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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on GH
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Monday, March 6, 2000

From her car, Helena called Luke on the telephone. Lucky listened to his father's voice, but hung up without speaking. Luke tried the call back phone feature, but it didn't work. Roy entered and Luke griped about how the Swiss bank numbers on the Cassadine accounts had been changed, then casually mentioned that he'd found his son. He told him about telling Laura the news, and then they speculated about what the Cassadines might be up to and agreed that Lucky would expect Luke to rescue him. In the limo, Lucky remarked that they were headed for the interstate and Helena said that someday he might be able to return to Port Charles if he chose to. She offered him a game of chess, but he decided he'd rather look out the window, as he was unused to being able to see where he was headed. Helena promised him that they'd see a great deal together on the tour she had planned just for him.

Laura remained furious with Stefan despite his attempts to explain. She realized that he wanted her to believe that he may have made an error or two, but he had the best of intentions, and she refused to do so. She decided that he'd told too many lies for her to ever believe anything he says, then speculated on possible schemes he might have been working on. She demanded to know where Lucky was, and Stefan insisted that he had no idea. He said that he had risked everything for her, but she corrected him: "You systematically dismantled my life until you were the only choice I had left." Stefan replied that it had never been his intention to be the man she settled for; he wanted to be the man she loved, and his plan had been to prove that love by giving her back her son. Laura suggested that Lucky had been simply a tool for Stefan to impress her with, and concluded that Stefan was a Cassadine just like all the rest. She demanded again to know Lucky's whereabouts, and when Stefan couldn't answer, ordered him out. He told her she was making a mistake, and after he left she began to cry.

At the hospital, Chloe and Alexis talked about the ring Alexis had received from Ned. Ned and Jax came in bearing grapes and release papers, and after some chat about dinner plans, Ned and Alexis left together. Tony came to collect Chloe for one last CAT scan before her release, and when she returned she found that Jax had a present for her, too - the blue dress she'd imagined wearing to dance in the park. Jax had also arranged for a tuxedo for himself and heaters in the park, and they were just about to leave when Tony returned, looking grim - the CAT scan showed some serious complications, and Chloe couldn't be released after all.

Laura met Luke at the club and told him that Stefan maintained that Helena had Lucky and he had no knowledge of the location. Luke asked if she believed Stefan, and Laura said that Stefan would say whatever suits his purpose. She pointed out that Luke had told her that and apologized for not believing him, then started to cry again and fell into Luke's arms. Meanwhile, Alexis advised Stefan that if he produces Lucky the police would assume he had him all along. Stefan insisted that Lucky would tell them otherwise, and promised to prove that he hadn't kidnapped Lucky. Nikolas arrived then and accused Stefan of doing just that.

After AJ signed the custody papers Edward began to protest, but AJ told him to leave it alone. AJ looked stricken as Carly triumphantly called for Leticia to get Michael ready to go. All the Quartermaines fussed and complained as Carly and Michael said goodbye to Lila, who kissed the baby and told Carly to be a good mother. Carly turned at the door and had one last look around, then left without comment, and Edward immediately started in on AJ. He demanded an explanation, and AJ gave him one, telling the whole nasty tale of the arson. AJ maintained that he'd only been fighting for his son, but Monica pointed out that Jason could have been killed in the fire and that that, unlike AJ's car accident, would have been unforgivable. Alan advised that until AJ took responsibility for his actions things could not get better, but AJ said that there would be no "better", that he was doomed to failure, and he began to cry. Later, AJ met Edward in the hallway and Edward relieved him of the CEO position, stating that he would run ELQ himself. He offered to return AJ to the job that Ned had labeled "Vice President in Charge of Paperclips."

