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Passions Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on PS
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Monday, March 6, 2000

At the Bennett House, Eve is sitting with Charity while she sleeps. Charity is very restless and is still dreaming about Eve and Julian. Eve says that her worst nightmare is coming true and that no one must find out about her past with Julian. She feels that she will lose everything that is dear to her. She says that TC thinks that she is perfect and she didn't know what he would do if her found out about her and Julian. She said that he would be very angry and could possibly hurt or murder someone because of it. Timmy and Tabitha are outside the door listening. Tabitha is very excited that some lives will be destroyed. Timmy said that he didn't really want to stay there and watch, so Tabitha tells him that maybe he would rather play with Kay instead.

At the Book Cafe, Whitney and Chad are still discussing Eve and Julian. Chad asks Whitney if she knew where her mother was last night because he definitely saw a woman wearing those shoes hiding. Whitney says that she doesn't know where her mother was, but she is certain that there must be someone else with those shoes because her mother would not have an affair with Julian. TC walks up and angrily demands that they tell him what they were discussing about Eve and Julian. He even smashes a teapot. Whitney is having a hard time getting any words out so Chad says that it was a joke and that he didn't mean anything by that. TC asks: " Do you think my wife having an affair with another man is a joke?" Chad says that that is not what he meant. TC asks him to tell him right now what he did mean. Whitney asks TC to calm down because he was scaring her. Whitney explains that Chad was at the Book Cafe last night. TC says that he knows that because Sam had gotten a call about a break-in and he had come with Sam. Chad further explains that Julian was there and he was with a woman, who was hiding. Chad said that he didn't see her face, just the shoes that she was wearing.

TC says that he knows that the woman wasn't his wife. Whitney said that the woman had on the same shoes that she had borrowed from Eve. Chad tells him that that is how the speculation started about Eve, but that it was just a joke. TC asked Chad if he thought that adultery was funny. He further tells him that there were lots of shoes like that. Chad tells TC that he knows that it was dumb of him to say something like that. TC tells him that what he said was irresponsible, disrespectful, and close to scandalous. He then threatened to hit Chad, but Whitney grabbed his arm. Whitney said that she knew that Eve wouldn't have an affair with JUlian, but she wanted to know why TC was so angry. TC said that he wouldn't have Eve's name dragged through the mud. He tells Chad that he didn't know Eve because she was the most honorable, trustworthy person that he knew and she wouldn't do anything to disgrace herself or the family's name. He said that the Cranes had no regard for anyone but themselves. He said that all they knew how to do was to take and to hurt. He talks about the farm that the Cranes stole from his great-grandfather. Whitney asks him if that is the reason that he didn't want the Cranes to be her sponsor. TC said that it was only one of the reasons. He said that he would rather see all the Cranes dead than to let them hurt his family, again. Whitney tells him that he didn't mean that, but TC said that he meant every word. He leaves, and Chad said that he certainly wouldn't want to get on TC's bad side. Whitney is worried. She said that she had never seen TC like that before and the look in his eyes really scared her and got her to thinking about murder. She flashes back to when Tabitha was the fortune teller and told her that if she kept pursuing her tennis, her father would commit murder. She tells Chad about the prediction. Chad tells her that stuff like that was a scam and that TC was a good guy and would never kill anyone. Whitney says that TC loved Eve and his family and if anyone ever threatened them, she didn't know what he would do.

Also at the book cafe, Theresa is talking about the budding romance between two people in their families. Ethan tells her that there could never be a relationship between a Crane and a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Theresa is stunned to hear this, but Ethan is adamant and doesn't want to discuss it. Theresa is about to leave, but Ethan quickly apologizes to her. He tells her that he doesn't want the problems with the family to come between them because he considered her a really good friend. He said that if it weren't for her, he and Gwen would probably not be engaged. Theresa says that he must really love Gwen. He said that of course he did. He went on to explain that they practically grew up together and knew the same people and traveled in the same circles. Theresa said that she thought that if you loved someone if didn't matter where you came from because true love would win in the end. Ethan said that he used to believe that, but now he realizes that people should be with people of their own class. Theresa wants to know what is bothering him, but he said that it was personal and he didn't think that Sheridan would want him to discuss it. Theresa explained that Luis was a really nice guy underneath his tough exterior. Ethan says that she had to believe that because Luis was her brother. Ethan notices that Theresa is reading Cinderella and they talk about the night that they went to the ballet, Ethan then leaves.

