One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on OLTL

Gabrielle turned down Todd's proposition. Jessica signed adoption papers. Natalie saw Al standing up. Enraged at Troy, Lindsay chained him to a wall and refused to take him to a doctor after a poisonous spider bite. Gabrielle tried to bribe Bo.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, February 18, 2002

Lindsay is distraught when she learns that Troy has tricked her into a taped confession and that he doesn't love her. Enraged by the realization that Troy loves Nora instead, Lindsay grabs the nearby crowbar and hits Troy over the head.

Al's excitement over the return of feeling to his legs quickly dissipates when he overhears Jen tell Cristian that she must stay with Al until he can walk again. Al decides not to share his good news, and he gives Jen his grandmother's "magic" shawl.

Keri celebrates the apparent truce between R.J. and Antonio, but Antonio secretly alerts Hank to R.J.'s potential criminal activities after receiving a tip that a drug drop is planned at Club Capricorn. The cops shatter the incoming crates but find that the cartons only contain Keri's gift of champagne to R.J., and Antonio realizes that R.J. has tricked him.

Gabrielle tries to bribe Bo with a feast, but Asa interrupts the evening. Bo believes that Asa wants to get out of his community service, but Gabrielle knows differently.

Sam shows Nora videos of Matthew and gives her back her memories, and Ben asks them for Troy's whereabouts.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Troy finally got Lindsay to confess to giving Nora the drug that erased her memory. He then turned his back on Lindsay and she hit him with a crow bar. She puts Troy in handcuffs and hits him, telling him to wake up. Lindsay badgers Troy to tell her where the tape is that has her confession on it and Troy tells her he would rather die than tell her. She raises the crow bar as if to hit and maybe kill him.

Nora tries to call Troy again and tells him she is very worried. Of course he can't answer his phone because Lindsay has him tied up. She continues to worry that she is unable to reach him.

R.J. set Antonio up to think there was going to be an illegal delivery at his club. When the police came it was a gift from Keri for R.J.'s opening; Antonio threw it on the floor not knowing this. Antonio and Bo are at the station talking about the set up. Antonio tells Bo he does not know what this will do to his relationship with Keri and she walks in and tells Antonio they can talk about it now. They start talking about what happened at the opening of R.J.'s club. R.J. walks in; interrupts and says he is there with his daughter to find out what happened in his club last night. He tells Bo and Antonio that he wants a public apology and the promise that something like that will never happen again. Antonio promises R.J. to do what he wants. Antonio then apologizes to R.J. in front of Keri.

Al begins to have feelings in his legs and is excited to tell Jen the news. Only Jen and Cris arrive at the gatehouse and Al sees them kissing and hears Jen tell Antonio she cannot leave Al as long as he cannot walk. Al saw them kiss and overheard their conversation; went to the door and asked them to come in; he has something to tell Jen only when Cris and Jen seemed preoccupied Al decided not to tell them about the feeling coming back into his legs. Jen comes downstairs the next morning and Al and Jen talk about her living there Al tells her she would not be there if he could walk and Jen protests this is not true. Al tells Jen he has something to tell her. Jen interrupts him, telling about the kiss she and Cris shared the night before; Al tells her he already knows about it. He decides not to tell Jen he has feelings in his legs.

Starr has the TV on and Blair overhears about a cutest baby contest and exclaims they should enter Jack, much to Starr's disgust.

Everyone is gathering at Viki's for Jessica's formal adoption party. Natalie tells Jessica that today they will become real sisters and can share everything. Cris and Seth come into the room. They all talk about Jessica's adoption. Al and Jen arrive at the party.

Asa arrives to be the "waiter" for the evening as part of this community service; Todd harasses him and Ben tells Todd to stop. Al approaches Asa in the kitchen and tells Asa he wants him to sign papers rescinding his adoption that he wants to be Al Holden again. Asa is stunned.

Todd meets Natalie for the first time and warns her not to hurt Jessica. Natalie then gives Jessica a present a journal for her writing. Nora comes with the adoption papers saying that Judge Fitzwater is on her way. As Viki and Jessica get ready to sign the adoption papers, Roxy bursts into the room telling Jessica not to sign the papers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

At the abandoned funhouse, Troy taunts Lindsay as she thinks about killing him but he knows she can't do it. Her confession is safe and secure; he wants her to turn herself in to the police. Lindsay will not go to prison, she spits. She will find the remote tape and destroy it. After thinking about where the tape could be, she realizes it's probably at Troy's place. As she searches him for his key, he offers to stick by her at the police station. He tries to sway her by telling her what a wonderful new life she'll have, full of trust. She hesitates slightly but grabs the keys, crying that he has ruined her future and her dream. She will have to leave him there while she looks for the tape, she informs him, but it's his own fault. After Lindsay takes off, Troy struggles to get free, promising Nora that he will get the proof to her in some way.

Keri and Antonio have both made decisions regarding their future together. They both have decided to remain together because they love each other. Keri realizes that Antonio is a cop and was only doing his job. She also appreciates that Antonio apologized to her father. They make plans to meet later and once Keri leaves the police station, Antonio arranges for a delivery to R.J.

