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Passions Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on PS
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Monday, February 24, 2003

Mrs. Wallace tells all to Sheridan. Sheridan fears for herself and Mrs. Wallace believing that Beth is trying to kill them both. Sheridan confronts Beth and calls her a lying bitch as she slaps her across the face. Beth sticks to her story that her mother is delusional. Sheridan won't listen to any of it. She tells Mrs. Wallace that she will take care of her and she plans on calling the police. The visiting nurse intercedes and assures Sheridan that Mrs. Wallace has been hallucinating all day long. Mrs. Wallace tells Sheridan that Beth has a deadly syringe in her pocket. Beth's pockets yield nothing. Beth puts her mother to bed and warns her to keep alive, she must keep her mouth shut. Beth then goes to talk to Sheridan. Sheridan admits that Beth wanting her far out of the picture could mean that Beth wanted her dead. Beth insists that she meant for Sheridan to move. With the Crane money, she and Antonio could live anywhere. Sheridan believes this and thinks about what Beth said.

Luis goes to visit his brother, Antonio. He confesses all to Antonio, not knowing if Antonio can hear him or not. Luis begs his brother to listen to him. To get better and come back to the family. Luis says he is not being selfish. He wants his brother to have a real life. Antonio moves his hand slightly.

Ivy tells everyone that Theresa tried to kill her by pushing her down the steps. Theresa begs Ivy to tell the truth. She wants Ivy to admit that she was the one to put the brake on so Ivy would not fall down the steps or wheel away from her before Theresa was done talking to her. Ivy says that Theresa is ridiculous and used to be a better liar. Theresa is sure Ivy pushed herself down the stairs. Everyone gets angry with Theresa for saying this. Grace intervenes and sticks up for Theresa. So does Fox. Grace is angry that Sam will not believe Theresa. Grace is sure that if it were Theresa involved in an accident with anyone else besides Ivy, Sam would side with Theresa. Theresa fears she is going to jail for a very long time.

Eve goes to tell TC the truth. Liz stops her. Liz tells TC that she has a confession to make. Something so horrible about her sister that she has not been able to tell anyone.

Luis calls Sheridan with the good news that Antonio is coming out of his coma.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Sheridan is thrilled beyond words to get a call from Luis claiming that Antonio appears to be coming out of his coma. She tells this to Beth who is less than thrilled. Beth cautions Sheridan not to get her hopes up because it is almost impossible to expect Antonio to recover. They both head for the hospital.

Chad gets Whitney to agree to finally tell Simone the truth about their relationship. Whitney keeps telling Chad that she doubts that Simone could stand the truth. Chad tells her that Simone is stronger than she appears to be. Whitney gets up her courage and goes to Simone's bedroom. She finds what appears to be a passed out Simone. There is an empty bottle of aspirin in the bed beside her. Whitney shakes Simone awake asking her how many pills she took. Simone looks at her sister and says she took a few. Simone explains that she did not sleep at all and now has a raging headache. She lost count as to how many pills she took. Simone confesses that she did not sleep because she was worried over finding Whitney and Chad in an embrace. She claims that she knows it was innocent but she still claims it kept her awake all night. She also says that Liz's story about her sister's betrayal also shook her. Simone tells Whitney she would never get over a betrayal like that. She then tells Whitney she wants to get a pain killer form their mother. Whitney stops her. She orders Simone not to take anymore pills. She also promises Simone that they will never end up like Liz and her sister. They hug. Simone smiles slyly as we see her accidental aspirin overdose is in the trash proving that she faked the whole thing. Later Whitney goes to Chad and tells him she can't hurt Simone and that they must take a break from each other. Simone listens outside the door saying to herself "It worked! It worked!"

Liz tells everyone at the Bennett home that she hates her sister because after her sister left home, their father began molesting her. Eve cries out "That's not true "Daddy" would never do such a thing!" TC looks at Eve asking why she called Liz's father "Daddy." Ivy covers up for Eve. She tells TC that she knows what Eve meant. Eve meant no dad should do such a thing. TC buys the cover as Liz continues her tale of horror at her father's hands. Liz hates her sister for abandoning her. She hates her sister for not being there and now she can't have a real relationship with anyone. Liz again confesses that she was deeply in love with Antonio. Eve is still determined to tell TC the truth. She claims it is more important now than ever. Liz stops Eve by asking TC now that he knows everything, if her were the sister's husband would her forgive her. Ivy watches and prays that Eve keeps her secret in turn keeping Ivy's and David's secrets as well.