AT the Youth Center, Sheridan is headed out the door when Luis sees her. He asks her if she got his message. She says that she got it loud and clear. She then tells him that she has a message for him, but she wants him to really listen because she doesn't want him to misunderstand any of it . She then slaps him in the face. He asks her why she did that. She tells him to stay out of her life because she never wanted to see him again. Luis looks puzzled. He asks her again about why she slapped him, but she said that he already knew. He said that he certainly didn't know. She said that she has known all along what kind of guy his was and what he was after. She tells him that he picked the wrong girl. He says that he deserves some kind of explanation about what is going on, but she says that he doesn't deserve anything. She tells him that from now on she would stay on her side of the tracks and he would stay on his. She doesn't want to give him any specific details. He still wants to know what all this is about. Sheridan flashes back to the famous phone call on the wharf. She tells him that he knows exactly what she is talking about, but he keeps replying that he doesn't. She tells him that she can play that little game too. She tells him that he once said that the rich and the poor couldn't mix because they didn't have anything in common and that they came from two different worlds. He said that he doesn't necessarily think that way anymore, but Sheridan interrupts him and says that he was right. She said that they certainly cannot fit into her life. She tells him that she was used to guys like him, but she tells him that she was using him, too. She tells him that he had to have known that the only thing that he could be to her was a fling. She said that he was her boytoy, someone that she could have her fun with until she became bored and moved on. She said that they had had their fifteen minutes of fun and since her time was up at the Center, she didn't care if she ever saw him again because he had served his purpose. She leaves and stands outside crying. Luis goes into his office and crumples up the card that he was going to give to Sheridan. Ethan walks upon Sheridan crying and wants to go give Luis a piece of his mind, but Sheridan tells him not to bother. They then go to the Book Cafe and further discuss the situation. The imposter Luis enters and listens to their conversation. Luis is still angry with Sheridan, while hitting the punching bag. He flashes back to some of their happy times together. Theresa enters and asks about him and Sheridan . He tells her that there is nothing between them. She asks him what he did to Sheridan, he said that he didn't know. He said that he thought that they were getting along fine, but then she just laid into him and said that she was finished with him and never wanted to see him again. Theresa encourages him to go after her, but he said that he wouldn't go crawling to her. He said that Cranes and Lopez-Fitzgeralds just didn't mix. He said that it made him even more determined to keep her away from that family. She tells him that nothing will happen with her and Ethan. Luis is glad to hear this.

TC arrives at the Bennett house. Eve wants to know why he is not at practice. He tells her that he cancelled it because he wanted to be with his beautiful wife. She notices that he is upset. He tells her about Whitney and Chad's conservation about Chad seeing Julian at the Book Cafe with a woman wearing the same shoes that Whitney had on. Eve remarked that those were her shoes, and TC said that Chad speculated that she might be having an affair with Julian, Eve nervously drops her cup. Tabitha tells Timmy to fasten his seatbelt because all hell was about to break loose. Eve tells him that she was startled about what he said.TC said that he knew that it wasn't her with Julian and that Chad didn't believe it either. Chad was just saying what if. TC tells her that if he really believed that she was with Julian, he wouldn't be that calm about it. He said that he would be so angry that he wouldn't want to think about what he would do. Charity starts screaming no and they head upstairs. TC tells Eve about the quilt that he received from TAbitha. He tells her about the Cranes stealing their land. He finds a paper in the tear of a seam. It says that there will be a person with great powers that could come and destroy evil and this person would speak the truth that would destroy a family. TC said that it would be wonderful if it was talking about the Cranes. Tabitha says to herself, that it was his family. Charity wakes up screaming " don't sleep with Julian, Dr. Russell" TC asks Eve if she heard what Charity said. Julian is at home talking to his father on the phone. Alistair tells him to get rid of the mask. He also tells Julian that he better be careful about his past because there were things that could come back to haunt him. Julian said that he had been very careful, and Alistair said that he hoped that he had.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Hurt by Sheridan's claim that she's only been using him, Luis bitterly tells Hank he never wants to see that Crane woman again. Kay urges Miguel to let Charity get some much needed rest while the two of them attend the party at the youth center. Having witnessed T.C.'s infamous temper for himself, Chad tells a distressed Whitney that her father might indeed be capable of murder. Meanwhile, T.C. perks up his ears when Charity moans in her sleep about Eve and Julian. Beth gently prods Sheridan to go to her farewell party despite her newfound loathing for Luis. Alistair warns his son to steer clear of Tabitha. Jessica pressures Simone to unburden her conscience by revealing what wicked stunt Kay has pulled to torment Charity this time. Anxious to evade T.C., Tabitha and Timmy jump into the laundry chute and slide down to the basement, where the witch promptly gets stuck headfirst in the washing machine. Eve struggles to prevent Charity from describing her dreams to T.C. Hank and Beth happily compare notes on the split between Luis and Sheridan. Later, however, Sheridan and Luis are coaxed out onto the dance floor together for one last tango.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Youth Center:
Luis asks Sheridan why she slapped him. She flashes back to the conversation she overheard and says she'll tell him exactly why she slapped him. She is about to talk, but suddenly the lights go out. Luis goes to check out the blown fuse. All the kids start to leave and say good-bye to Sheridan. Beth and Hank come up and they chat a little. Sheridan leaves, with the Luis imposter following her.

