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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on GH
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Monday, February 24, 2003

Alexis as "Kristina" threatened Scott with a knife. Scott tried to calm her down but could not. Cameron burst in and told Kristina that she was hurting Alexis. Kristina became agitated and confused. As she collapsed to the floor with her hands in her head, Alexis returned. She asked Cameron to help her. Scott and Cameron argued about charging Alexis with Alcazar's murder. Alexis interrupted and said that Scott had to do the right thing. Cameron insisted that Scott take Alexis to General Hospital, not police headquarters. At the hospital, a stunned Bobbie checked Alexis in. Taggert convinced Scott to allow Alexis to see her baby for a moment. Alexis explained to her baby that she had to go for a while. The baby started crying, prompting Alexis to break down and sob.

Carly urged Sonny not to go after Jason and Courtney at the cabin, but Sonny was determined. Carly argued that perhaps it was not planned but a trap, making Sonny only more determined to go there. Carly insisted on going with him, but he would not allow it. At the cabin, Courtney asked Jason if he really had loved her. At first Jason resisted, but eventually he could not hide how he felt. Worn down, Jason admitted that he loved her and that being apart was killing him. They shared a tender kiss just as Sonny and his guards burst through the door. Sonny ordered the guards to go outside and check the grounds. Jason told him that Courtney had been kidnapped and that he received a mystery call telling him her whereabouts. Sonny yelled at Courtney, telling her that this was exactly why he wanted her away from Jason. He demanded to know why Courtney had not told him about Faith's threats. Jason came to her defense and reminded Sonny that Faith had created the situation, not Courtney. Sonny told Jason that he was going to get his sister killed. Jason took Courtney home to the apartment. She told him how much it meant to her for him to defend her to Sonny. Jason told her he needed something from her in return.

Nikolas saw Gia at Kelly's and tried to talk to her, but Zander showed up. Gia explained to Zander that she left Nikolas because he wanted her to be at his beck and call. They decided to go for a walk, and a disgruntled Nikolas watched them leave.

Faith appeared at the Cellar. Carly told her to leave, but Faith lingered, taunting Carly about the growing rift between Jason and Sonny. Carly told Faith she knew she had arranged the whole scene. They exchanged insults until Carly lost patience and punched Faith. Zander and Gia walked in, and Zander pulled Carly away from Faith. After Faith left, Carly warned Zander that he would not survive if he helped Faith and Ned go after Sonny. Carly left, and Gia begged Zander not to get involved in a mob war. Zander insisted that he just worked for Ned and did not know his plans for Sonny.

Lucky walked in on Luke and Summer dancing at Luke's club. Stunned, he went to Kelly's and commiserated with Nikolas. Lucky told Nikolas that the girl he was seeing was the same person Luke had been hanging out with. They theorized that Summer knew exactly what she was doing all along and was trying to get money from Luke. Furious, Lucky stormed off to tell Luke. He found Luke at the club and told him they needed to discuss something.

Back at Kelly's, Summer arrived looking for Lucky. Nikolas coldly told her that Lucky knew about her and his father. Shocked, Summer realized that Luke and Lucky were father and son.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

At Kelly's, Summer insists to Nikolas that she is genuinely shocked to learn that Luke is Lucky's father. But Nikolas informs Summer that - not only does NIKOLAS not believe Summer - Lucky does NOT believe her either. Meanwhile, at Luke's Blues Club, as Luke explains how Summer stepped into Luke's life just as Luke was giving up on life, Lucky warns Luke that Summer COULD have an ulterior motive. As Luke quizzes Lucky about his suspicions about Summer, Summer suddenly arrives and Luke introduces 'Laura' to his son. Laura and Lucky pretend that they are meeting for the first time. When Lucky begins to bluntly quiz Summer about her family and friends, Luke stops Lucky and orders his son to mind his manners and show a little respect. After Lucky leaves, Luke tells Summer that he is confident that Lucky will come around to accepting their relationship - in time! After Summer leaves Luke, she runs into Lucky at Kelly's and Lucky openly accuses Summer of having an agenda and DELIBERATELY playing BOTH Luke AND Lucky! Summer angrily slaps Lucky and denies his charges. Lucky then insists that Summer SHOULD go back to his father because Luke has already been hurt enough and does NOT deserve any more misery. But Lucky warns Summer that he WILL be watching her! Meanwhile, when Nikolas suddenly shows up at the Blues Club and begins asking about Lucky's state of mind, Luke eyes Nikolas suspiciously.

