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Monday, March 13, 2000

Lexie takes Abe to Lady Vi's to celebrate. Nicole takes Brandon out to Lady Vi's as well, and she tells him that Victor evicted them all. Brandon doesn't say a word, and Nicole wonders if he is appalled or angry. Brandon says why should he be, it is Victor's house and it is his call. He says he respects Victor for not taking crap from anyone, he thought she would too. Nicole says the only thing she respects is Victor's money. Nicole sees Abe and Lexie, and comments that he seems pretty happy. Brandon mumbles that he won't be for long. Nicole asks him what he means? Brandon says Abe's troubles are just beginning. Nicole says if he is talking about what happened in Abe's file, that is the past. Brandon doesn't care and says that Abe has to pay. Nicole then asks why he settled for so little money? Brandon says it was never about money, why can't she understand that? Nicole says probably because she is so shallow. Nicole thinks money can make one happy, but Brandon tells Nicole that she is far from happy, she is married to a man she doesn't love, and is still in love with Eric.

Nicole says she is not in love with Eric still, and she sees her marriage to Lucas as a temporary inconvenience. Brandon asks Nicole if she has a plan to get out of her marriage? Nicole says she does, she says all she has to do is poison Lucas, collect on his insurance, add it to her own stash, and disappear! Brandon asks her if she is serious? Nicole laughs and says she was just kidding, but she had him going. Brandon was hoping she would try to make this marriage work, but Nicole says the only part that works for her is the prestige and power, and the fact that it protects her from her past. Brandon tells Nicole that if Eric is who she wants, she should go for it, and he can take care of her past for her. He promises Nicole that he'd never let anyone hurt her life that again. Nicole is touched, and she gives him a hug.

Abe and Lexie celebrate, and Abe can't figure out why Brandon did what he did. Lexie says that Brandon is a decent and caring person, and she asks him to admit he was wrong about Brandon. Abe smiles and skirts around the subject. Abe decides to go talk to Brandon when he sees that he is here, and Lexie follows, trying to convince him not to. Abe extends his hand to Brandon and says "Peace brother." Brandon shakes his hand and says peace, but whispers in his ear that he'll never be his brother! A photographer snaps a picture for the paper, and Abe tells Lexie that they are leaving now because Brandon is a sociopath. Lexie doesn't understand what happened, and neither does Nicole. Brandon tells himself that it is way to early for Abe to be celebrating.

Nancy has bought new furniture and is ordering the delivery men to move it around. Chloe and Craig are watching, and Chloe says that by the time she finishes arraigning her new furniture, they'll be antiques. Craig asks Chloe if she has any opinions? Chloe says not really, but even if she did, Nancy wouldn't listen to her. Outside, Philip and his friends show up to get Chloe's chemistry notes because they have been skipping class and just not taking good notes. They chose Philip to be the one to go see Chloe, and tell him to pour on the charm to get them. Philip knocks on the door, and Craig answers. Philip asks for Chloe, but Chloe tries to signal to Craig not to tell him that she is here.

Craig says she is here somewhere, so Chloe is forced to see Philip. She says they can talk outside, so they leave. Nancy is intrigued, so she and Craig spy on them through the window. Outside, Chloe asks Philip point blank why he's here? Philip claims he wants to be friends, and then he tells her that she has pretty blue eyes and wonders if she has to wear her glasses all the time. Chloe smiles and says she does, but then she tells him to tell her what she wants and stop tap dancing. Philip claims he's been sick the past few days, and he wondered if he could borrow her notes for the test. Philip says he thinks she is a good student, and she should be flattered he is asking for her notes. Chloe doesn't care what he thinks of her, and then she sees his friends. Chloe wonders if they came to protect him from the wicked witch? Philip says they are his friends, but she says none of them are friends of hers. She tells Philip that he cannot borrow her notes, and as far as she is concerned he and his buddies can go straight to hell!