Beth still suspects that Luis and Sheridan have something going on, but Hank disagrees. After Sheridan leaves, Luis comes back upstairs and tell him that she left. He says he has nothing to say to her anyway. Beth leaves, saying she will always be there for Luis. Hank tries to persuade Luis to hook up with her, but Luis wants to stay away from women for a while. He's frustrated that he was so taken in by Sheridan. He says he doesn't want to get together with her but he just wishes he knew what happened.

Julian/Luis imposter/Sheridan:
Julian warns the imposter what will happen if Sheridan and Luis talk too much. He says don't worry, Luis won't live long enough to get the truth. Julian says he doesn't want Luis dead, just away from Sheridan. The imposter agrees and says he'll take care of it. After turning out the lights, he calls Julian and says it worked for now, but they are bound to run into each other again. Sheridan returns home and goes by Julian. They talk about Luis and she shows him the plaque. She steps closer to the desk, where Julian notices that the drawer with the Luis mask is open and in plain sight. He slowly leads her away from the desk and rips on Luis some more. He asks what Sheridan will do now, and suggests that she go back to Europe or travel somewhere else. She says maybe she should go away and never come back. She leaves and Julian sits back, contemplating the situation. Kay/Miguel:
Kay asks Miguel to dance, but he says he's worried about Charity and not in the mood to dance. She persuades him to dance. They start dancing, but Miguel can't stop thinking about Charity and walks away. When the lights go out, Kay runs to Miguel because she's "scared," but Miguel leaves to help Luis.

Jessica tries to get information out of Simone about what Kay has to do with what has happened to Charity. She says Charity is too good of a person to do this to. Kay comes up and stops the whole conversation. She takes Simone aside and reminds her that she promised to keep her mouth shut. She adds that Simone needs Kay's help to get Chad because he seems more interested in Whitney than her. Simone says she's wrong but Kay begs to differ. Miguel comes back with Jessica and they decide to go to the Bennett's to check on Charity. They are talking in front of the house and rush in when they hear Charity screaming. Kay tells Simone that if she blabs, she'll never get Chad. Simone says none of Kay's plans have worked so far but Kay says Charity is going crazy, isn't she?

Chad & Whitney:
Chad tries to convince Whitney that TC will not kill anyone, and the gypsy must have been wrong. She says she's never seen him as angry as he was at the Book Cafe. He says nothing is threatening his marriage and TC would have nothing to be angry about. He goes back to the music, and she thanks him for listening to her. He says he'll listen any time. Simone looks ticked off in the background. Chad keeps telling Whitney that she has nothing to worry about. They go to the Book Cafe and talk about Eve and TC some more. He gets her some coffee and she thanks him again. He says something about how now she doesn't have a loser image of him. She says he can't take a compliment & she's wasting her time. She leaves and Chad asks himself what's wrong with him.

Bennett House:
Charity says in her sleep that Eve is with Julian. Eve comes in and TC tells her about the visions. Charity wakes up and Eve says that Charity must have just called out to her for help, and Eve wasn't really in the vision. Tabitha (who's listening outside) tries to send psychic waves to Charity, but Charity says she was just hallucinating and lies to save Eve. Tabby is not discouraged, however, because the bird is still under Charity's bed. TC is still really angry and Eve tries to calm him down. She makes up some psychoanalysis stuff and he settles down. Upstairs, Tabitha and Timmy decide to crawl into Charity's room to get the bird statue. Timmy starts fantasizing about being Jimmy Cagney, dodging bullets on a battlefield. He bumps into the bed and Charity sits up. She starts screaming about another one of her visions and TC and Eve are heard going up to investigate. They run in and Charity starts crying and going into hysterics. Tabby and Timmy, who are hiding under the bed, are ecstatic. TC comes in with Eve's bag and she sedates Charity. Miguel comes in and asks what's wrong. Eve says she is going to have Charity admitted to the hospital for observation.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Ivy & Julian:
Ivy goes into Julian's study and hears him talking to Alistair all about the Luis imposter. When he hangs up, Ivy yells at him for keeping Luis and Sheridan apart but he says they will destroy the Crane family otherwise. She threatens to tell Sheridan and Julian says she will lose everything. She says she doesn't care, because she doesn't want Sheridan to have a loveless marriage. He brings up their love life, and Ivy flashes back to making love to Sam on her wedding night. She says she's going to blow Julian out of the water, but Julian says what if she loses Ethan too? He says if Ivy brings down the family, Ethan will lose everything as well, including Gwen, the love of his life. Ivy says Ethan believes in things other than a name and he'd want to know about Julian and Alistair's plans. Still, she decides to protect Ethan once again and not tell Sheridan. Julian says Sheridan will soon forget about Luis and Ivy asks if he really believes that.