At the Speakeasy, Sonny quizzes Carly about her altercation with Faith and then confides that Sonny believes that it WAS Faith who was responsible for Courtney's kidnapping. When Carly urges Sonny to leave Jason and Courtney alone to determine their own destinies, Sonny again voices his concerns for Courtney's safety. Meanwhile, at the apartment they shared, Jason tells Courtney that he could NEVER live with himself if Courtney were ever harmed because of Jason. Jason begs Courtney to go away to college and start her life over - AWAY from Jason! Courtney demands to know if Jason just wants her to go far away so that it will be easier for Jason to forget her, but Jason refuses to answer Courtney's question and announces that he IS finished - and walks out the door without looking back. Courtney watches Jason's retreating back and breaks down into sobs.

At the Hospital, as Alexis asks a nurse to find out from Cameron when it will be possible for Alexis to visit with her daughter, Scott saunters in and declares that Alexis is a dangerous woman who just confessed to murder and attacked the District Attorney with a weapon! Scott demands that the nurse see to it that Alexis be restrained, but Alexis disagrees and begs Scott NOT to take that action, declaring that Alexis is NOT doing anything violent. But, as Scott orders the restraints any way, 'Kristina' comes out and begins to fight the orderlies. Cameron suddenly arrives and orders the nurse to leave Alexis alone and let Cameron take care of the situation. Cameron orders Scott to leave before Cameron orders Scott thrown out! After Scott leaves, Cameron asks Alexis to trust HIM enough to allow CAMERON to put the restraints on and Cameron assures Alexis that CAMERON will make sure that Alexis will soon be able to see her baby! After Alexis allows Cameron to put the restraints on her, Cameron steps out into the hall and blasts the District Attorney for using brow-beating tactics on helpless mental patients!

Jax and Skye arrive at the Port Charles Grill to clue Ned in about Alexis's condition and discover Ned dining with mob-widow, Faith Roscoe. But, before Jax gets a chance to lay the bad news on Ned, Taggert interrupts and informs Ned about Alexis' confession. At first, Ned believes that it is a joke. However, when Ned finally absorbs the news, he leaves with Jax to visit Alexis at the Hospital. When Ned and Jax arrive at Alexis's room, they interrupt Cameron's lecture to Scott about compassion. After Jax insists to Scott that Alexis was NOT in her right mind when she killed Alcazar, Cameron bars Scott from Alexis' room. Scott reminds Cameron that, IF Cameron's personal feelings for Alexis get in the way of Cameron's handling of the case, Cameron could no longer be considered an expert witness for any case that Scott might be considering launching for Alcazar's murder. After Scott leaves, Ned confesses to Jax that Ned and Alexis have had a number of arguments recently and Ned asks Jax to be the first to see Alexis, while Ned checks on Kristina in the nursery. When Jax goes in to see Alexis, Skye eavesdrops at the door. Jax promises Alexis that he plans to do everything he can to get his ex-wife out of her present desperate situation. When Ned visits Kristina in the nursery, he is surprised to find Faith there. Faith observes that Ned might soon have his hands full with a baby, and Ned agrees that, while it comes as quite a surprise, Ned DOES plan to take responsibility for Kristina!