In Sonny's limo, Carly thanked him for springing her and Michael, then commented that they'd missed the turn to Bobbie's house and Sonny informed her that she and her son would be moving in with him. Carly protested and began to argue, but Sonny would not allow disagreements in front of Michael. After they arrived at the penthouse, Johnny welcomed Michael home, and Carly snapped that they were most certainly not "home." Sonny advised Leticia of the rules (same as the ones she'd had with Jason) and she took Michael up to bed. Once they were alone, Carly again stated that she appreciated what Sonny had done for her, but refused to move in with him. She said he could visit Michael and the new baby any time he wanted to at Bobbie's, but Sonny replied that his children would live with him, and told her that he'd promised Jason he'd look out for her and her children. Carly asked if this was before Jason left, and Sonny admitted that he'd spoken to Jason just that day and then told her about the arson evidence against AJ. Carly assumed that Jason would be coming home, but Sonny told her he would not. Carly was furious when she found out that Sonny had told Jason she was pregnant, but Sonny maintained that Jason had a right to know. She spun out her fantasy of being a family with Jason, but Sonny told her that wasn't going to be happening. Carly assumed that Sonny just wanted to control her and her baby, but he said that if Jason had wanted to come home he'd have stepped aside. They argued some more, with Carly stating that "You don't even like me", to which Sonny replied "Yeah, I wish I'd thought of that before I slept with you." Carly started ranting that she wouldn't live with Sonny, "I don't want to, and you can't make me!" Sonny was infuriatingly calm, pointing out that they were supposed to be the grownups, and encouraged Carly to live with him and make it work for the sake of the children. She called him a selfish, uncaring, unfeeling jerk, and he responded "Yeah, you should have thought of that before you slept with me." That made her smile, albeit reluctantly, and when he smiled too, a tentative truce appeared to have been struck.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

As Jax and Chloe are dancing in formal wear in her hospital room to celebrate her discharge, Tony sadly informs them that her last C-T scan showed an irregularity in the occipital lobe that he felt was most likely a tumor. He told her that he wanted to keep her in the hospital longer and schedule a biopsy of the area to determine if it was malignant. She asked why it hadn't shown up before and he said that it might have been obscured by the hemorrhage or might not have been there. If it wasn't there, that means it's growing fast. He also told her that it was possible it was just a benign cyst. Jax comforted her after Tony left.

Nikolas walked in just as Stefan adamantly declared to Alexis that he would prove to Laura that he had not kidnapped Lucky. Nikolas asked if it was true and Stefan loudly declared that it was NOT and told Nikolas that Helena was the one who had worked with Faison to kidnap Lucky. He tried to explain his actions to Nikolas, but he was too furious to listen to his uncle. He declared that as soon as he turned 25 that the whole Cassadine legacy would be turned over to charity and that the dynasty ended today! He stormed out of the room and went straight to Liz. He gently told her that Lucky was alive and she responded angrily, asking him why he was doing this to her. She was is extremely denial and sent him away. After he left, she went to a box, pulled out a satin pouch and tearfully held the subway token on a chain that had been on Lucky's neck the night he died.

Laura came to Luke's office and told him what had happened with Stefan. She tearfully apologized for not believing him about Stefan's Cassadine-ish ways and he forgave her and gave her a big hug. She let him know that she was going with him when he went to look for Lucky and he readily accepted her offer. He told her that he felt Lucky was near and wanted to check out a few things locally before they left. She asked if maybe Mac would be a good asset to bring on board with his connections to Interpol and such and Luke balked.

At the office, Mac told Dara that he had split with Felicia. She offered her support and he thanked her. He left and interrupted Laura and Luke just as they were debating bringing him in on the search. He began to berate Luke for his involvement with Felicia, but Laura quickly grounded the men to the search for Lucky. She told him what she knew and he said he would question Stefan.

At home, Felicia quickly dried her tears as Bobbie brought the girls home from Georgie's birthday movie. She sadly explained to the girls that she and Mac had a disagreement about her being gone for so long and were unable to resolve it, therefore, Mac would not be living with them for a while. Georgie was sad, but Maxie was furious and unleashed on her mother. She railed into Felicia for leaving them all the time and said Mac was the best thing to happen to their family and now she had driven him away. Bobbie tried to defend Felicia to Maxie and suggested that since everyone was tired, maybe the girls should go to bed and talk about it tomorrow. When Georgie said she needed help brushing her teeth, Felicia said she'd be right up. Maxie told her to never mind, that she'd been the one to do it lately and she'd do it tonight. Felicia wept to Bobbie about Maxie's anger and Mac's rejection. Bobbie told her that she would have to accept that Mac was angry, she did, after all, lie to him and leave him to go running around with Luke. Felicia then told a stunned Bobbie that Lucky was alive! Later, Felicia went to Mac's office and asked him to come home. He told her that he missed the girls and would always want to see them, but he wasn't ready to come home. She told him she would be there when he was.

