All My Children Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on AMC

A drugged Alex rejected Edmund's revelations. Dixie spotted Dimitri after he collapsed while trying to use David's computer. Adrian shot Edmund on Charlotte's orders. Hayley warned Ryan to be careful with Gillian. Charlotte's goons kidnapped Adrian and Tina. Charlotte told Alex that she was not Anna Devane.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on AMC
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At the Chandler mansion, Adam stirred and awoke to find Arlene entangled at the other end of the couch. He hastily tried to cover his bare chest, much to Arlene's amusement in light of what had happened the night before.

Meanwhile, Erica awoke to find David by her side. She tried to persuade him to take the day off from the hospital and spend the day with her. Just then, Leo's head popped out from under the covers atop Erica's bed, munching on a croissant. Leo believed in making himself at home. David soon started to harangue Leo about sponging off Erica, just like Vanessa. Erica explained to David that she is trying to help Leo find some direction in looking for a job.

At SOS, Adrian called Dimitri to report on what he's found out about Charlotte from his computer searches - not much. Tina overheard the end of the conversation and questioned Adrian about his conversation. He told her he must go, and left her abruptly.

Mateo and Hayley returned from their honeymoon, and thanked Tina for the arrangements she had made for them. Then Hayley told Mateo she must go to her father's house and see if he's thrown out Arlene yet.

Alex stirred uneasily in her sleep, remembering Charlotte by her bedside, talking forcefully to her: "Forget about love, it makes you weak! Remember what I trained you for! You have to get on with it, get on with your life!" Alex cried out, "No, no!" as Edmund entered, trying to soothe her. But Alex was brusque with him, telling him she had slept in too long and had no time for "that kind of stuff." Puzzled, Edmund watched as she left to get ready for work at the hospital.

The need to go to the hospital was planted in her mind the night before, as Charlotte explained to Quinn on her cell phone. Just then Quinn walked in, much to Charlotte's indignation. "What are you doing in my daughter's bedroom? she demanded. Adrian proceeded with his bluff - that he is now willing to join up with her, despite his refusal years ago to be recruited by her. Charlotte told him she will be the one to decide when and where.

Adrian returned to SOS, where Tina greeted him with a gift. But he cut her off, and told her she was mistaken about what there was between them.

At the Chandler mansion, Hayley was greeted by Arlene, much to her horror. Arlene, purring like the cat that got the cream, smugly told Hayley that she and Adam are as much a couple as Hayley and Mateo are. Hayley cannot believe her ears, but when a freshly-showered Adam appeared, he confirmed that he had no intenetion of divorcing Arlene or getting the marriage annulled. After Hayley protested, he told her he'd better not come back if she can't be happy for him. Sadly, Hayley left.

Adam, tears in his eyes, made it clear to Arlene that the reason he married her was to keep Hayley away. "And it's working," he added. Adam, in suit and tie again, left for Chandler Enterprises, cheered on by Arlene.

As Erica tried to guide Leo through her job questionnaire, the phone rang, answered by Leo. He handed it to Erica, "Who's Barbara?" he asked. Erica's end of the conversation indicated that Bianca was being a problem for Barbara. Erica told her she was being too sensitive, and to call again tomorrow.

Dimitri, still sequesterd in the mausoleum, allowed himself to fantasize about a happy reunion with his beloved Alex. But then he told himself, "NO, it can never be!"

Alex arrived at her office, all business, much to David's surprise. He noticed a complete change in her demeanor, and when Edmund arrived, asked him if he'd noticed the changes too. David left to go on rounds, and an anxious Edmund quizzed Alex on why she was being so cold to him. He suspected that she had been alone with Charlotte the night before, and begged Alex not to trust her mother. Alex was furious, and said she loved her mother and wanted to spend some time with her. "If you can't handle that .... " she glowered at Edmund as she slammed out of the room. Once outside, she paused and said to herself, "I just want to get on with my life!"

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

by ABC

Mateo paid a visit to Adam, but instead found Arlene and decided to put her in her place. Meanwhile, a livid Adam watched as Tad and Liza celebrated their business successes. Later, Arlene encouraged Adam to take back what was rightfully his and he called an emergency board meeting. Ryan looked on as Greenlee attempted to make him jealous with Leo. Ryan attempted to cover his emotions after Greenlee spied him gazing at Gillian. Meanwhile, Becca was charmed when Leo admitted that his relationship with Greenlee was not what it appeared. Marian encouraged Scott to dig up some dirt on Leo and end Becca's infatuation with him. Later, Scott advised Becca to take some time to sort out her feelings for him and Leo.

