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January 5 to 9, 2004
Things looked bleak for Theresa when she was arrested and her lawyer quit, but Fox came to the rescue. Rebecca demanded love from Julian but Eve was the only one who got it. Whitney was devastated to see her mother kissing Julian and angrily questioned her. Kay learned about Charity's sacrifice for baby Maria and worried her cousin wouldn't keep her end of the bargain with Death. A distraught Charity avoided Miguel, despite his best efforts to spend time with her. Kay forced Ivy to help her get Miguel. Thanks to Alistair's manipulation of Antonio, Sheridan was locked up in the psych ward again. Luis and Antonio came to blows.
January 12 to 16, 2004
Kay plotted to seduce Miguel while Charity and the others went away on a ski trip. Julian and Eve learned that their son was alive. Whitney declared her disinterest in love and pushed away a newly-returned Chad. Believing Fox had feelings for her, Theresa decided they should start a relationship. A flustered Fox went along with Theresa and kept quiet about his love for Whitney. Luis fought to get Sheridan released from the psych ward, while Antonio struggled with his decision to have his wife committed. Sheridan remained convinced that "Beth's" baby was hers, while Beth tried to do damage control with Dr. Culver's office. Still suspicious of Beth and wanting to help Sheridan, Gwen launched an investigation, starting with Beth's doctor.
January 19 to 23, 2004
Kay sets a romantic dinner table at Tabitha's, but she's serving up trouble for Miguel. She has spiked one of the appetizers with a mickey and plans to serve it up to him to get him into bed. Meanwhile, Eudora casts a spell on Reese to make him a handsome hunk, and Charity can't help but take notice. Miguel is feeling vulnerable and upset when he sees a picture of Charity and Reese at the ski lodge. This could be the wedge Kay has been looking for to seduce Miguel and turn him away from Charity for good. However, Pilar drops by unexpectedly and Miguel leaves to challenge Reese before Kay can seduce him. Gwen is sure that Beth kidnapped Sheridan and took Sheridan's baby as her own, but she is having a tough time convincing Ethan and Luis that this is what really happened. She also narrowly escapes being run down by Beth, and tries to tell Ethan about that. Sheridan is moved when Alistair comes to see her, and she is filled with emotion when she tells her father that she loves him very much. Alistair is not moved by her words and decides to go ahead and gives her a lethal injection hoping to murder her. Kay shows up at the ski lodge begs Miguel to stop chasing after Charity and commit to her and their daughter Maria, instead. Meanwhile, bewitched Charity takes Reese to bed. Miguel walks in on this steamy scene and hits the roof when he sees what's going on.
January 26 to 30, 2004
Julian and Eve bonded over a baby picture of their son. Eve was forced to hide when an irate TC showed up at the mansion looking for his wife and ended up pummeling Julian. After covering for her mother, Whitney decided to tell her father everything. A tormented Fox decided to give up on his love for Whitney for her sake. Fox and Theresa grew closer, but a jealous Ethan interrupted. Miguel was devastated when he caught Charity seducing Reese. Luis fought desperately to free Sheridan from the psych ward. Alistair forced Sheridan's doctor to use electroshock therapy to erase Luis from his daughter's mind.
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February 2 to 6, 2004
Upset over having to give up Miguel, Charity decided to drop the good girl image by dancing provocatively with several young men. While Miguel struggled to get through to Charity, Kay declared her cousin was finally revealing her true nature. TC and Eve's romantic evening was put on hold by a distraught Whitney, who was hell-bent on exposing her mother. Ivy and Sam's concern for Luis and Sheridan brought them closer together. Julian and Luis bonded over lost love and banded together in hopes of helping Sheridan. Julian stood up to Alistair. Everyone tried to convince Antonio his wife was in danger, but it may be too late, as Sheridan was shocked repeatedly in hopes of ridding her mind of Luis.