AJ bemoaned to Alan that Edward had taken back ELQ and left him as Vice President in charge of Paper Clips again. Edward stormed in and told him that the was reneging on the paper clips position and to not bother coming back again. AJ said that the best thing to come of this was not having to kiss Edward's butt (in so many words) any more and left. Alan questioned Edward's actions, just as Ned walked in, asking Edward what he wanted to see him about. Edward confessed that he was wrong about AJ and begged Ned to come back to ELQ. Ned told him that he'd created this mess, now he'd have to fix itRecap --->

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Bobbie arrived at the Quartermaine mansion to see Michael and was stunned to hear that Carly had left with the baby and Sonny the night before. Monica was equally stunned that she had not gone to the brownstone. Monica again supported the idea of Carly and Michael living at the Brownstone and admitted it would be the only way she'd get to see him

Meanwhile, Carly awoke to find that Leticia had taken Michael to the park. Sonny offered her breakfast and she asked if he had any donuts. He made her an omelet instead. He left to handle some business at the warehouse and returned to find toys, clothes and fabric samples strewn all over the penthouse. Carly said he was just trying to keep Michael comfortable. He quickly saw through her plan and told her she wasn't going to get him to throw her out just be leaving things around his house. Just then, Bobbie came in and quickly assessed the situation. She questioned why Sonny would want to live this way and guaranteed him visitation of the baby if Michael and Carly came to live with her. Sonny insisted that he and Carly needed to live together and learn to get along if they are going to parent together.

Emily came into the diner, laughing and joking, but quickly sobered when she saw Liz's face. She asked what was wrong and Liz told her that Lucky could be alive. Emily was exuberant, but couldn't understand why Liz didn't share her excitement. Liz explained that she wasn't ready for this. She had grieved Lucky for a year and couldn't let herself invest in the possibility that he could be alive, only to be disappointed again. Emily insisted that she must go and talk to Laura and Luke herself and find out what they know. Liz left a message for Laura to call her. Outside, Emily excited told Juan the news and he was less than receptive as Emily gushed about how great Lucky was. She assured him that he had no need for jealousy, that what they have is completely different from her friendship with Lucky.

Nikolas came in to check on Liz and she told him that she had told Emily. He asked if she had told him that Lucky was alive or that Nikolas was delusional. He assured him that she didn't think he made this up. They agreed that this was hard for both of them and Nikolas offered to find Helena and see what she knows. Liz was sure Helena would tell him nothing, but Nikolas insisted that Helena was always trying to get close to him and that given the opportunity, she might take it.

On her private jet, Helena tells Lucky that she knows he must be curious about where they are going and cryptically told him that their destination was significant not only to him, but to his parents as well.

Dara joined Hannah at a table at Kelly's and said she had some questions for her. She began asking her about Sonny, to which Hannah replied that she wasn't assigned to that case any more. Dara made a snide remark about personal contact and reminded Hannah that she had trouble separating personal and business in past. Hannah quickly surmised that this was about Taggert and called her on it. Dara expressed her concern that Hannah could end up hurting Marcus. Hannah told her that if she wanted to warn him about her, now was her chance because he'd just walked in the door.

The pending nurse's strike had Alan second guessing Monica's decisions while acting as Chief of Staff. This led to a battle about AJ, with Alan begging for Monica's support and Monica venting her frustration over spending the past decade forgiving AJ, even when his carelessness had cost them Jason. She said she was through forgiving and that losing Michael was unforgivable.