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Back from taking Junior to camp a little earlier than expected, Dixie used the opportunity to move some of her personal belongings into the Andrassy Foundation office at Pine Valley Hospital. She was startled to see that David was still working quietly at his desk. With a broad smile, Dixie explained that she wanted to have all of her belongings in place before starting time. That way there would be no "getting settled" time and she could get right to work in the morning. When Dixie asked to use the phone to call Tad, David assumed that she and Tad were going to hit the town to celebrate his new job. Dixie gasped slightly and put down the receiver. David knew from Dixie's reaction that she didn't know of Tad and Liza's business partnership. Dixie covered pretty well, saying that she knew Tad had been considering the job offer, but that the last time they'd spoke he'd been adamantly opposed to working with Liza. David was a bit concerned that Dixie was upset by Tad's new job as co-CEO, but Dixie swore that she was "fine with this." Soon after Dixie left, Charlotte entered the office. She introduced herself to Alex's business partner, saying that she's heard much about him. David informed Charlotte that her daughter was probably working in the lab and gave her some simple directions to try to track her down. Charlotte smiled broadly and headed on her way. Outside the office, Charlotte placed a call on her cellular phone. To the person on the other end, she said that she and Alex would be outside shortly and asked that the other person "be ready to move in quickly."

Alone in his new office at Chandler Enterprises, Tad reflected on the victory dance he and Liza had done after their first board meeting. He mused that he has somehow always found a way to "slide" into success. Joe wandered into the room and teased his son about being "front page news." The two men discussed the reasons behind Tad deciding to go to work at the company founded by his occasional nemesis. Surprisingly, Tad had decided to partner with Liza out of continued feelings that he was responsible for Stuart's death. He thought that using Chandler Enterprises, a company that usually operated on an only for profit mentality, to do some good for charitable organizations would be a great way to honor Stuart's memory. Joe agreed with Tad's thought process, but asked that he remember that there is something more important than business --- his marriage to Dixie. Dixie walked slowly down the hall and listened to the men's conversation from just outside the doorway. Tad promised his dad that he would never do anything to upset Dixie. In fact, he was using his new position at Chandler Enterprises to make Dixie proud of him. Dixie took a deep breath and entered the office. She assured her husband that she was already proud of him. Knowing that it was best to let the couple alone to discuss the situation, Joe made a hasty retreat. Dixie told Tad that she had no problem with his decision to take on a new job. Tad, in turn, vowed never to let his past indiscretions with Liza happen again. Tad purred sexily and told Dixie that he'd heard that power was an aphrodisiac. As the pair kissed, one of the office assistants wandered into the office. She immediately apologized for interrupting and left the room. Tad and Dixie, on the other hand, decided that it would be best to take their romance somewhere else.

On the beach, Adrian met up with a very disguised Dimitri. Donned in a jacket, sunglasses and baseball cap, Dimitri listened intently as Adrian asked him to go to the tack room at Wildwind and use a laptop computer to tap into the computer systems at Port Charles' General Hospital. Adrian also added that he had made contact with Charlotte and would learn if she planned to accept him into her organization sometime soon. Trouble reared its head in an unexpected form --- Gillian. Dimitri turned ever so slightly so that Gillian would not be able to see his face. Then, he slowly walked away. Adrian walked over to Gillian and greeted her. When asked who he'd been talking to, Adrian smoothly replied that he'd been chatting with someone he's met through his work at the shelter. Gillian said nothing more of it, instead deciding to comment that she'd thought that the beach would be deserted at that time of evening. Adrian sensed that Gillian wanted to be alone and left. Shortly thereafter, Ryan stumbled upon Gillian. Both were surprised to see the other, but neither wanted to part company. They laid down on a blanket next to a bonfire and enjoyed the nighttime air. Gillian was extremely jumpy, panicking every time an unfamiliar noise sounded. After the shared a kiss, Gillian questioned how she would tell Jake that she wanted a divorce. Ryan suggested that she tell Jake that she had made a "horrible mistake" by agreeing to marry him. The term seemed harsh, but effective nonetheless. This time when a noise in the distance, it was a legitimate cause for concern. Ryan rushed into hiding just seconds before Tad and Dixie strolled onto the beach. They hadn't seen Gillian's car because she'd parked in a distant parking lot. The couple didn't want Gillian to sit alone so late at night and offered --- or rather demanded --- to walk her back to her car. As they left, Dixie remarked that she felt Gillian had gone to the beach to think about Jake. Tad, though, was unusually quiet, looking around curiously. Time passed and Ryan crawled out of hiding. He sat alone on the beach for several minutes before Gillian returned to his side. Gillian told Ryan that she feared Tad was suspicious of their relationship. According to Gillian, Tad questioned why she was alone on the beach the whole way back to her car. It was because of this that Gillian needed to change her relationship with Ryan: They could no longer see each other --- at least until she asked Jake for a divorce. It was going to be hard for both of them, but Gillian felt that it was the right thing to do.

