All My Children Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on AMC

Simone found Jake and Allison having sex in a closet. Jake confessed his infidelity to Mia in a letter. The Fusion launch party was a big success. Greenlee put away Leo's necklace and promised to let go of him. Trey confessed to Reggie that he had burned down Erica's house.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, February 24, 2003


As Greenlee added some final touches to her lipstick, she symbolically removed her diamond necklace. She stared at it and whispered aloud to Leo that she had to let him go. Her sad moment was interrupted by Kendall and Mia's loud entrance into the ladies room. They happily chatted about Greenlee's secret admirer possibly showing up tonight. Greenlee then reminded the girls that Fusion would only succeed if Andrew placed Fusion on New York's retail map. She reiterated that it was up to Mia to "curl Andrew's toes." Mia worried about Jake's reaction to her spending so much time with Andrew, but the women didn't want to hear it. They told Mia to forget Jake tonight so they could conquer the world. The women stood up and admired their look. They were all wearing very sexy white shimmery mini-dresses, each dress with a unique style. They strutted confidently towards the party area. But their good moods quickly turned to panic when they saw the room was completely empty. Just then Bianca and Boyd walked in. Bianca immediately began mocking the fact that "the party of the decade" had zero guests. Kendall marched over to Bianca and accused her of sabotaging their party, and made some remarks to Boyd about Bianca being gay. Liza, who had just walked in with Adam, told the girls to calm down. Sure enough, more guests arrived, and soon the party was hopping.


Kendall approached Boyd and apologized for her rude comments earlier. Boyd suggested that Bianca was the one who deserved the apology. Reluctantly, Kendall attempted to apologize to Bianca, blaming her comments on opening night jitters. But Bianca rolled her eyes and asked Kendall what her excuse was for all the other times. Just then, Lena walked in. Kendall told the "Enchantment spies" to have fun, and hurried back towards the dance floor. She met with the Fusion babes where Greenlee stood at the podium. Greenlee gave a quick speech about Fusion's climb to the top. Then the four women yelled in unison "Let's party!" With confetti flying, the guests started cheering and dancing.

Kendall returned to Boyd and asked him why he was ignoring her. Boyd said he figured she would be partying with Michael. Kendall explained that Michael couldn't make it. Boyd wondered if that was the reason he was invited. No way, Kendall declared. I invited you because you unstuck Mia's lips, and because you're my friend, she said smiling. Boyd wasn't quite buying it and blasted Michael for being a no-show. Kendall got defensive and stalked away. She ran into Palmer who complimented her for Fusion's success. Kendall began to thank Palmer for all his help when Boyd asked Kendall to dance. Kendall indignantly told him no, but Boyd ignored her and playfully pulled her away. But instead of heading to the dance floor, he took her to the roof. This time Boyd apologized for his comments about Michael. A shivering Kendall accepted his apology and begged to go back inside to the warm party. But Boyd wouldn't let her leave. He told Kendall how gutsy and great she was, and that Michael seemed too good to be true. You deserve better, he said gently. Kendall assured Boyd that she could take care of herself. Boyd told Kendall she still owed him a dance. They began dancing very close and Kendall admitted that if Michael weren't around, Boyd might have a chance. They danced even closer and Boyd caressed her cheek. Unbeknownst to them, Michael had shown up at the party, and was quietly watching them dance.


Simone arrived late because of her little pit stop in jail. With lawyer Kenny at her side, she rushed over to Greenlee and complimented her dress. "Don't even try to suck up. Just start mingling," Greenlee commanded. "And stay legal" she added! Simone explained that Kenny wasn't her guest, but her legal guardian until her court appearance tomorrow. Simone then asked why her real guest Carlos was working security for the party. Greenlee explained that Carlos volunteered and pushed Simone away to greet the other guests. After a while, Kenny began searching for Simone. He finally found her and brought over 2 drinks for them. She gave Kenny a peck on the cheek, grabbed the 2 drinks and ran over to Carlos. Giggling profusely, she handed Carlos one of the drinks and began dancing with him.

On the other side of the room, in walked the hookers from Simone's jail cell. Greenlee gave them party favors and ordered them to leave. But the ladies of the evening said they were Simone's friends, and pushed Greenlee aside. Greenlee interrupted Simone's dance, and told her about the prostitute problem. Just then the hookers screamed excitedly at the sight of Simone and Kenny, and ran over. Simone screamed along with them, not knowing what else to do.


