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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, March 6, 2000

Ben comes storming into John's office and is ranting and raving about John changing an order for a test that he had ordered. As Ben is yelling at John, Kim steps inside the door. John asks Ben if his being upset has something to do with Denise? Ben tells John that he always has his nose in other peoples business and he can keep it out of his. Ben storms out. Kim and John start talking about Andy and Denise and the course of action that their son has taken. John tells Kim that he is so afraid of losing Andy and he was only trying to help his son. He tells her that he should have never taken Denise to trial. Kim tells him that she is not the one he should be telling this too. She gives him a kiss and send him on his way.

At Denise's apartment, Andy is playing with Hope and Denise comes home. She is not in a happy mood. Andy tells her about his day with Hope. He can tell that something is bothering Denise. She confides in him about Ben and how awful she feels that he came over last night to marry her. Andy tells her that after some time, Ben will understand. He suggests that she go and talk to Ben about what they have done and explain to him that the marriage is in name only. She leaves to go to the hospital and talk with Ben.

At the hospital, Ben is telling Bob how furious he is with John for sticking his nose in on his patient. Bob tells him that no one in the hospital knows better than he about what John can do. Ben says that he also had stuck his nose in his business where Denise is concerned and that he can't understand what Denise is thinking, marrying Andy. Denise walks up behind Ben and asks if she can explain to him the situation. Bob leaves the two to talk. Denise starts in by explaining that she came to Ben and wanted to get married. Ben says that at the time he didn't know what was going on and when he did know, it was too late. Denise tells him that she didn't know where to turn and Andy was there with the solution to marry. Ben gets upset with her and tries to explain to her that marriage is sacred to him and he does not take it lightly. He says that he will not be able to see her anymore and then he adds, "Mrs. Dixon." Denise tells him if he needs more time, then take it. Ben won't even look at her. She tells him that she did not want any of this to happen and she walks away.

Back at Denise's apartment, Andy is finishing feeding Hope. She needs her mouth cleaned off and he can't find a towel so he uses his sleeve. The door bell rings and Andy takes Hope to the door with him. John is standing there with a rocking horse in his arms and Andy says, "That's a big mistake." John explains to him that he is there to apologize for his actions. Andy takes Hope to her room and then comes out to talk with John. John is explaining himself to Andy and that he was only trying to help him. Denise comes in the door and takes one look at John and tells him to get out of her house. John tries to explain to Denise why he is there, but Denise does not want to listen and she is in a bad mood. Andy asks his father if he could not hear Denise, she wants him out. John goes to the door and before leaving tells them that if they need anything.....Denise snaps at him and says that they won't call him. John leaves and Andy asks how things went with Ben. Denise says that she doesn't want to talk about it. She says that she wants to be alone and she is going to bed. Andy says that he will crash on the couch and would she mind if he used the bathroom before her. She tells him to make himself at home. He leaves and she sits down at the table and starts to cry.