In the hospital laboratory, Alex was haunted by unshakable voices forcing themselves into her head. Charlotte's voice warned her that Edmund could not be trusted, while her own voice repeated over and over that she was really Anna Devane. Edmund entered the lab and caught Alex by surprise. Alex jumped into the air and crushed the vial she'd been holding in the palm of her hand. Edmund immediately raced to his lover's side so that he could help tend to the wound caused by the crushed glass. Alex fought him the whole time, saying that she did not need him to hover over her. Edmund questioned Alex's change in attitude towards him. Alex argued that her mother was not a cause for concern. "She just wants me to," Alex said before pausing. She'd wanted to say "get on with my life," but she caught herself in time and finished, "be happy." Edmund took Alex into his arms to comfort her. Finally, Alex showed signs of calming down. She melted into his arms and apologized for her grumpiness. A smile formed on Alex's face and she told Edmund that she'd be finished with her work in a little while. Edmund nodded and headed off to the cafeteria to pick up some cappuccinos.

Edmund finished up at the cafeteria and headed to David and Alex's office. There, Edmund was surprised to see that Alex hadn't finished her work yet. David shrugged indifferently and said that it was possible that Alex had gotten tied up with her mother. Edmund's face fell. He immediately asked David when Charlotte had stopped by and where she'd gone. After learning that Charlotte was en route to the lab, Edmund burst out of the office.

The door to the lab opened while Alex was still finishing up her work. Without looking, she reminded the person coming in, whom she believed to be Edmund, that she'd meet them in her office. Charlotte smiled and said that she knew that they'd agreed to meet elsewhere, but said that she really wanted to take a trip to the cinema. Alex hadn't remembered talking to her mother about going to the movies. In actuality, she hadn't, but Charlotte wasn't about to reveal that she was lying. Charlotte looked at her daughter and told her that she just wants to help her "get on with her life." Alex grabbed her head and grimaced in pain. Charlotte pledged to help make Alex feel better --- just like when she was "in school." Edmund entered just as Charlotte was taking Alex by the arm. He demanded that Charlotte unhand Alex, but Charlotte refused. She explained to Edmund that Alex had fallen ill and she wanted to take her home. Edmund sternly informed Charlotte that he would be taking care of Alex and asked that she leave. Charlotte nodded her head and promised to meet them back at Wildwind. Outside in the hallway, Charlotte placed a call to someone and asked that that person meet her in the tack room. Back inside, Alex demanded to know why Edmund had spoken so coldly to her mother. Edmund took on a serious stance. "I didn't want to tell you," he said softly. "You're still in danger." The danger, Edmund stated, was closer than either of them could imagine. Alex was very concerned for her own safety, but that concern faded away with Edmund's next statement. "Your mother is the head of a powerful anarchist organization," Edmund explained. Alex broke into laughter, asking Edmund where he'd gotten such a ridiculous idea. "And Eugenia is a serial killer," she mused. Edmund admitted that he'd had no proof of his claim, but said that the information had come to him from a very reliable source. Of course, Edmund was not able to reveal who his source was because the source, Dimitri, had sworn him to secrecy. Because of the lack of details, Alex remained skeptical of Edmund's claims. He did, however, manage to score some credibility points when he pointed out that Alex never would have believed him a year ago if he'd told her that she could speak fluent Russian and subdue armed gunmen. Alex buried her head in Edmund's chest and apologized for acting so poorly towards him. Edmund warmly embraced her... but the cold expression on Alex's face hinted that Alex might not feel the same way.

In the tack room, Dimitri tapped away on the laptop computer Adrian had left for him. He managed to contact the General Hospital computer system, but he was denied access to privileged information. Adrian placed an urgent call to Dimitri to warn him that Charlotte was on her way to the tack room. Dimitri scrambled out of the room with the laptop in hand --- but he left behind a yellow notepad with "General Hospital" scrawled on it. Sometime later, Charlotte entered the tack room and paced slowly back and forth. Adrian appeared a few seconds later and was praised for his promptness. Charlotte told Adrian that she had decided to accept his request to join her organization, but there was a matter of an "initiation" process. Adrian grumbled that his record should speak for itself, but he agreed nevertheless to partake in the pre-employment test. Charlotte nodded her head and told Adrian of the task before him. Calmly and without emotion, Charlotte stated, "I want you to kill Edmund Grey."