When Jason arrives at the Speakeasy, Carly quickly perceives that Jason has had some kind of argument with Courtney and Carly announces that she plans to visit Courtney to make sure Courtney is OK. After Carly leaves, Jason reports to Sonny that Jason encouraged Courtney to go away to college and forget about Jason and that Jason believes that Courtney finally understands that Jason will NOT be coming back to her. However, when Carly arrives at Courtney's apartment, Carly tells Courtney that Carly believes that Courtney should hang on to her love for Jason. Meanwhile, Sonny confides to Jason that Sonny is convinced that Faith WAS behind Courtney's kidnapping and that Faith definitely DOES plan to use Courtney to get to Sonny. Jason angrily points out that he DID tell Courtney to leave town and really can NOT guarantee what action Courtney will eventually decide to take. Sonny and Jason are interrupted when Ric arrives to announce that Scott arrested Alexis for Alcazar's murder. Sonny tells Ric that he appreciates the update, then orders Ric to leave. After Ric leaves, Jason wonders WHY Ric keeps taking Sonny's guff. But Sonny replies: "I have something he wants and, when I know what it is, I'll know how to proceed!" Sonny observes that Ric is a good lawyer - almost as good as Alexis! Sonny tells Jason that he does NOT blame Alexis for whacking Alcazar. Later, Ric stops by Courtney's apartment with the college applications. Although Courtney initially tells Ric that she is NOT interested, Ric begs Courtney to at least take the applications and look them over so Ric will be able to tell Sonny that Ric did do what Sonny asked him to do. Courtney relents and, as Courtney takes the college applications from Ric, Courtney demands to know WHY Ric puts up with all of Sonny's guff. Courtney then informs Ric that Sonny is a controlling jerk who uses people and plays on their emotions at the same time that Sonny does whatever Sonny pleases. When Ric observes Courtney's attitude, he urges Courtney to stick to her guns where Jason is concerned, but Courtney suspiciously observes that it seems odd that RIC would be encouraging Courtney to defy Sonny! Meanwhile, Carly rushes to Sonny with the news that Alexis has been arrested for Alcazar's murder! But Carly is surprised when Sonny reminds Carly that Alexis is a mother and now, the little girl that Sonny once believed was his daughter, is in the hospital with a mother who is on the way to prison!

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Ned arrives to visit Alexis and assures Alexis that, since Kristina is ready to go home, Ned plans to move Kristina into the Gate House with a baby nurse and nanny. But, while Ned is assuring Alexis that Kristina will be safe on the Quartermaine grounds, Faith spots the nurse taking Kristina to see Alexis and gets permission to take the baby in. Meanwhile, in Alexis' room, Alexis argues with Ned and contends that Alexis NEEDS Kristina to stay at the hospital, where Kristina can be close to Alexis. Just then, Faith walks into the room, holding Kristina and Alexis becomes hysterical as she begs Ned to keep 'that woman' away from Alexis' daughter!

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

As Sonny stands on the Docks, Jason warns Sonny NOT to stand out in the open. But, as Sonny refuses to take Jason's advice, hidden gunmen open fire and Sonny is shot! As Jason desperately calls 9-1-1, Sonny takes off for the Pearly Gates, where Sonny is surprised to find that Luke is the gatekeeper. Luke explains that Scott got in a lucky punch and Luke landed in the Here-After and is currently taking St. Peter's place while Pete takes a vacation. As Luke looks up Sonny's file, Sonny states his presumption that Sonny is headed to some place really HOT! Luke announces that, since a lot of people have been interceding for Sonny, Sonny is going to get a chance to go back and make some RIGHT decisions - and THEN Sonny COULD land in heaven, rather than the alternative place. Luke announces that Sonny will be given some tests and, in each instance, Sonny is SUPPOSED to do what the OTHER people want!

In the first test, Sonny goes to see Alexis and Alexis hesitantly informs Sonny that Kristina IS Sonny's daughter. Alexis tells Sonny that, since Sonny is in a dangerous business, Alexis wants Sonny to keep his distance from his daughter while Kristina is growing up, but Alexis would be willing to arrange periodic visits. Then, Alexis announces, when Kristina is older, and IF Sonny wished to do so, Sonny would be allowed to inform Kristina that Sonny IS her father. Instead, Sonny blows up and tells Alexis that Sonny demands custody of his daughter. Luke appears and informs Sonny that Sonny has failed his first test. But an unrepentant Sonny declares: "I will burn in hell before I give up my child!"

Next, Luke takes Sonny to Sonny's Penthouse and reminds Sonny that he is SUPPOSED to do what he is told! Sonny discovers that Jason is now the Mob King Pin and Sonny is Jason's Enforcer. Jason decides to wipe out some of the competition, but Sonny disagrees. As soon as Sonny refuses to take orders from Jason and starts barking out orders instead, Luke again appears and announces that Sonny has just failed his second test.

In the next test, Skye arrives at Sonny's Penthouse and seductively suggests that they get in bed together in order to help Skye get revenge on Jax - and on the Quartermaines. While Sonny agrees that Jax DID do Skye wrong, Sonny turns down Skye's proposition because Sonny does NOT trust Skye. When Sonny orders Skye to put her clothes back on and get out of his house, Luke announces that Sonny has just failed another test.