AJ was everyone's soccer ball as they vented their anger over losing Michael through his stupidity. Even Lila gently rebuked him for spending more time getting even with Jason than caring about his son. She told him specifically that he could make all the excuses he wanted, but that the blame for losing Michael rested solely with him. Then she wheeled off, leaving him alone despite his pleas for her to return and listen to him. Edward came in just them and told AJ to let her go. He again blasted AJ for losing Michael for all of them through his own stupidity. AJ lashed out at him, insisting that the fault lay with Edward for pushing him so hard and making him believe he should do anything just to get Michael into the house. He screamed at Edward that he has trusted him, only to be betrayed when the chips were down. He accused Edward of using him to get Michael. Edward informed him that it was never anything but his own desire for jealousy and revenge that drove him to do the things he'd done. He shook his head and told AJ that he was a real disappointment, then walked out on AJ as he began to sob.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Laura arrived at home and took the carpetbag from the closet. She and Leslie discussed the rescue plan while she packed. Leslie wondered if perhaps Stefan could be behind the kidnapping after all, and Laura admitted that she really didn't know what to think. Leslie asked if Laura thought she and Luke might get back together after they find Lucky. The doorbell rang, and Liz entered. She spied the carpetbag and guessed that Laura was going off to hunt for Lucky. Leslie went off to do some shopping while Liz and Laura discussed the risks in believing that Lucky may still be alive. Liz admitted that she is afraid to take that risk, and Laura understood but explained that as Lucky's mother she had no choice. Liz volunteered to go along on the search, but Laura refused, asking her instead to spend time with Lulu, and they agreed that neither of them can go on with their lives until the matter is settled one way or the other.

At Luke's club, Luke and Roy talked as Luke prepared to leave. There was a phone call for Roy from one of Sonny's men, and Luke objected to Sonny's business being carried on at his club. He and Roy talked a bit about working for Sonny, and as Luke wondered if Roy had informed Bobbie about his organized crime involvement, she walked in the door, and she and Luke greeted each other excitedly. The phone rang again, and this time it was Mac, demanding to see Luke at the PD. As Luke was on his way out, Bobbie told him that Mac had left Felicia.

Felicia was at Mac's office to remind him about Parents' Night at the school, and they talked about the event and Maxie's problems at school. Felicia was dismissive at first, then became concerned as Mac explained that Maxie had gotten badly behind in her work because she had to take care of Georgie in Felicia's absence. Stefan entered just as Felicia left. Mac threatened to arrest him for kidnapping, but Stefan denied the charge and insisted that Helena was to blame. Mac was interrogating Stefan about his alleged rescue attempt when Luke arrived, and the three of them went round, alternating hostility and sarcasm, with whose fault it all is and whose story is the correct one. Mac advised Luke that the police had located Helena's deserted yacht, and Luke left. Stefan left after Mac warned him not to leave town.

Helena told Lucky how the yacht they are currently on used to belong to her husband Mikos before he was killed and the Spencers got it as their reward. She condemned Luke and Laura for allowing the yacht to fall into disrepair, then went on to discuss the Spencer character, branding Luke as vain and careless and Laura as weak and indecisive. She was telling Lucky that Luke and Laura don't value things or one another when he interrupted, asking why she'd brought him there. She pointed out that "you know the rules." They went on to play chess, and when Lucky won he reminded her that the rules allow him, as a reward for a checkmate, to get an answer to one question. His question remained: why had she brought him there? Helena explained that she had brought him there to teach him about his life the way it really is, to overcome the damage done by his parents, to show him the person that he really is and take him to see the places that shaped his life. She said that once he knows the truth, he would never see his life the same way again.

At Luke's office, Bobbie was on the phone with Audrey when Felicia arrived. Bobbie informed her that she'd told Luke about Mac's moving out, and Felicia did more guilty breast beating. Bobbie counseled her not to give up on her marriage, and Felicia vowed to win Mac back. She set off to do just that as Roy entered. Bobbie guessed that he was planning to do another job for Sonny and scolded him about it. Roy lost his temper a bit and informed Bobbie that it wasn't about money, it's about a goal he has to reach. Bobbie snidely asked if he would then be free and clear, and he said that he would be, that this time was different. They began to argue again, but Benny arrived and interrupted, and Bobbie left, annoyed. She stopped outside the door to eavesdrop as Benny and Roy argued over security for a meeting with Sorel.

