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Monday, February 24, 2003

Bo heads home to check on Hope, but he's sidetracked when he spots Larry heading for the sewer. As Bo gives chase after Larry, Shawn sneaks out of the hospital, unaware that Roman overheard the confession he made to Bo. Kate makes herself available for Roman, offering him a shoulder to lean on and trying to help him sort out his conflicted emotions about Shawn's confession. Shawn rushes home and finds the doors jammed; he smashes in a window and helps rescue Belle and Hope. When Roman learns that Shawn has left the hospital, he puts an APB out, only to discover that Shawn is at his parents' house. Meanwhile, Shawn is surprised to see Belle and she explains that she couldn't stay away because she loves him. As they profess their love for one another, Bo returns, having captured Larry. Bo kisses his Fancy Face and Roman arrives and has Larry carted away to jail. Kate shows up to support Roman, but he sends her home so he can deal with Shawn. As difficult as it is to do, Roman is forced to arrest Shawn for the murder of Colin Murphy...

Tony has set up the tower room to look exactly as it did when Marlena was there. She's taken back in time, as she looks at all the medical equipment; with Tony's prompting, she gets into the bed and has a complete memory of giving birth to Cassie/Rex. John is horrified to see the effect this memory has on Marlena, bonding her to Tony...

Brady and Chloe return to Green Mountain Lodge and spend some quality time in the hot tub, where they make love. He also helps her deal with the realization that her grandfather lied and that is why she was given up for adoption. After Chloe falls asleep in Brady's arms, he makes a heartfelt prayer for Chloe to live...

As Jack spots an album with pictures from his wedding to Jennifer, she emerges in a sexy negligee. They come together and make love for the first time since their divorce. In the afterglow, Jack is touched that Jennifer kept their wedding album. He surprises her by pulling out her wedding ring and puts it back on her finger as they begin to make love again...

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

by Joan

Intoxicated and eager to get away from him, Nicole was told by Victor that she was his possession and a slut - not a wife. Refusing her any more liquor, Victor had Nicole followed when she left for a drink elsewhere - wishing herself dead.

Still reeling from carbon monoxide poisoning, Hope and Belle followed Shawn to the Salem PD where he was arrested by Roman. Convinced that Shawn was protecting her, Hope pleaded that she did it while he was booked for murder. Bo argued points of justice and the system with Abe and Roman - most angry with Roman for choosing his job over family. In a brief visit with Belle, Shawn told her to let go despite her love. As he recounted the night of Colin's murder to Mickey and Bo, Shawn described how he shot Colin in the back. With that, Bo declared that he would prove Shawn didn't kill Colin.

The night before moving in with Brandon Sami had nightmares of his discovering the paternity cover-up. Meanwhile, fearful of early labor, Lexie went to University Hospital. During her own unscheduled trip to the hospital, Sami told Lexie about her upcoming move. But Sami became concerned when hospital worker, Eugenia, sarcastically asked if she planned to tell Lexie of the true paternity results - still existing in back-up computer files.

Past closing time at the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole bribed the bartender to serve her. In tears, she called Brandon, claiming to be happily married. Seeing her reluctance to return with Nico, a defiant Brandon wanted her to come home with him. But, saying all good things come to an end, Nicole hugged her brother as she whispered that she loved him, and dutifully left with Nico. Furious with Victor for sending Nico, Nicole froze at Victor's threatening reference to his possession of irrefutable proof that she murdered Colin Murphy.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Sami tells Brandon she can't move in. He wants to know why, what happened. She said its Will; he freaked out about the move and blamed Sami for keeping him away from his dad. He walks away from her and closes the bedroom door. Brandon returns from the bedroom with a suitcase and tells Sami he will move in with her and Will. Sami can't believe he wants to move out of his loft into her apartment. She tells him Lucas will be his neighbor. Brandon doesn't care stating Will is lucky to have such a good parent. He loves her and wants to live with her regardless of where it is.