February 9 to 13, 2004
Grace contemplated going to Italy with David but was devastated when she saw Ivy in Sam's arms. She realized that her family was in shambles after learning of Charity's actions, and was further rocked by Jessica's rejection. Luis and Antonio fought over Sheridan as Dr. Ackland continued to shock her in the hopes of erasing Luis from her memory. Antonio walked away from his family, but finally relented to Eve and allowed Sheridan to be moved away from the psych ward. Julian lashed out violently at Alistair and was later shocked to learn that his father knew the location of his son with Eve. Theresa and Fox's relationship continued to grow, while Ethan struggled with his feelings for Theresa and Gwen.
February 16 to 20, 2004
Ivy struggled to take care of the house and tried to help the girls. A devastated Luis struggled to deal with Sheridan choosing Antonio over him, while Alistair had an assassin watch to make sure she didn't change her mind. Beth continued to work towards making Luis her own. Fox and Chad's Valentine's Day plans for their girls went south thanks to Rebecca and an ensuing catfight. After Alistair stopped Dr. Culver from telling Gwen about Beth, the doctor informed the Winthrops they would never have children of their own. A well-intentioned Theresa pushed Gwen too far, which resulted in Theresa falling out of a bedroom window.
February 23 to 27, 2004
Whitney attempted to expose Eve's betrayal to her father. T.C. struggled to find the cause of his daughter's strange behavior. Julian went to Eve's rescue once again. Rebecca tricked Theresa into believing she was abusing Little Ethan while Gwen got Ethan excited about adoption. The entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family found themselves unemployed and homeless thanks to Rebecca. Antonio and Sheridan refocused on their marriage. Alistair sent Sheridan's doctor over to make sure his daughter's old feelings for Luis hadn't resurfaced.
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MARCH 2004
March 1 to 5, 2004
Rebecca schemed to make sure Ethan wanted to adopt Little Ethan. Sheridan was unable to help Luis and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds thanks to her father's interference. Charity informed Jessica of the reason for her new lifestyle. Sam vowed to hold onto Ivy, while she worried about keeping it that way. Whitney's singing career and Eve's supposed affair caused huge arguments between mother and daughter. TC urged a reluctant Eve to attend the benefit so they could support Whitney's singing debut
March 8 to 12, 2004
Theresa and Ethan's unresolved feelings for one another became apparent as they sang together. Gwen vowed to destroy Theresa and managed to unsettle her rival. Whitney wowed the Blue Note audience with her performance, but she couldn't stop fretting over the situation with her parents. Julian and Eve almost ran away together. TC was nearly arrested for murder, and later attacked an old fan of Eve's who tried to reveal her past. Kay was delighted when Miguel was forced to watch Charity act trashy with Reese. Ivy pushed David to make Grace go away with him. A confused Sheridan remembered her love for Luis.
March 15 to 19, 2004
Fox and Theresa took their romance to the next level. Thanks to interference from Alistair and Dr. Ackland, Sheridan once again proclaimed her love for Antonio over Luis. Antonio made it clear he would never forgive his family for their betrayal. Pilar and her family reminisced before being forced from their home. Sheridan offered to help Beth win back Luis. Worried about the truth coming out, Beth worked to keep Sheridan and baby Martin apart. Julian was suspicious when he learned Alistair had helped Chad. Still haunted by thoughts of Miguel, Charity continued on a road of self-destruction. After being pushed away once more by her loved ones, Grace gave in and went to Italy with David.
March 22 to 26, 2004
A heart-to-heart with Ivy got Charity's mind off sex and onto a fashion career. Kay dealt with the reality of her life when her job kept her from Miguel. Theresa's violent reaction to temporarily losing her son cost her Little Ethan for good. A desperate Theresa resorted to a kidnapping attempt. Gwen urged Ethan to adopt Theresa's son, but he struggled to get the court decision changed. Sheridan suggested Gwen and Ethan use a surrogate to have a baby. Sheridan tried to help Beth and Luis get together. Alistair plotted to destroy Luis. Pilar was given devastating news about her health.