Felicia arrived back at Mac's office, and he scolded her for just showing up again without calling. She began to apologize for that, too, then to list all the mistakes she's made lately and to beg for forgiveness. Mac explained that as he saw it, she doesn't love him as much as he loves her, but she disagreed and apologized some more. He suggested that she needed the rush she got from being in danger - first with Frisco, now with Luke - and pointed out that he understood the appeal of the adrenaline rush of almost getting caught, but that he's outgrown that and wants something more. Felicia insisted that she loves him and wants her family back, then begged Mac not to give up on "us", but Mac just opened the door for her to leave. Felicia had time for one more plea as Mac pushed her out and shut the door behind her.

Liz went to Lucky's boxcar and found Nikolas already there. They talked about where Lucky might be and the risk in believing that he might still be alive. She confided that she'd had the fire dream again, and started to cry as she admitted that she couldn't stand to lose Lucky a second time.

Luke arrived at Laura's house and told her that the police had located Helena's yacht. Even though the yacht was deserted, they viewed it as a start and smiled in anticipation of their adventure and the joy on Lulu's face when they bring Lucky home. Laura asked when they were going to leave, and Luke told her that they would leave right away, to start packing. She pointed to the carpet bag, and Luke declared that he had one more thing to do and rushed out, promising to be right back.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Jax and Alexis are at their penthouse, where Alexis is loading up the luggage cart with her things. Alexis tells Jax that she has tried to keep her clutter to a minimum during their marriage. Jax laughs and tells her that she is a wonderful woman, but in the eight months of their marriage she has acquired 10 years worth of stuff. Alexis tells Jax that he will miss her. There is a knock on the door and Jax tells Alexis it is the bellboy to come and take some of her things to her suite. When he opens the door, it is not the bellboy but Lady Jane and John. Jax's parents are thrilled to be there and say that they decided to take a trip to Europe and wanted to stop by and let them know. (Aren't they broke or at least on a budget?) They notice Alexis' bags and say it looks like she is going on a trip. Alexis says tells them that she is actually moving out. They can't believe it and ask why. Jax tells his shocked parents that they were never really together and that the marriage was a fraud. They sit down on the couch and Jax and Alexis fill them in on the whole Vegas wedding fiasco. They said tell them that after it was no longer necessary for them to stay married, they stayed together because they knew it would hurt the elder Jacks. Jax's parents are touched, but suggested that maybe Alexis and Jax took family devotion a little too far. The Jacks laugh and say that their only regret is that they would have loved to see the wedding and Alexis' face when she realized she was marrying Jax. Alexis tells her she wishes that it wasn't temporary, but her time in the Jax family was worth it. The Jax's assure her that she will always be a part of their family and their hearts. Alexis thanks them and says that now, at least, they can go back to the ones they love. Mom and Dad are confused, and Alexis says for her it is Ned Ashton and Jax says for him that it is Chloe Morgan. When his parents look dismayed, Jax says he knows they didn't think much of her but he knows they will grow to love her as much as he does. He tells them that she is going to need support now more than ever and shares with them the results of Chloe's biopsy. They say they will try to he has all of their support. Mr. Jacks asks to speak to Jax alone. He tells Jax that they don't really know Chloe but will do anything and everything he needs to make sure he is happy. Jax tells his dad that it means a lot. Meanwhile, Lady Jane tells Alexis she must continue to support Jax. Alexis assures her that Jax is her truest friend and of course she will be there for him. Lady Jane tells Alexis that she is everything a mother would want in a daughter-in-law. They hug.

Ned and Chloe are sharing coffee and cake at Kelly's. Chloe tells Ned how glad she is just glad to be out of the hospital. Ned says he has arranged for her to meet Jax at the penthouse later. Chloe tells Ned she owes him a great deal for getting her out of the hospital. Ned asks when will they will have the biopsy results. Chloe tells Jax there is some hold up at the hospital and Dr. Jones is trying to put a rush on it. She tells Ned that she doesn't want to know if it is bad news and is in no hurry. She has a bite of cake and says it is just what the doctor ordered. Ned offers some advice, telling Chloe to just savor the moments. He suggests that when she is scared, to think good thoughts and enjoy what she has right now. They decide to leave Kelly's and go for a drive to see the sunset. On their way out they bump into Mike. He says it is good to see them and he is glad Chloe is out of the hospital.

