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Monday, February 18, 2002

I Do:
Tony proposes to Catalina, promising to take care of her and the baby. Catalina says yes, and hugs him, but stops herself. Tony asks what's wrong, "I thought this was what you wanted?" She explains that it is, but the way he proposed made it sound like marrying her was "an obligation, a chore." He never meant it to sound like that, but Catalina knows if it weren't for the baby, they would not be together. Before she can accept the ring, Catalina says they have to get a few things straight. She reminds him that marriage is a lifetime commitment and that they have to be honest with each other about everything. She knows Tony still has feelings for Marah, regardless of what he says. He admits it is true, but things are different now. Catalina says that it makes her crazy when she can't be certain where Tony's heart is - she does stupid things. Her voice trails off, but she neglects to mention specifics. She says one day Tony will realize they were meant to be together.

Catalina kisses her new fiancé and asks him to make love to her. Tony makes excuses, saying they should ask the doctor first if it's bad for the baby. There is a knock at the door, Tony rushes to answer it. Maria enters and sees Catalina. She starts to go ( to give them their privacy), but Tony stops her, welcoming the company. Maria sees the ring on Cat's finger and congratulates the couple, adding, "Pretty soon you'll give me another great-grandchild." Tony comments, "Listen to her, she's got it all planned out." Maria offers champagne to celebrate. When Tony says they are all out, Catalina suggests they celebrate another time. Tony panics and decides to go buy some champagne. Catalina looks worried at Tony's eagerness to get away. Maria tells Cat she is happy for her. Catalina eyes her ring, "I'm glad someone does."
Catalina tells her grandmother-to-be that she may become a great-grandmother sooner than she thinks. Maria does not seem too happy with the idea of a baby out of wedlock, but she knows they will be married soon so "there will be no shame." Catalina reminds Maria how she always said Cat was the right girl for her grandson. She admits she went off the pill and got pregnant knowing Tony would do the right thing and marry her. She even tricked Father Ray into helping her. Maria seems taken aback. "You didn't think I had it in me, did you?... So, tell me, are you proud of me now?," Catalina asks a speechless Maria. Maria pours tea for two as Catalina thanks her for looking after her. Maria says Catalina is "family" now and not to worry, "everything will work out."

I Don't:
Marah repeats for Ben that it's time she stopped hiding behind her essay and started living. She turns off the lights and locks the door. Outside the dorm room, two of Ben's frat buddies listen intently, worried that they will lose their money if Ben scores with the "Virgin Queen." One reassures the other, saying Marah will not "give it up" tonight. Back in Marah's room, Ben takes off his shirt, knocking over a frame. He picks it up and stares at the happy family in the photo. He is mesmerized. Marah tries to get his attention and asks what's wrong. He comments on how she looks so happy in the picture. Marah says she was 16 in that picture and she's grown up a lot since then. Ben finally shakes it off and resumes kissing Marah, saying nothing is wrong. Marah stops him, admitting she knows something has been weighing on his mind lately and he shouldn't be afraid to tell her what it is. Ben pulls away in denial. Marah thinks she knows what's bothering him - whenever they talk about the important stuff, it's always about Marah and her feelings, never about his. She understands that they had similar childhoods - their parents were too wrapped up in their own lives to ask the kids how they felt. They were always expected to act like adults, and just once, it would have been nice to be a kid. Ben can't believe someone finally understands what he's been feeling. He hugs her, admitting he too wanted that perfect family in the photograph, but it was all an illusion. He kisses her again as if feeling it for the first time. His cell phone rings - it's one of his fraternity brothers asking if he's "done the deed" yet, reminding him that tonight was the night he promised to deliver. Ben hangs up the phone and tells Marah he has to go - the frat needs him right away. He grabs his shirt and jacket and hurries out the door. Marah is confused. Outside, Ben says a sincere, "I'm sorry."
Marah sits alone, looking at the picture when there is a knock at the door. When she sees Tony, she tells him he shouldn't be there. He knows but he wants her to hear from him that he and Catalina are getting married. Marah tries to slam the door, but Tony stops her. He comes into the room and holds her as she cries, admitting she saw the ring at the dance and knew what he was planning. She stops her tears long enough to say they need to deal with this once and for all. "We both know why you came here tonight." Marah guesses that Tony wants her to talk him out of it, but she refuses. She knows they did the right thing by not acting on their feelings, and he is doing the right thing by sticking with Catalina. Tony knows she is right, but says it will be impossible for him to live in the same town - what if he runs into her? Springfield represents Marah to him, so he decides he and Catalina have to leave - as soon as possible. Through more tears, Marah asks when she will see him again. A heartbroken Tony sincerely utters, "I don't know. maybe never." Marah starts after him, sobbing, but he is gone.

