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Passions Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on PS
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Gwen taunts Theresa and tells her that Ethan will never go back to her. Theresa looks down for a minute and then retaliates. She tells Gwen that she is giving off mixed signals. She says Gwen is not there to gloat over winning Ethan but to warn Theresa off. Theresa says that Gwen is worried because she knows deep down in her heart that Ethan does not love her the way he loves Theresa. Theresa tells Gwen that she is insecure because she knows that Ethan does not truly love her. Ethan walks in and wants to know what the two were talking about. Gwen tells Ethan that they must leave Theresa alone so she can work. She tries to push Ethan off to bed with her. The harder she tries to get Ethan to go with her, the more he seems to find to talk to Theresa about.

Sheridan and Luis get officially engaged. As they are celebrating their love they see Antonio about to collapse. Sheridan hears him call weakly for her. She tells Luis that she must go to him. Sheridan takes Antonio into the cottage and tries to get him to go back to sleep. He wants Sheridan in bed beside him. Luis sees them in bed together and tries not to lose his temper. Antonio tells Sheridan that he wants Luis and him to be best buds again. Sheridan feels guilty knowing that their announcement will put and end to this dream.

Chad gets angry with Whitney and tells her she just picked her grandfather's dream over her love for him. He breaks it off with her.

Julian sees his wrecked car and garage and goes after Simone. She tearfully apologizes but Julian says that someone must pay. Simone gets nearly hysterical and goes on and on telling Julian about a shared vision. Julian remembers his vision of what could have been with Eve and does an about face. He tells the Russells that the accident was his fault for leaving his keys in the car and he is responsible. Everyone is baffled by Julian's actions.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Gwen wakes up to find that Ethan did not come to bed until long after she fell asleep. She is angry and jealous to find that Ethan spent most of the night helping Theresa. She tries her best to conceal her real feelings.

Ethan promises to spend the entire day with Gwen. They go past the library and see Theresa slumped over the desk in the library. Ethan goes to her and she realizes that her deadline is only minutes away. Theresa begins to panic when she can't retrieve the file she needs. Ethan comes to her aid as Gwen silently wishes that Theresa's report is in cyber hell. Ethan finds the file and Theresa kisses him as she calls him her knight in shining armor. Theresa anxiously awaits Alistair's opinion.

Gwen prays that Alistair makes her day by telling Theresa her report stinks.

Tabitha and Cracked Connie spend the morning chasing down the run away babies. Tabby worries that the one that got away will ruin her plans. The run away baby shows up in Charity's hospital room. Charity looks at the baby and says "I know who you are."

Kay almost tells Charity that she slept with Miguel. Miguel stops Kay and then upbraids her for trying to hurt Charity. Kay says that not telling Charity is a sin of omission.

Grace finds Kay on her way to Charity's room and knows that Kay is up to something. Grace demands to know when Kay will stop trying to hurt Charity and every one else. Kay says when her mother stops putting John, Charity and everyone else ahead of her. She also says that since no one else cares about her happiness she just has to look out for herself.

David and Ivy have a strategy meeting on how to go about breaking up Sam and Grace. Since David's vision of being happily married to Grace, he has decided to go after Grace. Ivy is delighted to see David working with her without reservation.

Antonio sees his grandmother's ring on Sheridan's finger and demands to know how it got there. In the meantime Luis and Beth show up with breakfast for the couple. Antonio realizes that Luis gave Sheridan the engagement ring. He then thinks Luis presented the ring to Sheridan on his behalf. He thanks his brother. Beth then gets Antonio alone and tries to talk him into a quick elopement.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Beth does her best to try to talk Antonio into eloping with Sheridan.

Beth tells Antonio to keep it a secret from everyone including his bride to be. Beth volunteers to pack secretly for Sheridan. She tells Antonio not to worry because she will take care of everything. Beth then deliberately puts a hole into Sheridan's diaphragm. She wants Sheridan to be tied to Antonio forever. The run away baby upsets Charity as Kay tries to catch it. It gives her a merry chase all over the hospital.

