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A sniper tracked Ryan. David remembered a conversation that he'd had with Vanessa about heart attack victims. Jake and Greenlee discussed their feelings for each other while trapped together on an island. Vanessa drugged Maggie. Dixie decided to leave town so that she could secretly carry her baby to term.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, February 18, 2002

Ryan returns home, and is once again interrupted by Kendall. After ignoring her invitation to some Chinese takeout, he walks into his room and finds it ransacked. Kendall follows him, and notices the room in disarray. She acts concerned about Hayley, but Ryan assures her that he moved Hayley, because he thought this might happen. He immediately accuses Chris. She plays the devil's advocate, and asks him what if it's not Chris. He tells her that he knows it is, and he storms out of the room. Just before leaving, however, Kendall tells him that he should stay away from Hayley and Mateo.

Chris pays Mateo a visit in his cell. Chris says that he knows Mateo's not a drug runner, but he also knows Mateo has information to help bring down Proteus. He wants Mateo to give it up. Mateo isn't buying it, and tells Chris to get him out of there. Chris tells Mateo that there's a hit out on him, and he's safer in jail then out of jail. Chris thinks Mateo's hiding something, and Ryan knows about it. Mateo tells Chris that if he wants him to believe him, he's going to have to prove that he's not Proteus. Chris says he can do that, and he pulls out a brown paper bag and hands it to Mateo.

Vanessa pays Leo a visit, under the pretense that she forgot her gloves. She acts concerned, as she notices how down he is. He tells her that Greenlee set sail with Jake, and Vanessa begins to comfort him. Leo tells her that he doesn't need motherly love right now. She puts down Greenlee and Jake, and tells Leo that she's not good enough for him anyway. Leo briefly turns his back, and says, "No." He's convinced Greenlee's still in love with him, and he still loves her. With his back turned, Vanessa pulls Greenlee's engagement ring out of her pocket, and places it on the table. When Leo turns around, she shows it to him. Seeing that Greenlee apparently left her engagement ring, makes Leo even more depressed, and he walks out of the room.

Trapped in the boat, Jake begins looking for a way out. Greenlee is slowly beginning to revive herself, and he tells her what Vanessa did. She wants to sleep more, but he tells her if she does she will die. Jake realizes they're sinking, and looks for where the water is coming from. While doing this, he gets Greenlee to stay awake by singing. Later, they reminisce about their past dates. When Jake finally gets the door open with a crowbar, water rushes in, engulfing both of them.

After Chris leaves, Mateo takes the now-empty brown paper bag, rolls it up, and shoves it under his bed. The guard watches this suspiciously, and the moves to a pay phone to make a call.

After Ryan leaves, Kendall begins to wonder what he was hiding and starts looking around his room. When she hears the door, however, she runs into the bathroom to hide. Chris walks in, and looks around. He calls his associates on his cell phone, and acts upset when they tell him they didn't find anything in Ryan's room. There was also no sign of Hayley. Chris shuts his phone, and hears Kendall sigh in the bathroom. He finds her and drags her out. He tells her that she could be in real trouble, but he has a proposition for her instead. He offers her $5 thousand to spy on Ryan and tell him what Ryan knows about Hayley and Mateo. He convinces her that Ryan could be in trouble if he continues to work with them. Kendall understands this, and begins to consider it, until Ryan enters the room. Ryan asks him what he's there for, and he comes clean and tells Ryan that his men were the ones who broke in. Ryan begins to kick him out, until Kendall asks Chris to tell Ryan the real reason he was there. She then proceeds to tell Ryan about Chris' offer, leaving nothing out. Ryan doesn't appear to surprised, as he accuses Chris of getting someone else to do his dirty work. Chris gets serious, and tells Ryan that if he stays involved he could wind up, "toe-tagged and body-bagged." After Chris leaves, Ryan asks Kendall why she didn't accept the offer. She says she's worried about him, and she agrees with Chris that he should stay away from Mateo and Hayley. She tells him that she just doesn't want to see anything bad happen to him.

