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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on PC
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Jamal and Ricky barge into Joshua's practice session with the band and demand to know where Marissa is. When Jamal threatens Joshua, Joshua's guards move in on Ricky and Jamal.

Meanwhile, Marissa protests being locked into an office alone - until she spots the gardenias and double fudge chocolate cake waiting there for her. As music begins to play, Marissa is suddenly entranced by the music.

Marissa finds a note signed by Stephen Clay: "For so long I have been searching for something rare - elusive. I had almost given up, but finally I found you. The one to put words to my music, to give voice to the stories in my soul.' Marissa becomes inspired and sits down and furiously begins to write.

In the woods, Jack tries to convince a reluctant Livvie to go to the Hospital, but Livvie insists that Jack should just take her home to their little house by the water, where Jack and Livvie and the baby can finally live together as a family. As Livvie insists that her baby will be fine now that Jack has arrived, Jack insists that Livvie's baby is gone. But Livvie continues to deny that that could be possible. Jack finally manages to convince Livvie that the baby IS dead and Livvie told Jack that her reason for living is now gone as well.

Meanwhile, Lucy tries to convince a frightened Tess to go to the Hospital, believing that Tess is Livvie. Tess tries to tell Lucy that HER name is Tess, but Lucy fails to understand.

In the woods, Livvie told Jack that Livvie believes that her baby is dead because Livvie WANTED to hurt Rafe and Alison the way Livvie had been hurt. As Livvie protests that her life does NOT matter any more, Jack suddenly told Livvie that her life matters to HIM. Livvie is immediately interested in what Jack has to say, but is engulfed by waves of pain. Jack gathers Livvie up and begins carrying her to the Hospital.

At the same time, as Lucy struggles with the cowering Tess, Lucy finally told Tess that she will take her to Jack. This appears to calm Tess and Lucy calls Ian to tell him she has found Livvie and is bringing Livvie into the Hospital. But, as Lucy drags the protesting Tess toward the car, Tess suddenly collapses.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Ricky find themselves tied up in the band's rehearsal hall and argue about their situation as they make efforts to untie each other. Joshua soon returns, orders Ricky and Jamal untied and told them that Marissa is an honored guest, holed up in a quiet place, working on new lyrics.

Jamal and Ricky refuse to believe Joshua until Joshua opens the door to the office where Marissa is absorbed in writing new lyrics. Jamal and Ricky are happy to find Marissa, but puzzled at how thrilled she appears to be with the music she has just heard.

As Jamal finally convinces Marissa to go home, Joshua tries to get the lyrics Marissa has just written away from her. But Marissa insists that the lyrics need some polish before she will be ready to show them to anyone.

After Jamal, Marissa and Ricky leave the rehearsal hall, Marissa insists that she believes that Joshua IS Stephen Clay. But Jamal reminds everyone that Jamal believes there is something 'off' about the WHOLE Stephen Clay crowd.

Jack arrives at the Hospital with a very ill Livvie and Ian rushes Livvie up to the Operating Room. Livvie insists that Jack go with her.

After Ian, Jack and Livvie leave for the OR, Lucy arrives with Tess. Lucy leaves Tess in the Waiting Room while Lucy went to look for Ian. As soon as Lucy leaves, though, Tess becomes frightened by the strange, loud surroundings and wanders away from the Waiting Room.

In the OR, Livvie told Jack she is sorry for the awful things she has put him through. Livvie asks Jack to stay with her, and Jack agrees. But, when Livvie drifts under the anesthesia, Jack leaves the OR and suddenly remembers that Tess is waiting and that Jack had promised to return to the cave by sunset. But, as Jack begins to leave, Deniece stops him and reminds Jack that Livvie is depending on Jack's promise that he would stay. So Jack went for coffee instead.

In the Waiting Room, Lucy meets Ian and told him that she brought Livvie to the Hospital, but has now lost her. But Ian informs Lucy that he already has Livvie in the OR. Ian then orders Lucy to stay put and promises to let Lucy know as soon as Livvie is out of danger.

But, after Ian leaves, Lucy says to herself: "That strange music - and Livvie's personality change. Something is NOT right!'

Meanwhile, Tess hides out in a supply closet and calls out for Jack when she sees him coming down the hall. But, before Jack can locate the source of the voice calling for him, Tess slips into unconsciousness beside the door of the supply closet.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Marissa arrives at Jack's Place to surprise Jamal with her new song, but finds Jamal asleep. Marissa kisses Jamal awake and urges him to listen to the new lyrics she wrote for Stephen Clay.

Meanwhile, Ricky arrives at the recording studio to speak to Manager Joshua Temple. But Ricky is shocked when Joshua comes out - informs Ricky that Joshua no longer requires Ricky's services.