Jake entered the party with Tad right behind him. Jake immediately spotted Mia and was impressed with how great she looked. She gave Jake a big hug, but then got dragged away by Greenlee. Just as Mia ran off to greet Andrew, in walked Allison, and she went straight for Jake. Jake walked away and quietly observed Andrew hold Mia's hands. Andrew told Mia he was anxious to learn about the woman behind the smile. Jake got really annoyed, but before he could react, Allison ran over to him with drinks in hand. "You look thirsty," Allison said coyly, and they both started drinking.

Jake grew angrier as he watched Mia giggle with Andrew. Allison asked Jake to dance, but Jake said no, claiming he had two left feet. "It's not your feet I'm interested in," Allison said flirtatiously. Tad overheard, and declared that his feet were like lethal weapons. Before she knew it, Tad was twirling Allison around the dance floor, while Jake laughed at Tad's antics. But quickly his smile turned to a frown when he caught sight of Mia. He downed another drink, and stalked over to Mia and Andre where he demanded to speak to Mia alone. Andrew immediately recognized Jake from the Fusion poster. Andrew complimented the poster because Jake and Mia looked so "real." "It is real," Jake snarled. Mia gave a quick cover story and pulled Jake away. She quickly explained to Jake that Greenlee wanted Andrew to think she was unattached. "But, I'm your fiancé," Jake shouted. Mia got frustrated at Jake's lack of understanding, and told hm they'd discuss this later. She walked away, and Jake headed straight for another drink.

At this point, Allison was too out of breath to dance anymore. Tad found Jake and saw that he was drunk. Tad begged Jake to stop drinking and to just ask Mia to dance. Just have some fun, Tad suggested. Jake grumbled that he'd make his own fun, and stumbled towards Allison. Tad tried to stop him, but Jake wouldn't listen. Allison saw Jake and smiled coyly.

In the meantime, Mia was busy schmoozing Andrew when the subject of Greenelee came up. Mia mentioned the romantic emails that Greenlee was receiving and Andrew quietly said he was glad she got them. "YOU'RE GREENLEE'S MYSTERY MAN!" she shouted. Mia excitedly ran over to Greenlee and revealed that Andrew was "the one." Greenlee looked disappointed, but let the girls convince her to approach Andrew.

Now that she was free of Andrew, Mia began to search for Jake.

In the meantime, Simone was stumbling around a bit tipsy, searching for Carlos. Simone found a closet and giggled when she heard a noise. Thinking Carlos was inside, she flung open the door. She gasped loudly when she saw Jake and Allison, practically naked, inside the closet. Simone stared openmouthed, as they all heard Mia's voice calling Jake's name.


Trey was getting ready for his date with Janelle when the phone rang. It was Reggie, who was already at the Fusion party. Trey told Reggie he couldn't really talk because he was expecting Janelle any minute. Reggie got very nervous, but Trey hung up abruptly when the doorbell rang. Janelle came in, all decked out in a black glittery dress.

Standing outside Trey's apartment was Luis. He was dangling Trey's stolen keys, impatiently waiting to burglarize Trey's apartment.

At the same time, Reggie was frantically trying to call back Trey, but couldn't get through. Carlos walked over to Reggie and asked him what was wrong. Reggie angrily refused to explain and ran out. He went to Trey's apartment and found the place in complete disarray. Suddenly he heard a gunshot. Reggie ducked in fear, and Luis emerged. Luis explained that he thought it was Reggie's "white daddy." He told Reggie that Trey had some "sweet equipment" and he better help him, or else.

In the meantime, Trey and Janelle never made it to the party because Trey forgot his wallet. As they stood at the door, they heard noises from inside. Luis cocked his gun and threatened to kill Janelle and Trey, if he got caught. Trey assumed the noise was Reggie and entered. Reggie, who was hidden in the corner, whacked Trey on the back of his head. Janelle, who was still standing outside heard the thump, and nervously called Trey's name, while Reggie hid in the corner.


JR walked into the party and immediately ran into Laurie. She asked what he was doing there. I miss you, he answered simply. They agreed to forget about the Harvard controversy and headed for the dance floor. Joni saw them dancing and glared angrily. Joni spotted Jamie and marveled that Laurie and JR were obviously back together. "They're just dancing," Jamie responded, visibly annoyed at Joni. "I guess you never spilled that you and Laurie made out," Joni concluded. Jamie told her it was just one kiss, and to get over it. He stalked away in disgust, and Joni walked over to JR, who was standing alone at this point. She asked JR if he and Laurie were back together. "I hope so," JR answered. She then told JR that was pretty cool of him, being that Laurie had just kissed his brother Jamie.