March 29 to April 2, 2004
Beth realized she was in over her head when Alistair ordered her to either spy on Luis or kill him. Luis went undercover at Crane Industries and got closer to finding Alistair's secrets. Sheridan asked her father for a job. Gwen and Ethan began working on using a surrogate mother so they could have their own child. Ethan finally agreed to adopt Theresa's son, but privately planned to help his ex. After being sent to jail for trying to kidnap her son, Theresa was devastated to learn Gwen and Ethan wanted to adopt Little Ethan. After a conversation with Pilar, Eve fretted over the identity of her son. Julian worked towards finding his and Eve's long-lost child. Whitney and Chad watched a talk show about sisters and brothers being in love, not realizing how close it might be hitting to home. To help get over Miguel, Charity pursued a fashion career with Ivy's help.
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APRIL 2004
April 5 to 9, 2004
Eve discovered how far Pilar's disease had progressed. Luis devised a plan to get the keys to Julian's safe. Theresa was released from jail. Theresa tried to retain composure as Gwen and Ethan argued over adopting her son. Chad and Whitney tested their feelings with the love noodle, but it broke. Alistair continued to torment Julian and Eve.
April 12 to 16, 2004
Theresa was forced to say a painful good-bye to her son as Gwen and Rebecca gloated. Gwen and Ethan put their disagreements on hold as they bonded over having their own child with Heather's help. After refusing Rebecca's bribe to leave town, Theresa came up with a shocking plan to get her son back. Julian and Eve prevented TC from finding them together in the barn, but a livid Whitney attempted to "out" them. After finally getting his hands on Alistair's CD-ROMs, Luis worked tirelessly to uncover the secrets on them. Alistair realized his empire was about to be brought down and took desperate action to prevent it. Sheridan continued to struggle with feelings for Luis. Alistair gave Antonio a gun and baited him into taking aim at Luis.
April 19 to 23, 2004
Gwen slapped Whitney after she tried to explain what Theresa was up to. Kay's co-workers learned that she had cheated in order to win tickets to the Founders' Day dance. Pilar's health continued to deteriorate. Luis came closer to decoding the CDs. Alistair and Julian discussed their impending downfall. Sheridan decided that she would leave town.
April 26 to 30, 2004
Sam and Ivy happily prepared to go to the dance together, but a call from Grace made Sam's heart ache. Charity and Miguel teamed up to work on her clothing line, but both privately wished they could be working on their future together. Gwen and Theresa faced off in court over whether Theresa should or should not be allowed to carry the baby. After losing the battle, all Gwen could do was pray Theresa wasn't pregnant. At the courthouse, Pilar collapsed from her illness. Eve admitted to Pilar that she still loved Julian. Julian devised a plan to protect Eve from the fallout once all the Crane secrets were exposed. However, Eve refused to agree to it. Sheridan didn't know what to believe as Luis, Antonio and Alistair filled her head with different stories.
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MAY 2004
May 3 to 7, 2004
Whitney worried about her father's reaction when she learned Luis was going to expose all the Crane secrets at the dance. TC anticipated the Cranes' downfall. Ivy coped with feelings of inadequacy while Sam worked to make something happen between them. Tabitha feared love would win if the Cranes were brought down. Alistair forced Beth to help him stop Luis from showing the entire town the CD-ROMs. Sheridan worried about Luis' information being true, while Antonio prepared to take his wife away. Pilar struggled with her illness. Theresa lost the baby, and opted to get pregnant by Ethan in order to get Little Ethan back.
May 10 to 14, 2004
Theresa managed to seduce Ethan but was nearly caught when Gwen came home unexpectedly. Fox saved Theresa from a kidnapping charge but had devastating news for her. Pilar's children gathered around her as she continued to fight for her life. Some Harmony residents were relieved and others disappointed when Luis returned the CD-ROMs containing Crane secrets to Alistair. Julian tried to get the CD-ROMs back from his father, but ended up getting shot. Sheridan continued to search for answers, while her husband stood firm in his belief that Luis was lying.
May 17 to 21, 2004
TC continued to blame Julian for his accident, while Liz held the key to the truth. Eve and Julian were given a possible clue to their son's identity when there was a mistake with Julian's blood transfusion. Fox was disturbed when he suspected there may be another Crane heir. Gwen learned her eggs were not viable. Theresa was confronted by Gwen, who demanded Theresa take a pregnancy test. After nearly dying, Pilar began to recover. Pilar pushed Luis to fight for Sheridan. Sheridan and Antonio prepared to leave town for good, while Luis finally learned the truth from Dr. Ackland. Tabitha worked to keep people apart forever. In Mexico, the mystery couple feared they'd hurt many loved ones and considered returning to Harmony. Paloma angrily refused to visit her family in Harmony.
