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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Amber sits by Taylor's bedside and gives her words of encouragement. She tells Taylor that Erica is being released into James' custody and promises that she won't give up on Taylor because Taylor never gave up on her.

Ridge tries to reassure the children that Taylor is alright without giving them too many details about Taylor's condition. He dissuades the children, who want to go and visit Taylor, by telling them she would really enjoy it if they made cards for her. The children give him a banner they made to take to Taylor, and Steffy offers to give Taylor her security blanket.

Brooke is pleased when Stephanie brings Hope to visit her. She realizes how truly precious her children are. Brooke wonders if Bridget will want to come and see her. C.J. arrives at the hospital with Bridget who is very worried about her mother. Mark watches as Bridget and C.J. share a hug. Bridget introduces C.J. to Mark and goes off to find her mother. When C.J. opts to stay behind, Mark asks C.J. if he is pre-med also. C.J. looks annoyed and informs Mark that he owns the restaurant where Bridget works. Mark tells C.J. that he knows C.J. will be upset when he takes Bridget away from C.J.. Stephanie leaves with Hope when Bridget arrives in Brooke's room. Brooke tells Bridget about what happened at Eric's house and Bridget is distraught to think that she almost lost both of her parents. She informs Brooke that although they have some problems, she still loves her and would not want anything bad to happen to her. She tells Brooke that she is still her mother and she can not take her out of her heart.

Mark explains to Ridge that a full recovery is very possible, but they won't know for sure until Taylor is awake and talking to them. Ridge walks into Taylor's room and sees Amber at Taylor's bedside. Ridge and Amber share a moment of mutual concern for Taylor and then Amber leaves. Ridge begs Taylor to fight and come back to him and the children because they can not live without her. He tells her how they all made cards and that Steffy finally gave up her blanket. After Ridge offers Taylor the banner and the blanket, he walks away and Taylor slowly begins to regain consciousness and tries to speak. Ridges rushes to her bedside to hold her hand and let her know that he is there for her.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

In her hospital bed, Taylor woke up. Ridge was extremely happy and relieved that she woke up. Taylor expressed her love for Ridge. Ridge admitted to Taylor that he was wrong about Amber. Ridge announced that Taylor would be the authority on human nature from now on. Ridge explained to Taylor that the bullet had torn an artery, which lead her to require emergency heart surgery on her valve. Taylor knew it would be a few more days before she was out of danger. Taylor requested to see the children.

Dr. McLain informed Taylor of the emergency medical work that was performed on her. Taylor realized that she could have had a stroke instead of waking up. Dr. McLain informed Taylor that her heart rate had been stable. He advised her that he was very optimistic that she would make a full recovery.

Ridge went home to pick the children up for a visit with Taylor. He told Stephanie that he had no clue what it would have been like to lose Taylor.

When Brooke was released from the hospital, she went directly to Taylor's room to check on her. Brooke was happy to see that Taylor was awake. Brooke told Taylor that she was feeling guilty because she caused Sheila to shoot her. Taylor advised Brooke to put the guilt where it belongs-on Sheila! Brooke was amazed that Taylor had the ability to counsel from her hospital bed. Brooke apologized to Taylor for having had treated her badly over the years. Brooke acknowledged that she had been wrong for years-Taylor is the one good for Ridge, not her!

As Taylor lay awake in her hospital room, she watched the heart monitor. Taylor began to panic as she saw that her blood pressure was beginning to lower.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

by Anna

While Taylor's eyes are closed, two of her doctors enter her room, discussing her condition. The next 2 days will be critical to see if the damage to her heart has been repaired. Her heart rate must stay below 90 beats per minute. After the doctors leave, Taylor opens her eyes, still hearing the words of the doctors. She anxiously watches the monitor that displays her heart rate. Bridget comes in for a visit. Bridget tells Taylor how they have all been praying for her. When Taylor asks about Bridget's relationship with Brooke, Bridget assures her that they have been getting along better. Taylor tells Bridget to always cherish each other because you never know how much time you have. Taylor's heart rate jumps for a moment, causing her to stop speaking and hold her chest. Bridget is worried for a moment, until the heart rate comes back down. Then Taylor continues to tell Bridget how thankful she is for all the people in her life. She congratulates Bridget on getting into the pre-med program. Taylor asks Bridget to come by the house more often and visit with the children. Before Bridget leaves, Taylor reminds her to let herself love no matter what the cost.