At Lucy's Old Place, Rafe and Alison are enjoying a quiet evening at home. Alison apologizes to Rafe for being so distant since her mother showed up with all of her baggage, and then asks Rafe to massage her stiff neck. Just as Rafe is just beginning to enjoy giving Alison a massage, there is a sudden knock at the door. It is Lucy! Lucy announces that Livvie lost her baby and Lucy felt that Rafe and Alison needed to know about it. Rafe and Alison invite Lucy to stay for a while. However, when Alison went to get a robe and make some tea, she turns on the radio as she leaves the room - and "Naked Eyes' is playing! Rafe and Lucy BOTH startle Alsion when they BOTH order Alison to 'turn that song off' - at the same time!

Back at Jack's Place, Marissa reads her new lyrics to Jamal:


Looking in the mirror

through a newborn's eyes,

I found my ticket back here

with brand new wings to fly.

Here to finish what I started

And take my curtain call -

To cash in all my favors

and knock down all the walls.

Because I am the man you build

your dreams on,

Your Savior on the stage,

The object of your passion,

The fire that stokes

your rage -

I am the Gift that keeps on giving.

And all I ask for me

is your love and adulation -


Jamal is impressed with Marissa's words, but NOT by the fact that she is going to hand the song over to the Stephen Clay Experience. Jamal again warns Marissa that Jamal had BAD vibes about that particular band!

But Marissa quickly distracts Jamal and Jamal and Marissa soon hit the sheets.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison is shocked when Rafe and Lucy BOTH react so strongly to the sound of the Stephen Clay song that they rush to yank the plug out of the socket.

When Alison leaves the room, Rafe and Lucy compare notes on their mutual strong reaction to the song. Lucy told about hearing the song while she was in Canada and believing that she HAD to get back to Port Charles. Rafe told Lucy about hearing the same song on the train and getting an overwhelming feeling that it was imperative that Rafe return to Port Charles as quickly as possible.

Rafe then confides in Lucy his suspicion that he is getting some of his old angel powers back - at the same time that Rafe was SUPPOSED to be just a regular mortal. Rafe told Lucy about turning the yellow rose into a pink rose, and then ended up in a dream with Alison, hoping to give her some closure about her father's death.

RAFE: "Everything in this town feels a little off lately!'

Lucy then fills Rafe in on finding Livvie - who was not Livvie - a very disoriented girl, clutching a little rag doll by the side of the road. As Lucy and Rafe conclude that something strange is beginning to happen in Port Charles, Alison returns and announces that she knows what is causing it all.

Meanwhile, at the Studio, Ricky is shocked when Joshua coldly informs Ricky that the band does NOT need another musician - but they plan to NEVER let Marissa go!

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison suggests that maybe the ''on edge' feeling everyone is experiencing is because of the chaos created by Elizabeth Barrington's return to town. Alison is shocked when Lucy seems to be advising Alison to give her mother the benefit of the doubt and mend fences with Elizabeth. Lucy points out that. since Lucy's parents died when she was young, there were many unanswered questions that Lucy never got resolved. Lucy urges Alison to take this opportunity to ask Elizabeth the questions that Alison has had about her parents' distance from her. Lucy convinces Alison to make an appointment to have a talk together with Elizabeth. As Alison calls her mother, Rafe and Lucy decide that they do NOT believe that Elizabeth is THE reason for their feeling that something is amiss in Port Charles.

Meanwhile, back at the Studio, Ricky accuses Joshua of being the REAL Stephen Clay. An enraged Joshua throws Ricky out of the Studio. After Ricky is gone, Reese told Joshua that she thought Ricky was 'cute!' But Joshua coldly informs Reese that they do NOT have time for 'cute.'

Back at Jack's Place, as Marissa and Jamal talk about Marissa's new lyrics, Joshua watches them through a hidden video camera - and Joshua ALREADY has the lyrics for 'The Gift!' written down!

JOSHUA: 'Trying to keep secrets from us so soon? After how hard we have worked to take you under our -- wing! There will be NO secrets. Not from Stephen Clay!'

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

When Alison and Elizabeth take a walk in the park, Alison asks her mother a question: "Why didn't you want me?" Elizabeth answers that when she was seventeen, she fell madly in love with Malcolm Barrington. She soon became pregnant. The Barringtons wanted to pay her off so she would leave town, but Elizabeth wanted a family. After Alison was born, Malcolm began spending time in Europe. Elizabeth soon found out he was having an affair. She went to Europe to try to win him back. Malcolm came back to Port Charles, but only for a while. Before long, he was back in Europe again with Elizabeth following trying to win him back again. The cycle continued until Elizabeth figured out that she couldn't be the woman he wanted as long as she had a child to care for. She gave Alison up to hold on to the man she loved.