Back inside, Nancy wonders if Philip is asking Chloe out on a date. Craig thinks anything is possible, he could be into goth. Nancy says if Philip is interested in her, Chloe has attracted the son of the most influential man in Salem. Craig says what is important is that she is fitting in. Craig says if they do go on a date he'll have to lay down some ground rules: curfew, not to drive out of the city with her, etc. . . . Nancy tells Craig that he is sounding like a dad. Craig says they do have to take care of the girl, and she acts like her mother. Nancy says she wishes she was her mother sometimes, and asks Craig if that would be so bad? Craig says that Chloe isn't her daughter, and every time she tries to bring her out of her own little world it ends up a disaster.

Nancy asks him to try because he gets along with her better, Craig refuses and says that Chloe has every intention of leaving when she's of age, and frankly he can't wait till that day comes. Chloe comes back inside and Nancy asks "Well?" Chloe tells her to move the chair and sofa against the wall, and runs upstairs. Chloe goes to her room and takes off her glasses. she looks at herself in the mirror, but quickly puts her glasses back on. Back outside, Philips friends are out for revenge and say they are coming back her later.

Greta thanks Marlena for taking care of her mother's funeral. Marlena asks where Bo and John are? Eric says they are searching the castle, and Marlena knows they won't stop until they have searched every inch of the castle. Upstairs, Bo asks John what he is doing? John believes that there is a secret panel behind the wall he is searching. Bo asks why he'd think that? John claims he read somewhere that these old castles have a lot of passages. Bo starts tapping around for a spring release mechanism. Behind the wall, Kurt uses all his strength to keep John from opening the door. John gives up and thinks he's just watching too many horror films. Eric calls to John, so they go downstairs. In the passage, Kurt decides to forget about Gina's orders and save himself.

Downstairs, everyone assembles and talks about Kurt and how odd he has been acting lately. Kurt returns and says hello to everyone, and is introduced to Marlena. Kurt asks Greta why she has come back to the castle? Greta says she has brought her mother back to the castle to be buried, and Kurt is shocked to learn that she is dead. Greta says that Gina died years ago, why would he be shocked? Kurt says like her he hoped she was still alive. Everyone informs Kurt of what Gina has been up to, and that she only recently died. Kurt asks how she died? Bo says that Gina was insane, and he explains the shooting to him.

Kurt is devastated and mumbles "All those years I took care of . . . " John asks him took care of what? Kurt claims he was talking about the castle, but John knows better. He accuses Kurt of knowing Gina was alive, what she was up to, where Stefano is keeping Hope, and he demands to know where she is. Kurt says there is nothing he can tell them. Bo warns him that he could be an accessory to murder, and Marlena says they can protect him from Stefano. Kurt refuses to stand her and be accused of this, but when he walk off, John grabs him by the neck and threatens to break it unless he tells him what he wants to know. Marlena tells John to come back to her and let Kurt go. John breaks out of his spell and lets Kurt go. Marlena asks John what happened to him? John tells her that he's okay as long as he knows she'll always love him.

Hope is all tied up, but is freed by Stefano, who is not dead after all. Hope tells Stefano that she has good news, John and Bo are here! Stefano knows John knows every inch of the castle, if his memory could return they would be saved. Stefano says they must know the truth about Gina, and Hope says she knew Gina couldn't fool them forever. Stefano tells Hope that the only way they will be saved is if they get Kurt to talk, because he secretly believes John will not remember, but Hope knows Bo will save her. Hope helps Stefano back into bed, and she tells him that Kurt did bring a doctor to check on her. Stefano says at least he has some humanity, but Hope doesn't think he has enough because he left him to die. Stefano tells Hope that he does not die easily, and he tells Hope that he remembered who he was and that Stefano DiMera does not give up, and he tells her not to either. Hope looks out the window and realizes someone other than John and Bo are here. She tells Stefano that she sees grave diggers, and Stefano thinks the grave is for them! Hope begins to lose hope and realizes if Kurt convinces Bo and John to leave, then they are dead.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Kate is fixing herself a drink and commenting to Victor about how quiet it is. She likes it and he says he should have only given them a week instead of a month. Kate gets cozy with Victor and says something about spending time in the bedroom and Vic gets mad. She gets upset at his reaction and they have a little spat. Philip comes in and they notice his shoes are dirty. He says he walked home from the Wesley house. Victor asks what he was doing there and he explains about wanting to borrow Chemistry notes. Victor asks why he needed to borrow notes and fusses at Philip for being slack. Victor tells Philip he is capable of making straight A's and his social life should come second. Philip leaves and Kate and Victor fuss again. Kate says I guess you are going to blame this on me too. Well since you said that....Victor says she does let him get away with too much. She gets mad and says she needs to go out for some fresh air and leaves the house.

