One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on OLTL

Lindsay's pregnancy was no longer a secret. Viki learned that she had breast cancer, and Asa needed bypass surgery. Ben didn't want it known that he was the Buchanan heir. Viki overheard Kelly talking about her feelings for Kevin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, March 6, 2000

At the cabin, R.J. is frantically calling for Téa. He knows she wouldn't have gone off with Todd, but Bo, who is searching the place for clues, isn't too sure it's a kidnapping. R.J. refuses to accept the fact that Téa would have left with Todd but Bo is convinced she did. There's no sign of a struggle and they find some clues like the bowl and two spoons and the map and key that have the scent of Téa's perfume. Bo orders Hank to keep an eye on his brother and he tells R.J. not to take the law into his own hands.

Blair and Renee are wondering where Asa and Max are. Blair confides to Renee that she really can't live without Max, but it seems that Skye is always around him. Renee suggests that the two of them should get away on a belated honeymoon because Max really needs a change. She mentions that Asa owns part of an island in the Caribbean and they could go there. Blair wonders why the older woman is being so nice to her and Mrs. B. says it's because Blair cares about Max.

At Rodi's, Skye orders a drink just as Kevin shows up. She's called him to prevent her from drinking. Kevin suggests she go to an AA meeting but Skye needs someone to talk to, a meeting won't stop the pain.. Kev orders a couple of club sodas while Skye begins to confide in him. She says she will never lead with her heart again, because every man she loves runs away. Kevin jokes that he has more failed relationships than her. He tells her to correct the situation she's in with her head, but Ms. Chandler says her heart is now too far ahead of her brain. She also mentions that her love is already committed, which Kevin correctly guesses to mean he's married.

While the two are talking, Kelly and Joey wander in laughing and kissing. Kevin watches, then turns to Skye and tells her she's in a no-win situation. Kevin asks about the 3rd person in the triangle and what about them getting hurt? He goes off on how a person needs to get out of a relationship before someone does get hurt. As he speaks, he keeps his eye on his brother and Kelly and Skye realizes that he isn't only talking about her situation. Joey spots his brother sitting with Skye and wants to rescue him, but Kelly won't let him. He's happy that they are having such a great time, it's been awhile. Skye and Kevin agree to stay sober. Kevin wonders if they're friends now.

Sam is questioning Will, trying to figure out where Ben might be. He wonders if his brother has a gun, but Will mentions that Ben said the only weapon he had this time was information and he went off looking for Asa. He also told Will to find an alibi for the evening because he didn't want to involve anyone else.

As Asa has apparently suffered a heart attack, Max begs Ben to help him out. He swears that Ben is really Asa's son and that the proof is on the adoption certificate, where the family name Davidson is stated. Ben appears to be in shock. Max runs over to Asa and tells him not to die. Finally, Ben shoves Max aside and begins to work on Asa. He tosses the key to Max and urges him to get help. Sam and Will turn up at the Buchanan mansion looking for Ben but Renee and Blair haven't seen him. Just then, Max runs in, yelling out for someone to call 911. He tells everyone that Asa has had a heart attack and he's with Ben. They all rush off to Asa as the EMT arrive. Ben fills them in on the condition of the patient. They ask Max if he wants to ride with his father to the hospital. Sam queries Ben on what has happened.

Nora is searching for Sam when Bo shows up. Though she has a guard for protection against Todd, he informs her that it looks like he's been there and is already gone with Téa who probably went voluntarily. Nora mentions that she has a truth to tell and wonders if Bo always wants the truth. He says he does. Nora mentions that none of them have anyone to talk to anymore and she thinks she may be able to solve that. She admits to having another secret, though she's hesitant to say anything because this time it's not based on concrete fact. Bo tells her that her last secret was just divulged at the wrong time. As she starts to tell him the latest, he gets a phone call. It's about Asa. He fills Nora in on what has happened and realizes that the last thing he said to Asa was that he was no longer his father.

R.J. still refuses to believe that Téa left with Todd because she loved him. Todd messed with her head. He growls that he's gotten nothing for being good but Hank urges him to watch his step because if he's out of line, he'll have to deal with him, as D.A.

At the hospital, Larry assures Renee that they will do everything they can for Asa. Blair wanders over to Max and almost gleefully mentions the money they will get if Asa dies. Max tells her it doesn't matter because he's not Asa's son.

Ben lets Sam know that the gun he found was Asa's, not his. Everything backfired and he couldn't let Asa die. Sam assures his brother that's because that's not who he is and now that he's saved his enemy's life he can see that he's nothing like their father.