Therapist Lysistrata spotted Tad dancing wildly, and was drawn to him. Adam warned her that if she tangled with Tad, she'd need her own therapist. She approached Tad anyway, and asked him to dance. She started dancing even more strangely than Tad, explaining that her movements were sensual. Tad made an excuse and quickly ran away.

Bianca figured out that Lena was spying for Erica. She laughed and bonded with Lena a bit. When Lena complimented Bianca's figure, Bianca gave Lena a second glance and seemed to wonder if Lena was coming onto her.

Henry and Maggie arrived together, but Maggie voted to avoid talking to Bianca.

Opal was wearing a very sexy backless dress. Little Petey saw her from behind, and not realizing it was mom, asked if her if she'd like to audition for his surfer chick movie. Palmer made a similar mistake and was shocked at Opal's young look. He told Opal she was too old for that dress. Just then, a young gorgeous hunk told Opal she was hot, and asked her to dance. .

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Boyd and Kendall were about to kiss on the rooftop when Michael arrived. Kendall wondered how long he'd been up there, then introduced Boyd and Michael. Boyd announced himself as a chemist and a friend and asked if Michael was someone who would hurt Kendall. Kendall interrupted and told Boyd that Michael's intentions are honorable. She asked Boyd for privacy. Alone with Kendall, Michael wondered if Boyd was competition. Kendall wondered back if she has competition throughout the world. Michael said all he needed was Pine Valley and Kendall and that he was willing to do battle for her. Kendall wondered what Michael would do if he won the battle. Michael said he found her fascinating, and Kendall said the feeling is mutual. They decided to pursue a relationship and Michael wanted to take her his villa in Tuscany. Kendall started to leave with him, but after looking around the party told Michael that she couldn't go, because of a meeting that Greenlee called. Michael was disappointed, but left the party as Boyd watched every step.

Petey was very curious about Simone's new girlfriends (the women from the jail cell) at the party. Opal told him that Palmer needed to answer his questions about that, but all he wanted to know was if they were actresses shooting a movie at the party. Opal told him to let the girls have their privacy. Later, Petey talked to the girls to tell them about the surfer chicks movie he was planning to make in Pine Valley. They seemed very interested in knowing more.

Laurie was waiting for JR, but Joni stopped him to tell him about the kiss between Laurie and Jamie. Joni said she hated how Laurie treated JR. Adam overheard everything and confronted JR, who shouted at Adam to stop spying on him. Laurie and Joni fought over Joni telling JR about the kiss. Laurie told Joni her goodie-two shoes act was a big fat lie and she was as hot to trot as the hookers at the party. Alone, Joni almost sipped champagne and Jamie told her it was smart not to. Joni wished aloud that everyone would mind their own business and Jamie said he thought that was probably Laurie's exact thought too.

Simone was horrified to find Jake and Allison in a compromising position in the janitor's closet. She slammed the door and turned around to face a very curious Mia. Simone said the only thing in the closet was a big, hairy, dead rat. They ran back to the party. Mia guessed it was a human rat...that Simone found him and he was with another woman. Simone choked, but Mia was talking about Carlos. Kenny, Simone's lawyer, interrupted in the nick of time. Mia felt guilty about abandoning Jake at the party, Simone yelled at her to stop it. Simone went to the roof for air. Tad approached Mia to ask where Jake was. They went to search for him. Mia left an apologetic message on Jake's cell phone.

Simone was throwing things on the roof, yelling about men, when Tad found her. He wondered what Simone was keeping from Mia. Tad laid out his suspicions about Jake and Allison, Simone wondered how he knew and correctly deduced this was not the first time. Simone told Tad his brother is a pig. Tad defended him, saying he's a confused pig and explained that Jake doesn't handle liquor well and things have not been smooth with Mia. Simone sarcastically asked if Jake's behavior was only because Mia wasn't at home with a pipe and slippers for Dr Wonderful. Tad said of course not, Jake doesn't even smoke a pipe. Simone lunged at him and Tad begged her to not hit his face. Tad asked Simone to not tell Mia what she saw and reminded Simone that one day Mia could blame Simone, instead of Jake, and it could destroy their friendship. Back at the party, Mia asked Tad and Simone if they'd seen Jake. They made excuses for him, and said the hospital probably beeped.