Craig calls for Nancy and asks if she is done with the movers - he will give them a tip and send them on their way. Nancy says OK and then wants to go upstairs and talk to Chloe but Craig stops her. She agrees to let Chloe come to her. Chloe remembers Philip's comment about her blue eyes and then wonders if he was just playing with her. Nancy hears something outside but Craig says it's probably just the movers leaving. Then there's a knock at the front door and Nancy opens it, but no one is there. Then she looks down and screams - there is a headless chicken on the porch. Chloe comes running downstairs and is sure of who did it. Craig wants to know what that Kiriakis kid wanted from her - sex? She says no, but won't tell then what happened. Nancy is not a happy camper and grabs her coat and heads to visit Victor.

Henderson opens the door and tells Nancy that she must have an appointment to see Mr. Kiriakis and she pushes her way in. Victor hears the loud voices and comes out to see what is going on. Nancy tells him about the chicken and Victor hollers for Philip. He quickly comes down and they all head to the den. Of course Philip won't say anything and he leaves. Nancy lights into Victor and Victor comments about it being a harmless prank. She tells him seeing a bloody chicken with it's head cut off is not harmless. She suggests he take care of his son. She leaves and Victor calls for Philip to come back down. Philip tells Victor what happened, but won't give the names of his friends. Philip says he tried to stop them and left before the deed was done but Victor says he will go to the Wesley's tomorrow and apologize and Philip agrees.

Chloe some downstairs looking for Nancy and when she finds out she went to Victor's, she says she wishes Nancy would stay out of her life. Craig lights into her and says that she won't let Nancy in her life, so how can she stay out of it. They talk some more and he gets Chloe to tell him what happened. She says something about not being a Belle Black and Craig says she does not give herself enough credit - that with those baby blues she will break some hearts. She leaves and remembers Philip commenting about her eyes and just looks in mirror. About then Nancy gets home. She tells Chloe what she did and Chloe says that will just make things worse at school tomorrow and runs upstairs. Nancy says out loud - what have I done?

Brandon and Lexie are having a break together when Austin comes by. One of the guys at the gym broke his hand and he brought him to the ER. Austin says something about the case being settled and Lexie says that Brandon was a hero by ending it so well. Austin says how can that be - he's the one that started it. Brandon gives his usual about he didn't want it to get to that and says his lawyer is the one that went to the paper behind his back. Austin listens to him but you can tell there's no love lost between these two guys. He leaves and Lexie and Brandon talk more. She asks what was said between him and Abe at the restaurant but he says that they just shook hands. He questions if she thinks something else happened why didn't Abe tell her. She says that Abe tends to shut down to her when Brandon is the topic.

He asks her if there are problems between her and Abe. She says they may have disagreements, but they love each other. She says her break is over and his shift is up. He is staying around to play Monopoly with one of the patients and then asks if they can share their next break and offers to go across the street and get pasta. He asks about them being friends and causing problems but she says Abe doesn't pick her friends. She says hey - maybe you and Abe will become friends and leaves. Brandon says that that will never happen - when he is done with Abe he will not only lose his job but his wife too.