The Dream:
In their suite at Towers, Ross talks in his sleep "Tory. Don't, Tory." Blake wakes him and asks if he was dreaming about their mutual nemesis. He admits he was, and apologizes for letting her ruin their romantic evening once again. Blake can't believe she hired Tory in the first place. Ross says it was his fault - he encouraged her and now she believes she's in love. Blake agrees - Ross never gave Tory the impression that he was interested - how could he when he loves his wife and his family? That is all that really matters, and they need to have faith in their love in order to get through this. Blake adds, "Besides, the way we leveled Tory tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if she never spoke to us again." Blake and Ross promise to tell each other everything from now on. With that said, Blake makes a confession: she bought the hotel room in order to get away from Tory for a while. They needed a change in scenery and focus, but it didn't work - the real world still got in. Ross reminds her that Tory is NOT the real world. Blake also confesses that she wants to go home - to their world. Ross agrees, promising never to let Tory take that away from them.

The Nightmare:
Using a spare key, Tory enters the Marlers' house, silent as a cat burglar. She turns on a light and examines photographs on the desk, turning over one of the happy couple. She picks up the next frame for a closer look - it is Blake, Ross and the twins. Tory smiles and says "Hi, honey. I'm home." The intruder helps herself to a drink and sits comfortably in the living room chair. She again eyes the photos on the desk and imagines pouring coffee for Ross at the breakfast table in Blake's nightgown. Tory smiles in her reverie, holding the photo to her chest. Blake and Ross approach the front door and come inside, giggling. Ross asks who left the desk lamp on but quickly decides it must have been the babysitter. They get comfy on the couch as Tory crouches beside it, out of sight. Ross tells his wife that there is no place else he'd rather be on earth. They get up to go upstairs and Tory sees her chance to escape. She hesitates by the front door and removes an earring, dropping it conspicuously on the floor before leaving. Laughing, Blake rushes back into the living room for her bag, but trips on something. She finds the earring and examines it closely.