Thursday, July 6, 2000

Edmund awoke to find Alex sipping tea in the Wildwind parlor. He gently asked Alex why she'd disobeyed him and left the bedroom without him. Alex explained that she felt Edmund needed his rest. "Everything I told you was true," Edmund stated sensing the growing chasm between him and Alex. He urged Alex never to be alone with Charlotte. Charlotte appeared in the doorway and merrily announced that she was going to be leaving town --- and that Alex would be joining her. Edmund ordered Charlotte to forgo the planned trip, but Alex insisted that a few days away would be good for her. Charlotte left to phone for a taxi. Alex, meanwhile, continued to lecture Edmund for her over-protectiveness. It was only then that Edmund noticed an injection mark on Alex's arm. He immediately wanted to know if Charlotte had drugged her. The insinuation didn't win any points with Alex, who denied that her mother would do any such thing. Alex blasted Edmund as "insanely possessive" and reaffirmed her desire to go away with her mother. Charlotte returned to the room and she and Alex headed upstairs to finish packing.

A camera crew showed up at Sounds of Salsa to tape a special "summer romance" edition of Wave. Hayley offered to let Tina be a guest on the show, but the young woman sadly noted that she had no real experience with summer romance --- or romance of any kind. Becca greeted Scott, who was on location to ask as a cameraman for the shoot. Scott reaffirmed his position to give Becca some space. He also reiterated that while he hopes Becca chooses him in the end, he will accept whatever decision she makes. A very sunburned Greenlee arrived at the nightclub with Leo by her side. She blamed Leo for her sunburn, saying that if he had put forth more of an effort to make Ryan jealous she never would have been out in the sun long enough to burn. Leo countered that he had instructed Greenlee to wear some sunblock. It came time to film the first segment of the television show and Hayley's first guest was Becca. When asked how she felt about summer romances, Becca sagely replied that she's known many a people whose summer romances have resulted in "hearts [being] broken in September." Greenlee, still grumbling about Leo's refusal to help her make Ryan jealous, unwittingly spilled the beans to Scott about the "bet" she and Leo had made. Scott, of course, knew nothing about the wager and was very upset to hear that the bet revolved around whether or not Leo could take Becca's virginity. Greenlee assured Scott that the bet had been called off --- due mostly to the fact that Leo now believed that he was in love with Becca. Adrian pushed Tina into a back room and told her that they had to talk about the way he'd acted the day before. Tina didn't want to discuss the topic, but Adrian silenced her with a kiss. Adrian swore to Tina that he cared for her, but said that something was going on that was forcing him to keep his distance from her. The cryptic nature of his remark prompted Tina to ask questions, but Adrian was unable to answer any of them. As the two talked, Edmund phoned Adrian and alerted him to Charlotte's plan to take Alex out of the country with her. It was time, said Edmund, to act. Adrian bid Tina farewell and walked out of the room. Tina asked that she be allowed to accompany Adrian to wherever it was he was going, but Adrian flatly turned her down. Outside, the club, Adrian double-checked a handgun that was neatly tucked away in a holster under his jacket. He took a deep breath and uttered, "Okay, Edmund. No mistakes." Hayley's show was about to wrap up, but Mateo saw a window of opportunity open before him. He slinked onto the makeshift stage and planted a kiss on his wife's lips. Leo gently teased Becca about her newfound stardom as a recurring guest on Wave. Becca bowed her head sheepishly and said that the show allowed her friends and family to see her. Plus, she said that they all exchange email on a regular basis. Leo confessed that he's never been in one place long enough to develop any friendships. Becca smiled tenderly and told Leo that she could add him to his email list. Leo batted his eyes several times and told Becca to forget about the email list --- he'd rather do dinner. It didn't take much convincing for Becca to accept the invitation. Leo filed over to Greenlee and listened to her continued rants about his refusal to help her win over Ryan. Leo rolled his eyes and agreed to help Greenlee --- but only one more time. Greenlee thanked Leo with a peck on the lips... a kiss that turned into a much more passionate kiss. "Something to remember me by," Greenlee cooed. "I bet you get that from Pigeon Princess." Tina, meanwhile, pulled Mateo aside and told him that she's worried that Adrian is thinking about leaving Pine Valley. Hayley happened upon the conversation and wondered why Tina had jumped to that conclusion. Hayley said that she was sure Adrian's departure, if he really was leaving, must be business related. Tina reached behind the bar for her purse and declared that she was going to do whatever she had to do to prevent Adrian from leaving.