After Leo leaves the room, Vanessa's cell phone rings. She disguises her voice as Proteus before answering. It's the guard at Mateo's cell. He tells her that Chris was there, trying to find information to blow her cover. She tells him that soon Mateo's life isn't going to be worth living, and to proceed with their plan. After hanging up, Leo returns to the room. She tries to get him to forget about Greenlee, but he tells her that they're still in love with each other. He knows it. She tells him that they could go back to what they were doing before, looking for that next pot of gold. She informs him about a count in Madrid, and how he's rolling in Euros. She even shows him the plane tickets, and tells him they could be there by tomorrow. Leo appears to consider it for a moment, but then tells her no. He says that he loves Greenlee and he's going to get her back. He vows to track her down and win her over. He storms out of the loft. After he's gone, Vanessa gets upset and says that he can't fight for someone who's already dead.

Jake and Greenlee arrives the shore of an apparently isolated location. He begins to give Greenlee rescue breathing until she spits up water and begins breathing on her own. He is happy, until he realizes she's still unconscious. Meanwhile, in her unconscious state of mind, Greenlee begins to have a fantasy. She is on a deserted island, and is dressed like Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island. In the dream, Greenlee wonders what is going on.

The guard walks up to Mateo's cell, and offers him a blueberry muffin and some coffee. At first, Mateo refuses, but when the guard tells him that he doesn't believe Mateo's a killer, Mateo relents, and accepts. Later, after finishing, the guard asks Mateo about Chris' visit. Mateo tells him not to worry about Stamp, as he hands the guard over the empty bag and coffee cup. The guard says, "What if I want to worry about him." He then pulls a switchblade from his pocket, and thrusts it into Mateo's stomach one time. Mateo collapses to the floor, as the guard steps back and closes the cell.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

At The Pit, a bar outside of Pine Valley, Opal nags Erica as she shows up late for a meeting she requested. Erica says better Opal than her to wait at the dingy bar. Erica asks her pal how her daughter is. Opal says that Bianca has been going to school, but thanks to the Maggie situation, she's been upset. Erica brainstorms and realizes Maggie is the way to get back on Bianca's good graces. After all, Mary Margaret is a lot less annoying than Mary Frances was. Opal thinks her plan will backfire. Erica sees a male looking like Chris sit down and Opal accuses her of meeting at the bar to possibly catch Stamp there. Erica assures her that she's only concerned about Bianca. Ms. Kane quizzes Opal on Maggie's whereabouts. Opal admits that Maggie came to look for things in her late sister's room. Erica hightails it to Opal's house.

At Opal's, Bianca slowly creeps into Frankie's old room and stares at the spot where she found her would-be lover. She flashes back to the moment that she found Frankie on the floor. Bianca looks up and sees a just-awaken Maggie looking at her. Bianca apologizes for disturbing her. Maggie says that it must be weird seeing her in Frankie's old room. She also admits to coming to Frankie's old room to feel a little closer to her twin. She admits that the room seems like Frankie and even smells like her. Bianca tells her the scent is amber. Frankie never knew what the scent was and never asked. Bianca tells Maggie that all of Frankie's things except the book of sonnets were taken to the police station after her murder. Maggie mentions that Frankie liked to write things on the margins of books as notes. Bianca says there are no notes in the book. Maggie notices that the book has circle marks on the page following the one that was ripped. She remembers Frankie would sometimes send messages to her in code when their mother told them to be quiet. Bianca agrees to go to the bookstore before it closes to get a copy of the book of sonnets Frankie had. Bianca asks if Frankie would have been glad they met. Maggie isn't sure, she didn't know her sister like Bianca did. Bianca says they both knew Frankie, only differently. After Bianca leaves, Erica arrives to talk to Maggie. The teen allows Erica to come in--Ms. Kane has already hid all the evidence in the murder. Erica wants to apologize for her actions, and Maggie wants to know what's in it for Ms. Kane. Maggie accuses Erica of hating Frankie because she couldn't accept Bianca's sexuality. Erica says she simply despised Frankie. However, she never wished her dead. Erica mentions that Frankie confessed to conning Bianca before her death and it could be why she was killed. Bianca walks in and blasts her mom for once again insulting Frankie in her grave. Maggie admits her sister was no saint. Bianca asks her mother to leave. Erica tells Maggie that she will offer whatever assistance she may need. Bianca pulls out the sonnet book and the ladies compare the letters. Maggie calls out "V" and "A", and then pauses. She then calls out "T-M-L-Q-R" and says that she must not have been trying to send a message after all. Maggie asks Bianca to leave so she can have some time alone. After Bianca's out of the room, Maggie goes back to the book and realizes the code actually reads " evil."

