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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on GH
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Monday, February 18, 2002

Luke's holding place:
Laura found Luke and he wanted to know why she was there and she told him to rescue him. He asked if Roy was outside working on the goons and she said she came alone. He told her he hadn't meant for her to come and she asked why all the emails then? They went round and round as they usually do. He asked if she recognized the guys and she thought they looked familiar. He said they should as they had followed them around for years. She was surprised to find out they were Frank Smith's men. He told her Jennifer Smith had taken over the business and she was the one holding him. She expected him to marry her. Laura broke out laughing and said maybe he should. She told him if they were to get married Jennifer would have to untie him and then he could get away. She wanted to know why he took off and he said he wasn't staying behind when she had rejected his proposal. She said he didn't hear what she said after. She didn't get a chance to tell him but she managed to get him untied.

Alexis' penthouse:
Kristina was going on about Sonny and how Alexis should get away from him. They should move. Alexis said she liked where they lived. They went round and round about Sonny and Jax dropped in to warn Alexis about Sonny and Alexis wished everyone would quit going on about Sonny.

Zander's room:
Carly went to see Zander to get him to help her celebrate her freedom. He admitted to her that he had feelings for her but would not act on them as he was loyal to Sonny. Carly said she was single and she was going to go find someone to help her celebrate if he wouldn't. Later Sonny went to see him and Zander told Sonny about Jax's offer. Sonny appreciated him telling him that but he wanted to know how Jax managed to kiss Carly. Zander told him that Jax didn't kiss Carly. He wanted to know who did then.

AJ's suite:
AJ showed up with some movies for Courtney to watch, one of which was Pretty Woman. She couldn't believe he knew how much she liked that movie. After she went to her room, Skye came by and he asked her to tell him everything she knew about the movie Pretty Woman. She told him and he went out and later came back with some new clothes for Courtney. She couldn't believe he had done all this.

Jax's suite:
Sonny came by and told Jax to quit using Carly to get to him. He said that the favor he did for him by getting Jerry out of the country could change and Jerry could be in trouble.

Later Skye had AJ take her to the place where Sonny had held him. She wanted to use it to get Jax to rescue her again. AJ didn't like the idea but she was adamant. Later, she called Jax and said she was in trouble and needed his help.

Carly went to take out her frustrations on the gym equipment. She tripped and one guy helped her up. She tried lifting this very heavy weight but couldn't get it and Kristina helped her. They talked about Sonny and Alexis and Carly said Alexis was welcome to him. She was free and going to enjoy life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

by QT

Luke and Laura were discovered kissing by Jennifer and she became very annoyed with the whole situation. Jennifer told Laura that she must be able to track Luke down from anywhere on earth. Next Jennifer decided to kill Laura and asked her to make a choice between bullet, knife or rope. Luke, with his wittiness, comes up with an idea that Jennifer needs to win his heart. There needs to be drama and excitement here. Luke said that they should have a court scenario. Jennifer liked the idea and became deep into character quickly - of course she was the judge. She wanted to put Laura on trial again for killing her brother. Laura was opposed at the prospect, but liked it better than death. Luke defended Laura and convinced another jury to acquit. Angry about the outcome, Jennifer decided to end the game and kill both Luke and Laura tomorrow.

Kristina went to L&B to apologize to Ned. She found him putting together a new song. Kristina wrote "I wuz rong" (I was wrong) across the glass to the recording studio in whipped cream. Ned finally turned around and saw her and let her in the studio. She came bearing homemade cookies and of course the cream. Ned made her apologize and gravel; it was quite nice even if I say so myself. Kristina also informed Ned that he was 20 times the man Sonny could ever be. Ned told Kristina that he was not mad at her for saying that Alexis loves Sonny. Ned was angry because she made the assumption about him being stuck in the past. The two sat down on the couch. Ned opened the container of cookies and put whipped cream on the top. He proceeded to put cream on Kristina's face and then kiss it off. The two began to kiss passionately and softly. Kristina pulled away and took the cream and spread it on Ned's neck. She started to lick the cream off Ned's neck and kiss him around his face. They leaned back into each other as they began to kiss again.

Sonny probed Zander further about who had kissed his wife. Sonny asked, Zander why are you stalling? Zander was about to come forth when Carly stormed into Zander's room and demanded why Sonny was asking Zander who kissed her. Aren't we finished? Can't I just do the guy on the pool table like you mentioned to me before? What's up Sonny? Sonny asked Zander to leave and he complied after he asked Sonny not to trash Carly in his place. Sonny began to rag on Carly a little bit. He brought up the past and how self-destructive she had been. Sonny told her that he felt she was trying to ruin her life for some reason. Carly told him that she had waited long enough and she was ready to be with someone. Carly informed Sonny that she had kissed a stranger at a bar. She let him hit on her because he validated her as a woman. So what are you saying that that is self-destructive? Carly and Sonny became very close in proximity. It was quite clear that they still have the hots for one another; they just don't have the force to push them back into a relationship. Sonny opened the door and left. Zander came in and asked Carly what kind of games she was playing. Zander asked exactly how Sonny came by the knowledge that she was kissed at all. Carly admitted to telling Sonny because she was so upset with him. Zander informed Carly that he no longer wanted to play the poor stupid jerk that you use to get back at Sonny. Carly grabbed her purse and charged out of the room.