Greenlee started to believe that Andrew, the Manhattan buyer, was the mystery man who'd been emailing her. He sidestepped the question when she asked how he got her email address. He would only say that email seemed safe because he couldn't bear the thought of rejection from her. Greenlee was surprised and curious but Andrew wouldn't tell her how he found her email address. Andrew and Greenlee danced, and he invited her to his hotel room. She was not interested in the invitation, but also not interested in offending him. She slipped away, but ended up locked in a closet. Carlos heard her screams and unlocked the door to let her out. She fell into his arms, thanked him, and awkwardly left. Thinking Andrew had gone, she rejoined the party, but he approached her about going back to her place instead of his hotel room. She suggested a breakfast meeting and Andrew wondered if he should leave a wake up call for her or just nudge her instead. Greens gave a very awkward laugh and said it had to be breakfast only, because of the late meeting with her partners after the party. Andrew left and Greenlee got a text message on her cell phone from the mystery man, who apologized for not dancing with her at the party. The girls agreed that the mystery man was obviously not Andrew because she did dance with him. They all realized that Andrew had only pretended to be the mystery man.

Lysistrata passed out her card to the working girls and said "call me."

Bianca and Lena commented how there seemed to be something for everyone at the party. Afterward, they left together to go for a nightcap at the Valley Inn.

Henry and Maggie had fun dancing. After the party, they went to the roof and kissed.

David and Anna were extremely worried about their unborn child and the contractions that started. Dr Clader said they were able to stop the contractions, but it was important for Anna to stay calm and stress-free. Anna, however, was freaking out over the monitor and thinking she heard changes in the baby's heartbeat. David tried to calm her and asked Aidan's support in keeping Anna calm. At her bedside, Aidan told her more about the Maureen saga, and suggested meditation and/or prayer. Outside the room, Maureen told David that this was not about him, but about the baby. Anna suddenly called for David. Dr Clader announced that her water had broken and David explained she needed a c-section right away. Anna was wheeled away to the OR as David promised to not let anything happen to her or their baby.

At Trey's apartment, Janelle was trying to revive Trey when Reggie came into the room. The police arrived and asked who else had keys to the apartment. Reggie confessed to hitting Trey. The police asked if he was the one who trashed the place and robbed Trey. Reggie confessed to robbing Trey as well. The police suspected an accomplice and Janelle knew there was more to the story. She demanded the truth from Reggie, who wouldn't talk. Trey finally came to, but refused medical treatment. Reggie was arrested and was later bailed out by none other than Trey.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Anna was rushed to the OR while David ran to put on scrubs. He stopped and told Aidan what was happening then went back into the operating room. As the anesthesiologist started the drugs David barked at him to stop because of Anna's adverse reaction during her first surgery. The doctor said he knew Anna's history and he was going to give her a light dose. He started the drug and Anna got drowsy and told David she felt weird, and then passed out. David grabbed an oxygen mask and Anna came around. Apparently the baby was cutting off Anna's blood supply. Dr. Clater said they had to get the baby out now. Anna asked how the baby was doing and the nurse said the heart rate was dropping. Dr. Clater began the c-section as David talked to Anna, encouraging her to be strong. The baby was born and Dr. Clater held her up so Anna and David could see her. Anna cried with joy and the baby let out a cry of her own. They handed to baby to David, who took her up to a thrilled Anna. A neonatal doctor checked the baby out and said she was in perfect shape for a preemie. She was handed back to her parents and Anna told David they had to call Robyn and tell Aidan. The doctor said it was time for the baby to go to NICU and took her away. David went out to tell Aidan and Maureen about the baby.