Chloe wakes up at Green Mountain Lodge, dreaming of the previous night. She goes to the mirror and finds her nose bleeding again. Brady wakens and finds Chloe holding a tissue to her nose, he pretends he never saw her, but worry begins to consume him. She doesn't tell him upfront about the nosebleed. They get the morning paper and discover the front-page news-Shawn's arrest for Colin's murder. Chloe tells him they have to go home now. Neither one believes he did it. Brady wants to call Belle, thinking she doesn't know. Brady admits he saw Chloe's nosebleed and that she needs to tell Craig. He tells her he loves her and she says she isn't afraid, she has him. They pack their bags to head home, hoping to visit Shawn and talk to Craig. Brady and Chloe think Belle is still in Paris, but can't reach her by phone or voice mail. Chloe calls Craig to tell him they are on their way back. Chloe tells Brady that he is her life, not just a reason to live. They get to the Wesley's and find the hospital suitcase gone. As they call the hospital, Craig calls on the cell. He tells Chloe Nancy went into labor; they head over to the hospital.

John goes for a run on the island and leaves Marlena to think of her newly discovered past. John is unable to believe she is the mother of the twins. Marlena is certain. She goes to Tony's room to talk. Tony knows John is having trouble grasping the idea. Marlena said that children form a bond with their parents even if they didn't raise them. Marlena is doubtful that Tony is their father. Tony says he is the twins' father. Marlena tells Tony they need to make absolutely sure they are their parents or it could cause problems for many people. This new knowledge can put a strain on her marriage. Tony calls Rolf and asks Marlena if she recognizes him, she said yes. John comes back from his run to find Marlena with Tony. John wants to know what is going on, they show him the web phone and Rolf's picture. Marlena tells John that is the one that delivered the twins. Tony wants to know the twins' paternity but Rolf won't tell anything stating he can't. Tony tells Rolf that Marlena remembers giving birth and knows he delivered them; Rolf says he is playing with danger. Unfortunately, John interrupts and Rolf hangs up scared. Marlena admits that Tony is the father. John wants to know if he employs Rolf, Tony claims he is Stefano's right hand man and he will deal with him, telling John to stay out of it. John thinks the twins may still be a threat; Rolf could manipulate their minds. Marlena can't walk away, they are hers and she loves them. Marlena tells John this situation can't separate them. John tells her he loves her and he isn't mad at her, just upset over the situation. Marlena and Tony want to tell the twins, but John thinks he should tell them with Marlena, but Tony says I'm their father, not you. John tells Marlena nothing is stronger than his love for her, he will withstand Tony and the twins in his life because of that love. Tony tells John he respects him as Marlena's husband and hopes John respects him as the twins' father. Now that they have the answers John and Marlena go home to Salem.

Cassie finds Rex at the DiMera mansion. They are hiding out from Hartley House, because too many students are asking questions. Cassie is upset that Shawn confessed claiming, "it is all over now." Rex accuses Cassie of having pity on herself for not having a secret with Shawn. She went to the cop shop and wasn't allowed to see Shawn. Rex doesn't know who to trust and Cassie is sick of hearing Rex "sing the little twit's praises (Belle)." Rex researches murder convictions and Shawn's chances of getting free or being in prison for a long time. They decide to investigate more to help Shawn. They begin to also wonder about Tony, if they can trust him. Rex proposes that since no one is in the house, they should snoop around to find out what they can. As Rolf goes out of the private room he hears Cassie and Rex coming, he reapplies his "Professor" disguise just as they walk in. They want to know why he is there; Prof. Putnam says he is there on Tony's request. Rex wants to know what all the equipment is for and Putnam claims he is working on a secret project and doesn't want them to tell anyone he was even there. The twins decide to check out the equipment. Rex gets high tech as Cassie becomes guard. They aren't telling Tony about their search. Tony has secrets and so do they.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Salem Spectator is out with the front-page headline of Shawn's arrest. Hope reads it at the Brady Pub. The phone rings constantly with reporters. She refuses to talk to any of them, and then Jen arrives. Hope is upset at Jen for printing the story. Jen apologizes but says the paper printed the facts only, its everywhere, in all the papers. Hope realizes that Jennifer means no harm. Jen is convinced Shawn didn't do it claiming he could be covering for someone else, like Jack did. Jen tells Hope about her engagement. Jack arrives and tells Hope that he knows Shawn is innocent. Hope gets a page from Bo to go to the station.