At Spectra, Sally tells Massimo how successful Spectra Fashions is becoming, but Massimo is distracted by thoughts of Taylor. Sally tries to assure him that Taylor is strong, and she will survive. Massimo says that the will to survive is not always enough. Sally grows annoyed with his attitude and tells him to think and speak positively, or go home. Massimo apologizes for upsetting Sally with his worrying. Even if they don't know it, Taylor is part of his family. Sally again tells him that Taylor has been through tough situations like this before and has always pulled through.

At home, Ridge prepares to bring Stephanie and the children to see Taylor. As they load up a box of goodies to bring to the hospital for their mom, Ridge reminds the children to be quiet and to not upset her. At the hospital, as Taylor watches her heart rate climb to 90, the children arrive for their visit. Taylor doesn't let on how worried she is about her condition. She explains to the children what all the wires and machines are for. As Taylor pulls them close and tells them how much she loves them, her heart rate jumps to 94.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

In her hospital room, Taylor told the children that God is taking care of everyone. She also explained to them that no matter what happens, her love is always with them.

Bridget questioned Mark about the fluctuation in Taylor's heart rate. He assured Bridget that Taylor would be fine. Bridget and Brooke remained at the hospital to check on Taylor and support Ridge and the children. After Bridget left the hospital with the children, Brooke told Ridge how brave Taylor had been through this ordeal. Ridge acknowledged that Brooke had been. He would not allow Brooke to recap the shooting, to save Brooke from having to think about it. Ridge admitted how frightened he was about what he almost just lost. Brooke reminded him about how tough Taylor is and said she was sure that she would survive.

Taylor asked Stephanie to take back the necklace gave her for Christmas years ago. Taylor wanted Stephanie to have the necklace so she could give it to either Steffy or Phoebe. Taylor honestly told Stephanie that she knows something is wrong with her heart and that she is going to die. Taylor revealed that she is not afraid to die, but she is worried about her family. Taylor requested that Stephanie look after her family. Stephanie was stunned and heartbroken with the thought of Taylor dying, but agreed to take care of her family. Taylor began to panic and asked Stephanie to find Ridge now

Friday, October 25, 2002

Family concern for Taylor continues. Taylor begins to experience difficulty breathing and her doctors inform her that the medication to control her irregular heartbeat isn't working. There is an instrument they could apply that would send an electrical shock to her heart each time it begins to beat irregularly but they do not advise her to risk additional surgery. Without the additional surgery, Taylor's recovery will definitely not happen. Stephanie goes looking for Ridge who goes to Taylor's bedside and discovers that she is no longer attached to machines, which have all been turned off. At first, Ridge wants to go speak with Taylor's doctors but then he acknowledges that since Taylor is no longer on the machines it should be a short time before she returns home. Taylor tells Ridge that she will not be leaving the hospital to go home with him.

Eric arrives at the hospital and joins Stephanie who tells him that Taylor gave back a last year's Christmas present that Stephanie hoped Taylor would pass along to her own daughter. Taylor asked Stephanie to take the necklace back and give it to her daughter for her.

Taylor and Ridge share moments talking about how good things have been for them and everything they have shared together. Ridge tells Taylor he wants more time and he doesn't know how they will get along without her there. Taylor reassures him that he has many people to look after him and she knows that he and the children will be get along just fine. Ridge takes Taylor into his harms and they comfort each other.

As Eric reassures Stephanie and Thorne reassures Brooke that Taylor will be fine and that the family can't allow their fears to cause them to lose faith in that happening, Ridge asks Taylor one last time if she is sure there is nothing left that they can do. She tells him she would not be leaving him if there were. Ridge asks Taylor is she wants him to hold her and she tells him she want him to help her stand up next to him. Ridge helps Taylor to get out of the bed and holds her in his arms telling her he loves her. Taylor tells Ridge she loves him too, says her final good-by and dies in the arms of her husband.

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