With a tour guide in hand, Esther chirped merrily about the idea of visiting the Hoover Dam while en route to Las Vegas. Stuart was uninterested in the idea and continued working on his Queen of Hearts painting. Esther raced out of the room and into the kitchen where, in tears, she bumped into Judd. Esther immediately apologized for sobbing in front of the man, but Judd assured her that he understood what she was feeling. Esther sobbed that she was "losing" Stuart. Judd nearly broke into tears himself as he recalled how painful it was to lose his wife of eighteen years. Outside in the dining area, Marilyn sauntered over to Stuart and asked him if he was still interested in trying to piece together his lost memories. Stuart nodded enthusiastically, but he felt that sneaking around behind Esther's back was a bit disrespectful. Marilyn pointed out that it was less than honest for Esther to be keeping Stuart's past a mystery. Stuart pursed his lips together and gave Marilyn the go ahead to poke around the trailer for clues. To himself, Stuart hoped that Marilyn's search would turn up something.

While Marian spoke on the phone to a client, Frederick entered the gallery. He told Marian that he felt very badly for what had happened during their psychic session. He apologized for upsetting Marian and asked that she not be upset with Opal. However, Frederick said that he's been thinking about the message Cindy had given them. As he saw it, there were only two possible explanations --- either Stuart hadn't yet made the transition to the afterlife or he wasn't dead. Marian burst into tears at the implication that Stuart may still be alive. She said that it had taken her a long time to accept the fact that Stuart was dead. She shooed Frederick out of the house even as the psychic was offering to help contact Stuart one more time. Alone, Marian fumbled through the box of custom playing cards that Stuart had had made for her. She picked out the queen of hearts and sobbed openly on the playing card.

Back in the Queen of Hearts restaurant, Stuart noticed a water droplet on his painting. He moved in for a closer look before determining that the droplet of water was a tear seemingly coming from the queen's eye. As he dabbed the tear, Marilyn burst into the room with news that she'd found a clue in the trailer: the address to the Chandler Gallery in Pine Valley. Stuart nodded and said that he'd already tried to visit the gallery, but that it was closed when he'd stopped by. Marilyn placed a call to information and was connected with the gallery. On the other end, Marian picked up the phone. Her heart raced when Marilyn said that she wanted to talk about "Stuart." Marilyn took a deep breath and repeated the man's name, "Stuart... Stuart Glynn." Marian's head fell and she told the woman on the other end that she had the wrong number. Marian promptly hung up the phone. Marilyn wasn't about to be foiled by her first failed attempt. She returned to the trailer to dig up more information. She returned some time later with another clue --- someone by the name of Adam. Stuart stated that he picture a small boy with a slingshot when he heard the name Adam. Marilyn was about to place a call to the mysterious Adam when Esther and Judd wandered out of the kitchen and asked what the pair was up to.

Back at the gallery, Marian asked herself why she'd hung up the phone so quickly. She then shook her head in disbelief and laughed nervously at the thought that someone may have been calling about her Stuart. Scott returned to the gallery and fumed that he was angry enough to punch a hole in the wall. Marian listened as Scott told her about the bet Leo and Greenlee had made. He was even more upset that Becca knew about the bet and was still on speaking terms with Leo. Marian said that it was a shame that Scott didn't find out about the bet before Becca. Scott suddenly stopped in his tracks and smiled. He said that there might still be a way that he could use the situation to put Leo in his place.