May 24 to 28, 2004
Antonio bid farewell to Pilar, but Pilar begged him not to leave Harmony. Whitney interrogated Theresa about her latest scheme as everyone awaited the results of Theresa's pregnancy test. The mystery couple was revealed to be a not-so-deceased Martin Fitzgerald and Katherine Crane. Liz snooped around for information on the night of TC's accident. Luis tried to seduce Sheridan, but she was outraged that she had been kidnapped. During a late-night swim, Luis hit his head and fell to the bottom of the ocean. Sheridan surfaced, unaware that Luis was in trouble.
May 31 to June 4, 2004
Tabitha turned Kay into a vicious dog to get rid of Charity once and for all. The real Faith struggled to send Miguel a message before it was too late. Faith's ghost put a stop to Sam and Ivy's romantic evening. As Antonio searched desperately for his wife, Luis and Sheridan remembered their romantic adventures from a past life in the 1700s. A guilt-ridden Eve was distraught over her part in TC's accident and turned to a supportive Julian for answers. Liz was horrified to learn that Alistair knew a secret about her. Katherine and Martin commiserated over their guilt about leaving their loved ones behind. Alistair's assassin took aim at the couple. However, Paloma was shot instead.
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JUNE 2004
June 7 to 11, 2004
At the hospital, Sam attacked Miguel for spearing Kay with a metal rod, but Charity explained it was an accident. Kay made it through surgery, but Tabitha played on Charity's feelings of guilt to get the girl to stay away from Miguel. Theresa made a confession to a stunned Fox, and the two broke up. After remembering her tragic past life with Luis, Sheridan alerted Antonio and Hank to the cave, in hopes of saving Luis' life. Even after being arrested, nothing would deter Luis from believing he and Sheridan would be together again. Martin and Katherine's lives were thrown into turmoil when it became clear that Alistair knew where they were and wanted them dead.
June 14 to 18, 2004
Kay lashed out with rage at Miguel after learning she could no longer have children. Tabitha used Kay's situation to guilt Charity into staying away from Miguel. Liz tracked down a woman from Eve's past in hopes of finally destroying her sister. Martin called the hospital to check on Pilar and ended up on the line with his wife. Despite Alistair's attempt at railroading Luis, true love prevailed and Sheridan remembered all. After contemplating suicide, an enraged Antonio fought to the death with Luis. Sheridan stood up to her father and later planned a romantic getaway with Luis until Antonio showed up with plans of his own.
June 21 to 25, 2004
Eve focused on a romantic evening with TC, as Liz worked to secure the release of Eve's Aunt Irma. Julian and Chad bonded over music, and Julian confided a secret to Chad. Whitney and Fox grew closer while spending time at the Sea Cliff Inn. Fox struggled with whether or not to tell Whitney she was the woman he loved. Theresa decided to give a relationship with Fox another chance. An uneasy Ethan began to remember his night with Theresa. Pilar was taken to the ER. Alistair blew up the Crane jet to keep his daughter and Luis apart. Sheridan and Luis were finally reunited, but their happiness was dampened by the reality of Antonio's death.
June 28 to July 2, 2004
Chad and Theresa walked in on Whitney and Fox in bed together. Alistair was furious to learn that Sheridan had not been killed in the jet explosion. Alistair later called Martin to gloat about killing his firstborn son. Julian was furious that Liz had found Aunt Irma. Luis told Pilar of Antonio's death, unaware that it would cause her serious health problems.
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JULY 2004
July 5 to 9, 2004
Theresa informed Whitney that Fox was in love with her, and she began to suspect Whit felt the same way about him. Ivy reassured Gwen that Ethan's heart belonged to her, while Sam tried to figure out who his son really loved. Eve was horrified when Liz arrived home with Aunt Irma, who flipped out when she saw her "slut" niece. Meanwhile, Julian's informant was murdered before the man could reveal the name of Julian and Eve's missing son. Kay was relieved when Charity announced she was leaving town, but Miguel pleaded with Charity to stay. Pilar's condition deteriorated after learning of her son's death. Luis comforted Sheridan after she had another horrific dream about the night she saw a body under a bloody sheet.