Larry tells Renee that they need to determine if Asa needs bypass surgery but that right now he needs his family. She reaches out to Max who tells Asa he'll pull through. Renee tells her unconscious husband that his wife and son are there.

Sam and Will attempt to cheer up a depressed Ben. We're family, they tell him. Ben says he loves them and wanders off.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Sam filled Bo in on what happened between Ben and Asa and urged him to put a stop to the feud once and for all. Bo's attempt to get a confession from Asa about setting up Will proved futile and drove a bigger wedge between them. Max told Ben that he had lied about Ben being Asa's son. Ben later interrupted Max and Skye just as they were about to burn the adoption certificate.

Ben rescued the document from the flames and saw the truth about his parentage in black and white. Nora failed in her attempt to trick Lindsay into revealing the truth about her pregnancy. Bo later caught Nora snooping through Lindsay's medical files. After having a dream about Ben, Viki didn't want to get the results of her biopsy. Viki changed her mind and later joined Kevin at the hospital. Viki was stunned to learn from her doctor that her tumor was malignant.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Ben seems to be in a state of denial and confusion after learning he is the Buchanan heir. Renee thanks him for saving Asa's life. Viki and Ben run into each other at the hospital. Viki is devastated upon learning that she indeed has breast cancer. Although they want to, both are so wrapped up in their own problems they can't open up to each other about what is going on.

The doctor tells an upset Kevin that he and the family need to be strong for Viki. Kelly finds Kevin and tries to comfort him. He wants her to leave him alone and go be with Joey. Skye asks Max to go away with her in light of what's happened. He doesn't give her an answer, yet.

Bo catches Nora in the doctor's office looking for Lindsay's medical records. He accuses her of illegal activity, but she won't admit to it. The two begin to share a light moment when Lindsay walks in. After Bo leaves, Nora tells Lindsay it's time to get all the cards out on the table. Lindsay says she doesn't have any more secrets. Nora becomes even more determined to get the truth about the pregnancy out and she asks for Will's help!

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Nora asked Will to help her find out if Lindsay was pregnant. Will said it was none of his business and told her to let it go.

Viki asked Ben if they could find their way back to each other. Ben told Viki he did not know who he was anymore. He realized why he did all those bad things, because of who his father is. Ben told Viki not to love him or think about him anymore just to take care of herself.

Sam told Lindsay that maybe she wanted Bo to find out about the baby because he might take her back. Lindsay said she would leave town in two months if Bo did not come back to her.

Larry told Renee that Asa needed a bypass and that would be his only chance. Max told Asa that he was his anchor and someone he could turn to for strengh and wisdom.

Kelly told Kevin she can't stop thinking about him and that they needed to figure things out. Kevin said he did not feel anything for her and that there was nothing between them. You belong with Joey, he told her.

Bo told Max that Sam is convinced that he is faking brain damage and that he will find out the truth. Bo asked Max and Ben what happened in that room with Asa and Sam told Ben to tell him what he knows about Max faking brain damage.

Kevin told Viki that she has her family and they will be there for her.

Joey told Kelly that Asa needed a bypass and Kelly said whatever happens they will get through it together.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Viki's Office

Viki is sitting in her office thinking when Nora bursts in. She fills Viki in on the latest with Lindsay and tells her that she talked to Will. She admits that she may never have stopped the wedding if she had known about the baby. Nora says that she wants Bo to have a baby because he deserves one. Nora notices that something seems a little off with Viki and assumes that she is thinking about Ben. Viki tells her that she is thinking about Ben--and life. The two decide to go off to the spa for a day of pampering to forget about their troubles.

The Hospital

At the hospital, Bo, Ben, Sam, and Max are finally all in the same room. Sam tries to persuade Ben to tell Bo that Max is faking his brain damage. Before Ben says anything, Max fakes an "episode" and screams at Ben, telling him to "put the gun down!" Bo stops Max by telling him to sit down or he'd have him carted out in a straitjacket. Bo wonders if Ben confronted Asa and told him that Max's brain damage was a hoax. "Something like that," Ben says. He explains how he offered Asa a deal--he would forget what he knew about Max and Asa would drop the charges against Will. "And then what? What happened with Asa that Max doesn't want us to know about?" asked Bo. Max says that he has a headache, but Bo still doesn't buy it. Bo asks Max if he is faking his brain damage. "Faking what?" is Max's response. Bo tells Ben that he wants the truth. Ben admits that he wanted to prove that Max was a fraud. But that didn't work out, because when he got there, he learned that Max's condition was genuine. He says that Max had an episode and thought he was Asa and Asa was him, so he started attacking Asa. Ben pulled Max off of him, but the shock of Max going after Asa was enough to give the man a heart attack. Max says that he doesn't know what Ben is talking about because he would never attack his Pa. Max says that he's going to go take care of Pa, and no one should try to stop him. After Max leaves, Ben apologizes to Sam for having to tell the truth, and then he leaves.