Reese peeks into Tabitha's house and sees Cracked Connie. He recognizes her as the doll that stole his father's sports car. He also sees three babies running around. Cracked Connie and Tabitha manage to corral them for a while.

Tabitha goes to the basement and demands that the demons tell her who the damned fourth baby belongs to. They get angry and insulted with her demands. The demons tell her she is truly witless because she has not guessed yet. They do tell her that the gene pool that the fourth baby is derived from will cause much pain and chaos.

Julian wants Eve back. Eve tries to warn Julian off but it only makes Julian want Eve more.

Alistair likes Theresa's report and congratulates her on it. Ethan congratulates her too but then goes off to lunch with Gwen. Pilar tells Theresa that she is proud of her hard work and to finally see that she has no chance with Ethan. Theresa says she is far from giving up.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Liz comes to Harmony after Sheridan's urgent phone call. Liz can't get in touch with "Diana" so she heads to the Book Cafe hoping someone can help her. Once there she spies Whitney. Even though she does not know Whitney, she can tell that Whitney is suffering from a broken heart. Liz offers Whitney friendship and advice. She does not want to see the young girl lose her love as she lost Brian.

Antonio whisks Sheridan off to a romantic inn for lunch. Sheridan does not realize that Antonio has an entire wedding planned for the two of them. Luis goes to Beth's house and she promises to make him lunch and offers him a sympathetic ear. Mrs. Wallace realizes that Beth put Antonio up to eloping. Antonio calls Beth and tries to get her and Luis to meet him at the inn so they can be witnesses for the wedding. Beth talks him out of it and Antonio hangs up before Mrs. Wallace can spoil Beth's plans.

TC is disappointed that Whitney does not seem focused on tennis. He tells her that she will never make the finals unless she stops being so distracted. Simone is helping Chad as he works at the Book Cafe. She puts on one of Chad's CDs. It is the song he wrote for Whitney. Simone comments that whoever wrote the song must have been seriously in love with the singer, never suspecting Chad wrote it for her sister. Whitney tries to make up with Chad but he says it is over.

Chad tells Whitney that she made her choice and there is nothing further to discuss. He then takes Whitney's love song out of the CD player and throws it in the trash.

Tabitha and Connie chase down the missing baby. It runs into the Book Cafe and passes right through Whitney. TC feels sorry for Tabitha and offers her help and friendship. He also tells her that she can come to him anytime if she wants to talk about Timmy. He reminds her that he is a grief counselor.

Antonio and Sheridan finish lunch and Antonio asks for their special dessert to be brought in. Sheridan is shocked to see a wedding cake being put on the table. Antonio then drops the bomb shell. They are getting married today.

Friday, September 4, 2002

Luis has a heart to heart with Liz after he gets over the shock of seeing her. Liz cannot believe that Diana is really Sheridan Crane or that Luis is engaged to her. Liz says that Luis and Sheridan had so many near misses on the island it is hard to believe that they were so close and never met face to face. Liz wants to know how Antonio is dealing with the hurt of losing Sheridan to his own brother. Luis confesses that Antonio is dying and that they cannot tell him the truth. Liz is broken hearted. Then she gets angry thinking that he is losing his life because he had to raise money for one of the richest women in the world. Liz tells Luis about the first car wreck and Luis can see how much Liz cares for his brother. Liz tells Luis how much in love the couple seemed to be when they were on the island.

Sheridan does her best to stall Antonio out of the elopement. She makes a frantic all to Luis for help. Beth intercepts the call by wetting Luis' jacket so she can have access to his cell phone. Beth deliberately erases the plea for help. Luis tells Liz that Antonio and Sheridan should be back soon. He does not understand why it is taking so long for the couple to get back.

Sheridan tries not to sign the marriage license until Antonio starts to get suspicious.

Gwen and Ethan spend the day together. Ethan tells Gwen that the worst is behind them. He then goes looking for an engagement ring. Whitney visits Theresa in her new office at Crane Industries.

Whitney tells Theresa her woes about Chad. When she tells Theresa how Chad threw the CD with their love song in the trash her voice cracks and she breaks down and cries.

Sheridan signs the marriage license and prays silently for Luis to rescue her.

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