Pilar meets Luis at the hospital. She asks an unconscious Antonio to take her hand and he does. Sheridan and Luis hug each other. The doctor comes in to examine Antonio. He cautions them not to get their hopes up. Hank tells Beth he feels for her. He says he has watched Luis waffle back and forth for too long now. They doctor comes out. Everyone asks him if Antonio is coming out of his coma. The doctor tells everyone it is not for him to say. Luis gets irritated. Luis asks if the doctor can't say who can? Then they hear a voice say" Why don't you get it straight from the horses mouth?" Antonio is awake and calling to his family. Everyone rushes into his room. Sheridan falls in his arms. The scene is a happy one for everyone except Beth.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Antonio is awake and happy to see his family. He tells everyone that he is fully recovered so much so that he even regained his sight. Pilar grabs her son's hand and says she never doubted for a minute that god would answer her prayers. Sheridan is glad that she listened to Pilar and gave Antonio the experimental drug. Antonio says he remembers snippets of conversation when he was in the coma. He knows Sheridan professed her undying love for him. He doesn't seem to realize that Sheridan was talking about Luis. Antonio asks Luis to take Sheridan back to the cottage. He asks Luis to stay the night because he does not want Sheridan to be alone. The couple look guilty as they eye each other.

Whitney finds Theresa outside in the Bennetts' backyard. Whitney tells Theresa about her decision to take a break from Chad. Theresa begs Whitney to reconsider. Then Whitney realizes that Theresa is not taking about romance and fate. She guesses that something is wrong with Theresa. Theresa relays the awful events that occurred between her and Ivy. Theresa again swears that she did not push Ivy down the stairs. The ambulance comes for Ivy. She is more determined now than ever to stay under Sam's roof.

Grace and Sam face off once again over Sam siding with Ivy over Theresa. Grace is glad to hear Ivy will be leaving in a few minutes. She tells Sam that she will tell David to back off or even leave town so she and Sam can reconnect and work on their marriage. Sam smiles at Grace and agrees that it all sounds great.

Luis takes Beth aside and asks her if she understands that now he can't marry her. He says that he will always consider her an incredible friend. Beth gets teary and hugs Luis doing her level best to hide her true feelings.

TC announces that if her were married to Liz's sister he would not forgive her for her shady past. Eve retreats after hearing this. TC asks Eve the identity of Liz's sister. Eve can't answer. Ivy jumps in and tells TC that it is obvious that the sister is one of Eve's patients and doctor patient privilege is keeping her from telling the truth. TC buys the clumsy excuse. Eve keeps quiet. Later when the paramedics tell Ivy they are ready to take her to the hospital, Ivy uses Eve's secret to blackmail her into staying under Sam's roof.

Sheridan and Luis celebrate their miracle. They pledge their love to each other. They are sure that Sheridan will soon be free. Beth sees them kissing. She locks herself in the linen closet and screams into the towels. She vows revenge on the couple.

Sam has another Harmony police officer arrest Theresa for the attempted murder of Ivy Crane Winthrop.


Thursday, February 27, 2003

Eve succumbs to Ivy's blackmail once again. When the paramedics come to take Ivy to the hospital, Eve tells them to leave Ivy where she is. Eve then explains to Grace that it would be "best" if Ivy is not moved to the hospital or even to the Crane mansion. Eve insists that Ivy stay put. This does not sit well with both Sam or Grace. Eve then says to herself that Ivy's damn blackmail made her betray Grace again.

Ethan walks in on the scene as Theresa is being read her rights. Whitney begs him to help Theresa. She reminds Ethan that Theresa went to death row for him and risked her own life by jumping down an elevator shaft to save him. She tells Ethan that he owes Theresa. Ethan says he will try to get Theresa a good lawyer and ask Ivy to make a lesser change against her. That is all he is willing to do. He says he can't help Theresa anymore than that or he would be admitting that he believes his mother to be the monster Theresa is claiming. Theresa then goes on about how evil the Cranes are and that Ivy has been a Crane for over twenty years. The Cranes will stop at nothing to get what they want and Ivy wants Theresa out of their lives. Theresa tells both Ethan and Sam that they don't know the real Ivy. Sam is holding on to memories of a girl he knew over twenty years ago. Ethan only knows the loving mother that none of the rest of siblings know. Theresa's plea falls on deaf ears.