A guard walks Hayley to Mateo's cell, and they find him laid out on the ground, stabbed. Hayley tries to revive her husband, who immediately wakes up. He reveals that the knock on his head is real, but the stab wound isn't--Chris gave him a vest to protect himself. Hayley asks why Stamp would protect him. Chris arrives and says that the guard who stabbed Mat will lead them to Proteus. Minutes later, Chris comes back with Kiefer, the guard who stabbed Mat. Both Mat and Chris threaten the dirty guard to give them what they want--the identity of Proteus. Before he can confess, he has a massive coronary and dies. Hayley thinks everything is a little too convenient. She suggests to Mateo not to trust Stamp. Mat says he believes the FBI agent, but will be keeping his eye on him. Stamp recalls that Sweeney died the exact same way Keifer did--a sudden massive coronary out of nowhere. Chris thinks that if they can find one recent heart attack victim that survived, they can lead him to Proteus. Stamp orders a list of every heart attack victim in Pine Valley. Hayley wants her husband released now, but Stamp says that there's no way it can happen. Mat is their only link to find the identity of Proteus. Mat has no problem staying, but Hayley is scared that her husband could be killed while doing Chris' undercover work.

Leo meets up with Richard Cuneo, the guy who sold the boat to Jake. Leo will say or pay anything for information on where Jake and Greenlee went. Richard reveals that Jake wanted to head South. However, he was in a hurry to get the boat, despite the fact it still needed major repairs. Furthermore, the galley was not stocked with any food. Leo finds that "so not Jake" and heads back to Greenlee's pad.

Vanessa makes a call at Greenlee's to one of her henchmen to verify that Jake and Greenlee will not be found. After hanging up with her thug, Palmer visits to boast that their divorce will be finalized as soon as he can bribe a judge to speed it up. And even better, the murderess won't be getting a dime from him. Vanessa tells her soon-to-be-ex that she's been cleared of Larry's murder--it was a heart attack. Palmer thinks Vanessa caused the attack and is getting out of their marriage before she does the same to him. After Palmer leaves, Vanessa whispers that she doesn't need the old coot's cash. Leo arrives and asks his mother why she's still at Greenlee's. She's worried about her youngest son. Leo reveals that he met up with the guy who sole Jake the boat and that the organized Jake had nothing set up regarding the boat. Vanessa suggests he was in a hurry to steal Greenlee away from him and Ms. Smythe was in a hurry to sail off with Martin. She suggests he take her up on her offer to go to Spain. Leo refuses and vows to force Greenlee to "break it off with him" to his face.

Jake and Greenlee land on a deserted island. Greenlee lapses in and out of consciousness, dreaming she's Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island." She runs into Erica "the movie star." Greenlee's insulted that she's not the movie star. Palmer "the millionaire" and "his wife" Vanessa arrive along with Dr. Joe "the Skipper" and Leo (a.k.a. "Gilligan") advising "Mary Ann" to relax. She finds Jake and begs her to get them off the island. Jake "the Professor" insists that they're stuck. Leo wants to show Greens everything he knows about hammocks. Vanessa insists she go with her so she can kill her. Everyone's amused, but Greenlee says "the millionaire's wife" is serious. Vanessa suggests "Mary Ann" sleep forever. Greenlee won't sleep for the "psycho." Erica insists that Vanessa is "and his wife." Greenlee begs for someone to believe Vanessa is after her. Vanessa assures her that she's listening--and asks for her husband to hand her a needle out of her purse. "Mary Ann" begs for help. Both "Gilligan" and "the Professor" agree to help--in exchange for "exclusive connubial rights." They beg her to choose between them. It's not fair "Mary Ann" yells--she's already chosen. Vanessa says she chose wrong and now she's going to die because of it. Greenlee realizes that she doesn't need anyone to save her--she saves herself by slugging "the wife."

As Greenlee is dreaming, Jake is trying to revive the love of his life. After defeating Vanessa in her dream, Greenlee finally awakens. Jake is thankful Greenlee is okay. The doc assures Ms. Smythe that nothing will happen to her and that he loves her so much. Greenlee remains speechless after his announcement.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