Max stops by Capricorn where he and R.J. talk about the police at the previous night's opening. R.J. is thrilled that Antonio was the one who looked like a fool. Besides, he knows that Keri and Antonio will never be together again, especially since Keri viewed the whole incident. The men joke over the coincidence of the whole thing and the phony tip that led to it all. Keri drops by and praises R.J. for pressing charges over the phony bust. As the two are speaking a delivery man arrives with a package for R.J. It's a replacement of Keri's broken gift. Believing it's from Keri, R.J. thanks her but she denies all knowledge of it. He opens the card and is enraged to find it's from Antonio. Keri informs her father that she has a date later that night. She stands by Antonio for apologizing and replacing the gift and wonders who originated the phony tip and why. After she takes off, an incensed R.J. growls that Antonio hasn't begun to pay yet.

Roxanne stops the adoption ceremony but Jess defends her to everyone as several of the attendees try to usher her out. She only wants to make sure that Jess gets everything she's entitled to, she says. Jess informs her that she's doing it because she loves Viki. The papers are finally signed and Roxy snaps pictures. She wants a drink but Jess tries to prevent her from that as Ben explains to Viki that he ran some tests on Roxanne and she has hypoglycemia. He also quickly informs her that Jess was tested and is alright. He suggests that Roxy stop by the clinic to get more testing done but she announces that she only wants to say goodbye since she can't bear going to the free clinic. Jess is concerned and tells her she'll stop by later. Viki realizes she knows nothing about Jess' medical history while a nearby Blair realizes the same about Jack. She thinks Nellie should be tested but Todd claims to already know everything about the baby. He'll take care of any medical records. Viki confides to Natalie that she's had breast cancer so she must be aware of testing for that. She's also happy that Nat has seemingly accepted the relationship between Jess and Seth. Asa can't believe that Roxanne is Jess' real mother. Bo tells Asa that he's willing to supervise his community service at the police station. Natalie commends Cris for being there for Jess though he admits it's difficult because of Jen's presence. Al requests that Jen get him a drink and wheels over to Cris while she's gone. He quietly tells Cris that he knows everything because Jen told him all. He warns Cris to stay away from Jen as she only gets upset when she sees him. He agrees and then politely asks Al how his physical therapy is going. He hopes Al can walk again soon, he says. Nora asks Jen if she has a telephone number for Lindsay and Troy but Jen doesn't know how to get in touch with them, though they both seemed to be acting strangely before they left. Nora reminds Jen that she loves Sam. Al leaves the party early.

Lindsay lets herself into Troy's loft and frantically searches for the tape while at the funhouse, Troy continues to try to break free from the handcuffs. Suddenly, Lindsay finds the tape and yells- she's won!

Asa warns Roxy not to mess with the Buchanan family after she tries to get him to give her a drink. Natalie, appearing skeptical over Roxy's statements has followed and warns her of the same. Roxy tells her how much nicer Jess is and that's why Seth likes her better. Once outside, she places a quick call to Allison to inform her that Jess is now a Buchanan and that she "smells money." Natalie whines to Cris about Seth but Cris thinks he's changed. Jen suggests that Nat get her stuff out of the carriage house.

Back at the carriage house Al receives a call from Max and lies about his wonderful news. He's received an award at school but doesn't want to celebrate. He does some quick research on his computer about regaining the use of his legs and realizes he needs strength to build up his limbs. He stands by himself but recalling the conversation between Jen and Cris getting back together once Al can walk, he abruptly sits down.

Once back at the police station, Bo gets a promise from Antonio that he will stay on R.J. but hopes that no one will get hurt.

Lindsay smells victory but playing the tape, she learns that it only contains Troy's medical dictation regarding his patients. As she begins to turn the loft upside down, Cris walks in and wonders what she's doing.

After everyone leaves, Viki tells Nat how proud she is of her but once she spies Seth and Jess getting cozy she storms off for the carriage house. As Al stands up and takes a couple of steps, Nat walks in. Jen hasn't returned yet as she's returned to Llanfair to pick up her forgotten purse.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Cris finds Lindsay searching Troy's loft frantically. He says that he heard voices and came to check it out. He tries to call the police about the apparent "burglary." Lindsay confesses that it was her who made the mess. While he helps her straighten up the apartment, Lindsay comes up with a story that Troy discovered that his passport was missing and she was trying to find it. Cris seems concerned and asks if she's all right, she says sure, just will he do something for her. She asks him not to tell Jen about her coming back because as far as she knows, she's getting married right now. Before she leaves, Lindsay tells Cris that she has to go stop Troy- err the plane and that it's her wedding day; the happiest day of her life.

At the Llanfair carriagehouse, Natalie is stunned when she discovers Al standing up a step away from his wheelchair. He down plays the importance of this accomplishment, but Natalie is overjoyed and wants to tell everyone. Al tells her that it was a fluke and that it's his problem. Natalie leaves to go tell Jen and Jessica when Al stops her.