Erica stopped by David's office to see if he could join her for breakfast. David explained that he'd just been in surgery for 14 hours and needed to get some rest before going back to work. Erica reminded David that Alex was back in town and could easily cover some extra work. David smiled slightly and explained that the reports of Alex's return to work had been greatly exaggerated. Even though he wanted nothing more than to catch a few winks, David ceded to Erica's request that he put her first and join her for dinner. The pair headed off, with David needing to make a stop to change before they could leave the hospital. Soon after they vacated the room, Dimitri stumbled into the room using a pair of keys he had lifted from Alex. Dimitri immediately sat down at David's computer and, using David's login information, tapped into the General Hospital computer system. The first step was a success, but when he tried to pull up specific information about Anna Devane, Dimitri was denied access. So furious with the perpetual roadblocks was Dimitri, that he began taking out his frustration on anything that was within reach. The fit of anger, however, compromised Dimitri's health. A blinding headache attacked Dimitri, sending the man tumbling backwards to the ground. David returned to his office and heard the sounds of heavy breathing coming from just beyond his desk. He moved in to investigate and gasped upon seeing Dimitri. "Is that really you?" he asked in disbelief. Dimitri nodded, saying only that he had been "out of the country" and hadn't died. David helped Dimitri to his feet and insisted that he be admitted to the hospital immediately. Dimitri adamantly refused medical treatment and threatened to disband the Andrassy Foundation if David breathed a word of his "resurrection" to anyone. David didn't understand why Dimitri wanted to remain quiet. Erica's voice sounded in the hall and Dimitri immediately hit the floor. He hid behind David's desk and waited nervously to see if David would bite his tongue. David did everything in his power to get rid of Erica, but Erica sensed that something fishy was going on. David ultimately agreed to join Erica for breakfast and started to usher her towards the door. Dimitri, still fighting his biting pain, thumped his hand against the desk. Erica turned around to investigate the source of the noise. David, however, quickly said that there was a construction team working in a nearby office. Erica bought the excuse and she and David left the office. David looked at his watch and realized that it was getting late and asked Erica if she could run ahead to The Valley Inn and order breakfast. He vowed that he'd be there shortly to join her. Erica nodded and headed on her way. David, meanwhile, raced back into the office and locked the door behind him. He hovered over Dimitri and began administering CPR when he realized that Dimitri had stopped breathing.

Back at Wildwind, Charlotte and Alex returned from their last minute packing. Edmund angrily warned Charlotte that he would not allow her to re-induct Alex into her secret spy group. Charlotte laughed off Edmund's allegations, but Alex was visibly disturbed by Edmund's remarks. Adrian arrived at the castle and Edmund pleaded with him to tell Alex everything he knew about Charlotte. Adrian shook his head and said that he couldn't help him. As Charlotte nodded approvingly in the background, Adrian pulled out his gun and pointed it towards Edmund. Charlotte grabbed Alex and escorted her towards the door. Alex spied the gun and pleaded with Adrian not to kill Edmund. Edmund screamed for Alex not to leave, but it did him no good. "It's time for me to get on with my life," Adrian chattered as he waved his gun back and forth. Edmund leapt forward and tried to wrestle the gun free from Adrian. His attempt failed miserably. Adrian sent Edmund flying across the room and pulled the trigger of his gun. Then he pulled the trigger a second time. Alex screamed out in horror as blood splattered from Edmund's chest and covered his face.

Thursday, July 7, 2000

In the hallway outside David's office, a jittery Dixie reported for her first day of work later than expected. She bumped into Erica and nervously asked if David was in his office. Erica nodded her head, but told Dixie not to worry about being late. She then looked at Dixie and asked her why she was lugging along so much baggage for an appointment. Dixie flashed a broad smile and informed Erica that she didn't have an appointment --- she was reporting for her first day of work. Erica was taken aback by the announcement. There was more than the initial surprise that David had hired Dixie in Erica's mind; she felt that Dixie wasn't really qualified for a position as David's administrative assistant. Dixie smiled meekly and said that David felt she was qualified. She threw Erica for another loop by stating that it was David who had pursued her for the position and not the other way around. Dixie didn't want to make Erica feel awkward nor did she want it to appear that there was anything less than honorable going on. "You are the last person in Pine Valley I'd see as a threat," Erica chuckled. Erica lectured Dixie on the seriousness of her position. David, she said, is a well-respected and important man. "Don't take this job just as a lark," said Erica seriously.