In David's hotel room Anna waited naked in bed while David argued on the telephone. When he hung up he was quite upset, and told Anna that the Martins are brining him up on a board inquiry. Anna tried to calm him down but he was irate. A knock on the door interrupted them and when David opened the door he found Dixie. She asked to speak to him alone and David asked Anna to leave the room. She quickly got dressed and left the room, but not very happily. David shut the door and reminded Dixie that she must have an abortion. She refused and said she loves this baby. David told her she'd die if she tries to carry the baby to term. Dixie begged David to keep her secret from everyone she loves and to help her have her baby. She told him she was going to go away until the baby was born but David told her she'd need the help of her family to get through this. She said she didn't want anyone to know and that she just wanted David to send her to the best doctor he knew so she can get the care she needs. David said that was like signing her death certificate and that he won't take that risk with her life. Dixie said she was willing to give up her life for this baby and finally David agreed to help her, but on his terms. He wanted to go away with her and be her doctor. David said it wasn't about his feelings for her, it was about her needing him as her doctor. She said if they left Pine Valley together Tad would get suspicious and track her down. David tried to convince her but she said she had to do this alone. He told Dixie that he owes her so much, for showing him that he could be a better person and he finally agreed to do as she asked. David said there is a clinic in Zurich that will take her if he asks them to. Dixie was very appreciative and smiled as she said "There's hope for you yet!." He promised to keep her secret and that he'd get her files to the clinic by this afternoon. She thanked him and said that this was goodbye. They shared a hug and then Dixie reached up to touch David's face. He said they'd see each other again. Dixie told him to be happy and he said he would be as long as he knew she was well. They hugged again as Anna returned in the doorway.

Chris Stamp was at the hospital and asked Joe to let him look at the files of any heart attack victims. Joe finally agreed and told Chris to meet him in his office in half an hour. When they met up again Chris also asked for David Hayward's patient list. Joe asked why but Chris said he couldn't tell him yet. Joe agreed and left to get it. He returned with the list and gave Chris time to look at it. Joe left the office and Anna bumped into Chris. She wondered what he was up to, and asked if he was trying to prove that David is Proteus. Chris just laughed and walked away.

Vanessa was in the loft on her cell phone, furious that Mateo was still alive. The person she was talking to told her they saw Chris and Mateo working together and Vanessa said "That will never last." She told the person to "just do it!!" and then demanded to know where "the shipment" is, saying "I should be long gone by now!." She hung up the phone, grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. As she opened it she found Chris Stamp standing there. He said he'd come to see Leo but since Leo wasn't home he'd like to chat with Vanessa. She tried to weasel out of it but Chris walked on in. He asked if she knew whether Larry her chauffeur had any heart problems and Vanessa just laughed, saying she didn't discuss health issues with her chauffeur. Chris then asked if David and Larry had any dealings together. She laughed again and said "Stranger things have happened on the high seas!", and said that was an inside joke. She then asked Chris if it was true about Mateo Santos but Chris just ignored her. He told her to call him if she thought of anything he should know and he left. Vanessa walked around the loft and said to herself that she has to find out what Chris really wants. Chris went to a phone and made a call, saying Proteus would be behind bars within a week.

Maggie sat in Frankie's room and tried to figure out the message from the book of sonnets. Bianca walked in and saw the book and asked Maggie why she stole it. Maggie said she didn't know why she took it, maybe it was to try to understand Frankie's death better. Bianca told her she was lying. Maggie said Bianca was just like her mother and that maybe if it hadn't been for Bianca Frankie might still be alive. The girls argued and Bianca threw out a parting shot regarding Maggie's lack of a relationship with her own sister and then left the room. Maggie shut the door and then said out loud to Frankie that she was sorry she had to hurt Bianca that way. She grabbed the sheet of paper with the clues on it and left the room. She went to the hospital and tried to find David. She ran into Anna who told Maggie that David was in a conference but could she help. Maggie said no and left the hospital.

Mia went to the hospital to find Jake and was told he was late coming in. Leo showed up and they compared notes on when they last saw Jake and Greenlee. Leo told Mia that they might be together on Jake's boat. Mia said Vanessa had encouraged Jake to sail away with Greenlee but that Jake said he didn't want to, that the two of them were going away together. Mia cried "He lied to me!!" but Leo said no way, that was so not Jake. Joe walked by and said he hadn't seen Jake since yesterday but was expecting him in to testify against David. Leo said this was getting weirder and weirder. Leo and Mia went to a bar to discuss the situation. Leo said that Jake is the most dependable guy around, that he'd never do this to Mia. Mia said he was forgetting one thing, love. She said love makes even practical people like Jake break rules. She wondered if there really was something between Jake and Greenlee, which disturbed Leo. They left the bar and Leo returned to the loft where Vanessa was waiting for him. Leo asked his mother for the airplane tickets and Vanessa was thrilled, believing that it meant Leo was going to Europe with her. Leo had other plans however.