As they pass through the Bennett living room, TC asks Sam what is going on and why Theresa is in handcuffs. Sam tells TC about Ivy's fall. He says he will question Ivy once again to make sure there is no mistake and Theresa really did try to kill her. Eve asks Sam to wait a moment. She says she wants to check Ivy's vital signs to make sure she is up to answering more questions. Eve takes Ivy's wrist and whispers to her how it is going to go down. She tells Ivy that she will keep her under Sam's roof if she let's Theresa off the hook. Ivy tries pulling the blackmail threat. Eve says that two can play the game. If Ivy opens her mouth, Eve will spill all of Ivy's secrets as well and Ivy will lose Sam and Ethan. Ivy recants her story saying she can't be sure that Theresa pushed her on purpose. She explains that Theresa is a lot of things but not a murderer. Theresa, Whitney and Fox leave. Outside the Bennett home Theresa vows not to let the Crane evil touch her or her son. She says she is determined to stop the evil. Fox fears for her because he never heard talk like this before. Sam and Grace promise each other to focus on their marriage and nothing else. Tabitha begins coaching Kay on how to be a witch. Simone barges in to tell Kay about her latest plan that seems to have split Whitney and Chad for good. While Kay is chatting with Simone, Tabby sees Charity and Miguel in the spell bowl. Kay walks in and sees it too. Charity is ready to forgive Miguel. Kay gets upset and tells Tabitha she and Simone are headed for the hospital and break up the tender little scene before it goes too far. Tabitha smiles. She then says she just may like having Kay for an assistant after all. Liz manages to get TC alone one more time.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Miguel begs Charity for another chance. Charity seems to be weakening and giving in to Miguel's plea. Kay drags Simone through the hospital looking for Miguel. She tells Simone that both Miguel and Charity are here in the hospital and she has to find them. Simone asks Kay how she knows that the couple are here in the hospital. Kay ignores Simone's question and keeping on looking. Once Kay finds Miguel she hears him profess his love for Charity all over again. He tells Charity he loves only her and never loved Kay. He insists that he can still be a good father to the baby even married to her. Kay hears this and tries to use her fledgling powers to blow her cousin to kingdom come. Her efforts fail and Simone thinks Kay has been watching too many old movies.

Beth realizes that she has lost Luis and goes crazy. She begins to trash her house. Mrs. Wallace watches in horror. She tells Beth to give in since she lost Luis. Mrs. Wallace said that Beth lost because she is evil and evil always loses. Beth swears she will never give in because Luis is hers. Beth then begins to smash her mother's angel statues. She then starts to throw pillows and pummels her mother with them. Beth then stops and stares at the mother. She says very quietly that her mother is right, she will never have Luis now. Beth says this is o.k. If I can't have him, no one else can either. Mrs. Wallace realizes what Beth is planning and tries to call for help. Beth tells her no way. Luis and Sheridan are going to pay for the pain in her heart with their lives! Mrs. Wallace tells her deranged daughter that she will blow the whistle on her as soon as she leaves the house. Beth duct-tapes her mother and gags her. She then siphons gas out of the car and heads to the cottage.

Kay fakes severe abdominal pain to get Miguel away from Charity. It works to make Charity unsure of Miguel's proposal. Kay then has a sonogram. Kay and Miguel bond over the picture of their baby. Charity sees this and runs out of the hospital. Miguel looks for her but it is too late.

Luis and Sheridan are alone in the cottage kitchen. They are celebrating the fact that they have been given their miracle. Sheridan still goes on about how she hates to hurt Antonio. Luis reminds her that since his brother is fully recovered he has a chance at a real life with a woman who loves him for him. The two kiss and then begin to make love. Sheridan stops them, remembering that she is married to someone else. They begin to plan their future. Sheridan confesses that she is worried that Beth will try to come between them. Luis assures her that this is silly. He tells Sheridan that the things Mrs. Wallace said came from her mind not being what it was. He says Beth has been nothing but supportive and a great friend to both of them. They are unaware that Beth is outside pouring gasoline all around the cottage as she watches the lovers plan their marriage and happy future. Beth tosses a lit match and watches as the cottage goes up in flames!

Theresa announces to Ethan, Gwen and Fox that she plans on doing good deeds with the Crane money. She plans on making the Crane's the most charitable family in the world. This does not sit well with either Julian or Rebecca. They both agree now more than ever Theresa has to be stopped. Julian and Rebecca are pinning their hopes on their mysterious informant.

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