Roman is at the Cheatin' Heart playing a bad game of pool when Kate shows up. She asks if he is going to the hearing and Roman tells her no, he isn't wanted there. Kate wants to know why he didn't find her, considering he wanted her in his life just a few short weeks ago. He says he is used to being a loner, not having anyone to help him through difficult times. Kate beats him at a game of pool, over breakfast Roman reminisces about his youth and the strength and loyalty the Bradys have, but unsure if the family can overcome Shawn's situation. Kate doesn't understand how Roman could arrest Shawn, his own family. Roman says he is a cop and would have arrested Sami if she did it. Kate tells him that she has covered and stood by her children many times, it's the family bond. Roman says he goes by the rules, Kate admits she bends them-they make an interesting pair and kiss. She convinces him to go to the arraignment.

Abe comes in to talk to Shawn; Mickey stops him and advises Abe that no one talks to Shawn without him. Shawn doesn't want Mickey there, he will tell the cops anything they want to know, he is taking responsibility for his actions. Bo shows up at the cop shop and wants to know where Mickey is, after Abe explains and Shawn says no one can help him, Bo asks him to again tell him of that night. Bo tells him forensics doesn't back up his statement, Abe agrees. Forensics says Colin was shot at close range in the stomach; Shawn shot him from a distance in the back. Bo believes Shawn on what he saw, but tells him he is innocent. Shawn still isn't convinced; he tells Bo that he killed Colin to protect him. Abe tells him he has a defense; he shot Colin to protect his father. Shawn isn't buying it "I killed an unarmed man, I'm guilty of murder." Hope arrives and tries to help in the effort to get Shawn to plead not guilty. Bo tells his theory of what happened and the reason he is not guilty. Bo believes Shawn shot at him, but thinks he missed him. Shawn never checked for a bullet. He saw Colin was dead and ran. Bo tells him a gun was never found, someone else picked up the gun shot Colin again and ran. Shawn still refuses to plead not guilty. He has to stand up for what he did, be a man, a Brady. The guard arrives to escort Shawn to the courtroom.

Mickey is already in the courtroom as Jack and Jen arrive. Belle comes in with Cassie and Rex in tow; Cassie refuses to go home again stating Shawn needs her. Belle asks Mickey what Shawn's chances are for a release; the news isn't good. Belle exclaims Shawn is innocent, Mickey tells her Shawn wants to plead guilty and there is nothing he can do if that happens. Kate and Roman arrive at the same time as his parents; Caroline and Shawn say nothing to Roman. Jack announces to those few in the room that Palmer is out for Brady blood.

Belle stops at the cop shop to see Shawn. Neither one slept the night before. Belle wants to know what is going on, why he didn't tell anyone. He hasn't been alone, exactly he says, Cassie knew. Belle gets mad. She doesn't understand how he could tell Cassie and not her. Shawn explains that Cassie saw him and told him not to say anything. Belle wants to hear nothing about it. She leaves and runs into Cassie and Rex. Belle marches up to Cassie and exclaims how could you do this to me. Cassie smirks at her, and says Honey, don't yell in my face. Belle informs her that she isn't yelling yet and that by Cassie not telling what she saw, she has hurt Shawn's chances. Cassie says she would never hurt Shawn; he is all she cares about. Rex tries to intervene, but Belle stops him calling Cassie a manipulative liar, using what she knew to get close to Shawn. Belle tells Cassie she is on to her and she will not get away with it. A guard makes them leave the area, but Belle follows Cassie and tells her that the sick little game she is playing could land Shawn in prison forever and its her fault. Belle calls Cassie pathetic and knows that since they "landed" she has been after him trying to gain his affections and making a fool of herself. Cassie isn't buying, claiming that Shawn's "kiss" was magical and they share something. Belle informs her it was CPR and nothing else. Cassie doesn't seem to get the idea. She gets upset wondering why Belle got to see Shawn twice and she didn't. Rex tells her not to say anything about keeping the secret, because the police could arrest her too. Belle gets fed up and says she is heading to the arraignment, Cassie announces she is going as well, she wouldn't want to disappoint Shawn when he needs her the most. Belle isn't happy.