Elizabeth cries and begs Alison to understand. Elizabeth takes full responsibility for her actions and tries to explain to Alison how sorry she is and how ashamed she feels. She told Alison she will do anything in order to have a second chance at being Alison's mother. Alison allows her mother to hold her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is thinking, "How can I do this to my daughter again?"

Lucy finds Ian at the hospital and asks him about Livvie. Lucy is worried because Livvie seemed to strange when she found her next to the road. She wonders if she should tell Kevin about Livvie losing her baby. Ian says maybe Kevin isn't ready for that yet. He advises Lucy to wait until Kevin is better. They discuss Kevin's doctor and how wrong he was to accuse them of having an affair.

Lucy leaves to visit Livvie and Kate stops by. Kate had overheard Ian and Lucy's conversation about Kevin's doctor. She thinks the doctor is right. Ian and Lucy ARE becoming too close. Ian defends their relationship by telling Kate that they are two friends who are there for each other. No more, no less. When Kate brought up the fact that they were once more than friends, Ian told her that was a mistake and it will never happen again.

Jamal stops at the hospital to see Jack. He is surprised that Jack is being so nice to Livvie and told Jack that he thought Jack was seeing someone new. Jack told Jamal all about Tess. He told him how Tess lives in a cave in the woods and more importantly, she looks exactly like Livvie. Jamal thinks Jack is exaggerating the likeness so Jack decides to take Jamal to the cave so he can see Tess for himself. When they get to the cave, Tess is nowhere to be found. Jack told Jamal how Tess healed his broken leg. When Jamal is still unconvinced, Jack gets his camera to show Jamal her picture, but the pictures are gone.

Tess leaves the closet and begins wandering the halls at the hospital. As Tess passes outside her door, Livvie feels a chill. She asks Lucy if she felt it as well. Lucy says no. Livvie, suddenly afraid, asks Lucy to look out in the hall to see if anyone is out there. Lucy looks out, but doesn't see Tess who is hiding behind a chair.

Tess continues wandering the halls until she comes to Brennan's room. She listens as Kate cries and wishes Brennan would recover. When Kate leaves, Tess went into the room and looks at Brennan. Tentatively she touches his forehead and face as she whispers, "Better." Soon, Brennan's fingers begin to twitch.

Lucy finishes her visit with Livvie then went to find Ian. Lucy asks if they can have lunch together. Ian says he can't. She asks about dinner, but Ian informs her he has other plans. When Lucy asks about the next day, Ian says the rest of the week doesn't look good for him. He hurries away as Lucy looks confused.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

At Rafe and Alison's Place, Rafe gets some unsettling news about his future mother-in-law, from a friend.

But, when Alison and Elizabeth return from their walk in the Park, Rafe is disappointed when Alison announces that she has asked Elizabeth to stay and help prepare refreshments for Amanda and her lawyer, who are scheduled to arrive for the reading of Malcolm's will.

Rafe protests that he would like some alone-time with Alison, but Alison insists that Elizabeth stay.

At the Hospital, Jack tries to convince Jamal that there really IS a girl named Tess who lives in a cave in the woods. Jack is confident that, when Chris returns with an x-ray of Jack's leg, it will prove that Tess miraculously healed Jack's broken leg. But, when Chris returns, Chris told Jack that there is NO evidence that Jack's leg had EVER been broken.

Meanwhile, Tess is in Brennan's room, telling him that he will be better. But Tess stumbles over some of the equipment and sets off an alarm. The alarm frightens her and Tess quickly leaves.

At the same time, a nurse comes to Livvie's room to check on the patient. When Livvie wonders where Jack has gone, the nurse informs Livvie that she just saw Jack down in x-ray. Livvie becomes worried that something has happened to Jack, and Livvie leaves her room to look for Jack.

Ricky is at the Recovery Room, drowning his sorrows after his surprising encounter with Joshua. Marissa arrives and told Ricky that they need to rush right over to the band and show them Marissa's new lyrics. So Ricky fills Marissa in on the bad news that Joshua has told Ricky that the band does NOT need Ricky's services.

Back at the Hospital, Jack is shocked that there is NO evidence that his leg was ever broken, but Chris assures Jack that it is nearly impossible to misread a fracture x-ray.

After Chris leaves, Jack is surprised when Jamal suddenly told Jack he believes Jack's story about Tess. Jamal suggests that they tell Chris the whole story and see if Chris can run some more tests to see if Chris could tell what exactly DID happen with Jack's leg.