After talking to Sami Nicole goes to the garage to get something out of the car. Austin is there hitting the bag shirtless and she does not waste any time coming on to him. She says the workouts are really doing him some good and starts running her hands over his chest. Austin tells her she is bored and he is not interested in being her entertainment tonight. She says she pegged him as the adventurous soul and says to let his guard down just this once. He tells her concentrate on HER marriage and making HER husband happy. Oh, but I do she says - happier than Sami makes you I bet. Austin says the conversation is over when Nicole says she just hopes that he does not let Sami move in with him when he finds a place.

He says that they will not live together until or unless they get married. She thanks him for clarifying that and then says that she, Sami, Greta and Eric should start an abstinence club. She turns away from him and he says that Greta and Sami have a lot more respect for marriage and a lot more respect for themselves.. You can see the hurt in her eyes. She says he knows how to kick a girl when she's down. Austin apologizes and she says he makes it obvious he has zero respect for her which is understandable - she turns back to look at him and says your girlfriend Sami is such an honorable person - that that's all you know. Austin says she is trying to be a good person. Nicole says she is the same cheap slut she always was and laughs and says everyone knows the reason they are not having sex - because you are such a prude. He tells her the conversation is over and she says if he ever gets lonely to call her and blows him a kiss as she leaves.

Lucas and Maggie are at an AA meeting and get a break. They talk about him, Will and Sami. Basically he says he does not want Will to be raised without Sami around but he also knows that with her it's all or nothing. And.....he says if she fights him for Will that is what she will end up with - NOTHING. Sami is reading the want ads and sees a job for a marketing person for a start-up internet company -perfect she says until she reads it requires an MBA. She has an idea she knows just who to talk to about a job. She flies out the door and just in time to see Nicole stumble by. She says she is on the way to the car to get some wallpaper samples for the mansion she and Lucas are building. She says then she and Lucas will be out of there. Sami says that if Lucas thinks he is taking her son away from her he has another thing coming. Nicole takes this as her opportunity to win Sami over and agrees that a child should be raised by it's mother. Of course Sami does not believe her and that the only reason Nicole wants that is she hates kids.

Nicole says that's not true and that she and Lucas plan to have 4 or 5 children. She says she has been reading books on raising kids and that if her and Lucas were to ever split up she would never give up her children. She says something about pulling them back and forth a problem and she would only let Lucas have them just a little bit in the summer. Sami doesn't buy her concern and Nicole heads off. About then Kate comes by and Sami wants to talk to her. Kate comes in the guest house and Sami wants a job at Titan and also wants more money. Of course Kate says no way and they do the old exposing/blackmail thing from the past. Kate is not worried about Sami now and says that Victor is here to help her this time and leaves. Sami gets a worried look on her face and wonders what she will do now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Thursday, March 16, 2000

At .com Philip watched Chloe through the window as she had a conversation with someone. Jason and Jan arrived and Philip asked them if they knew who the guy was that Chloe was talking to. They said they didn't. Jan asked Philip if he was jealous because Chloe was with a man. Philip denied having any feelings for Chloe. Jan wasn't convinced. Philip said he just wanted to know who the guy was. He changed the subject and told them he knew they would bail on him when it came time to apologize to Chloe for the headless chicken. Jan told him she wasn't going to apologize for something she wasn't sorry she did. Jason asked Philip if he wanted to go see a movie with them. Philip agreed but told them to go on ahead and get him a ticket. He said he wanted to go inside and buy a CD. Once inside he tried to see who the guy was that Chloe was with without being seen by them but he failed. Philip was startled when he realized the man was one of the teachers at Salem High. Before the teacher left he asked Chloe to think about joining the choir. He told her he could really use a strong soprano. She said she would consider it. When they were alone Chloe asked Philip what he was doing and told him to stop following her. He said he wasn't he was only there to by a CD. He again apologized for the chicken incident but Chloe was nonplussed. Jan and Jason returned and asked Philip what was taking him so long. Jan commented that he hadn't bought a CD. She and Jason continued to antagonize Chloe with vampire jokes. Chloe told Philip that he and his so-called friends are definitely what she would call "sorry." Jan called Chloe a "freak" and Philip said it was time for them to go. He started to say something but stopped himself. He reluctantly followed his friends outside. Philip unconvincingly tried to tell his friends he thought Chloe was strange but you could tell he was feeling guilty for the shabby treatment his friends had given her. Chloe hid her feelings until she was alone...she hid behind a newspaper and removed her glasses to wipe away a tear.