Jack tells Abe he made a mistake. Abe said that Shawn confessed Roman had to arrest him. Jack reminds Abe how Shawn saved Belle and Hope just the same night and that other innocent people have confessed and no arrests were made. Abe refuses to comment so early in the investigation. DA Palmer interrupts and gives his statement -Shawn confessed to murder and he intends to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Palmer thinks that the Bradys have been covering for a while with Shawn. He instructs Jack to take notes. Palmer tells Abe that Bo is also being watched and could find himself in prison too.

Victor and Nicole are having breakfast, he blames her lack of appetite on the fact that she is the murderer and he knows it. Henderson shows up with the paper, Victor wants to talk to Bo. Henderson informs him that Bo is on the terrace trying to find more clues. Victor denounces the fact that Shawn could have killed Colin, all the while looking at Nicole who stands just inside the door. Bo tells him that Shawn may have fired a gun at Colin, but he didn't kill him, another gunman was present and shot the lethal bullet. Bo tries to re-enact the fateful night, but has to leave for Shawn's arraignment. Victor tells him he'll help in any way he can. Once Bo leaves Nicole comes out to the terrace. Victor tells her she needs to panic because his grandson will not take the blame for her crime. Back inside the house, Victor demands to know what happened after Shawn shot Colin. Nicole tells all: Colin was laying in the snow with a gun beside him, she picks it up. Colin gets up and wants the gun back; she refuses and asks him to stop the blackmailing. He refuses, they struggle and she fires the gun into his stomach, he falls and she runs. Victor wants the gun and knows she has it, hiding it from everyone. She doesn't want to get it and he tells her again that Shawn is not going to take the fall for her. Nicole returns with the murder weapon and tells Victor she picked up the shell casings. Victor sees the casing with Bo's name on it and leaves. Henderson tells her that Victor went to the police station. Nicole thinks he is turning her in and panics. He goes to see Larry.

Friday, February 28, 2003

by Joan

Nicole frantically pounded at Sami's apartment door looking for Brandon - surprised and angry to learn he moved in. When Lucas arrived simultaneously, Brandon convinced a rebellious Sami to speak with him for Will's sake. Lucas set down rules about her new living arrangements threatening to get full custody of Will if she refused. When he insisted that Will not call Brandon "Dad", Sami said that would change once they were married. Lucas left assuring Sami that Brandon would never marry her.

Outside, Brandon tried to find out what was troubling Nicole about Victor, as she said she was as good as dead. Suddenly changing to defend her husband and her marriage to cover why she'd come, Nicole made excuses and left. Concerned about Lucas's words, Sami suggested "making things official" to Brandon when he returned but had to settle for his suggestion to take it slow.

As family and friends gathered in the Courtroom for Shawn's arraignment, Bo & Hope begged their son to plead "not guilty." Despondent and feeling responsible for the crime, Shawn insisted that Mickey enter a "guilty" plea, causing a hysterical outbreak by Belle. After the Judge ordered her out, Shawn re-thought and quietly changed his plea to "not guilty." Meanwhile, the elder Shawn Brady scolded Roman for betraying family. An equally furious Bo reminded Roman about not confirming forensic evidence before booking Shawn. An excited Roman now realized that Shawn would have to go to trial to prove his innocence. Denied bail and denied visits from anyone but his attorney, Shawn returned to jail as he told his parents that he loved them more than ever and entrusted Belle to them.

Waiting for an elevator, Nicole asked her former husband, Lucas, for some change. Saying it was all she was worth, Lucas offered her a penny. As she flipped the coin, Nicole called "heads" to stay -- and "tails" to run. When the coin came up heads, Nicole announced she'd turn herself in.

Abe was informed that Larry Welch had a visitor in his jail cell. Victor had brought Larry the bullet shell casing with Bo's name on it - and a deal. Larry was told to either say he killed Colin or be killed himself in jail - by Victor. Although he recalled his past dealings with Kiriakis and was reluctant to help the Brady's, Welch seemed prepared to talk to Abe per Victor's instructions.

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