Sonny headed back home but he had to stop and see Alexis. She was waiting for him but not happy to see him. She asked him to stop trying to conceal that he was upset because his ex-wife kissed someone. Sonny denied being mad at all. OK Alexis said and OK Sonny said. Sonny turned to walk towards the door and Alexis told him to just leave with things up in the air. Sonny told her that she obviously was occupied so he would just leave. Alexis told him that since they were just client and attorney, just to clear up the relationship issue, she wanted him to go because she needed to be alone. As Sonny passed by on the way out he utter that you are alone to Alexis. Alexis' mouth dropped. She ran out into the hallway and told him thank you for the flowers.

Skye tried another plan to snag Jax to her side and to go after Sonny. She called Jax from the meat locker and asked for his help as if she was a damsel in distress. Jax told her to hang up the phone with him and dial 911. Skye wined so much that Jax had to go find her. Upon finding Skye, Jax insisted on her calling the police and giving a formal story as to the events that had transpired with Sonny's henchmen. Skye declined and told him that she was unsure about how many and also they wore sky masks (how convenient no!). As Skye was laying her story on thick, Jax noticed a cuff link on the floor. He picked it up and made no other reference to it. Jax took Skye to AJ's penthouse for safe keeping. Jax was stunned that they were there. Next Jax pulled out the cuff link and told them both that they must have dropped it when they we planning this story. AJ and Skye both looked surprised from Jax.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

As Courtney listens in, Jax confronts Skye and AJ and demands to know if they faked the kidnapping. Roy goes to the jail to visit Melissa. Ignoring the fact that death at Jennifer's hands seems imminent, Luke presses an exasperated Laura to reveal if she still loves him. With sly support from AJ, Skye maintains her innocence and manages to temporarily subdue Jax's suspicions. Roy assures Melissa he still loves her and intends to stay by her no matter what. Though he urges her to take the D.A.'s offer and avoid a jury trail, Melissa balks at pleading guilty to a lesser charge and insists she did the right thing by ending her patients' pain. Laura finally admits to Luke that she does want to marry him again. Felicia cautions Ned to be more sensitive to Alexis' feelings as he pursues his interest in Kristina. Melissa icily informs Roy she never wants to see him again. Jax warns Skye he doesn't appreciate being treated like a fool. Elton delivers an urgent message to Roy.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

AJ continues to manipulate Courtney. He keeps her thinking that Sonny is the enemy and continues to harbor her. She begins panicing thought and wants to leave after Sonny pays yet another visit to AJ. He confronts him again and asks if he knows where Courtney is. Sonny also tells him to stay away from her and that she's not his concern. After he leaves, Courtney comes out of hiding and tells AJ that she has to leave since Sonny continues to come and go from AJ home whenever he wants. It's not safe she says. AJ decides that "Courtney" needs to be seen and a trip to the docks is the answer. Courtney is confused but AJ has a plan.

Sonny runs into Mike and the two spar once again over Courtney and Sonny's lack of emotion. Mike tells him that no matter what Sonny does, he will always be there for him. He also says that he can see why Courtney would run from them. All they have done is scare her away. Sonny realizes that Courtney couldn't have left without money and since she didn't have any, he figures someone is bankrolling her. Just then, he gets a phone call and heads to the docks with Mike. When he gets there, he sees AJ and a woman with blonde hair and a winter hat eating corndogs. He snaps at AJ, "Just what do you think you're doing?", AJ and the woman turn around and Sonny sees that it's not Courtney. AJ is just grinning and introduces Sonny to the private detective that he hired to find Courtney. Sonny tells him to leave it alone but AJ refuses. Sonny wants to know what AJ is trying to pull and becomes suspicious.

Luke and Laura are still Jennifer's captives. When she arrives to get his answer to her marriage proposal, Luke plays along and agrees to marry her. She's elated and then tells her "goons" to take Laura out and kill her as her marriage present. Laura panics and Luke yells at them to leave her alone. Jennifer wants to know why since he supposedly doesn't have feelings for her. Luke tells Jennifer that that would be the coward's way out. He suggests punishing Laura by letting her suffer watching their wedding than by killing her. Jennifer says she'll agree if Luke kisses her and makes her believe he loves her. He says he does and then agrees to kiss her. They go at it passionately with Laura grimacing and afterwards Jennifer believes he meant it and tells Luke that he's still got it. She tells her men to not kill Laura.

Meanwhile, Roy has boarded a plane bound to save Luke but when the plane doesn't take off quickly enough for him, he decides to get off and rent a car. When the flight attendant tells him to sit down and that he can't leave the plane for safety regulations. He argues with her and says he'll take it up with them and the FBI later and then Felicia shows up. She tells Roy he's not going anywhere and pretends to be his ex-wife to satisfy the flight attendant. They sit down and Felicia asks what he's doing. Roy says that he doesn't know how she found out but she wasn't going to help. Felicia didn't understand and then Roy tells her that Luke is in trouble and he's going to help. Felicia says she's going too and then Roy breaks it that Laura is there trying to help too.