But Jack vetoes the idea, telling Jamal that Jack wants to find out WHO Tess is and IF she is connected to Livvie - BEFORE anyone else finds out about Tess.

At the same time, Livvie discovers that Jack is NOT in x-ray. But, as Livvie looks for Jack, Tess has wandered into the vicinity of Livvie's room.

Chris sees Tess, but mistakes her for Livvie. Only briefly wondering where Tess got the clothes and the hair-do, Chris escorts Tess back to Livvie's room. When Tess asks about Jack, Chris reassures her that he will send Jack to her room and that it is now time for Livvie to follow doctors' orders and stay in bed.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Elizabeth told Alison that there is something important they need to discuss about Alison's father's will. Alison tries to brush off all talk about the will, but Elizabeth told Alison she has already read the will and knows that the will leaves half of the estate to Alison and half to Elizabeth. Rafe and Elizabeth try to suggest that Alison ask Amanda to postpone the reading of the will.

But, before Elizabeth can call Amanda, a messenger brought a legal document for Alison. Alison is shocked when she reads the document and discovers that her mother is contesting her father's will.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Marissa told Ricky that she will walk out on the Stephen Clay Experience if they do NOT want Ricky. But Ricky insists that Marissa should make the most of the opportunity that the Stephen Clay Experience is offering to her.

After Ricky leaves, Marissa decides she will go see Joshua, in spite of Ricky's request that Marissa NOT confront the band manager about Ricky's earlier encounter with Joshua.

Back at the Hospital, Jamal reminds Jack that Livvie sincerely believes that she has a real reconciliation going with Jack. Jack admits that he will have to straighten Livvie out and Jack heads off to Livvie's room.

Meanwhile, in Livvie's room, Tess explores the contents of Livvie's purse, then decides to look for Jack again - and leaves the room.

In the meantime, Livvie finds Chris at the Nurses' Station and is surprised when Chris lectures Livvie, telling her that he JUST told her to stay in bed and Livvie needs to get back to bed. Livvie asks about Jack, and Chris assures her that Chris will send Jack to Livvie's room as soon as Chris runs into Jack. While Chris and Livvie talk, Tess wanders toward the Nurses' Station. After Chris leaves, Livvie tries to find Jack's file to see if Jack really is OK. Tess finally sees Livvie. But, when Livvie feels a sudden cold chill and looks around, Tess drops her doll and stoops down to pick the doll up, so Livvie does NOT see Tess.

Back at Rafe and Alison's, Alison accuses her mother of being so greedy that Elizabeth is trying to steal Alison's half of the inheritance. Elizabeth tries to tell Alsion that there is more to it than that, but Alison told her mother that what she has done in unforgivable.

Jamal arrives at the Recovery Room and Ricky soon fills Jamal in on the fact that Joshua said he did NOT want Ricky in the band - but that they would do ANYthing to hang on to Marissa. Jamal is immediately worried about his girlfriend.

At the same time, Marissa storms into Joshua's office and reads the band manager the riot act about the way he treated Ricky. But, as Marissa threatens to quit the band if they do NOT want Ricky, Marissa suddenly realizes that the song playing in Joshua's office is using some of her lyrics - lyrics that Marissa has shown ONLY to Jamal! Marissa demands to know HOW Joshua got hold of her lyrics.

Back at the Hospital, Livvie leaves the Nurses' Station to look for Jack. Tess, meanwhile, picks up her doll and wanders toward the coffee room. But an orderly knocks over a tray and the noise frightens Tess. Tess runs back to hide in the supply room.

At the same time, Livvie returns to her room and sees Jack. As Livvie hugs Jack, Tess sits in the supply room, clinging to her doll and calling for Jack.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Alison rails at her mother for using her to get her hands on Malcolm's money. Livvie told a sympathetic Jack about the cold, clammy feeling she's been experiencing lately. When Livvie begins chattering on happily about getting married, however, Jack hastily advises her not to plan any part of her future around him. Marissa accuses Joshua of stealing her lyrics, then confronts him with her suspicions about his true identity. Assuring the girl she'll meet the real Stephen in due time, Joshua urges Marissa to stay with the band and fulfill her incredible potential. Elizabeth admits to an enraged Alison that she did come to town under false pretenses because she felt she deserved every penny of Malcolm's fortune. Claiming she's had a change of heart since getting to know her daughter, Elizabeth promises to drop her lawsuit and stop contesting the will. Tess and an astonished Livvie finally come face to face. Stephen Clay introduces himself to Marissa. The reading of Malcolm's will provides shocks for both Alison and Elizabeth.

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