In the next test, Carly orders Benny to bump off Taggert, but Sonny tells Carly NOT to give any orders to Benny. When Jason enters with a report on Taggert, Sonny orders Carly to go to her room while Sonny and Jason talk. But, when Carly refuses to leave the room, Luke reappears with a reminder and Sonny decides that Carly can stay. Jason announces that Mike Corbin remarried Florence Campbell after Mike left Sonny's mother, Adela. Since Gia is Mike's daughter and Sonny's sister, that makes Taggert Sonny's step-brother. Sonny heads off to take personal care of Taggert but ends up back with Luke. Luke warns Sonny to learn to deal with his new-found relationship with Taggert the same way that Luke learned to deal with the fact that Luke's wife had given birth to a Cassadine! Sonny pulls out his gun when he meets with Taggert on the docks but declares that, while Sonny COULD shoot Taggert, he is going to try something different. But, then, Taggert informs Sonny that Taggert has ALWAYS known that Mike Corbin was Gia's father! Sonny angrily threatens to make Taggert wish he WAS dead and take away everything Taggert loves, including framing Taggert as a dirty cop. Luke suddenly arrives and announces that Sonny was SUPPOSED to forgive Taggert, and that Sonny has failed yet another test!

In the next test, the Quartermaines are all assembled at the Quartermaine Mansion for the media circus developing after AJ wins custody of little Michael. Edward, meanwhile, makes plans to turn the Quartermaine family circus into a reality show. Carly arrives with Michael, flanked by bodyguards, and refuses to tell Michael that AJ is Michael's father. Carly also refuses to dismiss the bodyguards. Michael spots Sonny and runs to Sonny. AJ tells Sonny that it is now up to Sonny to inform Michael that AJ is really Michael's father and has loved Michael all along. In addition, AJ wants Sonny to confess to Michael that Sonny stole Michael away from Michael's REAL father - AJ! Instead, Sonny tells Michael that Sonny NEVER stole Michael away from anyone and that Michael will NOT have to live with AJ! Luke shows up again and announces that Sonny just failed another test! Luke points out that Sonny is a hypocrite because Sonny wants to raise Sonny's daughter, Kristina, but Sonny does NOT want AJ to be allowed any time with AJ's son - Michael! Luke counts off hypocrisy, pride, vanity and wrath as Sonny's downfall!

Luke then takes Sonny back to Sonny's Penthouse. When Sonny goes inside, he finds Carly waiting there for him with Sonny's son. But, when Carly hands the baby to Sonny, Sonny suddenly puts the baby down and rushes out of the apartment. When Sonny walks outside, he lands at Luke's desk again and Luke announces that Sonny made it - Sonny is in heaven with his wife and child. Sonny asks if that means that Carly and the baby are BOTH dead, but Luke explains that 'heaven' is a state of mind and that Sonny can have whatever he needs to be happy - including time with his wife and son! Sonny confides to Luke that Sonny is NOT supposed to be happy - but Luke tells Sonny that the mob boss is wrong and offers Sonny a choice - Sonny can go back to earth or stay in heaven. Luke warns Sonny that, IF Sonny chooses to go back to earth, there would be NO guarantee that Sonny would NOT end up in hell on the next trip! Sonny decides to return to earth and Luke beams Sonny back to the Docks. Before leaving, Luke advises Sonny to pull back on the wrath and pride.