Abigail and Chris are arguing at the diner in New York. She asks him what it is that he wants. He says that he wants.....then he kisses her. When they pull away from each other, Abigail turns her back to Chris. Chris tells her not to pretend like she doesn't care, he could tell from her kiss that she does care. She tells him that he is right, she does still care for him. He says that they can have another chance and she says that there are no more chances. She adds that this is the saddest part, her one perfect love and they can never be together again. He tells her that she should not have to leave Oakdale. He tells her to go back and he will leave and it is not safe for her to stay in New York. Abigail says that she has been hungry and she has been robbed, but nothing has hurt as much as thinking of him and her mother being together. Chris tells her that he is not going to leave her in New York, as long as she stays there, he will too. Bryant is watching them from a booth. Chris and Abigail argue over if he will stay or go. Chris tells her that she won't even see him, he will be like a guardian angel. She asks him where does he get off calling himself a guardian angel. She tells him to pack up his surveillance equipment, get out of town and leave her alone. He tries to stop her and she yells again for him to leave her alone. She leaves the diner and Bryant follows her out. Abigail goes back to the theater and starts to pack up her stuff. She is crying and asking herself why she has to leave, Chris should be the one leaving. She hears a noise and starts yelling again to leave her alone. Bryant comes walking in and Abigail apologizes, she thought it was Chris following her again. He asks her if she is OK? She asks him if he heard everything? He says that it was kind of hard not to. He tells her that from where he was sitting it looked like true love to him. She says that it may be, but they can never have anything together. Bryant asks her if she is sure that she wants to say goodbye to Chris? She doesn't understand. He says that if she is sure that she doesn't want him around, he will talk to him and make him go away, but she has to be 100% sure. She tells him that he makes it sound so final. She asks him how she can be in love with someone and hate them at the same time? He tells her that love is not an exact science. She says that she can't take Chris being so close all the time, it will drive her crazy. He takes her by the shoulders and says that he will take care of Chris for her. Bryant walks outside and Chris is waiting there. Chris asks if Abigail is OK? Bryant says that she will be as soon as they talk. Bryant and Chris go back to the diner. Bryant explains to Chris that he is the grandson of Lucinda Walsh and he is familiar with his family. He tells him that he is Margo Hughes nephew. At first, Chris doesn't believe him. Bryant tells Chris that he said if someone would be there to watch over Abigail that he would leave. Bryant says that he will be the one to watch over her and make sure nothing happens. He tells Chris that he has a lot of money at his disposal and if they need it, he will use it. Chris finally gives in and says that if anything happens to Abigail that Bryant will pay. Bryant tells him that something did happen to Abigail and that is why she is there in the first place. Bryant goes back to the theater and reports to Abigail that Chris is gone. She is packing. He tells her that she can stop packing. She says that it is his stuff. She knows that he wants to relocate to Tribeca. He says that the word on the street is that Tribeca is way to trendy. She turns around and he is smiling at her. She smiles back and says that she wasn't looking forward to being alone.

Lucinda and Jake fly to New York to look for Bryant. The punk kid that was pretending to be Bryant told them that he met Bryant in a park and they go there to find some answers. Lucinda marches right over to a man selling CD's and asks if he has seen this boy. The man doesn't look up. Lucinda takes out some money and says that if he can give them any information she will buy out his whole inventory of CD's. The man looks at Lucinda and then at the picture. He tells her that she has a bad electromagnetic field. Jake lifts Lucinda up and tells the guy that her electromagnetic field is off the track. A girl has been watching them and she comes over and tells Lucinda that she can tell them something about the guy in the picture. Jake is suspicious, but Lucinda is desperate to get some information. She tells Lucinda to come with her and she will take her to the guy, but first, she needs the money. Lucinda tells her that she will get the money when she sees her grandson. Jake can see that the girl is scamming Lucinda, so he mentions