At the Police station, Abe told Roman he wasn't sure if Brandon was finished wreaking havoc on his life. He said he tried to make peace but Brandon threw it back in his face. He told Roman he didn't think his problems with Brandon were over and he said he is worried about Brandon and Lexie spending so much time together at work. He said he is worried he can't protect Lexie when she is working with Brandon at the hospital. A drunk man in a wheelchair was brought into the police station for panhandling. Rather than arrest him Abe offered the man a job if he could promise he would stop panhandling and stay sober. The man was very grateful and thanked Abe profusely. He said he would do his best and stay out of trouble. When he was gone Abe remembered shooting Larry. He commented to Roman how one bullet can change a person's entire life so completely. Abe told Roman he has to live with the guilt that he shot a 7 year old boy and put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He said he thinks about it every day. Roman said he couldn't imagine what Abe must be feeling.

At the hospital, Lexie and Brandon were talking and he told her he was glad the case with Abe didn't go to court. Lexie said she and Abe were happy with the outcome too. They were interrupted by Brandon's ringing cell phone. He moved away from her so he could talk to Benny in private. Benny told Brandon Larry had decided he wasn't going to meet with him unless Brandon went with him. Benny was angry. Brandon felt like he was being pressured by Benny to produce Larry Morris and he got angry. He told Benny to never doubt him and swore that Abe Carver would go down. Benny said he must have Larry's testimony or that won't happen. Brandon slammed the phone down. Lexie watched what had happened and said to him "Hey, that was your lawyer wasn't it? Brandon, what is going on?" Brandon told Lexie he must have been wrong about Benny. He said he now realized all Benny is about is money. He told her that because of everything that's happened he is worried they can no longer be friends. Before she could respond they were interrupted again. This time by Lexie's pager. She said she had to go to OR. When he was alone Brandon called Larry and told him he would accompany him to Benny's office for a meeting as long as no one ever found out. Larry agreed to Brandon's request. Lexie re-approached and told Brandon that because things have been settled with Abe and because they are co-workers who will see each other often there is no reason they can't be friends. Brandon told her he hoped she was right although to himself he said it would never happen that way because the fireworks with Abe were just about to begin.

At Titan, Kate and Victor were discussing their strategy to get the 5 million dollars back from Nicole. Victor told her he had scheduled a meeting for them with Rex Rawlins and he said he wanted her to follow his lead during the meeting. She said she would. Meanwhile Nicole and Lucas were on their way into her office when she asked Lucas who the stud was they just passed in the hallway. Inside her office he told her it was Rex Rawlins. "An internet king" he said. Lucas explained to Nicole that while Victor was in the nursing home his mother had let things slide at work and Titan lost millions. Nicole acted like she was unaware of what could have happened to the money. He said he didn't expect her to know what had happened to the money because it didn't have anything to do with her. He wondered why she would think it had anything to do with her. She told him she didn't think she was worthy of the position she had at Titan. He said she was doing a great job and told her she has been a great contribution to the company. She was very down on herself saying she has always been used to men only being interested in her for her body and her looks. She said all women hate her and all men love her. She told him she had never been complimented for her brain. Lucas told her there was no reason for her to be so down on herself. He told her he loved her very much and always would. Nicole asked Lucas if Titan was going to go under. "No. Of course not." he said. Back in the meeting with Kate, Victor and Rex Victor told Kate that Nicole's greed would be her downfall. Kate said she wasn't sure Nicole would part with her money easily. She was worried their plan was dangerous. "For Nicole, it will be dangerous." said Victor. Rex told them he would work his charm on Nicole and get back with them soon.