After Luke leaves, Jason arrives again and again warns Sonny that the mob boss should NOT be standing out in the open on the Docks. This time, Sonny takes Jason's advice and leaves the waterfront BEFORE anyone can open fire. When Sonny returns to the Penthouse, he is happy to see Michael and Carly, waiting there for him.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Rick shows up at the penthouse unexpectedly and interrupts an intimate moment between Sonny and Carly. He tells them he came to discuss business with Carly. She is uneasy with his sudden appearance at their home. Sonny leaves them alone to discuss the club. Rick tells Carly that Sonny seemed a little more relaxed with him when he arrived and asked her if was due to her influence. Carly tells him that she did what she could to persuade Sonny to give him a chance but that it just made Sonny more distrustful and that she has done what she could but can't do anymore convincing for him. Rick reminds her that he has done plenty for Sonny and Jason to be trusted as his lawyer. He heads to see Liz at her studio. He gives her a gift. It is a book of famous artist's work. He apologizes to her for scaring her the other day when she found him holding his gun in his room. She tells him she was more scared for him than anything and questions why someone who is against violence like he says would want to work for Sonny so much. Meanwhile, Jason meets with Courtney on the docks. He tells her he didn't call her to get back together with her but to ask her to identify one of Faith Roscoe's men to see if one of them in particular grabbed her the other day. She tries to get him to listen to her about not throwing away what they have together but Jason refuses to listen. He makes her hide in the corner while he waits for Faith's goon to show up like he usually does that time of day. Sure enough the man shows up and Courtney identifies him as one of the guys. Jason tells her to leave right now and let him handle things. Courtney doesn't listen and ends up staying around and watching Jason confront the goon. Jason warns the man to stay out of Sonny's business. The goon doesn't listen and provokes Jason by making a remark about if Jason doesn't want Courtney than he'll take her for him instead. Jason hits him in the face and then in the stomach. Courtney rushes out to stop Jason from killing the guy. Taggert and a cop happened to see Jason attacking the guy and go to arrest him. Courtney explains that Jason's not the only one involved and that they don't know the true story about what is going on. When Taggert goes to elaborate, Jason gives her a look to be quiet and Courtney stays quiet while Jason is arrested. Taggert recognizes that the man Jason attacked is one of Faith's men but makes him come in to the station to file charges against Jason. Courtney rushes off to the penthouse where Sonny returned. She tells them what happened. Sonny doesn't like that Courtney interfered and tells her to stay out of it and that she should have let Jason handle things alone. Courtney doesn't like it and ends up talking to Carly about her feelings for Jason. Sonny is reluctant about hiring Rick to act as Jason's lawyer again but Carly convinces him to let her call him in to help. Sonny goes to the station to help get Jason out of jail. Jason gets upset with Sonny for asking him not to protect Courtney all the time and let him handle things. Jason tells him that he did what he asked and dumped Courtney and asks him what more he wants him to do. When Rick shows up, Jason doesn't want him to represent him as his lawyer since he doesn't trust him. Sonny tells him that Rick will do a good job for him and to let him help. Jason isn't too happy about it but agrees. Rick tells Jason that he will have him released in about 5 minutes after he asks Jason if there was anyone else who witnessed what happened and Jason tells him it was only the two of them fighting when the cops showed up. Rick talks to Faith's goon in the other room and reminds him that Sonny will go after him if he finds out that he actually went after Carly the other night and drugged her.

Scott shows up at the hospital and visits Alexis in the psych ward. He starts to harass her about her tactics to use an insanity plea to get off for Alcazar's murder and how he will stop at nothing to make sure that she ends up in some psych ward for the criminally insane for life and that she will not be able to see her daughter again. Alexis struggles to remain calm despite Scott's threats. Cameron shows up and chastises Scott for stooping so low now to actually threaten a mentally ill patient about losing her child. Scott tells him that their tactics won't work and leaves. Cameron advises her to not let Scott's threats get to her and that she needs to remain calm. Ned shows up later and tells her that he plans to take Kristina out of the hospital and take her home with him so he can care and protect her. She pleads with him not to do that and asks him why he allowed Faith to hold her baby without her permission. Ned had already warned Faith to stay away from his child and keep his business with her away from his daughter's life. Ned tells Alexis that the baby needs to be in a real home and not the hospital anymore. He tells her that she will see the baby anytime she wants. Alexis is still in a panic about it after he leaves. She tells Cameron that Ned is taking her baby out of the hospital and that he will keep her away from her baby forever. Cameron reassures her that won't happen but he will talk to Ned for her if she wants. She tells him that Kristina needs to stay at GH near her to be protected. Cameron gives her a picture of herself with her late sister Kristina and tells her to look at the picture and study it and keep looking at it as an exercise to help her separate her own identity from Kristina's and think about how they are two different people. He also tells her that he has had other patients with that same Disassociative Disorder and that two cases he testified in for the defense were acquitted and got the help they needed. Alexis is a little reassured by this and she thanks him. He tells her to leave it to him and he'll make sure that she spends a minimal amount of time in jail. Alexis looks at the picture of her and her sister and says to herself that she is not spending one night in jail if she has anything to do about it.

Lucky isn't pleased when he sees Luke and Summer talking in Kelly's. He gives her the cold shoulder as he goes upstairs to get some of his things. Luke tells her that Lucky is going to need time to adjust since he still is dealing with his mother being hospitalized. Summer abruptly makes an excuse that she has to leave when Lucky says goodbye to them and leaves Kelly's. She runs after Lucky. Lucky accuses her of having a hidden agenda and that she is acting like she is hooking Luke. He warns her not to hurt his father or he will make her pay. Scott overhears their conversation and butts in. Lucky asks him to butt out. Scott chastises Lucky in front of Summer and invites her to go with him to Kelly's. She accepts his invitation. Scott buys her a cup of coffee and guesses what Lucky is upset about it and hits the nail right on the head with his guess. Summer is speechless that he figured out what happened with Lucky and Luke.