the birthmark that Bryant has on his face. The girl agrees that the guy had a birthmark. Lucinda starts to yell at the girl that her grandson does not have a birthmark on his face. The girl tries to grab the money and Jake gets between her and Lucinda and the girl runs off. Jake makes Lucinda sit down and talk with him. He explains that she is not blending in with the scenery. Lucinda agrees and they go off to get some different clothes. When they arrive back to the park, Jake walks through the gates with a trench coat and sunglasses and a beret on his head. He yells for Lucinda and she walks in looking like a hippie woman. She is yelling that she is fitting in. Jake says that he doesn't think so, Woodstock is over.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Jack walks into Emma's house and she is so happy to see him. She has called him over because she has a clogged kitchen sink. He wants to get started right away but she wants to fix breakfast for him. She tells him that she hasn't seen him since...and she stops. He finishes the sentence for her, since the wedding rehearsal. She says that she couldn't remember and he says that he has been trying to block it out of his mind too. She tells him to sit and he says that drains can take some time and he had better get to work. He leaves to get some tools and the phone rings. Emma answers it and it is Julia. She asks Emma if she could come out and get the boxes that Emma has been storing for her. Emma tells her that there is no rush and then she remembers that Jack is there. She asks Julia if she will come right out and Julia says yes. Jack starts to work on the sink and Emma starts to pace and wonder what is keeping Julia. Emma steps out on the back porch and says to herself, "Julia, where are you?" Julia walks up and says that she is here. They hug and kiss and say how much they have missed one another. Emma invites her in for a warm muffin. Emma says that she will go up to the attic and get her stuff. Julia says that she will help and Emma tells her that she doesn't need any help and she can enjoy her muffin. Julia asks Emma if something is going on. Emma, wide eyed, says that there is nothing going on. They go into the kitchen and Emma goes upstairs. Julia goes over to the muffins and says, "Why say no to temptation?" Jack, from under the sink, says, "When it is so easy to give in. Save one of those for me." Julia smiles at Jack and he says that he heard that she was there to get her ice skates. They talk about the year that Jack gave them to her and how this last winter just wasn't as much fun. Jack asks Julia if she is going to help him fix the sink. She takes off her coat and asks what can she do? They both lay down and stick their heads under the sink and start working. Emma comes downstairs and sticks her head out of the door and sees the two under the sink together and she gets a big smile on her face. She sneaks back upstairs. When Jack thinks the drain is fixed, he tells Julia to watch the pipe and tell him if she sees any water trickling out. When Jack turns on the water, (yeah, you guessed it) Julia gets drenched with water. She comes out from under the sink and Jack hands her a towel and they are both laughing. Jack tells her that she had better take her shirt off. She asks him what she is supposed to put on and he says that he will give her his shirt. When Emma comes downstairs with a box of Julia's stuff, she sees Julia all wet and asks if she took a swim in the pond. Jack tells her what happened. They all have a good laugh and Emma asks them how they made out, well with the sink that is. Jack says that he fixed the clog but now he has to fix the leak. Emma says that there is no leak and Julia says that there is now. Jack goes out to the barn to get a replacement part off an old sink. After he is gone, Julia tells Emma that she knows that she and Jack was set up. Emma confesses and says that when she called she thought that it would be good for Jack to see Julia. Emma says that she was right, Julia got him to laugh. Jack comes back in and asks Julia if she is ready to help again and then he calls her "Ms. Roto-rooter." She says that is a name she can do without. Emma leaves the two alone again and they fix the sink. Jack says that they work well together and Julia agrees. They stand and look at each for a second and then Jack says that he has to go and Julia says that she has to go also. Julia offers his shirt back to him and he says that he could come by her house sometime and get it, if that would be OK with her. She says that would be great. She picks up her box of stuff and Jack offers to help her. She says that she has it and says goodbye. She walks out on the back porch and looks at Jack through the window and then she leaves.