Bo asks Sam if there is any reason why Ben would lie. Sam says there's none that he can think of, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. Bo says that he already covered up for Ben after he went after Asa with a gun, and now Ben is skating on thin ice with him. He suggests that Ben and Sam may have come up with some scheme together. Sam stops him and tells him, "I will take care of my brother. You take care of yours." He doesn't trust Bo with his family any more than Bo trusts Sam with his. Bo says that right now the most important thing to him is his father. If Asa does die, he wants him to do it with a clear conscience by making things right for Will. Bo realizes that they may be running out of time for that.

Serenity Springs Spa

Lindsay inquires about prenatal exercise classes at the front desk at the spa. As she is leaving, Viki and Nora arrive. The women greet each other civilly, and Lindsay leaves. Nora and Viki agree again to get away from what's bothering them.

Meanwhile, several other ladies of Llanview have also decided to come to the spa for a day. Blair and Kelly are there. Kelly informs Blair that her advice to explore her feelings with Kevin blew up in her face. Now, she doesn't want to discuss it, or him, ever again. Kelly goes to change her clothes and Blair signs them in. She is surprised to see Skye Chandler's name already on the list.

Blair finds Skye lying on a table, waiting for a massage. Blair pours a cup of ice water over Skye's head, and Skye screams. Still upset, Skye asks Blair how Max is doing, claiming that she just wants to know because she works with him. She tells Blair that she thinks Max has regressed because of a lot of little incidents. She doesn't know how Blair can live with it. Blair defends her husband. She also informs Skye that Max never stopped loving with her, and their marriage is going very well. She tells Skye that she and Max are sleeping together and rubs it in Skye's face a little. Blair also tells Skye that Max just had to keep her happy and that he told her he just needs time to work things out with Skye. She says that she's giving him the time, but her time is running out.

Nora asks Viki how her friend who was afraid she had breast cancer is doing. Viki says that she got her biopsy results back and they were not good, but she's doing better than Viki thought she would. Viki talks about the fear her 'friend' is facing. She compares it to a schoolyard bully--if you march right up to it and confront it, you can stare it down. The problem is, it keeps coming back and you have to stare it down again. Viki leaves to go check in with the Banner.

Kelly is upset to see that Sophia is also at the spa. Sophia wonders if Kelly wanted to sit next to her so she could ruin her day. She isn't letting up about anything, and tells Kelly that she can't believe she's still wearing Joey's ring when all she really wants to do is get with his brother. Kelly denies ever saying that anything happened between her and Kevin. Sophia tells Kelly that she heard what she and Kevin said at the Palace restaurant. "It is true, and I tried to tell Joey that, but you know what the sad thing is? He loves you so much that he doesn't even want to see the truth, and you just keep lying to him because you want to have it both ways. How could you do something like this to him?" Sophia asks. Kelly goes off crying, and Sophia follows her. Kelly tells Sophia that she isn't going to do anything about Kevin, because they don't have any feelings for each other. She explains that they were both upset about losing Grace and that they were drinking. As Viki listens on, Kelly says that what happened between her and Kevin is over. She begs Sophia not to say anything to Joey, because she needs this chance to make it up to him.

The Gallery

Lindsay arrives at the gallery and is surprised to see Will already there. He seems concerned about his mother and fusses over her. He doesn't want her hauling around heavy stuff by herself or getting sick. Lindsay asks him why he's fussing over her and assumes that he is feeling sorry for her after Bo. He says that he really wishes she and Bo were back together and asks her if she thinks it is ever possible that they will be. Lindsay says that Bo doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Will says that maybe things can change. Lindsay admits that she is not over Bo, but she is getting stronger every day. Lindsay leaves to answer the phone, and Will sees the brochure about the prenatal exercise class sticking out of her purse.


Max follows Ben to Crossroads. Ben tells Max that he wants to make him an offer. He says that Max can be a Buchanan for as long as he likes. Ben doesn't want any part of the Buchanan legacy, particularly having Asa as his father. Sam and Will are Ben's family--Asa can never be a part of that. "Do we have a deal?" he asks Max. Max happily agrees and says that it's going to work and no one is going to blow it for them. Skye walks in and says, "I wouldn't be too sure about that if I were you."

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