At the police station, Phillip wishes it were easier to deal with his ex-wife's impostor. "You're not Beth. You're just some woman I don't even know." Lorelei holds her head and suddenly turns toward him, exclaiming in Beth's voice, "You DO know me!" She rushes toward Phillip with a smile but he stops her, begging her to stop this charade. Lorelei doesn't understand what he's talking about, and keeps insisting that she IS Beth. Phillip walks around her, sizing her up, "Man you are something!" Lorelei coughs, and Phillip tells her she can cough til she chokes but she won't get any sympathy from him. Lorelei cries and begs him to look at her - how can he not see that she is Beth? Reluctantly, Phillip looks at her and says, "These are the last words you are ever going to say to me so they better be good, Lorelei." Lorelei suddenly realizes what he's been referring to. She says she thinks she knows what's been going on - there is a woman out there pretending to be Beth and hurting her family, but she insists that it is not her. "And she's still out there!," Lorelei screams desperately. Phillip looks at her sad attempt to change his mind. From the other side of the bars, Phillip tries to get Lorelei to stop screaming. She insists on seeing her babies. Phillip tells her to stop it - she is becoming a threat to his family and he is going to end it - NOW. Phillip agrees to bail Lorelei out of prison, but there are conditions, and if she doesn't comply, she'll be right back in jail. She must agree to leave Springfield and never come back. Lorelei is hurt - she can't believe Phillip would make her stay away from her own children. "They're not your children," he reminds her, sternly. Lorelei sees this may be her only way out, and hesitates before agreeing to his terms. "I'll do whatever you want."
Edmund is brought back into the cell and asks what Phillip said to her. Lorelei holds her head and stumbles as if fainting. Edmund steadies her and asks what's going on. In her own voice, Lorelei says it must be her cold making her lightheaded. She can't explain why she keeps spacing out. She asks where Phillip went. Edmund looks at her, concerned. Phillip and a female officer approach the door. Lorelei is told that she has been released on bail. Edmund is dumbfounded - he accuses Lorelei and Phillip of planning the whole thing behind his back. Lorelei is happy, but Phillip quickly reminds her that she must leave town. As if hearing the offer for the first time, Lorelei accepts. Edmund looks hurt and confused, alone in the cell.

Lorelei returns to the cell to say goodbye to Edmund. She says it's been "fun" and starts to go, but laughs at the look on his face before saying "Gotcha." Lorelei promises she won't leave Edmund because she loves him and she'll do whatever she can to get the money to bail him out. She kisses him through the bars and leaves.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Harley apologizes to Gus for leaving him at Company on Valentine's Day. When she argues that it's too soon for her to consider getting involved with anyone after ending things with Rick, Gus disagrees and accuses her of being scared. In spite of his angry words, Harley refuses to change her mind. Mel resents it when Rick fails to call her anything more than his colleague while talking with Michelle. He straightens out the problem and then announces her appointment as the new Chief Resident. Michelle stuns Danny with the revelation that Gus saved him from burning to death in the warehouse and that Carmen found the doctor who helped bring him out of his coma. In San Cristobel Richard crowns Alonzo the prince of the island nation. Alonzo quickly divorces Camille and then deports her and Dax. He also finalizes the adoption of Will allowing Richard and Cassie to celebrate their future together. Tory advises Felicia about a "situation" that drove her out of school. Finding Tory's earring, Blake hides it from Ross and confronts Tory about it. Tory claims she lost it after making love to Ross on the floor of their living room. Blake insists that she will marry Ross. Meanwhile, Ross secretly files for a restraining order against Tory with his friend Judge Robert Jay.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

In Josh and Reva's house, Josh brings her a drink. Reva tells Josh how wonderful it is to be together. Josh tells Reva he was a fool for trying to get away from her and how he should have fought harder. Josh suggests that they be themselves and he is love with her. She agreed that the feeling is mutual. Jokingly, Josh said he might have some competition because of when she came back from the past she talked about Jack. Reva admits she was in love with Jack and knows that he was wounded mentally. She wanted to heal him. She talks about the Scotsman she met and admitted she was fascinated with him too. Quietly, Reva told Josh that he made both of those men come alive. Reva said that now they can carry their fantasy into real life. Laughingly, Reva tells Josh he could bring his laundry to the house too so she could do his it along with Marah and Shayne's.

Josh and Reva enter Company and are excited to see Eleni and Marina. Frank exits with Marina. Reva exits to go the grocery store. Josh tells Shayne if there is anything he wants to talk about, like Marina, he is there for him. Shayne wants to know how to get her attention. Josh suggested that he do nice things for a person.