July 12 to 16, 2004
Believing he's convinced Charity not to leave town, Miguel turned his attention to an ailing and scheming Kay. Worried about Pilar, who remained at death's door, Miguel reached out to his sister Paloma, who rebuffed his call about their sick mother. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Charity prepared to leave and never come back. After dealing with terrible memories from her childhood as well as Alistair's cruel guilt trip, Sheridan pushed Luis away for his own good. Ethan tried to keep Gwen's spirits up as her enemy continued to carry their unborn child. Meanwhile, a pregnant Theresa's health was compromised when she learned of Antonio's death. After hearing Fox's heartfelt declaration of love, Whitney lashed out with anger. Julian offered support to a distraught Eve as Liz prompted Aunt Irma to drop her bomb.
July 19 to 23, 2004
Whitney's irrational anger towards Fox made him wonder if she might be in love with him. Theresa's distress forced Gwen to bring Little Ethan to see his mom. Julian was forced to watch helplessly as Eve's secrets were revealed to a disbelieving TC. A drunken Ivy advised Charity to leave town since true love never seemed to work out. Tabitha managed to hold Miguel up so he couldn't stop Charity. Having survived another one of Alistair's murder attempts, Luis and Sheridan flew to Mexico to retrieve Paloma. Alistair had them tailed. Martin decided to return to Harmony and confronted Alistair, much to Katherine's dismay.
July 26 to 30, 2004
Miguel left town to search for Charity. Sam was initially furious that Miguel had abandoned Kay and Maria, but later admitted that he hoped Miguel and Charity would be happy together. Whitney accepted Chad's proposal in an attempt to avoid dealing with her feelings for Fox. Liz managed to coerce Aunt Irma into telling more of Eve's past. Eve exposed Liz as her scheming sister. Gwen feared that Theresa would not give her baby to her and Ethan after its birth. Luis and Sheridan were unaware that they were being followed.
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August 2 to 6, 2004
After another confrontation, Gwen and Theresa "made peace" as Gwen allowed Theresa to stay at the mansion for the rest of the pregnancy. Even as she was reunited with her son, Theresa made plans to keep both Little Ethan and the unborn baby, while teaching Gwen a lesson she'd never forget. In Mexico, Alistair's henchman poisoned Paloma's mind against her family. Paloma rebuffed Luis' attempts to reach out to her. Martin and Katherine struggled to keep their identities a secret as they bonded with an unsuspecting Luis and Sheridan. Eve's family turned their backs on her. Julian did his best to help pick up the pieces of Eve's shattered life. At the Blue Note, a devastated Eve sang a powerful song of loss as her family looked on, stunned to see the new side of her. Liz moved in on T.C.
August 9 to 13, 2004
Eve walked in on TC and Liz in bed together and turned to Julian for comfort. Fox told Ethan of his interest in Whitney and his desire to one day run Crane Industries. Simone walked in on Chad and Whitney having sex. Julian demanded to know the identity of Alistair's missing son. Alistair phoned Sheridan to tell her that he planned to have Luis killed. Martin and Luis came close to finding Paloma, unaware that they were walking into a trap. A fiery explosion erupts, setting at least one person ablaze. Theresa received stunning news about her pregnancy.
August 16 to 20, 2004
Due to coverage of the Olympics, Passions did not air this week. However, has provided special flashback recaps from Passions history for your reading enjoyment.
August 23 to 27, 2004
Kay had her vengeance on Jessica. Grace connected with Faith, her twin sister. Faith warned Grace of the evil around her, the same evil that had separated them. Simone discovered that Grace was Charity's aunt. Whitney and Theresa lied to Frank, the detective searching for Ethan's stalker. Tabitha devised a new plan to eliminate Charity. Sheridan was fined $1,000 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Sam attempted to investigate "Talking" Timmy.