While waiting for word from David Aidan and Maureen talked about what they had just been through. Aidan remembered all the people in his life that he had lost. Maureen tried to cheer him up by reminding him that his aunt was giving birth right at that moment. Then she wistfully said she couldn't even remember giving birth to her daughter. She said she wished there was a way to resolve things with Edmund without hurting the kids. Aidan told her she had 2 beautiful kids, a loving husband and lived in a castle and that maybe he should back off. Maureen said it sounded like a fairytale she read, not her real life. She said Maria meant alot to alot of people. She said if it was this hard on her to say goodbye to Edmund she couldn't even imagine how hard it was for him to say goodbye to Maria. Aidan asked what would happen if she got her memory back, would she go back to Edmund? Maureen said she wondered that herself, that she doesn't remember how strong her feelings for Edmund were. Aidan asked where they should go from here and she said it didn't matter as long as they were together. David came out and told them that Anna and the baby were fine and said they could come back tomorrow to visit. He went to call Robyn and Maureen smiled at Aidan. She told him things were looking up, he had a conversation with David and nothing got broken. Aidan grinned and said they should go home. She asked where that was exactly. They went back to the Pine Cone, to Maureen's room. He looked at the shabby room and said Maureen deserved much better. She smiled and said this was where it all began, where he rescued her. Aidan remembered watching her sleep, listening to her sing in the shower. "You gave me hope at a time I needed it most", he told her. Maureen asked about Fiona and Aidan said not to talk about her now. They hugged and Maureen said his heart was racing. He said he had something to tell her and looked into her eyes. "I love you. I've loved you since the first moment" Aidan confessed. They kissed and Aidan wondered what he did to deserve such paradise and wished the moment could last forever. Maureen said it will because "I'll never leave you. I love you." They began to undress each other while kissing passionately.

David returned to Anna and said he spoke with Robyn and Aidan. Anna asked if he was nice to Aidan and he said of course. Anna said she wanted their daughter to have a real family. A nurse came in and asked for the baby's name for the birth certificate. David said they hadn't picked one out yet but Anna said she had a name, if Daddy would agree. She said she'd like to name their child "Leora", for David's brother Leo. David was touched and said he loved it. He told the nurse the baby's official name was Leora Devane Hayward.

Trey posted bail for Reggie and told him to come home with him. Reggie argued that he was the one who'd hit Trey, why would he want him back in the apartment? Jackson walked in and snidely remarked "Isn't this nice, the victim representing the perp?!." He told them that the Reggie's welfare was his business and Trey told him that Reggie was doing well. Jack reminded him that Reggie admitted to attacking him and Reggie started to speak. Trey turned to Reggie and told him not to say a word. Jack remarked that Trey was nothing but an arsonist and he would prove it. Jack said he was placing Reggie elsewhere tomorrow and that he should go get his belongings. Jack walked out of the jail and Trey asked Reggie if he was coming home with him. Reggie followed him out the door. They got to the loft and Trey told Reggie to go get some sleep. Reggie couldn't believe that Trey wasn't kicking him out and Trey said he knew that Reggie was covering for someone. Reggie tried to deny it and said he was a bad guy, why couldn't Trey accept it. Trey told him to tell the truth and Reggie asked what Trey knew about the truth. He flat out asked Trey if he burned down Erica's home. Trey tried to dodge the question and the phone rang. After he got off he was all smiles as he told Reggie that Anna had her baby and that it was time to celebrate. Reggie told him not to duck the question and asked again if he burned down Erica's house. Trey told Reggie he wouldn't make him tell who he was covering for. Reggie said that was because he didn't want to tell the truth about the arson. Trey sat down and said "I did it, and I'll have to live with it for the rest of my life." Reggie was speechless.