Alan kisses Olivia in his den at the Spaulding mansion. He tells her that he can give her everything she needs. With a smirk on her face, she said it was a kiss off and this is the last moment of contact. Olivia said she would not have time for the two of them anymore because she has been offered a job in Rio de Janeiro. Alan congratulates her and he is thrilled about the job. Alan wants her to say hello to Roberto. Surprised, she says that is her boss and accuses Alan of setting this up. Alan felt that she needed this because she has been so down lately. She said she is not taking the job. Olivia tells Alan that he played a part in the demolition of her marriage. She wanted to know what he gets in return for this. His comment was that he would see her become a success in Brazil. Olivia was livid and said she is not going to put herself in this position. Alan he could have steered the project to Lewis. Alan said he gets turned on by her making decisions and he would roll his dice on her again. He admitted that he likes to get money from her projects. She changes her mind and takes the job. He wishes her good luck as she exits. She kisses him before she exits.

Outside of Company, Frank tells Shayne he appreciated him shoveling the snow. He pays Shayne for his work and Shayne exits. Inside of Company Marina wants money from Buzz for Rosey's sweet sixteen party. Elena stopped him and tells Buzz that Marina wanted money to go to a rock group concert. Marina complains to Frank. Frank tells her the concert is out because she lied and deceived her grandfather. Marina said she is sick of this family. Shayne enters and offers her a cup of hot chocolate, but she brushes him off. Holly mentions to Buzz that the station was giving out tickets to the concert.

At the hospital, Maurice tells Carmen that nobody knows she was the one to give him instructions to start the fire. Maurice doesn't want her to talk to Danny. But she insists she can handle it.

Harley enters Danny's hospital room. Harley tells Danny and Michelle she is there on police business. Gus enters the room. Harley suggests that she should interview Danny and Gus should leave. But Danny tells Gus to wait because he has something to say to him. Danny thanks Gus for saving his life. Gus said it was nothing because it is a part of police training. Gus reminds him that he is a witness, and he tells Danny he is after his mother. Gus said he would take himself off of the case if Danny would be honest. Harley asked Danny to tell them what he remembers about the fire. Danny said he couldn't remember anything. Carmen enters. Harley tells her they are investigating the fire because it was arson. Harley and Gus exit after telling Danny they would return. Carmen said she just wants to be there with them. He asked Michelle to give them privacy. She exits. Carmen tells Danny she would do anything for him. Danny said that is weird lying in bed because he is getting flashbacks. He saw cops talking at the warehouse and is beginning to remember getting hit from behind by one of her flunkies. Danny tells Carmen the flunky mentioned her name and this could be seen as attempted murder. And he can give the police the proof they need. Danny tells her that her life is in his hands.

In hospital hallway, Harley asked Gus what was that about. Gus admits she is good and can see through him. Gus said he is playing nice until Danny incriminates himself. Harley said there is no room for personal grudges. As they return to the police station, she tells Gus to back off. When Harley's back is turned, Gus calls to put a tail on Carmen and tells them the request is from Harley Cooper.

Shayne is taking to Marina about the rock group concert. Shayne offered to take her, but she said she doesn't have any money. Shayne said that he has money, but Marina said that her parents would not let her go. Shayne walks over to Elena and Frank and asked them about taking Marina to the concert. After contemplating the offer, Frank tells Marina she can go. Marina kisses Shayne for being so sweet.