On their way to join Sami and Austin for dinner Maggie told Mickey she is bored with her job volunteering at the hospital. She said that since Nancy had been put in charge the volunteer work is leaving her feeling unfulfilled. She told Mickey she wanted to open a restaurant. He told her if she felt she could totally commit to this new venture he would support her completely. She was thrilled. While waiting at the restaurant Sami and Austin were celebrating her new job as the hospital receptionist. The topic turned to marriage and she told Austin she has loved him since she was 15 years old. She said that maybe she is being selfish but all she wants is to be with him. He told her they can't rush into marriage just because of Will. He said if it's meant to be it will happen when the time is right. Then he kissed her. Mickey and Maggie arrived. While they were having dinner with Sami and Austin Mickey told Sami he didn't think she would ever be able to retain full custody of Will. He handed her a document that he had just received from family court. He told her it proves she can't have full custody. He told her because she has not been able to prove Lucas unfit and because of her past misdeeds the court is not sympathetic toward her. Austin told Mickey he and Sami plan on building a life together and will have a stable home environment for Will. Mickey said it may be too late for even that to help he situation. Sami was stunned.

Friday, March 17, 2000

At the chateau in Paris, Lily, Doug, Julie and Alice were talking. Lily told them of some of the happy memories she shared with Princess Gina at this place. They listen to her silently without expression. Doug reminded Lily the reason they were there was to find Hope. He also remarked that they hadn't come up with any clues to Hope's whereabouts yet. Kurt came upon them and explained he was preparing to leave the castle. He said he had to put out all the fires and shut the fireplace flues. When Alice began to move a bag he had brought into the room with him he got angry with her. He snatched the bag away from her telling her to leave it alone. Doug told him not to talk to Mrs. Horton that way Kurt ignored him and left the room. Angry, Doug went after him. He told the ladies he was going to give Kurt a piece of his mind. While looking for Kurt Doug ran into Belle and Shawn in one of the castle corridors. He asked them if they had seen Kurt and when they said they hadn't he left to continue his search. Belle asked Shawn what he was doing. He said he was looking one more time for a clue to where his mother may be. They discussed the fact they would soon be leaving the castle. Kurt crept up on them but was able to slip into a secret passageway undetected. Part of the bag he was carrying got stuck in the door. Belle told Shawn she saw the bookcase move and they observed all the books that had fallen over. They went over and tried to move the bookcase but it wouldn't budge. Shawn told her it must've been her imagination and began to walk away when he spotted a can of soup on the floor. He picked it up and showed it to her. Kurt had dropped it in his hurry to get to the turret unnoticed. They wondered where it could have come from. They thought it was odd but couldn't figure out how the soup could've gotten there. Belle straightened up the bookcase and inadvertently opened the secret door. She moved the book again and the door closed. Neither one of them saw this happen. They went to meet with the others to discuss what they would be doing next. Doug returned and told everyone he had searched all over but it seemed Kurt had disappeared.

On the castle grounds, Bo, John and Marlena were looking for any clues concerning Hope. Bo and Marlena think searching the grounds is a waste of time. John disagreed and angrily told Marlena to get out of his way. He shoved her out of his way and then immediately apologized. He explained he was focusing on something and he reminded her he is just as anxious as everyone else is to find Hope. John noticed a funny looking piece of sod and when he moved it a secret staircase was revealed. They all went down the staircase. Bo asked John if he knew what this place was. At the bottom of the stairs John turned on a light "Welcome to the dungeon" he said. "John, you've been here before haven't you?" Marlena asked. John had a memory of being dressed as a priest hanging one of the stolen paintings on a wall. John didn't tell Marlena about what he remembered. All he said to her was "Before" and walked away. They walked into another room and it had the stolen paintings on the wall. Lily came upon them and asked "What is this place?" She spotted her Renet on the wall and excitedly tried to go to it. John grabbed her telling her "No one touches these paintings." Marlena is once again stunned by John's behavior. John told Lily the reason she couldn't touch the paintings was because they are evidence which will put Stefano away for a long time. He said they have Stefano's fingerprints all over them. He told her once Stefano was put away for all his misdeeds then she could have her paintings back but not before then. Everyone agreed. Privately, Marlena told John she knew he's been slipping in and out of this other personality. The person he was when Stefano kept him as his prisoner. Marlena asked John when she was going to "find" him again. She asked him to admit he was being controlled by his past with Stefano. Instead he asked her to trust in his love. That is what will get him through this he said. He kissed her. They left to meet with the others to discuss strategy.