August 30 to September 3, 2004
Kay came up with a plan to use Eve's past to help Simone get Chad. Whitney struggled to tell Chad she was pregnant. After learning the identity of Chad's parents, both Julian and Fox worked to find a gentle way to break the news to the women they love. After Julian took the blame for TC's accident, TC nearly killed him. Eve was shattered when she learned she was actually driving that night, and her husband once again turned his back on her. Gwen and Ethan were rocked when Eve announced there was no way the twins could both be theirs. After Luis was in a horrific explosion, Sheridan couldn't accept that he was gone and struggled to rescue him.
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September 6 to 10, 2004
After an emotional confrontation, Theresa finally convinced Gwen both babies were hers and Ethan's. Ethan had fuzzy memories about the night Theresa seduced him. In private, he demanded that Theresa admit the truth, but she denied everything. Alistair's henchman tried to rape Paloma, but she fought him off and rescued an unconscious Luis. Katherine and Sheridan appeared dead after being bitten by poisonous snakes. Alistair and Martin came face-to-face, and Alistair prepared to shoot Martin. Martin got the gun away from him, but was forced to let Alistair go in exchange for the antidote to the snake venom. Paloma safely led her loved ones out of the jungle. Eve, Chad and Whitney were devastated and horrified when Julian and Fox revealed Chad and Whitney were half-brother and sister. Whitney's denial turned to rage as she lashed out at her mother.
September 13 to 17, 2004
Kay's plan to make Chad look like Whitney's half-brother backfired when it turned out to be true. Chad tried to comfort Whitney, who lashed out at those around her. Fox was hurt by Julian's desire to bond with Chad. Luis and Sheridan had a beautiful commitment ceremony and reception, which stirred memories of the past for their parents. Paloma unwittingly brought Martin and Pilar together. Before the group could head back to Harmony, Sheridan turned up missing. Gwen happily doted on Theresa, while Ethan struggled with the possibility that he slept with his ex. Ivy threatened Theresa and warned her she'd never see the twins after they were born.
September 20 to 24, 2004
Theresa stopped Ethan from telling Gwen that he believed Theresa tricked him into sleeping with her. Chad was out for Alistair's blood when his grandfather leaked the story of his and Whitney's incest to the tabloids. Whitney continued to fall apart emotionally. Julian tried to help Eve cope as the two of them reached out to their angry son. Martin, Katherine, Luis, Sheridan and Paloma flew back to Harmony. Martin plotted to kill Alistair as he and Katherine faced the consequences of returning home. Paloma dealt with a mixture of emotions about reuniting with her mother, and Alistair used her uncertainty to his advantage.
September 27 to October 1, 2004
Whitney pushed Chad away and prayed for guidance. Theresa nudged Whitney in Fox's direction, causing Whit to come to a decision about Fox and her baby's future. Fox was thrilled when Whitney appeared to want a future with him. Later, Fox and Chad came to blows when Chad caught the new couple kissing. Julian bonded with Katherine, not realizing she's his mother. Intent on protecting her loved ones, Katherine made a huge personal sacrifice. However, Alistair's demands proved too great and she lashed out at him. Paloma was resentful and suspicious of her family after her encounter with Alistair. Luis and Sheridan's romantic evening at the beach was cut short when wreckage from the Crane jet washed ashore and they were reminded of Antonio's death.
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October 4 to 8, 2004
After getting an idea from Paloma about how to destroy his family, Chad finally accepted Julian's job offer. Fox was livid when Julian announced Chad would be working at Crane Industries as Fox's equal. Whitney struggled to get Fox to sleep with her. Kay and Simone invited Paloma to a wild bar, not realizing Paloma wasn't the innocent little schoolgirl she appeared to be. Martin, Pilar, Luis and Sheridan were stunned when they found Katherine and Alistair lying in a pool of blood. Sam questioned Katherine about why she shot Alistair. Alistair was rushed into the ER, and despite her hatred for him, Eve attempted to save his life. Everyone gathered at the hospital, anxiously hoping Alistair didn't pull through.