Reva comes back from the store and yells for Josh in the house. There are clothes everywhere. She runs into Josh picking up the laundry. He tells Reva how he told Shayne to do nice things for people, so he decided to do the laundry. Josh drops basket of clothes and they kiss. They decide making love is a better option.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Tony suggests to Catalina that because of the Santos name, it might be a good idea for them to leave Springfield. Thrilled, she quickly agrees and assures him that she can go to college anywhere. Maria privately orders Tony to raise the baby in town. Reva spends time with Marah urging her to forge ahead and forget about Tony. Meanwhile, Ben calls off the bet with his fraternity brothers and warns them to stay away from her. However, he accidentally leaves his bet book behind. Danny advises Carmen that he won't turn her into the police if she promises never to see him again. She reluctantly agrees but then tells herself that she will one day have her son back. Arguing about who Lorelei is, Phillip advises Lizzie that she's no longer in jail and has agreed to leave town. Alan is outraged to hear what he's done and claims that he owes it to his daughter to allow her to watch the imposter pay for her crimes. An ill Lorelei reports to Edmund that her hopes to increase her bail money for him in a card game were dashed. Running into her at Company, Lizzie hugs Lorelei which causes her to transform into Beth. Alan takes Lizzie home but Beth follows them and suddenly collapses. Phillip carries her into the mansion.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Blake and Ross leave the kids with Marina as they leave for the twins' open house at school. Outside the door, Blake tells Ross she has a bad feeling about this. As they leave, Tory appears from her hiding place, and smiles at the Marlers' front door. Inside, Marina tells the kids to "to play in the highway" and refuses to play their favorite movie - she makes them watch music videos instead. She talks to Shane on the phone, complaining about how she has to babysit and might miss the beginning of the concert. Tory rings the doorbell. When Marina tells her "we don't want any" Tory say she is a close personal friend of the Marlers. Marina recognizes Tory as Edmund's date at her party. Tory is quick to correct her "I'm not Edmund's girlfriend... I'm in love with someone else." Tory spots the kids who flock to her, excited to see a friend. They ask Marina if Tory can stay. She says ok but mentions the concert and how she may miss it. Tory offers to watch the kids while Marina goes to the concert. She says she will call Blake and let her know. Tory even pays Marina for her trouble. She leaves to meet Shane. Marina tells the kids to get their coats and be ready for a big surprise.

Ross and Blake return to a quiet house. Ross counts out money to give to Marina (who must be upstairs putting the kids to bed), when Blake reads a note on the table. "Oh my God, Tory took the kids!," she says, alarmed. Ross reads the note and looks worried.

At Company, Tory treats the children to ice cream, but reminds them that the real surprise comes after dessert.

Edmund reads the newspaper headline in disbelief : "Prince William Crowned in San Cristobel." A female officer answers Edmund's lonely sigh by asking when "blondie" is coming back with his bail money. Lorelei seemed like the "flighty" type to her. Edmund insists that Lorelei is coming back because they are partners and she wouldn't just leave him there. Naomi visits Edmund saying Lorelei came to her hotel room asking for money, and that she was very sick. Edmund can't understand what's taking her so long, or how she lost the poker game the night before - "maybe she's losing her touch?," he asks Naomi. She disagrees and reassures Edmund that Lorelei will be ok. The female officer comes back to the cell with fingerprint reports (the system was down when Edmund and Lorelei were booked). With a smile, she lists Edmund's many crimes in San Cristobel (attempted murder, kidnapping, etc.). Then she offers Lorelei's report to Edmund, but he refuses to look at them - the less he knows about Lorelei, the better. Edmund asks officer to leave him alone, so she walks away, laying the reports on a desk. Close up on the top file: "No match for the name Lorelei Hills. Beth Raines, Springfield resident." Another cop gathers paperwork off of the desk, taking the reports with him, stuck to the bottom.

Catalina packs for the move as Marah enters and asks if she can help. Catalina asks how Marah knew she was leaving. Marah says she saw the boxes and assumed. Catalina can't believe Tony told Marah before he told his fiancée. Marah admits that Tony came to see her last night. However, she reminds her soon-to-be ex-roommate that her conversation with Tony was most likely the last one they'll ever have because he and Cat are getting married . Catalina interrupts, screaming, "I'm sick of you reassuring me about Tony's feelings! I'm not naive!" She is well aware that Tony wants to leave Springfield to get away from Marah. She admits it will be hard to compete with Tony's feelings for Marah, but Catalina is certain, in time, she will be first and last in Tony's heart. Marah asks Cat to promise she'll make Tony happy. Catalina plans on doing just that. Marah attempts to help with the boxes, but Catalina snaps, saying Tony will come by later for the heavier ones. She leaves the room as Marah spots a (Ben's) little black book on the floor. "Catalina won't be needing this anymore," she says as she throws it into an open box.