At Princess Gina's, grave Greta asked God for a sign that her mother is at peace. When she stood up and turned around whatever she saw took her breath away. She told Eric to look at the turret. Inside the turret Hope was watching them. She was banging on the window and prayed they would see her. Kurt arrived and pulled her away from the window. He said because of the way the sun was shining no one could see her through the window anyway. Back outside Greta told Eric what she saw was a white dove. She said they were her mother's favorite and she felt it was her sign from God that her mother is at peace. They went inside to meet with the others. Meanwhile, Hope broke free from Kurt and went back to banging on the window. She wanted so much for someone to notice her. Kurt got a piece of rope and said he hated to have to do this but she had left him with no other choice. Unable to stop him Stefano watched as Kurt tied Hope up to a chair. Kurt told Hope he and all the others were leaving the castle this morning. Hope begged Kurt not to let this happen. She pleaded with him to set her free. He refused. He left her with the food he had brought and said he is sure she will figure out a way to untie the knot so she can prepare it. He said by the time she figured out how to free herself everyone would be gone. He left her and Stefano alone. Stefano got off the bed he was lying on and dragged himself over to where Hope was. While untying her he said "Fire." "What?" asked Hope.

Back downstairs, everyone gathered and discussed their plan of action. They decided their next stop would be Dublin, Ireland where they hoped to discover the link between the Brady and DiMera families. "Before we go there's one more thing I need to do" Greta said. Kurt managed to make his way out of the castle unnoticed. He went to Gina's grave and told her he would miss her. He said he did his best to do everything she had asked of him. Greta and Eric overheard Kurt talking at the grave and she called him a liar. Greta accused Kurt of lying about her mother since the beginning and rather than help them he had done nothing but hinder them. He lied to her and said he really did believe the Princess had died many years ago. He told them he had been living in a fantasy world here at the castle for a long time and had always tried to keep Gina's memory alive. He said them bringing Gina's body back to the castle is what caused him to realize his fantasy is over. Greta and Eric were spooked by Kurt's odd behavior. She placed a pressed rose her mother had given her years ago on the ground where she was buried. They left Kurt alone. To himself Kurt said "I really did love you Princess." He said he was sorry for not protecting her from this disaster.

Back in the turret Hope realized Stefano was trying to tell her if she built a fire she could send out smoke signals that would draw the others attention. She began looking for things to burn. She noticed activity outside and went to the window to see what was going on. She watched as her family and friends got in their cars to leave. She was devastated. Stefano continued to work on getting the fire started. After it was already lit he realized Spring Morning was burning up. That was the last painting that had been stolen by Hope when she was brainwashed to believe she was Princess Gina. He is stunned. Smoke began to fill the room and he inhaled a lot of smoke which knocked him out. Hope ran to the fireplace and realized the flue was closed. She tried to get it open but the fire was too hot. She yelled for help to no avail. She was also knocked out because of smoke inhalation. As they were driving away from the castle John wondered aloud why Bo was driving so slowly behind them. Marlena said it must be because Bo still feels Hope is connected to the castle in some way. In Bo's car Alice is looking out the side-view mirror and she told the others that before they left Kurt told them he had put out all the fires in the castle and had shut all the flues. Eric told them Kurt was no longer at the castle. He said he and Greta had seen him leave.

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