The women of Fusion giggled over Greenlee's mystery man as they surveyed the "after party mess." Greenlee wondered how Andrew Miller found out about the emails and Mia confessed that she mentioned it to him. Greenlee asked what possessed her to tell him and Simone said Mia wasn't the best judge of a man's character. The girls dished men in general for a moment and how all they want is sex. Simone said Fusion was selling sex and Greenlee asked "Do you mean we're not any better than those hookers you invited?" Greenlee said Fusion was selling the way they look, not their selves, it was all about "promise." They all told Greenlee to kiss up to Andrew and make nice so he'd put their products on NY shelves but she was appalled. Greenlee asked if they wanted her to prostitute herself for the company. Mia asked what Erica would do if she found some snake trying to scam her. Greenlee said they were in this together and that no one was going to scam them. They all raised glasses of champagne and said "One for all, all for one!" Mia said they should call Andrew and give him a piece of their minds but Simone said they were talking about getting NY shelf space or not. Greenlee smiled deviously and said they were going to put the Andrew Millers of the world on notice and told them she had a plan. A little later she was in her loft and Andrew knocked on the door. She smiled and let him in. He was pleasantly surprised to see her that night instead of at breakfast like they had planned. She said she'd been reading his emails and then read one out loud to him. She said she couldn't wait to talk about NY shelf space and he sneered "You do your part and I'll do mine." Greenlee said she'd hold up her end. She poured them some drinks and he raised a toast and tried to get close enough to kiss her. Greenlee backed away and said she wanted to supervise everything in New York. Andrew slyly suggested she stay in his hotel room in the city and came right out and told her he wanted to make love to her. Greenlee laughed and said that her mother always told her that good girls don't put out. Andrew said if she didn't Fusion wouldn't get any shelf space in New York. He moved in to kiss her but she slipped away and said she was glad they got that detail cleared up. She said loudly "Ladies!" and in walked Mia, Simone and Kendall. They all told him he was busted. Andrew laughed and asked what kind of sick game this was. Kendall played a tape of him demanding sex for shelf space. Greenlee said they would make him an offer "We ruin your career or we ruin your career." He agreed to make sure their product ended up on the shelves in all the major stores. But the women said they wanted more, "We want you to resign so no more women are used like this." Andrew got angry and said they'd regret this and he'd see to it that Fusion was blackballed. Greenlee said she doubted that and he marched out and slammed the door. Simone nervously asked if he was right and that they just killed their company. Greenlee was confident that they would do fine their own way and said they'd sleep with whoever they wanted, because they wanted to, not had to. Mia said she had to go find Jake and Simone made a face. After Mia was gone Kendall questioned Simone and she just chalked it up to being jealous of Mia and Jake. Simone went home and Kendall told Greenlee she was proud of her for how she handled Andrew. She also told Greenlee she was proud of her for even considering dating again. Greenlee asked if Kendall was in love with Michael and she said she thought so. Kendall went home and Greenlee wandered around her loft.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

The Fusion execs were delighted with the reviews of their party in the morning paper. They were reveling in the morning glory with recaps of the event, but Mia was less than thrilled when she told her friends about Jake not coming home all night. Mia abruptly left the room saying she'd be back.

Greenlee and Kendall were looking over the congratulatory emails when another message arrived from Greenlee's secret admirer. She didn't want to open it but Kendall convinced her that she's been intrigued by the messages because they reminded her of Leo and maybe she could have love again. She also told her to stop running. This hit home with Greenlee because she opened the email and was enamored by the words from this unknown source. She decided to find out who he was so she called Chris Stamp and persuaded him to use his sources to help reveal his identity.

Isabella found out Maria was back in town. She went to Wildwind begging Edmund for the truth about where she was and what is really going on. Finally Edmund told her that Maria/Maureen was back in town but she wasn't home because her home was somewhere else. Isabella took it hard and tried to tell Edmund that Maria remembered things and would be back to her old self soon. Edmund disagreed and just as he was telling her that he let her go, Maddie walked in and overheard him. She was very upset so Edmund sat her down and explained that Maureen loves them but not like Maria did. He said she couldn't have her as Mommy but could have Maureen as a friend. Maddie asked if he would always be her daddy and withholding his tears, he assured her that he would. Maddie said she'd think about what he said.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Maureen were getting hot and heavy at the Pine Cone Motel. They decided they weren't going to deal with things for 24 hours. They were just going to stay there and be alone. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. They tried not to answer but the visitor was persistent. Aidan answered the door in his boxers only to find Isabella standing there with a look of disbelief. Maureen tried to cover herself with the blanket but it was too late. Isabella saw her and was very disappointed. She lashed out at Maureen and told her that she should try to remember what it is like to have a mother and to be a mother. Maureen said she couldn't remember and she didn't mean to hurt those children. Isabella didn't like that choice of words and told her that Maria would never behave this way. She would try to do the right thing even if she didn't remember. She stormed out telling her that she is not Maria - Maria is dead.

At Enchantment, Lena was updating Erica about the Fusion party. When asked if anyone was on to the fact that she was there as a spy, she said that sometimes people don't see what's right in front of them. She then told Erica that there was one guest that was on to her. Just then, Bianca walked in and told Erica she was that guest. They talked about Michael and just then it was announced that he had arrived. He walked in and the others left Michael and Erica alone. He told her he had a solid business proposal. She wanted to discuss it over lunch. It took some persuasion but he agreed. While having lunch, he told her he wanted to be completely honest with her. He confessed that he had been seeing Kendall. As Erica is hearing this, she notices Kendall peeking around the corner watching the whole thing. Erica plays it up and even though she was telling Michael that Kendall was evil, she was holding his hand and flirting as if they were talking about more personal things. What Kendall didn't hear, was Michael saying that he had never met anyone like her. Kendall's anger got the best of her and she stormed in calling Erica a bitch. Kendall went off on both of them and Erica walked away wishing Michael happiness with Kendall. Michael tried to calm Kendall and explain, but Kendall accused Michael of using her to get to Erica. He told her if she really felt that way, maybe they shouldn't see each other. Kendall agreed.