Mike approaches the counter at Kelly's and Bobbie asks what she can get him. He is actually looking for Tammy he says. Bobbie tells Mike that she won't be in until later. Mike tells Bobbie he knows they are going to be grandparents. He asks Bobbie if she is as scared as he is about Sonny and Carly being parents. Bobbie says she was just over there and that they seem to be doing fine. Mike didn't know they were living together. He reminds Bobbie that Sonny tends to leave out details.

Monica walks in on AJ in the study and asks if he went in to the office. AJ tells her no that there is no place for him at ELQ, that he never ran anything anyway. He was a tool for Edward to have Michael and needle Ned and Jason. Monica is horrified that AJ would just let everything go, especially his son. AJ tells her that he met with his lawyer who had informed him that he would never get Michael back. Monica tells AJ he needs to turn his life around and accept responsibility for his actions. She tells him that Bobbie can probably convince Carly to let AJ see Michael. AJ tells Monica he has lost everything and he is not going to ask permission to see his son. He excuses himself angrily.

Carly is having Johnny help her spread a scarf over an ottoman she has ordered. (unauthorized of course) Sonny comes downstairs and wants to know what it is. Carly explains and Sonny tells Johnny to get to his post. Carly tells Sonny that he isn't his slave and Sonny tells her that he isn't Carly's either. Johnny is there to stand guard not decorate. Sonny says he wants the furniture gone by the time he gets back. As he is leaving Bobbie arrives. She asks if she is interrupting and Sonny tells her she is always welcome and leaves. Bobbie asks Carly how much she knows about Sonny's business. Carly says that Sonny doesn't trust her to tell her anything and asks why she wants to know. Bobbie says she is worried about Roy working for him. Carly says she can't betray Sonny because it would set them back in their communications efforts. Bobbie says she understands and is prepared to leave. Carly then says that if Jason were in trouble, she'd want to know and tells Bobbie that Jason used to keep a key to Sonny's desk...right HERE and produces it. Bobbie unlocks the drawer, pulls a piece of paper out and starts copying something. Carly asks if it will help and Bobbie says she thinks so. Carly tells Bobbie she can never tell Sonny that she did that. Bobbie assures her she won't. They tell each other they love eachother and hug. Bobbie leaves.

At Luke's club, Roy is receiving last minute instructions on firing Claude for various infractions. Luke tells Roy that whatever it is he does for Sonny, to keep it away from the club. He tells Luke he will have the club still standing when Luke gets back. Luke reminds Roy that he will be back with his son. Liz knocks at the door and says she needs to talk to him alone. Luke tells Liz, despite her doubts, that it was Lucky he saw in the window and he is going to bring him home. She tells Luke to tell Lucky that she loves him and she is waiting. He tells her that it will be the first thing he tells him.

Sorel and his goons are meeting at their warehouse and they tell him that they cannot get to Corinthos since he moved "that woman and kid" in, that they don't go anywhere without a bodyguard. Sorel tells them they need a bargaining chip to get rid of Sonny and that he is a major obstacle.

Later in the day, Roy walks in to Kelly's and tells Bobbie he is sorry for biting her head off, but when she pushes him it makes him crazy. Bobbie asks if they can have dinner so that he won't be able to do his assignment for Sonny. He says he would love to have dinner with her but it will have to be tomorrow. Bobbie asks what he would do if she asked Sonny to fire Roy right now. Roy tells Bobbie he is sorry that she is upset by his work, but he has to do what he has to do. She tells him she won't forgive him if something happens to him.

Mike tells Sonny that he knows he made a change in his living arrangements and asks Sonny if he thinks it is a good idea. Mike asks why Sonny just doesn't set Carly up in a place of her own. Sonny tells Mike he will be a full-time father and doesn't want the baby to suffer. Sonny tells Mike that there is no compromise. He has to go and tells Mike to take care. As Sonny leaves Kelly's he bumps into Hannah. She tells him she can't think of anything worse than him living with Carly and he snidely suggests living with her. She says she is tired of asking Sonny to forgive her and he says that's good because he has somewhere to be. Roy is looking on from inside Kelly's and excuses himself from Bobbie. Bobbie leaves also. Roy catches up to Hannah and tells her he saw what went on. She says she feels good and that even though she loves Sonny and always will, she is not going to throw away her life. They embrace. He says he is happy to see her like this. He says he has to go and she asks if he needs backup. No, he doesn't want his FBI daughter tagging along.