Inside the office, David successfully managed to resuscitate Dimitri. He felt further medical attention was warranted and reached for his phone. Dimitri, gasping for each breath, ordered David not to make the call. He motioned towards a pill bottle in his pocket and asked David to help him take a dose of his medicine. David obliged him, but all the while he grumbled that he was going against the Hippocratic Oath. Dimitri assured the cardiologist that he'd be fine in a few minutes. A few seconds passed and Dimitri reiterated his warning that no one must know that he's alive. If the news got out, Alex and Edmund would be killed. Obviously, the grim prediction caught David completely by surprise. He asked Dimitri to explain what he meant. Dimitri didn't want to say anything more for fear that it could compromise his brother and wife's safety. To get Dimitri to talk, David once again threatened to phone for a team of medical experts. Grudgingly, Dimitri told David that Alex's mother, Charlotte, was the head of a secret international ring of terrorists. David laughed at the remark, saying that the woman he'd met hardly seemed like the "mad bomber" type. Dimitri continued on, this time speaking of the gap in Alex's memory. David nodded understandingly and explained that he already knew that Alex had been institutionalized after she'd killed Lord Geoffrey Ashford. Dimitri argued that Bryn Wydd was not a mental hospital, but rather a front for Charlotte's operation. He also said that he'd been kidnapped from Seaview and held prisoner at the very same "hospital." David shook his head from side to side. He appeared saddened as he announced that Dimitri's illness had warped his sense of reality. When asked why he had broken into the office, Dimitri explained that he needed to use David's computer and access to privileged information to tap into the computer system at General Hospital. The two men quickly fell into silence when a knock sounded on the door. David scurried into the hallway to answer the rapping. There, Erica looked at him sternly and demanded to know why he had stood her up for breakfast. David informed Erica that he had a patient in recovery that was in very uncertain condition. Erica cocked her head to the side and asked David why he wasn't by that patient's side. Luckily for David, Erica received a phone call and had to divert her attention. Erica wanted to take the private business call in David's office, but David instructed her to take the call in the nearby courtyard. Once Erica was gone, Dixie told her new boss that Erica had been asking her oodles of questions about his doings. David politely asked Dixie to do whatever she had to do to get rid of Erica. He gave her no reason why he needed Erica gone, but nevertheless he expected Dixie to do as he asked. Dixie picked up on David's foul mood and asked him what was wrong. David once again stated that he had a patient in poor health and that he needed to care for him. As for Dixie's nosiness, David was not amused. He told Dixie that in the future was to follow his orders and not ask any questions. David returned to his office just seconds before Erica returned to the scene. Dixie tried to honor David's request and get rid of Erica, but nothing she said or did seemed to convince Erica to leave the hospital. Erica finally grew tired of Dixie's lies and excuses and said that she knew what David was doing in his office --- "He's hiding." Erica referred to David's bizarre behavior as "nervous [and] evasive." Dixie reminded Erica that David had been working long hours and that he was probably just tired.
David insisted that Dimitri should receive a full medical checkup. Dimitri swore that he was being looked after by Dr. Silbert. To keep David quiet, Dimitri agreed to have a blood test done. David drew two vials of blood from Dimitri and labeled them with a bogus name. With that out of the way, Dimitri wanted a few more minutes to rest before going off to find Edmund and Alex. David refused to let Dimitri wander about on his own. He told his new patient to stay put until he rushed the blood samples to the lab. After that, he said that they would put their heads together and try to figure out how to "smuggle" Dimitri out of the office. In the meantime, David instructed Dimitri to use his phone to call Edmund. Out in the hallway, David once again came face to face with Erica. This time, though, Erica was even angrier than she was before. Erica blasted her lover for trying to avoid her. She was convinced that David no longer wanted her in his life. David argued that he was "still committed" to their relationship. "I love you, Erica," he said softly as he bent down to kiss her. Dixie, who had stepped away for a coffeebreak when the lovers began feuding, returned to her desk and nervously waited for their amorous gesture to come to an end. David convinced Erica to run along to The Valley Inn so that they could meet up for a late lunch. After Erica left, Dixie noticed that David was holding two vials of blood. If David had been in his office all morning, she wondered how and where he'd gotten the samples. David angrily told Dixie to mind her own business. Her job, he said coldly, was to keep things running smoothly. Dixie agreed, but said that running interference between David and Erica should not be one of her tasks. David countered that Dixie is required to do anything that will allow David to focus more attention and time on his work. Dixie had had enough of David's moodiness and started packing her belongings. This would be Dixie's first and last day on the job. Dixie stormed past David, all the while the doctor was pleaded for Dixie to reconsider. David took his eyes off of Dixie for just a second --- but that was all it took for Dixie to stomp into his office. David called out for Dixie to stop in her tracks, but his cries came too late. Dixie had already walked through the door and spotted Dimitri.