Holden is walking through the house and hears a noise in the new addition. He walks in and sees Simon there. He grabs him and asks why is he in his house and then accuses him of being the stalker who is after Katie. Simon asks who is Katie? Lily runs in and rescues Simon. She explains to Holden that he is the architect who is finishing their family room. Lily asks him if he remembers seeing the plans? Simon makes up an excuse to look in his car to see if he has everything he needs for the day. He leaves Lily and Holden alone to discuss him working for them. After he is gone, Holden tells Lily that she didn't even get any references. She says that he is not a criminal. Holden asks her how does she know that she didn't get any references. Lily tells him that she loves him for being protective of them, but she knows that Simon is a good guy. Holden says that he has to go, he has to pick up Katie before he goes to the station. Lily asks if something is wrong with Katie's car? Holden reminds her that with this stalker business, he doesn't want Katie to be alone. They kiss and say goodbye. Simon comes in after Holden is gone and asks if he still has a job? Lily says of course he does, but maybe Holden is right, it wouldn't hurt anything to get some references. She leaves and Simon says, "Great, where am I going to get references?"

Katie is asleep on the couch and she is dreaming about Holden. In her dream, Holden comes to the door and she lets him in. He tells her how much he has been thinking about her and she is driving him crazy. He picks her up and lays her down on the couch and starts kissing her. She pops up on the couch and says "Holden!" out loud. Margo is coming down the steps and says that she has it wrong, she is Margo. Katie says, "Um, what?" Margo tells her that she said Holden's name. Katie says that she must be mistaken. Margo tells her that with everything that has been going on, she could see how she would be dreaming of work in her sleep. Katie smoothes it over and says that she was dreaming about everyone at the station. Katie tells Margo that she has been feeling bad about being in her way and sleeping on her couch. Margo tells her that she is not in the way and she is welcome to stay with them for as long as she needs. Katie says that she has been thinking about moving out. Margo questions her about moving and reminds her that she has a stalker after her and it wouldn't be safe. The door bell rings and Margo answers the door and Holden is there to get Katie for work. Katie tells him that she has lost track of time and she isn't ready. She says that she must look awful. Holden tells her that he has never seen her look anything but impeccable. Katie puts her hair behind her ear and gives Holden a shy smile. The phone rings and Margo answers it, it is the station and they have the results from the forensics on the note that Katie received from the stalker. When Margo hangs up, she tells Katie and Holden that there was no evidence on the note. Katie is relieved. She and Holden leave and go to WOAK. When they get there, she grabs Henry and tells him that he does not know what she has been through this morning. He asks her if Holden made her listen to 70's music all the way to work? She drags him into the next room and tells him about Margo getting the call from the station on the forensics report. Henry says that they didn't find anything, right? He tells her that Margo the magnificent couldn't have found anything. She says that he is actually enjoying this. He says that he wishes that it was a bit more challenging. Holden walks in and Henry goes and grabs a big envelope and starts to pour it out on the table. Holden asks him what is in the envelope and Henry tells him fan mail for Katie. Holden scolds Henry and says that Katie doesn't get any kind of correspondence until someone has looked it over. Henry apologizes to Katie and leaves. Holden asks her if she is scared. He tells her that they have tightened the security around the station. She says that he shouldn't go to so much trouble for her. He says that she has done a great job for them and he wants to look out for her. She says that no one has ever had so much faith in her. Holden tells her that they are going to do great things together at the station and it is just the beginning. Katie says OK and Holden leaves.

Lily comes into the unfinished family room where Simon is and tells him that they are leaving to go to a puppet show. She asks Simon if they will see him later and he says yes. She leaves and he goes over to a back pack. He takes out the letters and then lets them fall back into the pack. He is left holding a picture. The camera zooms in and it is an old picture of a woman and the woman looks like Lily.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Simon lets himself in, then pretends to Lily that he fell asleep there. Abigail dreams Chris is at every turn and wakes up calling Bryant's name. Bryant picks up a takeout order at the restaurant but Jake doesn't see him. Jennifer scolds Chris for leaving Abigail alone in New York and speculates that Abigail must be in love with Bryant. Abigail is upset when Bryant returns and she learns how much of her money he spent on breakfast, though he shrugs off her worries.

Lucinda tells a scornful Jake she's going to lure Bryant to them by setting up a music video game show. Simon tells Lily he was kicked out of his apartment but she chastises him for letting himself in after Holden's violent reaction. Simon offers to let Luc be his assistant after finding him getting into trouble on the job site. Bryant is irked when Abigail talks to the film student about getting a job at a clothing store. Jennifer promises Chris she's going to investigate Bryant's background.

Abigail realizes the film student is a fraud whose only mission is to come onto her. Bryant returns and orders him away. Chris goes to the hospital and begs the still-comatose Molly to help her daughter. After watching Simon interact with Luc, Lily apologizes and offers him the use of Cal's house. Bryant's joking coaxes a smile out of Abigail and she belatedly thanks him for rescuing her, but admits New York just isn't the place for her.

Chris fills in Molly about Abigail having run away to New York and urges her to wake up so Abigail will have something to return to. He's chagrined when he realizes Nancy has been observing him from the hospital room window. After Lily shows him around Simon agrees to stay at Cal's house and only visit her house during business hours.

Nancy assures Chris she's not judging him for his affair with Molly. Learn from your mistakes, she counsels her grandson--if it's true love with Abigail the two of them will find their way back to each other. Alone, Simon stares at an old photo of a woman with a striking resemblance to Lily. Jake and Lucinda begin posting flyers for the fake "Rocksmart" show.

Encouraged by his talk with Nancy, Chris returns to Molly's room and begs her to show him a sign she hears him. After he finally gives up and leaves, the monitor shows Molly's heart rate accelerating rapidly.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Lisa and Julia are at Java discussing the possibility of Lisa buying Java Underground, when Jack enters. Lisa notices the camaraderie between the two of them and makes up a totally phony and obvious excuse to leave. Jack and Julia both catch on to what people are doing by setting them up, and Julia vows to make them stop.