Outside of Jake's office, Tad was pleading with a nurse to let him try to get into Jake's office. The door was locked so he pulled out some spare keys. When he opened the door he found Allison sitting at the desk. She told Tad she was there to thank Jake for last night. Tad said he had the feeling she already thanked him. She left and Tad found two envelopes on the desk. One was for him and the other for Mia. He was reading his letter with his back towards the door and Simone charged in telling, who she thought was Jake, what a pig he is. Tad turned around showing his face. They argued for a bit when finally Tad told her that Jake had left Pine Valley. Mia walked in overhearing Tad telling Simone that if she really cared for Mia, she would be for her.

Edmund was thinking about his conversation with Maddie when the doorbell rang. He answered it, finding Maureen on the other side looking serious and maybe regretful.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Chris was waiting for Erica in her office at Enchantment. She came in and greeted him. He was very quiet. Erica rambled on about Kendall spoiling her lunch. Chris remained silent. Intrigued, Erica wanted to know what was wrong.

Chris remarked how Michael Cambias is the new man in Kendall's life and that it was strange he was Erica's lunch date. Erica asked if he was watching her. Chris had hired someone else to do it for him Erica became enraged. Chris said he hired a bodyguard to protect her. You aren't worried about me you wanted to know about Michael Cambias. She shouted at Chris. Chris justified his action but telling Erica that she has scratched and clawed her way to the top and he was afraid for her safety. Erica said she uses the promise of sex to get what she wants but she is always in control she knows when to stop. Chris said that she isn't alone any more and he wants to protect her. Erica said she got along fine before him and she'll be fine long after him. Chris looked shocked and demanded what was that supposed to mean. Erica quickly replied that maybe we need to rethink our marriage. Chris was stunned. He asked her to calm down and rethink what she just said. Erica said she knew exactly what she is saying. Chris said he loved her and why would she feel threatened about the marriage. Erica said that they live in different universes. Chris wanted to know why she wants to find anything wrong to blow up their engagement. Jackson popped in and interrupted them. "Call me," Chris said, "and let me know why you want to keep from marrying me" as he stormed out the door.

Erica cautioned Jackson to not say a word as Jack sat down with a smirk on his face since he had been telling previously Erica that she was sabotaging her marriage and she had denied it. "So tell me, Erica, why are you trying not to marry Chris," he said. Erica's anxiety level rose higher as she tried to explain to Jack that Chris had someone watching her and that it was a bodyguard. Jack said she couldn't blame him for not being jealous. Erica changed her focus and asked Jack for his advice. How could she get Chris to see he has gone too far this time. "You walk away from him and walk over to me. How's that for advice?" Jack asked Erica. She looked at him puzzled. She stepped up the volume of the conversation. She thought all men where the same and he should leave. Jack said he was leaving for now but he would return to bring her something that will help her decide what to do about Chris.

Erica paced around her office and finally sat down as Opal came through the door exclaiming Chris was tearing out of the parking lot in a furry and Jackson was bolting past her outside Erica's office. "Guess you need a friend," she told Erica. Where is she remarked Erica and I don't see one. Erica showed her the newspaper article and photo about Opal enjoying Fusion's party. Erica and Opal had a verbal knock down fight over Erica playing Queen and treating her like her subject. Opal explained how she had a fabulous time dancing with guys with tight buns. Erica explained she had betrayed her by going to Fusion's party. Opal came back with Erica was not the thirteen colonies and she was not Benedict Arnold so get over it. Now are you going to tell me whom you are really mad at?