Friday, February 28, 2003

Jason gets upset with Sonny about what is expected of him after he already gave up Courtney for him. Rick comes out to tell Jason that he is free to go and that he just has to sign a release. Jason doesn't like not knowing what Rick did to get him released. Rick tells Sonny that he made it clear to Faith's goon, Fowler that pressing assault charges against Jason and having Sonny go after him would not be wise since the cops are already breathing down his neck. Sonny surprises Jason by thanking Rick for his help. Jason tells him that he can't trust Rick and that Rick probably threatened him with something they don't know about and is setting something up. Sonny tells him that he has a way of finding out about things no one wants him to know, including what Rick is doing. Jason thinks he is talking about him and asks him what he is trying to get at with him. Sonny tells him that he doesn't need to worry about Rick and tells him he can stay at the police station and be booked if he wants or he can let Rick get him released. Jason reluctantly agrees to go home. Meanwhile, Carly encourages Courtney to speak her mind and tell Sonny how she feels about Jason and what she plans to do to fight for him. Carly tells her she is on both of their sides and wants her to speak her mind. Courtney stays around and waits for Sonny to return home. He returns home with Jason. Courtney comes out of the kitchen and sees Jason. She uses the opportunity to tell them both how she feels and that she is going to fight for Jason and no matter what he does, he can't get rid of her. Sonny listens to her but interrupts her and tells her that Jason and he are trying to keep her safe. Jason listens but doesn't say anything. Courtney leaves. Sonny tells Carly that he listened to her but he doesn't agree with what she said and isn't going to change his mind. Sonny leaves the room. Carly is disgusted with Jason for not going after Courtney. She accuses him of being a hypocrite for not allowing Courtney to make her own decisions about her life after he used to let people make their own decisions like he did after his accident when he told the Quartermaines he was going to live his life on his terms. Jason leaves and goes and watches Courtney from outside Kelly's. He looks at her in longing and is heartbroken. Sonny overhears what Carly said to Jason and accuses her of coming up with the whole idea of having Courtney speak her mind. Carly tells him that Courtney has a right to her own feelings and speaking out is her right. Sonny disagrees with her. Carly tells him he is his own worst enemy and that he will find himself losing his sister and his best friend when this is all said and done. Carly starts to have a dizzy spell and has to sit down. Sonny becomes concerned and stops arguing with her to ask her when she ate last. Carly tells him she had breakfast with him but hasn't had any appetite for food and has been drinking water. Sonny asks her if she has a fever or could have the flu. Carly doesn't think so. Sonny asks her if she could be pregnant. Carly looks at him questionably.

Cameron sets up a camecorder in Alexis' hospital room. He tells Alexis that if he can get her other personality on videotape, they can use it to prove that she has a Disassociative Disorder and that her other personality killed Alcazar without her knowledge. Alexis is skeptical and asks him what he'll do if "Kristina" doesn't want to come out and be on camera. Cameron tells her that he has patience and will try several times if he has to get "Kristina" on camera. Alexis sits in the chair he set up. He talks to Alexis and tells her that he has found out something she isn't going to like and tells her that he found that Ned has filed for full custody of her baby and that he is going to prove that she is incompetent to raise a child considering her mental state. Alexis starts to panic and gets upset. This triggers her other personality "Kristina" and she starts to tell Cameron that she can make arrangements to stop Ned from being a threat to Alexis and her baby. Cameron tells her that there is nothing she can do to stop Ned while she is being confined here at GH. "Kristina" tells Cameron that she managed to get inside the hotel twice and get herself into Alcazar's room, kill him and get out without being noticed. She gets upset with Cameron and goes to attack him. Cameron subdues her and puts her back in her chair. He talks to her and calms her down. He tells her that he lied about Ned's actions and gets Alexis to return. Alexis asks him what happened. He tells her that "Kristina" came out and that she admitted to killing Alcazar without her awareness of what happened. He tells her he will take the videotape personally to the police and make sure they include it as evidence to help keep her out of prison. Cameron goes to the police station and finds Taggert there. He hands him the videotape and plans on viewing the tape with him after it is logged in as evidence. A uniformed cop shows up and places a box of files found in Alexis's apartment. Taggert escorts the cop to the evidence room with the tape. Cameron is curious and looks at the file lying on the top of the box that belongs to Alexis. He opens the file and sees a legal pad with writing on it that names cases of Disassociative Disorder that were on trial and where the patients got acquittals for crimes they were charged with. He takes the legal pad and stuffs it in his jacket before Taggert returns. He lies and tells him something came up and he can't watch the videotape with him right now. He heads back to see Alexis. He assures her he handed the tape to Taggert and that it has been logged in as evidence. She is relieved. Cameron tells her that he has been doing some research on Dissassociative Disorder and how there have been a few cases of people in New York who have the disorder and have charged with crimes and been exonerated. Alexis tells him she has never tried any cases with this disorder before and isn't familiar. Cameron tells her about the three cases he saw written on her legal pad and looks for a reaction or acknowledgment from her but Alexis lies and tells him she has never done research on her disorder at all. Cameron looks at her suspiciously but doesn't say anything.