Maggie stood outside the loft, holding the paper with Frankie's clues which said Vanessa EVIL.

On the island Jake watched Greenlee sleep. She woke up and Jake went to her side and held her. She told him about a dream she had that was just like Gilligan's Island. Greenlee said she remembered waking up and hearing Jake say he didn't know what he'd do if he lost her. "Is that true?" she asked. Jake said it didn't matter and told her they're lost and that he doesn't know where they are. Greenlee thanked him for saving her life and then realized her engagement ring was missing. She went crazy looking for it and then said she had to find her cell phone so she could call Leo. Jake gave her a disgusted look. Greenlee said she had to warn Leo about his mother. Jake told Greenlee that Vanessa had drugged him too and that while they were on this island he was making up the rules. And number one was that he didn't want to hear about Leo or his mother. He then asked Greenlee if she was stranded on a deserted island who would she want with her: him or Leo. He kissed her and Greenlee pulled back. Jake said they weren't going to waste their time thinking about Leo. He listed all of his own good points and then listed all of Leo's bad points. Greenlee was surprised at Jake's attitude. He said he was going to get them off the island and began to gather wood for a bonfire. Greenlee stood up to help but then fainted. Jake held her until she came to then told her to sleep. She said she was afraid to dream again. She told Jake that she had dreamt earlier that he said he loved her. Greenlee wondered if that was real and Jake admitted that it was. Greenlee said she felt safe with Jake and he put his arms around her and kissed her.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Hayley and Mateo meet Chris at a bar. Chris informs them he has narrowed down the Proteus search to two suspects: David and Vanessa. Hayley has heard enough. She tells Chris that Mateo is through risking his life. They are no longer going to be involved in the Proteus investigation. Hayley leaves and Mateo reluctantly follows.

Chris receives a phone call where he learns that there were similar needle marks on both Sweeney and Mateo's prison guard. He wonders if their heart attacks were both induced. Meanwhile, Hayley and Mateo are outside the bar talking about their encounter with Chris. Hayley realizes that Mateo is getting a rush from living on the edge. She knows that he will never be able to go back to just serving drinks at SOS. They go back in and tell Chris they will give him the computer disc as long as they can remain involved with the case. Simone overhears the exchange.

Anna comes to David's hotel room in time to see David and Dixie in an embrace. Dixie thanks David for everything he has done for her, then leaves. Anna can barely contain her rage. She came to give David a piece of information, but she's changed her mind. She's sick and tired of seeing him fawn over a woman like Dixie. David stops Anna from leaving and manages to tell her he's sorry. Anna can't believe her ears. Did David actually utter those words? She tells David she is through fighting with him. They kiss and make up.

Dixie returns home to talk with JR. She starts by telling him what it felt like when she was pregnant with him. How excited she was to bring him into the world. JR is more interested in finishing a school report then listening to Dixie ramble, until she tells him she is leaving. He is angry and doesn't understand why she feels the need to go to Europe. JR angrily stalks out, slamming the door behind him.

Jake asks Greenlee who she would want to be stranded with on a deserted island. She says him, of course, and they kiss. After the kiss, Greenlee is ready to start generating some body heat. Jake pulls away saying they need to gather wood to make a bonfire. When Greenlee persists, Jake tells her it is taking every ounce of resolve he has not to give in. He thinks that if he lets it go any further, he will be taking advantage of her and their situation. In an effort worthy of a Survivor episode, Jake begins to rub sticks together to start a bonfire.

Vanessa presents Leo with tickets for them to go to Barcelona when Maggie appears at the door with Frankie's book of sonnets. She waves it at Vanessa saying she may have something Vanessa would be interested in. Leo leaves, and Maggie informs Vanessa that she has cracked Frankie's code. She knows exactly what Frankie was trying to say about Vanessa. Vanessa tries to justify her actions by saying she never meant for Frankie to die, it was just a tragic mistake. Maggie realizes that there is more to Vanessa's plan then just conning Erica. She begins to fear for her life when Vanessa pulls out a syringe and holds it to her neck. Maggie manages to knock the syringe away and bites Vanessa's hand.