AJ comes to Sonny's penthouse, Johnny announces him and Carly says to let him in. AJ says he wants his son and since he knows that can't happen he wants the diamonds on her finger. Carly laughingly asks if he is broke. She tells AJ that she left everything he gave her in a box in her old room. He says those rings are his. With glee, she announces to a horrified AJ that they aren't his. Jason gave them to her. She explains that his rings are in a pawn shop or evidence room somewhere and that she was mugged. AJ asks if she didn't think he would be worried. She tells him she only cared for Jason and that it happened when she was tailing Hannah trying to help Jason. Jason had cleaned her up and replaced all of her jewels and put the ring back on her finger. AJ tells her mockingly how sweet that is and did she really believe Jason would stay knowing she slept with Sonny. Carly says Jason does love her and to prove it, asks AJ who he thinks supplied the evidence to Sonny that freed her and Michael. She points out that he is still losing in a competition where he is the only player. She tells AJ that he is a big fat loser and he grabs her by the arms. Sonny walks in and tells AJ to let go of her. AJ tells Sonny and Carly that they deserve each other. Sonny tells AJ that he is not welcome there and that if he comes anywhere near Carly or Michael not only will he have him arrested, but will ensure that when he goes to prison he will get very special treatment. AJ storms out and Sonny asks Carly if she is all right. She says she is and thanks him. She explains that she isn't used to having people defend her and Sonny tells her she better start getting used to it. He asks her why she let him in. She tells him she thought he could handle AJ and he asks if AJ has ever put his hands on her before. She says that AJisn't violent. Sonny asks if that is so, what did he walk in on. Carly admits that she provoked him, but Sonny says that is no excuse for AJ's treatment of her and tells her it won't happen again. The furniture guy arrives to pick up the ottoman. Carly tells Sonny she wasn't trying to annoy him, that she really thought he would like it. Sonny tells the furniture guy that they have changed their mind and are going to keep it. He tips the guy and Carly smiles.

Felicia walks up on Luke on the docks. They are glad to see each other. He tells her he is taking off again to find Lucky and that Laura is going with him. Felicia tells him that is the way it should be. Luke tells her that she did a lot for him and that he knows what it cost her and asks if there is anything he can do. She tells him that was the problem, she went to him for help and not her husband. She tells him she wishes she could go with him and asks where they are going. He tells her they are going to New York where Helena's yacht is docked. She says it could be a trap and he assured her they will be careful. He tells Felicia that he loved every moment he spent with her. She asks if he will let her know what is going on. He will he touches her face and tells her there is only one Orphey Goodlove. They embrace and she tells Hiram goodbye.

Luke goes over to Laura's house and asks if she is ready. She says she has been for hours. He tells her he wishes Liz didn't know and they both wish they could tell Lulu. Luke reminds Laura that all she has to go on is his word that he saw Lucky. She says that is enough and tells him it is time to go find their son. They have a cute exchange over who will carry her bag and Luke picks it up and they leave.

Back at the Q mansion, AJ enters the library and closes the door. He goes over to the bar, takes the lid off of a vodka bottle, and smells it deeply, savoring it. He seems intoxicated just smelling it. He picks up a glass and starts to ponder.

Bobbie enters Sorel's warehouse alone and quickly hides behind some boxes. Sorel's goons enter and the man himself sneaks up right behind Bobbie. He asks her if she is looking for something and tells her she is trespassing. Bobbie says that it is a mistake, that she was supposed to meet someone there and must have the wrong building. He introduces himself, saying that he is Joseph Sorel and she must be Bobbie Spencer. They shake hands. Sorel tells her that she is practically related to Sonny since her daughter now lives with him. He wonders aloud to a frightened Bobbie what Sonny would do for the grandmother of his child.

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