Ned is paged by Faith and isn't too happy about it. He tells her he has a lot of personal business to take care of and doesn't have time for her little meetings. She tells him that she needs him to speed up his plot to destroy Sonny because she is at the end of her rope. Ned doesn't like taking orders from her and tells her that things are going fine at the pace they are going and suggests she take out Sonny herself without him if she doesn't like it. Faith tells him she would like nothing better than to kill Sonny and his organization but that she unfortunately made a promise to her grandmother that she wouldn't kill Sonny while she was still alive. Ned doesn't buy her story but Faith tells him that she loves her grandmother and wants to keep her promise to her but is having a hard time. Later, she meets with her grandmother at Carly's club. She complains to her grandmother that she wants revenge on Sonny for having her husband killed and then allowing his wife to own the club that once belonged to her grandfather. Faith's grandmother tells her that she doesn't want to see her behind bars like her grandfather and die there like he did and asks her to stop the bitterness and not to get revenge and end up dead herself. Faith realizes that her grandmother isn't going to change her mind about how she feels about mob violence. Faith asks her if she wants a drink. Faith goes up to the bar and orders a sherry for her. While the bartender is getting it out of the storage area, Faith opens the top of one of her rings and empties out some powder that could be poison and pours it into her grandmother's drink. She mixes it and hands it to her grandmother with a bright smile on her face and promises not to have Sonny killed. Her grandmother drinks it and starts to collapse later after Faith leaves the room.

Luke witnesses Lucky having a fit on the docks and asks him what is wrong. Lucky decides to tell him what is on his mind. He tells him that he is upset over a woman that he thought he knew but found out is not as honest as he thought she was. He decides not to tell Luke it is Summer. Luke asks him what his first impression of her was. Lucky tells him he thought the woman was really special. Luke tells him that his gut instinct about her when he first met her is probably the one he should rely on instead of what he thinks she did. Lucky is even more confused. Meanwhile, Scott talks to Summer at Kelly's. He tells her he can read people pretty good and that he can tell she is telling the truth about not knowing that Lucky was Luke's son. Scott tells her that the two men are pretty screwy anyway. He asks her if she had to chose between the two men who would she choose. She tells him that since Lucky just spurned her, she doesn't really have to choose now. Scott heads over to Luke's club to harass him. Luke is annoyed when Scott sees that the place is decorated with balloons and a Happy Birthday banner. Scott guesses it is for Summer. He chastises Luke for going after Summer as a substitute for Laura and that if he only knew that Summer is really thinking of his son Lucky. Luke gets very upset and starts to charge after Scott. Scott tells him that Summer has been seeing Lucky and that is why Lucky is so upset with her because he knows she has been seeing him too. Luke is stunned by the news but kicks Scott out of his club. Summer is overwhelmed when she comes to the club and sees the balloons and a birthday cake. Luke doesn't say anything but that today has "been full of surprises for me too." Lucky mopes around at Kelly's thinking of Summer. Nikolas finds him there. Lucky tells him that he feels bad about what he said to Summer earlier and that he may have made a mistake about her after all.

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Camryn Grimes, fiancé Brock Powell expecting first child
Y&R star Christel Khalil expecting second child
Y&R cast is "Walking on Sunshine" in fun new viral video
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