In the background, Charlotte appeared surprised that Adrian had made good on his promise to kill Edmund. Alex screamed in horror and raced over to Edmund's side. With one final breath, Edmund gasped, "Alex, I love you." Charlotte walked over to her daughter's side and told her that it was time to go. "He was interfering," she snapped. In time, Charlotte said icily, Alex would get over the pain of losing Edmund. Quinn strolled into the room. Charlotte introduced him to Alex and stated that they were "all working together." Edmund, she said, kept getting in the way and threatened to ruin all that they had worked for. "He wouldn't let me get on with me life," Alex said softly. "Exactly," Charlotte grinned. Alex's eyes widened as she looked down and spotted a handgun tucked into her mother's belt. A knock sounded on the front door and Adrian decided that he'd answer it to avoid drawing any unnecessary suspicion. Adrian panicked when he opened the door ands spotted Tina standing outside. He quickly grabbed her and pulled her away from the building. Back inside the parlor, Quinn told his boss that the visitor was "Mr. Sword's lady friend." Charlotte nodded. Without batting an eyelash, Charlotte told Quinn that Adrian had "outlived his usefulness" and asked that both he and his "lady friend" be disposed of.
Outside, Adrian asked Tina why she'd stopped by Wildwind. Tina explained that she wanted to talk once and for all about Adrian's changing attitude; One minute he claims that he doesn't care about her and the next he's kissing her and tell her that he has feelings for her. Adrian ordered Tina to leave the grounds and promised to talk to her about everything at a later time. Quinn straggled out onto the veranda and made no attempt to hide the fact that he was listening to the conversation. Tina first laid into Adrian, telling him that if they didn't talk about their problems now there would be no later. Then, the young, feisty woman told the stranger to go back inside and give her and Adrian some privacy. Quinn bowed his head, but only momentarily. Without any sort of warning, Quinn whapped Adrian across the nape of his neck with a pistol. Adrian fell to the ground in a heap and Tina raced screaming to his side.

Inside, Charlotte looked on as Alex was unable to tear herself away from Edmund's lifeless body. Charlotte tried to convince her daughter that in a matter of time she'd realize that Edmund was never good for her. "We have to think of your mission," Charlotte said. As for the terms of the mission, Charlotte said that she explain that later.

Quinn and another thug hauled Tina kicking and screaming into the back of a van. They'd already loaded Adrian's into the van. The doors locked and the van suddenly sped off into the distance. Tina first tried to open the locked doors, but she had no success. She then turned to trying to rouse Adrian. It wasn't long before the former secret agent regained consciousness; according to Tina, Adrian was only out for about two minutes. Adrian asked Tina to crawl towards the front of the van so that he could try to open the doors. Tina refused and instead hit Adrian with a barrage of questions about what was going on. Adrian lost his cool and yelled for Tina to be quiet. The van came to a stop and Adrian hovered by the doors. He prepared to lunge at whoever opened the doors. Surprisingly, several minutes passed and still no one had made any attempt to remove them from the vehicle. A strange smell filled the compartment through a hole in the van's metal floor. Adrian looked at Tina and told her the seriousness of the situation. The hole was allowing the exhaust fumes --- and poisonous carbon monoxide gas --- to flood the van.

Charlotte and Alex traveled to the airport and boarded a cushy private jet. Once they were settled in, Alex asked Charlotte if she could tell her more about Anna Devane. Charlotte pulled herself away from the conversation to phone another of her henchmen. She instructed the man to make sure that he disposed of Edmund's body in such a way that no one ever found him. Charlotte returned to her daughter's side and was once again asked about Anna Devane. "It's very involved," said Charlotte evasively. Charlotte took a deep breath and started her story. Before Alex was born, Charlotte worked for the English government. In her own words, Charlotte had become "disenchanted" with what the government was doing both domestically and internationally. That's when she'd met Geoffrey Ashford, a high-ranking member of a rogue international agency. After Geoffrey's death, the superiors in this group demanded that Alex be killed. Charlotte managed to convince the superiors that killing Alex would do no good --- and that Alex could be inducted into the organization. "And then I stumbled on Anna Devane," Charlotte said with a wry smile. "Anna Devane saved your life." Suddenly, Alex remembered everything. She recalled sneaking into Anna's room while Anna spoke on the phone to her daughter, Robin. Alex held a gun in her hand, but she was unable to pull the trigger. Instead, she waited and waited as Anna and Robin's conversation grew longer and longer. "Anna does exist," Alex gasped. "She is real."

Back at Wildwind, Charlotte's goon grabbed Edmund's feet and started to drag him across the parlor. Suddenly, Edmund thrust his legs and pushed the man away. Edmund and the man wrestled for a few moments before Edmund got the upperhand and subdued the man. Edmund, panting and still coated with a red blood-like substance, sank into the sofa and contemplated his next move.

Walt Willey returns to General Hospital


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