Blair, baby Jack and Todd arrive at the newspaper to be met by Gabrielle. She gloats about her blackmailing and in return, Blair tells her that reason behind the blackmailing is that she's jealous of the love in their family. Gabrielle decides to give Blair the letter about Jack. Blair opens it, only to find a picture of her at the Capricorn opening. She throws it away and both of them shove Gabrielle out of the office. Todd tells Blair that he has a plan in store for Gabrielle.

At the Manning's, Starr complains about the attention that baby Jack receives, and not her. She decides to make them notice her. She picks up the phone and calls Blair's cell phone. When Blair answers, Starr acts frightened and tells her that she's worried and Blair needs to come home, and hangs up. Blair leaves to find out what's going on. At home, Starr tells Blair that she saw a big scary man at the window and she was afraid. After she calms Starr down, Blair grills the nanny about her whereabouts when this was happening. The nanny tells her that she was doing the laundry, but Blair is still angry. Later, the nanny tells Starr that she knows that there was no man. Starr says, "There was, if you want to keep your job."

Outside Al's, Max meets Jen. They talk about Al's condition and about the surprise that Al must have told her. Jen recalls no surprise and Max guesses that it must be academic and that he probably just ruined it. Max tells her that no accomplishment would have been possible without her by Al's side.

Jen walks in on Natalie and Al. Natalie tries to blurt out the news, but Al creates a story about getting a paper published in a scholar magazine. He sends Jen away to fill a prescription and tells Natalie that he didn't tell Jen because he wants to confirm with a doctor first. Natalie finally figures out why he hasn't told Jen and runs off to tell Cristian. Afterward, Al frantically tries to call Cris and catch him before Natalie does. After no answer, Jen arrives and he tells her that they need to go to Cristian's.

After Blair leaves, Todd tells Gabrielle that he has a job for her. He hands her a one-way ticket to Australia for her new job in another fashion department. Gabrielle knows that Todd is in the habit of send people away, and never coming back. He sends her out again and Max arrives to place an ad in the newspaper. Gabrielle convieniently walks back in and makes Todd leave. Max asks Gabrielle if she can forgive Jen for being the cause of Al's paralysis. She agrees.

At the Break Bar, Seth informs Al and Jen that the elevator is being used to cart goods and will be unavailable for 5-10 min. Al is becoming almost hysterical while Natalie meets Cris upstairs and tells him that she has some important news.

At the Fun House, Troy struggles with his bindings. He notices a poisonous black spider crawling on his arm, which continues to move across his body. He tells it that nothing will hurt it and he will remain quiet. When the spider reaches his bare chest, Lindsay charges in questioning about the tape. The spider bites Troy and he flinches with pain.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Troy was bitten by a black widow spider and told Lindsay "now she will also be charged with his murder." After he starts feeling ill from the spider bite, he begs Lindsay to take him to the doctor. She almost freed his hands and realized he may be lying to trick her. Lindsay decided to make Troy an offer, his life for her taped confession. Troy said, "He would rather take his chances with the spider." Lindsay believes the tape is at the hospital. Troy begs her to take him to the hospital. Lindsay says first she's going to search his office. When she comes back if he still needs a doctor, she'll pay for his cab ride to the hospital. Troy tells her "she can save the cab, he'll need a hearse."

As Natalie attempts to tell Cristian about Al, they are interrupted. Once Cristian's visitor leaves, Natalie begins to tell Cristian that Al has been faking everyone out. Al and Jen arrived before Natalie could spill the secret about Al. Al asks to speak to Natalie alone and Cristian asks to speak with Jen alone. Natalie taunts Al about Jen and Cristian being alone together. Al begs Natalie to keep his secret, he says it could benefit her as well as him. Natalie tells Al what he's doing isn't right, but after much begging Al finally convinces Natalie to keep his secret.

Ben and Nora are each looking for Troy. While in Troy's office, Ben talks about the relationship between Nora's son Matthew and Troy. Ben becomes uppset that Troy went away without telling anyone where he was going. Ben also notices that Troy left the wedding present he brought for Lindsay. In the meantime, Ben finds the file he was looking for and leaves. Nora stays behind to find information on Troy whereabouts on his computer. While searching Troy's computer, Nora finds an itinerary, she asks herself "Troy, where are you." As Lindsay is about to enter Troy's office she sees Nora at his computer.

Jessica arrived at Break Bar to find Seth still working. She decides to help out in order for them to have their "date." She says, "This is her way of saying thank you for her valentine gift." Seth says, "Thanks wasn't necessary since she deserved it."

Carlotta is looking through the personals in the newspaper trying to find Antonio a new woman. At the diner Carlotta tells Viki how glad she is that Antonio has moved on with his life and is no longer dating Keri Reynolds, R.J.'s daughter, and then she leaves to bring Antonio some food.

Ben and Viki talk about the Troy and Lindsay and the fact that Troy cannot be found. Viki jokingly says she can't imagine the torture Lindsay has in store Troy as his wife.

Antonio and Keri are basking the next morning in the after glow of their lovemaking. Antonio tells Keri in Spanish that, "she is not just a part of his life, but a part of his soul." She admits that she feels the same way. She also admits how bad she felt when they were apart. They make a promise never to let any one come between them again. Carlotta walks in on them.

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