Denise comes home from work and is livid that Andy took her out of daycare without asking her first. Andy tries to make light of the situation, but Denise is too upset with him. Andy wants to "celebrate" their first official fight as newlyweds, but Denise tells him that they are not really married. She should be married to Ben right now and not him. Andy tells her that he has no intention of replacing Ben, and Denise apologizes to him. She just thinks that he is trying too hard to make this marriage work. Andy tells her that he is just trying to pick up the slack with Hope because she has to work 9 to 5. Denise tells him that she doesn't want Hope to get used to him, because she is afraid that he will take off. Andy says that even though his job may take him away sometimes, that he will always be a part of Hope's life. Kim stops by bearing a gift for Hope. It's a quilt that has been in the family since Nancy was a baby. Denise is touched, but is clearly tense at the situation. Kim extends an invitation for the three of them to join them for a family dinner sometime. Andy accepts heartily, but Denise balks at the invitation. She tells Kim to cut the "bull", and wants her to admit that Kim really doesn't want her to be her daughter-in-law. Kim and Andy are shocked at her reaction. Denise in a round-a-bout way accuses Kim of not liking the fact that Andy has married an African-American. Kim insists that is not the issue here. She understands that all couples have issues they have to work through, and she understands that Denise and Andy are facing a double dose of them. They had to get married, not out of love, but for necessity to keep Hope. All Kim is trying to do is make it as easy for them as possible. She warns Denise, lightly, that her actions will affect Hope, and she has no intention of not being a part of Hope's world. Denise softens, apologizes to Kim, and tells her that she wants Hope to know her grandmother. After Denise goes to check on Hope, Kim tells Andy that he really has his work cut out for him.

Isaac wonders why Camille is not pressing him to reveal his future plans now that he is better. Camille tells him that she only signed on to make sure that he fully recuperated from his stab wound. Now that he is well, it is up to him to decide what he wants to do next. John calls Camille on the phone to let her know that she aced her mid-term exam. He wants to take her out to the opera to celebrate. Camille, at first, is a little put off by the fact that John made plans for them and didn't ask her first, but after re-thinking about what a stressful day she has had, decides to accept his invitation. Isaac asks her who was on the phone, and Camille tells him to mind his own business.

Julia tells Jack that it is humiliating to her that everyone in town doesn't think she can get a date on her own. Jack tells her that with their recent track records, they are going to be the target of every do-gooder in their lives. Julia wants to set them all straight, but Jack tells her the only way for them to get everyone off their backs is for them to suddenly become "unavailable". Julia tells him that is not really possible for her, because she doesn't have a lot of prospects right now. Jack thinks that the two of them should pretend to be re-involved with each other so that people will stop hounding them. Julia doesn't know how well it will work, but Jack doesn't think it will be a problem convincing people, given their not-so-distant history. When Lisa starts back to the table, Jack and Julia pretend they are deep in conversation. Jack asks Julia what Lisa's reaction is and Julia tells him that they have stopped her dead in her tracks.

Kim tells Andy that she and Denise will work out their own differences together, and that she doesn't want him to feel like he has to be the referee. What she doesn't understand is why Denise is not cutting him any slack. Andy tells her that she walked in on an argument between the two of them, and that Denise is really upset over losing Ben. Kim reminds Andy that none of the problems in that relationship were his fault, because Denise had decided to call off her engagement to Ben before all of this marriage stuff started. Andy realizes that, and tells Kim that he and Denise are still trying to cope with the tension of their sudden marriage. Denise comes back into the room, and tells them that she will put the quilt on Hope that night. Kim laughs, and tells Denise that she is glad she was so frank with her earlier, and thinks that it is important that they be honest and keep the lines of communication open between them. After Kim leaves, Denise tells Andy that she knows she came on too strong with Kim. Andy tells her not to make excuses, that all families have issues to deal with. Denise rails into Andy about the fact that they don't really have a family, and why does everyone keep forgetting that?