Liz is getting better and might be able to leave the hospital soon. Lucky asks Sarah to help him with a surprise for Liz. He wants to cheer her up so Sarah goes along with it. He then asks his Aunt Bobbie for help too. Sarah tells Liz that she has to go for some x-rays and gets her out of the room. Later, they return and as Sarah is wheeling her back into the room, she tells Liz that she doesn't know how the mistake happened. She thought she was scheduled for x-rays. Then she sees Lucky and Bobbie and her beautiful room. Lucky has transformed it into Greenwich Village with a table, flowers, food, etc. They reminisce about when they were going to live there and he was going to play guitar and she was going to paint. Sarah and Bobbie leave the room and Liz tells Lucky she can't believe he did all of this. She's really happy. Outside the hospital room, Dr. Caldwell confronts Sarah and tells her that she's breaking hospital policy and letting her personal feelings get in the way of her job and that she's favoring her patient over the others. Sarah and Bobbie remind him that Liz is her sister and then Bobbie tells the doctor that she has been at the hospital for a long time and knows the policy. She also says that making a patient feel better is their job and showing compassion then tells him he should show some. Dr. Caldwell then tells Sarah that Gia Campbell never had a blood screening and that if there is any litigation that will be an issue.

Nikolas gives Gia car keys to a new car. She's elated and then gets nervous. She tells Nikolas that this whole thing is wrong. Nikolas thinks it's because of the accident and that she is nervous to drive again. Gia tells him that the whole thing with her lying is wrong and what if Liz remembers that the accident was Gia's fault. She can't believe all of the things Nikolas has done to protect her and she's worried about Courtney going to jail. Nikolas tells her to relax and that everything will be ok. Later, they fall asleep and Nikolas has a nightmare starring his dead father! Stavros tells him that he's becoming more like him every day and that he loves the power that he has. Nikolas disagrees and says that he's not like that. He would never hurt anyone. Stavros smiles and says that Nikolas is changing everyday and soon he will be a true Cassadine. Nikolas freaks out and wakes up.

Friday,     FEBUARY 22, 2002

At Jennifer Smith's Ranch, the captive Luke and Laura are surprised when the 'Reverend Estrada' who arrives to conduct the marriage service looks suspiciously more like Roy - with Felicia tagging along, posing as the Reverend's wife - who will supply the music for the festivities.

Dr. Sarah Weber arrives at Wyndemere and immediately jumps all over Nikolas and Gia for failing to have a blood alcohol test taken of Gia right after the accident. And Sarah becomes even more angry when she realizes that Nikolas has bought Gia a brand new BMW!

Sonny continues to be plagued by speculation about who Carly might be kissing. Then Sonny orders some of his men to find out WHO has been seeing his ex-wife.

Kristina runs into Zander down at the docks, and he continues to encourage her to remind her sister that Sonny and Carly will keep on with their fights, but also keep getting back together. Then Kristina finds herself telling Zander about the complications that have developed around her attraction to her sister's former fiancé - Ned Ashton.

As they talk over business arrangements for the club, Jax discovers that Carly and Zander have moved toward a more personal relationship - and kids Carly about being with one of Sonny's 'loyal little foot soldiers.'

Edward is shocked when he learns what has happened to his favorite Nurse, Melissa, and, while Edward DOES say he looks forward to getting home, that doesn't stop him from suggesting to Ned that the RIGHT thing to do would be for Ned to establish a somewhat stable relationship with Kristina Cassadine.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jennifer decides it is finally time to get dressed for her wedding, leaving Roy, Luke, Laura and Felicia alone. The four hatch a plot for getting away from Jennifer. When Jennifer returns in her wedding gown, 'Rev. Roy' insists that it is against his religion to conduct marriage ceremonies when it appears that one party might be there under duress - and insists that the handcuffs be removed while he pronounces the vows. Jennifer reluctantly agrees and lets both Luke and Laura out of their handcuffs. However, as Roy leads in the solemn vows, Laura finds something handy and suddenly whacks Luke on the back of the head, saying that she would rather 'see him in the hospital' than married to Jennifer. Everyone is shocked as Luke pitches forward, supposedly unconscious. Before anyone can think of grabbing Laura, 'Rev.' Roy insists they will have to call an ambulance for Luke, since Luke's injuries appear to be serious. However, while everyone is distracted trying to revive Luke, Roy, Laura, Felicia and Luke surprise Jennifer's stooges by rushing them and then rushing out of the bunkhouse. However, outside, as Luke and Laura wait to re-unite with Roy and Felicia, Jennifer suddenly appears from the shadows and grabs Laura! THEN Jennifer produces a gun, which is aimed at Luke!

At Wyndemere, Sarah insists that Gia tell the truth about the accident, but Gia continues to deny that she ran the red light. But, each time that Nikolas lies or covers up for Gia, Nikolas has a vision of his father, Stavros, applauding Nikolas for finally showing the TRUE nature of his Cassadine heritage!

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