October 11 to 15, 2004
Chad told Julian that he has no interest in forging a relationship with him. Chad spotted Fox and Whitney making love. Julian later fired Fox when he refused to stop seeing Whitney. Rebecca and Gwen silently hoped that Theresa didn't notice the page they slipped in with other legal papers that would have given Gwen legal custody of the twins. Paloma finally exploded, demanding to know why her mother sent her away. Katherine posted bail and was released from jail. The reason for Father Lonigan's blindness was revealed - Alistair!
October 18 to 22, 2004
Katherine paid Alistair a visit at the hospital in order to finish what she had started, but Sam rearrested her. Martin threatened to expose the secret of the gazebo, while Alistair offered Martin a deal that would allow him to reunite with Pilar and his children. After much emotional debate, Martin and Katherine began to come clean to their loved ones. Gwen's health took a turn for the worse as she worried about what Theresa would do. Pilar and Ethan pulled Theresa in different directions. Theresa stunned Ethan when she urged him to give in to his true feelings and return to her. Ivy grilled Whitney about her feelings for her son.
October 25 to 29, 2004
After being interrogated by Ivy, a guilt-ridden Whitney tried to tell Fox the truth. Paloma decided to leave Harmony and invited Chad to come with her. Gwen lashed out bitterly at Ethan when it appeared he'd chosen Theresa's side yet again. Pilar and Eve were both horrified by Theresa's latest scheme, which involved determining who was the mother of each baby. Rebecca remained suspicious of Theresa even as Gwen breathed a sigh of relief. Alistair dropped the charges against Katherine. Martin took Luis to the Crane gazebo to explain why his father disappeared, but Alistair had a surprise waiting for them. Martin and Katherine reached a painful decision and prepared to leave town for good. Determined to learn the connection between the Wheelers and their parents, Sheridan and Luis started an investigation into the couple's real identities. Luis and Sam hacked into the Crane Industries employee database to learn more about Mr. Wheeler.
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November 1 to 5, 2004
Whitney's conscience and the problems her child could face continued to trouble her. Despite Eve's criticism, Theresa pushed on with her plan to have DNA tests done on the babies. TC was thrown when he learned Liz had divorce papers drawn up to end his marriage to Eve. TC hesitated to hand the divorce papers to an unaware Eve as they fondly shared memories of their marriage. After accessing the Crane Industries files, Luis learned startling news about "Mr. Wheeler." Luis confronted "Mr. Wheeler" and pressed him until Martin finally admitted the truth! A lifetime of resentment erupted as Luis furiously lashed out at his father.
November 8 to 12, 2004
Theresa confided in Whitney that she thought a child would strengthen the love between her and Ethan. Gwen and Ethan were hit hard by the reality of the situation after the dust settled. Ethan wondered whose baby survived - Gwen's or Theresa's. Finally served with the divorce papers, Eve struck out at Liz, whom she held responsible for having ripped her husband away from her. Luis and Sheridan tried to help Pilar accept the reality of who Mr. Wheeler really was. Pilar, Luis and Sheridan cornered Martin and Katherine, demanding answers. Martin urged Katherine to run away with him again, while she pondered telling Sheridan the truth. Tabitha made plans for the youngest Lopez-Fitzgerald and manipulated her anger.
November 15 to 19, 2004
Ivy told Whitney, who struggled with the deceptive plan for her unborn child, that the biggest mistake she ever made was trying to pass Ethan off as Julian's son. Trusting fate to bring them together, Theresa informed Ethan that she would demand a DNA test to prove the child she carried belonged to her. Paloma sided with Mrs. Wheeler and Martin when she learned Martin was her father. Pilar felt as though she had failed as a mother, and questioned the very faith she had put in her husband. Luis accused Sheridan of betraying him when she wanted to give Katherine the benefit of the doubt. A heartbroken Eve regrettably signed divorce papers after failing to reclaim T.C.'s love.