Isaac comes out of the kitchen donning an apron and wielding a spatula. He yells at Camille to make sure she changes into something "nice". The doorbell rings, and Isaac makes light of the fact that he is now cooking for Camille, and answering her door. It's John, and Isaac asks him why he is there dressed like a vampire. John tells him he definitely did not come to see him. Camille comes out from the bedroom looking like a million bucks. She tells Isaac that she and John are going to the opera. Isaac tells her that he is cooking dinner for them, and why didn't she tell him that she had plans? Camille retorts that Isaac didn't tell her he was cooking or anything else for that matter. She tells Isaac not to wait up for her, and her and John leave. Isaac says aloud that it won't be a problem, he won't.

Lisa comes in and says that she has business to attend to down at Java Underground, and tells Jack and Julia to enjoy themselves. Jack and Julia laugh at how easy it was to fool Lisa. They agree to "fake" dating each other to keep everyone at bay.

Denise tells Andy that she has been fighting for Hope for so long, and she is tired of it. Before she was fighting John, she was fighting Holden and Lily. She just wants Hope for herself. Andy tells her that now that they are together, Hope will get love from all kinds of family. Denise says that all the love Hope needs is hers. Andy accuses Denise of trying to cut everyone else out of Hope's life, including him. Denise says that she doesn't need him to make any more sacrifices for her. Andy thinks that it may be a good idea for him to take that photography assignment out of town. Maybe a little distance between them right now would be good, and besides that, they could use the income. When Denise does not disagree, Andy tells her that he is going to go and get the ball rolling.

Kim meets with Bob at Java, and tells him that her impromptu visit with Andy and Denise did not go very well. Bob tells her that they are going through a tough period of adjustment, and that she should just give them some time. Kim worries that Andy is the one doing all the compromising, and Denise is balking at everything he does. She treats Andy like the enemy, when all he has done is go to bat for her where Hope is concerned. Bob assures her that Andy (with having a father like John) is able to compromise. Kim worries that Denise's attitude towards Andy goes a lot further than the problems John has caused.

Jack and Julia agree to go and find Lisa. Jack tells her that he hopes they won't have to play this charade forever, and Julia secretly looks a little disappointed at his statement. Meanwhile, down at Java Underground, the host refuses to let Lisa enter the club, citing it is "full". Lisa is royally miffed, until Isaac comes in and tells the guy that he is her "date". Lisa tells him about all the businesses she owns in town, and is looking to expand her portfolio. Isaac is intrigued. Lisa asks him what he would change about the club if he were the manager, and Isaac tells her that he would include a real good food lineup in addition to the atmosphere. He asks Lisa if she plans on buying the place, and Lisa tells him that she doesn't think it is her style. However, she adds that it may be a good thing for Isaac to look into further.

John and Camille arrive at the Opera. John gives her some background on the story they are about to see. It is a love story about a woman and a man from different walks of life (she is a prostitute, he is a man of good character) who fall in love. They move to the country, and the woman has a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings. The man's father is against their union, and tells the woman that she must leave the marriage for the sake of the family. She does, and wounds up dying of tuberculosis. Camille believes that she probably really died of a broken heart. John tells her warmly that he is glad that she joined him, and Camille thanks him for inviting her. As the opera begins, John looks at Camille affectionately. A little later, Camille makes a joke to John about how the woman in the opera hits the high notes, and John laughs out loud. The woman next to them shushes him, and Camille and John get a big kick out of it. As Camille goes back to watching the opera, John sneaks an arm around her chair.

Isaac and Lisa are taking their turn on the dance floor. Isaac throws a bunch of compliments at Lisa on her style and grace, and Lisa graciously sucks them all in. She wonders aloud why Isaac is not with Camille that night, and Isaac dips her to avoid the question. Jack and Julia enter the club and see Lisa otherwise occupied. They hope to sneak away without being noticed, but Lisa does see them and waves. Jack and Julia continue their charade by joining Lisa and Isaac on the dance floor.

Kim thanks Bob for helping her keep this whole Andy/Denise problem in perspective. Bob tells her that he recently made the mistake of interfering too much in Christopher's life, and it took a long time for them to get back on track. Kim tells Bob that her going over to the apartment tonight just seemed to make the whole situation worse, and by giving Denise the quilt, it may have looked like she was forcing the Hughes family on her. Kim knows that Andy will make sure that she gets to interact with Hope, but maybe for the time being, it is a good idea for her to stay out of Denise's life.

