to write down. Victor's heart stops beating before he can finish what he started writing. Mitch is pleased by Victor's demise.

Starr tricks Hedy into taking her to see Troy. Starr begs Troy to help her see Todd. Troy calms Starr as Blair arrives. Antonio asks Sam for help in stopping Liz from taking his baby daughter back to Chicago. Carlotta tries to be gracious as Cristian and Natalie move in with her. Natalie decides it would be best if she slept on the couch while she and Cristian and living with Carlotta. Joey questions Flash about the robbery at The Palace. Joey later hears Flash singing.

Friday, February 28, 2003

After getting stiffed by Al at the Diner, Marci complains to Max, who covers the bill and asks her to tutor his son. When he finds Al, Max gives him money for books, but Al uses the cash to buy speed.

When Joey comes to Flash's defense, she is thankful, but still refuses his help. Later she goes to Llanfair and informs him that the person she is looking for is his cousin, C.J.

When Troy tells Viki that her father will die without surgery, Mitch tries to convince her not to sign the necessary paperwork. As he reminds her of all the horrible things Victor did to her, Todd interrupts and informs his sister of the change in their father's will. Determined to keep her father alive long enough to set things straight, Viki signs the papers for Victor to receive an artificial heart.

Back at Llanfair, she tells her children that Mitch will stop at nothing to destroy their family. At Joey's insistence, Jessica tells her mother that Natalie moved out.

The tension between Natalie and Carlotta continued to grow when Carlotta realized that Nat and Cris showered together. At the diner, Natalie tells Carlotta that their living arrangements aren't working and that she and Cristian are moving out. Natalie is surprised when her mother shows up and asks her to come home.

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