Leo goes to a bar looking for the guy who sold the boat to Jake. The guy is drunk, but Leo still tries to ask him where Jake might have gone. A girl comes in and introduces herself to Leo as Kate Hale, the pilot he chartered. She quotes Leo a price and asks for cash or certified check. Leo has neither, so he offers her the tickets to Spain. Kate spins on her heel and walks out. Leo catches her outside the door and to convince her, tells her a story about his sister leaving without her asthma medication. He promises to take Kate with him to Barcelona after they find Greenlee. Kate tells him how lucky Greenlee is to have such a devoted brother.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Greenlee and Jake, hoping to be rescued soon, start a small fire to keep warm. They hear a plane flying overhead and light the signal bonfire. The plane continues on its flight path and Greenlee is disappointed the plane didn't see the fire. Jake tries to comfort her and confesses he really does love her. They give into their desire for each other and kiss.

In David's hotel room, Anna and David talk pillow talk in his bed. Anna, her anger against David resolved, decides to tell David the information she was withholding him: Chris Stamp has requested all David's patient files as well as all heart attack files. Anna wonders aloud what heart attacks have to do with Proteus. David flashes back to when he showed Vanessa how to use medication to fake a heart attack. David tells Anna he is going to the hospital Records Department to check on his files.

Anna paces the floor in David's hotel room. She decides to call the Records Department at the hospital and finds out David was never there. She leaves the hotel room wondering where David has gone.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Kendall is trying to balance her checkbook. She realizes that she's broke and quickly gives up. Ryan knocks on her door and invites her to get something to eat. Kendall is hesitant at first because it is cold outside and she doesn't want to ride on Ryan's motorcycle. Ryan convinces her and she goes into the bathroom to get ready giving Ryan an opportunity to retrieve the computer disk he is keeping for Hayley and Mateo from Kendall's doll. He takes apart the doll and discovers the disc is gone as Kendall appears in the bathroom doorway surprising Ryan. She tells him she hid the disk and will give it back to him for money. They haggle over the price. Ryan soon tires of the game and demands the return of the disk as it really isn't his. Kendall finally gives in. As Kendall retrieves the disk from its hiding place and gives it to Ryan, Ryan's cell phone rings.

Vanessa and Maggie struggle over the syringe as it falls to the floor. Vanessa overcomes Maggie and grabbing the syringe, injects Maggie in her neck. Maggie slumps over. Vanessa mutters to herself how she is going to get rid of another body. She complains to herself how her plans aren't going well. She puts Maggie in a wheelchair she rented. Someone knocks on the door so Vanessa wheels her behind a wall to hide her. Vanessa hears David's voice behind the front door demanding that Leo et him in so he they can talk about Vanessa. She angrily opens the door. David is surprised to see her there and tells her he is concerned about her and that she needs help. David asks her if she killed Larry and did she use the drug on anyone else. Before Vanessa can answer, her cell phone rings. She steps aside to answer the call, not using the voice-altering device. The caller tells her that Santos has a smoking gun and gave it to Ryan Lavery. She instructs the caller to take care of the situation. She finishes the call and makes a lame excuse to David as to who she was talking to. David doesn't buy it. Vanessa tells David to leave. David tells her he knows what is really going on.

At the bar, Hayley and Mateo continue their conversation with Chris Stamp. However, Simone is eavesdropping nearby. Chris sees her and tells Hayley about Simone's presence. Hayley assures Chris Simone can be trusted. She tells Mateo to go and talk to Simone as Simone is feeling left out of the action now that Chris Stamp is in charge of the investigation.

Simone asks Mateo if there is a way to keep her involved in the Proteus investigation. She wants more than just reporting on the case. Mateo isn't sure he can keep her involved. He rejoins Hayley and Chris. Simone goes to the alley behind the bar and places a call on her cell phone.

Chris tells Hayley and Mateo that Ryan's life is in danger now that he has the computer disc and Proteus will find out he has it. Chris tells Hayley to call Ryan and let him know his life is in danger. Hayley tries calling Ryan but the connection isn't clear. She leaves the bar to go to the alley hoping to get a clearer signal.

In the alley, Hayley hears Simone talking on her cell phone saying that she is ready to make a deal and that Ryan Lavery has the evidence against Proteus. Hayley demands Simone tell her who she is talking to. When Simone refuses, Hayley grabs her and drags her back into the bar. She tells Chris Stamp what she overhead. Chris has Simone arrested and tells Hayley to call Ryan. He leaves the bar to go to the Pine Cone Motel. Ryan leaves Kendall's room and steps in front of her door. Unknown to Ryan, a sharpshooter is lurking outside, aiming his rifle at him.

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