Andy returns to the apartment to find Denise and Hope both awake. Andy tells them both that things are all settled, and that he will be going away for a couple of weeks. He tells Hope that he will miss her, and tells her to be good for her mother. He shows Denise the plane tickets, and tells her that by that time tomorrow, she will have Hope all to herself for awhile, and he will be out of her hair.

Julia and Jack tell Lisa they are packing it in for the night. They ask Lisa if she is planning on buying the place, and Lisa tells them that she has decided against it. Lisa asks Julia if she has gotten her most recent Argus re-assignment, and Julia tells her the last she knew, nothing had changed. Lisa tells Julia that she has been assigned to the police beat, much to Julia and Jack's chagrin. Jack says good-bye to the two of them and leaves. Julia lambastes Lisa for being so obvious as to push her and Jack together, and Lisa tells her that by the way they were cozying up to each other earlier, she won't have to do much pushing.

John takes Camille home and thanks her for a wonderful evening. Camille says it was worth it to see him laughing and enjoying himself again. John tells her that she always has the power to put his mind at ease. John uncomfortably says goodnight to Camille and leaves. When Camille re-enters her apartment, she finds Isaac packing. Isaac tells her that it is time for him to move on, and out of Oakdale. He asks Camille if there is any reason why he should stay. Camille tells him that the decision is up to him. He walks out, and Camille looks visibly dejected. Isaac, outside Camille's door, shakes his head.

Denise is sitting on the couch in pain. Andy comes in, looks at her, and feels her forehead. He tells her that she is burning up, and goes to get the thermometer. Denise tells him that she is just coming down with something, and that she will be fine. Andy wonders how Denise plans on taking care of Hope if she is ill. Andy tells her that if she is sick with the flu, she could be down for up to two weeks. Andy tells Denise that the trip is off, and that he is going to stay home and take care of her and Hope.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Bryant shows Abigail the flyer for the music trivia show as being the answer to their cash problems. Katie does a promo at Java Underground about the club being up for sale. When Lily shows up to steal Holden away for the night, Henry offers to be the one to take Katie home instead. Simon finds the safe in Lily's bedroom.

Let the wife win, Henry advises Katie--she's picked up on the signals you're sending. Simon cracks the combination to the safe and searches through Lily's jewelry. Katie gets a clue from Chris that Abigail is not in Saudi Arabia. Abigail tells Bryant she can't take the risk of being seen on television but she'll tag along for moral support.

Simon rushes to put everything back and hides when he hears Holden and Lily approaching. Holden hops out of the shower to investigate the noise when Simon brushes against the fireplace tools but finds nobody there. Chris confesses to Katie that Abigail is living on her own but refuses to divulge where. Jake and Lucinda turn away applicants as they wait for Bryant to show up.

An irked Simon stares at the old photo of the woman wearing a necklace. Katie interrupts Holden and Lily's quiet evening at home to tell him that Abigail never made it to Saudi Arabia. Holden runs off to confront Chris.

Lucinda recognizes Bryant in line and alerts Jake. When he claims his grandmother is addle-brained, Lucinda takes off her disguise and informs Bryant he's busted. Abigail storms off when she hears Lucinda introducing Bryant as her grandson. Bryant is surprised at Lucinda's seemingly-casual reaction to his staying in New York until she informs him he's being cut off so he can maintain his "authenticity." Where is my daughter? Holden demands of Chris.

Bryant relents and asks Lucinda to let him come home with her. Lucinda agrees and promptly follows him home when he promises to meet her at her hotel. Katie pulls Holden away to show him the paper she stole from Chris's jacket--it's a receipt from a New York restaurant. Holden thanks Katie and Chris calls her a backstabber.

You're no better than Christopher, Abigail accuses Bryant when he returns. Lily lets herself into Simon's with the gourmet dinner from the Mona Lisa. Holden leaves a note on their bed explaining to Lily that he's gone to New York.

Katie admits to Chris she told Holden but insists it was only so Abigail could be safe. Bryant assures Abigail he didn't tell his grandmother about her and invites her to return to Oakdale with them. Abigail turns down his offer and promptly runs into Lucinda at the doorway.



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