Mia saw Simone at Jake's office and wondered where Jake was. Simone handed her a letter Jack had written to Mia. "I loved you but something inside of me wouldn't allow me to be happy. I couldn't handle it, so I destroyed what we had. I was unfaithful to you so I left. No one is to blame but me. I want you t start over and find the happiness you deserve." Signed Jake. Tears flowed down Mia's face. She asked Simone what did she do wrong. Jake had an affair Simone explained. Mia was realized Simone knew about it. Alison came into the office looking for Jake. Alison was told Jake left. Alison asked if he left her anything. Mia realized it was Alison Jake was having the affair with and slapped Alison's face. Simone told Alison she better leave. After Alison left, Simone started to apologize to Mia and Mia slapped her face. Mia argued with Simone about why she didn't tell her about Jake's affair. Simone tried to justify her reasons for not telling her. Mia suddenly ran out the door with Simone right behind her. Mia felt it was Greenlee's fault Jake had the affair and left her.

Joni came over to Fusion. Greenlee needed help with her computer that the high school said Joni was good and sent her over to help. Greenlee wanted to know who is sending her email and wanted Joni to hack into her computer to find out. Shocked, Joni refused as it was totally wrong. Liza interrupted them and asked what has going on. Greenlee explained how she wanted Joni to help her with the computer and that Joni didn't want to. Liza explained Joni must have good reasons to feel the way she does. Joni looked surprised and asked Liza what did she mean. I used to be like you Liza explained. You have the answers for everything and you hide behind what's right and wrong and you use the truth to get what you want. I'm sure you had your reasons for telling JR that his brother kissed Laurie. What did you get out of telling JR? Joni tried to justify her reasons. JR has a lot going for him. Someone will always buy his happiness and JR doesn't need my help to be miserable. Liza assured Joni that JR wasn't going to turn to her. Joni replied, "Like you know." Liza answered back that people don't like back stabbers, Joni. Liza then walked away.

Joni told Greenlee she couldn't help her with the computer and left Fusion. Liza cautioned Greenlee that may be the emailer isn't ready to meet her yet and maybe she isn't ready to meet him. She told Greenlee to let it play out. Greenlee agreed. But when Liza went to make copies of a report, Greenlee called on the phone to get another computer person to come over and help her. Suddenly Mia burst into the office and shouting at Greenlee it was all her fault, she slapped Greenlee's face. Greenlee was shocked. It's your fault Jake had that affair. You're jealous I had someone to go home to. Mia explained about Jake's leaving. The Fusion ladies gathered around, hugged Mia and she apologized for slapping Simone and Greenlee. Liza promised we don't know how and when but we will get through it.

Kendall was having a drink at the bar Valley Inn. Aidan poured her a drink. Wanted to know what was going on with Erica. Kendall explained how she saw Erica having lunch with Michael and she flipped out and had a jealousy attack. Aidan talked how jealousy is difficult. He is afraid Maureen will regain her memory and go back to Edmund. Kendal said that she knows the Maureen really loves him. Kendall admitted that in her heart she knows Michael still loves her. She was hoping Erica would see her in a new light and accept her. Instead she admitted she vented her frustration at Michael. Aidan advised her to call Michael and apologize. Kendall picked up the bar phone and left a message for Michael to call her.

Maria came over to Wildwind and told Edmund that Isabella had told her that Maria was abandoning her husband and children. She asked Edmund is that what she is really doing, abandoning them. Edmund explained that Isabella wanted everything to be as it was before Maria was in the plane crash. Maria was sorry she didn't feel what it was like to be the children's mother. Edmund explained that now she is not the Maria she once was and of course she isn't going to remember. You aren't the woman I love and the children love so we have to let you go and you need to let us go. Maria said she couldn't give up the children and Edmund reminded her he has given her unlimited visitation. He cautioned her not to be hard on herself and to feel guilty. He told her we have to get on with our lives. She is stuck between Maria and Maureen so he wanted her to be Maureen. The phone rang and when Edmund went to answer it, Maddie came into the room. "You're here, you're really here. Daddy told me who you were. I know you're not my mommy," she exclaimed. Maureen apologized she wasn't the mommy she remembered. Maddie wanted to know if it was true she may not get her real mommy back ever and that Maureen will be her friend. Maureen promised she would come and visit her and love her very much. Maureen promised that some day she hopes she'll remember being their mommy and will come back. Maureen gave Maddie a hug and Maddie left the room.

Jack met with Aidan in the DA's office and had a job offer for Aidan. He had heard what Aidan had done in the Bahamas and was impressed with his skills. You will answer only to me and be under the radar of this office. It could be dangerous but also very satisfying Jack said. Aidan wanted to know more. Jack showed Aidan a picture. Jack told him, "I want you to help me put him behind bars for the rest of his life."

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