Tony arrives later to help Catalina move, but he is told he just missed his fiancée. Marah and Tony know this is goodbye for good. She wishes him luck as he starts to lift a box. Tony returns the sentiment - implying she'll need luck with Ben around. Marah reminds him that Ben is a decent guy, but Tony never trusted him, just like she never trusted Catalina. But, she admits, Catalina saw what she wanted and went after it. Marah wishes she could be like that. Tony doesn't want to argue about Catalina, because it's just an excuse to fight what they are feeling for each other. Tony looks her in the eye and asks her to say she loves him. She doesn't see the point, but Tony wants to hear it. She admits she loves him more than anything, but they can't pretend that this baby doesn't exist even though, in a way she wishes it didn't. Tony says her loves her too as Marah cries, seeing no way out.

At Company, Catalina finds Buzz and tells him the good news - she's engaged and moving to Arizona with Tony. Buzz is weary of Catalina becoming a Santos, but he quickly keeps further thoughts to himself when he see Maria behind Catalina. Maria orders hot water for tea and sits with Catalina. Cat assures Maria that moving was Tony's idea and she only wants him to be happy. Buzz brings the water and Maria makes their tea. Maria says that Catalina is a strong woman and now she knows what her granddaughter-to-be is capable of.

Ben finds Catalina leaving Company, and finds out the news. Ben is happy for her. Catalina implies that he is only happy for himself (with Tony out of the way, Ben can have Marah all to himself, and no one will tell Marah his "dirty little secret."). Ben says the bet is off and that he paid the guys in his frat for their silence. Catalina cannot believe it's no longer a game - Ben is actually falling in love with Marah. She is impressed. Suddenly, Ben grabs his backpack and searches frantically through it. Cat asks what he's looking for - it's as if "your life depends on it." He says it's nothing and tells Cat to take care and send him a baby picture from Arizona. "You got everything you want, now don't look back," he says as Catalina starts to leave. She stops, holding her stomach. Ben helps her to sit. "I think it's the baby," she says, starting to panic. She insists on finding Tony. Ben carries her out of Company.

Lizzie and Phillip put a feverish, delirious Lorelei to bed. Lizzie gets a hot water bottle. Alan demands to know why Phillip brought her to their home after all she's done to their family. Phillip says she is sick and needs help. Alan wants him to put her in a cab for the hospital. Phillip refuses, saying Lizzie thinks that woman is her mother, and if I kick her out, to her, I'd be kicking out her mom. Alan says it is time Lizzie knew the truth, and that this woman has found her way back into their lives, and she "will not leave quietly." Phillip retorts, "She has to." When Lizzie returns with a hot water bottle, Phillip sits her down and reminds her that Lorelei is not her mother. Lizzie insists she is because she came back to be where she belongs. Alan mutters, "Well, your plan is working famously, Phillip."
Lillian is upset, having a hard time seeing the living image of her dead daughter in pain. She suggests Lorelei go to a hospital. Phillip does not want to hurt Lizzie by sending Lorelei away. "It wouldn't be fair," he says. Lillian looks at him, "from the looks of things, if wouldn't be fair to YOU." Because of Lorelei, Lillian lost those last memories of Beth - her Beth. She tells Phillip that Lorelei doesn't need to let go of their family, but that they are the ones who need to let go of her. Tossing and murmuring in her sleep, Lorelei calls out, "Momma?" Lillian twinges, but gives in. She goes to the bed and tells Lorelei that she is a nurse and she is going to test her for strep. Lorelei is so happy Lillian is there. She asks her mother to sing that song for her. (The song she used to sing when she was sick as a child). Lillian starts to cry. Lorelei begins singing, as Lillian steps back in shock. She says, "That's the song, Phillip - nobody knew it but Beth."

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