November 22 to 26, 2004
Theresa was whisked to the hospital when there were complications with her pregnancy. Fox found a discarded pregnancy test in the trash, and was overjoyed with the thought of he and Whitney being parents. Ivy questioned whether the child Whitney was carrying belonged to Chad or Fox, wanting medical proof. Eve was tortured with the possibility of Chad and Whitney having a child together, blaming herself for not sooner revealing her past. Beth devised a plan to drive a wedge between Luis and Sheridan by using the strong, polar feelings they both have for Katherine as a divider. Tabitha hosted a Thanksgiving dinner from hell where she saw the perfect opportunity to cause crippling damage to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family by revealing Katherine's true identity. Tensions exploded as Luis and Martin engaged in a brawl, and Pilar berated Katherine, causing Paloma to lash out at her mother.
November 29 to December 3, 2004
Beth attempted to uncover the true identity of "Mrs. Wheeler" in order to drive a wedge between Luis and Sheridan. Whitney pleaded with Eve not to reveal the truth of her pregnancy - that she was carrying Chad's child - but Eve was resolute in being honest, despite her daughter's objections. The entire feuding Lopez-Fitzgerald family came together when Theresa went into labor dangerously early. Julian asked Rebecca for a divorce and stood up to Alistair, informing them that he would marry Eve. With Alistair quickly closing in, Martin and Katherine planned to leave Harmony forever, freeing their loved ones from Alistair's suffocating grasp.
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December 6 to 10, 2004
"Mrs. Wheeler" begged for Pilar's forgiveness, unintentionally allowing key pieces of her personal history to slip. In desperation, Beth devised a murderous plan to indefinitely keep Sheridan and Luis apart. TC was devastated to learn of Whitney's pregnancy, furious his daughter threw her life away for a Crane. Theresa and Gwen had a heated argument when the nurses would only allow one of them to visit the baby, both women claiming the newborn as their own. As Gwen searched for a judge to terminate her rival's parental rights, Theresa was prepared to reveal all she and Ethan had been hiding. Ethan confided in Sam that he slept with Theresa, and that she could be the biological mother. Alistair planned a dinner party where he would reveal a "one word" secret that would tear Luis and Sheridan apart for good. However, all the guests had one common goal; they wanted their host dead
December 13 to 17, 2004
Gwen filed court papers, terminating Theresa's parental rights and vowing to never let her see Little Ethan again. Theresa hired Woody Stumper and announced to everyone that she was the baby's biological mother. Ethan admitted to having been intimate with Theresa, and that she might be the child's mother. Gwen was resolute in her decision to kill Theresa for destroying her life. With Alistair poisoned, Sam called the Crane mansion a crime scene, determined to uncover the killer's identity. Alistair was taken to the hospital, where he slipped into a coma. Beth attempted to use a lethal drug on Alistair that would bring him to consciousness just long enough to utter the "one word" that was key to destroying Luis and Sheridan. Julian gave Fox and Chad back their old jobs at Crane Industries; both of Julian's boys relished the opportunity to prove they were the rightful heir to Crane Industries. Chad bonded with his assistant, Valerie, who offered to help him succeed. When Antonio was declared legally dead, the Lopez-Fitzgerald family congregated for a memorial. When Paloma arrived with Martin, chaos ensued.
December 20 to 24, 2004
Beth was able to retrieve the one word she desired from Alistair: "mother." She attempted to discover whether "Mrs. Wheeler" was in fact Katherine Crane. Sheridan noticed a great similarity between Marty and herself. Valerie warned a skeptical Chad that his half-brother was trying to outmaneuver him at Crane Industries. Chad became increasingly suspicious of Fox's motives when he tried to steal a high-profile case from under him. Rebecca evicted Theresa and Pilar from the Crane mansion, and Gwen prevented Little Ethan from seeing his mother. A surprise bridal shower for Sheridan went horribly wrong when many of the attendees couldn't put aside their differences. The divorce of Eve and TC was finalized. Julian took Eve on a vacation away from her worries, to luxurious Rodeo Drive. In the spirit of the holidays, Julian also had Luis reinstated on the force with a promotion and returned the Lopez-Fitzgerald family home to Pilar. Crazed Norma was on the loose with only one nightmarish goal -- to kill Tabitha!
December 27 to 31, 2004
Luis and Sam teamed up to stop Norma before she killed anyone. Rebecca turned to Tabitha for help. Liz and Simone bonded. Precious made a last-ditched effort to win Luis' heart. Eve vowed to kill Liz for ruining her life.
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