Luis & Sam:
Luis is at the police station and Sam asks him what's wrong. Luis tells him about Sheridan and says nothing like that will ever happen again. Sam says the Sheridan he knows wouldn't slap Luis and something must have happened. Luis says it must have been her family, but he thought she was tougher than that. Sam says Luis wouldn't be getting so worked up if he didn't care about her. Luis admits that he was starting to care about Sheridan. He says things started to go well after Santa Fe, but maybe his slap in the face was a wake up call. Sam says he knows what Luis is going through and remembers his times with Ivy. Luis questions him about it but he insists that Grace is the woman he loves. He says Luis may never understand why Sheridan did this and he must forget her. Luis says he intends to but Sam says it is tough to forget someone emotionally. Discussion turns to Luis' career and Sam reminds him he is up for detective, but in order to get the job, he must close one more case: the Sheridan kidnapping/death of fake Martin. Luis says fine, he's never let his feelings interfere with his work before. He goes to question Sheridan.

Ethan & Sheridan:
Ethan shows up at Sheridan's cottage and asks why she's going to Europe. She says she has to and he says she can't because he needs her for advice and fun. He tells her to forget Luis but she says she is hurting too much. Ethan hugs her and she says the hardest part of staying in Harmony is the emotional part. Ethan says running away won't change that and she starts to cry. He says he's really angry at Luis for what he did to Sheridan and tells her that if she wants, he can get Luis fired. Sheridan refuses to do that and tries to rationalize about Luis' behavior and says it's her fault. She says she's tired and so Ethan leaves, telling her not to leave until they've talked more. She sits down and starts dreaming about Luis coming to her house, apologizing, and kissing her. There is a knock on the door and it's the real Luis.

The Bennett House:
Eve says they are going to take Charity to the hospital. Under the bed, Tabby and Timmy try to reach the bird. Grace comes in and Eve fills her in. Simone pulls Kay aside and tells her she will rot in hell for this. Kay says maybe Simone is right and she should show Eve the bird. They go back in and Miguel is comforting Charity. Kay says never mind, Charity is doing just fine on her own. Jessica comes up and says Kay is up to something. Kay says she'll tell them what she has to do with Charity going crazy--nothing. Jessica threatens to tell Grace, but Kay says it will only upset her. They get ready to take Charity to the hospital and Kay asks Eve if Charity should be in a straitjacket. Eve says that's not necessary and Grace and Charity leave with Miguel. Simone tells Kay that now that Charity is away from the bird, she'll be fine. Kay gets another idea but says they should see Charity off. Tabby & Timmy come out from under the bed, and Tabby says she can't get to Charity if she's locked up. Suddenly, Kay and Simone come back and Tabby hides while Timmy goes into doll mode. Kay picks him up and says she can use the doll in her plan. She gets the bird from under the bed and says she'll put the bird in the doll and make Charity crazy. She takes a scissors and is about to make the first cut.

The Hospital:
Miguel comes in and Charity says he's been so good to her. He says they'll always be together but Charity tells him to leave and never turn back.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Ivy reminds her husband that despite his evil machinations Luis and Sheridan will find their way back to one another because true love always triumphs in the end. Meanwhile, Luis reluctantly returns to Sheridan's place to close the file on her kidnapping. Though Charity urges him to keep his distance for his own sake, Miguel promises his worried friend she could never be a danger to him or anyone else. Jessica's timely entrance saves Timmy from being gutted by Kay as part of her scheme to stuff the bird statue into the panicking doll. As she signs off on the police report, Sheridan is surprised to discover that Luis left out any mention of how he rescued her from the phony Martin Fitzgerald on New Year's Eve. Grace inadvertently fuels Eve's guilt by laughing at the idea that her best friend could ever harbor a dark secret. Crouching beneath the bed, Tabitha holds her breath as Kay decides to insert the wooden bird into a stuffed bear instead of Timmy. T.C. tells Sam he would rip Julian's heart out with his bare hands if he ever found the man with Eve. Julian moves fast to prevent Sheridan from confiding in Luis. Kay takes the "special" teddy bear to her cousin's hospital room.

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